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“Constantine: The House of Mystery” Review by Suzanne 4/30/22

Although John Constantine and his story are in the title and cover of this DVD, it’s really four, short animated specials from DC Showcase (a comic book and DVD series). You’ll notice that at the very top of the DVD, in tiny letters, it says “DC Showcase Animated Shorts.”  I would buy it, anyway, just for the great Constantine story. I love this character and his portrayer, Matt Ryan.  They probably focused on the Constantine story because the character is more well known that the others.Kamandi - The Last Boy on Earth

This is a good story that takes place after the animated movie, “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.” I haven’t seen that one, but now I’m going to have to watch it.  That one ends on a sad note, apparently, and “House of Mystery” begins with Constantine telling us about how he tried to reverse what happened, using magic, and with the help of The Flash. The Spectre then sends him to the house, where he’s tortured.  It’s a very good story. Unfortunately, it also has a sad ending, but it’s also not a very satisfying ending. I hope they make a sequel, so we can find out what really happened.  This story is a bit dark; I would not let a child watch it because it might be too scary for them. Teens should enjoy it, though.

The sec"The Losers"ond short is about Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth. I used to read that comic back in the 70’s, so I’m happy to watch this short. It has a really cool ending that I loved, too.  Kamandi and his tiger friend Prince Tuftan are captured by a gorilla cult and forced to undergo a series of dangerous trials to determine if any of them is The Mighty One. It’s better than it sounds! Cameron Monaghan (“Gotham”) plays Kamandi. Each of these shorts is done in a different style.  The story here has a sort of Tarzan-meets-Planet-of-the-Apes vibe. It’s safe for kids, too.

The third short stars the WWII soldiers group called “The Losers.” I may have read some of their comics growing up. They sound vagueBlue Beetlely familiar. This cartoon is very violent. Many people and beasts are murdered. The ending is horrible. I can’t imagine why anyone would like it. The Losers and some Chinese soldiers crash on a mysterious island with dinosaurs. The best thing about this is the cast: Dean Winters plays Captain Storm; Ming-Na Wen plays Fan Long; and Eugene Byrd plays Henry ‘Mile a Minute’ Jones. I recognized WInters’ voice right away. I’ve interviewed both him and Byrd before, and Wen is always terrific. This fine cast is wasted, but at least the animation was done very well.

The last one is the most fun. “Blue Beetle” was made in a campy 60’s style that will remind you of cartoons you watched on Saturday morning, as well as shows like the original “Batman.” I really laughed out loud with this one. Blue Beetle is accompanied by a character called The Question. I don’t recall if I ever read Blue Beetle comics or not. He was around in the 30’s (long before my time) and then was in Charlton Comics in the 60’s, which I may or may not have read. This is the best of the four shorts. The Blue Beetle tries to apprehend some villains who stole a large diamond. The Question aids him in tracking it down. They deduce that Doctor Spectro is controlling the other bad guys and have to defeat him to save the world from his mind control.

There’s also a special feature that tells about the shorts and how they made them. It’s very interesting. You should check out this DVD as it’s worth having for any fan of comics or animation – especially DC fans.

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Warner Bros. Animation continues to glean beloved characters from DC’s robust library for the popular DC Showcase line of animated shorts, this time opting to elevate Constantine, Kamandi, The Losers, and Blue Beetle in the 2021-2022 compilation release, DC Showcase – Constantine: The House of Mystery. The R-rated shorts collection will be available from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Blu-ray (USA $24.99 SRP; Canada $29.99 SRP) and in 4K on Digital starting May 3, 2022.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and inspired by characters and stories from the iconic DC Universe, the all-new quartet of DC Showcase shorts are produced by Rick Morales (Mortal Kombat Legends franchise, Injustice). Jim Krieg is producer, and Sam Register is executive producer.

While Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth!, The Losers and Blue Beetle have all appeared as enhanced content on past DC Universe Movies, the extended-length Constantine – The House of Mystery makes its public debut as the anchor for this dynamic shorts compilation.

Matt Ryan (Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow) reprises his live-action and animated role as the Hellblazer himself in Constantine – The House of Mystery. In the all-new short, John Constantine wakes up in the eerie House of Mystery with no recollection of how he got there. Fortunately, Zatanna and his friends are all there. Unfortunately, they have a bad habit of turning into demons and ripping him to shreds, over and over again! Camilla Luddington (Grey’s Anatomy) and Ray Chase (Licorice Pizza) reprise their roles from Justice League Dark: Apokolips War as Zatanna and Jason Blood/Etrigan, respectively, while Robin Atkin Downes (The Strain) and Damian O’Hare (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) reprise their roles from Constantine: City of Demons as Negral and Chas, respectively. In addition, Grey Griffin (Scooby-Doo franchise) and Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba, Longmire, Young Guns) join the cast of the short, which is directed by Matt Peters (Injustice) from a script by Ernie Altbacker (Batman: Hush).

Also included in the animated shorts collection are:

Directed by Matt Peters (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War) from a script written by Paul Giacoppo (Young Justice, Star Wars: Resistance), Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth! was initially released as a bonus feature on Justice Society: World War II in Spring 2021. Jack Kirby’s beloved DC comic creation features the last civilized teenage boy on a post-apocalyptic Earth ruled by talking animals. In this short, Kamandi and his friends Prince Tuftan of the Tiger Kingdom and humanoid mutant Ben Boxer are kidnapped by a gorilla cult dedicated to finding the reincarnation of their god, The Mighty One. Golgan, the cult’s leader, puts Kamandi’s team through a series of deadly tests to find if any of them know the secret of The Mighty One. The thriller features the voices of Cameron Monaghan (Gotham, Shameless) as Kamandi, Steve Blum (Star Wars: Rebels, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto franchise) as Golgan & Tuftan, Adam Gifford (Masters of the Universe: Revelation) as Zuma, and Armen Taylor (Justice Society: World War II) as Ben Boxer.

The legendary rag-tag team of World War II outcasts – Captain Storm, Johnny Cloud, “Mile-a-Minute” Jones, rookie Gunner and Sarge – find themselves marooned on an uncharted island in the South Pacific that is completely overrun with dinosaurs! Their would-be ally on this deadly mission, the mysterious and beautiful Fan Long of the Chinese Security Agency, tells them their job is to rescue the scientists that have been sent to study a time/space anomaly. Perhaps… but what is her mission? Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Book of Boba Fett) leads the cast as the mysterious Fan. Along for the journey is Dean Winters (John Wick, 30 Rock) as Captain Storm, Dave B. Mitchell (Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms) as Gunner & Sarge, Eugene Byrd (Bones, Arrow) as Mile-a-Minute Jones, and Martin Sensmeier (Westworld, The Magnificent Seven) as Johnny Cloud. Initially included as a bonus feature on Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One, The Losers is directed by Milo Neuman (LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash) from a script by Tim Sheridan (Batman: The Long Halloween).

Sufferin’ Scarabs! Silver Age Blue Beetle is back! And had he ever starred in a 1960s Saturday-morning limited-animation cartoon with its own jazzy earworm of a theme song, it would have been just like this short! Welcome to the adventures of Ted Kord, alias the Blue Beetle, as he teams up with fellow Super Heroes Captain Atom, The Question and Nightshade to battle that nefarious finagler of feelings, Doctor Spectro. Matt Lanter (Timeless, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, 90210) stars as Blue Beetle alongside Jeff Bennett (Johnny Bravo, Curious George) as Captain Atom & Pops, Ashly Burch (The Ghost and Molly McGee) as Nightshade, David Kaye (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) as The Question, and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Dr. Spectro. Originally attached to Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two, Blue Beetle is directed by Milo Neuman (Freedom Fighters: The Ray) from a screenplay by Jennifer Keene (Phineas and Ferb) based on a story by Jeremy Adams (Mortal Kombat Legends franchise).

Launched in 2010, DC Showcase was originally comprised of four animated shorts: The Spectre (2/23/2010), Jonah Hex (7/27/2010), Green Arrow (9/28/2010) and Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam (11/9/2010). An additional short, Catwoman (10/18/2011), was attached the following year to the release of Batman: Year One. For 2019-2020, DC Showcase returned with five shorts: Sgt. Rock (8/6/2019) Death (10/22/2019), The Phantom Stranger (3/17/2020), Adam Strange (5/19/2020), and the interactive Batman: Death in the Family (10/13/2020).

DC Showcase: Constantine – The House of Mystery – Special Features
Blu-ray and Digital
• DC Showcase: One Story at a Time (New Featurette) – Since the 1993 debut of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Warner Bros. Animation has revolutionized and mastered the feature film world with their critically successful DC Universe Movies and DC Animated Movies. In 2010, the creative team hit upon the idea of presenting some of the more under-utilized DC characters in shorter stories – and thus, the DC Showcase was born. The shorts program has provided a fertile venue for creators and animators to explore the vast array of DC’s diverse heroes, worlds and universes, and gives audiences a taste of their infinite possibilities. Featuring some big names as well as the deeper cuts, these short films reflect different styles and sensibilities, and are inspired by renown creators like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Alan Moore. This documentary takes a look at the roots of DC Showcase – from Catwoman and Sgt. Rock to Death and Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam, as well as the current quartet of shorts. Included are interviews with producer Rick Morales and directors Matt Peters & Milo Neuman as they explore the featured heroes and villains, the comics that inspired them, and these adventures’ place in the bigger picture of the DC animated universe.

About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc.:
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) brings together Warner Bros. Entertainment’s physical and digital distribution businesses in order to maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios. An industry leader since its inception, WBHE oversees the global distribution of content through packaged goods (Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD) and digital media in the form of electronic sell-through and video-on-demand via cable, satellite, online and mobile channels. WBHE distributes its product through third party retail partners and licensees.

DC, a WarnerMedia Company, creates iconic characters, enduring stories, and immersive experiences that inspire and entertain audiences of every generation around the world and is one of the world’s largest publishers of comics and graphic novels. As a creative division, DC is charged with strategically integrating its stories and characters across film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, interactive games, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE digital subscription service and community engagement portal. For more information visit and

CONSTANTINE and all related characters and elements are TM and © DC. © 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) is one of the leading producers of animation in the entertainment industry, producing and developing projects for multiple platforms, both domestically and internationally. WBA’s current series include Animaniacs for Hulu, Green Eggs and Ham and Wings of Fire for Netflix, Aquaman: King of Atlantis, Batman: Caped Crusader, Batwheels, Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, Harley Quinn, Jellystone!, Little Ellen, Looney Tunes Cartoons, My Adventures with Superman, Tiny Toons Looniversity, Tom and Jerry in New York, Velma and Young Justice for HBO Max, DC Super Hero Girls, Teen Titans Go!, ThunderCats Roar for Cartoon Network, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, Scooby-Doo! and Guess Who?, The Tom and Jerry Show and Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs! for Boomerang. WBA is also in production on a series of animated longform movie specials for ACME Night, WarnerMedia Kids & Family’s family programming block on Cartoon Network and HBO Max. Programs include Did I Do that to the Holidays? A Steve Urkel Story, Merry Little Batman and an Untitled Looney Tunes Cartoons movie. The studio is currently in production with New Line Cinema on the upcoming original anime feature film, The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim. WBA’s full-length theatrical film, Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, was released in summer 2018. As home to the iconic animated characters from the DC, Hanna-Barbera, MGM and Looney Tunes libraries, WBA also produces highly successful animated films — including the DC Universe Movies — for DVD, Blu-ray® and digital media. One of the most-honored animation studios in history, WBA has won six Academy Awards®, 40 Emmy® Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award, a BAFTA Children’s Award, an Environmental Media Award, a Parents’ Choice Award, the HUMANITAS Prize, two Prism Awards and 21 Annie Awards (honoring excellence in animation).

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Days Update Friday, April 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Devil Allie tells Evan that it’s the second time she’s had to knock Jake out as he’s really becoming a pain in the ass. Evan asks what they are going to do with him. Allie says it wasn’t part of the plan but since he’s here, he may as well make himself useful.

Susan wonders if EJ was right about her psychic powers and decides she just needs some rest. Susan then lays down in the bed with Johnny’s coat and dreams about arguing with Johnny being the Devil where the Devil revealed himself to her and then made her lose her memory. Susan then wakes up in a panic, realizing that Johnny has been possessed by the Devil.

Belle asks EJ if Susan said why she thought Johnny was in danger. EJ explains that Susan kept insisting that Johnny didn’t write the letter left behind and that his brother Andre did, even though Andre has been dead for years.

Andre announces that since Ben decided to save Johnny’s life, he’s about to end Ben’s. Johnny warns that killing Ben would be a big mistake which Andre questions.

Ciara returns home and is shocked to find Evan inside. Evan claims he was just catching up with an old friend as he reveals The Devil has transformed Jake in to “Ben” now being on the floor. Evan says Ciara can scream but he won’t hear her. Ciara questions what he did to him. Evan asks what it looks like and claims that he killed her husband.

Belle says EJ obviously knows Susan better than she does, but asks what if she’s right. EJ explains that Susan was first convinced it was Tony but then latched onto the idea that it was Andre. EJ thinks all the talk of demonic possession has gotten to Susan, so hopefully a good night’s rest will get her together.

Susan doesn’t understand why she can’t remember any of this. Susan then prays to God to bring her memory back so maybe she can save Johnny from the Devil’s powers. Susan then has more flashbacks to her confrontation with Devil Johnny and how he used his powers to convince her to leave Salem. Susan realizes that the Devil touched her forehead, making her forget that he possessed Johnny.

Andre mocks Johnny making a friend in Ben but says that’s about to come to an end. Johnny asks why he would want to strangle Ben when he’s a stone cold killer and they could use him. Andre says he has his orders. Johnny argues that Ben is the Necktie Killer while Andre was the Salem Slasher so they could do damage to the world. Johnny asks if Andre is not allowed to think for himself anymore and if he’s just been turned in to the Devil’s little errand boy.

Tripp and Chanel eat together in the town square. Tripp and Chanel talk about being done letting things that remind them of Allie get to them. Chanel declares that Allie has caused them both enough misery, so it’s time for that to stop which Tripp agrees with.

Ciara checks on “Ben” and argues that it can’t be real and that Evan is supposed to be in prison. Evan complains about being locked up while Ben was playing house with Ciara. Ciara starts to cry as she tries to wake “Ben” up. Evan then grabs a knife from the kitchen and tells Ciara that she’s wasting her breath because he’s dead and she’s next. Devil Allie then appears to knock out Evan with a frying pan to pretend to Ciara that she’s just Allie and she asks who Evan was. Ciara explains that he’s Orpheus’ son and an escaped convict. Ciara says she’ll explain more later but now they have to help “Ben” because Evan tried to strangle him. Ciara cries that “Ben” is cold. Allie tells Ciara that she’s sorry but he doesn’t have a pulse. Devil Allie remarks that this is out of God’s hands now and that Ben is gone as Ciara breaks down crying.

Andre warns Johnny that he may have been Stefano’s favorite but Stefano is dead while he is undead. Johnny claims he meant no disrespect but talks about what a duo Andre and Ben could be. Andre tells Johnny that he’s sorry but he’s not interested. Andre then wraps the necktie around Ben’s neck.

Belle asks EJ when he last spoke to Johnny. EJ says it was before he was sent to prison. Belle asks if it’s unusual for them to be out of touch that long. Belle knows their relationship is complicated. EJ thinks she means that he’s a terrible father. Belle apologizes if she triggered him by asking if he talked to Johnny recently. EJ says it was his guilt as he often feels like his son is a stranger to him, maybe because he reminds him so much of Sami. EJ declares that he won’t give up and hopes to earn his son’s respect eventually. EJ adds that he’s contacted him numerous times to no response. Belle questions the only evidence that Johnny is okay being a letter that Susan is convinced he didn’t write. EJ talks about Susan’s premonition this time being so vague. Susan then rushes in, explaining that it wasn’t a premonition but a memory. Susan declares that Johnny is the Devil himself.

Ciara tells Allie that she’s wrong because Ben always comes back to her. Ciara tells Allie to call an ambulance but Allie says it won’t help. Ciara says she’ll do it herself. Allie warns that Evan is starting to wake up so Ciara needs to go now. Ciara cries that she can’t leave Ben. Allie tells Ciara to think about herself and the baby, so she needs to go. Ciara cries that she loves Ben as Allie hurries Ciara out the door with her.

EJ asks what Susan is saying. Susan apologizes to Belle and explains that the Devil set her up. Belle points out that Johnny was the only other person that was here that day. Susan explains that Johnny was at Marlena’s exorcism, so the Devil left her body to take over Johnny’s. EJ calls it ridiculous but Belle points out that it would explain why she doesn’t have the gaps in her memory like Marlena did. Susan confirms that Satan wasn’t using Belle to do his bidding, it was Johnny.

Johnny argues that Andre isn’t thinking this through. Andre yells at him to shut up and let him get on. Johnny talks about Andre living in Stefano’s shadow and now doing the Devil’s dirty work. Johnny urges Andre to think about how he will be remembered if he forced Ben to go on a killing spree with him instead. Johnny asks why Andre would strangle Ben when he could make him want to kill again.

Chanel tells Tripp that it’s interesting how they bonded over being hurt by the same person. Tripp admits it feels really good to vent to someone who totally gets it. Chanel agrees that it helps. Tripp decides he’s going to the gym before work. Tripp tells her that next time, lunch is on him. Tripp then gets a call from Rafe, asking if he could possibly come over to Nicole’s and watch Henry until she gets back. Tripp asks where Allie is. Rafe says that Nicole got a text that Allie had something important to deal with. Tripp questions it being more important than her kid. Rafe understands but says he has a case to handle. Tripp agrees to be right there and hangs up. Tripp tells Chanel so much for the gym as Rafe is alone with Henry and has to leave while Allie left a text that something came up. Chanel points out that Allie did the same thing the night before she broke up with her. Tripp questions Allie neglecting her son.

Devil Allie drives Ciara in her car while Ciara complains that this is a mistake and they should’ve stayed because Allie is not an expert in checking pulses so Ben could still be alive and in shock. Ciara wants Allie to turn around and go back but Allie says they can’t go back since Evan is on the loose, so Ben would want her to get her as far away from him as possible.

Evan regains consciousness and says the crazy bitch must have turned on him. Evan says he really wanted to kill Ben and Ciara himself, so he feels cheated. Evan decides he should get out of here before the cops show up, so he exits the apartment, leaving Jake unconscious on the floor. Jake then starts to move.

Belle goes over the Devil wiping Susan’s memory of realizing that he was in Johnny. EJ questions the Devil possessing Johnny and then convincing him to go to Italy. Susan argues that Johnny isn’t in Italy and didn’t write the letter, so she knows Johnny is still in Salem. Belle says they better find him then. EJ and Susan talk about how the letter didn’t sound like Johnny. Susan points out that it sounded more like Andre. EJ reminds her that Andre is dead. Susan asks who stays dead in this town. Belle asks where they should start looking. Susan informs them that the Devil has a favorite spot where he tormented her and John and it’s right out there in the family crypt. EJ questions her saying Johnny has been in the crypt this entire time which she confirms. Belle tells EJ that Susan is right since John told her all about the crypt, so he has to go check it out. Belle decides she will call Eric because if Johnny is possessed, there will have to be an exorcism. EJ can’t believe they are talking about this as he thought this whole Devil thing was mass hysteria. Susan insists that it’s real, so EJ agrees to go to the crypt. Susan declares that they will have to stop the Devil as she and EJ head outside.

Ciara asks Allie where they are going since they should be going to the police station, looking out for Christian/Evan, and calling for help for Ben. Devil Allie uses his powers to create a fake phone call with Rafe and puts it on speaker so Ciara hears “Rafe” saying that he’s already at Ciara’s and that it was too late for Ben. “Rafe” instructs Allie to send Ciara somewhere safe like the Horton Cabin which Allie then agrees to do. Allie tells Ciara that she has to think of her baby now and that she’s going to take good care of them.

Rafe breaks in to Ben and Ciara’s apartment to find Jake regaining consciousness on the floor and asks him what happened. Jake explains he answered a knock at the door and it was the guy who locked up Ciara, Christian Maddox. Rafe acknowledges that Christian escaped from prison tonight but Jake says it was somebody else. Rafe asks where Ben and Ciara are and if he has them. Jake complains of his head hurting while Rafe encourages him to stay with him.

Andre tells Johnny that he can see he’s learned the art of the pitch, so he’s agreed not to kill Ben, but he did promise the Devil a kill, so he’s afraid Johnny’s dreams are coming to an end. Andre starts to strangle Johnny. Ben yells for him to let him go. EJ then bursts in to the Crypt to save Johnny. EJ asks what’s happening. Ben says Andre was trying to kill him. Andre claims to be Tony and that he’s been possessed by the Devil. Susan then walks in and stabs Andre in the back, causing him to turn back in to dust. EJ questions what the hell she has done. Susan explains that it wasn’t Tony, it was Andre. EJ thanks Susan for saving Johnny’s life. Johnny and Ben ask to be un chained. EJ tells Johnny that he’s so sorry he didn’t figure this out earlier but he’s glad he’s still alive. Johnny admits it was scary. EJ gets Johnny freed from the chains and then hands the key to Susan. Johnny declares that he has to find Chanel. Susan doesn’t want Johnny going anywhere until they know he’s not possessed. Johnny points out that he’s been chained this whole time. Ben assures that Johnny is telling the truth and is not possessed anymore as the Devil has moved on. EJ asks who is possessed now.

Ciara argues that this doesn’t make sense since if Ben were dead, she would feel it inside as that’s how connected they are. Allie guesses she’s just in shock and encourages her to lie back and close her eyes since stress is not good for the baby. Ciara complains that if Ben is really gone, she’ll never feel good again.

Tripp and Chanel go to Nicole’s to watch Henry. Tripp finishes a work call while Chanel finishes putting Henry to sleep. Tripp thanks her for coming with him as Henry hadn’t seen him in awhile so he was worried that Henry would be scared of him. Chanel assures that Henry wasn’t scared and smiled big when he saw him. Chanel cannot believe that Allie said she was too busy to watch her own son. Tripp agrees it’s unlike her and asks if she has any idea what’s going on with her. Tripp worries that things have gotten to be too much for Allie like being raped, having Henry at such a young age, her parents leaving, and what happened between them. Chanel admits she and Johnny didn’t make things any easier. Tripp and Chanel complain about Johnny. Chanel adds that she’s thankful that Paulina stopped them from sleeping together as things would have gotten a lot messier. Tripp agrees that sex and drunk doesn’t work out. Chanel feels that would’ve ruined their chances of being friends. Tripp gets a text from Nicole that Holly’s dance class is over so they are heading home. Tripp offers to drop Chanel off on his way to the hospital but Chanel asks if she can go with him to visit Lani. Tripp says he’d like her company.

Johnny explains to EJ that the Devil went from him to Allie and locked him up in here. Johnny insists they need to get Allie help and he needs to see Chanel. EJ assures he will but he’s going to the hospital first. Susan gets Ben free from the chains. Ben talks about Allie knocking him out and they don’t know what she did to Ciara, so he has to find her before it’s too late. Ben then races out of the Crypt.

Devil Allie remarks that she knows Ciara doesn’t believe it, but she’s going to take such good care of her. Devil Allie’s eyes glow as she continues driving. Allie promises they will be safe at the cabin. Ciara demands that Allie turn around as she wants to go home.

Johnny insists that he’s fine and doesn’t need to go to the hospital. EJ questions how long it’s been since he’s eaten. Johnny almost collapses so EJ decides he’s going to the hospital and then they will deal with Allie and find Chanel. EJ instructs Susan to go back to the house to inform Belle as they then exit the Crypt.

Jake tells Rafe that he feels like he got hit with a sledgehammer but it wasn’t Christian since he was looking at him when he got nailed from behind. Rafe asks if he has any idea where Ben and Ciara are now. Jake says Ciara said she hadn’t seen Ben since waking up this morning and she was heading to the hospital to see if Marlena had seen Ben. Rafe worries that they now have no idea where either one of them are. Jake suggests maybe Ciara found Ben and they are together. Rafe hopes they are somewhere where Christian can’t track them down.

Susan returns to the living room and informs Belle that they found Johnny in the Crypt, so EJ had to take him to the hospital but she thinks he will be okay. Susan talks about how Johnny was chained up. Belle worries that he could have died. Susan says Johnny will be fine and then reveals that the Devil is now in Allie.

Allie questions Ciara wanting to turn the car around. Allie says she’s sorry but they can’t do that. Ciara orders her to stop the car now or she’s going to scream.

At the hospital, Chanel and Tripp catch up with each other. Chanel tells him that Lani is hungry so she’s going to get her something to eat while Tripp jokes that the hospital barely survived without him. Tripp tells Chanel that he’s really glad they are getting along so he’s really sorry if he ever hurt her feelings while Allie was deciding which one she wanted. Chanel admits she should’ve been upfront with him about how she felt about Allie since he didn’t deserve what happened. Chanel praises Tripp as a catch. Tripp points out that he hasn’t had luck with women. Chanel says that’s just because he hasn’t found the right woman but she predicts someday soon, he will meet the right woman who will be so lucky to have a guy like him. Tripp and Chanel embrace as EJ brings Johnny in to the hospital and sees them.

Belle complains that she wanted to believe the Devil was gone and asks Susan if she’s absolutely sure that he’s taken over Allie. Susan confirms that she is as Johnny and Ben told her the whole story. Susan wonders what the Devil has Allie doing now.

Evan/Christian shows up in the DiMera Crypt and notes that Allie said he could hang out here, but didn’t mention how creepy it was. He notes the chains and remarks that it looks like he missed all the fun.

Rafe thinks Jake should get looked at for a concussion. Jake says he’ll be fine but Rafe insists. Jake tries to stand but falls so he agrees that a trip to the hospital is not a bad idea. Rafe and Jake go to leave but Ben arrives, asking where Ciara is. Jake questions where Ben has been since Ciara is out looking for him. Ben announces that they have to find her because the Devil is back and still wants their baby.

Allie stops the car and tells Ciara that she’s upset but not thinking straight, so she’s here to keep her safe and insists on bringing her to the cabin. Ciara cries that she wants to go home and be with Ben, feeling that she abandoned him. Allie tells Ciara that Ben is gone but Ciara insists that she wants to go home right now. Ciara talks about Ben being the love of her life and she needs to be with him. Allie points out their wedding vows say til death do them part and now it’s done just that.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, April 29, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. His is my baby? Sit down. So happy to see you. So, I was just texting with victoria, and, uh, she said she was fine but didn’t have time to talk to me.

Nikki: Oh, really?

Victor: Uh, you were just with her? How is she doing?

Nikki: Um, when I saw her a while ago, she said she was okay.

Victor: I’m very concerned about her, okay? My suggestion is that she go somewhere to regroup, get well again, and, um, maybe put adam… in a position of running newman while she’s not there. You know? But she insists that she’s going to power through this.

Nikki: Victor, I know that you’re concerned about victoria. So am I. But that’s not why I asked you to meet me.

Victor: Why? What’s the matter?

Nikki: Diane jenkins. That’s what’s the matter.

Victor: What do you mean, diane jenkins? That woman has been dead for years.

Nikki: Well, so we were led to believe.

Victor: Wait a minute. Diane jenkins? That brings up horrible memories. Are you saying she’s alive, or what?

Nikki: Oh, yes. And she had the audacity to come back here seeing forgiveness.

Harrison: Daddy!

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Jack said you went for a walk.

Kyle: I needed to clear my head. But, harrison, I didn’t realize you’d be back so soon.

Jack: Yeah, uh, ashland dropped him off a little while ago. I think they had a great time in the park.

Kyle: Well, glad to hear it. Even though you’ve only been gone for a little while, i missed you, buddy. Aww. Hugging you always make me feel better.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: I don’t see how a parent can stand to be away from their child for long.

Diane: He’s really growing, isn’t he?

Jack: Yeah, look at these hands. My gosh, those are the hands of a future nba point guard.

Baby kyle: Ba-ba.

Diane: Or a world-renowned musician.

Baby kyle: Da-da.

Diane: You should hear the tunes he bands out on his little toy piano, right?

Jack: Yeah, “bangs” is the key word, right, buddy?

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Baby kyle: [ Babbling ]

Diane: I guess we’re like all parents, looking at our little one. Here. Wondering what he’ll grow up to be.

Baby kyle: [ Babbling ]

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Chloe: Okay, well, I need more details so I can give lauren an accurate projection.

Chelsea: Like what?

Chloe: Well, have all the designs been finalized? Are we gonna get the fabric in time? Or we even gonna make our ship date?

Chelsea: Uh, um, but didn’t i share the production schedule with you? I-I thought I did.

Chloe: Okay, maybe we need to put the work aside and talk about what’s really going on with you.

Chelsea: I mean, I just lost one of my closest friends, suddenly, in a horrific car accident, and I’m struggling to understand how this could happen.

Chloe: I hope that you’re not blaming yourself for this. I mean, you can’t possibly believe that you’re at fault in any way.

Chelsea: If he hadn’t gone back for those tickets — those stupid tickets — he would still be alive today.

Chloe: Oh, honey, he forgot the tickets.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: Uh, that doesn’t make you guilty of anything.

Chelsea: No, it’s true. Think about it. You know, a year ago, I put rey’s life at risk… before I knew what an amazing, incredible man he was, and he forgave me. After everything I did to him, he was willing to hang out with me and my son, and — and look what that led to.

Chloe: It was an accident. An awful, horrific accident. There is no one to blame here.

Chelsea: I just feel like if I hadn’t asked him —

Chloe: Chelsea, stop. I… kevin told me something in confidence, and I feel like you need to know.

Chelsea: What?

Chloe: Promise not to say anything… but rey didn’t die because of the car crash.

[ Sighs ] The autopsy reveals that he had a massive heart attack. That’s why he lost control of the car.

Adam: Look over the report on the, uh, marketing strategy for the sports side, and then follow up with accounting on the, uh, budget.

Sally: Will do. You know, it’s kind of exciting having all these extra responsibilities while you’re temporary ceo of newman/locke.

Adam: Hmm. For however long it lasts.

Sally: Your position has taken on a new significance ever since ashland relinquished control of the company. The newmans are finally rid of that man, thanks to you and your plan. You read the situation and locke perfectly.

Adam: It did work out exactly as I’d hoped.

Sally: You, my dear boss, managed to pull off something that no one else could do.

Adam: With a little help from my dad’s money.

Sally: Hey, don’t downplay your significance, okay? We talked about this. This was your big chance to secure your place at the company. It’s just a steppingstone to making your temporary position as ceo permanent.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sally: How cool is that?

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Wait. Unless something’s changed. (Jackie) I’ve made progress with my mental health.

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provided by…

Adam: The only thing that has changed is my strategy, not my goal. I’ve decided that I’m going to not push it, and I’m going to play things by ear.

Sally: Okay, well, you deserve to made permanent co-ceo. You know that. You’ve already proven it. And if this were any other company…

Adam: Ah, but this — this is not any other company. This is newman enterprises. Technically, newman/locke now. But I’m sure plans are already being made to rip locke’s name off of the building, the letterhead, advertising, and any other signage as we speak.

Sally: Okay, well, that makes an even stronger case that two newman sibling should be in charge.

Adam: Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?

Sally: Not lately.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Know that it means a lot to me that you believe in me and you have my back. I, too, want to see my position made permanent.

Sally: Okay, then why are you not gearing up to go after it?

Adam: When victor introduced victoria’s plan, I only agreed to go along with it if I could retain my ceo title.

Sally: And victoria’s plan failed.

Adam: Exactly. Which is why I should not play it like that again.

[ Clears throat ]

Sally: But that way worked.

Adam: [ Sighs ] There is a saying in basketball, “let the game come to you.” I’m just gonna sit back and see how victoria plays this. If she treats me as a partner, I will act accordingly. And who knows? You know, maybe we’ll surprise each other and we can have a good working balance.

Sally: Okay, well, whatever she chooses to do, she’s gonna have the legacy of ashland locke hanging over her. The fact that she brought him so far into the company and into your lives is on her. There should definitely be repercussions.

Adam: I’d say she’s had a few already. That accident could have been deadly for her. Close call like that, that’s a pretty stiff price to pay.

Sally: Still, she’s got no choice but to accept that you are the one that finally freed her of that man by swooping in and cleaning up her mess.

Adam: That remains to be seen.

[ Sighs ] Meanwhile, my focus is on guiding you while you are in charge of newman media and while I try to find a way to work with victoria, which will become a permanent role.

Sally: So, you’re saying that you want me to take on more responsibility at newman media while you figure out your next move?

Adam: If you’re asking me if I have absolute faith in you and your ability in this position, the answer is yes. I would not put you in charge if I didn’t think you were gonna be terrific in this job. I’m counting on you to make me look good, which you are already doing.

Sally: You really think so?

Adam: You’re smart. You work harder than anyone that I know, and you’re certainly not lacking in confidence.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Well, when you put it that way, I’m a real find, aren’t I?

Adam: And if there are any issues or questions as you are getting settled in, it’s not like I won’t be close by to advise you.

Sally: I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity. And I promise that I will do everything in my power to help you get the recognition that you deserve.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Victor: How is it possible the woman is still alive?

Nikki: Two words — deacon sharp. He helped her fake her own death so that she could escape all the consequences of her misdeeds.

Victor: Wow. Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Now she has the unmitigated gall to return to the scene of her many crimes?

Nikki: I told her, after all the damage she did to me and my family that she better stay far away from all of us, especially nicholas.

Victor: When I think back on the amount of damage that woman caused with her so-called murder…

Nikki: She said she had to pretend to be dead so she could go away and work on herself. And now she wants to reconnect with kyle.

Victor: How the hell would he forgive her after all she has done to him?

Nikki: She’s banking on him being happy to learn that she’s still alive.

Victor: But if she’s so set on making up with her son, kyle, then why the hell doesn’t she go to milan instead of genoa city?

Nikki: Oh, well, because she’s a changed woman now. She wants to make amends with all of us.

Victor: Does she honestly believe that we buy her garbage?

Nikki: [ Scoffs ]

Victor: After all that she has done to everyone, especially to you and kyle?

Nikki: Well, and you, too. You took the blame for her murder to protect victoria and me.

Victor: How the hell does that woman have the guts to show her face here again?

Nikki: Oh, I don’t think she’ll stick around very long. There really won’t be a reason to. I mean, I can’t imagine kyle forgiving her for letting him think that his mother’s been dead all these years.

Victor: [ Sighs ] My goodness. After everything that we have been through lately, that’s the last thing we need.

Phyllis: Hey, harrison, I bet you’re super hungry after the big day you’ve had today. You know what? I have a secret. Your aunt traci has a super, super yummy surprise for you in the kitchen.

Kyle: [ Whistles ]

Harrison: Yum

Phyllis: Yum! Let’s go get it. I’ll race you. Whoo!

Jack: You and summer have done a terrific job. That’s a confident, happy little boy.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, he’s really adjusted well to his new italian lifestyle. We’re very proud of him. The last thing we want is something to disrupt his happy home.

Jack: So, did, uh, getting out of the house help you figure a few things out?

Kyle: Yeah, the crisp spring air really made it easier to think clearly, especially with my emotions all over the place.

[ Sighs ] One minute, I can get over the fact that my mother chose — chose to let me believe she was dead, never reaching out, never wanting me to know the truth. Just letting me go on with my life.

Jack: And you did go on. You created a great life for yourself and your family.

Kyle: Yeah, thanks to your love and support, dad.

Jack: But, no, I did my best to compensate for diane’s absence, but there’s no replacing the love of a mother.

Kyle: And as angry and sad and bitter as that makes me feel, I can’t but help think it’s a miracle. An answer to a million of my prayers as a little kid, “just, please, god, just — just give me one chance to see my mom again.”

Jack: And now your wish is being granted.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] But then I think, “why would — why would I ever buy in to anything she ever has to say again?” Why would I put my family through that much drama?

Jack: I know this is overwhelming. And I think it’s perfectly understandable that you would struggle with what it is you want to do next.

Kyle: Look, dad —

Jack: I want you to hear this. Don’t feel pressured. Not by diane, not by me, not by anyone. You take your time and you think it through, decide what you want to do.

Kyle: I’ve already made my decision. Tsk. I know what I’m gonna do. Feeling sluggish or weighed down?

Jack: Are you comfortable telling me what you decide?

Kyle: I want to hear her out. I think I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t give my mother a chance to explain herself.

Jack: You’re sure that’s what you want to do?

Kyle: Don’t worry, dad, I’m not imagining some big, emotional reunion. I’m not walking into it with any grand expectations. That’s for sure.

Jack: I think that’s the right attitude.

Kyle: Frankly, I don’t have a clue how I’ll react or what will happen after or if I’ll even want a place in her life again. But, dad, I-I need answers. I need her to tell me to my face why she left me in the dark for so long, letting me believe she was dead, and why, after all these years, she decided to come back. I can’t let those questions haunt me forever.

Jack: I understand more than you realize, because of what i went through with my own mother. No, dina did not fake her own death, but she disappeared. And there were times she seemed dead to all of us for long periods of time. She did that disappearing act more than once. And you know what? As angry, as disappointed, as abandoned as I may have felt, I could never bring myself to turn my back on her.

Kyle: I’m glad you can understand where I’m coming from. Would you be willing to reach out to my mom and make arrangements?

Jack: Yeah. Sure, I’d be happy to handle that.

Kyle: Thanks, dad. Support means more than you know right now.

Jack: Hey, come here.

Chelsea: Rey had a heart attack? That’s why he died, not the car crash?

Chloe: Exactly. So, please stop blaming yourself. There’s nothing you could have done differently to change the outcome.

Chelsea: So, if he hadn’t gone back to get the hockey tickets, connor and I could have been in the car with him when it happened.

Chloe: Possibly. So maybe you should be thankful that the two of you weren’t in the car accident.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] You know, adam said that ashland pulled victoria from her burning car, saving her life. Did he even try to do that with rey? Could his life have been saved?

Chloe: Don’t go down that rabbit hole. What happened, happened? There is no undoing any of it. I know that you and rey had become close friends and how difficult this loss is for you. But there’s no point in blaming anyone for this. You need to focus on moving forward right now.

Chelsea: Don’t you think I’m trying to do that, chloe?

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Sorry.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. Just losing rey, it’s — it’s just hit me harder than i anticipated. It’s been really, really rough on connor. Yeah, he — he looked up to rey.

Chloe: We all loved rey.

Chelsea: You know what? It just kills me that someone as conniving and ruthless as ashland locke walks away from this accident, and someone as genuine and amazing as rey loses his life. It’s just not fair.

Sally: Ladies… nice to see you both.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Adam: How are you doing?

Chelsea: I’ll be okay. Our focus really needs to be on connor. Losing rey is a huge blow to him.

Adam: I know. I hope that we have persuaded him that he shouldn’t feel any responsibility for what happened.

Chelsea: Well, actually, i just found out something that’s going to help.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: Rey’s actual cause of death was a heart attack.

