Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 27, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris ran into Stefan and Ava while they were waiting for a shipment. They said their reservations weren’t for an hour. Harris told them he was investigating suspicious activities. He told Ava he didn’t appreciate being lied to. Harris wanted to talk to her, but she refused to talk to him. He thought she lied to him about their break up. Harris accused her of being in a relationship with Stefan. She said she wasn’t in love with Stefan, but they were dating. Ava said Stefan reminded her of Jake. When Ava got a reminder about a dinner date with Tripp, she apologized for lying to him. Ava said he was a great guy and would always remember him. Harris warned Stefan not to mess with Ava. Stefan reminded him about Gabi being in prison. Holly went to see Tate so she could apologize for using him to get closer to Johnny. She said she regretted treating him the way she did. Holly said she got drunk earlier and called Johnny while he was with Chanel. She realized she and Johnny weren’t meant to be together. Tate said he threw her gift out but got it out of the garbage. She loved the gift and wanted to go out. He agreed to go out with her. While Rafe and Jada were in bed, they talked about Gabi. He promised to find Li’s killer. Jada reminded him that it was Christmas. She said he needed to be in a good place when he saw Gabi. They decided to play a trivia Christmas game. After the game, Rafe said he hoped Gabi would be home for Christmas.


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