GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Marshall once again tells Mrs. Wu that the Savoy isn’t for sale and Marshall makes it clear that the illegal poker games at the Savoy are done. Marshall tells Mrs. Wu that he can’t be blackmailed because he has nothing to lose. Gladys feels guilty that Dr. Montague has hooked Sasha on drugs again. Gladys demands that Dr. Montague release Sasha from Fern Cliff, but he wants Gladys to pay him $50,000 to release Sasha from Fern Cliff.

Mrs. Wu also wants Gladys to pay her debt in full because she has to shut down the poker games.

Stella returns to her job as patient advocate at the hospital. After watching Stella work, Felicia decides to apply for a job as patient advocate.

Carly persuades Drew to let Diane see if she can get him an early release from Pentonville. Dex visits “Book” and tells him Sonny wants him to stay away from Drew but also protect Drew if anyone bothers him.

Austin thanks Cyrus for being a friend to his mother and paying for his medical school but he is done working for him because he has done more than enough to pay the debt he owes him. Austin feels guilty that he lied to Ava and told her Nikolas is dead since he was the one who saved his life.

Dex is surprised to see Austin at Pentonville prison talking to Cyrus, but he can’t hear what they are saying to each other. Cyrus thanks Austin for bringing him the thumb drive and tells him to go in peace.

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