Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen showed up to see Xander. He pulled her into a kiss. He wanted her to take off her shirt. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t wearing a wire. He let her know that Leo told him everything. He knew that her showing up wasn’t just a coincidence. He thought she was helping her best friend. She slapped him. She let him know that she wasn’t turning him in to the police. She let him know that she chose him over her father. He was surprised that she chose him over her father. He thought she was crazy for turning on him. She was called worse than that. She knew she was crazy because he will be with Sarah. She was okay with it. Xander let Gwen know that Sarah dropped off divorce papers for him. He said he did everything he could, but she still wanted to leave. He said they were done for good. Gwen apologized to him, but he wasn’t sorry. She didn’t think they were over yet. She knew they were going to get back together. She didn’t want to risk getting hurt by getting together with him. He assured her that he couldn’t keep being with someone who insists on moving the goal post. He knew that Gwen had faith in him. She didn’t judge him. They kissed each other again. Sarah told Bonnie that she was finished with Xander. Bonnie didn’t believe her. She let Bonnie know that she walked in on him with Gwen. She said they were too different. Bonnie took the papers before Sarah could sign them. Sarah chased after her to get the papers back. Bonnie wanted her to think about her decision before she sign them. Allie and Alex ran into each other at the town square. She noticed the flowers and advised him not to bombard Stephanie. He told her about his talk with Paulina. He thought Stephanie would forgive him. They talked about what was going on with Stephanie and Chanel.

Chad arrived at Stephanie’s place to let her know how he felt about her. He got nervous, but he told her that it was time to move on from Abby. He said he was ready to move on with her. She was shocked that he felt that way. He told her about his conversation with Jack. He said he wouldn’t forget about her, but he couldn’t let that keep him from moving on with someone else. He didn’t want to miss out on a chance of being with someone great. She was upset at first because she wouldn’t have been with Alex. She got over it and kissed him. Alex walked up and saw them kissing. He left the flowers and walked away. Chad and Stephanie ended up making love. Stefan came too after being shocked. He wasn’t sure where he was and why he was tied up. Gabi yelled at Rolf for wiping out Stefan’s memories. Rolf said it wasn’t his fault because he didn’t have better equipment to use. Gabi pleaded with Stefan to remember what she meant to him. He wondered why Rolf was working on him. He realized that he loved Gabi. Rolf warned her that Stefan could be faking how he felt. Stefan assured her that he still loved her. They kissed each other. Anna and Chloe burst in the room and Stefan realized he loved both of them. Allie ran into Alex again. She wanted to know what happened with Stephanie. He was upset with himself for turning off her phone. He was going to regret it for life. He wanted to talk about Chanel. She said she didn’t bother going to talk to Chanel. She thought she would have been in the same boat. Rolf told Gabi that there was nothing he could do about Stefan loving her and Chloe. Gabi refused to accept it. He said he couldn’t fix anything without the right equipment. Stefan felt lucky to be in love with the most beautiful people in the world.

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