Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Christine admits to Lauren that her marriage to Paul is over and she and Paul have been having trouble for months.

Devon tells Tucker that he doesn’t want to buy McCall Unlimited because he intends to stay at Chancellor-Winters and work with Lily. Devon tells Tucker that Jill wants to buy McCall Unlimited as long as he isn’t a part of the company. Tucker tells Devon he doesn’t want to sell the company to Jill because he wants the company to be run by family. Devon tells Tucker that he can do whatever he wants with his company because he doesn’t intend to buy it. Devon tells Victor that if he wants to buy McCall Unlimited he can do it because he isn’t going to buy the company since he is going to stay at Chancellor Winters.

Summer asks Chance to attend Phyllis’s memorial service and watch the reactions of the mourners especially Diane and Jeremy. Summer thinks Jeremy married Phyllis for her money and intended to split the money with Diane. Chance questions Jeremy who continues to pressure him to investigate Diane since he thinks she killed Phyllis. Chance tells Christine that the toxicology report on Phyllis’s blood showed a lethal dose of strychnine in Phyllis’s blood. Chance finds an empty bottle of strychnine in Phyllis’s hotel room and calls the police station and asks someone to investigate who bought the bottle of strychnine. Phyllis reads an article on her iPad about her memorial service and wonders what Summer is up to having the service at the jazz lounge where she collapsed.

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