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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Jada talk about Abe’s disappearance. Rafe believed that someone must have seen Colin take Abe out of the hospital. Jada wondered if Whitley King might have seen something. She thought she would have seen something since she was the floor nurse the night Abe was abducted. Rafe called for Whitley’s contact info. Abe let Whitley know that her place didn’t feel like home to him. She told him that their daughter showed him their wedding photo. She tried to give him a stuffed animal, but he didn’t want it. She assured him that things would seem normal again in time. Julie went to visit Paulina at the hospital. Paulina blamed herself for what happened to Abe. Julie told her that she was a blessing to the people in her life. Paulina found out that Talia was out on bail and she was upset about it. She was worried about Abe. Colin grabbed Talia from behind. He ordered her not to scream. He took his hand off of her mouth and he yelled at her for betraying him. She told him that she only stopped him from killing Chanel and Paulina so he wouldn’t spend life in prison. She wanted to know why he was still in Salem. He refused to leave without the woman he loved. Whitley went to the kitchen to make something to eat. Abe turned on the TV and he saw the story about Colin. Whitley turned off the TV. She didn’t think he should hear about his attacker. Abe didn’t agree with that. Whitley got a call from an unknown number so she ignored it. She took the remote on her way back to the kitchen.

Rafe got Whitley’s voicemail. Jada wanted to see Whitley in person. Colin couldn’t imagine life without Talia. He pulled her arm so she could go with him, but she didn’t go. She wanted to know what he did with Abe. Chanel knocked on the door and called out to Talia. Colin grabbed for his gun. Talia convinced Colin to let her talk to Chanel.  He hid while she opened the door. Chanel walked in and started yelling at Talia. Talia blamed her for seducing a married man and killing his wife. Colin smirked while he was in the bathroom. Chanel asked her about Abe. She told her that she didn’t know where she was. Talia told her that she only stopped Colin from killing her so he wouldn’t go to prison. She pushed Chanel out of the door. She slipped Chanel the police badge and mouthed for her to help her. Chanel went downstairs and told Johnny that Colin was upstairs. Johnny called Rafe. Rafe and Jada raced out the door. Talia kissed Colin. She thought they should leave. He turned for the door and noticed the badge was missing. He grabbed her and thought she gave the badge to Chanel. Whitley wanted to fix the bed for her and Abe. Abe didn’t feel comfortable sharing a bed with her when he didn’t remember her. She was willing to set up the sofa bed. She said they had their entire lives to snuggle with each other. Abe feigned a smile. Rafe and Jada heard Talia screaming as they approached the door. Colin grabbed Talia as Rafe kicked the door open. Rafe and Jada had their guns on Colin. Colin let Talia go and released his gun. Rafe arrested Colin. Jada held Talia.

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