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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve found John at Marlena’s grave. John tried to figure out why a DiMera would steal the orchid in order to kill their wives. Steve said they had to find the one who did it. John said he knew where to start. John and Steve went to the DiMera mansion. They told Tony and Anna that they didn’t go through with killing Orpheus. They said a DiMera killed their wives. They said they were there to find out who did it. They needed Tony’s help. Tony said he wouldn’t help them and wanted them to leave. John and Steve refused to leave. They threatened to destroy the mansion if Tony didn’t help. They checked EJ’s room and decided he wasn’t the one who took it. They thought EJ, Johnny and Chad wouldn’t do it because they were connected to their wives. They talked about Stefan’s past with Abby, but Anna said he changed for the better. John and Steve realized there was one DiMera left they haven’t discussed. Tony and Anna said there weren’t any Dimeras left unless they knew something. Paulina checked on Roman to make sure John and Steve didn’t go through with the plan. Roman wanted to know how she knew about it. She told him she overheard Anna talking about it. He said they didn’t go through with it. She said it wasn’t what Kate would have wanted. He said Kate told him through the urn.

Kate reminded Marlena and Kayla that Jake said they weren’t supposed to be in the afterlife. Kayla and Marlena said Jake could have been an illusion like Susan, Jordan and Adrienne. Marlena said they had bigger things to worry about like their husbands succeeding in killing Orpheus. Marlena and Kayla suggested that Kate reach out to Roman to see if they went through with the plan. Jake told Nick to send the women back to earth. Nick said he wouldn’t do it because he still hated Will. He said Will would be mourning his aunt and grandmothers for life. He reminded Jake that he and his crew did the same thing by taking Bo’s soul before he was dead. Jake said it was a mistake they fixed. Jake asked Nick to think about Julie. He said she was the only who cared about Nick. Jake wondered how Julie would feel when she got to heaven and found out Nick was still evil and that everyone was right about him. Jake asked what he thought that would do to her. Nick tried to hold on, but Jake told him to send the women back. Kate called out to Roman. Paulina was able to hear her. Paulina told her Roman was out. Kate said she didn’t know how much time she had. She asked if Orpheus was killed. Paulina told her he wasn’t. Kate told her to tell Roman that she, Marlena and Kayla were still alive. They connection ended. Nick and Jake showed up. The women asked if they were going home. Nick said Jake appealed to his better side that still exists. He said they were going home, but they wouldn’t remember what happened in the afterlife. He said who knew what would happen when their souls went back to their bodies. He said they could end up dying and coming right back. They said they were willing to take the risk. Jake opened the door so they could go through it. When the women left, Nick told Jake that he hoped they wouldn’t face something worse than death. Tony wanted to know who the other DiMera was. John told him about Megan. In the lab, Megan looked at Kate, Marlena and Kayla. They opened their eyes.

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