[ Glass slams on tabletop ] I’m sorry. What? I mean, everybody’s gonna find out soon anyway. Adam and I have to figure out a way to tell connor. Hopefully, it will help him come to terms with his loss and alleviate any guilt he might still feel.

Adam: Well, I hope you’re right. I know how hard this has been on him. I am planning a special outing to, uh, cheer him up.

Chelsea: That’s a great idea. Connor always loves being with his dad. Maybe the three of us could do something together. We can talk it through with him as a family, give him a real sense of stability.

Adam: Uh, let’s talk about it. Maybe we could work something out.

Chelsea: Really, adam? Why can’t you commit to something as simple as a family outing for the sake of our son?

Adam: Relax, chelsea. I didn’t say that i wouldn’t do it.

Chelsea: Well, you didn’t say you would, either. Why? Is it because sally’s here? You don’t want to send her the wrong message? Clearly, things have progressed between the two of you.

Adam: I know you’re upset about rey, and again, I’m sorry that you lost such a good friend.

Chelsea: Well, there’s no doubt they’re a couple now.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Well, that’s a real possibility, but who cares? And what was the point of confronting them in that way? What was that supposed to accomplish? You no longer have any romantic attachment to adam, right? Because you have certainly gone out of your way to convince me of that. Please, chelsea… promise me that you are not going to use the emotional shock of losing your friend rey as an excuse to gravitate back toward adam.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Chelsea seems to be in a pretty bad way.

Adam: [ Sighs ] She and rey had, um, grown close over the last couple of months. They bonded over his kindness to connor.

Sally: Wasn’t it not that long ago that chelsea tried to kill rey?

Adam: She was going through an emotionally unstable time, and she actually was going after me, not him. She wanted to hurt me, so she made it look like I was the one that had poisoned rey.

Sally: So, she wanted to kill rey to get back at you?

Adam: Well, he was never exposed to enough poison to actually be at risk of dying, just enough to make him sick and, uh, me look guilty.

Sally: Well, it’s pretty amazing that you were able to find a way to forgive her after chelsea tried to set you up like that.

Adam: Well, like I said, there were a lot of extenuating circumstances.

Sally: Regardless, says a lot about you and the kind of man that you are.

Adam: [ Sighs ] I’m a man who lives in a glass house, and so I can’t afford to throw stones.

Sally: Me either.

[ Chuckles ]

Adam: Well, I’m sure you’ve done things that you’re not proud of, but nothing that bad.

[ Sighs ]

Sally: Well…

Adam: Is there something you want to tell me?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: [ Gasps ] Jack. This is a surprise. Uh, come in.

Jack: Kyle asked me to talk to you.

Diane: Wait. So, he’s in town? H-have you spoken with him?

Jack: As I’m sure you can imagine, he’s in shock. Having a bit of trouble processing everything that’s happened.

Diane: [ Gasps ] Well, I’m — I’m sure that you’ve remained somewhat evenhanded about all this, despite your personal feelings towards me and — and what I’ve done, but [Chuckles] I sincerely doubt that phyllis has shown the same restraint. I mean, I-I-I’m sure she’s been trashing me to kyle.

Jack: Hold on. Phyllis is not the problem. If she is worried about the impact of your resurrection on her daughter, kyle’s wife, and their family, I think she is more than justified. Now, get this through your head. Whatever my son is feeling right now has nothing to do with anything phyllis said to him. It has everything to do with you — your choices, your actions.

Diane: [ Sighs ] With golo, I’ve lost 13 inches in my waist.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Jack, you’re right. I’m — I’m — I’m sorry. I spoke without thinking. It’s just, my, uh — my emotions are all over the place.

Jack: I am trying very hard right now to serve as an honest and fair sounding board for kyle.

Diane: Yes, he’s — he’s all I can think about, too.

Jack: So, while every impulse in me is flashing red, warning me not to trust you, kyle is my priority, and I think he deserves to know the truth. So I shared with him your story. I answered his questions as honestly as I could, and I tried to explain what is still, to me, the inexplicable — how a parent can walk away from their child.

[ Sighs ] But I left it up to kyle to decide what to do next.

Diane: And you came to deliver this bad news in person, that my son doesn’t want to see me? And it was his decision, right?

Jack: No. He wants to see you.

Diane: [ Gasps ]

Jack: He wants answers to the questions that are tearing him up inside. He wants to hear you out.

Diane: Oh, jack. My sons wants to see me? I don’t — I don’t know how i can ever thank you for making this —

Jack: Don’t — don’t — don’t thank me. A part of me wished he would abandon you just like you abandoned him.

Diane: That’s not who you are. You’re a good and fair-minded person.

Jack: I know how much this means to you. Just this once, please put kyle first? Try to think about what he’s going through, what he needs, not what you need… if that’s possible. I’m sorry, that needed to be said.

Diane: I — I get it. There was a time when I was completely self-involved, you know, and incapable of having empathy or — or even understanding how my actions affected others.

Jack: Well, I’m glad to hear you finally realize that.

Diane: What does that mean? That a part of you — a small part — [Chuckles] Is willing to accept the possibility that maybe I have changed?

Jack: I’ll go tell kyle that everything is set up.

Diane: Oh, b-before you go, I-I know, I know, I have no bus asking anything more of you, since you’ve already done so much already, but, jack, this is so important to me, seeing our son again after all this time.

Jack: So, you’re gonna ask me anyway.

Diane: Well, I just — I-i would like to meet him someplace other than this cold hotel room. You know? Someplace private, where we can speak freely, but — but maybe somewhere that kyle is more comfortable.

[ Sighs ] W-would it be possible if I came your way, if — if we could meet at the abbott house?

Jack: [ Sighs ] I am not thrilled at the idea of you stepping foot in my house, but, yeah, I guess I can see the advantage to kyle being on his home turf. Okay, fine. You can meet at the house.

Diane: Thank you, jack, for everything.

[ Sighs ] I’ll be over in a bit.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: You do whatever you have to do. Kyle will be waiting for you.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Sally: There is something that I never told you.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Something that i didn’t want you to know about me.

Adam: [ Taps finger ]

Sally: But it seems like we are at a [Inhales deeply] Much different place now.

[ Sighs ] And I don’t like this old temptation that I’m having.

Adam: Well, sometimes temptations can be fun.

Sally: Not this one. It’s the inclination to lie and deceive and to make myself out to be better than I actually am. And I want to be completely honest with you.

Adam: Okay. Go for it.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Okay, it’s one of those things

[Sighs] That you are constantly trying to find ways to justify so you can live with yourself and look in the mirror. But it has been [Sighs] Pushing its way into my thoughts ever since we learned that… ashland was lying… about having cancer.

Adam: And why is that?

Sally: It’s just seeing how people reacted to that particular lie. Like there’s a special place reserved in hell for someone who would do that. A place that might… have a seat… reserved for me.

Adam: Wait, wait. What are you saying, that — that you…

Sally: In los angeles… there was this guy that I was completely in love with. Someone that I swore I could not live without. And after he [Sighs] Broke off our engagement for a second time, [Inhales deeply] I just was so, so desperate to win him back that it made me… physically sick. And because of that, wyatt started treating me differently and taking care of me.

[ Sighs ] Turns out, it was stress, but, um, wyatt didn’t know that. So I… faked… a terminal illness… to get him to stay. I know. I’m not proud of it at all. And, in fact, it is the most shameful thing I’ve ever done.

Adam: Well, then… why are you telling me now?

Sally: Because I’d rather you hear it from me now than from someone else at some point down the line.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Hmm.

[ Sighs ]

Sally: Well… are you gonna say something?

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

[ Tapping tabletop ] Did it work?

Sally: [ Chuckles ] If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Jack: Diane seemed genuinely thrilled and surprised that you agreed to meet with her.

Phyllis: Well, of course she was thrilled and surprised. She thought it was gonna go the other way.

Jack: I honestly think she was expecting a no. I told her the only reason you agreed to this is you wanted some answers, that you deserve to hear the whole story directly from her.

Kyle: So, what’d she say? How’d she react?

Jack: I think her expectations are realistic. At least, I hope they’re realistic. She did have one request.

Phyllis: Oh, wait, wait. She has a request?

Kyle: What is it?

Jack: The only place she doesn’t want to meet with you is in her hotel room. She asked if she could come here.

Phyllis: Did you agree to that?

Jack: Well, I was reluctant at first, but it occurred to me that it might be better for you, kyle.

Kyle: What, s-s-so, she’s coming h-here now?

Jack: Yes, soon, if that’s what you still want.

Kyle: Uh, no, no, t-this is good. Uh, dad, I need you and phyllis to do one thing. Keep harrison entertained and out of sight. At this point, I don’t want my son anywhere near my mother.

Diane: [ Inhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

Sally: [ Sighs ] Well, things definitely did not go as planned.

[ Sighs ] The fact that I was [Sighs] Faking my illness got revealed. And when everybody found out, I was reviled.

Adam: Hmm.

Sally: It’s the reason why i left los angeles.

Adam: Well, it means a lot that you’re being honest with me.

Sally: So… what do you think of me now, given how you reacted when you found out what ashland did?

Adam: Oh, well, that — that was a completely different situation. Ashland threatened my family and the business. That’s what I was reacting to, more than anything. But as far as his plan goes, I think it took guts. Objectively, I was impressed that he was able to pull that off as long as he did.

Sally: Seriously?

Adam: Look… a lifetime ago, I did something similar and just as outrageous that involved faking a medical condition to get what I wanted. And it was not pretty, either. Like I said, glass houses.

[ Sighs ]

Sally: I always thought we had a lot of things in common, but I never thought that this was gonna be one of them.

Adam: You still want to know what I’m really thinking?

Sally: I do.

Adam: I am glad that we can share anything and everything… because it seems like I’m falling in love with you, too.

Your mission:

Jack: Phyllis and I will be happy to keep harrison occupied and out of the house. We’ll take him on a little adventure.

Kyle: Thanks, dad. I just — I don’t want my son getting caught up in this drama or, worse, being confused by my mother’s presence.

Phyllis: Why don’t we take harrison and traci somewhere in town. We can leave through the back so we don’t run into diane.

Kyle: Yeah. Thanks again, both of you. Don’t worry, dad. I’ll — I’ll be fine. Go hang out with harrison. Have fun.

Jack: Yeah.

Sally: Well, it is about time. You certainly left me hanging long enough.

Adam: What do you mean?

Sally: Oh, don’t give me that. Really? When I admitted that I was in love with you, crickets. I was starting to think you were gonna just ignore it, pretend like it never happened.

Adam: You really believed… that I might be indifferent?

Sally: What was I supposed to think? And it took you long enough to say the words. I… I don’t know. Part of me wonders if I should believe that you really even mean them.

Adam: Uh… I can appreciate how you might feel that way. I-I don’t want there to be any further misunderstandings between us. So, why don’t we get out of here and we go somewhere where I can be perfectly clear?

Sally: It’s a good idea, because I think some clarity is definitely needed.

Adam: After you, miss.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ]

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

I’m actually glad you came by. There’s something you need to know.

Mariah: Tessa and I are getting married on may 13th, so, please, please say that you will still be here.

Billy: Can I ask you one more question? Is ashland locke still in your life?

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GH Transcript Friday, April 29, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Anita

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Door opens ]

Nikolas: Hello, darling.

Ava: Please tell me you haven’t been lurking there all this time waiting for me to come in.

Nikolas: Would that be so wrong?

Ava: Don’t you have anything better to do than to wait for me to come… home.

Nikolas: What could be better than spending time alone with my wife?

Trina: I get how that can be important to you.

Spencer: You always do.

Trina: But not as much as Esme gets you, right? I’ll leave your to-do list so you can hurry home to your phony, twisted witch you consider the love of your life.

Spencer: Esme is anything but that.

Trina: Anything but what, Spencer, a twisted witch or the love of your life?

Carly: No, Mom, I’m fine. I’m fine. In fact, they discharged me. No, no. I’m going to wait around to see if Harmony is alright. You know, for Willow’s sake. Her whole world has been turned upside down tonight.


Willow: Thank you. I just need a minute.

Michael: Yeah. Take as much time as you need.

Willow: [ Sighs ] Don’t feel like you have to stay with me. You should go make sure your mom is okay.

Michael: I texted Josslyn. She’s on her way, so I’m not going anywhere. Unless you — unless you want to be alone.

Willow: No, no. I want you here. I want you here with me. [ Sighs ] What was my mother doing walking down a road at night in the woods by herself? It doesn’t make any sense.

Michael: I don’t know. Hopefully — hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

Willow: My mom and I just started getting close. If she doesn’t make it, I will never forgive myself for pushing her away.


Sasha: [ Breathing heavily ]

Gladys: There you are. Oh, God, you bolted so fast, your shoes left skid marks.

Sasha: Willow didn’t see me, did she?

Gladys: No, no, no, no. Poor thing is a mess. Michael’s taking her to the chapel, or at least they were going in that direction. And it’s probably gonna be a while before the doctors have anything to tell her about her mom. Unless, of course… oh, unless — unless it’s not as bad as we thought. Okay, okay. Let’s get you to a chair. You need to — you’re gonna be okay.

Sasha: No.

Brando: Sasha.

Sasha: No, I need to get out of here.

Brando: It’s okay. I got you.

Sasha: No, Brando. No, it’s not okay. I might’ve killed Willow’s mother.


Nikolas: I shouldn’t have taken for granted that you’d be coming home.

Ava: Are you wooing me?

Nikolas: What if I am? I mean, dinner may be a bust, but there’s still plenty of time for dessert.

Ava: It’s not gonna work. Why not? I have made my position clear. As long as Esme is here —

Nikolas: Esme isn’t here.

Ava: Since when?

Nikolas: My mother stopped by earlier. She got Sonny to give his word that no harm will come to Esme. And now Esme can go back to the mainland, and you and I can devote all of our time to each other.


Spencer: Trina, things with Esme, they’re complicated.

Trina: Except they’re not. Would you like me to explain to you what’s going on here?

Spencer: Sure. What do you think is going on?

Trina: You’re keeping me on the hook. I let myself believe that you can be a better person, and now you miss that feeling, so you’re trying to reel me in to your orbit.

Spencer: No, Trina, that is not —

Trina: Okay, then that’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why you’re giving me so many mixed signals.

Spencer: I’m not giving you mixed signals. I’m not.

Trina: Oh, really? Then what was that jealous act with Rory?

Spencer: I am not jealous of that guy.

Trina: So what? It doesn’t matter if you’re jealous or not. You made the choice. Deal with it. Just remember that you threw away our friendship for some psycho girlfriend.

Esme: I’m not the psycho, Trina. You are.


Josslyn: Mom.

Carly: Josslyn, what are you doing here?

Josslyn: Michael said that you were in the E.R. Are you — are you okay?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine, sweetie. I am.

Josslyn: Okay. He said that Willow’s mom got in a car accident. Were you involved?

Carly: No. No, I was not there when Harmony was hit by a car.

Josslyn: Oh, my god, I’ve been freaking out the whole way here. If anything was to happen to you —

Carly: Oh, but it didn’t, okay? It didn’t.

Josslyn: I’m glad you’re okay. Wait, so what were you doing in the E.R.?


Willow: You would think at a time like this, it would be really easy to focus on the good times. But for me and my mom, there’s no good that isn’t touched by the bad. It’s impossible to separate the two.

Michael: Willow, you’re strong enough to forgive her. To see that she genuinely wanted to make up for A… [ Sighs ] A lifetime of… well, I don’t have to tell you.

Willow: I’ve accepted that my mom allowed horrible things to happen to me because Shiloh manipulated her. And even though it took me a long time to forgive her, she never gave up on me. For the first time in a very long time, I started to feel my mother’s love. I’m not ready to be without it again.


Brando: Can you tell me what happened?

Sasha: What happened is that Willow’s mom is fighting for her life, and it’s all my fault.

Gladys: It’s not all your fault.

Brando: How about we, um… how about we start from the beginning?

Sasha: This photographer, a paparazzi guy, he kept taking pictures of me at the Metro Court.

Gladys: Oh, she’s underselling it, Brando. This jerk was harassing her.

Sasha: It was just — it was too much, so we left. And the next thing I knew, this guy was chasing us down in his car. He was right behind me, flashing his high beams, and I couldn’t see anything.

Gladys: Yeah, and then this woman ran right out into the middle of the road.

Sasha: Ohh.

Gladys: [ Sighs ]

Sasha: I tried to swerve, Brando, but there wasn’t time.

Brando: Look, it’s — it’s — it’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. Alright? This was an accident.

Gladys: That is what I’ve been saying. If that sleaze ball hadn’t have been coming after us, we wouldn’t have been driving that fast down that stretch of road. We ought to sue him. So should Willow. Or Michael — he’s got lawyers.

Brando: What I don’t understand is why the photographer was chasing you.

Gladys: He had a reason.


Carly: And Harmony had a needle, and she managed to inject me.

Josslyn: Oh, god. What? Mom.

Carly: I know. I was in the back of my SUV when I woke up, and I could hear Alexis and Harmony arguing. And then when I got out of the car, we were parked on Rana Point. And I-I jumped Harmony and we fought and Harmony took off running when she heard Alexis calling 911.

Josslyn: Is Alexis okay?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, she’s okay. Sam took her home earlier. I mean, Alexis is okay, but Harmony jumped in front of a car, and I saw her when they brought her to the hospital.

Josslyn: Oh, my god.

Carly: I know. I mean, Alexis and I, we weren’t there when Harmony was hit. I don’t know when she was hit because we didn’t chase after her. We stayed and we waited for the cops. And the paramedics brought us here.

Josslyn: Okay. Um…sorry, I’m confused. Why did Harmony attack you in the first place?

Carly: You’re not burning tax documents. These are notes from a therapy session with Dr. Neil Byrne.

Harmony: What?

Carly: What? “Harmony suffers from intense guilt about the child.”

Harmony: Those are private. Give them to me.

Carly: “Harmony rationalizes keeping the child.”

Harmony: This is all lies. Neil Byrne was a drug addict. Give it to me.

Carly: No. This is what you meant about Willow not being yours. That’s what you’re doing here, right? You’re burning papers that prove that Willow isn’t your biological daughter.

Carly: Because I — I found out something that Harmony was desperately trying to keep secret. Something Willow does not know.


Michael: You know, one thing I know about your mom is she is a fighter. There’s nothing she won’t do to find her way back to you.

Willow: When I escaped from Dawn of Day, I would tell myself that I didn’t need a mother. And at the time, I was — I was right. But when my mom turned against Shiloh, she began to change, to make amends. And more and more, she became the mother she should have been all along.

Michael: She tried, no question.

Willow: I finally understand why some women say they will always need their mother. Because right now… I need mine.


Brando: What reason did the photographer have for chasing you?

Gladys: I stole his memory card.

Brando: You did what? Why would you do that?

Gladys: Well, he wouldn’t stop taking pictures of Sasha, even though every last one of us told him to knock it off. Sasha was getting extremely upset, and I wasn’t about to let some parasite with a camera exploit my daughter-in-law.

Brando: Good on you, mom.

Sasha: Willow is not gonna care about any of that. All that matters is that I hit her mother with my car and she might die.

Brando: Honey, like I said, it was a terrible accident. You didn’t mean to do this. Willow will understand.

Sasha: What if Harmony doesn’t make it? Willow will never forgive me. No, I will never forgive myself.

Brando: Hey, hey, hey, hey. We don’t have any control over that, okay? So let’s not worry about “what ifs.” Right now, you just need to tell Willow what happened.

Glady: Does she? Willow has enough on her plate. Sasha’s a wreck. Can’t it wait?

Sasha: No. No, it can’t. The whole reason I came here is because Willow deserves to hear the truth from me. But I don’t think I can face her.

Brando: Alright. There is no right or wrong here.

Gladys; Mm. I don’t know if I’d put it like that.

Sasha: [ Sobs ]

Brando: Sasha, hey, whatever you choose to do, I am behind you 100%. But if you want to tell Willow right now… you are the strongest person I know, so I know you can do this.

Sasha: Let’s go.

Brando: Okay.


Trina: I’m the psycho? Says the girl who was lurking in the shadows for who knows how long.

Spencer: Esme, what are you doing here?

Esme: It’s bad enough that you have half of Port Charles blaming me for Josslyn and Cam’s sad little sex tape.

Trina: Oh, only half? I better step up my game.

Esme: Even though all of the evidence points to you, your lies got me kidnapped by Sonny Corinthos.

Spencer: Which is why you’re supposed to be back at Wyndemere right now.

Esme: That’s what I came here to tell you. Your grandmother — the mayor — personally intervened on my behalf. She forced Sonny to back down. I’m safe now.

Spencer: That’s great, Esme.

Trina: I call it a tragic waste of cement.

Esme: Thank God Trina didn’t manage to poison everyone against me. You know, how does it feel, Trina, knowing people finally see through your good girl act?

Ava: Why did Sonny back down?

Nikolas: My mother didn’t explain Sonny’s rationale, but she told Esme while I was present, so she is aware that the threat is over.

Ava: So when is she moving out? Nikolas.

Nikolas: The thing is —

Ava: Oh, come on!

Nikolas: [ Sighs ]

Ava: Tell me you’re not letting her stay.

Nikolas: No, Esme is definitely not staying. We just haven’t set a date for her to move out yet.

Ava: We have a staff! They can pack up her stuff. They can put it on the launch. They can have it waiting for her on the pier tonight.

Nikolas: Esme is not going to wait for a launch to bring her back from town and find her luggage waiting.

Ava: Wait. So Esme went to the mainland?

Nikolas: To tell Spencer the good news.

Ava: The good news is that she can stay there.

Nikolas: Well, there’s the matter of how she’ll support herself.

Ava: The girl has a trust fund.

Nikolas: No, she’s only given a pittance for an allowance.

Ava: Nikolas, she was sent to school in Paris. Her life has not exactly been the stuff of dickens.

Nikolas: I promise you, Ava, Esme will be leaving Wyndemere and Spoon Island soon.

Ava: She better.

Nikolas: And the best part is, once she’s gone, all of our problems go with her.

Ava: Oh, Nikolas. My sweet, beautiful husband. No. They don’t.


Nikolas: The root of all of our problems is that I invited Esme to move in without consulting you.

Ava: The roots go far deeper than that, my love.

Nikolas: Before I invited Esme to stay here, we were planning to renew our vows. Are you telling me you weren’t happy?

Ava: I was. But when you told Spencer and Esme they could move in, it made me realize that I’ve been ignoring some very real issues.

Nikolas: Such as? Start from the top. What is our biggest issue?

Ava: The fact that I don’t trust you. Don’t look so surprised. You don’t trust me either.

Nikolas: This isn’t about trust. This is about the fact that I chose my son. That’s what you really have an issue with, isn’t it?


Esme: I refuse to take the blame for what you did to your supposed friends.

Spencer: That is enough. Let’s go!

Esme: No! Spence, I’m not gonna stand for it anymore. Mark my words, Trina. The next time you lie about me, there will be consequences.

Trina: You talk a good game, Esme. But know this. I see you. And soon, one day, everyone is going to see you for who you are — a needy, entitled psychopath who hurts everyone around them and wonders where they went. You are going to be all alone with no one left to fool. Except maybe that idiot. Now… I’m gonna put this away. And when I come back, you will not be here. The gallery is closed, Esme. You’re trespassing.


Carly: Harmony’s still in surgery. I mean, they don’t think she’s gonna make it.

Josslyn: Mom, you seem pretty worried about someone who just tried to kill you.

Carly: I’m worried about Willow. I mean, she has so much on her mind right now. Maybe I should just wait to tell her. But Jordan knows, and the last thing I want is for Willow to find out in the course of an investigation. But Jordan went home. So they’re probably not gonna question Willow tonight. So maybe I just wait.

Josslyn: Yeah. I mean, that’s — that’s one way to look at it.

Carly: Okay, what’s the other way?

Josslyn: Mom, I mean, can telling Willow tonight really make things much worse?

Carly: [ Sighs ]


Michael: Are you okay? Is there anything I can do, anything you need?

Willow: Right now… I need answers. And I think I’m feeling strong enough to get them.

Michael: Okay, then. Well, Joss should be here, so let’s go look for her and my mom and see if we can get an update on Harmony.

Willow: Okay.

Michael: Hey.

Willow: Hi.

Michael: I’m guessing you — you heard about Harmony.

Brando: Uh…we’re aware of what happened.

Willow: We were just about to go check and see how my mom is doing.

Sasha: I’m sorry. I know this is a terrible time, but I need to talk to you. Alone.

Willow: Um, sure. Yeah. Michael?

Michael: Yeah, I’ll go check on your mom.

Willow: Okay. I’ll meet you there.

Michael: Alright.

Sasha: Thank you for being here.

Brando: Where else would I be? You got this, okay?

Willow: So what do you need to talk about?


Michael: I saw my mom in the E.R. Before. I just texted Joss to see if they’re still there.

Brando: What was your mom doing in the E.R. In the first place?

Michael: I don’t know. She still hasn’t told me, but she seemed okay, so I just — just been focused on Willow.

Brando: Rough night all around. Well, keep me posted about Carly. I’m gonna stay here and wait for Sasha.

Michael: Sounds good.

Smoltz: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the husband of the Face of Deception. My sources tell me your wife ran down a pedestrian tonight. Any comment?

Josslyn: I am so sorry that all of this has happened, but I know that you’re gonna make the best choice for Willow.

Carly: I appreciate your vote of confidence.

Josslyn; Mm-hmm.

Carly: Gladys. What are you doing here?

Gladys: Uh…

Carly: Are Sasha and Brando okay?

Gladys: Physically, yes. I’m fine, too.

Carly: [ Chuckles ] I can see that.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Josslyn: I have to take this.

Carly: Okay.

Gladys: Has there been any word about how Harmony’s doing? Is she gonna pull through?

Carly: I don’t know. I don’t know. Why do you ask?

Gladys: Because I care deeply about the suffering of others. You might want to look into it sometime. Also, um…Sasha’s the one that ran her over.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Gladys: Yeah. Believe me, I know. I was in the car with her.

Carly: Where is Sasha now?

Gladys: Brando took her to see Willow. And I’m dreading what’s gonna happen when Sasha tells her.


Willow: So how did you find out about my mom? Did — did Carly call you?

Sasha: No, no, I — I know because, um… this is so hard to say. Um… okay. Gladys and I were driving down this — this back road. I was driving, and… this guy was chasing us. It’s not important why. The point is that he was flashing his high beams in my rearview. And, um…it was blinding, and I… I couldn’t see anything. The road was dark, and, um… and then out of nowhere… someone ran right in front my car. And I couldn’t see who it was until I got out to help, and, um… I’m so sorry, Willow. It was your mother.


Spencer: Trina was out of line. Don’t let her get to you.

Esme: Trina is not the one getting to me. Why is it that every time I see you, you’re having some kind of moment?

Spencer: What moment? We didn’t say anything that I wouldn’t have said in front of you.

Esme: Really? Not even the part where you were jealous of some guy?

Spencer: Not jealous. Annoyed. When I got here, she was talking to the cop who arrested me.

Esme: Why?

Spencer: This whole sex tape mess has the media harassing her.

Esme: Hmm, gee, too bad.

Spencer: Anyway… I don’t hate that guy because I’m jealous of him. I hate him because he’s a jerk.

Esme: Oh. Well, even so, I — I still can’t help but feeling like history is repeating itself.

Spencer: Trust me, it’s not. You’re the one I have my eyes on.

Brando: Who the hell are you?

Michael: Look, Smoltz, this is not a good time.

Brando: You know this creep?

Smoltz: This creep happens to be doing Mr. Corinthos a favor.

Michael: Mr. Smoltz is a reporter, and, yes, Willow and I are cooperating with him on a feature.

Smoltz: But I’m always on the lookout for the next great story. Now, Mr. Gilmore —

Brando: It’s Corbin.

Smoltz: Sure. About this pedestrian getting run down?

Brando: No comment.

Smoltz: Suit yourself. It’s better if I get a quote directly from Sasha Gilmore herself — or what did my source call her? Oh, yeah. “The face of Collision.”

Brando: You stay away from my wife.

Smoltz: Hey, I have rights under the first amendment, buddy.

Brando: Mr. Smoltz, is it?

Smoltz: Yeah.

Brando: I, uh — I fought for the U.S. Military to protect your rights, so I’m well aware of what they are. Now, the first amendment, that only protects you from government censorship. Michael, you run a media company. Do I have that right?

Michael: You sure do.

Brando: That’s what I thought. So… Mr. Smoltz…

Smoltz: Yeah?

Brando: Tell me, do I look like the government?

Smoltz: Uh…

Brando: Simple question.

Smoltz: No.

Brando: That’s right. Which means the first amendment won’t protect you if I catch you so much as breathing the same air as my wife. I will personally make sure that you are incapable of writing any story ever again. I doubt the journalism world would miss you. Not that they’d be able to find you if they did. Understood?

Smoltz: Yeah.

Michael: Okay, what — what happened with Sasha?


Willow: You’re the one who hit my mom?

Sasha: It was an accident, I swear. I’m so sorry, Willow. I would do anything, I would give anything to make it so that this didn’t happen, okay? I… is there anything that I can do for you? I — sounds so stupid. Of course there’s nothing. But I’m here for you if you need anything, okay? I’m — I’m sure I’m the last person you want to see right now, so I’m just gonna go.

Willow: Sasha, wait. Were you with Carly and Alexis?

Sasha: What?

Willow: Carly and Alexis were with my mom before the accident.

Sasha: No, no, I was coming from the Metro Court.

Willow: Okay. I’m going to ask you a question, and it might seem a little strange. Okay, but I just need you to think. Did it seem like… seem like my mom… jumped in front of your car… on purpose?

Sasha: [ Stammers ] I don’t — I don’t know. It — it happened so fast, and… I felt more like she just didn’t see me. Look, I-I — I know that you and Harmony haven’t had the easiest relationship, but — but from what it looked like, you guys were making amends, and I’m… I am so sorry that this happened now because of me. You’re the last person who deserves this. Should I go get Michael?

Willow: I just want some of this, any of this, to make sense.


Gladys: I’m really worried about Sasha. I don’t know how much more she can take.

Carly: Well, as long as I’ve known her, Sasha has weathered crisis after crisis, and she’s come back tougher every time.

Gladys: That was before. Since my grandson died, Sasha has been an open wound. If she killed her friend’s mother, what’s that gonna do to her?

Carly: We’re gonna get her through it. Okay? That’s what we’re gonna do.

Gladys: You — Carly, you didn’t see her with the photographer. I mean, she’s dealt with paparazzi before, right? She knows how to handle them even when they’re being jerks. But tonight, no, it’s like she was a different person. Panicked. Desperate. And the way she snapped… uh…excuse me. I…was going somewhere.

Carly: Okay.

Josslyn: Is everything okay with Sasha and Brando?

Carly: I… you know, I just need a hug. I need a hug.

Josslyn: Oh, mom. Are you sure you’re okay?

Carly: Yeah. It’s just been a night, you know? I mean, so much devastation and… [ Sighs ] I want you to know that I love you and I’m so grateful that I have you. My girl.


Ava: Spencer and I will never be each other’s favorite people. He’s your son. And I meant it when I said that I would keep my issues with him out of our relationship. Esme, though, was never part of that agreement.

Nikolas: As long as Esme is important Spencer, she is part of that agreement.

Ava: Oh, as long as Esme remains a threat to Trina, no, she’s not. But this isn’t about Spencer and Esme. This is about you and me.

Nikolas: You’re right. This is about our marriage and our partnership. And I should have consulted you before inviting Esme to stay here. But when you had a problem with Esme, you ran to Sonny instead of consulting me.

Ava: “Consulting” you? What was there to consult you about? Honestly. You — you were giving that horrid little monster the benefit of the doubt while she was framing Trina for something even her so-called victims know she didn’t do.

Nikolas: So you’re determined to punish me?

Ava: Not without good reason.

Nikolas: And these mysterious plans of yours tonight, did they involve exploring the possibility of divorce?

Ava: No, of course not. That ship sailed weeks ago.

Nikolas: When was this?

Ava: The day you invited Esme into our home.

Nikolas: So you can stand there, you can go on and on…

Ava: On and on?

Nikolas: …About not trusting me, but how am I supposed to trust you when you always have one foot out of the door?

Ava: You want me to stop straddling the threshold, Nikolas? Then stop pushing me away.

Nikolas: You know, at least give me a head’s up. Should I be expecting divorce papers soon?

Ava: Not yet. I decided I couldn’t go through with it.

Nikolas: Why? When we can’t trust each other because of our toxic, manipulative marriage?

Ava: You want to know why?

Nikolas: Yeah. By all means, tell me why the hell you are still here.

Ava: Because I love you.

Nikolas: You love me.

Ava: You got that right.

Nikolas: No, I don’t believe you.

Ava: No. Believe it. Believe it. Believe it.


Esme: Thanks, Spence. You’re the only one for me, too. I missed this. Feeling so close to you.

Nikolas: I’m sorry that it’s taken us so long to get things back on track. Thank you for letting me take it slow.

Esme: I don’t care how long it takes us to get us back to where we were, just so long as we do.

Nikolas: It’s our second chance. I want to do everything right.

Esme: Hey, you’re not the problem, Spence. When I think of how close Trina came to destroying us —

Nikolas: Don’t think about Trina.

Esme: I can’t help it. That conniving little witch drove a wedge between us. Know what I want? A front-row seat at her trial so I can see her face when they lock her away. I cannot wait for everyone she’s fooled to finally see what a back-stabbing snake she really is.

Nikolas: Stop talking about her like that.

Esme: Why?!


[ Indistinct conversations ]

Brando: Sasha’s the one who hit Harmony.

Michael: Wh– Sasha? How?

Brando: Some photographer was harassing her at the Metro Court. So she left and he chased after her and she was speeding and — and trying to get away from him, and… then Harmony ran into the middle of the road.

Michael: Oh, my god. How’s Sasha doing?

Brando: She’s devastated, man. It’s traumatizing enough to be in an accident like that, but what she’s really having trouble with is hurting Willow.

Michael: Well, as terrible as all this is, I mean, it’ll help Willow to have some answers.

Brando: Yeah. That’s what Sasha and i are hoping.

Michael: Sasha might not have the whole story, but I got a feeling my mom does.

[ Elevator bell dings ]


Josslyn: Are you gonna talk to Willow now or later?

Carly: What do you think?

Josslyn: Hmm. Well, if it were me, I’d probably want to know right away, but I understand if you think it’s piling too much on Willow.

Carly: You don’t?

Josslyn: No, I do. But, mom, I mean, there’s never gonna be a good time.


Esme: Are you still defending Trina?

Spencer: No! For god’s sake, Esme, I do not care about Trina. I care about you.

Esme: Then why?

Spencer: Because all of this anger that you’re holding in for her, it can’t be good for you. Look at you. You’re tied up in knots. You’re scowling. Your forehead’s all scrunched up. [ Chuckles ] I’m serious. All this stress that you’re carrying around, just let it go.

Esme: [ Sighs ] I’ll try. It’s just that I hate that Trina’s getting away with everything.

Spencer: How do you think I feel? But you and Trina getting in each other’s face, that is making it worse.

Esme: So what am I supposed to do? She’s walking around free, blaming me.

Spencer: Esme.

Esme: [ Sighs ]

Spencer: Look at me. Do you trust me?

Esme: Of course.

Spencer: Then trust me when I say this. This is all gonna be over soon. And when it is, you and Trina will never have to see each other ever again.


Ava: Mm. No, no, no. We can’t do this.

Nikolas: We can.

Ava: No! We can’t. Our problems aren’t gonna go away if we keep distracting ourselves with sex.

Nikolas: This isn’t a diversion. This is you and me expressing our love. We do love each other, right?

Ava: Yeah, we do.

Nikolas: Okay, then what are we doing? Sure. We have problems. We can fix them.

Ava: We can’t — we can’t fix them with sex.

Nikolas: Just tell me what I need to do to make things good between us, and I will do it.

Ava: I don’t know.

Nikolas: Well, then, while we’re figuring it out, let me prove to you that you can trust me.

Ava: Trust is earned. It’s built over time. And if you think that you can fix everything with one or two grand gestures, Nikolas, I’m sorry… you can’t.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ]


Sasha: Willow, I wish that I could make this all okay. But all I can say is that it was a horrible, senseless accident.

Willow: But what was my mother doing there in the first place? Why was my mom in the woods stumbling into the road?

Carly: I can answer that. Sasha, can I have a minute with Willow? I need to talk to her alone.

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Evan: Those concussions are gonna start adding up.

Allie: I knew I liked you. But this jake really is becoming a pain in my ass. And back in philly, he had so much promise.

Evan: What do we do with him?

Allie: Well, he wasn’t part of the plan, but since he’s here, he may as well make himself useful.

Susan: Elvis must be right. My psychic powers are on the fritz. I just need some rest.

[Soft music]

I feel it in my bones. And you must have jumped out of dr. Marlena evans and into my sweet johnny during the exorcism. And you can’t fool me. You can’t, not anymore.

Demon johnny: Oh. I guess you’re not as dumb as you look.

Susan: It’s you. Beelzebub, I knew it, I knew it.

Demon johnny: Congratulations, susie Q. You figured it out. So now what are you gonna do about it?

Susan: Oh, oh sweet dear baby jesus. Oh, my grandbaby johnny. Oh, he’s gone and gotten himself possessed by the devil.

Belle: Did susan say why she thinks johnny’s in danger?

Ej: She kept insisting that he didn’t write the letter he left behind before he went to italy.

Belle: Well, did she happen to say who she thought wrote it?

Ej: She insists my brother, andre, did, which would be quite the accomplishment given that andre’s been dead for years.

Andre: You may have saved johnny roman’s life, but now I’m going to end yours.

Johnny: If you kill ben, you’ll be making a big mistake.

Andre: And why is that?

Ciara: Well, that was a bust. Marlena said that she hasn’t heard from– evan.

Evan: Hey, ciara. I was just catching up with an old friend.

Ciara: Ben.

Evan: You can scream if you want to; he won’t hear you.

Ciara: What did you do to him?

Evan: What does it look like? I killed your husband.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Belle: Well, susan’s your mom, and you obviously know her better than I do, but what if she’s right?

Ej: You think andre could have written johnny’s letter?

Belle: Well, I’m just saying that the reports around andre’s death tend to be exaggerated.

Ej: At first, she was convinced that tony did it. When I said that was impossible, she latched onto the idea that it was andre.

Belle: So she’s just grasping at straws?

Ej: All this talk of demonic possession seems to have gotten to her. Hopefully, a good night’s rest will get her sorted out.

Susan: I don’t understand. Why can’t I remember any of this? Heavenly father, I come to you as humbly as I know how. Now, if you can see fit to bring back your servant susan’s memory, well, then maybe I can save my elvis’s young ‘un from the hateful powers of the evil one. Okay. Well, in the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit. You’re not gonna get away with this. You are not gonna get away with this because you know what? You can slam doors to my face, but I am gonna go straight downstairs, and I am gonna tell elvis everything.

