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Recap written by Suzanne

Portia is worried about Trina and Spencer being friends again, so Curtis tries to talk her down. He suggests that she might run the risk of pushing them closer together. Taggert drops by, having seen the photos of Spencer and Trina together. He gets annoyed at Curtis’ interference. He, too, thinks the Cassadines are too dangerous.

Diane meets with Spencer because he wants to get custody of Esme’s baby. She’s surprised that Nikolas is the dad and not him. They have a very intense talk about it. Diane isn’t sure he would win such a case and warns that it might blow up his whole life and that of his family and friends, but he’s determined to keep the child from the two awful parents.

Nikolas meets with Elizabeth to tell her that the police didn’t find any traces of Esme at Wyndemere. However, Victor found some evidence and is keeping it in storage in order to control Nikolas. He assures her that Victor doesn’t know about her involvement. They’re both worried about whether Esme might get her memories back. She fills him in on how her parents repressed her own memories. When she remarks that it’s too bad there’s not a way to make Esme’s amnesia permanent, it gives Nikolas an idea.

Laura visits Esme and asks where she’s been. Esme claims she doesn’t remember Laura. Laura shows her photos of Spencer and Nikolas. Esme says that Spencer visited her. She seems to think that he’s the father of her baby because they’d been together. Laura tells her that she’s her baby’s grandmother, which confuses Esme. Dante visits, too, and asks Esme if she recognizes the hand-painted Christmas ornament that was found on her when she washed up, but she claims not to recognize it. When Dante asks her to call him if she remembers anything, she refuses. Dante tells Laura that the police no longer think that Esme was The Hook Killer, although she may have been involved. Laura wonders how they can prosecute a pregnant woman with amnesia, and how she can get justice for Cameron and her other victims.

Willow orders Nina out of her room, but Michael confirms Nina’s story that she’s Willow’s bio mom. After demanding some details, Willow asks Michael to leave them alone. Nina is overjoyed to be Willow’s mom, but Willow tells her that this changes nothing and she doesn’t want Nina in her life or around her kids. Nina is hurt when Willow wonders what Nina wants in return for her bone marrow. Nina declares that she’ll save Willow’s life, whether she wants her to be her mother or not.

Dante comes by G.H. to get tested, to see if he’s a match for bone marrow for Willow. Carly asks Drew to take him to the lab while she tells Sonny how she knows that Nina is Willow’s mom. He’s furious with her for keeping the truth away from them for months and accuses her of just wanting revenge on Nina. Drew and Carly both protest that Carly was merely looking out for Willow, but Sonny doesn’t buy it. Michael comes out of Willow’s room to tell them to stop yelling and arguing. Sonny takes Michael aside and asks about how he’s doing, but Michael’s only concern is Willow. Sonny looks relieved that Michael is being nice to him again.

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