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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe offered EJ his condolences over the loss of his son. He didn’t want Rafe’s condolences. EJ wanted him to find Dimitri so he could get charged for the baby’s death. Rafe informed him the police were doing everything possible to find him. EJ wanted to throw the book at Dimitri and Leo. Rafe wondered what he was going to do about Ava. He told EJ forensics checked Gil’s fingernails and the results proved that Ava killed him in self-defense. EJ wondered if Ava planted the evidence, but Rafe didn’t think she did that. He didn’t see a reason to prosecute her if Rafe thought she killed Gil in self-defense. Eric didn’t think it was a good idea for Nicole to hold his baby. She thought holding the baby would comfort her. Nicole agreed with Eric, but he changed his mind. He let her hold the baby. She talked about how sweet the baby was. Harris wondered what happened to his lawyer. Leo told him that Sloan would be there to prove his innocence. He assured him that he didn’t murder the baby. Leo mourned the baby too. Harris left him and talked to Jada about Ava. Eric was shocked when Nicole announced that he was her baby. Eric was confused by what she said. Nicole let her know that she recognized her baby because she held him when he was born. Eric said it was impossible, but Nicole believed he was her baby. EJ arrived and Eric told him that Nicole thought the baby was hers. She tried to convince EJ that she was right, but he thought her grief played tricks on her. He tried convincing her that Eric’s baby wasn’t hers. She gave Eric the baby. Rafe saw them and wondered what happened. Eric told him about Nicole’s theory.

Harris wondered if Jada saw his keys. She didn’t see them but warned him to find them soon. Jada wondered if he had luck with Leo. Harris told him that Leo insisted that he was innocent. Jada wanted to talk to him. She tried to get Leo to turn on Dimitri, but he refused to do it. Ava surprised Harris at the station. She distracted him while Stefan went to the evidence room to find the evidence against Clyde’s dealer. Jada walked in the room while Stefan was in there. She looked for evidence in another case. Harris got a call from Rafe telling him that EJ wasn’t pressing charges against Ava. Ava was excited and hugged Harris. She wanted to tell Tripp right away. After she left, Rafe arrived and brought Harris his keys. Dimitri shocked Sloan by being at her door. He told her that he heard that Leo was getting charged with murder and thought she was the one who should be charged. She didn’t understand what he meant. He reminded her that he brought a healthy baby to her, and she was supposed to take him to the hospital. The baby ended up dying. Dimitri knew she hated Nicole but didn’t think she would kill the baby. Sloan said she would never do that to a baby. He wanted to know how the baby ended up dying. She lied to him about the accident, but he noticed baby items around her place. He figured out that she kept the baby. She tried denying it, but she admitted it. He warned her to get Leo out of jail or he would tell what she did. Sloan promised to get Leo out as fast as she could. After Dimitri left, Eric returned with the baby. He told her about Nicole’s accusations.

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