Demon johnny: You know what?

Susan: You’re gonna let me go?

[Dramatic music]

Demon johnny: And what are you gonna tell him?

Susan: I’m going to tell him that I’m leaving salem.

Demon johnny: When?

Susan: Tonight.

Demon johnny: Excellent, why?

Susan: Because roger needs me.

Demon johnny: He sure does. Well, I’m gonna help you pack your bags.

Susan: Okey dokey. You’re such a sweet boy.

Demon johnny: Yeah.

Susan: Ah, that’s why I was all fuzzy in the head. Oh, that mean, mean, mean, old devil. He touched my forehead, that’s what he did. And he made me forget he possessed my johnny.

Andre: Well, isn’t this touching? You made a little friend here in the family crypt. But unfortunately, your kinship is about to come to a short end.

Johnny: Why would you wanna strangle ben weston? The guy’s a stone cold killer. Don’t tell me you and your boss couldn’t use somebody like him.

Andre: I have my orders.

Johnny: He’s the necktie killer. You were the salem slasher. Think about all the damage you two could do in this town, the world. Or maybe the great andre dimera isn’t allowed to think for himself anymore. Maybe he’s just been turned into the devil’s little errand boy.

Tripp: Mmm, this is like the best sandwich I’ve ever had.

Chanel: Mm, please, please. Not sandwich, okay? We call it a ham and cheese croissant, monsieur.

Tripp: Mais oui. I stand corrected. And you can make these things?

Chanel: It is an awesome power, but I try to keep it under control.

Tripp: I mean, you are a wiz, dupree. Is that weird me calling you that? I know that’s what allie used to call you.

Chanel: No, it’s my last name; anyone can call me that. And besides, I am done letting things that remind me of her get to me.

Tripp: You know what, me too actually. You know, for the longest time, it was hard for me to even hear her name. Looking at pictures of her was the worst.

Chanel: But it’s better now?

Tripp: Well, I don’t look at pictures of her anymore. So that helps. And as for hearing her name, no, I’m totally okay with it now.

Chanel: Me too. Allie horton has caused us both enough misery, right? It’s time for it to stop, yeah?

Tripp: Definitely.

Ciara: No, no, no, no, no. This is not real. This is not real, it can’t be.

Evan: I hate to break it to you, babe, but it’s totally real.

Ciara: Evan, you are supposed to be in prison.

Evan: I bet that made you and hubby’s day, sending me to statesville. I was locked up, and the necktie killer was playing house with the brady princess. Well, that’s all over now.

Ciara: Ben? Ben, wake up. Baby, please wake up. Baby, it’s me. Ben. Ben, please wake up. Please wake up.

Evan: You’re wasting your breath. Guy’s dead, and you’re next.

Ciara: Ben, ben. Allie?

Allie: What happened to ben? Who was that guy with the knife?

Ciara: He’s orpheus’s son. He’s an escaped convict.

Allie: Why did he have a knife on you?

Ciara: I will explain later, but right now we have to help ben. He tried to strangle him. Oh, my god, allie, he’s so cold. Oh, my god, please let him be–

Allie: Ciara, I’M…

Ciara: Please let him be okay.

Allie: I’m so sorry, but he doesn’t have a pulse.

Ciara: Don’t say that, no. Oh, my god. Please, god, please, god.

Allie: This is out of god’s hands now. I’m sorry ciara, but ben’s gone.

Ciara: No.

Andre: I’d watched my tongue if I were you. You may have been my father’s favorite when he was alive, but he’s dead, and I’m undead.

Johnny: Okay, I didn’t mean any disrespect, andre. I just thought I should remind you of what a lethal duo the two of you could be. Your black feathers, his necktie, great visual. Could be bigger than “halloween kills,” you know, with me writing and directing, of course. So what do you say?

Andre: Oh, please. I’m sorry, old boy. I’m not interested.

Belle: When was the last time you talked to johnny?

Ej: We haven’t spoken since before I was sent to statesville.

Belle: Really? Wow, is that unusual for you two to be out of touch that long?

Ej: You’re appalled, aren’t you?

Belle: Appalled? No, why would I be? Ej, I know that your relationship with johnny is complicated.

Ej: And that’s just a euphemistic way of saying I’m a terrible father.

Belle: What? Wow, no, I’m sorry I triggered you like that. All I did was ask if you talked to johnny recently.

Ej: I know, I know. It wasn’t about your question. It was my guilt. I often feel that my son is a stranger to me. Maybe it’s because he reminds me so much of samantha. I see her in his smile, in his feistiness, if you will. And because her and i are now estranged, it makes me feel all the more distanced from my son. But I won’t give up. I hope to earn my son’s respect. Eventually. Anyways, I’ve contacted him numerous times. No response.

Belle: So the only proof you have that johnny’s okay is a letter that susan’s convinced he didn’t write?

Ej: I know my mother’s premonitions have been accurate at times, but this one was so vague I–

Susan: Oh, oh, my god! I know why, I know why! It wasn’t a premonition. It was a memory. Johnny isn’t just in trouble. Elvis, remember when I told you it was the work of the devil?

Ej: Yes.

Susan: Okay, I was wrong. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s not the work of the devil. It is him, oh! Our johnny is the devil himself.

Ciara: You’re wrong, allie. Ben always comes back to me. He always comes back. What are you doing just sitting there–go call an ambulance or something.

Allie: Ciara, ciara. It wouldn’t help.

Ciara: Fine. Then I’ll do it myself.

Allie: Ciara, ciara. That guy is starting to wake up. We need to get out of here now.

Ciara: I’m not leaving him. Allie, I can’t leave him.

Allie: Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. You need to think about yourself right now. You need to take care of yourself and your baby. When I came in, that guy had a knife on you. You need to let me get you out of here, okay? Come on, it’s okay.

Ciara: Ben, ben, I love you.

[Soft music]

Ej: What are you saying, mother?

Susan: Belle, I’m so sorry that I believed that you became satan’s vessel.

Belle: No, you did see a 666 on the back of my coat.

Susan: Yes, because that is what the devil wanted me to see. I mean, he set you up.

Belle: You know, the only other person that was here that day was johnny.

Susan: Right, right. And he was at dr. Marlena evans’ exorcism too, and when the devil left her body that night–

Ej: He took over johnny’s?

Belle: Yeah.

Ej: That’s ridiculous.

Belle: No, ej, wait. You know what, that’s not ridiculous because if what susan is saying is true, then that would explain why I don’t have the gaps in my memory that my mom did.

Susan: That’s right, that’s right, that’s right because satan wasn’t using you to do his evil bidding. It was johnny.

Johnny: Uncle andre, you’re not thinking this through.

Andre: Will you please shut up and let me get on with this?

Johnny: Andre, listen to me. Wasn’t it bad enough growing up in stefano’s shadow? And now what, you’re doing the devil’s dirty work too? Come on. You were the one that made kids in this town scared of the dark for like 30 years.

Andre: 40 years, if you don’t mind.

Johnny: Just take a minute, a minute and think about how you’ll be remembered. If you force ben weston to go on a killing spree with you, they’ll be telling stories about andre dimera for the next hundred years. Forget about jack the ripper.

Andre: It’s tedious, forever banging on his what, five victims?

Johnny: Hey, you could put him away. Why would you strangle ben weston when you could make him wanna kill again?

[Dramatic music]

Chanel: Interesting, isn’t it, how we’ve bonded over being hurt by the same person?

Tripp: We do have that in common. But I do admit that it does feel really good to be able to vent to someone who totally gets it.

Chanel: Yeah, it does. It really helps.

Tripp: Yeah, and you know what, I think I’m going to hit the gym before I go on duty.

Chanel: Oh, you’re gonna exercise so soon after eating?

Tripp: Who’s the doctor here? And besides, I need to work off the 12 million calories that was in that croissant.

Chanel: Come on. It wasn’t that big.

Tripp: Ah, it was great. But next time, lunch is on me.

[Cell phone rings] Hey, rafe, what’s up?

Rafe: Hey, can you possibly come over to nicole’s and watch henry till she gets back?

Tripp: Where’s allie?

Rafe: Nicole got a text, said she had something important to deal with.

Tripp: More important than her kid?

Rafe: Yeah, I hear you, but I’ve gotta get to work. I got a case I gotta handle myself.

Tripp: Okay. Yeah, I’ll be right there. So much for the gym.

Chanel: Why did you ask him about allie?

Rafe: He’s alone with henry, and he has to leave. He said that allie texted nicole some lame excuse about something to coming up.

Chanel: That’s exactly what she did the night before she broke up with me.

Tripp: Yeah, something bad enough she treated you like crap. Now she’s neglecting her son?

Ciara: This is a mistake. Allie, we should have stayed. You’re not an expert in taking pulses. What if ben is alive, and he’s just in shock, and he needs my help? He needs me. Turn this car around, allie. We’re going back.

Allie: We cannot go back. Okay, ben’s killer is still on the loose, and he wants you too. Ben would want me to get you as far away from that maniac as possible.

Evan: [Groaning] Crazy bitch must have turned on me. Really wanted to kill wes and the wife myself. I feel cheated. I really should get out of here before the cops show up.

[Tense music]

Belle: Okay, so the devil wiped out your memory of realizing that he was in johnny?

Susan: Yes, yes. Clean as a whistle.

Ej: So let me get this straight, the devil possessed johnny, then convinced him that italy was lovely this time of year.

Susan: Yeah, but johnny isn’t in italy any more than you and I are, elvis. And he didn’t write that dang letter. Johnny is still here in salem. I know it.

Belle: Yeah, then we better find him.

Susan: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, but I read the letter. I read the letter, and it was all highfalutin.

Ej: Hm, I noticed that myself. It started out, “my dearest family.” And he referred to himself as a dilettante.

Susan: But johnny doesn’t talk that way, and you know it. Sounds more like who? Andre dimera.

Ej: Mother, andre’s dead.

Susan: I love you elvis, but right now you are really getting on my nerves. Who stays dead in this town, huh?

Belle: Okay, let’s suppose you’re right. Where do we start looking?

Susan: Wh–ooh! Prince of darkness has a favorite spot. Oh, and it’s where he tormented john black and myself, and it is right out back.

Ej: You’re saying johnny’s been in the family crypt all this time?

Susan: Yes, let’s go. Let’s go, come on. Okay, this is a freezer, not a time capsule.

Belle: Okay, she’s right, ej. My dad told me all about the crypt. You have to go check it out. Listen, I’ll stay here. I’ll call eric. Because if johnny is possessed, there’s gonna have to be an exorcism.

Ej: Ugh, I can’t believe we’re talking like this. I thought this whole devil possession thing was some sort of mass hysteria or something.

Susan: Elvis, honey, I keep telling you it is for real.

Ej: [Sighs] Then we’ll go to the crypt.

Susan: Finally! Oh, let’s get a move on. Come on, come on. It’s gonna be us who’s gonna have to stop that devil before he ruins any more lives. All right, come on, whoo!

Ciara: Where are you going? We should be headed towards the police station. We should be looking out for christian and sending help for ben.

Allie: You’re absolutely right, okay. I’ll call rafe.

[Dramatic music]

Hey, rafe, it’s allie. I’m here with ciara.

Rafe: Thank god, is she okay?

Allie: She’s fine. Yeah, but she said that christian maddox broke into her apartment and hit ben over the head.

Rafe: I already know. I’m in ciara’s apartment right now.

Ciara: Please tell me you got there in time to help him.

Rafe: The emts have already been here. I’m so sorry, ciara.

Ciara: Oh, my god.

Rafe: It was too late.

Ciara: Oh, my god, ben.

Allie: Should we come back to the apartment?

Rafe: Not with maddox on the loose. Take ciara somewhere safe until we catch him.

Allie: Do you have any ideas on somewhere safe?

Rafe: How about the horton cabin? I’ll send a couple uniforms out there to watch the place.

Allie: Okay, rafe. Whatever you say. It’s gonna be okay.

Ciara: Nothing’s ever gonna be okay.

Allie: You have to think of your baby now. I’m gonna take good care of you two for ben.

Ciara: Oh, my god, ben.

Rafe: Jake, jake?

Jake: Yeah.

Rafe: Hey, who did this to you?

Jake: I don’t know.

Rafe: Hey, okay. Can you tell me what happened?

Jake: I was here…

Rafe: Jake!

Jake: There was a knock at the door. I answered it, and i recognized–I think it’s the guy who locked up ciara.

Rafe: Christian maddox? He escaped from prison tonight. Was it him?

Jake: No, it was somebody else. Oh, my head hurts.

Rafe: Hey, where are ben and ciara, huh? Does he have them? Jake, jake. Hey, hey, hey, jake. Stay with me, hey, hey, jake.

Andre: I can see why you got along well with those hollywood types. You learned the art of the elevator pitch.

Johnny: Does that mean you decided not to kill ben?

Andre: Yes, it does. But I did promise the master a kill. So I’m afraid your dreams of movie stardom are coming to an end. But do say ciao to nonno for me, will you?

Ben: Let him go! Let him go!

Ej: Get your bloody hands off my son!

Andre: Oh, what’s happening?

Ej: Johnny, are you all right?

Johnny: Thank god you’re here.

Ben: He was trying to kill him.

Andre: It’s me, it’s tony. I’ve been possessed by the devil.

Ej: It’s really you?

[Dramatic music]

Mother, what the hell have you done?

Susan: It was not tony dimera. That was his evil doppelganger, andre.

Johnny: [Coughs] Stuff. We love stuff.

Susan: Whew. I knew I was taking a kind of chance. But if that was tony dimera, he’d be laying there in a pool of blood. Lucky for us, it was just a demon from the fiery pits of hell. Ashes to ashes, crappy dog.

Ej: You saved my son’s life. I don’t know how to thank you.

Johnny: Can somebody get me out of these chains?

Ben: Yeah, me too please. I need to go get ciara.

Ej: Of course. Keys are right here. I’m so sorry I didn’t figure this out earlier. Thank god you’re still alive.

Johnny: I was pretty damn scared.

Ej: Yeah.

Susan: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Hi, ben, hi, ben. It’s really good to see you.

Ben: It is really good to see you too, susan. Very good to see you, but could you please work a little bit faster? I need to get the hell out of here.

Ej: Do you have the energy to walk?

Johnny: I’m gonna have to have it; I gotta find chanel.

Susan: Oh, oh, oh, oh, no. You are not gonna go anywhere until we know that you are not still possessed.

Johnny: Grandma, if I was satan, how would I have been chained up down here all this time?

Susan: And if the devil really wanted us to know that, he might just say that to us.

Ben: He’s telling the truth. Johnny’s not possessed anymore. The devil’s moved on.

Ej: Who now?

Ciara: Wait, this doesn’t make sense.

Allie: Life doesn’t make sense sometimes.

Ciara: No, allie. If ben were dead, if ben were really dead, I would feel it inside of me. I know I would. That is how connected we are.

Allie: Well, you’re probably just in shock, okay? Can’t feel anything yet. How about you just lie back, close your eyes.

Ciara: Close my eyes, really?

Allie: All this stress, it’s not good for the baby, ciara. We’ll be at the cabin soon, and then you can lie down.

Ciara: Yeah, what difference would that make?

Allie: You’ll feel better.

Ciara: Not without ben. Allie, if he really is gone, I’m never gonna feel good again.

Tripp: Thanks for covering for me, buddy. I owe you. Yeah, I’ll be there soon as I can. Thanks. Hey, henry asleep?

Chanel: Out like a light. “Goodnight moon” works every time.

Tripp: Thank you for coming with me. Henry hasn’t seen me in a while, and I was afraid he might be scared of me.

Chanel: He’s the sweetest little boy.

Tripp: He is. I miss him so much.

Chanel: Yeah, well, he definitely wasn’t scared of you. He smiled so big when he saw you.

Tripp: That did make me feel good.

Chanel: You know, I can’t believe that allie said she was too busy to watch her own little boy.

Tripp: Yeah, it seems totally unlike her, right? Chanel, do you have any idea what’s going on with her? I’m starting to worry that, you know, things have gotten to be too much for her.

Chanel: How do you mean?

Tripp: Everything she’s been through. Like realizing she’d been raped. Having henry at such a young age. Her parents taking off. What happened between her and me.

Chanel: Me and johnny didn’t make things any easier.

Tripp: The first time I met the guy, he wanted to know how I liked being with someone who kisses other girls. And he said that in front of allie.

Chanel: And then he set his sights on me, and I fell for it. It was all pretty messy. Thank god my mom stopped us from sleeping together, or things would’ve gotten a lot messier.

Tripp: Sex when drunk has a way of not working out.

Chanel: Yeah, falling into bed would’ve ruined our chances of ever being you know, friends.

[Cell phone beeps] Is that allie?

Tripp: No, it’s nicole. Holly’s dance class is over, and they’re on their way here. I can drop you at your car on the way to the hospital if you want.

Chanel: Actually, would you mind if I went with you? I’d like to visit lani.

Tripp: Not at all. I’d like the company. Especially since it’s yours.

Ej: The devil went from you into your sister?

Johnny: Yeah. She locked me up in here.

Susan: Ah, poor allie.

Ben: Susan, could you please get me out of these damn things. Please.

Susan: You know the key is not turning.

Johnny: Look, we need to get allie some help, and i need to see chanel.

Ej: And you will, but you’re going to the hospital first.

Susan: And same with you, big fella–oh, my goodness. I mean, you look pretty beat up yourself.

Ben: I don’t, and we do not have time to worry about me. Last night, allie came to my house, and she gave me something that knocked me out. Next thing I knew, I woke up here, and who the hell knows what she did to ciara. I just have to find her before it’s too late.

Ciara: Ben.

Allie: [Humming]

Ciara: Please stop that.

Allie: I know you don’t believe this, but I am going to take such good care of you.

[Dramatic music]

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B&B Transcript Friday, April 29, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: You’re really sweet to say all that, but you have your own family with hope.

Liam: Yeah, I do, but I’m always going to be there for you too, and by the way, it’s not just me. There’s so many people in your life that care about you. Yes, I am– I am hope’s husband, but I am also gonna be there for you, always.

Taylor: Steffy just woke up. Liam’s still in there with her.

Brooke: How is she?

Taylor: She’s surprisingly well considering how quickly she found out about finn’s death. I’m just happy that liam is there for her the way that he is. She seems to take more comfort in liam than anyone else.

Brooke: Okay, well, there’s a lot of people who love steffy, so the responsibility of steffy’s comfort shouldn’t lie solely on liam.

Taylor: I’m just so happy that he’S… he’s so willing to be there for her during this difficult time.

Brooke: Yes. I’m glad that he can be so helpful. And need I remind you that liam is hope’s husband, not steffy’S.

Steffy: Oh, my god! There’s so much blood! Finn! Oh, my god!

Sheila: My beautiful son. I am so sorry for what I did to you.

Steffy: Finn! Finn, talk to me. Please talk to me.

Sheila: I didn’t– I didn’t see you. I didn’t– I didn’t know he was here. It was a horrible accident, finn. And now you’re gone. I’ve got to find a way to… to survive. And that means that steffy can never remember what happened that night.

[ Knocking on door ]

Deacon: Sheila, it’s me. Open up. Come on, sheila. Open up.

Sheila: Yeah, just– just a second.

Deacon: Uh-oh. I know that look. Who do you have in your sights this time?

Sheila: What do you mean by that?

Deacon: Nothing. Just,& you know, you seem a little more intense than usual. I mean, it’s understandable with everything that’s happened. I, uh… I stopped by earlier. You weren’t here. Did you go back to the hospital? Any change in steffy’s condition?

Sheila: She’s still conscious.

Deacon: That’s great. Uh, you’re relieved, right? I mean… sheila, I understand under ordinary circumstances, you’re not a big steffy fan, but I– I mean, she’s your girl taylor’s daughter. She’s your grandson’s mother. You– I gotta believe that you’re grateful that she’s getting better.

Taylor: Brooke, I am not trying to matchmake liam and steffy.

Brooke: Okay, okay. I– I just want to make sure we keep it that way.

Ridge: Is everything okay?

Brooke: Fine.

Ridge: All right. Let’s– let’s try and remember that the most important thing is steffy and her full recovery. Yes?

Brooke: Mm-hm.

Taylor: Mm-hm.

Bill: Hey, hey.

Ridge: Oh, great.

Bill: Sorry. I’m just getting here now. I was out of town.

[ Ridge sighing ]

Brooke: Liam told us.

Bill: I can’t believe this. Finn is gone? Steffy’s shot?

Taylor: Yeah, it’s unthinkable.

Bill: But, there’s some good news, right? Steffy’s, uh, regained consciousness.

Ridge: Yeah, thank god.

Taylor: Liam’s in with her right now.

Steffy: I need you so much, liam.

Liam: Well, I’m not going anywhere. And you should count on that. I’m gonna be in your life always, whether you like it or not.

Steffy: I don’t know how I’m gonna do this. How could finn be gone forever?

Liam: It’s– it’S… unfathomable.

Steffy: And hayes? That poor baby. I just wanna hold him. You brought kelly in. Can you… could you please bring–

Liam: Hayes. Yes. You don’t even have to ask. I’ll make it happen, ‘kay?

Steffy: Thank you.

I’ve got moderate to severe

plaque psoriasis.

Bill: Steffy’s memory is coming back but she doesn’t remember who shot her and finn?

Ridge: Not yet.

Taylor: I think it’ll come back soon. I just hope it’s not in a way that’s too jarring.

Brooke: Well, steffy is dealing with a lot.

Taylor: That’s why I don’t want her to be forced to remember anything–

Ridge: I know, and I get all that, but the– the sooner we find somebody, the sooner we can get him off the street.

Hope: Hey, you’re home.

Bill: Yeah, I got here as soon as I could.

Hope: I know, um, liam’s gonna be really happy to see you.

Brooke: Are you okay?

Hope: I… yup. I’m just, uh, I’m tired. I’m really tired.

Taylor: Yeah, this whole thing has been exhausting.

Bill: I can only imagine.

Ridge: At least steffy’s out of danger.

Liam: Dad.

Bill: Hey.

Liam: Hey.

Bill: Hey, hey, hey. Whatever you need, okay? I’ve already got our private investigators on this.

Liam: Good. Whatever it takes. Hey, listen, um. Steffy wants to see hayes. I think– I think I’m gonna run to the house and grab–

Taylor: I’ll go get him.

Liam: Re– you sure?

Taylor: Yes.

Liam: Because I can go.

Taylor: No, no. No, liam. Steffy needs you here. I– I’ll go. I got this.

Liam: Okay.

Ridge: I’ll walk you out. I’m gonna check on steffy.

Taylor: Okay.

Liam: How about you? How are you doing?

Bridget: Your lungs are doing great. I’m gonna take you off oxygen. One second. You’re healing so nicely and so… quickly.

Steffy: Not quick enough. I just need to get home.

Bridget: How’s your pain?

Steffy: Five, six.

Bridget: Okay. That’s a little higher than I’d like. Is it intermittent or constant pain?

Steffy: Pretty much constant.

Ridge: What’s this about pain levels? What are we talking about here?

Steffy: It’s nothing I can’t handle.

Bridget: I know we’re being super cautious, but I can give you some relief.

Steffy: No, no. I just need to get back home and be with my kids, especially hayes.

Bridget: He’s gonna be all right. I’m gonna go look at some of your latest tests and I’ll check on you in a little bit, ‘kay?

Ridge: Thank you.

Steffy: I wanna see my son.

Ridge: Well, taylor is getting him right now.

Steffy: Okay, good.

Ridge: You want some water or something? Feeling all right?

Steffy: Hm.

Ridge: Anymore memory flashes? Any idea who did this to you?

Deacon: I ju– I just wanted to be supportive. I mean, I– you know me, I’m not exactly mr. Sensitive, but I know how much pain you’re in, to go up to that rooftop like that. I could only imagine how much you’re suffering. I– I’m sorry.

Sheila: I just never realized that… you can experience so much pain in a lifetime. How? I just– what was finn doing in the alley? It makes no sense at all. My son is– is dead, deacon, and he should be here with us.

Deacon: He had so much left to give, to be shot down like that. Look, I just want you to know that I’m here for you. You wanna talk, you wanna scream, let it out. Hell, you can even hit me if you wanna.

Sheila: Hit you? Oh, god. Don’t tempt me.

Deacon: I’m serious. You– you can’t keep this kind of emotional devastation inside. It– it– it’ll eat you alive. Use me, just– no judgement here. Just– just tell me everything. Everything. With so many nourishing shades,

Liam: It was really touch and go for a while there, you know? It was just– it’s just scary, really scary.

Bill: I’ll bet.

Liam: But, you know, it’s steffy. She’s a powerhouse. It’s just… if you had seen her, I mean seen her in that bed, it’S… really something.

Bill: I’m sorry I couldn’t be here sooner, liam.

Liam: No, you– no. You’re here now. That’s what matters.

Bill: How about you, hope? How are you holding up?

Hope: This is A… awful situation and… whoever did this is still walking around free.

Liam: See, th– that’s– you know what gets me? Is the randomness of it. I mean, this was not– like, this– this was just a normal night gone wrong and steffy almost died because of it.

Bill: That had to be so incredibly frightening for you. I know how much steffy means to you. Let’s be focused on the good news, right? Steffy is on the track for a full recovery.

Liam: Yes, yes. Thank god.

Bill: Yeah. Now, she just needs to get her memory back so we can find the bastard who shot her and killed finn.

Deacon: Something real and painful’s happened to you, sheila. Losing a child, I– I don’t think it could get any worse than that. I just want you to know that you can trust me. You can open up to me about your feelings. I want to try and help you through this. If listening is all I can do, then– then tell me all about it.

Sheila: You know, when I came face-to-face for the first time with my son, I looked into finn’s eyes and I saw so much of my own. First time in my life I felt whole. I felt complete. Like anything was possible, even my redemption. Finn and hayes, they were gonna make me a good person. Somebodywho’s worthy of them. But, now my son, he’s gone. I lost him. And I’m afraid I’m about to lose everything else.

Ridge: I don’t wanna put anymore pressure on you. You’ve been through so much already.

Steffy: My husband was murdered, dad. My son lost his father. I want this monster caught more than anyone. I just want to remember.

Ridge: So, try to put yourself back in the alley. Can you do that for me? What do you see?

Steffy: It’s like it starts to come back. I was there. Why can’t I remember?

Ridge: Taylor says it’s– it’s your brain protecting you from a reality you’re not ready for.

Taylor: Hey. Look who I have.

Steffy: Oh, my goodness. Come here. Look at you. Oh, baby, look at your eyes. Oh, my goodness. Hi. Oh, baby. Hi, my baby. Hi. You got so big. It feels so good to have you in my arms. Oh, my sweet angel. I’ve missed you so much. Your daddy would have…

[ Hayes babbling ] I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I– I love you. I love you so much. And I’m right here, okay? You’re never gonna be alone. Never. I will always be right here to protect you.

Deacon: I know that wasn’t defeat coming from my friend, sheila. Yeah, I said “friend.” You’re my only friend. Sheila, you’re a street fighter. Sheila carter isn’t down for anybody’s count.

Sheila: Yeah, well I– I don’t know if that’s true anymore. Losing my son is the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. And you can’t even begin to understand how this horrible thing has changed me.

Deacon: Yeah, sure. For now. You feel like everything that means anything has been taken away from you, but that’s not true. Finn wouldn’t want you to believe that. He wouldn’t want you to just give up on life. Not just for him. Sheila, they are gonna catch the shooter, if for no other reason, they’re gonna do it for the forresters. And that means justice for finn. And when they get that son of a bitch, they’re gonna make him pay for what he did to your son.

[ Taylor laughing ]

[ Hayes babbling ]

Steffy: You see what a mess mommy is when I’m away from you? I know, but I promise I’m coming home as soon as possible, okay baby? I am. We’re gonna be a family again. You, kelly and I. We’re gonna get through this. We will. Gosh. You look so much like your daddy. Okay, baby. Oh, bo. Ah, bo, bo.

[Steffy clicking her tongue ] Oh, bobo. Hey, let’s sit this way. Here.

Bridget: Oh, good. You’re all here, even this little peanut. Hi, precious.

Steffy: Oh, I hate being away from my children.

Bridget: I know, honey. I know how awful this has been for you, but I am so happy to tell you, you’re not gonna have to miss them anymore.

Steffy: What do you mean?

Bridget: You’ve improved so much, I can release you.

Steffy: Are you serious? Oh, baby!

Bridget: That’s so good!

Steffy: Yay!

Bridget: Yes!

Ridge: You think she’s well enough to go?

Bridget: Yeah. I would never allow it otherwise.

Taylor: Oh, my god. That is wonderful.

Ridge: Oh, my goodness.

Taylor: Thank god.

Steffy: So that means I can– I can go home today?

Bridget: As soon as we discharge you, yes.

Steffy: Oh, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Ridge: That’s the best news. She gets to go home and heal. That’s the best.

Taylor: And we promise she won’t do too much.

Bridget: Okay, I am really counting on that.

Taylor: Ugh.

Bridget: Oh, my love. I’m gonna go put in that order for you so you guys can be fast tracked and you can get him home.

Ridge: Sure. Thanks.

Steffy: I know. It might be better. Take care of that baby. I’m coming home. I’m coming home with you. Mommy’s coming home.

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GH Update Friday, April 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Ava returns home to Wyndemere and tries to sneak off to her room, only for Nikolas to open the doors to the living room and surprise her with a romantic setup. She reminds him that she made her position clear that as long as Esme is at the house they will have no peace. Nikolas informs her that Esme is free to go back to the mainland thanks to Laura getting Sonny to agree that he would do Esme no harm. Ava wonders when she’s moving out. Nikolas admits they haven’t set a date yet. Ava informs Nikolas when he invited Spencer and Esme to move in, she realized they had more important issues. Ava says she doesn’t trust him and knows he doesn’t trust her. They argue, and Nikolas asks how he is supposed to trust her when she always has one foot out the door. They fall onto the couch, but Ava quickly puts a stop to things. She says until their have worked through their problems sex will only complicate matters.

At the gallery, Trina tells Spencer that she’ll leave him a to-do list so he can get back to the love of his life. Esme arrives as Spencer explains things with Esme are complicated. Trina tells him he threw away their friendship for his psycho girlfriend.

Esme emerges and accuses Trina of being the psycho. Trina tells Esme that she talks a good game but that everyone sees her for the horrible person she is. Trina says she has to put some things away and tells Esme the gallery is closed and orders her to leave because she’s trespassing.

At the hospital, Carly sticks around to support Willow in the light of Harmony’s accident. Joss arrives and asks why she’s in the ER. Carly tells her the whole story, and Joss doesn’t understand why Harmony attacked her in the first place. Carly explains that she found out something about Harmony that Willow doesn’t know, but she needs to.

In the chapel, Willow doesn’t understand why her mother was in the middle of the woods walking down the road. She tells Michael that for the first time in a long time she’s felt her mother’s love and she’s not ready to lose that again. Michael says Harmony is a fighter and will fight to get back to her.

In a hallway, Sasha reaches for her pills but is interrupted by Gladys. Brando arrives and Sasha rushes into his arms and says she may have killed Willow’s mother. Brando asks her to start from the beginning so they find a seat in the lobby. Sasha explains this photographer was taking photos of her at the Metro Court, so they left.  But, the photographer chased her in his car, and Gladys blurts out that Harmony just ran out into the road. Gladys blames the photographer for chasing them. Brando asks why he was chasing them? Sasha tells him he had a reason, and Gladys admits she stole his memory card. Sasha yells none of it matters because Willow will never forgive her if Harmony doesn’t make it. Brando notes this isn’t her fault, and she needs to tell Willow what happened. Sasha eventually agrees.

Sasha and Brando find Willow and Michael in the chapel. Willow explains they were about to check on how her mom is doing. Sasha tells Willow she knows this is a terrible time, but they need to talk alone. Michael and Brando leave, and Willow asks what they need to talk about. Sasha breaks down and tells Willow the truth. She explains it was an accident, and her mother came out of nowhere.

Willow asks if Sasha was with Carly and Alexis. Sasha says she wasn’t, she was coming from the Metro Court. Willow asks if it seemed like her mom jumped in front of her car on purpose. Sasha explains it happened so fast, and she felt it was more like Harmony didn’t see her. Willow doesn’t understand any of this and needs to know why her mom was in the woods stumbling into the road.

Michael asks Brando what happened with Sasha. Brando tells him that Sasha is the one who hit Harmony and relays what he knows. Michael suspects his mother might know more about what is going on.

Gladys steps into the elevator while looking at the photographer’s memory card. The doors close and she makes her exit.

Back in the chapel, Carly appears and tells Sasha she needs to talk to Willow alone as she has the answers to her questions.

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Y&R Update Friday, April 29 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Victor told Nikki that he thought Victoria should leave town to regroup and Adam should run Newman Locke while she was away. Nikki said she didn’t call Victor here to talk about Victoria, but about Diane Jenkins. Victor stated that Diane had been dead for years. Nikki revealed that Diane was alive, and she had the audacity to return seeking forgiveness. Nikki said Deacon helped Diane fake her death. Nikki told Diane to stay away from all of them, especially Nick. Victor thought about all the damage Diane’s fake murder caused. They discussed Diane’s interest in reconnecting with Kyle. Victor didn’t foresee Kyle forgiving Diane. Victor didn’t buy Diane’s garbage, after what she did to everyone, especially Nikki and Kyle. Nikki noted that Victor got hurt too – he took the blame for Diane’s murder to protect Nikki and Victoria. Nikki didn’t think Diane would stick around for long. She didn’t think Kyle would forgive his mother.

Harrison was in the living room with Jack and Phyllis. The little boy got excited when Kyle entered. Kyle had gone for a walk to clear his head. He didn’t realize Harrison was back. Jack said Ashland dropped him off a little while ago, and they’d had a great time at the park. Kyle gave his son a big hug and said he missed him. He didn’t understand how a parent could stand to be away from their child. Phyllis took Harrison to the kitchen to get a snack from his aunt Traci. Jack thought Kyle and Summer had done an excellent job with Harrison. Jack asked about Kyle’s walk. Kyle’s emotions were all over the place. He couldn’t believe his mom chose to let him think she was dead and just let him go on with his life. Jack said Kyle created a great life for himself and his family. Kyle said it was thanks to Jack’s love and support. Jack said he did his best, but he couldn’t replace the love of a mother. While Kyle was sad and angry, he couldn’t help feeling like Diane’s return was a miracle – an answer to the prayers he made as a little kid. On the other hand, he asked why he would ever buy into anything Diane said and put his family through that much drama. Jack didn’t want Kyle to feel pressured by anyone. He told his son to take his time and decide what he wanted to do. Kyle already knew what he wanted to do.

Kyle wanted to hear Diane out. He thought he’d regret it if he didn’t. Jack asked if Kyle was sure. Kyle assured Jack he wasn’t expecting some big emotional reunion. Jack thought that was the right attitude. Kyle wasn’t sure how he’d react or if he’d want Diane in his life afterward, but he needed answers from her. Jack said he understood more than Kyle realized, because of what he went through with his own mother. Dina didn’t fake her death, but she disappeared more than once. As angry, disappointed and abandoned as Jack felt, he couldn’t bring himself to turn his back on Dina. Kyle asked if Jack would reach out to Diane and make arrangements. Jack said yes, and they hugged.

Diane was in her suite. She had a flashback to a happy moment with Jack and an infant Kyle. They’d wondered what Kyle would grow up to be like. In the present, Diane looked pained. Jack showed up and told her he talked to Kyle and he was in shock. Diane said she was sure Jack had been evenhanded, but she believed Phyllis had been trashing her to Kyle. Jack said Phyllis wasn’t the problem. He felt that Phyllis was justified in being concerned about the impact that Diane’s return would have on Summer, Kyle’s wife. Jack said what Kyle was feeling now had nothing to do with anything Phyllis said to him and everything to do with Diane’s actions.

Diane apologized. Jack said he was trying very hard to be an honest and fair sounding board to Kyle. His instincts told him not to trust her, but he felt Kyle needed the truth. He’d tried to explain the inexplicable to Kyle – how a parent could walk away from their child. Diane was near tears because she thought Jack had come to deliver bad news in person. He clarified that Kyle wanted to see her. She thanked him. He said that part of him wished Kyle would abandon her, like she abandoned him. Diane didn’t think Jack sincerely felt that way, because he wasn’t that kind of person. Jack begged Diane to put Kyle first and think about his needs, not hers. He was sorry that needed to be said. She understood. She conceded there was a time she was self involved an incapable of understanding how her actions effected others. She asked if there was part of him that was willing to accept she changed. She asked if she could meet Kyle at the Abbott house, where Kyle could be comfortable and where it was private. Jack didn’t like the idea of Diane being in his house, but he could see how it would be beneficial to Kyle to see Diane on his home turf, so he agreed.

Jack went home and told Phyllis and Kyle what Diane said. Kyle seemed tense when Jack said Diane was already on her way, but he decided this was a good thing. Kyle asked them to keep Harrison entertained and out of sight. He didn’t want his son anywhere near his mother. Phyllis said they’d take Harrison and Traci to town.

Back at the hotel, Diane picked up the old picture of her, Jack and Kyle. She kissed her fingertips and touched the photo. There was a knock on the door, and Kyle took a breath, then he came face to face with his mother.

Sally and Adam were at work. She said it was exciting having extra responsibility while he was temporary CEO of Newman Locke. “However long it lasts,” he said. She stated that Ashland was gone thanks to Adam pulling off something no one else could do. He said his dad’s money helped. She didn’t want him to downplay his significance. She said this was just a stepping stone to making his temporary position as CEO permanent. She asked if something had changed. His strategy had changed, but not his goal. He decided not to push things. She said he deserved to be permanent CEO, and he would be if this were any other company. He said that this wasn’t any other company – it was Newman Enterprises. He was sure that plans were in progress to rip Locke’s name off the building, ads and letterhead. She thought that made an even stronger case that two Newman siblings should be in charge. He appreciated her believing in him. He also wanted to see his position made permanent, but he was going to take a different approach. He said there was a saying in basketball “let the game come to you.” He was going to sit back and see how Victoria played this. If Victoria treated him like a partner, he’d act accordingly, and maybe she’d surprise him and they could have a good working balance.

Sally said whatever Victoria chose to do, she’d have the legacy of Ashland Locke hanging over her. She thought there should be repercussions to bringing Ashland into the company and into their lives. Adam said there had already been a few – Victoria was in an accident that could’ve been deadly for her, so that was a pretty steep price to pay. Sally said Victoria had no choice but to accept Adam saved her from Ashland by swooping in and cleaning up the mess. He said that remained to be seen. He was going to focus on guiding Sally while she was in charge at Newman Media and while he tried to find a way to work with Victoria. He had absolute faith in Sally and her ability to manage the company. He was counting on her to make him look good, which she was already doing. He said she was smart, a harder worker than anyone he knew, and she didn’t lack confidence. She was grateful for the opportunity, and she promised to do everything in her power to help him get the recognition he deserved.

