GH Short Recap Thursday, July 13, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chase shows Sasha and Gladys the security footage from Logan’s department store that shows she stole the clothes. Sasha tells Chase and Gladys she doesn’t remember stealing the clothes.

Maxie calls the store and persuades the store manager to drop the charges against Sasha in exchange for doing a promotional event for the Deceptor at the storer.

Cody promises to give Mrs. Wu part of the ten million u he is planning to get from the WSB lawsuit. Mrs. Wu tells her bodyguard not to beat up Cody. Mrs. Wu also tells Cody he will pay back the money he lost in the poker games.

Alexis asks Sonny to give Kristina guidance about her youth center.

Michael and Wiley surprise Willow with a Parisian themed picnic. Curtis dies on the operating table and he had a near death experience where he sees his mother and talks to her. Curtis hears TJ’s voice telling him to fight for Trina’s sake. Curtis tells his mother goodbye because he has to return to his family.

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