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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah apologized for interrupting Xander and Maggie’s conversation. She let Xander know that she had a conversation with Maggie and decided to tell him the truth. She was about to tell him the truth when she had pains. Xander wanted to know if she was in labor. Sarah’s pains were getting worse and she decided to go to the hospital. Brady met with Belle and she thanked her for agreeing to help her. He didn’t agree to help her yet. She told him about Shawn’s situation, and he showed up while they were talking. Shawn wanted to know what was going on. Belle told him that Brady was going to an AA meeting and that he had to go with him. Shawn and Belle got into an argument because he felt like he didn’t need help. Shawn said he didn’t need AA and insulted Brady before leaving. Belle wanted to go after him, but Brady stopped her. She wanted to help Shawn, but he told her that she couldn’t do it. He had to help himself. She knew he was right, but she hated it. They changed the subject and brought up Philip. Belle couldn’t believe that Philip was dead. Brady thought Philip would have showed up by now since he’s been gone for two years. She agreed, but she won’t be able to accept the fact that he’s gone. While they were talking, Brady wanted to know if she heard from Shawn. She didn’t hear from him. She hoped he went to work. Brady hoped he didn’t because he wasn’t in the right condition to work. They talked about Chloe again. Belle thought Chloe still loved him. She told him they had to be there for Chloe when things go wrong with Xander. She talked him into making up with Chloe. Chloe was surprised to see Philip at her door. She thought she was imagining things. When she realizes that he’s real she fainted in his arms. She came to and didn’t understand how he was alive. She asked him questions about what happened. He admitted to her that he faked his death to frame Brady for his murder. He told her that he was in a mental institution to get over his obsession over her. Chloe was upset that he made everyone mourn his death. He apologized and told her that his parents put him in a mental institution. She couldn’t believe that Victor and Kate let everyone think he was dead and let Brady go to jail. She wanted him to stay away from her because he’s still crazy. Philip told her that he was released a while ago. He was just staying away. He said he was there because his father died, and he wanted to make things right with her.

Philip tells her about what he’s been going through. He assured her that he wasn’t trying to win her back. He just wanted her to know that he’s changed. He is the way he used to be. Chloe was glad that he was alive, but she let him know that she’s engaged. He thought she was engaged to Brady, but she told him that she was engaged to Xander. Philip was surprised after everything Xander did to her. She told him that Xander has changed. He wanted to leave, but she stopped him so she could hug him. He wanted to know if she forgave him for what he did. She was still angry, but she was glad he was okay. He’s going to take responsibility for what he did. He opened the door to leave and saw Brady. Kate thought Rex was Philip. She let him know that she told Philip about Victor’s death. She said that Philip told her that he wouldn’t be there, but she wasn’t sure if he will stay away. They wondered what would happen if Brady saw him. Kate told Rex that she let Chloe know that he was with Sarah. He told her that his relationship with her was serious. Kayla went to Marlena’s office. Marlena told her that she and Roman were going to accept Sloan for Eric’s sake. She said that she was throwing a baby shower for Sloan. Kayla told her that Sloan lost the baby. Marlena was devasted for her. She wanted to find him, but Kayla suggested that she let him be there for Sloan for now. Shawn went to see Marlena so Kayla left them alone to talk. He told Marlena that he’s quitting therapy. She tried to talk him out of it, but he didn’t believe that he needed help. He told her that what’s going on couldn’t be fixed and stormed out. Later, Belle showed up and told Marlena about the fight she had with Shawn. Shawn went to the station and took out his gun from the lockbox. He stared at the gun for a while. Xander checked on Sarah. She said she was doing better. Kayla walked in the exam room and was surprised that she was pregnant. She congratulated them, but they told her the baby was Rex’s. Kayla asked her questions about her baby and she faked being in pain. Xander left the room and Sarah stopped faking the pain.

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