At Society, Chloe tried to hold a work meeting with Chelsea. Chelsea was distracted, so Chloe put the work aside so they could talk. Chelsea said she just lost one of her closest friends in a car accident. She felt guilty. If Rey never went back for those stupid tickets, he’d still be alive. Chloe said it wasn’t Chelsea’s fault that Rey forgot the tickets. Chelsea said a year ago, she put Rey’s life at risk, and he forgave her and was willing to hang out with her and her son, and look what that lead to. Kevin told Chloe something in confidence, and she wanted to share it with Chelsea. She told her not to share this with anyone, but Rey had a massive heart attack and that was why he lost control of the car. He didn’t die because of the crash.

Chelsea realized that if Rey never went back to get the tickets, she and Connor could’ve been in the car with him when he had his heart attack. Adam told Chelsea that Ashland pulled Victoria out of the burning car. She wondered if Ashland tried to help Rey too, and if he could’ve survived. Chloe didn’t think Chelsea should go down that rabbit hole – what happened happened, and there was no point in blaming anyone. Chloe thought Chelsea should move forward. Chelsea snapped that sh was trying to. She then apologized. Chelsea said this had been hard on Connor too. It just killed her that Ashland walked away from this accident, while someone as genuine as Rey was dead.

Sally and Adam came to the restaurant, and he asked Chelsea how she was. She said they had to focus on Connor. Losing Rey was a huge blow. Adam hoped they helped Connor realize that Rey’s death wasn’t his fault. Chelsea immediately revealed the confidential details of Rey’s death. Chloe glared at Chelsea, who apologized and contended that everyone was going to find out soon anyway. Adam said he was planning a special outing for Connor. Chelsea was interested in going too. She said they could talk to their son as a family and make him feel stable. Adam was noncommittal. Chelsea thought Adam should be able to commit to something as simple as a family outing for their son’s sake. Adam pointed out that he never said he wouldn’t do it. Chelsea countered that he never said he would, either. She asked if he was being this way because of Sally. It was clear to Chelsea that things had progressed between Adam and Sally. Adam knew Chelsea was upset about Rey, and he was sorry she lost such a good friend. He and Sally walked away.

Chelsea grumbled that there was no doubt Sally and Adam were a couple. Chloe didn’t see why that mattered or what Chelsea hoped to accomplish with that confrontation. She hoped Chelsea wasn’t going to use the emotional shock of Rey’s death as an excuse to gravitate toward Adam.

At their table, Sally said Chelsea was in a bad way. Adam explained that Rey and Chelsea bonded. Sally heard Chelsea tried to kill Rey. Adam said that Chelsea was unstable back then, and she’d been going after him, not Rey. She made it look like Adam poisoned Rey. “She wanted to kill Rey to get back at you?,” Sally asked. Adam said Rey was never given enough poison to kill him, just enough to make him sick and make Adam look guilty. Sally thought it was amazing that Adam forgave Chelsea after she set him up. He said there were extenuating circumstances, and he was in a glass house, so he couldn’t afford to throw stones. She said she couldn’t either. He was sure she never did anything that bad. “Well…,” Sally replied. He asked if there was something she wanted to tell him.

Sally had something she never wanted Adam to know, and she didn’t like this old temptation she was having. She was tempted to lie and deceive, but she wanted to be honest with him. There was something that had been pushing its way into her thoughts ever since they found out Ashland was lying about having cancer. She saw people acting like there was a special spot in Hell reserved for Ashland, and she admitted that there might also be a seat for her too. There was this guy in LA that Sally was completely in love with, and he broke off their engagement for a second time. She’d been so desperate to win him back, it made her physically sick, and Wyatt took care of her. It turned out that it was stress, but Wyatt didn’t know that, so she faked a terminal illness to get him to stay with her. She wasn’t proud of it. It was the most shameful thing she’d ever done. He asked why she was telling him. She wanted him to hear this from her, and not anyone else. Adam smiled and asked if Sally’s scheme worked.

Sally said the truth came out, and she was reviled, and that was why she left LA. Adam appreciated Sally’s honesty. She asked what he thought of her, given how he reacted to what Ashland did. He said that was a different situation – Ashland went after Adam’s family and the company. Adam thought Ashland’s plan was gutsy and he was impressed Ashland managed to pull it off for so long. A lifetime ago, Adam faked a medical condition to get what he wanted too. So he couldn’t judge. Sally always thought they had a lot in common, but she never thought that would be one of them. He was glad they could share things because he was falling in love with her too. Sally said Adam certainly left her hanging long enough. When she told him she was falling in love with him, there were crickets, and she thought he was just going to ignore it. Part of her wonders if he meant this. He suggested they go somewhere else, so he could be perfectly clear about his feelings. That sounded good to her. Chelsea seethed watching Sally and Adam leave.

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GH Short Recap Friday, April 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Spencer continues to hide his love for Trina while trying to get enough evidence to prove Esme is responsible for posting the video. Trina and Esme have a verbal confrontation and each promise that the truth about the video will come out. Trina tells Esme that soon everyone will know the type of person she really is and justice will be done.

Ava tells Nicolas she loves him and they kiss but she says they need to learn to trust each other. Ava also says it will help if he gets Esme out of the house. Nicolas tells Ava Esme will be out of the house very soon.

Sasha tells Willow that she was responsible for Harmony’s accident. Brando tells Smoltz that if he comes near Sasha he will make sure that he never writes another story again.

Josslyn helps Carly decide to tell Willow that Harmony isn’t her real mother. Carly goes to the hospital chapel where Willow and Sasha have just finished talking. Carly asks Sasha if she can talk to Willow alone and Carly gets ready to tell Willow the truth about Harmony.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Chloe tells Chelsea that Rey died of a heart attack so she won’t keep blaming herself for his death.

Sally tells Adam that she also faked a terminal illness to hold on to her former boyfriend Wyatt when she lived in Los Angeles. Adam also admits to Sally that he faked an illness in his past. Adam tells Sally he is glad that they can be honest with each other and talk about everything. Adam tells Sally that he is falling in love with her.

Nikki tells Victor that Diane is alive and back in town. Kyle decides to meet with Diane to hear why she faked her own death.

Kyle asks Jack and Phyllis to take Harrison out of the house because he doesn’t want Harrison anywhere near Diane yet. Diane arrives at the Abbott house and Kyle opens the door with a hurt and confused look on his face.

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GH Update Thursday, April 28, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Sasha and Gladys race over to the body of the person on the ground that Sasha has hit with her car. The photographer who was following them very closely is still in tow, he says look what you’ve done. He began his harassment of Sasha again as Gladys tried to call for an ambulance. The photographer grabbed the phone to handle the ambulance, while Gladys and Sasha turned the person over. It is Willow’s Mom, Harmony. Sasha began to perform CPR.

The ambulance arrives and Harmony was whisked away.  One of the EMTs said that Sasha had most likely kept Harmony alive. The photographer said that he wanted his memory card returned. He added that depending on how the events unfolded he would sell the story with Sasha as a hero or the cause of an unspeakable tragedy. Sasha refused to deal with him, and their argument grew physical until Dante arrived on scene to restore order.

Gladys stepped aside to call Brando. The photographer claimed he needed medical attention after the fight, and Dante urged him to drive himself to the hospital. Sasha told Dante the truth, that the photographer had been chasing her in the car and she had tried to get away. Harmony had stepped out into the roadway and she attempted to swerve to miss her but by the time she appeared in the headlights, it was too late. Dante suggested that Gladys take Sasha to GH to be checked for shock, and he told them to come to the PCPD the following day for statements.  By the time Dante left, Sasha was losing it, flashing back to the photographer capturing images of her dropping pills on the ground. Gladys tried to reassure her, although she pointed out that Sasha had been speeding. Gladys wondered what was on the memory card and admitted to Sasha that she still had it in her possession. 

At Wyndemere, Esme found Spencer on the phone, asking someone for a favor. “What favor is that?” Esme asked Spencer when he ended the call. Spencer told her that he had asked Cameron to watch what he said around Esme. He added that he was heading out to the gallery to start his “menial tasks” after hours in order to avoid Trina and Ava. He kissed Esme on the cheek. 

In the library, Nikolas attempted to reach Ava on the phone as he looked at the table that had been set for two. Shortly after, Ava replied via text message that she had other plans and told him not to wait up. Nikolas exploded. He shouted that his effort had been a waste. He overturned the table, glasses and dishware crashing to the floor. Esme feigned concern as she walked in and began to pick up some pieces. She couldn’t understand why Ava didn’t appreciate Nikolas. Esme always wanted someone who was unconditionally loyal like Nikolas. She picked up Nikolas’ phone and then hesitated when their hands touched while she gave it back to him.

Esme said it wasn’t fair that she and Nikolas were stuck in a house without the love they needed. They were surprised when Laura walked in and commented that no one was stuck. She added that Esme no longer needed to hide. Laura had spoken to Sonny, who had maintained that Esme had nothing to fear. Laura declared that Sonny’s word was his bond, and everyone could resume their normal lives with Esme moving out. “Let’s not be too hasty!” Nikolas said.

Nikolas stated that Esme and Spencer were unable to support themselves. Nikolas appreciated Laura’s stopping by. “And not a minute too soon, it seems,” Laura replied. She mentioned the moment that Nikolas and Esme were apparently having. Nikolas mentioned that he was simply trying to console Esme. Laura thought that Nikolas should be consoling his wife instead. She was also worried about Spencer, who had been fighting with his friends and was isolated. She urged Nikolas to get rid of Esme, the source of everyone’s strained relationships. Nikolas felt that Esme only wanted someone to love her, and he was confident that she and Spencer would reconcile. Laura thought Nikolas was being naïve and noted that he had a scorpion under his roof. 

Trina heard a noise while she was working at the art gallery. It was Rory. He said he had noticed that the front door wasn’t locked, and he was there on Jordan’s orders to keep watch over Trina. She accused him of overreacting to the situation just days prior when he had arrested Cameron. Rory confided that he had to follow the rules. Trina accused him of taking his job too seriously.

Rory asked for something to drink before heading back to sit in his car. When Trina returned with a bottle of water, she found Rory staring at a painting. They began a discussion of artwork, and Rory said that he saw hope in the painting, though he knew nothing about art. Spencer walked in and threw out some of his own art knowledge. Trina demanded to know why he was there.

Portia and Curtis sat at a table in a corner of the Savoy. She said she had been worried about him. Curtis replied that he had found and then lost his father. They’d had a confrontation after Curtis had discovered Marshall’s secrets, and Marshall had been upset and left town. Curtis told Portia none of it mattered now that their future was most important, and he didn’t think Marshall wanted to be found. Curtis insisted he cared about Portia and Trina, even though Trina wasn’t his.

Willow and Michael greeted Dante at the Metro Court Gardens. They made small talk, and Dante mentioned that he’d seen Sonny. Willow took advantage of the moment and stated that she wanted to check up on Wiley, and she left to make a phone call. Dante wanted to hear Michael’s side of things, but Michael replied that it was between him and Sonny. Dante pointed out that Sonny had been going through changes since he had arrived back in Port Charles. Dante reminded Michael that they would always be brothers. After Dante left, Michael told Willow that he wished Dante had not mentioned Sonny. He declared that it was a rare night out for them, though, and they kissed. Michael received a phone call from Carly, telling him to come to the ER immediately.

Sam found Alexis at the hospital, where T.J. revealed that Harmony had attacked both Alexis and Carly. Carly begged Jordan to find Harmony because she was a danger to Willow and Wiley. She told Jordan that Harmony had been desperate to keep her secrets. Carly also told Jordan about the paper she’d found in Alexis’ fireplace with Neil’s psychiatric notes from a therapy session with Harmony. Jordan wanted to know more about the attack at Rana Point. Jordan felt that Carly knew more than she was letting on and pressed her for answers but Carly insisted she was telling Jordan everything she knew.  Jordan later got a call about the accident on the highway.

A gurney carrying Harmony was wheeled into the emergency room. Jordan announced that Harmony had been hit by a car. Willow and Michael arrived and found Sam, Carly, Alexis, and Jordan waiting.

Carly calmed Willow down, but Willow asked what Carly knew. Carly and Alexis explained that they had been with Harmony earlier. Willow was trying to figure out who could have hit her mother. Harmony was then wheeled out of an exam room on the way to surgery. Sasha and Gladys also arrived.

In another exam room, Felty whined about his stolen memory card. He declared that he had been attacked. Dante was not moved as Felty spoke about pressing charges and reminded him that Sasha too would be able to file charges for assault, harassment and an illegal vehicle pursuit. Felty changed his mind as Dante ordered him not to go anywhere. Felty called Smoltz and announced that he had what the journalist wanted.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, April 28, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Lily: Hey. Sorry I’m late.

Billy: It’s okay.

Lily: Are you still waiting to hear back from victoria?

Billy: Straight to voicemail, like every other time. She’s not answering my text messages or my e-mails. At this point, I’m just grateful that the kids are away at school and that they don’t know their mother was involved in a car accident.

Lily: Well, look, there’s one thing that victoria needs from you right now.

Billy: What would that be?

Lily: It’s space. I know what it’s like to be a part of a car crash where there was a fatality.

Billy: You’re right. I’m sorry.

Lily: No, it’s just — it’s overwhelming. And the pain and guilt never goes away.

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ] I don’t want to add to her burden. I really don’T. I just simply want to wrap my head around how it all happened and what the hell ashland locke had to do with it.

Victoria: No, everything is not gonna be fine. I keep making the same mistakes with men.

[ Screams ]

[ Brakes squeal ]

[ Crashing ]

Ashland: Victoria, can you hear me? Open your eyes. Wake up. You can do this.

[ Papers rustling ]

[ Pen thuds ]

Amanda: Well, hello.

Devon: Hey.

Imani: Like?

Amanda: I love.

Imani: This is my “make a good impression” suit, a reminder not to overstep like i did last time.

Amanda: Aw. You were excited.

Imani: Um, who’s attending this meeting?

Devon: It’s gonna be yourself, amanda, me, lily, billy, and nate.

Imani: Nate, huh? I knew this was a smart career move.

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

Elena: I wish we could just stay here all day.

Nate: Well, okay. Um, forget my new job and your shift at the hospital. We can stay in each other’s arms all day.

Elena: Yeah. After what happened with rey, I just… I want to stop time and spend the rest of the day with you.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Telling you how much you mean to me and how glad I am that you came into my life. Are you stealing kisses now?

Nate: Mm, I give them freely.

Elena: [ Sighs ] I just want an overflow of good memories of our time together.

Nate: Yeah. Life is short. I guess there’s only one thing we can do about that.

Elena: Yeah? What?

Sharon: [ Sniffles ]

[ Shoe thuds ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Mug thuds ]

Sharon: I should warn you — if you’re here with another condolence basket, we’re all stocked up.

Adam: I’m so sorry for, um — for your loss. The lows of bipolar depression

Additional sponsorship

provided by… doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Lily: What makes you think that ashland is responsible for the accident?

Billy: Last time I talked to nick, he said there was a blueprint to get ashland out of the company and victoria’s life, that he wasn’t gonna let ashland get away with what he did. So, why was he out there with victoria on that desolate stretch of road but not in the same car?

Lily: So, what are you thinking?

Billy: Was he following her? Why is he doing that if their marriage is over? It doesn’t add up.

Lily: I mean, look, with ashland, there’s always another lie waiting to be exposed.

Billy: I agree. So, if we put our heads together, how do we figure out a way to get ashland as far away from genoa city and victoria as possible?

Lily: You didn’t let me finish. What ashland did is reprehensible. But you and I are not responsible for holding him accountable.

Nate: Have you called lola?

Elena: Yes. We didn’t speak much, though. Mostly cried.

Nate: Mm.

Elena: She did tell me some stories about what it was like having rey as an older brother.

[ Chuckles ]

Nate: That must have been tough.

Elena: Yeah. But it did give me a little perspective. I mean, rey has made such a huge impact on this world. And so many people are gonna miss him.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Elena: And I guess it’s a good thing that that whole family has each other to lean on.

Nate: [ Sighs ] I wonder if anyone’s asking questions about this accident. And ashland.

Lily: Why? You think there’s more to it than bad weather?

Nate: If he’s capable of faking cancer, what won’t he do? Was he stalking victoria out there on that road? Did he cause the accident to be her knight in shining armor? Or because he wanted to cause her greater harm and rey was just collateral damage?

Elena: Are you saying you think rey’s death was foul play?

Nate: I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. I’m just saying, wherever ashland goes, trouble is not far behind.

Victoria: [ Exhales sharply ] What are you doing here? How did you even get past security?

Ashland: Well, I had to dodge the guards downstairs, but, um, I learned a few tricks while i was working here.

Victoria: What do you want? The last time we spoke, you claimed you were leaving town.

Ashland: Yeah, I did say that, but, um — but I couldn’t really go anywhere until I saw for myself that you’re doing okay. And since you’re not answering my texts or my phone calls, i decided I was willing to risk the wrath of the newmans by coming here.

Victoria: Well, you can see for yourself I’m perfectly fine.

Ashland: Well, I can also see your cane. Please, victoria, just be honest with me, and I’ll go peacefully. How are you feeling?

Sharon: Just find a place to sit if you can. I’ll —

Adam: No, no, it’s — it’s fine. You don’t — sharon, you don’t have to move anything. I’m fine.

Sharon: No, that’s really okay. I got it.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Adam: Well, I’d ask you how you’re doing, but…

Sharon: Yeah. It’s still just such a shock.

Adam: I’m sorry that I didn’t drop by earlier. I didn’t want to cause you any more stress with your family. I know I’m the last person that they wanted to see. So, waited till the coast was clear, soon as I saw you were alone.

Sharon: Well, that’s my life now, isn’t it? Better get used to it. Being alone.

Victoria: I told you on the phone that my injuries aren’t severe.

Ashland: Is it really so terrible that I wanted to see for myself?

Victoria: I wouldn’t lie about my health. That’s your area of expertise.

Ashland: Ouch.

Victoria: What about your hand? Your foot? I know those injuries are real because I saw them.

Ashland: Well, the pain is nothing compared to everything else I’m feeling. I know, though, that I can’t really expect sympathy from you right now. I’ll just tell you what I told harrison when he saw the bandage and the boot. It’s gonna be okay.

Victoria: Harrison’s in town?

Ashland: With kyle. Yes.

Victoria: I haven’t seen him since —

Ashland: Since tuscany.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: How are you really?

Victoria: I just — I keep replaying the events in my mind, the ones that I can remember. What if you hadn’t been following me? Would I have died alone on that road the way that rey did? Would the crash have ever even happened? I-I don’t know. What if I never met you in the first place? Would rey be alive right now? Would he be at home with his family?

Ashland: I keep doing the same thing. Replaying events in my mind.

Victoria: You mean the day of the — the crash?

Ashland: No.

[ Chuckles ] Stuff that happened before that. Things I should have said, tha I should have done differently. But mainly there’s a wish. I wish that you could understand that no matter what’s happened between us, my love for you will never go away. And I keep hoping that there will be one true, perfect moment when you forgive me.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, you didn’t have to make a fresh pot. There’s a whole samovar back there that someone brought over.

Adam: You’re kidding.

Sharon: No. Bringing coffee to a coffeehouse owner? Um, but it was really nice of her.

Adam: Who brought it?

Sharon: Um, the woman who owns the diner on highway A. Apparently, rey would stop there and get a cup of coffee when he was working late.

Adam: How are you coping?

Sharon: I’M… you know, I’m hanging in. I just keep telling myself that, uh [Sniffles] One day eventually I’m — I’m just gonna come to terms with this and I’m gonna start to heal.

Adam: Sharon. That’s a load of crap.

Sharon: What?

Adam: Hey, I’m not one of those sweet, kind coddlers. Far from it. So we can skip the platitudes. That’s not who we are to each other. So, how about being honest with me?

Sharon: [ Sniffles ] You want to know how I really feel?

Adam: Yes. Why else would I avoid everybody’s well-meaning advice to stay far away?

Sharon: I’m, uh… I’m tired of everybody treating me like I’m made of porcelain.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m tired of everybody being careful around me, using a whispering voice, asking me if I’m capable of doing the things that I want to do.

Adam: Well, I would never question your strength, sharon.

Sharon: I’m crushed. I’m gutted. And I’m so, so angry. And I just — I have one question. Why? Why? How does a man like ashland locke, who faked having a terminal illness, who — who mocks death, who treats people like they are just disposable — how does a worthless piece of filth like him, who’s contributed nothing in the way of joy, nothing valuable to the world — why is he still alive? Why is he still living and rey, a man who is — is so good, who helped people, who meant so much to so many — I…

Adam: Including connor. Rey helped him get through a tough time.

Sharon: [ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] My husband just — he had a way of bringing out the best in people. I was a different me when I was with rey. It was — it was just so easy with him. You know, he — he loved me with all his heart. He loved my family. And nobody has any idea of all the things that he did for me when I had cancer and the lengths that he went to. And he knew that people — he knew people are flawed, and… he forgave me for all of my mistakes. Not the least of which was that time when you kissed me.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: He forgave the woman who poisoned him. A man with such a big heart…

[Voice breaking] He was so generous. He didn’t deserve to have his life end, not this way, not so soon.

[ Sobbing ] He didn’t deserve it.

[ Breathing heavily ] Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Elena: So, even though things have been crazy, it is still your big day.

Nate: Mm.

Elena: Your first official meeting as a member of the chancellor-winters team.

Nate: You’re not hiding anything, are you?

Elena: Why would I be hiding anything? I don’t have anything to hide.

Nate: Uh-huh.

Elena: Except for this.

[ Both chuckle ] Just a little something to commemorate the occasion.

Nate: You did not have to do this.

Elena: But I wanted to.

Nate: Ooh.

[ Chuckling ] Whoa-oa-oa.

Elena: What do you think?

Nate: Very nice. I love it.

Elena: I was hoping you’d say that.

Nate: Okay. If, um — if you hated my old tie that much, you could have just told me.

Elena: Mm, well… you know how proud I am of you, right?

Nate: No. I have no idea.

Elena: [ Laughs ] Joining a corporation and leaving the medical world behind.

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Elena: That is a very, very brave thing to do for someone as old as you are.

Nate: [ Laughs ] Very funny.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: I appreciate this tie. And your support. Because even though you said you’re down for all of this, I still get a sense that you have some concerns.

Elena: Well, it’s like I told you. It just takes some getting used to. You as an executive and not dr. Nate hastings.

Nate: I’ll always be dr. Nate hastings.

Elena: And you’re sure this is right for you?

Nate: I’m positive.

Elena: Then I feel good about it, too.

Devon: So, you do know that nate is in a committed relationship with elena, right?

Imani: [ Scoffs ]

Amanda: Oh, she knows. She just doesn’t care.

Devon: Mm.

Imani: I wouldn’t say that. I’m very concerned and interested in the health and future of their romance.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Okay, I think that this might be the perfect time to have a conversation about dating in the workplace.

Imani: [ Laughs ] You have my word — you will never catch us making out in the snack room.

Devon: Oh, that’s good to hear.

Imani: Because the yoga and meditation studio is going to be so much more romantic. With that lighting? Ah!

[ Laughs ] Relax. I’m kidding. I’ll be perfectly professional. But there’s no harm in a little flirting, is there?

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh! I will get that.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door opens ] Nate. Um, we’ve been waiting for you. Welcome aboard.

Billy: Hold on. You don’t want to understand why ashland was in the middle of that car crash?

Lily: No, of course i do.

Billy: You don’t think that victoria deserves justice?

Lily: Look, what happened on that highway was a tragedy. And my heart breaks for sharon and for rey’s family because now they have to live without him, wondering what life would have been like if he were still here.

Billy: Yeah. He was a good guy.

Lily: And, look, if ashland’s responsible for his death, gcpd will be all over it. They just lost one of their own. So, I’m sorry, but this is not your fight. It’s not something for you to obsess over.

Billy: Me? Obsess? I don’t obsess.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Look, just take a breath and think, okay? Because if you try to get involved, the newmans are gonna push you away, and then all that’s gonna do is just wind you up even more. So just let them handle it.

Billy: I have distance. I have perspective. I know the players.

Lily: We have a meeting to get to, a meeting that’s about our future. So please don’t let ashland take one more thing from us.

Billy: You’re right. Okay. You know how I can get.

Lily: Oh, yes, I do.

Billy: I am officially out. Tearing apart ashland locke will officially be left to the newmans.

Victoria: You don’t get to drop that in my lap and just move on. You can’t just say “I love you.” No. I’m sorry. You do not get to dream of asking for my forgiveness. You lied to me and you betrayed me and those wounds are far too fresh and deep for that.

Ashland: I know.

Victoria: You caused this.

Ashland: I’m aware of that. And I wish I could take it all back. No. No. That’s not true. Not all of it. I love you more today than i have ever loved you, despite what’s broken down between us.

Victoria: It didn’t break down! It was never real because of your lies and your greed and your deception.

Ashland: And I’ll take all the blame. I’ll take all your anger, everything you want to throw at me, because, yes, it did begin as a scheme, but, victoria…

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: …You have to believe me when I say this — the only real thing in all of this is that at some point i fell I love with you, despite my plan.

Victoria: Stop. Stop saying that.

Ashland: It must be hard for you to be reminded of what we shared. You continue to deny it, to deny that you care. You’re terrified to admit it to yourself. And you’re certainly not gonna admit it to me or to your family. But, victoria, it’s just you and me right now. You can tell me the truth.

Victoria: You want me to say that I still love you. Of course. Of course I still love you. For copd,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sharon: [ Sighs, sniffles ]

Adam: Have you gotten it all out? Or do you need to, uh, break some things?

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Adam: Okay? I’m sure there’s a full tray of cups and saucers around here that you could destroy and smash. Okay? I mean, kiwi?

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Adam: No? Or overpriced crackers. Hmm? After a breakdown like that, you should eat something. You should replenish your energy and your tear ducts. Hmm?

Sharon: I don’t want any crackers.

[ Box thuds ] Gosh. I haven’t cried like that since the night nick told me.

Adam: Wow. Wow. I’m just thinking if a friend or a patient had told you that they lost a loved one and they hadn’t expressed any emotions, you probably would say something like, “did you think you could hold those feelings in forever?”

Sharon: Oh, would I?

Adam: You got to let it out, okay? So, you could either do that here, with an old friend who would never judge or pity you…

Sharon: Or? What’s my alternative?

Adam: You could cook yourself into an early grave. Nonstop baking of pastries and desserts of all kinds. Um, you know, you could become an angry widow whose coffee is so famously bitter that it brings a ceo to his or her knees.

Sharon: Um, that probably wouldn’t be good for crimson lights’ profits.

[ Sniffles ]

Adam: Seriously. Take some time every couple hours to cry. And remind yourself that rey loved you. And no one is gonna think less of you if we see you shed a few tears. You’re sad. Be sad. And I’ll be around if you change your mind and you want me to come sweep up the pieces because you were smashing some dishes.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Thank you.

Adam: After everything we’ve been through, I will always be here when you need me. You can count on that.

Devon: Now, I’m aware this isn’t the most traditional place to hold a meeting.

Amanda: Yes, but until we finish construction on our office spaces, we’re gonna be meeting wherever we can.

Nate: Well, I love the commute from across the hall, so you can tell your crew to take their time.

Devon: Oh, I won’t be doing that. Thanks.

Imani: Gorgeous tie.

Nate: Uh, thank you. It was a gift from elena.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Devon: I’ll get it.

Imani: Well, you wear it impeccably.

[ Door opens ]

Devon: Hey, guys.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hey, everyone.

Amanda: Hi! Come in.

Billy: Sorry we’re a little late.

Devon: No, no, don’t apologize. You guys are right on time. How is victoria doing?

Billy: Well, from what i understand, she only suffered minor injuries. But, uh, I’m assuming everyone heard about rey?

Devon: Yeah. I couldn’t believe the news.

Amanda: Yeah, I never will forget how he went above and beyond when I was dealing with ripley.

Nate: It’s just so senseless.

Devon: Well, he was one of the best. It’s a real tragedy.

Victoria: You were right. No matter how hard you wanted to, you just can’t make those feelings go away.

Ashland: So there’s a chance —

Victoria: But…do you know what else that won’t disappear? The pain and the anger and the hurt. They’re battling it out inside my head.

[ Sighs ] And I can’t take it anymore. You know what I really want? I just want to feel normal again.

[ Knock on door ]

Ashland: Maybe we —

Victoria: Come in. Chance.

Chance: If you have a few minutes, I’d like to ask you guys some questions about the case.

Ashland: When you say “case,” as in investigation? I mean, do you think that this was anything other than just a terrible, tragic accident? We hit the bike trails every weekend

Chance: I just have some routine questions about what happened.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Do you really have to make victoria relive the horrors of that night just so you can close the books on something we know was no one’s fault?

Victoria: I can handle this. Please have a seat.

Chance: Thank you. Okay. Now, if this gets too tough, just let me know, and we can take a break.

Victoria: Okay.

Chance: Now, can you tell me about the events leading up to the crash?

Victoria: Um… I’ll try. Some parts of it are a little cloudy.

Chance: Understandable.

Victoria: I was in the office closing up for the night, and ashland was here. And he left before me. I got into my car, and then i started driving. It was foggy.

Denise: You remember how fast you were going?

Victoria: No, not — not really, but I know that, before the accident, I was on the phone with my mother, and then the next thing that I knew… um…

Ashland: I, uh — I was following victoria that night in my own car. She had had a tough day here at the office, and I wanted to make sure she was okay driving through the fog. We got to that stretch of highway b, and I saw headlights coming straight at us. And I realized they were in our lane. Victoria swerved and went off the road. I reacted too late to avoid contact. Rey and I — our cars made contact. I, um, slammed on the brakes, turned sideways, he ran into me, and I went spinning off the road.

Chance: So, rey stayed in the wrong lane, even after almost hitting victoria? He didn’t try to avoid the collision at all?

Ashland: No. He just kept coming straight at us, never stopping.

Chance: Well, that doesn’t make very much sense. You see, rey had very extensive training in driving in dangerous conditions like this. If he did lose control, I’m sure he could have regained it.

Ashland: I don’t know what to tell you. That’s what happened.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Chance: Excuse me one minute. I have to check this.

Ashland: Of course.

Victoria: Is everything alright?

Chance: Yes, everything is fine. I do have to run, though. So, thank you for your time. If I have any more questions, I’ll be in touch.

Ashland: I hope reliving all of that wasn’t too much for you.

Victoria: I’m alright.

Ashland: You know, recounting that puts everything else into perspective.

Lily: So, what about our official name?

Devon: I’m cool with chancellor-winters, but I am gonna be re-branding lp into hamilton streaming, as a tribute to my mother.

Amanda: That’s wonderful.

Billy: Uh, yeah, that is great. I will let our pr team know. They’re working on a release to announce the newly merged company now.

Nate: Maybe we should throw a huge party for the press, given that this is gonna be massive news.

Imani: I love the sound of that.

Devon: Well, do we want to be that flashy, though, out of the gate? ‘Cause neil — he always loved a good party, but when it came to the company, he was a bit more reserved and buttoned-up.

Nate: Yeah, but the thing about neil was — he believed in tradition, but nobody rolled with the times like he did. And the company’s evolved since the two of you had founded it. Why not make a bold new statement right out of the gate? Show them exactly who we are?

Adam: Ah, I better clear out before one of your entourage shows up and tries to accuse me of stealing a basket or insinuate myself into your grief.

[ Knock on door ]

Sharon: Chance. Hi. Come on in.

Chance: Thank you. Adam. How you doing?

Adam: [ Clears throat ] I, uh, just came by to offer my condolences. I know that, uh, you and rey were close, so I’m sorry that you lost your partner.

Chance: Thanks, man. He was a good friend.

Adam: Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Sharon: Okay. Thanks again. I’d offer you something, but I’m sure you didn’t come back here for the coffee and muffins.

Chance: No. Rey’s autopsy report just came in. I thought you’d want to hear it from me.

Sharon: Hear what?

Chance: The truth about what happened that night. Listen, I’m done settling. Because this is my secret.

Lily: Well, I like the idea of a splashy media push.

Nate: With devon and lily front and center.

Billy: I can’t think of a more dynamic duo.

Devon: Well, let’s talk about that ’cause I don’t really know if I completely agree. I think that since chancellor is the more established company that lily should probably be the one who’s front and center, just ’cause you’re used to being a spokesperson and I don’t really do that kind of thing. I run stuff from the sidelines.

Lily: Well, I didn’t propose this merger so I could fly solo. I mean, this is about us joining forces, you know, coming together as brother and sister, who have deep ties to these corporate entities, ’cause not only are we the children of neil winters, but you — you are the grandson of katherine chancellor. I mean, that’s a huge selling point.

Devon: No, I guess you’re right.

Nate: So many companies are known for their leaders. We need to aim for that with our new entity and our two ceos.

Devon: Yeah. It just feels like everything’s happening very fast.

Lily: Well, look, I get it, right? I mean, we’re finding our footing, you know? We’re finding out who we are. But it’s okay. We can do it because we have clear values, we know who we are, and that’s because of what dad instilled in us. So, I mean, ready or not, we’re gonna be the face of this company.

Amanda: Oh, devon, I think you’re gonna have to get used to being the center of attention.

Lily: Come on, devon. Take a leap of faith.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Chance: Well, rey’s cause of death… it wasn’t the car crash. He had a heart attack behind the wheel.

Sharon: Oh, my god.

[ Voice breaking ] Poor rey. Um…

[ Sniffles ] Well, what — what were his last moments like?

Chance: All I know is the coroner said that it was very sudden and very fast. Probably didn’t have enough time to feel anything.

Sharon: How could he have a heart attack? He was so young and healthy.

Chance: [ Sighs heavily ] Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that. Sometimes these things happen without any warning.

Sharon: [ Sniffles, gasps ] You know, I’ve been… I’ve been saying all the right things, like, “it was an accident,” “it was nobody’s fault,” but secretly I was really angry with victoria and ashland. I just wondered if they weren’t watching the road, if they were being reckless. I — I think I just needed someone to blame.

Chance: I understand why you’d want to put this all on somebody else. I get that. But, sadly, rey’s heart just started beating too fast. There’s no one to blame.

Victoria: Get that back to me as quickly as you can. Thank you.

Ashland: I see you did some redecorating. Makes sense that you would move the portrait I had commissioned.

Victoria: I destroyed it.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Of course you did. I always loved that you were so calm and controlled on the outside, but inside an inferno. I remember something else. In the middle of everything that was revealed and all that was falling apart, there was a moment, a moment when I thought that you believed that we could start over. You later claimed that you were lying to manipulate me.

Victoria: I did what was necessary to get you to sign those papers.

Ashland: I don’t believe that. You meant every word of it. You were completely sincere. And then all that noise got in the way. But the moment was real and it was there. You know it and I know it. I am willing to do whatever it takes, whatever you ask to get back to that moment.

[ Door closes ]

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GH Transcript Thursday, April 28, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Anita

Gladys: Oh, my God. Is she dead?

Sasha: She’s alive.

Gladys: [ Sighs ]

Sasha: Call an ambulance right now. She just came out of nowhere!

[ Car door closes ]

Felty: Oh, man. Look what you did.

Nikolas: Ava, where are you? I thought you’d be home by now. Give me a ring when you get this. Love you.

Spencer: I get it. Your girlfriend is not happy with you right now. But if I can ride out Joss and Trina hating me, then you can, too. Please, I need you to do me this one favor.

Esme: What favor is that?

[ Door opens ]

Trina: Oh. It’s you.

Rory: Uh, Miss Robinson. You can put that down now.

Trina: I can. I’m just not sure if I should.

Portia: I was worried about you. I-I couldn’t reach you all day.

Curtis: Oh, baby, I’m sorry I went radio silent.

Portia: Trina told me that Marshall left town and you might have gone after him. So what happened? Did you find him?

Curtis: I found him. And then I lost him again.

Willow: Hey!

Michael: Hey! You made it.

Dante: I did. How’s it going?

Michael: How you doing?

Dante: Good to see you.

Willow: Good to see you.

Dante: Hey, you, too.

Willow: Where’s Sam?

Dante: Uh, what? I’m not enough for you guys?

Willow: Oh, well, normally, yes. But isn’t this supposed to be a double date?

Dante: It is. Uh, something came up. She sends her regrets.

Michael: Everything okay?

Dante: Yeah, I think so. Uh, we didn’t really have time to get into it, but she encouraged me to come, so, uh, I’m sure it’s nothing too serious.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Same: Mom. What the hell happened?

Alexis: [ Sighs ] Carly and I barely escaped with our lives. Girls’ night out.

Sam: What is she talking about? Is she okay?

TJ: Yeah, she’s not exaggerating. Alexis and Carly Corinthos were attacked.

Sam: By who?

Alexis: Someone I thought was my friend.

Amy: Your vitals are all in the normal range, but the attending wants to monitor you.

Carly: Okay.

Amy: Lie back and try to rest, Mrs. Corinthos.

Carly: Okay. I know you have questions for me, but you guys have got to find Harmony. She’s gonna try and go after Willow and Wiley.

Jordan: Why do you think Harmony could be a danger to her own daughter and grandson?

Carly: Harmony has had some kind of psychotic break. She is desperate to keep the secret that Willow is not her daughter.

Felty: How’s this for a headline? “Supermodel speedster slays.”

Sasha: Where’s your decency?! This woman is barely breathing! She needs an ambulance right now!

Gladys: I told you, I don’t know the exact location!

Sasha: Okay. I can’t focus. Just go help Gladys get an ambulance.

Felty: Give me the phone.

Gladys: What?

Felty: Give me the phone. I’ll fix it, whatever. Yeah, we’re on route 32, near Rana Point…

Gladys: How is she?

Sasha: Help me turn her.

Gladys: Well, maybe we shouldn’t move her.

Sasha: This lady is not breathing, okay? She needs CPR right now.

Gladys: Okay.

Sasha: Okay, on three, you’re gonna — you’re gonna turn her over towards me. I’m gonna hold her head, okay?

Gladys: Okay, okay.

Sasha: One, two, three. Oh.

Glady: Oh, oh. [ Sighs ] I saw — I saw a shadow, and I thought it was a deer, but it was a person.

Sasha: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god!

Gladys: It’s Willow’s mom.

Sasha: [ Breathing heavily ]

Alexis: I don’t know. She took off on foot. She could be anywhere.

Carly: I found a piece of paper in a file, and they were notes from a therapy session, and they mentioned Harmony by name. Something about Harmony feeling guilty about taking a child that wasn’t her own.

Jordan: These were Neil Byrne’s notes?

Carly: Well, yeah, I mean, when I went to the fireplace, because Harmony was burning papers, the heading on the paper said “Dr. Neil Byrne, psychiatrist.” And that’s when Harmony came at me with a needle.

Jordan: This could explain why Brendon Byrne was found dead in the water by the pier.

