GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Nurses Ball begins with TJ and the General Hospital nurses singing the song Lovely Day followed by Elizabeth telling everyone that the Nurses Ball is dedicated to the memory of Epiphany and they show a picture of Epiphany with a moment of silence.

Cody tells Gladys that he wants her to tell Sasha the truth about her gambling problem or he will tell Sasha that she has been using her money to cover her gambling debts.

Spencer and Trina decide that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and Joslyn and Trina perform the song Meet Me in the Middle . Linc is interested in signing Joslynn to a contract, but she refuses the offer, but he is determined to change her mind.

Valentin sings a song he wrote for Anna since she is sad she can’t be at the Nurses Ball this year. Anna imagines she is dancing with Valentin at the Metro Court.

Spencer lies to his Uncle Sonny and tells him he hasn’t seen Victor and he had no idea that Victor had moved out of the Metro Court. Victor tells his bodyguard to find Anna and Valentin and bring them back alive, but he can kill Lucy. Victor also tells his bodyguard that he has somebody backstage at the Nurses Ball because when he leaves town he intends to take someone with him.

Lucy tells Anna and Valentin that she snuck out of the safe house to check on the preparations for the Nurses Ball so Anna and Valentin rush Lucy out of the safe house because they know it won’t be long until Victor finds them. Anna, Lucy, and Valentin walk out the door. Anna sees a gun and tells Valentin to move before a gunshot goes off.

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