B&B Short Recap Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Liam and Finn continue to argue heatedly at Spencer Publications about Steffy and why she left Finn with the kids. Finn tells Liam to back off of his wife. Finn gets particularly annoyed when Liam tells him that he knows all about loving Steffy. He accuses Liam of wanting Steffy back.

Steffy tries to stay distracted at the office by focusing on work. She vents a little to Ridge. Brooke and Hope come in, talking about Hope For the Future. Steffy fills them in on leaving Finn, and why. Steffy doesn’t think Finn can protect them from Sheila because of his divided loyalties. Hope is shocked that Steffy and Finn’s marriage broke up so quickly. Steffy makes it clear that she still loves Finn and that this has nothing to do with Liam. Later, Brooke and Hope discuss whether Liam will try to get back with Steffy. Hope is glad to be past all that drama with him.

Ridge goes to visit Finn at his office in the hospital. Ridge accuses him of failing to protect Steffy and the kids.

Liam visits Steffy and tells her about Finn’s visit. He wanted to let her know what he told Finn about loving her. He said a sweet speech about how he would never let her go if he had the chance to love her again.

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