Carly: Look, all I know is when I woke up in the back of my SUV, I could hear Harmony and Alexis arguing. And Harmony was threatening Alexis. She went after her, I tackled her to the ground, we fought, but the second Harmony heard Alexis get through to 911, she took off.

Jordan: And this was all because of Neil Byrne’s file? What was so compelling that Harmony would commit multiple homicides to keep it quiet?

Willow: Well, I’m sorry Sam’s missing out, but I won’t complain, having two handsome dinner companions.

Dante: Are you sure? I kind of — maybe I’ll be, you know, like the third wheel here.

Michael: Oh.

Dante: Don’t you guys want to have a rare night out alone?

Willow: Oh, no. We manage to get out when we can. [ Chuckles ] What have you been up to?

Dante: Just working. I was just at Volonino’s, actually. Sonny was there.

Michael: Oh?

Dante: Yeah. I heard you two had a dust up.

Willow: Excuse me. I’m going to call the nanny and check in on Wiley.

Dante: Oh, that was very tactfully done.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Dante: [ Clears throat ]

Michael: So, uh, what did our father have to say?

Dante: Well, I heard his side of the story. I was hoping to hear your side.

Michael: Oh. Look, man, this is, uh [Sighs] This is between dad and me. I think it’s — it’s probably best you stay out of it.

Curtis: I am really sorry about today. I was in a negative headspace. Had a confrontation with Marshall, and of course, it didn’t go very well.

Portia: And how is this confrontation any different from the other ones that you’ve had with him?

Curtis: Well, this time I had knowledge. I discovered some secrets that he’s been keeping from me.

Portia: And how did you come across this knowledge?

Curtis: I did some digging.

Portia: [ Scoffs ] And Marshall was upset by the invasion of his privacy.

Curtis: So much so that he, uh, packed his bags and left town.

Portia: Oh, I see. So what exactly do you think upset Marshall more, the fact that you unearthed his secret, or that you used Drew to help you do it?

Rory: I didn’t mean to scare you. I noticed you hadn’t locked the door.

Trina: Yeah, I-I meant to. I just — I just got caught up with work.

Rory: Well, you should be more careful. Um, commissioner Ashford sent me, told me to keep watch. She said there’s been some trouble with the press. Although I don’t recommend you pepper-spraying a reporter. Can you put that away now?

Trina: Right, yes. I’m sorry.

[ Both Chuckle ]

Rory: Close call. Look like you have good aim.

Trina: I do. Uh, my dad is an ex-cop.

Rory: Then I’m sure he taught you the importance of handling a weapon safely.

Trina: Oh, trust me. I know.

Rory: [ Chuckles ] Good. I’d hate to have to take you in.

Trina: Like you did with Cam and Spencer? Overreact much?

Rory: You’re still mad that I detained your friends?

Trina: Friend. Cam is my friend.

Rory: And Cassadine isn’t?

Spencer: I’m glad we understand one another.

Esme: Who was that?

Spencer: Cameron.

Esme: Cam’s doing you a favor?

Spencer: If he knows what’s good for him. I told him that he needs to watch what he says about you in the future, or things might get physical again.

Esme: Again? You and Cam got into a fight?

Spencer: And dragged down to the PCPD, but now he knows that I’m not going to tolerate anyone badmouthing you.

Esme: You did that for me? I-I mean, Spence, you have to be careful. You cannot get arrested again.

Spencer: There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you. I’d better get going.

Esme: Where?

Spencer: To the gallery so I can get started on the many menial tasks that Ava’s assigned me. But if I go after hours, I can avoid Ava and Trina.

Esme: I appreciate that.

Spencer: It always has been us against the world.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone clatters ]

Something on your mind?

Nikolas: This was a waste. All that effort, Ava’s not even taking my calls.

[ Table crashes ]

Nikolas: [ Sighs ]

Esme: It was a beautiful table. I — I’m sorry Ava didn’t get a chance to see it, and for my part in ruining your plans.

Nikolas: This isn’t your fault, okay? [ Sighs ]

Esme: Ava isn’t here because she resents the fact that I am.

Nikolas: No, hey, just leave that. I-I-I’ll have somebody clean it.

Esme: [ Sighs ] Ava’s even placed her vow renewal on hold.

Nikolas: No one’s forcing her to make those choices.

Esme: It’s so obvious how you worship your wife. I-I can’t understand how Ava doesn’t appreciate that. I see what kind of partner you are, and…I want that kind of passion and loyalty in my life. You and I, we…

[ Door opens ]

Esme: …Don’t deserve to be stuck in a house without the kind of love we so desperately need.

Laura: Then I come bearing glad tidings. Nobody’s stuck, Esme. You don’t have to hide out at Spoon Island anymore.

Trina: I asked you not to arrest Cam, if you recall. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do. I’ll lock up when you go.

Rory: I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Commissioner Ashford is really pushing for everything to be by the book.

Trina: Nothing wrong with being disciplined. I can relate.

Rory: And so you know, both guys got off with a warning.

Trina: I suppose you’re just doing your job. Possibly taking it a little too seriously.

Rory: [ Chuckles ] Well, uh, since you are cutting me some slack, I wouldn’t turn down something to drink while I keep watch from my patrol car.

Trina: Officer invisible did give me a soda once. I guess I can return the favor.

Rory: [ Chuckles ] It’s actually Cabrera, but you can call me Rory if you ever need to call me.

Curtis: Drew told you about our plan?

Portia: He told me the basics. That Drew set up an interview so that Marshall would agree to a background check.

Curtis: Yeah, Marshall was pissed by all the subterfuge. He was even more upset that I defied his wishes to continue searching.

Portia: Then why did you do it?

Curtis: I did it for you and Trina and Aunt Stella and TJ, and for everyone that I love. We had to find out what Marshall was hiding. And I don’t regret that I kept at it, because what I found out was eye-popping. The man was never in a witness protection program. There was no link to no organized crime. In fact, his arrest was because of a — a protest rally decades ago.

Portia: I don’t understand why he would hide that.

Curtis: I’m guessing pride, that, you know — embarrassed that he never did jail time, you know. Instead, he was sent to a mental institution. Baby, I was gonna tell you. I just wanted to confront the man first.

Portia: And, um, well, you don’t owe me — owe me that information. But I am wondering why you didn’t share with me how you acquired it. Subterfuge, digging — my perspective could have helped you with this.

Curtis: Yeah.

Portia: And I thought — I thought that we were in this together. But you didn’t trust me? You didn’t trust me with any of it?

Michael: I just — I don’t recognize our father anymore. I mean, do you?

Dante: Yeah. Yeah, of course I do. I just — you know, he’s going through some changes.

Michael: Yeah, changes that directly affect my mother and my son. I mean, my mom can take care of herself, but Wiley can’t. So it means I have to put my relationship with Sonny behind me.

Dante: For how long?

Willow: Wiley’s just fine.

Dante: Oh, good.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Dante: That’s me. And now it’s my turn to be excused. I got a work call. Excuse me.

Willow: Everything okay?

Michael: Well, Dante didn’t try and talk me out of my position, so there’s that.

Willow: [ Sighs ] Relationships with parents are tricky. I still need to check in with my mom about her drinking last night. That is not like her.

Dante: Uh, hey, you two. I just got called to the scene of an accident. I got to jet.

Willow: Eventful night.

Dante: Yeah, it appears so. Hey, I just want to say, whatever happens with you and Sonny, we’re brothers always, okay?

Michael: Yeah, always.

Dante: Rain check on the dinner?

Michael: Sounds good, man. Next time bring Sam, okay?

Dante: Of course. No more third wheel for you guys.

[ All Laugh ]

Sam: You couldn’t have known how deep Harmony’s lies went, or what she was actually capable of.

Alexis: I didn’t. Not even close.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Alexis: [ Sighs ] She killed Neil, and then she became my friend and — and tried to kill me!

Carly: Harmony stole a baby. I mean, that is pretty shocking. But is it sufficient motive to kill you, Alexis, Neil Byrne, and his brother? Was it all to avoid going back to prison, or is there more to the story?

Harmony: Nina and I are connected through Wiley.

Carly: I know, but I have a feeling there’s something more to it. When you came to ask for a job at the metro court, you said you owed Nina.

Harmony: I misspoke.

Carly: Not sure.

Jordan: Try me.

Carly: I’m — [ Scoffs ] Well, I mean, I think Brendon knew that Harmony killed his brother.

Jordan: Then why not come to the police, especially when he had the damning evidence in her file?

Carly: Uh, you know, apparently — um, a-apparently, he was trying to shake her down.

Jordan: Okay. Then why would Harmony go to such extreme lengths? And what was in that file? Carly?

Carly: Hm?

Jordan: What else do you know?

Sasha: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22…

Gladys: If she dies, are we gonna get in trouble?

Sasha: …25, 26, 27, 28, 29…

Gladys: Willow could sue —

Sasha: Gladys, this isn’t helping! 29, 30 —

Harmony: [ Gasps ]

Sasha: Oh, Harmony. She’s back, she’s back.

Gladys: Oh!

Sasha: Okay, Harmony, hold on. Help is coming.

Gladys: Oh!

Sasha: Help is coming.

Gladys: You did it. You brought her back.

[ Harmony breathing wheezily ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Felty: Oh, that’s so good, Sasha. Look at me, look at me, look at me. Mm-hmm.

Jordan: Did Harmony tell you anything? Any indication of why she would murder two people and try to kill two more?

Carly: I don’t know what you want me to say, Jordan. What I do know is that Willow is going to be devastated, and I am worried about her safety. Michael and Wiley, too, which is why I have got to let them know what’s going on.

Jordan: It’s being handled. Everyone has to remain calm, including you. So sit tight. Got it?

Carly: Mm.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Jordan: Commissioner Ashford.

Carly: Yeah, I bet I sit tight.

Sam: Mom, are you sure you don’t need any more medical attention?

Alexis: You heard TJ. No concussion. I’m fine, at least physically.

Sam: I’m so sorry she did this to you. You let that woman into your home.

Alexis: I’m realizing Harmony was the cause of not only one bad night, but many.

[ Sirens wailing, horn honking ]

Paramedic: Dude, seriously, what are you doing?

Felty: Sorry. Okay. There’s two ways this thing plays out. I sell these pictures with the story that The Face of Deception is the heroine who saved the day, or you stand in my way and the story is you caused this tragedy.

[ Police radio beeps ]

Gladys: Sell the heroic pictures.

Sasha: No, Gladys!

Gladys: He’s gonna sell something. And the bad press will make Deception’s stock go down. Is that what you want?

Felty: Listen to the lady. It benefits us both. And if we’re gonna do that, I need something of mine returned. I think we both know what that is.

Paramedic: Nice job keeping her alive.

Felty: Yeah. Isn’t she great?

[ Siren wailing ]

Felty: My memory card?

Sasha: I don’t think so.

Felty: Okay, then, “The Face of Collision” it is.

Sasha: Why don’t you just leave me alone?!

Felty: And the whole world will see that you’re flaming out after you lost your kid. Smile for the camera.

Sasha: You bastard! No!

Gladys: Sasha, no.

Dante: Hey, hey, stop! Stop, stop! That’s enough, that’s enough.

Portia: I know you. I know you wouldn’t have got Drew involved unless you had serious concerns. But I wish you would have trusted me to understand that.

Curtis: Honey, I do trust you, okay? But ever since, you know… we moved in together, I’ve been concerned about Marshall’s past showing up on our doorstep. And leaving Trina at the house with him the night Aunt Stella had a panic attack, that didn’t help matters.

Portia: Trina seemed perfectly safe with Marshall, though.

Curtis: I’m not saying Marshall’s the danger, but I’m worried about his past. I just — I had to get answers.

Portia: So how’d you go about it? Didn’t Marshall’s background check come back clean?

Curtis: Yeah, Marshall had a sealed arrest record. He told me that himself.

Portia: And I know he didn’t tell you the contents of that record. So how’d you go about finding out?

Laura: What happened here?

Nikolas: It’s a momentary lapse. What’s this news of yours?

Laura: I had a conversation with Sonny. He assured me that Esme has nothing to fear from him. He gave me his word, and his word is his bond. So we can all resume our normal lives. Perhaps you can move out now, Esme.

Nikolas: Well, let’s not be too hasty.

Trina: Sorry. This is all we have. Do you like that piece?

Rory: Uh, I’m not sure. I don’t know anything about art. I’ve walked past the chuck museum a thousand times and never stepped foot inside.

Trina: Sad. You’re definitely missing out.

Rory: I really like the front steps. It’s a great place to eat my lunch.

Trina: Trust me, what’s inside is a million times better.

Rory: Even if I have no idea what I’m looking at?

Trina: [ Chuckles ] See, the thing about art is that it’s subjective. How does this painting make you feel?

Rory: Uh…hopeful?

Trina: Why hopeful?

Rory: [ Chuckles ] Well, you’re putting me on the spot here. Um, something about that mixture of dark and light.

Trina: Yeah. I can see that.

Spencer: That’s called contrast. [ Clears throat ] But you should ask Trina to educate you about Chiaroscuro, the treatment of light and shade.

Trina: You’re the expert on all things shady. Why are you here?

Portia: I know a former investigator has all kinds of sources, and I’m not asking you to reveal them, but to get access to a sealed police record…

Curtis: I was right. You don’t approve.

Portia: You’re not understanding me. I’m not judging you, I’m concerned.

Curtis: For Marshall or my relationship with him?

Portia: Of course I hope that Marshall is okay. And I am sensitive to his desire to want to keep his mental-health issues private. And as far as your father-and-son relationship, I am with you. I support whatever you want.

Curtis: Then why are you upset?

Portia: I’m upset because I don’t want to lose you, Curtis.

Rory: Well, if it isn’t the mayor’s grandson. What brings you here?

Spencer: Work. I’m here to start my restitution. And I figured that since Trina is no longer supervising me, I could make my own hours.

Rory: I bet. You seem to like making your own rules.

Spencer: If now’s a bad time, I can leave.

Trina: No, I’ll go. I just need to finish up.

Rory: Well, while the two of you decide, I’ll be in the car. Thanks again for the water.

Spencer: Why’re you hanging out with him?

Trina: Not that it’s any of your business, but Commissioner Ashford assigned him to me as my protection.

Spencer: Like a bodyguard? That guy?

Trina: Why did Rory make that comment about you being the mayor’s grandson?

Spencer: “Rory”? You’re on a first-name basis now?

Trina: You used your grandmother’s position to avoid charges, didn’t you?

Spencer: I may have asked him if he knew who I was. But he would have found out anyway.

Trina: You don’t think twice, do you? You just throw money or influence or even both and expect things to go your way. I thought you would grow out of that. But I was wrong all along. You are still the same entitled brat that I had the bad luck of meeting months ago.

Nikolas: Spencer and Esme can’t support themselves.

Esme: I still don’t have access to my trust fund, and Spence isn’t making any money at the gallery.

Laura: But I’m sure he could go back to work at Kelly’s.

Esme: Spence and Cam had a, um, disagreement.

Laura: I am aware of that. I was Spencer’s first call from jail.

Esme: I should probably go talk to Spence. We wouldn’t want to trespass on anyone’s kindness for too long. I’ll go tell him the good news.

Laura: Okay!

Esme: Thank you, Laura.

Laura: Oh, you’re so welcome.

Nikolas: I appreciate you coming here to deliver the news personally.

Laura: And not a minute too soon, it seems.

Dante: Okay, what the hell happened here? W-what’s going on?

Felty: I’m bleeding. She’s insane.

Sasha: I’m insane?! You bloodsucker!

Gladys: Shh! Okay, okay, not another word without an attorney present. I’m gonna call Brando. She’s not saying another word, so save your breath.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Felty: Uh, I need medical attention.

Dante: Then drive yourself to G.H. And get medical attention. And don’t leave there till I take your statement.

Felty: Oh, you’re gonna get my statement all right.

Dante: Good. Get out of here.

Sasha: [ Breathing heavily ]

Dante: Are you okay?

Sasha: No. How’s Harmony?

Dante: It’s too soon to tell. What happened here?

[ Vehicle door opens, closes ]

Sasha: That horrible man was chasing us.

[ Engine starts ]

Dante: Okay, what was — was he trying to get photos?

[ Vehicle departs ]

Sasha: I was trying to get away. I was driving and —

Dante: Okay, stop. Sasha, you should know you do have a right to counsel, okay? But I need to know what happened tonight with Harmony miller. How did she get hurt?

Sasha: She just ran out into the road right in front of my car. I-I couldn’t swerve. Oh, my god, Dante, what if she doesn’t make it? [ Sniffles ]

Gladys: That’s enough for now. Can’t you see she’s upset?

Dante: Okay. Okay. You can go, but you got to get her to G.H. Have her checked out, she could be in shock. In the morning, I’m gonna need you both to come to the station and make a statement, okay?

Gladys: Well, let’s — let’s go, sweetheart.

Michael: Some date night, huh?

Willow: Started off weird. Sam couldn’t make it, and Dante got called away. It’s not your fault.

Michael: Well, thanks. I’m sorry, kind of just been in a funk since Dante brought up my dad.

Willow: Cutting a parent out of your life is not easy.

Michael: [ Sighs ]

Willow: But it doesn’t have to be forever. Look at me and my mom.

Michael: You know what? Enough gloomy talk. Like Dante said, this is a rare night out, so let’s make the best of it.

Willow: Do you have anything in particular in mind?

Michael: I got a few things in mind.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Michael: Oh. [ Sighs ] Of course.

Willow: [ Chuckles ]

[ Ringing continues ]

Michael: Hold that thought. It’s my mom. Hey.

Carly: Michael, is Willow with you?

Michael: Uh, yeah. We just sat down to dinner. Everything okay?

Carly: Oh. No, no, it’s not okay. And this isn’t about Wiley, but I need you and Willow to come to the emergency room at G.H. Right now. And I will tell you everything when you get here.

Michael: Okay. Yeah, we’re on our way.

Willow: What is it?

Carly: Alexis! Hey, are you okay?

Alexis: I’m fine, thanks to you.

Carly: Oh.

Alexis: You saved my life. What about you?

Carly: I’m okay, a-and thank you. I mean, if you didn’t show up when you did…

Alexis: Well…

Sam: Hey, so Spinelli’s trying to get a location on Harmony’s phone.

Alexis: Well, she sure as hell won’t be calling me. My reporter with the contact at PCPD says there isn’t any info yet, but hopefully they’ll find Harmony and this will all be over soon.

Amy: Ms. Davis, your release papers are done. Ms. Corinthos, we’re working on yours.

[ Door opens, gurney rattles ]

Paramedic: We have a female involved in MVA. She was in full arrest on scene. A bystander performed CPR and patient achieved ROSC. Patient has multiple injuries and probable head trauma.

Amy: Oh, my god. That’s Willow’s mother.

TJ: Get her to cubicle 1. We need radiology down here, stat, a DIC panel, CBC, CMP, blood gases, and two units of O neg.

Sasha: [ Crying, breathing heavily ]

Gladys: Dante told me to have you checked out at G.H., And I agree. Brando’s very worried about you, honey.

Sasha: [ Sniffles ] Just say it, Gladys!

Gladys: Hey, Harmony came out of nowhere. There’s no way you could have avoided her. But the fact is, you were speeding. What is on that memory card that’s got you so upset?

Paparazzo Felty: Is that on the menu?

Sasha: [ Gasps ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Sasha: Ugh! I’m just so sick of being treated like some animal in an exhibit! Ever since I lost Liam, my grief has been judged and analyzed and exploited! And I-I just can’t take it anymore! [ Sobs ]

Gladys: I get it, I get it. I get it, but you don’t have to worry. The memory card is safe in my purse. [ Mouths ] It’s okay.

Sasha: What? Thank you, Gladys. Can I have it?

Gladys: Of course, of course. B-but let’s get you to the hospital first. Okay?

Sasha: Okay.

Gladys: All right.

Sasha: I hope Willow is there. I owe her an explanation.

Alexis: Jordan, what did you find out? Do you know what happened to Harmony Miller?

Jordan: Apparently, she was struck in a single vehicle collision.

Sam: Wait, Harmony was able to commandeer a getaway car and crashed?

Jordan: Not exactly.

Willow: Wait. What? This is about my mom? W-where is she? What happened?

Jordan: Willow, let’s have a seat.

Willow: N-no, tell me what’s going on. Is my mother okay?

Jordan: Your mother was struck by a car earlier tonight.

Willow: I want to see her.

Jordan: They’re trying to stabilize her right now.

Willow: Oh, my God.

Michael: Come on.

Carly: Willow… Willow, they’re doing everything they can for your mom.

Willow: Uh, I-I-I don’t understand. Did my mom drive off the road? W-what?

Michael: Mom, is this why you wanted us here? H-how did you find out about this, and what — what happened to your face?

Carly: We’ll talk about it later.

Willow: Wait.

Carly: Okay?

Willow: Wait a minute, Carly. Do you know what’s happening here?

Curtis: I’m not going nowhere.

Portia: But you can’t promise me that. Not if you’re using questionable methods. You’re keeping me at bay. Honey, I lived through this. I lived through this whole thing with Taggert. I’m not doing it again.

Curtis: I did what I did to protect what we have.

Portia: Did what exactly? There’s no way you got that sealed record from a legitimate source, I know it.

Curtis: I do not want to jeopardize what we’re building.

Portia: Well, I’m glad to hear it. And I know that your past is important to you, but I need you to promise me that from this point forward, you’re gonna put our future first.

Laura: Seems like I walked in on sort of, um… a close moment between you and Esme.

Nikolas: I was upset because Ava wasn’t available for a surprise dinner that I arranged. I didn’t realize that she had other plans. Esme was blaming herself, and I was consoling her.

Laura: Seems to me you should be consoling your wife.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] Well, now that Esme won’t be around all the time, hopefully things will improve. [ Sighs ]

Laura: I’m a little worried about Spencer. He’s been fighting with his friends. He’s becoming increasingly more isolated. I mean, soon it’ll just be Esme and Victor.

Nikolas: And me. We’re still growing closer.

Laura: Get Esme out of the house.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ]

Laura: She is the common denominator in all of these strained relationships.

Nikolas: Esme’s not perfect. But you’re giving her too much power.

Laura: She is manipulative. Can you see that? She sows chaos.

Nikolas: Bottom line, Esme wants to be loved and needed. Once she and Spencer patch things up, things will get back on track. Spencer will rebuild his life. Ava and I will rebuild ours. And once that finally happens, we’ll come together as a family. [ Sighs ]

Laura: When did you become the optimist?

Nikolas: Am I wrong to hope for a positive outcome?

Laura: No, not wrong to — not necessarily. I think you’re being a little naive. There is a scorpion under your roof. Get rid of her before she poisons all of you.

Spencer: You cannot blame me for using my connections. Another arrest on my record could send me back to prison. Aren’t you doing all that you can to keep from being incarcerated?

Trina: I’m innocent. Not that you believe me.

Spencer: Do you really regret meeting me?

Trina: How self-absorbed can you get? I am facing trial and a Title IX investigation that can give me kicked out of school. Out of all the things I stand to lose, you’re the least important.

Spencer: I know that I hurt you, Trina, but don’t try to hurt me, no matter how much I deserve it. It’s just not your style.

Trina: Maybe then you don’t know me after all. I was certainly wrong thinking I knew you.

Spencer: You do know me. And you believed in me, at least you did.

Trina: [ Scoffs ] Oh, please [Scoffs] You’re the only person that would try to make me feel guilty for — for your sick, wack friendship.

Spencer: That’s not what this is.

Trina: Yes, it is. You’re playing all the hits, and I’m not listening. You abandoned me when I needed you the most. If you want to work nights, I’ll work days.

Spencer: No, don’t — don’t interrupt your schedule. I just needed to get away from the house tonight.

Trina: Issues with you dad?

Spencer: Actually, he and I are on better terms than we’ve been in a long time.

Trina: Then what are you running from? Your beloved Esme?

Curtis: There’s nothing more important than our future together.

Portia: And what about Marshall? Will you look for him?

Curtis: I mean, he disappeared successfully for decades. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t want to be found.

Portia: Well, nobody knew to look for him then, but now they do. I get the feeling that family means everything to Marshall.

Curtis: Well, then, he and I have that in common. Because you and Trina, you’re family, too. I know she’s not my daughter, but I care about her. I hope you will trust that I will always do what’s best for both of you.

Portia: I do.

Curtis: Because ethics and integrity, I know, mean a lot to both of us. So going forward… …you’re never gonna have to worry about that.

Nikolas: Nothing is more important to me than Ava and Spencer, and I believe that my family will be intact once all the dust settles.

Laura: Okay. I admire your confidence and your resolve. I just hope you know what you’re doing.

Spencer: Believe it or not, I miss going to Kelly’s. I used to feel useful there. I mean, I hated that job at first, but I started to appreciate how feeling productive improved my state of mind.

Trina: Then go back. Especially if you’re taking nights here.

Spencer: You and Joss don’t want Cam to rehire me.

Trina: Joss, maybe. She’s just protecting me. I don’t mind. I get how that can be important to you.

Spencer: You always do.

Trina: But not how Esme gets you, right? I’ll leave your to-do list so that you can run home to your phony, twisted witch you consider the love of your life.

Spencer: Esme is anything but that.

Dante: All righty. Thank you for your statement.

Felty: Whoa, is that it? What about my memory card? First, the mother-in-law stole it from me, and then Sasha Gilmore attacked me when I asked for it back.

Dante: Yeah, she attacked you. That looks real life-threatening, huh?

Felty: Mm-hmm.

Dante: Do you want to press charges, Mr. Felty?

Felty: Yeah. Yeah, that’ll show her.

Dante: That’s cool. That’s your right.

Felty: Mm-hmm.

Dante: It’s also Ms. Gilmore’s right to counter charge for assault and harassment. Want to do that?

Felty: Forget it.

Dante: That’s what I thought. Oh, and since we’re probably also looking at an investigation into illegal vehicular pursuit, do me a favor and don’t go anywhere.

Felty: [ Scoffs ] Thanks. For nothing. [ Sighs ] Hey, Smoltzy. You’re gonna want to hit an ATM ’cause what I got, you’re gonna want. [ Laughs ]

Willow: Were you two with my mom?

Carly: Not at the time of the accident.

Alexis: Before. At rana point. Yeah.

Willow: But why?

[ Hospital bed rolling ]

Willow: Oh, my god, mom. Dr. Ashford, can I talk to her?

TJ: No time. Your mom’s injuries are critical. I will bring you news as soon as I have some. We need to get her to the O.R. Now.

Willow: Who could have done this to my mom?

On the next “General Hospital” —

Brando (to Sasha): What reason did the photographer have for chasing you?

Willow (to Michael): I will never forgive myself for pushing her away.

Spencer: You’re the one I have my eyes on.

Trina: You made the choice. Deal with it.

Josslyn (to Carly): What were you doing in the ER?

Esme: Will finally see though your good girl act.

Ava (to Nikolas): Tell me you’re not letting her stay.

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Days Transcript Thursday, April 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Belle: [Scoffs] I don’t understand. You’re supposed to be in prison.

Jan: Shawn came to my rescue. He convinced them to let me out of there.

[Groans] And then, uh, he asked me to move in with him.

Shawn: No, that is not how it went down.

Belle: Oh, really? How did it go down?

Shawn: Jan has a medical condition which requires her to be in bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy.

Belle: So? She can’t rest in her bed at statesville?

Jan: It’s not very restful there. Or safe.

Shawn: Look, they had her in the infirmary and I spoke to the warden and they said they couldn’t guarantee that she was gonna get the proper care that she needed.

Belle: Okay, so the warden agreed to let her out?

Shawn: He and the judge. They agreed to put her on house arrest.

Belle: Our house?

Jan: I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be here. It was so stressful to be pregnant and in prison. I mean, that place, it’s just– it’s full of dangerous, unsavory characters.

Allie: I don’t know if you’ve heard, but ben and ciara are having a baby.

Evan: Yeah. Before he got out, clyde mentioned it about a hundred times.

Allie: Proud grandpa, huh?

Evan: [Chuckles] Sure.

Allie: Well, that baby boy is very important to me. And as you might imagine, it’s also important to ben. But our plans for that kid’s future don’t really… align.

Ej: Johnny, it’s your father. Again, sorry to disrupt your journey of self-discovery, but I need you to sign back over my dimera shares. Also… I miss you, son, and I would like to hear from you, so please call me back.

[Soft tense music]

[Banging on door]

Johnny: Do you hear that? It’s–somebody’s coming! We’re saved!

[Wood splinters]

Andre: Hello, boys. Now… what’s with all the commotion?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ciara: Ben? Ben, are you home? Where is your father, baby? He’s not at the garage like he said he’d be.

[Knock at door]

Jake: Hey.

Ciara: Jake. [Sighs]

Jake: Is ben here? I need to talk to you guys.

Ciara: No, actually. Ben is not here.

Jake: You know where he is?

Ciara: I do not. I just woke up this morning, and he was gone.

Jake: Gone?

Ciara: Gone. I’ve been looking all over for him, jake. I’ve been looking everywhere, but it’s like– it’s like he disappeared into thin air. I don’t know. I’m starting to think something really bad has happened to him.

Ben: Tony! Hey! Thank god you’re here. You gotta get us out of these chains.

Johnny: Ben.

Ben: Look, do you have maybe the keys or–or a hacksaw or something?

Johnny: Save your breath.

Ben: [Stutters] Ciara needs me right now. The devil is after her and our baby, and she needs me right now, tony.

Johnny: He’s not gonna set us free.

Ben: What? Why not?

Johnny: Because that’s not tony.

Ben: What are you talking about? I know your uncle when I see him.

Andre: I am his uncle… but regretfully, not the one you think.

Ben: Wait, what? What are you saying?

Andre: Andre dimera at your service. If you haven’t tried dawn powerwash dish spray,

Belle: Why would you do this? Why would you move jan spears into our home?

Shawn: It’s the only way that I could get her out of there. I promised that she was gonna be living in a house with a cop, so I could keep a close eye on her.

Jan: Not that I can get into any trouble with this thing on. And, you know, bed rest.

Belle: So you didn’t think to run this by me before moving her in here?

Shawn: Belle, you haven’t been living here.

Belle: I didn’t move out! I went to stay with my parents!

Shawn: Yeah, but for how long? I mean, last time we spoke, you said you didn’t want to come home.

Belle: Well, obviously, I changed my mind.

Shawn: Really? Wait, that’s why you’re back?

Belle: Eric convinced me to come home and try and work things out, but obviously, that was a huge mistake.

Ej: Yes, I’m well aware I’m no longer in charge of the company, but I’m still a dimera, and my son is on the board, and I need your help to track him down. You’re the head of security, for god’s sake.

[Scoffs] You know what? Someday soon, I’m going to be ceo again, and when that happens, the first thing I’m going to do is fire your disloyal ass and make sure you never work again!

Susan: Oh! Elvis, jr! My goodness, you need to do something about that anger! It’s gonna eat you up!

Ej: Mother, when did you get back into town?

Susan: Oh, just now, just now. Okay, you know what? You need to direct me to our sweet johnny right now.

Ej: He’s not here.

Susan: Well, where is he?

Ej: Why do you need to know? What’s the urgency?

Susan: Ugh! The urgency is is that I’m very, very, very worried. Oh, elvis! My beloved grandbaby is–

[Gasps] He’s in danger!

Ben: You can’t be andre.

Andre: Why not?

Ben: Because andre dimera’s dead. Abigail smashed him in his head with an urn.

Andre: Oh, yes, yes. Abigail can be quite feisty when she’s not herself. But then, of course, you would know that, being on the receiving end of one of her… episodes, huh?

Ben: [Scoffs] I don’t get it. What–what– what is he, like a ghost?

Johnny: I–I think– I think he’s been summoned.

Ben: Summoned? Summoned by the devil?

Johnny: To do his dirty work.

Andre: Hey. A job’s a job.

Johnny: He visited me once before. He used my blood and forged my signature with it on a note which made it seem like I left town.

Andre: [Chuckles] And it worked like a charm. Now everybody thinks that my little nephew here has gone to europe to find himself. I just love all these dark powers at my disposal.

Ben: So why are you here this time? What the hell does the devil want with us now?

Ciara: So allie found this note on the floor.

Jake: Did you go to the garage?

Ciara: Yeah. He didn’t show up there at all. I even asked clyde if he’s seen him, but no. I don’t suppose you’ve heard from him?

Jake: No, I’m sorry.

Ciara: [Sighs] What if he got into a car accident on his way to work? Last night, allie came over to drop off this tea that’s supposed to help me sleep, and it worked. It knocked me completely out. And ben also had some, so what if he was driving to work this morning, and he fell asleep behind the wheel, and he’s hurt, lying in a ditch somewhere?

Jake: Who are you calling?

Ciara: I’m calling the police.

Evan: I don’t get it. What do you want with ciara’s baby?

Allie: Does it matter?

Evan: I’m a father. As much as I hate ben and ciara, I would never do anything to harm a child.

Allie: Oh, no, no. Trust me. I am very invested in the well-being of baby boy weston. That’s why I want to get rid of ben. He’d screw everything up.

Evan: So you think ben will be a bad influence on his kid?

Allie: Something like that. In any case, I need him removed from the picture.

Evan: And that’s where I come in.

Allie: You better.

Evan: So just to be clear… you’re asking me to kill ben weston? Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Shawn: Belle, please don’t go. Please?

Belle: You think I’m gonna stick around here and play “three’s company” with the two of you?

Shawn: There is no two of us.

Jan: And technically, there’s already three, if you count the baby, which I guess makes you mr. Roper. Or mr. Furley, if you prefer.

Shawn: Okay, can you please stop talking?

Jan: Just trying to help.

Shawn: You’re not helping. You’re doing the exact opposite.

Belle: Well, of course she’s not helping because she is loving every second of this. She wants you all to herself, shawn, and you know what? As far as I’m concerned, that’s fine by me.

Allie: Am I asking you to kill ben weston? Interesting question.

Evan: Is that what you want?

Allie: Well, would be kinda fun watching him die. But it would be much more satisfying to torment him for the rest of his life.

Evan: How we gonna do that?

Allie: Remember that little prank you played on ciara when you were holding her captive?

Evan: Yeah, where i made her think ben died.

Allie: Yeah, that. Fake newspaper article and everything. Very inventive.

Evan: Thank you, but she didn’t buy it.

Allie: It’s because you didn’t have a partner to sell it. This time, we will be much more convincing.

Evan: What are you, like a photoshop ninja or something?

Allie: Not exactly. In order to fool ciara, you need to be much more up close and personal.

Evan: It’s gonna be a bit difficult, seeing as I’m stuck in this hellhole.

Allie: Oh. I thought you understood, silly goose. I’m breaking you out.

Ciara: Okay, great. Thank you, rafe. I really appreciate it. Love you. Bye.

Jake: What did he say?

Ciara: Well, um, technically, it is too early to file a missing person’s report, but as a favor to me, he’s gonna get the cops on it.

Jake: That’s good news, right? Hopefully, you’ll hear something soon.

Ciara: Mm-hmm, yeah, yeah. Hopefully.

Jake: All right, I’m gonna get out of your hair.

Ciara: Wait, wait, no please. Please don’t go. Please stay.

Jake: Sure. Yeah.

Ciara: I’m gonna go crazy sitting here alone, waiting for him. And didn’t you say that you had something that you wanted to talk about with me and ben?

Jake: Yeah, that can wait.

Ciara: I know, but you said it was really important. And I can use a distraction. Please, jake.

Jake: All right. It’s gonna sound a little batty, though.

Ciara: Okay.

Jake: So… you remember how we thought that johnny dimera was possessed by the devil?

Ciara: Mm-hmm. Yeah. And what about it?

Jake: I’m beginning to think maybe we were right.

Ej: Why do you think johnny’s in trouble?

Susan: I had a premonition! Oh, baby, it was a strong one!

Ej: Were there any specifics with this premonition?

Susan: Johnny, he was in peril, and, uh–mortal peril. Okay, when was the last time you set your peepers on him?

Ej: In person? It’s been months.

Susan: Wh–

Ej: By the time I was released from statesville, he was gone.

Susan: Gone? Gone where?

Ej: Italy.

Susan: Italy? What–he–he– he left the country without saying goodbye?

Ej: He needed to get away to find himself. At least, that’s what the note said.

Susan: Well, let me see that note.

[Sighs] Oh! Oh, no, no, no. No!

Ej: What is it?

Susan: Oh, oh!

Ej: What?

Susan: Elvis, elvis, you’ve been deceived! Your son did not write this! Oh!

Ben: I’m not writing a letter trying to trick ciara into thinking that I’ve left town. She wouldn’t believe it if I did, anyway.

Andre: Perhaps not. But she certainly fell for that note you left her this morning.

Ben: What note?

Andre: Well, the contents are irrelevant. What’s important is that we were able to buy time.

Johnny: Time? Time for what?

Andre: Well, to put all the pieces in place. And it’s all coming together, my little nephew.

Ben: Look, andre. I know you have your orders or whatever, but you have to let us go, okay? I need to protect my wife and my unborn baby. I will do anything.

Andre: Anything?

Ben: Yes!

Andre: Well, I’m so happy you said that, because I’m here to offer you a deal. I will grant you your freedom on one condition.

Ben: Name it.

Andre: That you kill my nephew, johnny roman.

[Distressing music]

If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Ej: I know my own son’s handwriting, and that’s johnny’s signature.

Susan: All right, you know what, elvis? I may not be a fancy-pants handwriting expert, but I assure you johnny is not the author of this here letter.

Ej: How can you tell?

Susan: Well, I guess I’m getting just one of those unnatural vibrations from it.

Ej: You’re getting a vibration from the letter?

Susan: Yes, I am! Yes, yes! You know what? [Sighs] Ah! Someone else definitely wrote this, someone–someone with a very different energy, a very dark energy.

Ej: Who?

Susan: Oh! Oh, good lord, just hold on, hold on. I’m seeing his face. I’m seeing his face. Okay, it’s your brother, it’s your brother. It’s your brother!

Ej: Which one?

Susan: It’s tony dimera!

Ej: I seriously doubt that, mother. Tony’s had his hands full dealing with his wife and sarah horton.

Susan: I know what I saw!

Ej: It just doesn’t make any sense. Why would tony fake a letter from johnny?

Susan: That is a very good question, elvis, all right? Let me–let me–okay, okay.

[Sighs and sniffs]

Ej: [Groans softly]

Susan: [Sniffing deeply] Oops, oops!

Ej: What do you mean, oops?

Susan: I mean–I mean it’s the right face, wrong brother. The scoundrel who faked this letter is andre dimera.

Ej: Okay, mother, that’s impossible. Andre is dead.

Susan: Okay, well, maybe somebody forgot to tell him.


Andre: So do we have a deal?

Ben: I’m not killing anyone.

Andre: Oh. Well, it’s not like you haven’t murdered before. Besides, this time, it’s for a good cause.

Johnny: [Scoffs] A good cause?

Andre: Yes, a chance for ben to reunite with his wife and his unborn child.

Ben: Andre, I am sure that there is some other way.

Johnny: Yeah, maybe something that doesn’t result in my death?

Andre: Well, that’s the deal, and the terms are not negotiable.

Johnny: Why does the devil want me dead?

Andre: Because he likes to clean up after himself, and he’s so over you. But as far as ben is concerned, he’s just getting started.

Ben: I won’t be a murderer. Not again.

Andre: Oh, oh, I can see your wheels turning. I can feel it inside you. Yes, yes, you’re thinking there may be a loophole somewhere where you can save johnny roman here and perhaps take your own life, but we’ve already dealt with that. You see, it’s now called the susan banks clause.

Ben: This is insane.

Andre: But this… is where we’re at. Yes, you want to be with ciara. You just have to kill my nephew here in this family vault. And the weapon, well, that’s up to you.

Johnny: If the devil wants me dead so bad, why doesn’t he just kill me himself?

Andre: Because he can’t! Your twin sister–she puts up too much of a fight.

Johnny: Good for allie.

Andre: Oh, yes, good for allie. Good for her to postpone the inevitable. I can’t wait. It’ll be so entertaining to watch ben end your life.

Ben: I’m not doing it.

Johnny: [Sighs] Oh, thank you, ben.

Andre: Well, let’s not be too hasty. How about a taste of freedom?

[Eerie music]

Ben: [Shouts]

Andre: I said a taste of freedom. I’m not an idiot. Hmm. You should save your energy, ben, because you’re gonna need it to finish off johnny roman.

Ben: [Groans]

Andre: I believe this is your weapon of choice.

Ben: No.

Andre: No? All you have to do is wrap it around his scrawny, little neck and squeeze. And then, you’ll be free to go home to your precious ciara.

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Johnny wasn’t possessed by the devil. Belle was. I mean, you know that. Her own parents performed her exorcism.

Jake: No, right, I know, but it’s just, I’ve been having these…. these flashes.

Ciara: What kind of flashes?

Jake: Well, they’re kind of like dreams, but they’re happening more and more, and so now I’m starting to think that they’re memories.

Ciara: Okay. Memories of what, exactly?

Jake: Johnny with these creepy, glowing eyes.

Ciara: Um, are you sure that’s what you saw?

Jake: Yeah, it was the day that johnny and gabi pulled that whole hostile takeover at dimera, that whole power move, all right? Johnny and I ended up fighting. I ended up on the ground, and now, I’m starting to piece together how I got there. And are you sure this is a real memory?

Jake: I don’t know why my brain would make it up.

Ciara: Um, well, I know you don’t like johnny. He and gabi pulled some really shady stuff with you, so maybe this is your subconscious trying to come up with a reason to make him a bad guy.

Jake: Or maybe my nephew was possessed, and if he was, then that means the devil’s still here.

Evan: You’re going to break me out?

Allie: Well, we need to convince ciara you offed her husband. Bit hard to do that when you’re stuck in here.

Evan: Okay, let’s say you can get me out of here. Why would ciara believe me, especially after I already told her the same lie?

Allie: Don’t worry about that; I’ll take care of it. Are you in?

Evan: Sure, I guess. How are we gonna pull it off?

Allie: Well, don’t let this perky, blonde exterior fool you. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve.

Evan: You never told me your name. Who are you?

Allie: I go by a lot of names, and I am someone more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Evan: What does that mean?

Allie: I’ll show you.

Evan: What the hell?

Demon allie: Now you’re catching on.

Trelegy for copd.

Shawn: Look can we please talk about this in private?

Belle: No, there’s no point. You made your choice.

Shawn: My choice? I choose you, belle. I always choose you.

Belle: It doesn’t feel that way.

Shawn: I had to do this for the baby, but you and I– we’re married, we love each other, and we’re gonna make this work.

Belle: How?

Shawn: Look, I don’t know yet.

Belle: Jan spears is living in our house, shawn! Jan spears!

Jan: You don’t have to keep saying my name like that.

Shawn: Stay out of it, all right? This is only until the baby is born, and she’s gonna be on bed rest the entire time.

Belle: And you think we can trust her? She tried to kill me more than once.

Jan: It’s unhealthy to hold on to grudges.

Shawn: Okay, stop, jan. Seriously, stop talking.

Belle: You know what? I can’t live like this. I’m out.

Shawn: Belle…


[Uneasy music]

Susan: I’m telling you, elvis, that this letter was written by the devious and postmortem hand of andre dimera and that he must have done something to our sweet johnny.

Ej: I think your intuition is malfunctioning, mother. Andre is dead and buried.

Susan: Yeah, but the devil owns his immortal soul.

Ej: You think the devil brought him back?

Susan: Yeah, brought him back to hurt johnny.

Ej: Johnny is fine. He is in italy. I assure you, he’s fine.

Susan: Okay. Then you just–you get him on the phone. I wanna hear his voice.

Ej: [Sighs]

Susan: You–you can’t do it, can you?

Ej: I left him a message right before you arrived. He’ll call back soon.

Susan: Okay, but what if he can’t? What if the zombie andre has kidnapped him to do lucifer’s bidding?

Ej: Now he’s a zombie?

Susan: Oh, undead, demonic. I don’t know what you call it. All I know is, my premonition–

Ej: Mother, mother, please. You’re getting yourself worked up over nothing.

Susan: Oh, my goodness, the welfare of my grand-baby’s soul is not nothing, elvis!

Ej: Why don’t you go lie down in one of the guest rooms, and when johnny returns my call, I’ll come get you? Okay?

Susan: But I–

Ej: Mother, please, johnny is fine, you’ll see. Please, for me. Please. Johnny is fine, I promise you. Come on. Thank you.

[Uneasy warbling music]

Jake: So johnny’s in italy.

Ciara: Yeah, and apparently, he left without saying goodbye to anyone.

Jake: Interesting.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Jake: Is that rafe?

Ciara: Uh, no. It’s a spam call. It is killing me, sitting around, waiting here for answers.

Jake: Can you think of anybody else who might know where ben is?

Ciara: I called marlena and left her a message, but she hasn’t gotten back to me either.

Jake: Well, then, maybe that’s it. Maybe he’s in a session with marlena, and that’s why neither of them are answering.

Ciara: Hmm. That is entirely possible. Um… I’m gonna go to the hospital to check on that.

Jake: Yeah.

Ciara: Yeah.

Jake: Want me to stay here in case he comes back?

Ciara: Yeah. Yeah, jake, that would be amazing. Thank you.

Jake: You got it. Ciara.

Ciara: Yeah?

Jake: I’m sure he’s okay.

[Gentle piano music]

Andre: Come on, ben. I know that killer instinct is inside you, especially protecting ciara and your unborn son.

Ben: No. I am not that person anymore, and I can’t kill johnny.

Andre: Why not? Unlike all those innocent women that you strangled. I mean, look at him. So arrogant, selfish, just like a true dimera. And some say that he deserves it.

Johnny: Hey, I’m right here.

Andre: No one’s gonna miss you.

Johnny: Ben, don’t listen to him. You really think he’s gonna let you go, even if you do kill me?

Andre: Hey, I’ve got a guarantee from the big man himself downstairs, and a deal’s a deal, even when it comes to the prince of darkness.

Johnny: Don’t trust him, ben.

Andre: Ben, time is running out. It’s now or never. Ciara’s life depends on it.

Your mission:

Shawn: Look, belle, I know that you were upset, and you have every right to be, but we can work this out, so please, please call me, all right?

Jan: Sorry, shawn.

Shawn: You know what? No, you’re not, jan. She’s right. You are loving every single bit of this. You know what? I’m gonna go track her down.

Jan: I think you should take the hint.

Shawn: What?

Jan: I’m just saying, belle’s upset right now. If you don’t give her some space, you’re only gonna make it worse.

Shawn: Okay, house rule number one: You do not get to weigh in on my marriage, ever. You got it?

Jan: Fine. I was just trying to give you the female perspective. Let’s talk about something more pleasant.

Shawn: Like what?

Jan: How about pie?

Shawn: Pie?

Jan: Baby’s craving it. Would you get us some? I was thinking cherry. No, apple. No, let’s stick with the cherry. Apple–I don’t know. Would you get us both?

Ej: I’m sorry, tony. I don’t even know why I asked. Of course you didn’t write that letter. Yes, I understand andre is dead, but you know how my mother gets. Look, um, good luck with anna, and let me know if I can be of any help. Oh, that’s not a very good sign.

Belle: Oh, well, I’m just getting started.

Ej: Let me guess. Jan spears?

Belle: [Laughs] Ding, ding, ding!

Ej: You said that she contacted shawn from prison. Did he go visit her?

Belle: Oh, yeah, he did, but it’ll be his last trip to statesville.

Ej: Well, that’s good, right?

Belle: [Laughs] No, it’s not, because instead, he moved that crazy bitch into my house.

Susan: Hmm.

[Ominous music]

Johnny: What do you mean, I’m not johnny?

Susan: I mean you are that mean, mean, mean devil himself, and as god is my witness, I am gonna put an end to your reign of terror once and for all!

[Sighs] But I was wrong. I mean, it was belle black that was possessed, not johnny. Right?

Johnny: Ben, look at me. Look at me, ben! Look! Hey. This is not you. Andre is trying to corrupt your soul. That’s why he’s doing this!

Andre: Oh, let’s be honest. Your soul’s already corrupted. We’re all lost causes.

Johnny: That’s not true. Ben, my grandma marlena has told me how much progress you’ve made. You have a good heart. Okay? After all she’s done for you, you can’t repay her by killing her grandson.

Andre: Oh. You gotta act now, ben. Your wife and your child are in danger.

Ben: From the devil.

Andre: From a mortal, and if you don’t get to them soon, you’re gonna lose them forever.

Ben: Ciara…

Johnny: Ben, he’s lying!

Andre: Ben, you’ve gotta do this, for ciara… or for your child.

[Dramatic music]

Johnny: Ben, ben… please. Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Ben… mm, mm…

Ben: I won’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’T. I can’t do this because of my love for ciara. I can’t because she’s the one who saved me from–from this, from you.

Andre: Oh, well. That’s unfortunate, isn’t it?

[Disquieting music]

[Knock at door]

Jake: Can I help you?

Evan: Hi. Is ciara home?

Jake: No, she just left.

Evan: That’s okay. I’ll wait.

Jake: I don’t know who you are, man, but you’re gonna have to wait somewhere else.

Evan: Ciara won’t mind. She and I are old friends.

Jake: Wait a minute. I do know you.

Evan: I doubt it, pal.

Jake: No, I know you. You’re that punk who kept ciara locked up. How the hell’d you get out of prison?

Evan: Let’s just say a new friend helped me out.

Jake: What friend?

Evan: That friend.

[Dramatic music]

No matter who you are,

Allie: This is the second time I’ve had to knock this guy out cold.

Evan: Those concussions are gonna start adding up.

Allie: [Laughs] I knew i liked you. This jake is really becoming a pain in my ass. And back in philly, he had so much promise.

Evan: What are we gonna do with him?

Allie: Well, he wasn’t part of the plan, but since he’s here, he may as well make himself useful.

[Dramatic music]

Jan: Mmm. This really hits the spot. Thank you, shawn. Listen, I know I’m not supposed to talk about her…

Shawn: Yeah, please do not.

Jan: All I’ll say is, I think it’s best that belle did not stay.

Shawn: Oh, really? And here I thought you wanted her around.

Jan: Joking aside, shawn, I think we both know that stress is bad for the baby, and that’s all we need to be focusing on right now. I mean, nothing is more important than our sweet little bundle of joy.

[Tense music]

Belle: Mm. You know, the worst part is, is I was ready to move home. I really wanted to make it work.

Ej: I’m so sorry. Jan certainly knows how to get what she wants.

Belle: And after all these years, shawn still falls for it. I just don’t understand him.

Ej: Look, I’m not saying he did the right thing by bringing her into your home, but as a father, I get why you would move heaven and earth to protect your child.

Belle: Is something going on with johnny?

Ej: I haven’t heard from him since he left, and I would do anything to know that he was safe and sound.

Belle: Do you have some reason to believe he’s not?

Ej: [Snorts] It’s probably nothing, but mother’s got it into her head that he could be in danger.

Susan: Elvis was right. My psychic powers are on the fritz. Know what? I just need some rest.

[Sighs] Okay.

[Sighs] I feel it in my bones, and you– you must have jumped out of dr. Marlena evans and into my sweet johnny during the exorcism, and you can’t fool me! You can’t, not anymore!

Johnny: [Laughs] Oh…

Demon johnny: I guess you’re not as dumb as you look.

Susan: Oh! It’s you! Beelzebub! I knew it! I knew it!

Demon johnny: Congratulations, susie Q. You figured it out. So now what are you gonna do about it?

Susan: Oh! Oh, sweet dear baby jesus! Oh…

Ben: Dear god, I know I don’t have the right to ask anything of you. Please protect ciara and our baby.

Andre: Huh. Huh. You could have done that yourself, but you made the wrong decision. And since you refuse to kill my nephew, johnny roman, the devil has no need for you either!

Johnny: What are you saying?

Andre: Since you decided to save johnny roman’s life… I’m about to end yours!


Ciara: Oh, that was a bust. Marlena says that she hasn’t– evan.

Evan: Hey, ciara. I’m just catching up with an old friend.

Ciara: Ben!

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B&B Transcript Thursday, April 28, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Sheila: Your memory

is coming back.

How long before

you remember everything?

Every sickening detail

of that awful night?

I don’t want to do this,

but I don’t see

any other way.

Hope: Liam, I know you want to be there for steffy.

Liam: Yeah, but it’s not just steffy. It’s– it’s kelly and hayes.

Hope: Of course. Of course. Sweetie, I know you feel like you have to do more. I do too. We’ve all been operating out of this place of fear that hayes and kelly might lose their mother, only, they didn’T. Steffy got lucky. She survived.

Brooke: Steffy is your priority and her well-being comes before everything right now.

Ridge: I haven’t been able to think about anything else.

Brooke: Of course not. What happened to her was tragic. She lost her husband. And she’s going to need her father. She’s gonna need all your support, and I want to be there to help. I am still your wife. I just can’t spend another night without you.

Ridge: As long as steffy is here, this is where I need to be.

Brooke: Yes, of course. But she is getting better. I’m sure it won’t be much longer before she can come home.

Ridge: I hope you’re right. When she is home, she’s gonna need all my care and attention.

Brooke: Mm-hm. She will. And we can all be there for her, support her, even hope and liam. We’ll all be there for the children and for steffy. But, you and I have been apart too long, ridge. I need you to come home. Please, don’t go back to steffy’s with taylor.

Hope: Taylor, hi.

Taylor: Hey.

Hope: How’s steffy doing?

Taylor: She’s resting.

Liam: It’s been a hell of a day.

Taylor: My daughter has a lot more of those ahead of her, I’m afraid.

Liam: It’s just so much for her to process right now.

Taylor: It’s an overwhelming amount. Suddenly finding out about finn’s death and realizing she’ll have to raise her son without his father. It all just happened so fast.

Liam: You… you said that steffy’s still resting?

Taylor: Yes. Thankfully.

Liam: I think I’m gonna go check on her.

Hope: Is everything okay?

Liam: Yeah. I– I’m getting a– I’m sure it’s nothing, I just, um… I– I won’t wake her if she’s sleeping. I’ll be back.

Sheila: Why? Why do you

force me to do these things?

I don’t want to hurt you.

I don’t– I don’t want to

be this person.

I was going to be better

than this.

But you robbed me of

that chance. And now,

there’s only one way out

of this for both of us.

With your past, they’re just

going to think you got your

hands on more meds somehow.

Goodbye, steffy.

Liam: Sheila? What, uh… what are you doing? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Brooke: Steffy and finn will never get another day together as husband and wife.

Ridge: It’s not right. It’s so unfair.

Brooke: It’s terrible. Finn’s never going to come home to his wife.

[ Ridge sighing ] But you can.

Ridge: Stop, you– I understand what you’re saying. What happened here just turned everything upside down.

Brooke: I know. It made me realize that I can’t live with this gulf between us for one more day. Life is too short, ridge. Our life together, it’s too precious.

Ridge: I know. And I’m– and I’m so glad that you’re here and that you’re– your suppor means a lot, it does.

Brooke: Of course. There’s nowhere I’d rather be. I wanna be right by your side, and I know that now more than ever. I really wanna fix this. I don’t know what I need to do or say to get you to agree to work on our marriage together. I just– I miss you and I want you back.

Ridge: Okay. I miss you. I do. And I thought our marriage was solid, that we were in a good place.

Brooke: Yeah. We were.

Ridge: We were.

Brooke: I’m sorry. I’m sorry–

Ridge: No, stop, no. I’m not asking you to apologize for what deacon or new year’s or anything. We will have this conversation. We will. But not now, I’m– I’M… I’ve got to focus on my daughter. I gotta make sure she recovers completely, okay?

Brooke: Okay.

Hope: Um, don’t let me keep you, if you want to check in on steffy.

Taylor: Oh, no, no. I’ll give liam a moment. How are you?

Hope: I’m– I’m trying to stay positive. You know, help out where I can. Support liam. Look after the kids.

Taylor: Mm. I can’t thank you enough for that.

Hope: Happy to do it.

Taylor: You know, it’s amazing how much a crisis like this can bring people together.

Hope: Well, um, steffy’s very important to liam. They share a child together, so.

Taylor: Yeah, they share so many happy memories and such a– such a wonderful history. Steffy’s gonna need a lot of support from people she can rely on, people that she trusts. Like liam.

Liam: What were you doing though? You should not be in here.

Sheila: I was just checking on her. Checking on what? You’re not family and you’re not on the medical team.

Sheila: I am a nurse.

Liam: You’re not her nurse.

Sheila: You– you act like I don’t care. Like this shouldn’t be affecting me, but it does, more than you know.

Liam: I get it. I know. This is a very emotional time for you, but you are not involved in her treatment.

Sheila: I don’t expect you to understand, but I am deeply invested in steffy’s recovery.

Liam: Because you think she might know what happened to your son?

Sheila: Yes.

Liam: Ask the family how she’s doing and let the doctors do their job. This– this is not– you’re–

Sheila: You have no idea what this is doing to me.

Liam: I–

Sheila: No, you don’T. I come to this hospital everyday and I’m the outsider looking in, and pacing these hallways, just waiting for something to happen.

Liam: I can imagine how frustrating that is.

Sheila: I don’t think you can. I wanted to do something for steffy. Now that she’s getting stronger, she’s starting to remember things.

[ Steffy grunting ]

Liam: Hey.

Steffy: Liam.

Liam: Yeah, hi. Hi. It’s, uh, we didn’t mean to wake you up.

Steffy: You again. For people who are a little intense about hydration.

Taylor: Moving forward will take time. This is going to be incredibly difficult for steffy and the children. We have to be patient.

Hope: But we also have to be realistic. She’s going to need all of our support because you’re right, it is going to be incredibly difficult and she’s already starting to remember and eventually, she… will remember all those awful details about that night.

Taylor: That’s why I’m just so happy that liam has promised to be there for her.

Ridge: Hey. Everything all right? Is there any news?

Taylor: No, um, bridget hasn’t given us an update.

Hope: Liam just went in to see steffy.

Taylor: Yeah, I was just telling hope how wonderful it is that liam still cares so much for our daughter.

Steffy: What is she doing here?

> Liam: As far as I know, she was just leaving.

Sheila: I can go.

Steffy: No. Finn. You lost him too.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Sheila: Yeah, but we– we don’t have to talk about that.

Steffy: We’re both grieving. He was my husband. Your son. We share this, but it doesn’t make us friends.

Sheila: If you could’ve just given me a chance, steffy, things could’ve been so different.

Liam: Okay, we’re not gonna– we’re not gonna do that. We’re not gonna play the “what if” game because that’s not healthy and frankly, steffy does not owe you that.

Sheila: Okay, you know what? You’re right. Because it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change the past. We just have to figure out how to go forward from here, so… I’m gonna leave. I’m sure the two of you want to be alone. But I will be back. I have to put an end to this. Steffy can never remember the truth about finn’s death.

Here’s candice…

Sheila: Damn liam for interrupting. I could’ve put an end to this once and for all.

Taylor: Sheila, hi. Are you okay?

Sheila: Taylor, I am… I’m just feeling a little helpless right now.

Taylor: That’s understandable. Hey, is there anything I can do.

Sheila: No, no, no.

Taylor: Okay. I realize this– this must be torture for you.

Sheila: Oh, it… it just… it keeps getting worse and worse.

Taylor: Sheila, I– I know that there’s– there’s nothing that anybody can do or say to bring finn back, but I assure you, the truth will come out. Hey. They will find who did this to your son and my daughter.

Brooke: So, what were you and taylor talking about? Steffy’s memory problems?

Hope: Yes, if she’s ready to face what happened. Though, I’m not sure her mother really is.

Brooke: She mentioned liam and how said how much he still cares about steffy. You don’t think she was insinuating that they should be together?

Hope: I don’t want to believe that.

Brooke: But, you got a feeling.

Hope: Well– mom, steffy suffered a terrible loss. One that’s going to impact the family for years to come and she needs a lot of support right now. So, I think maybe taylor is just trying to find anything to help.

Brooke: Really hate to say this about taylor, but I don’t trust her. How many times has she assured me that she didn’t come back to L.A. For ridge? And yet, she’s with ridge. And now that finn is gone, I’m sure she’s gonna want steffy and liam to reunite.

Hope: All right, mom, I know you’re trying to support, but you’re really not helping me so I’m going to go find liam now. Okay? I love you.

Liam: Sheila was already in here when I showed up. But maybe I can ask and see if there’s a way to keep her out.

Steffy: Sheila’s been here the whole time?

Liam: Yeah, pretty much. Which is weird, right?

Steffy: Maybe she wanted to… feel closer to finn. She’s grieving too. The way he died… it must’ve been so awful that I… I blocked it out. I blocked out finn, our… our life. Our son.

Liam: Steffy, listen. You– you were shot, right? You were actually shot and you were unconscious for a long time. It is a miracle that you remembered anything at all when you came to.

Steffy: I just want–

Liam: And sheila, I’m sure you’re right that she is grieving, but that’s not the point. The point is if you don’t want her here, she doesn’t get to be here.

Steffy: I just want to go home, liam.

Liam: I know.

Steffy: I want to be with my children.

Liam: I know, and you’re well on your way to that, I promise.

Steffy: I miss my babies. I don’t know how this is going to affect them. Affect all of us. Like, how am I going to explain this? Who took finn away? Why?

Liam: I don’t– I don’t know, but you’re not going to do it alone. You’re not going to do any of this alone.

Steffy: Finn’s gone. My family’s been destroyed.

Liam: Your family has not been destroyed. Your family will live on just like finn’s memory will live on. In your memories, in stories when you tell hayes about his father. In kelly’s memories of the time they shared together. Think of all the walks on the beach and the trips to the park.

Steffy : Yeah, kelly gets to do that with her father. Hayes doesn’t get that chance.

Liam: Hayes– hayes is still– hayes is part of us, right? He gets to come along anytime he wants and so do you. I know that it’s impossible to imagine a life without finn, but I also know that you’re going to do it because that is who you are. That’s what you do. You’re just– you are just a survivor and that is a fact about you. I mean, steffy, you have so many people you can count on, including me.

Steffy: What about hope?

Liam: You can count on hope too.

Steffy: That’s not what I meant.

Liam: Hope… that– that’s just not something you need to be worrying about right now. I’m– I’m always going to be there for you, and that– that has to be an anchor point. Yes, I’m married to hope, but you’re still always gonna be a huge part of my heart and I’ll be damned if I let you go through this alone. I’m not going to, ever.

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Y&R Update Thursday, April 28 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Lily kissed Billy hello and asked if he’d heard from Victoria. Victoria wasn’t answering his texts, calls or emails. He was grateful the kids were away at school and didn’t know their mother was in a car accident. Lily thought Victoria needed space. Lily knew what it was like to be involved in a car accident where there was a fatality. It was overwhelming and the pain and guilt never went away. Billy didn’t want to add to Victoria’s burden – he just wanted to understand how it happened and how Ashland was involved. Lily asked why Billy thought Ashland was involved. Billy said Nick told him there was a plan to get Ashland out of the company and Victoria’s life. Billy wondered why Ashland was out there with Victoria, but not in the car with her. Was he following her? Lily said that with Ashland, there was always another lie waiting to be exposed. Billy agreed, and that’s why he thought he and Lily should put their heads together and come up with a way to get Ashland out of town and out of Victoria’s life. Lily said that it wasn’t their job to hold Ashland accountable.

Billy asked if Lily was saying she didn’t care how Ashland was involved in the car crash and didn’t think Victoria deserved justice. Lily said what happened on the highway was a tragedy, and her heart broke for Sharon and Rey’s family. She said the GCPD would investigate the death, so this wasn’t Billy’s fight. She said if he got involved, the Newmans would push him away, and he’d just get more wound up, so he should just let other people handle it. He said he had perspective, distance, and he knew the players. “We have a meeting to get to. A meeting that’s about our future. Please don’t let Ashland take one more thing from us,” Lily said. Billy agreed to stay out of it and leave tearing Ashland apart to the Newmans.

Elena and Nate were at their place snuggled on the couch. After what happened with Rey, she just wanted to spend the day with Nate, making good memories. He said life was short. To help her make a good memory, he leaned in for a kiss. Elena talked to Lola earlier. She said Rey made such a huge impact on people’s lives. Nate wondered if Ashland caused the accident on purpose, either so he could rescue Victoria and be her knight in shining armor, or because he wanted to hurt her, and Rey was collateral damage. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but trouble surrounded Ashland.

Elena had a new tie for Nate to commemorate his big day. He was going to be going to his first meeting as a member of the Chancellor-Winters team. She put the tie on him and said she was proud of him. She teased that it was brave of someone as old as he was to leave the medical world for a corporation. He laughed and said he appreciated the tie and her support. He sensed she had some concerns about this. She said it’d just take some getting used to him being an executive and not Dr. Hastings. He said he’d always be Dr. Hastings. She asked if he was sure this was right for him. He was. That made her feel good about it too. They kissed.

Imani was at Amanda and Devon’s. Imani was wearing her good-impression suit. A reminder not to overstep like she did last time. Amanda gave Imani a pass because she’d been excited. Imani was pleased Nate would be at the meeting. Devon reminded Imani that Nate was in a committed relationship. Amanda said Imani knew and didn’t care. Imani clarified that she was very interested in the health and future of Nate’s relationship. Amanda thought this was the time for a conversation about dating in the workplace. Imani said she’d never be caught making out in the snack room – the lighting in the studio was so much more romantic. She assured them she was just kidding. She’d be professional, but she saw no harm in a little flirting. When Nate knocked on the door, Imani made sure she was the one to answer it.

Devon and Amanda explained that they were meeting here because the office spaces weren’t finished. Imani complimented Nate’s tie, and he said it was from Elena. “You wear it impeccably,” Imani said. Lily and Billy arrived. Devon asked Billy how Victoria was, then they all talked about Rey. Amanda would never forget Rey going above and beyond while she was dealing with Ripley. Devon said it was a tragedy, and Nate shifted uncomfortably. Later, they discussed a name for the combined company. Devon was okay with Chancellor-Winters. He was going to rename LP Hamilton Streaming, as a tribute to his mom. Nate suggested they do a press party. Imani agreed. Devon wasn’t sure they should be so flashy out of the gate. He noted that Neil loved a party, but he was more conservative in business. Nate said Neil also grew with the times. He thought they should make a bold new statement right out of the gate.

Lily liked the idea of a splashy party. Nate said Devon and Lily would be front and center. Billy couldn’t think of a more dynamic duo. Devon thought Lily should be front and center since Chancellor was more established, and she was more used to being a spokesperson, while he ran things from the sidelines. She said she didn’t propose the merger to fly solo. She said this was about coming together as brother and sister with deep ties to these companies – they were the children of Neil Winters, and he was the grandson of Katherine Chancellor, which was a huge selling point. Nate said so many companies were known for their leaders, and they needed to aim for that with their new entity and two CEOs. Devon said everything was happening very fast. Lily said they could do this because of what Neil instilled into them – ready or not, they were going to be the face of the company. Amanda told Devon he’d have to get used to being the center of attention.

Victoria was in her office working. The sounds of the car accident and Ashland rescuing her replayed in her mind. At that moment, Ashland showed up. She asked what he was doing here and how he got past security. He’d dodged the guards. She said last time they spoke, he said he was leaving town. He couldn’t go until he knew she was okay, and she was dodging his calls and texts. She said she was fine. He noted that he saw the cane. He wanted an honest answer about how she was doing. “I wouldn’t lie about my health. That’s your area of expertise,” she replied. She asked about his hand and foot. He said the pain was nothing, compared to everything else he felt, but he knew he couldn’t expect sympathy from her. He’d tell her what he told Harrison – he’d be okay. She noted that she hadn’t seen Harrison since Tuscany.

Ashland asked how Victoria was. She just kept replaying the events in her mind – the parts she could remember. She was also asking herself some questions: What if Ashland didn’t follow her that night? Would she have died alone in her car, like Rey? Would the accident have even happened? If she’d never met Ashland, would Rey be home with his family right now? Ashland kept playing events in his mind too. She asked if he meant the crash, and he said no. He kept thinking about things from before the crash and stuff he should’ve said and done differently. He wished she could understand that he’d always love her. He kept hoping there would be one true perfect moment where she forgave him.

Victoria told Ashland he didn’t get to say he loved her or dream of getting her forgiveness. “you lied to me and you betrayed me and those wounds are too fresh and too deep for that,” she stated. He knew. He wished he could take it all back, except falling in love with her. He loved her more today than he did before, despite all that had broken down between them. She said that their relationship didn’t break down – it was never real in the first place, due to his lies, greed and deception. He accepted her anger, because this did begin as a scheme, but he fell in love with her despite his plan. She told him to stop saying that. He contended that she was terrified to admit she still cared. He told her she could tell him the truth. She was crying. “Of course I still love you,” she admitted.

Victoria said she couldn’t make the feelings go away, no matter how hard she tried. Ashland looked hopeful, but Victoria continued. She said that the pain and anger and hurt wouldn’t disappear either. All her feelings were battling it out, and she couldn’t take it. She just wanted one thing. Before she could say more, Chance showed up with questions about the case. Ashland didn’t like the idea of making Victoria relive the horrors of that night, just to close the books on an accident that no one caused. Victoria said she could handle it. Chance assured Victoria that they could take a break if things got too tough. He wanted to hear about that night. She said that she left work, and Ashland left before her. It was foggy. She wasn’t sure how fast she was going. She was on the phone with her mom, and the next thing she knew… Ashland took over from there. He said he was following Victoria to make sure she got home safe after a tough day at the office. He saw headlights coming at them. Victoria swerved to avoid them, and Ashland tried to, but he got hit in the side. Chance asked Ashland if he was saying that Rey stayed in the wrong lane and made no attempt to avoid the collision. Ashland confirmed it. Chance didn’t think that made sense, because Rey had extensive training driving in dangerous conditions, and if he lost control, he should’ve been able to regain it. Ashland maintained that Rey never regained control. Chance got a text, and he excused himself and left.

Ashland said recounting the events of that night put everything in perspective. Victoria finished a business call. Ashland thought it made sense Victoria removed the painting he had commissioned. She said she destroyed it. He wasn’t surprised. He’d always loved how she was calm and controlled on the outside and an inferno inside. He wanted to talk about the moment where she made him believe they could leave town and start over, then later claimed she’d been lying. She said she did what was necessary to get him to sign the papers. He didn’t believe that. “You meant every word of it. You were completely sincere. And then all that noise got in the way,” he said. He was willing to do whatever it took to get back to that moment. He left. She sighed and looked upward.

At the cottage, Sharon picked up one of Rey’s boots. Someone knocked on the door, and she wiped her eyes and answered the door. It was Adam. He said he was so sorry. He was also sorry he didn’t come earlier. He didn’t want to cause her any stress with her family, so he waited until the coast was clear and she was alone. She supposed she’d better get used to being alone, since that was her life now. Adam made Sharon a fresh pot of coffee. She told him he didn’t have to do that. Someone sent her a lot of coffee. She sadly smiled about someone bringing coffee to a coffeehouse owner. An owner of a diner where Rey used to go when he was working late brought it by. Adam asked how Sharon was coping. She said she was hanging in there. Eventually, she’d come to terms with this and start to heal, she said. He told her that they could skip the platitudes, because that wasn’t who they were to each other. He wanted to know how she really felt. She broke down crying.

Sharon was tired of people treating her like she was porcelain and speaking to her in whispers, asking if she was capable of doing the things she wanted to do. He said he’d never question her strength. She was crushed, angry and gutted. She asked why a worthless piece of filth like Ashland, who faked cancer and contributed nothing of value to the world was still alive. A man who was so good and meant to much to so many was gone. Adam said Rey helped Connor through a tough time. Sharon said her husband had a way of bringing out the best in people. “I was a different me when I was with Rey,” she said. Rey loved her with all his heart, and he loved her family. Nobody knew all the things Rey did for Sharon when she was sick. Rey knew people were flawed and he forgave all her mistakes, not the least of which was the time Adam kissed her. Rey forgave the woman who poisoned him. She said Rey was kind and generous, and he didn’t deserve to have his life end this way. Adam hugged Sharon, and she held onto him.

Adam asked if Sharon got it all out, or if she needed to break some stuff. He was sure there were plenty of dishes for her to smash. It made her laugh. He picked up some crackers and said she should eat to replenish her energy and tear ducts. She smiled and playfully grabbed the crackers. She admitted she hadn’t cried like that since Nick told her. Adam knew that if one of Sharon’s patients had said they were holding their emotions in after a death, she’d tell them that they had to let their feelings out. He said she could do that with an old friend who’d never judge her or pity her. She asked what the alternative was. He said she could cook herself into an early grave, or become an angry widow who made famously bitter coffee. It made her smile, and she said that probably wouldn’t be good for the coffeehouse. He turned serious and said to take a few hours to remind herself that Rey loved her. He promised no one would think less of her for shedding a few tears. He said he’d always be there when she needed him.

Adam said he should leave before Sharon’s entourage showed up and accused him of stealing a basket or trying to insinuate himself into her grief. Chance showed up. Adam was sorry Chance lost his partner. Adam told Sharon to let him know if she needed anything, and he left. Chance was here to deliver information from Rey’s autopsy report. Rey wasn’t killed in the car crash. He had a heart attack. Sharon was shocked and cried. She asked what her husband’s last moments were like. All Chance knew was that the coroner said it was very sudden, and Rey probably never had enough time to feel anything. Sharon didn’t understand how a healthy young man like Rey could have a heart attack. Chance said sometimes these things happened without warning. Sharon admitted that, while she’d been saying that no one was to blame, she’d secretly been very angry with Victoria and Ashland and wondering if they were driving recklessly. She thought she’d just needed someone to blame. Chance understood that, but he said Rey’s heart just started beating too fast, and there was no one to blame.
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GH Short Recap Thursday, April 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Portia is upset with Curtis because he didn’t trust her enough to tell her what he did to get Marshall’s confidential police file. Curtis promises Portia he will always put her and Trina first and protect them.

Sasha is in shock because she ran over Harmony, but she performs CPR on Harmony and is able to keep her alive until the ambulance arrives but the paparazzi photographer who was chasing her takes pictures of everything and makes Sasha very nervous.

Carly and Alexis are questioned at General Hospital about the events that happened on the cliff. Alexis tells Jordan that Harmony killed Brandon and Neil to keep Willow from finding out she isn’t her mother.

Carly tells Jordan she was unconscious for most of Alexis conversation with Harmony…all she knows is that Harmony had a psychotic break because she didn’t want Willow to know she wasn’t her mother.

Sasha is grateful that, once again, Gladys was able to grab the memory card from the photographer. The photographer calls Smoltz and tells him he has a big story for him.

Trina is upset that Spencer used the fact his grandmother is the Mayor to get out of an arrest with a warning.

Laura advises Nicolas to get Esme out of the house before she ruins his family.

Nicolas is upset that he had a romantic dinner for Ava and she isn’t taking his calls.

Carly calls Michael and Willow and asks them to come to the hospital so they can talk. Michael and Willow arrive and Alexis and Carly are about to tell Willow what happened on the cliff when Harmony is brought into the hospital. TJ is able to stabilize Harmony and once again try to talk to Willow but Harmony takes a turn for the worse and TJ rushes her to surgery.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Devon, Lily, Billy, and Nate discuss the details of the merger of their two companies. The name of the new company will be Chancellor Winters, but Devon decides to change the name of LP to Hamilton Streaming Service to honor his mother.

Sharon finally cries and lets her feelings out when Adam comes to visit. Sharon admits to Adam that she is angry that a man like Ashland, who has done so many awful things, survived the accident and a good man like Rey who helped so many people died.

Chance questions Ashland and Victoria about the accident. Ashland tells Chance the same details he told Victoria and Victoria can’t remember the accident at all. Chance tells Sharon that he received the autopsy report and it says Rey had a sudden heart attack while he was driving his car. Victoria tells Ashland she still loves him because she just can’t turn off her feelings…she can’t forget the pain his lies have caused her.

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Days Update Thursday, April 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jan reveals to Belle that she’s moving in. Belle doesn’t understand as Jan is supposed to be in prison. Jan explains that Shawn came to her rescue, convinced them to let her out and then asked her to move in with him. Shawn argues that’s not how it went down as Jan has a medical condition that requires her to be on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. Belle questions Jan not being able to rest in prison. Jan complains that it’s not very restful there. Shawn says that the judge and warden agreed to put Jan on house arrest. Jan talks about how grateful she is to be here while the prison is full of dangerous and unsavory characters.

Devil Allie informs Evan that Ben and Ciara are having a baby. Evan mentions hearing that from Clyde. Allie says the baby is very important to her and also to Ben, but their plan for the kids future don’t really align.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ calls Johnny, leaving a message that he needs him to sign back over his DiMera shares and he also misses him, so he would like to hear from him. EJ hangs up and looks at a photo of Johnny on the table.

Ben and Johnny hear noise outside. Johnny declares that someone is outside so they are saved as someone then breaks open the door but it’s just the dead Andre DiMera, who questions all the commotion.

Ciara goes home looking for Ben. Ciara wonders where he is since he’s not at work like the note said. Jake arrives, asking if Ben is there because he needs to talk to them. Ciara informs him that Ben is not there as she just woke up this morning and he was gone. Ciara says she’s been looking everywhere but it’s like Ben disappeared in to thin air, so she’s starting to think something really bad happened to him.

Ben thinks Andre is Tony and tries to get him to save them but Johnny tells him to save his breath. Ben complains about Ciara needing him. Johnny then reveals to Ben that it’s not Tony, but Andre.

Belle questions why Shawn would move Jan Spears in to their home. Shawn says it was the only way to get her out and he could keep an eye on her. Jan says she can’t get in to trouble with the ankle monitor on and being on bed rest. Belle questions Shawn not thinking to run this by her before moving her in. Shawn points out that Belle hadn’t been living here. Belle argues that she didn’t move out and was staying with her parents. Shawn argues that Belle said she didn’t want to come home. Belle says she obviously changed her mind. Shawn questions that being why she’s back. Belle confirms that Eric convinced her to come home to try to work things out but obviously that was a huge mistake. Jan smiles as she watches on.

EJ talks on the phone to the head of security at DiMera about trying to track down Johnny. EJ warns that he’s going to be CEO again soon and then he will fire their ass. Susan Banks walk in and tells EJ to do something about his anger. EJ is surprised that Susan is back in town. Susan tells EJ to direct her to Johnny now. EJ says he’s not here and asks what is so urgent. Susan worries that Johnny is in danger.

Ben argues that Andre DiMera is dead after Abigail smashed his head with an urn. Ben asks if Andre is a ghost. Johnny thinks Andre has been summoned by the Devil to do his dirty work. Johnny informs Ben that Andre visited before to use his blood to forge a note, making it seem like he left town. Andre confirms that it worked like a charm. Ben asks why Andre is here this time and what the hell the Devil wants with them now.

Ciara shows Jake the note from Ben that Allie found but Ben wasn’t at the garage and Clyde hasn’t seen him either. Ciara worries about if Ben got in a car accident on his way to work. Ciara talks about the tea that Allie brought over so she worries that Ben could have got in an accident and be lying in a ditch somewhere. Ciara decides she’s calling the police.

Evan doesn’t get what Allie wants with Ben and Ciara’s baby. Allie asks if it matters. Evan argues that he’s a father, so as much as he hates Ben and Ciara, he would never do anything to harm a child. Allie insists that she’s very invested in the baby which is why she wants to get rid of Ben because he could screw everything up. Evan asks if she thinks Ben would be a bad influence on his kid. Allie says it’s something like that so she needs Ben out of the picture and that’s where Evan comes in. Evan asks to be clear if she is asking him to kill Ben Weston.

Shawn asks Belle not to go. Belle asks if she’s supposed to stick around and play three’s company with them. Belle argues that Jan is loving every second of this since she wants him all to herself. Belle declares that’s fine by her.

Devil Allie says Evan is asking an interesting question. Evan asks if that’s what she wants. Allie remarks that it would be kind of fun to watch Ben die but it’d be much more satisfying to torment him for the rest of his life. Evan asks how to do that. Allie brings up when Evan held Ciara captive and made her think Ben die would a fake newspaper article and everything. Evan points out that she didn’t buy it. Allie says that’s because he didn’t have a partner to sell it, so this time they will be much more convincing. Evan feels it will be difficult since he’s stuck in prison. Allie then reveals that she is breaking him out.

Ciara finishes a call with Rafe and informs Jake that he said it’s technically to early to hire a missing persons report but he will get the cops on it as a favor. Jake hopes she hears something soon. Jake decides he will get out of her hair but Ciara asks him to stay or else she will go crazy sitting here alone waiting for him. Ciara brings up that Jake said he had something important to talk to them about. Jake says it can wait but Ciara wants the distraction. Jake says it will sound a little batty as he brings up how they thought Johnny was possessed by the Devil. Jake reveals he’s beginning to think they were right.

EJ asks Susan why she thinks Johnny is in trouble. Susan says she had a strong premonition of Johnny in peril and pain. EJ says he hasn’t seen Johnny in months since by the time he was released from prison, he was gone to Italy. Susan questions Johnny leaving the country without saying goodbye. EJ says his note said that he needed to go find himself. EJ shows Susan the note. Susan shouts that EJ has been deceived as Johnny did not write this.

Ben tells Andre that he’s not writing a letter to trick Ciara in to thinking he left town and that she wouldn’t believe it anyway. Andre points out that Ciara fell for this morning’s note which bought them time to put all the pieces in place, so it’s all coming together. Ben tries to convince Andre to let them go and offers to do anything. Andre then claims he’s here to offer him a deal. Andre offers to grant Ben his freedom on the condition that he kills Johnny.

EJ tells Susan that he knows Johnny’s handwriting and his signature. Susan assures that Johnny did not write the letter. EJ asks how she can tell. Susan says she’s getting electric vibrations from the letter and that someone else definitely wrote it with dark energy. EJ asks who it was. Susan says she’s seeing his face and believes that it was Tony. EJ doubts that since Tony has had his hands full dealing with Anna and Sarah. EJ says it doesn’t make sense for Tony to fake a letter from Johnny. Susan tries again and reveals that it was Andre DiMera. EJ calls that impossible since Andre is dead. Susan guesses somebody forgot to tell him that.

Andre asks Ben if they have a deal. Ben refuses to kill anyone. Andre points out that Ben has done it before and claims this time it’s for a good cause as it’s the chance to reunite with Ciara and their unborn child. Ben is sure there is another way. Andre declares that’s the deal and the terms are not negotiable. Johnny asks why the Devil wants him dead. Andre says the Devil likes to clean up after himself and he’s done with Johnny, but just getting started with Ben. Ben refuses to be a murderer again. Andre says he can see Ben thinking that he could save Johnny by taking his own life but they’ve already dealt with that and calls it the Susan Banks Clause. Ben calls this insane. Andre tells Ben that if he wants to be with Ciara, he just has to kill Johnny in his home and the weapon is up to him. Johnny asks why the Devil doesn’t just kill him, himself. Andre explains that the Devil can’t because Allie puts up too much of a fight but says she is just postponing the inevitable. Andre declares that it will be so entertaining to watch Ben end Johnny’s life. Ben refuses to do it. Johnny thanks Ben. Andre offers Ben a taste of freedom and releases the chains. Ben tries to run out the door but Andre says it’s only a taste of freedom. Ben takes a swing at Andre but he teleports. Andre tells Ben to save his energy to finish off Johnny. Andre then offers Ben a necktie as his weapon of choice but Ben says no. Andre tells Ben that all he has to do is wrap the tie around Johnny’s neck and squeeze, then he will be free to go home to Ciara.

Ciara tells Jake that Johnny wasn’t possessed by the Devil, Belle was, and her own parents performed her exorcism. Jake tells Ciara that he’s been having flashes like dreams but they are happening more and more so he’s starting to think they are memories of Johnny with creepy glowing eyes. Ciara asks if he’s sure. Jake says it was the day that Johnny and Gabi pulled the power move at DiMera where he and Johnny fought and he ended up on the ground. Jake says he’s starting to piece together how he got there and he doesn’t know why his brain would make it up. Ciara suggests maybe it’s just his subconscious coming up with a reason to make Johnny the bad guy. Jake suggests Johnny was possessed and if he was, that means the Devil is still here.

Evan questions Allie planning to break him out. Allie says it will be hard to convince Ciara that he killed Ben if he’s stuck in here. Evan questions why Ciara would believe him when he already told her the same lie. Allie insists that she will take care of it. Evan agrees to be in and asks how they will pull it off. Allie says she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Evan points out that she hasn’t told him her name and asks who she is. Devil Allie responds that she goes by a lot of names and she’s more powerful than he could ever imagine which Evan questions. She decides to show him by snapping her fingers and turning out the lights. Evan is shocked and asks what the Hell. The Devil responds that now he’s catching on.

Shawn asks Belle if they can talk about this in private. Belle says there’s no point because he made his choice. Shawn argues that he always chooses her. Belle says it doesn’t feel that way. Shawn argues that he had to do this for the baby but they will make this work. Belle asks how when Jan Spears is living in their house. Shawn insists it’s only until the baby is born and she will be on bed rest the entire time. Belle questions trusting Jan when she tried to kill her more than once. Belle then takes her bag and storms out.

Susan insists to EJ that the letter was written by Andre and that he must have done something to Johnny. EJ assures her that Andre was dead and buried. Susan points out that the Devil owns his soul, so she thinks the Devil brought him back to hurt Johnny. EJ insists that Johnny is fine in Italy. Susan wants EJ to get him on the phone then so she can hear his voice but points out that he can’t. EJ says he left him a message right before she arrived so he will call back soon. Susan asks what if Andre has kidnapped Johnny to do Lucifer’s bidding. EJ asks if he’s a zombie. Susan continues on about her premonition but EJ feels she’s getting worked up over nothing. Susan argues that her grandson is not nothing. EJ tells her to go lie down in the guest room and when Johnny calls, he will come get her. EJ promises that Johnny is fine as he sends her upstairs.

Ciara informs Jake that Johnny is in Italy and apparently left without saying goodbye to anyone. Ciara says it’s killing her waiting around for answers. Jake asks if anyone else would know where Ben is. Ciara says she called Marlena and left a message but she hasn’t gotten back to her either. Jake suggests maybe Ben is in a session with Marlena and that’s why she hasn’t answered. Ciara says that’s possible so she will go to the hospital to check. Jake decides to stay here in case he comes back. Ciara thanks Jake. Jake assures that Ben is okay as Ciara then exits the apartment.

Andre urges Ben that the killer instinct is inside of him but Ben refuses, saying he’s not that person anymore and he can’t kill Johnny. Andre asks why not since unlike the innocent women he strangled, Johnny is arrogant and selfish like a true DiMera so some say he would deserve it. Andre tells Johnny that no one will miss him. Johnny asks Ben not to listen to Andre. Andre guarantees that a deal is a deal, even when it comes to the Devil. Johnny urges Ben not to trust him. Andre warns Ben that time is running out, so it’s now or never and Ciara’s life depends on it.

Shawn calls Belle, leaving a message that they can work this out and asking her to call him. Jan says she’s sorry but Shawn argues that Jan is loving every bit of this. Shawn says he’s going to track Belle down but Jan suggests giving her space or it will make things worse. Shawn warns Jan that she does not get to weigh in on his marriage ever. Jan says she was just trying to give him the female perspective. Jan suggests talking about something more pleasant and says the baby is craving pie, so she asks Shawn to get them some.

EJ calls Tony and says he doesn’t know why he asked because of course he didn’t write the letter. EJ adds that he knows Andre is dead but he knows how Susan gets. EJ wishes Andre luck with Anna and says to let him know if he can be of any help. EJ hangs up as Belle arrives and goes straight to pouring a drink which EJ notes is not a good sign. Belle says she’s just getting started. EJ guesses it’s Jan Spears and asks if Shawn went to visit her in prison. Belle confirms that he did and it will be his last trip to prison because he moved Jan in to her house.

Susan sneaks in to Johnny’s bedroom and finds his red suit jacket. She hugs it and thinks back to arguing with Johnny about him being The Devil. Susan tells herself that she was wrong since Belle was possessed and not Johnny.

Johnny encourages Ben that this is not him and that Andre is trying to corrupt his soul. Andre argues that Ben’s soul is already corrupted and they are all lost causes. Johnny disagrees, reminding Ben of how much progress Marlena said he had made and that he has a good heart. Johnny argues that Ben can’t repay Marlena by killing her grandson. Andre reminds Ben that his wife and child are in danger, so if he doesn’t get to them soon, he will lose them forever. Johnny insists that Andre is lying. Andre tells Ben he has to do this for Ciara or for their child. Andre hands Ben the necktie. Ben approaches Johnny as he begs him not to do this. Ben holds the tie to Johnny’s neck but declares that he can’t do this, because of his love for Ciara and since she saved him from this. Andre calls that unfortunate.

Jake has a beer at Ben and Ciara’s apartment until Evan shows up at the door. Jake asks if he can help him. Evan asks if Ciara is home. Jake says no as she just left. Evan says that’s okay and he’ll wait as he walks in. Jake doesn’t know who he is but tells him he will have to wait somewhere else. Evan claims that Ciara won’t mind as they are old friends. Jake then recognizes Evan as the punk who kept Ciara locked up, asking how he got out of prison. Evan responds that a new friend helped him out which Jake questions. Devil Allie then appears and hits Jake in the head from behind with an object, knocking him out. Allie tells Evan that it’s the second time she’s had to knock Jake out as he’s really becoming a pain in the ass. Evan asks what they are going to do with him. Allie says it wasn’t part of the plan but since he’s here, he may as well make himself useful.

Jan eats the pie that Shawn got her. Jan thinks it’s best that Belle did not stay because they both know stress is bad for the baby and that’s what they need to focus on because nothing is more important than their baby.

Belle tells EJ that she was ready to move home as she wanted to make it work. EJ says he’s so sorry but Jan knows how to get what she wants. Belle talks about Shawn still falling for it after all these years so she doesn’t understand him. EJ says he’s not saying Shawn did the right thing, but as a father, he gets why he would move heaven and earth to protect his child. Belle asks if something is going on with Johnny. EJ responds that he hasn’t heard from him since he left, so he would do anything to know he was safe and sound. Belle asks if he has a reason to believe he’s not. EJ says it’s probably nothing but Susan has it in her head that Johnny could be in danger.

Susan wonders if EJ was right about her psychic powers and decides she just needs some rest. Susan then lays down in the bed with Johnny’s coat and dreams about arguing with Johnny being the Devil where the Devil revealed himself to her and then made her lose her memory. Susan then wakes up in a panic.

Ben is chained back to the wall in the Crypt and prays for God to protect Ciara and their baby. Andre says that Ben could have done that himself but he made the wrong decision. Andre declares that since Ben refused to kill Johnny, the Devil has no need for him either. Johnny asks what he’s saying. Andre announces that since Ben decided to save Johnny’s life, he’s about to end Ben’s.

Ciara returns home and is shocked to find Evan inside. Evan claims he was just catching up with an old friend as he reveals The Devil has transformed Jake so that Ciara sees “Ben” now being unconscious on the floor. Ciara screams out for Ben.

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GH Update Wednesday, April 27, 2022

p align=”center”>General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Dustin-Shane Merrill

Curtis wanted to know why Sonny didn’t help him investigate his father. Sonny remembered seeing Marshall drop a bottle of his medication and said the past should stay in the past. He hoped that everything worked out for Curtis and his father. Curtis told him that Marshall left town. Sonny was willing to have his guys track Marshall down. He told him not to give up if there’s a chance they could reconcile.  He told Curtis that he had two very strong willed men as sons and they often didn’t see eye to eye. 

Sasha is blindsided at a Deception celebration. A sleazy photographer bursts into the restaurant where Gladys, Sasha, Maxie, Brooke Lynn and Lucy are having drinks. He begins taking pictures of Sasha and refuses to relent even after Lucy threatens to call security.  Eventually, Austin arrives and intervenes. While Austin is dealing with the photographer, Gladys slips the memory card that contains the photos, out of the camera. 

TJ gets an unexpected gift that arrives in an unmarked box.  He is not able to discern who or where it is from. He opens it and realizes that Marshall has gifted him his clarinet as a parting gift and tells him he wishes to leave him the gift of music and reminds him of their conversation when T.J. said that working on a surgical team was a lot like being part of an orchestra. 

Nina shares her concerns with Brando.  Nina believes that Sasha is really shaken up by what happened at Charlie’s a few nights back. Sasha expressed to Nina that Brando rushed to Sonny’s aid without giving thought to the consequences.  Sasha tells Nina that she has already lost Liam, she can’t lose Brando as well.

Portia and Drew met at The Savoy to talk about Marshall leaving town. Drew blamed himself for Marshall leaving. Drew tells her about the fake job offer so he could do a background check on Marshall. He said Marshall was upset about it. She didn’t think that was enough to make him leave. Drew thought Curtis might have found something out about him. She wished Curtis would have let her help him. Drew told her that Marshall’s past was dangerous. He said it was better that she didn’t know. 

Gladys and Sasha are pursued by the photographer as Sasha is driving them home.  The photographer wants the memory card for the photos he took. He is right behind them and driving erratically, so Sasha increases her speed to try to lose him.

Alexis wanted to know how many people had to die for Harmony to keep her secret about Willow. Harmony says, “as many as it takes.” She strangles Alexis. Alexis pushes her away. Harmony grabbed a rock to bash her in the head. But, Carly appeared and pushed Harmony away. Alexis called the police while Carly held off Harmony. Harmony eventually managed to get away from Carly. Carly tells Alexis that they have to stop her. Alexis assures her that the police were on their way. Carly was afraid that Harmony was going after Willow and Wiley. 

Rory showed up to question Carly and Alexis. They told him everything about Harmony, all the murders she had committed, the stolen therapy notes, her psychiatric file. But, Carly said that it was all a waste of time. She said if Harmony reached the highway, she would escape. Harmony was in the woods and looked at a picture of Willow and Wiley. They were all she had left. She refused to lose them. She ran out into the road and was caught in the headlights of Sasha’s car.  Gladys told Sasha to watch out for the person that appeared in the road.  Harmony screams while Sasha swerves to avoid striking Harmony.

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Days Update Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chanel wakes up with a hangover, wondering what she did last night. Chanel then remembers kissing Tripp. Tripp then shows up at her door with a coffee. Chanel informs him that she was just thinking about him.

Devil Allie has Ben and Johnny chained up in the DiMera Crypt, creating a note from Ben. The Devil warns Johnny to worry about what’s going on with Chanel and Tripp because it looks like they had a rocking time last night, so it sucks to be him. Devil Allie then exits the crypt. Johnny calls out to Ben to wake him up. Ben freaks out realizing he is chained to the wall, questioning what’s going on and where he is.

Ciara wakes up and goes looking for Ben around their apartment. She sees the mug on the table and thinks back to the tea that Allie gave her and then she went straight to bed. Ciara then sees two other mugs next to it.

Shawn asks what Jan wants him to do. Jan argues that he’s an officer of the law so he can pull some strings or call in a favor to get her released. Shawn argues that they won’t let a nutjob with her record out of prison just because she’s pregnant. Jan argues that they are options other than letting her free, like house arrest. Shawn asks whose house, so Jan suggests his. Shawn says she cannot be serious but Jan assures that she is and she wants him to take her home with him.

Eric comes out of the Brady Pub and runs in to Belle. Belle hugs him and mentions that Marlena told her that he was in town. Belle says she’s excited and it’s good to see him. Eric says the same and mentions that Nicole is having breakfast with Rafe inside as they are together now. Belle mentions that she knew and guesses that’s why Eric is outside which he admits. Belle is glad to spend more time with him. Eric apologizes for not being there for her before when she was possessed.

Shawn tells Jan that this is not a simple request since she committed some serious crimes and tried to kill people. Shawn asks if she really thinks a sane judge is going to release her out in to the world to do more damage. Jan argues that she wouldn’t be released out in to the world, but in to the custody of her baby daddy. Shawn tells her not to call him that. Jan insists that if everyone knows she’s living with him, they will know that he’s taking extra special care of her and their baby. Jan argues that Shawn is a detective and was police commissioner, so if anyone can guarantee that she won’t be a danger to the public, it’s him. Shawn tells her it’s not going to happen as she is exactly where she belongs. Jan reminds him that the doctor said she needs to be on total bed rest. Shawn tells her to stay in bed then. Jan asks how that’s possible when every prisoner has to be up by six, in the cafeteria by seven, and back to their cells by eight. Shawn is sure they will make accommodations for her. Shawn offers to talk to the warden about her staying in the infirmary until the baby is born. Jan complains about the amount of diseases flying around the prison and admits she’s not exactly everyone’s favorite prisoner so she doesn’t trust these creeps to take care of her baby. Jan worries that she will end up back in her cell and asks if Shawn really wants to take that kind of a chance with his child’s life.

Belle tells Eric that it all happened really fast and is kind of still a blur, so she’s just grateful that John knew what to do. Belle mentions that she did a lot of terrible things like trying to break up Chad and Abigail plus Gabi and Jake. Eric assures that she is not responsible for any of that. Belle feels that she is but finds it strange that she doesn’t remember doing any of it. Belle says one minute she was at the DiMera Mansion talking to Johnny and then she was upstairs, tied to a bed, and everyone told her she had been possessed. Eric brings up that Marlena said after she was possessed, she had gaps in her memory. Belle says that’s what is strange because she didn’t lose any time at all.

Tripp and Chanel complain about their hangovers. Tripp presents Chanel with an electrolyte replacement drink as a hangover cure. Chanel is hesitant but Tripp insists that she drink it and it will help her forget last night ever happened.

Johnny explains to Ben that Allie is now possessed by the Devil and that Jake was right that Johnny was possessed since Christmas. Johnny adds that he doesn’t remember anything from Marlena’s exorcism until the Devil left him. Ben asks how the hell he got free. Johnny informs him that Allie saved him as she was talking to him, trying to reach out and telling him to fight the Devil so he did and he was winning, but then the Devil must have jumped from him in to his sister. Ben questions what the Devil would want with Allie. Johnny responds that he doesn’t think the Devil is interested in Allie at all as he thinks he wants what he always wanted. Ben realizes that’s Ciara and their baby.

Ciara questions the other tea mugs and wonders why she can’t remember if they were there last night. Allie then shows up at her door and says she brought breakfast, figuring her and Ben would still be tired. Ciara thanks her but notes that Ben is not here and she doesn’t know where he is as he wasn’t there when she woke up. Allie calls that weird. Ciara last remembers Ben taking her to bed after they drank tea. Ciara asks if Allie knows what happened after that. Allie recalls Ben putting Ciara to bed and then they had some tea while they talked about parenting and then she headed out soon after. Ciara calls it weird as she doesn’t remember Ben coming to bed. Allie notes that she was very tired but Ciara says she always wakes up when Ben comes to bed and gets out of bed. Ciara decides to call Ben but it goes straight to voicemail.

Ben tries to break his chains but Johnny warns that he’s going to hurt himself. Ben says he has to get to Ciara. Johnny says he’s tried but the chains are unbreakable. Ben complains about the Devil being after the woman he loves and his baby. Johnny complains that before that, the Devil went after the woman he loves and used him to do that. Ben asks if he’s talking about how he dumped her at a party. Johnny insists it wasn’t him, it was the Devil, and he wanted to make it stick so he called her and taunted her about it and now she hates him. Johnny understands he hurt Chanel in the worst way possible and now she’s off with Tripp. Ben asks how he knows that. Johnny explains that Devil Allie gave him his own private screening of Chanel and Tripp drinking together at the bar. Ben guesses Chanel was drowning her sorrows. Johnny assures that they did a lot more than that and could have even spent the night together.

Tripp informs Chanel that he came to apologize for last night. Chanel asks why and what he did. Tripp says he got drunk, kissed her, and took her home hoping to get her in bed. Chanel reminds him that she was drunk too and is pretty sure she was down to party. Chanel recalls that she led the idea and thinks they only didn’t go through with it because her mom stopped them. Tripp admits he’s kind of glad that she did because if they had gone through with it, they’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons like revenge. Tripp adds that he’s not even sure Johnny and Allie would care.

Eric questions Belle not remembering any of the things she did while possessed. Belle confirms that she only knows what people told her but she doesn’t feel like she lost her memory. Eric doesn’t understand. Belle talks about not having the same experience that Marlena described. Eric wonders if maybe the Devil didn’t have control yet. Belle says he would have had to in order to morph in to EJ or Jake. Belle adds that she never realized she was missing time. Eric wonders if the Devil was making her unaware it was happening and says all that matters is that she’s safe now. Eric hopes that she can put that chapter behind her and move on with her life. Belle wishes she could pretend none of this happened and just move on, but the Devil did so much damage and hurt so many people that it can’t be forgotten or repaired that easily, especially the relationships he wrecked and none more than her own marriage.

Jan tells Shawn that she’s not delusional as she knows how he feels about her, but she can live with that. Jan says no matter how much Shawn dislikes her, he would never take that out on an innocent child, especially not his own because that’s not who he is. Jan calls Shawn a good man and says that’s why she knows he would never want any harm to come to the child. Jan says being a mother made something in her switch because for the first time in her life, somebody is depending on her so she feels like she has purpose and she wants to do everything she can to protect the baby. Jan declares that if something happened in prison, she couldn’t live with that and asks if Shawn could. Jan asks Shawn to talk to the warden for their baby.

Eric tells Belle that Marlena told her about Shawn and Jan. Belle tells Eric that she’s staying with Marlena and John but Shawn wants her to go home. Belle admits she thought about it but they started discussing it and Jan called, so she left. Belle is sure Shawn went to the prison to talk to Jan. Belle thinks Eric will say that it’s Shawn’s baby so she should accept it because she loves him. Eric clarifies that he was going to say if Shawn has to be there for Jan because of the baby, it’s not because he loves her. Belle assures that she knows that but Jan being the mother of his child means Jan will be in their lives forever. Belle asks how to deal with that and how a marriage survives that.

Ben informs Johnny that Allie was in their apartment last night and brought over some tea. Ben recalls putting Ciara in bed and realizes that Allie drugged them both. Johnny confirms Ben was pretty out of it when Allie brought him in. Ben worries that Ciara must have woken up this morning wondering where she could have gone.

Ciara leaves a message for Ben to call her back when he gets it. Allie suggests he must just be busy. Ciara hopes so and decides she’s going to check the garage. Ciara thanks Allie for stopping by. Allie then pulls out the note that the Devil made and claims it must have fallen on the floor. She reads it to Ciara, saying it’s from Ben and that he woke up early and didn’t want to wake her and to have a good time with Allie. Ciara questions how Ben knew Allie would be there. Allie claims she told Ben last night that she would check on her. Allie then remembers that she has something else for her. Ciara says she didn’t have to bring her anything. Allie gives her a baby tuxedo that was Henry’s and mentions having a lot of clothes that he has outgrown, plus toys and bottles that she can have. Ciara calls that very thoughtful of her. Allie guesses she should’ve asked first and worries that she made it awkward but Ciara reassures her. Allie talks about her pregnancy being overwhelming and how she didn’t want to be a mom at first. Allie says seeing Ciara and Ben’s joy lets her see what she missed out on so she just wants to be part of it. Ciara tells Allie that she loves that she wants to be a part of it and they will be grateful for her to join them on this journey as they hug.

Chanel tells Tripp that she is the one who should be apologizing to him for stealing his girlfriend. Chanel says she was supposed to be his friend and broke the bro code. Chanel says regardless of how she felt about Allie, she was his girlfriend and she’s sorry for the way it happened. Chanel talks about how she was hurting because of what Johnny did to her and she’s ashamed that she wasn’t thinking about how hurt Tripp would be. Chanel says she knows now that was so wrong and she’s really sorry. Tripp says at the end of the day, Allie is the one who cheated on him. Tripp thanks Chanel for saying that though and says it means a lot.

Belle tells Eric that everyone keeps telling her that it’s not Shawn’s fault that he betrayed her but he lied to her for months and kept it from her. Eric says she has every right to be angry but says there’s no looking back. Eric wishes he had been more forgiving with Nicole instead of judging her so harshly as it caused him to lose her and his marriage which he doesn’t want to happen to Belle. Belle doesn’t want to lose Shawn but she doesn’t know if she’s ready to go home. Eric tells her that she can’t avoid him forever. Belle asks how to know when she’s ready. Eric tells her that she can’t find the answers by avoiding her husband, so the only way to make it through this mess is to go home and work this out together. Eric hugs Belle.

Shawn informs Jan that he just spoke to the warden and he’s not thrilled about letting a dangerous prisoner back in to the world. Jan asks if she’s really dangerous anymore. Shawn says that ultimately this would be left up to the judge who sentenced her but apparently they have extreme overcrowding. Shawn reveals that if she were to be released in to his custody, it would be solving the warden’s problem. Shawn says he guaranteed that he would be responsible for her. Jan asks if that means yes. Shawn confirms that the judge signed off so it is a yes as Jan excitedly hugs him. Shawn puts an ankle monitor on Jan and warns her that if she tries to leave the house without permission, she will be swarmed by unfriendly cops. Jan remarks that she just hopes Belle will be okay with this. Shawn informs her that she won’t have to worry about Belle because she’s staying at her mom’s. Jan asks if she moved out. Shawn says for now and confirms it’s because of her. Jan apologizes and says she knows it’s her fault and that Shawn feels guilty for not telling Belle they slept together. Shawn declares that he needs to hold himself accountable for his actions. Jan insists that she is sorry. Shawn tells her to stop pretending she cares about his marriage. Jan says she cares about him and bringing the baby in to a warm, loving environment. Jan declares that for now it will just be the three of them.

Belle agrees with Eric that she won’t solve any of her problems by running from them, so she will go get her stuff from Marlena’s. Eric tells her that he’s here for her, whatever she needs. Belle thanks him and says he always knows what to say. Belle adds that if Eric doesn’t want to deal with Nicole and Rafe, he can come help her. Eric says he will take his own advice as he and Nicole are divorced so she moved on with her life and he needs to move on with his.

Allie gives Ciara more baby clothes and talks about all the gifts the baby will get. Allie offers to help Ciara with a registry. Ciara says she’s still really worried about Ben, so she’s going to the gargage to check on him. Allie reminds her that she saw the note. Ciara knows it seems silly but she feels like she really needs to see Ben. Ciara thanks Allie for everything and goes to her room. The Devil remarks that Ciara is stubborn and won’t rest until she finds Ben, so he’ll have to do something a little more drastic.

Ben asks Johnny what if Ciara thinks he just left her and the baby because of the Devil. Ben argues that they have to do something because the Devil is after his wife and baby. Johnny says he’s sorry but he’s tried everything. Ben brings up the Crypt being on Johnny’s family property and asks if anybody ever comes back here. Johnny says sometimes they pay respects to dead relatives. Ben asks how often and when he last came in. Johnny says he came last Halloween to scout locations for his movie and it turned out that John was locked up here but he didn’t find him because the Devil stopped him. Johnny mentions hearing voices the other day and trying to yell for help but nobody heard him. Ben tries screaming for help but Johnny says he’s wasting his time. Ben asks if he has a better idea, so they try screaming together.

Shawn sets up at home when Belle comes in with her bag, surprising him. Belle tells him that she’s been thinking about everything, so she wanted to come home. Jan then comes in and says she knows she should be resting. Jan then says what a surprise to seeing Belle. Belle responds that she could say the same thing and questions what the hell Jan is doing here. Jan reveals that she’s moving in, shocking Belle.

Chanel tells Tripp that she feels cured of her hangover and now she’s hungry. Tripp says he is too so they exit together.

Ciara goes to the Brady Pub and is surprised to see Eric. They hug and talk about how good it is to see each other. Ciara says she was looking for Clyde, hoping he could tell her where Ben is. Eric asks if something is wrong. Ciara hopes not but says she woke up this morning and Ben was gone with a note that he was at work but she just drove by the garage and he was nowhere to be found.

Devil Allie goes to prison to visit Evan Frears aka Christian Maddox, the son of Orpheus, who held Ciara prisoner last year. Allie claims to be a big fan of his work. Christian asks who the hell she is. She responds that she’s his new best friend because she’s about to offer him a chance at revenge on Ben Weston. He tells her that she has his attention. She says they have so much to talk about.

Ben and Johnny continue screaming for help. Ben argues that sooner or later someone will walk by but Johnny says it’s no use. They then hear noise outside. Johnny declares that someone is outside so they are saved as someone then breaks open the door.

Devil Allie tells Christian that she is going to call him Evan because she’s not a fan of Christian. She says they have a lot in common such as being bisexual. He tells her to get to the part where she helps him get revenge on Ben. She says that’s the other thing they have in common, hating Ben. Evan declares Ben is the reason he lost everything and the reason he’s in here. Allie talks about Ben ruining Evan’s plans by rescuing Ciara, otherwise he’d be out living his best life but instead he’s in here while Ben and Ciara are happily married. She declares that now Ben is getting in her way and she just can’t have that, so that’s where he comes in.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Steffy: Finn… finn, he’s– he’s gone? I don’t–

[ Stammering ] But why? How?

Thomas: Nobody knows yet, sis.

Steffy: He’s dead? Someone shot and killed my husband?

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Brooke: I wonder how it’s going. Telling steffy–

Hope: It’s going to be painful. They’re trying to help her remember finn and the life they shared.

Brooke: It seems cruel, yes. But there’s no way we could have let her go on believing that she and liam were still together.

Brooke: This must be very difficult for them, having to break this news to her. I just feel for ridge. This must be killing him, seeing his daughter in pain like that. I just wish there was something I could do. I wish I could… be there for him.

Hope: Mom… by being here, you’re helping him. And I know that he appreciates it.

Bridget: Yeah, of course he does. Don’t give up on ridge. You two will always work things out. You always have.

Brooke: Until maybe we don’T.

>>Taylor: Sweetheart–

[ Steffy sobbing ]

>>Ridge: I’m so sorry.

[Steffy sobbing]

Steffy: How… how could I forget finn? And now he’s gone.

[ Steffy sobbing ]

[ Steffy sobbing ] I thought– I thought we were together.

Liam: I know. I know. But I’m still here for you. And I always will be.

Sheila: I will be, too. I will steffy, if you let me. I know you probably don’t want me anywhere… around. I’m– I’m assuming that you at least remember that. Finn was my son. And knowing that he’s– knowing that I’m nev– I’m sorry. Just it’s painful knowing that he’s gone.

[ Steffy sobbing ] No matter who you are,

Brooke: Oh gosh, I feel bad talking about my problems with ridge, while steffy’s lying in a hospital bed recovering from a gunshot. She lost her husband. I mean, I’m being so selfish.

Hope: Okay, mom. Stop right there. Those are two completely separate issues. You weren’t selfish for wanting your marriage to survive.

Bridget: Mom, you two are far from over.

Steffy: Sheila. I remember. I remember you’re finn’s mother. You gave birth to him.

Sheila: Yes. Yes, I did.

Steffy: I’m sorry. I know you’re hurting. You just got to know him and now he’S… he’s gone.

Shelia: That’s something I don’t– I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to accept. I don’t– I don’t know if I’ll ever understand it. How could this have happened? It was my last chance to be part of a– a family. To be accepted. And now– I’m sorry for you… too, steffy. And hayes. ‘Cause that precious little boy is going to grow up with no memory… of his father. You have no idea how devastating that is for me. He should– he should be here for years, for– for all of us. None of this should have happened. None of it.

Taylor: It was a senseless act. One we will be reeling from, for a long time to come. But we’ll be here for one another… and we’ll grieve together. Hayes may never know his father. But he’ll know of him… through pictures and stories.

Shelia: I hope so.

Taylor: I know so. And he’ll not be forgotten.

Ridge: We’re not going to forget that someone is responsible. We’re going to find them. We’re going to put them away. Promise you.

Sheila: Yeah, that’s what we all want. I’m going to– I’m going to leave. I’ve taken up enough of your… family moment. But you know what? You could have told me to leave. That I didn’t belong. That I was never finn’s mother. You chose kindness. That coming from you, steffy, that– that little bit of understanding when I know that you’re going through so much pain and grief of your own. It means a lot. So, thank you. You’ll never know how sorry I am. How terribly sorry I am always going to be. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Bridget: Hey, everyone. I’m just checking on steffy. How is she?

Thomas: Well, we explained… about finn.

Ridge: And she’s starting to remember. So that’s good, right?

Bridget: Very good. Hey, honey. I’m so, so sorry.

Steffy: Thanks.

Bridget: When you say starting to remember, do–

Taylor: Just finn, hayes.

Bridget: Okay.

Steffy: My son. I want to see him.

Taylor: Steffy, maybe we should wait until–

Steffy: Please. I so want to hold him.

Taylor: I understand. Okay baby. We’ll get him.

Bridget: Right now, you just need to rest. Okay, honey, you’ve been through so, so much.

Steffy: I am tired.

Bridget: I think maybe just one or two more minutes.

Ridge: Yeah.

Bridget. Okay.

>>Ridge: That’s fine.

Thomas: Uh, hey sis, uh, hang in there. We’re going to make it through this.

Steffy: My son. Please.

Taylor: I know. We will– we will get him. And you will hold your son again soon.

Liam: We’re all here for you. And we’re going to do whatever we can to help you heal.

Brooke: Do you think we should have gone in too? Steffy’s going to need all the support she can get.

Hope: No. We shouldn’t overwhelm her or liam. They’re dealing with enough stress, as it is.

Brooke: Understandably. Steffy is kelly’s mother.

Hope: Oh, believe me, I get it. I would be freaking out if I were liam. He’s always going to care about her and– it’s what I love about him. He’s going to help her through this. Liam!

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hey. How’d it go?

Liam: Oh.

Brooke: Does steffy know about finn?

Liam: Yes. Yes. But at first, she was just confused. Like, just struggling to even understand anything we were saying to her. But then– then the memories started coming back and– and you could see the look on her face change. And it was just– it was horrible. I– her realizing that… the husband that she was only now finally starting to remember, is gone. It…

Ridge: You okay?

Taylor: I just want steffy to get better. Focus on her health. Now she’s got this enormous grief to face.

Bridget: Taylor, I’m sorry I didn’t discuss it with you beforehand. I should have. But it… was something you were going to have to face eventually, anyway. And I think she’s really ready.

Thomas: She must be. Once we told her about finn, she started to get her memory back.

Ridge: And maybe that means she’ll get the rest of her memory back as well.

Bridget: Oh, well she’s remembering finn and hayes. I think it’s imminent.

Taylor: I agree. It shouldn’t be too much longer. She’ll be able to tell us about who did this.

Bridget: Yes.

>>Nurse: Excuse me, dr. Forrester. Steffy’s due for another round of pain meds, but her chart says to check with you.

Bridget: Oh, uh, yes. Well, she’s sleeping right now. So, if she wakes up, and she’s uncomfortable, we’ll stay ahead of the pain. But I know steffy doesn’t want to go down the road of addiction again. We’re always cautious, but we’re even more so, in this case.

Nurse: Of course. Thanks.

Ridge: It worries me.

Thomas: Yeah.

Bridget: She’s in good hands. We’re watching her very closely. Are you tired of washing dishes?

Ridge: Not something i thought I’d have to do. Tell my daughter her husband’s gone.

Brooke: I feel sorry for steffy. And for you, too. Ridge, I just want to be here and hold you and support you. Love you, as a wife should.

Ridge: Logan, look, I–

Brooke: It’s hard for me, to see you from afar. To see how much pain you’re in. I feel as your wife, I should be there as an anchor. And that’s kind of difficult because we don’t live together right now. We’ve helped each other through worse times. This shouldn’t be any different. I just want you to know that you can lean on me. I wish you could. I want to be there as your wife. And I want us to be there for each other. So please, just come home. Come home to me, please.

Liam: Yeah. I’ve been so– just– just, uh… worried. Or whatever.

Hope: I know.

Liam: And not even just– not about steffy. I mean, steffy, too, but like kelly, and hayes. And oh, my god, like, what would have happened if steffy didn’t pull through? You know, like, thank god that didn’t happen. I’m still worried. It’s like, you know, kelly and hayes now their– their lives– they’re just to be so radically different, you know, with– with– with finn gone and their mother now grieving in the hospital. And all these– it’s just– it’s a lot. It’s a lot. And I– I’ll step up. That’s it. That’s it. I’ll just, I’ll step up. Like–

Hope: Hey.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: You always do. Liam, I admire your strength. I do. But, you know, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You got me.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: You got me, and I’ll help with steffy and the kids. And we’ll do this together, like we always do.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: And also, don’t forget that steffy has an amazing support system outside of us. She’s got her family, and we know that they’ll pitch in.

Liam: Yeah. Yes. Yes, you’re right. I just– I don’t know, it’s just– I’m kelly’s father, you know? So I just feel like I have to do my part because it’s– it’s really– it’s my job. It’s my job to be there.

Hope: Hey… yes, it is. But now you can also breathe. Because the worst part is over.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: She’s awake.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: She’s recovering.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: While that is going to be a difficult road– hey. Steffy survived. So, whoever wanted to end her life didn’t succeed.

Sheila: I’m running out of time, aren’t I? You’re already remembering finn, hayes. How much longer until you remember what happened in the alley? Imminent. Bridget said imminent. And the next time you open your eyes, you might be telling everyone what I did. I– I can’t let you do that, steffy. I can’T. I can’t let you send me back to prison.

Bridget: I know steffy doesn’t want to risk facing addiction again. And yes, we’re always cautious, but in this case, we need to be even more so.

Sheila: Facing addiction or facing an overdose because that would solve all my problems. Wouldn’t it? What a shame. Knowing your former… struggle. You must have somehow got your hands on more meds. Be totally believable, wouldn’t it? No one would question. I never wanted it to come to this. An unfortunate end. But a necessary one.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, April 27, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Anita

Finn: Oh, my goodness. You’re so fast. You’re the fastest kid ever. You got to wait up for your dad.

Violet: Ooh, so many colors!

Finn: Mm. Pick whatever you want, sweetheart.

Violet: Have you ever gotten your nails done, daddy?

Finn: Me? [ Laughs ] No. N-nope.

Violet: You should get your nails done, too.

Finn: [ Laughs ] Yeah.

Ava: First time for everything.

[ Gloves striking bag ]

Sonny: Whoever he is, you must hate him a lot.

[ Gloves striking bag ]

Portia: N’neka. N’neka, hi. Um, is Curtis around?

N’neka: [ Sighs ] Sorry, Dr. Robinson. He texted me that he’d be coming in late. Do you want to leave a message for him?

Portia: Oh, no, no. I’ve been leaving messages. I just haven’t heard back from him.

Drew: Join the club. Curtis hasn’t been answering my messages, either.

[ Gloves striking bag ]

Sonny: Damn. Love’s stronger than hate. Anybody I know? Something wrong, Dante?

Dante: Uh… I just got a text from Jordan. I’m needed at G.H.

Sonny: Trouble?

Dante: I don’t know yet.

Sonny: Oh.

Dante: I’ll let you know.

Sonny: Okay.

Curtis: Must be frustrating. A son with a badge, won’t share.

Sonny: Me and Dante know where we stand. Like, kind of like maybe you and your father, right?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Brando: Nina?

Nina: Brando. Listen, I know this is last minute, but I was wondering if you could swing by my apartment.

Brando: Is something wrong?

Nina: I just — I just met with Sasha, and I could be overreacting. I probably am. But she seemed kind of fragile.

Brando: Yeah, I’m on the way.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] Looks like you might need those more than me.

Lucy: Ladies. To us. And to the success of the IPO. Deception would not be where it is today without all your hard work and passion. Cheers.

Group: Cheers. Cheers.

[ Laughter ]

Gladys: Hey, uh, since I’m included in the “hard work” and “passion” speech, why haven’t I been given a stock share?

Lucy: Mm! Gladys, you got a nice little raise.

Gladys: Peanuts.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ] Go mooch off your rich daughter-in-law.

Lucy; [ Clears throat ] Excuse me. Uh, hey, what are you gonna do with all your millions?

Maxie: Oh, I’m gonna put a ton of it away for my kids’ education.

Brook Lynn: Expecting a call?

Maxie: Austin was supposed to stop by, but that was, like, an hour ago.

Glady: -[ Laughs ]

Sasha: -Hey!

Glady: Are you shy all of a sudden? What kept you so long? We can’t have a party without the Face of Deception.

Sasha: Well, I am here now, so let’s get this party started, huh?

[ Women cheer ] -Yeah! -Yeah!

Alexis: This is how you show your love for Willow? By killing me and Carly?

Harmony: I didn’t want it this way, Alexis!

Alexis: Where does it end, Harmony? First Neil. Then his brother. Now me and Carly. How many people have to die to maintain the lie that Willow is your daughter?

Harmony: As many as it takes.

Sonny: Oh, you know what? I just finished my workout. I don’t need to climb back in the ring to show you how it’s done.

Curtis: [ Chuckles ]

Sonny: Especially after the great night that I had at your club.

Curtis: If you’re talking about the poker game, Ms. Wu runs the games. I just give her access to the back room.

Sonny: Must be a profitable arrangement.

Curtis: Well, you would know, since you and Ms. Wu partnered up.

Sonny: Oh, Ms. Wu, she’s not my partner. She’s my business associate. Just like you. I mean, treat her as such, and everybody walks away happy at the end of the evening.

Curtis: Oh, I don’t know. Some leave richer, some poorer.

Sonny: Well, life’s a gamble. And there’s nothing riskier than family. You should know about that.

Curtis: That’s the second time you’ve alluded to my father. Why the sudden interest?

Drew: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Portia: That Curtis’ radio silence has something to do with Marshall?

Drew: So, what do you know, like, specifically?

Portia: Well, Trina told me that she ran into Marshall on his way out of town, and he said that he was no longer interested in putting down roots in Port Charles anymore.

Drew: Or with his family.

Portia: And you don’t seem surprised by that information. Drew, you know why Marshall left town. Don’t you?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Dante: How’s the patient?

Rory: He’s messed up pretty bad.

Dante: Mm-hmm. Tj. What’s going on? Is he conscious? Is he saying anything?

TJ: Well, the patient is awake, but he’s not making much sense.

Dante: Mm. You know what? Officer Cabrera, I got this. Thank you. I need to see him.

TJ: Yeah.

[ Monitor beeping ]

TJ: The patient’s name is — I already know the patient’s name.

Dante: Eric and I, we go way back.

Nina: Hey. Come on in. Thank you for coming over.

Brando: Of course.

Nina: Did I ever thank you for helping Sonny overcome the men who tried to rob us?

Brando: Ah, wrong place, right time.

Nina: Yeah. Well, most people, they run from trouble. But you ran right into it kind of deliberately.

Brando: Yeah. Okay, so you didn’t really call me over here to thank me or to rehash what happened at charlie’s. This is about Sasha, so…

Nina: But the two are kind of connected, Brando. Your courage put you right in the line of fire. And that really frightened Sasha.

Brando: Okay, well, I mean, Sasha knows that was a one-off. I have made it a point of keeping my distance from Sonny, so…

Nina: And yet, Sonny’s world still managed to find you. I know that you know this, but, Brando, you have to take this seriously. After losing Liam, she is terrified of losing you, too.

Sasha: Who wants seconds? Next round’s on me.

Lucy: Oh, well, look at you, already spending your newfound wealth. Does Mr. Gilmore have a say?

Sasha: My husband is Mr. Brando Corbin, Lucy. He’s a very special person with his own identity.

Gladys: You tell ’em, honey. It never pays to underestimate the Corbins.

Lucy: I’m teasing. Okay. Another toast. To me. For being so smart to bring you all together to make Deception the jewel in the cosmetic crown. Hear, hear.

[ Women ] -Cheers. -Cheers. -Cheers.

Lucy: Oh, hey! I actually spoke with Brando this morning, and I am hot on the trail of finding you the perfect house.

Maxie: If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wash up.

Brook Lynn: And I’ll join you. Excuse me.

Maxie: Okay.

Lucy: Okay. Listen. I really do believe that real estate is an important, important investment. But you can’t drive it and you can’t wear it. So, tell me, what do you want to just splurge on to celebrate?

Gladys: I vote for a hot pink convertible.

Lucy: [ Sighs ]

Brook Lynn: Is it just me, or is Sasha only pretending to enjoy herself?

Maxie: It’s not just you.

Brook Lynn: And you. You’re not even pretending. Is Austin ghosting you?

Maxie: Why would you say something like that?

Brook Lynn: Just, if I’m wrong, tell me.

Maxie: You’re wrong.

Brook Lynn: But some guys can’t handle when the woman they’re seeing can buy and sell them.

Gladys: So, lucy, what do you intend to do with your millions?

Lucy: I don’t know. I haven’t figured it out quite yet.

Sasha: Maybe a getaway in Maui?

Waiter: The face of deception is living it up with the top brass in the Metro Court gardens. No. They’re just getting started.

[ Laughter ]

[ Grunts ]

Harmony: I just wanted to be your friend, Alexis!

Alexis: Then let me go!

Harmony: I can’t! I’m not a murderer. It’s all of you. It was you. You all made me do it.

[ Grunts ]

Alexis: Someone else made you stick a needle in Neil’s arm? Or push his brother to his death? None of that was your fault or your doing?

Harmony: None of it. You’re wrong, Harmony. Or should I say Lorraine?

[ Screaming ]

Carly: Back the hell off!

Ava: Is this your first time getting your nails done?

Violet: Yes.

Ava: [ Chuckles ]

Violet: Ooh, so pretty. I want that color.

Finn: Yeah?

Ava: Oh, do you like this? Oh, I’m glad. Thank you. ‘Cause I was a little worried about it. You know, you could probably get a design in this color if you like.

Violet: Daddy, can I have a design?

Finn: Hmm?

Ava: It costs a little extra, dad. Sorry.

Finn: Whatever you want, sweetheart. You want to go pick out a design?

Violet: Yeah.

Finn: Come on. Here you go.

Nail Tech: Come on, sweetheart. Let’s pick something out.

Finn: Okay.

Ava: My little girl, Avery, she likes getting little unicorns or rainbows and… never too soon to experience the finer things.

Finn: Mm. Yeah.

Ava: [ Laughs ]

Finn: Violet was named “class helper of the week,” so this is sort of her special treat.

Ava: Oh. I bet it’s a treat for you, too.

Finn: Mm.

Ava: If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more precious than time with your little girl.

Sonny: Your father intrigues me because the first time I met him, he acted like he didn’t like me, like we traded punches in a past life.

Curtis: Maybe you did.

Sonny: Well, that’s Marshall’s problem.

Curtis: You know, my dad, he has no use for people in your chosen profession, but since you’re interested, Sonny, why did you tell me no when I asked for your help to look into his past?

Sonny: The first time I met Marshall was when he came to Port Charles. But let me tell you something. Sometimes the past should be left where it belongs — in the past.

Drew: Portia, I really think that you should speak to Curtis about this.

Portia: And I certainly would if he would return my messages. Or yours. [ Scoffs ] I can only assume that something very serious is going on here. And I get the sense that you know more than what you’re telling me.

Drew: Mm…

Portia: Drew, I’m not asking you to betray a confidence, but if Curtis is hurting, I want to be there. I want — I want to help him. I-I need to.

Drew: I know how much Curtis means to you. I really do. And I know how much you mean to Curtis, so… me keeping silent, that’s not gonna help anybody. I’ll just take the hit from Curtis if it comes to that, I guess.

Portia: Then you do know why Marshall left town?

Drew: Yeah. I helped drive him away.

Maxie: And you’re wrong about Austin. Money means nothing to him. When I first met him, he was hiking in the woods, munching on granola bars.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, until he moved to Port Charles and he started to maneuver for a slice of the Quartermaine pie.

Maxie: No, he didn’t want anything to do with the Quartermaine millions. He just wanted respect for his father. He even turned down that offer your family made to buy him out.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, because he was holding out for voting stock, which, by the way, has more value.

Maxie: Okay, Brook Lynn, what happened to giving Austin a chance? For my sake?

Brook Lynn: Okay, you’re right. I’m just speaking from my own experience. Most guys that I meet are either threatened by my trust fund or want to help me spend it. Look, I hope for your sake that I’m wrong and that nature boy is the exception.

Austin: I am so sorry. I had the world’s most difficult patient, and then I got stuck in traffic. And I should have — you look amazing.

Maxie: Thank you.

Austin: Hi. Everything okay?

Waiter: They’re over there.

Sasha: Thanks for suggesting this.

Gladys: Especially since the tab is on Deception.

Sasha: I really needed a chance to unwind.

Lucy: Mm, come on. I think we all did. But I have to tell you, tomorrow is another grueling day. We have to meet with prospective buyers. And then you have a bunch of interviews with social media and for print. And then I did set up a couple of wine-and-dines for our distributors with you.

Sasha: [ Sighs ] Being the face of deception is a 24-hour gig.

Gladys: [ Laughs ] You make it sound like a bad thing. You’re gorgeous, successful, a multimillionaire. You were born for this.

Photographer: Smile, Sasha. Let’s see that Face of Deception.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Brando: Sasha knows she isn’t going to lose me. I’ve made sure of that.

Nina: Yeah, well, you can plan all you want in your life, but you know how life is. It’s unpredictable. What did you say, Brando? You said, uh, “wrong place, right time.” Well, sometimes it’s wrong place, wrong time.

Brando: Okay, I get it, Nina. I do. Bad things happen. Things that we can’t plan for. But, look, Sasha doesn’t have to worry about me taking any stupid risks or being in the line of fire. I’m not in active service anymore. I’m not a cop. And I’m definitely not involved in any aspect of Sonny’s business. I just fix cars.

Nina: Yeah. You and Sasha, you experienced a traumatic loss. Your recovery may not be the same as Sasha’s.

Brando: I know.

Nina: When you have that kind of loss, you’re frightened into thinking that it is gonna happen again any time. And you’re afraid to invest. And you don’t trust your own happiness because you know that that can be snatched away quickly. I k-know the, um… unbearable pain of losing a child. And… that’s a kind of emptiness that never really goes away.

Carly: What the hell are you doing?!

Harmony: I won’t let you take Willow and Wiley away from me! Alexis! No! Please! No!

Carly: Harmony, stop!

Harmony: Alexis! No! No! Please! Alexis!

Curtis: If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were deliberately keeping something from me.

Sonny: You and I haven’t had much — any problems. But I know how much Nina values your friendship.

Curtis: Yeah, Nina’s great.

Sonny: I agree with that. And I just want you to know that I’m not here to muscle in on your club.

Curtis: You and Selina Wu — business partners? Really?

Sonny: Yeah. And I hope everything works out with you and your dad.

Curtis: Well, you might be a little too late. Marshall’s already left town.

Drew: Curtis wanted to find out what Marshall was up to all those years he pretended to be dead.

Portia: Yes. And I know that you offered to help him. So what did you do? Did you hire a private investigator? Did you tap Marshall’s phone, go through the garbage? What?

Drew: I offered him a job at Aurora.

Portia: That’s it? And Curtis knows about this?

Drew: Mm-hmm. You apply for a job, what’s the first thing H.R. Does?

Portia: Run a background check.

Drew: Yeah. Long story short, we actually came up empty, but Marshall found out about it, and he — you know, he felt used.

Portia: Still, still, okay… but do you think that would be enough to drive Marshall away?

Drew: Maybe. Or maybe Curtis discovered something else and confronted Marshall about it?

Portia: Any idea what that “something else” is?

Drew: Look, all I know is that Curtis was trying to protect you and Trina from any trouble that might have been following Marshall around. So, please, try not to judge him too harshly for going behind his father’s back.

Portia: Even if it costs Curtis his father?

Dante: You remember me? I’m the cop who busted you for armed robbery at Charlie’s Pub. Where’s your partner? Is he worse off than you are? You know, I notice you don’t feel like talking very much. I’ll make it real simple for you, okay? Who did this to you?

Photographer Felty: Smile, Sasha. Let’s see that beautiful Face of Deception.

Gladys: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Stop!

Felty: Oh, come on.

Sasha: Stop it!

Lucy: Go!

Female: Who let you in here?!

Felty: Sasha, give me something good. You’re famous.

Lucy: Okay, wait. That’s it. You got enough.

Felty: Come on.

Lucy: I’m gonna call security. You’re done. You’re done.

Felty: Ladies, ladies, ladies, let’s get a shot of the newly minted millionaires on top of the world.

Lucy: -I’m calling security.

Maxie: -That’s enough!

Brook Lynn: Do you want Olivia Quartermaine to know about this? Did I mention she’s my stepmother?

Sasha: Just leave me alone, please.

Austin: No, no, no. Come on, dude. You heard the lady. Leave her alone.

Felty: I’m just trying to do my job.

Austin: Don’t do your job. Just beat it.

Felty; Deception’s loss.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ]

Gladys: Where’d Sasha go?

Sasha: [ Breathing heavily ] [ Groans ]

Felty: Is that on the menu?

Sasha: [ Gasps ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

[ Grunting ]

Alexis: Someone’s trying to kill us. Send police to Rana Point.

Harmony: No!

Carly: Harmony!

Alexis: Hurry, please! She’s lost her mind!

Harmony: No! No!

Alexis: I-I-I’ll send for an ambulance.

Carly: We got to stop her. We got to stop her!

Ava: Thank you.

Violet: What’s the most popular color?

Nail tech: This happens to be the most popular color.

Violet: Cool.

Finn: [ Chuckles ] Violet is in seventh heaven.

Ava: Hmm? Enjoy it. I don’t get as much time as I’d like with my daughter. I’ve learned to cherish every moment.

Violet: [ Laughs ] It tickles.

Ava: Wait until you get a pedicure.

Finn: The operative word is “wait.” Great. Now she’s gonna want one of those, too.

Ava: And you’ll let her have one. You’re a good dad. I can tell.

Finn: I try. Of course, I get accused of overdoing it sometimes, but… really, this is the easy part, right? I mean, the hard part is wanting to protect her every single moment, whether I’m with her or not.

Ava: I know exactly how you feel. Last year, I… I almost left the country to protect Avery. I’m glad it didn’t come to that.

Finn: [ Sighs ] Anything for them, right?

Ava: Absolutely anything.

Violet: Daddy, you haven’t picked a color yet.

Finn: Hmm? What was I just saying? Hmm?

[ Both laugh ]

Finn: Okay, I’ll pick a color. [ Smooches ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

Dante: You know who did this to you, don’t you?

Sonny: How you doing? Don’t worry, you’ll be joining your friend real soon. [ Laughs ]

Dante: Hey, I’ll lock up whoever did it to you. You just got to give me a name.

Sonny: Why aren’t you looking Dante: for your dad? Oh, unless you know where he’s headed.

Curtis: I don’t.

Sonny: You know, I can get my guys to track him down.

Curtis: Why do you care?

Sonny: Well, I know what it’s like for, you know, a father and a son to stop trusting each other.

Curtis: I’m sure you speak from experience.

Sonny: I have two very different, strong sons that mean the world to me. We’ve had our differences over the years. We’ve, uh, burned some bridges. Some have been repaired. Others haven’t.

Curtis: I’m sorry. How do you know my father and I haven’t burned our own bridges?

Sonny: Well, only you know that. You don’t think it can be rebuilt?

Curtis: [ Sighs ]

Sonny: Let me just — let me just tell you something. If you think it can… don’t give up.

Portia: -Thank you, n’neka.

Drew: -Thanks.

N’neka: Thank you.

Drew: Look, Marshall was hiding something from his past, and Curtis just had no idea when that secret might surface or what it might lead to. So he was just trying to be proactive, trying to almost dig out that secret before it blew back on his family.

Portia: Marshall is a musician. He has a clarinet in his case, not a machine gun.

Drew: Then why is he being so secretive? Why is he implying that he’s been on the run from something, or someone, from his past?

Portia: I guess I just wish that he would have let me help him find those answers. I could have helped him avoid some trouble in the process. I mean…

Drew: No, there’s no trouble. Yeah, there’s no trouble yet, Drew.

Drew: Just put yourself in Curtis’ shoes for a second. If Marshall’s past does end up being dangerous, the less you know, the better.

Nina: Never mind me. It’s — nobody is going to use me as a model on how to recover from grief in a healthy way. You know what I’m probably doing? Just projecting my own loss onto Sasha.

Brando: Maybe she still seems like the daughter you never had. Sasha still regrets trying to pass herself off as your child. And she thinks about it nearly every day.

Nina: Well, Sasha and I both have done things that we regret. You just tell your wife — I want you to tell her this — that she just needs to focus in on herself and you. And if that’s not enough to make her happy, then this amazing career that she has that has made her so much money.

Brando: Yeah. It doesn’t take the place of Liam. Nothing does.

Sasha: Stop it. Please. Just leave me alone, please.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Sasha: Just stop it!

Austin: Let’s go get some dinner.

Maxie: Can we reschedule? I-I don’t want to leave Sasha.

Brook Lynn: No, I’ll stick around. I’ll make sure that Sasha’s okay. You enjoy your night.

Austin: Are you suggesting… I mean, you’re helping Maxie spend time with me?

Brook Lynn: As long as I don’t have to spend time with you.

Austin: That’s funny. Touché.

Maxie: Thank you, Brook Lynn. Um, should we go up to the terrace for the spring tasting menu?

Austin: Or I got a better idea. Why don’t we get a six-pack and some takeout wings and go back to your place?

Sasha: -Just — just leave me alone!

Austin: -Sasha.

[ Sasha groans ]

Gladys: What? Hey! What part of “get lost” do you not understand?!

Felty: Give that back!

Austin: Or you’ll do what? What would you do?

Felty: I’m just doing my job.

Austin: Okay, well, do your job someplace else. Like the gutter.

Felty: She has my camera. That’s theft.

Gladys: Take it back, you filthy, rotten piece of garbage. Let’s go, sweetie. Come on. Carly’s gonna hear about this.

Lucy: Okay. Go, go, go, go, go. Okay. You do know who she’s talking about? Really? Do you not know Carly? Carly, who happens to be the ex-wife of Sonny Corinthos, a very complicated businessman. So I think you should be afraid. Very, very afraid. Because I know from personal experience that Mr. Corinthos has a very bad temper. Short fuse. He doesn’t like women exploited. And you know what? If he’s not gonna handle it, if he doesn’t want to get involved, Carly has a very fearsome lawyer, and she will take everything from you, make you bankrupt without breaking a nail!

Felty: She took my memory card! That has my photos on it!

Brook Lynn: Gladys.

Maxie: Gladys.

Carly: [ Breathing heavily ]

Alexis: What happened to you?

Carly: Harmony drugged me. We’ve got to stop her.

Alexis: Oh, let the police take care of it. They’re on their way.

Carly: And if they’re too late, Harmony’s gonna go straight for Willow and Wiley.

Ava: [ Gasps ] Oh! Absolutely beautiful. You chose the perfect color.

Violet: I like daddy’s, too.

Ava: Yeah?

Finn: [ Blows ] Wow. I really think lavender’s my color.

[ Ava and Violet laugh ]

Ava: Anything for them, right?

Finn: [ Laughs ] Yeah.

Sonny: Hey, baby. Do you want an ice-cream sundae? Yeah? You’ve been a good girl? [ Chuckles ] Alright, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna pick up all the stuff to make the ice-cream sundae, and I’m gonna bring it to you tomorrow. Is that a deal? I love you, too, sweetheart. Sweet dreams. Bye!

Dante: Oh, there it is. Hey. You’re still here, huh?

Sonny: Yeah. What happened at G.H.?

Dante: TJ got a new patient — one of the guys who tried to rob you at Charlie’S.

Sonny: Really? Some people just, you know, can’t catch a break.

Dante: Uh-huh.

Sonny: How’s he doing?

Dante: Got a broken arm, lost a tooth, lost some blood. Lost some memory, actually, too.

Sonny: Is that so?

Dante: Yeah. Doesn’t know how he got to the E.R. Or who put him in there.

Sonny: Yeah. Memory is a very fragile thing. I mean, I should know that.

Dante: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: How’s his partner?

Dante: Vanished. Thin air.

Messenger: This is for Dr. Ashford.

Nurse: Oh, he’s right over there.

Messenger: Thank you. Dr. Ashford?

TJ: That’s me.

Messenger: Sign here, please. Thank you.

TJ: Thanks. Wait. Who’s this from?

Nina: Brando, I’ve never said this. I’m sorry that you lost Liam, too. Your grief is just as significant as Sasha’s.

Brando: Yeah, Sasha and I, we grieve different ways. Yeah. I guess I get my way from my mom.

Nina: [ Chuckles ]

Brando: Whatever Gladys is feeling, you know. When you step on her toes, she says, “ouch.”

Nina: That’s right. And if you stepped on Sasha’s toes, she would apologize for being in the way.

Brando: My mom’s worried that, um, you know, Sasha’s trying to cover up her pain. I thought that was just, you know, her way of processing it.

Nina: Yeah, she — she insists on toughing it out, right?

Brando: Mm.

Nina: And keeping all that hurt inside, which means that all that pain could be taking an emotional toll on her that no one’s really aware of.

[ Horn honking ]

Sasha: It’s the photographer. I can’t shake him.

Gladys: He wants this.

Sasha: You stole his memory card?

Gladys: That rat deserved it after taking all those pictures of you.

[ Horn honking ]

Gladys: Just to make a fast buck.

Sasha: Oh, God. I’d tell you how much I love you right now, Gladys, but first we need to lose this parasite.

[ Engine revving ]

Rory: Paramedics are on their way.

Carly: Okay.

Rory: How are you feeling?

Carly: Well, Harmony Miller drugged me. I have no idea what was in the syringe, but I’m feeling better. Much better. And Alexis saved my life.

Alexis: You saved mine.

Rory: So you both were targeted because Harmony Miller killed Dr. Neil Byrne, and you found out?

Alexis: Harmony also killed Neil’s brother, Brendon.

Rory: The body that was recovered from the harbor.

Alexis: She pushed him off the cliff, and the river must’ve carried him into the harbor.

Rory: Did she indicate a motive?

Alexis: He was blackmailing Harmony.

Carly: You’re wasting your time talking to us. Harmony took off through the woods. You have got to stop her. If she reaches the highway, she’s gonna escape.

Harmony: [ Panting ] You two are all I have left. And I won’t lose you.

Dante: You wouldn’t know anything about a disappearing robbery suspect, would you?

Sonny: Some guys are just meant for trouble, like those guys who tried to hold me up at, you know, Charlie’s.

Dante: Mm.

Sonny: And then trouble finally caught up to them.

Dante: Yeah, I mean, one of them disappeared and one of them’s beat up in the hospital. But I think the message got through.

Sonny: To whom?

Dante: To them. To whoever else tries to take what’s yours.

Sonny: I’m a victim. You know that, right?

Dante: -Yeah, I know. -Yeah. But, look, I know someone paid for their high-priced lawyer. I know someone got them bailed out. And that’s somebody that did that to be generous or to keep them within reach.

Sonny: Yeah.

Dante: Hey, look… let’s hope the message got through and was received and that’s the end of it and there’s no repercussions. Okay?

Sonny: It’s a — it’s a dangerous world out there. Right? And I just want to say that the PCPD is damn lucky… …to have a good man like you.

Portia: If Curtis knows why his father walked out on him for the second time, that would explain his silence.

Drew: How so?

Portia: Maybe Curtis went after Marshall. Maybe Curtis is in danger. I don’t know.

Drew: Hey. You okay? I mean, we were getting a little worried.

Curtis: Yeah, I saw that you, uh, had left some messages. I’m sorry to upset you.

Portia: Well, you know me — always imagining the worst-case scenario.

Curtis: [ Sighs ]

Drew: Alright, I got to get going. Um… next time, just shoot me a text, give me a thumbs up, let me know you’re okay.

Curtis: We got to talk.

Portia: Yeah. Yeah, we sure do.

TJ: “I wanted to leave you a gift, but all I have to offer is this gift of music. Like you said about surgery, it’s part of one great, unfinished symphony. Your loving grandfather.” [ Chuckles ]

Nina: Listen, Brando, you shouldn’t have to support Sasha all by yourself. If it doesn’t seem like intruding, I would love to help her through this challenging time.

Brando: Yeah. No. No intrusion at all. You’re already helping by bringing this to my attention.

Nina: Right. So together, we’ll make sure Sasha knows that she is not alone.

Brando Thank you.

Nina: You’re welcome. Get out of here.

Brando: I’m going.

Lucy: I know that Sasha’s had issues with gladys in the past. I mean, really, haven’t we all? But tonight, under the circumstances, I’m very glad that gladys is Sasha’s mother-in-law.

Brook Lynn: Oh, the photographer was like a-a tick. He latched onto Sasha. We could not get rid of him.

Maxie: Is she okay? Do you think we should call her?

Lucy: Oh, you know what? I just have a feeling that maybe she’s gonna want to be alone. Okay. Tab’s all taken care of, and I will see you two bright and early in the morning. And hopefully, Sasha’s gotten over the shock of suddenly being rich and famous.

Brook Lynn: Lucy. All the money in the world, and it can’t buy happiness, right, Austin?

Austin: Uh, yeah, for sure. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but, you know, it does pay for a tasting menu upstairs.

Maxie: Wait a second. Hold on.

Austin: And wine pairing.

Maxie: No. I thought you wanted chicken wings.

Austin: Yeah, I changed my mind. As much as it pains me to agree with Brook Lynn, she makes a valid point. I think it sounds nice. A nice, romantic evening. Shall we?

Maxie: We shall.

Austin: Awesome.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ]

Rory: Lorraine Miller, also known as Harmony.

Carly: Please notify Michael Corinthos. He and Willow Tait share a child, Wiley Corinthos, and Harmony could be going straight for them.

Alexis: The police have to find Harmony before she makes it to the Quartermaines’.

Carly: Harmony’s already killed two people. She has nothing else to lose.

Harmony: Willow. I have to get to you… before they turn you against me. You’ll understand. I’ll make you understand.

[ Horn honking ]

Sasha: What’s he doing?

[ Horn honks ]

Gladys: Aah! Look out!

[ Screams ]

[ Crash ]

On the next “General Hospital” —

Portia (to Curtis): I thought that we were in this together.

Jordan: What else do you know?

Laura: And I come bearing glad tidings.

Spencer (into phone): I need you to do me this one favor.

Trina (to Rory): I can, I’m not sure if I should.

Carly (into phone): I need you and Willow to come to the emergency room right now.

[ Table crashing ]

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Days Transcript Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Chanel: Oh, what did I do?

Tripp: You got your mind off johnny and allie?

Chanel: Johnny and allie who?

[Both laugh]

[Knock at door] Oh, god. [Sighs] Tripp. I was just thinking about you.

Demon allie: And done. Thank you for your cooperation, benny. And I didn’t even wake you from your slumber. Just had to pop by and get this before I head out to take care of business.

Johnny: What are you doing?

Demon allie: Oh, nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about, bro. If I were you, I’d be more worried about what’s going on with chanel and tripp. Spoiler alert: From what I saw, it looks like they had a pretty rockin’ time last night. Sucks to be you. Sucks to be anyone but me, if we’re being honest.

Johnny: Ben. Ben! Ben!

Ben: What? Ahh! What the hell is going on? What the– where am I?

Ciara: Ben? Ben? Huh. You know, I normally don’t like herbal teas but this one is really delicious, thank you. And it’s already working. I’m already feeling kind of sleepy.

Allie: Well, that’s what it’s supposed to do.

Ciara: Actually, do you mind if I go to bed now?

Allie: No, not at all.

Ben: Well, okay. All right. That’s the good stuff. Let’s go, sleepy girl.

Ciara: Mmm.

Shawn: So what do you want me to do, jan?

Jan: You’re an officer of the law. Pull some strings. Call in some favors. Get me released.

Shawn: They’re not gonna let nut job with your record out of prison just because you’re pregnant. Even if it is high-risk.

Jan: There are options other than letting me free.

Shawn: Okay, like what?

Jan: House arrest?

Shawn: Okay, whose house?

Jan: Yours.

Shawn: No, you cannot be serious.

Jan: Oh, I’m super serious, shawn. I want you to take me home with you.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Eric: Belle?

Belle: Eric! Oh, my gosh, a little birdie told me you were back town.

Eric: That little birdie wouldn’t happen to be mom, would it?

Belle: Oh, well, she’s really excited you’re back. And so am I. Gosh, it is so good to see you.

Eric: Yeah, it’s good to see you, too. Especially this morning.

Belle: Oh? What? What’s the matter?

Eric: Nicole. She’s having breakfast with rafe inside. They’re together now. You probably already knew that.

Belle: Yeah, I did. So, I guess that’s why they’re in there and you’re out here.

Eric: Yeah. Something like that.

Belle: Well, at least I get to spend more time with my brother this way!

Eric: How can I say no to that? Listen, I wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you before when–

Belle: When I was possessed.

Shawn: Look, jan, you know that this is not a simple request. I mean, you committed some serious crimes.

Jan: Allegedly.

Shawn: Not allegedly. You were a kidnapper and a blackmailer. I mean, you tried to kill people. Do you really think a sane judge judge is gonna release you out into the world to do more damage?

Jan: But I wouldn’t be released out into the world. I’d be released into the custody of my baby-daddy.

Shawn: Do not call me that.

Jan: I’m just saying if everyone knows that I’m living with you, they’ll know you’ll take extra special good care of me. And our baby. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Jan: Shawn, you are a detective. You were the acting police commissioner. If anyone can guarantee that I won’t be a danger to the public, it’s you.

Shawn: Yeah, sorry, it’s not gonna happen. You’re exactly where you belong, jan.

Jan: Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? I need to be on total bed rest.

Shawn: Okay, well, then just stay in bed.

Jan: And how is that possible when every prisoner has to be up by six, in the cafeteria by seven, and back to our cells for inspection by eight?

Shawn: Well, I’m sure the prison will make some accommodations for you.

Jan: Yeah, have you seen this place? Do they seem accommodating?

Shawn: Well, then I’ll talk to the warden. I’ll see if you can stay here in the infirmary until the baby’s born.

Jan: Are you kidding? Shawn, do you know how many diseases are flying around this place? It’s like a cough factory. Besides, I’m not exactly everyone’s favorite prisoner.

Shawn: Now, that’s a big surprise.

Jan: I’m just saying I don’t trust these creeps to take care of my baby. Sooner or later, they’ll find a way to get me back into my cell. Do you really want to take that kind of a chance with your child’s life?

Belle: Yeah, it all happened really fast and, honestly, it’s still a blur. I’m just grateful that dad knew what to do.

Eric: Yeah. He had to learn the hard way.

Belle: Yeah. And I did a lot of terrible things. I tried to break up chad and abigail and gabi and jake–

Eric: You are not responsible for any of that.

Belle: Well, I feel like I was. Although, it’s so strange knowing that I did all of those things, but not remembering it, it–

Eric: It’s all gone?

Belle: Well, one minute I was downstairs at the dimera mansion talking to johnny and the next minute I’m upstairs tied to a bed and everyone’s telling me I’ve been possessed.

Eric: Mom said after she was possessed by the devil that there were like these gaps in her memory, like she lost chunks of time.

Belle: Right. And that’s what’s so strange because I didn’t lose any time, at all.

Tripp: So, are you as hungover as I am?

Chanel: I don’t know. Do you feel like your tongue grew three sizes overnight?

Tripp: No. I woke up feeling like someone was hammering on my head but from the inside.

Chanel: Oh, god, same.

Tripp: Yeah. Well, lucky for you, I come bearing dr. Tripp johnson’s surefire hangover cure.

Chanel: Oh, yes, I can definitely use a coffee.

Tripp: No, no. This coffee’s actually for me. This is for you.

Chanel: Oh, what’s in there?

Tripp: It’s an electrolyte replacement drink. So, it’s vitamin-infused water, blended with a banana for potassium, raspberries for vitamin c, kefir, ginseng juice.

Chanel: Okay, I’d rather have the coffee.

Tripp: No, you wouldn’T. The coffee dehydrates you.

Chanel: Okay, but you’re drinking it and you just said that you were just as hungover as I am.

Tripp: I was until I downed one of these amazing electrolyte drinks and then I was a totally new person, ready to face the world.

Chanel: Hmm. Just like that.

Tripp: Trust me, this is years of experience talking.

Chanel: Oh, they taught you hangover cures at medical school?

Tripp: No, not in class, but more like trial and error. It was a fair amount of post-exam celebrating which involved a fair amount of over-indulging. So, drink it. Trust me, I promise after you down this, you’ll be rarin’ to go and you’ll forget last night ever even happened.

Ben: So the devil is in allie?

Johnny: Yeah, he is now.

Ben: But jake was right. You were possessed that entire time?

Johnny: Since christmas.

Ben: And you don’t remember any of it at all?

Johnny: No, I don’T. I don’t remember anything from my grandmother’s exorcism until the moment the devil left me.

Ben: Well, how the hell did you get free?

Johnny: Allie saved me. She was talking to me, she was trying to reach out, begging me to fight, to resist the devil. And I did, I fought. I was winning. And then he just– I don’t know, he must’ve jumped from me into my sister.

Ben: And she’s the one who chained us both up?

Johnny: Yeah, she’s hella strong.

Ben: What would the devil want with her?

Johnny: Man, I– I don’t think he’s interested in allie at all. You see, I think–

Ben: What? Say it, johnny!

Johnny: I think he wants what he’s always wanted.

Ben: Ciara. And our baby.

Ciara: Were these here last night? Why can’t I remember?

[Knock at door] Allie.

Allie: Good morning, cuz. I figured you and ben would still be tried, so I brought breakfast. I hope you guys are hungry.

Ciara: Well, that is very sweet of you. Thank you, but ben is not here.

Allie: He isn’t?

Ciara: Yeah, I don’t know where he is. He wasn’t here when I woke up.

Allie: Oh. That’s weird.

Ciara: Yeah, I mean, the last thing I remember was him taking me to bed last night after we all drank the tea. And– do you–do you know what happened after that?

Allie: Last night? Let’s see. Like you said, you were pretty tired, so ben put you to bed. I hung out for a little while. Ben and I had some tea, ourselves. We talked about parenting. And then I headed out pretty soon after.

Ciara: And that’s it?

Allie: Yeah. He was pretty tired so I let him rest.

Ciara: That’s weird because I don’t remember him coming to bed.

Allie: Well, you were really wiped.

Ciara: Yeah, but I am a very light sleeper. I always wake up when he comes into bed, and I always wake up when he gets out of bed. I’m gonna call him.

Allie: Good idea.

[Line ringing]


Ciara: Straight to voicemail. Hm.

Johnny: Hey, dude, you’re gonna hurt yourself. Ben, you’re gonna hurt yourself!

Ben: I have to get out of here. I have to get to ciara.

Johnny: Look, man, I get it, believe me. These chains are unbreakable. I’ve tried. My wrists are rubbed raw.

Ben: He’s after my wife and my baby!

Johnny: Yeah, and before that, he went after the woman I loved and he used me to do it.

Ben: What, chanel? You’re talking about how you dumped her at a party?

Johnny: That wasn’t me! It was him! And the devil wanted to make it stick so he called her as me and taunted her about it. And now she hates me. And I don’t blame her. I mean, I hurt her in the worst way possible. Now she’s off doing god knows what with tripp.

Ben: How do you know that?

Johnny: Well, allie– the devil, gave me my own private screening. They were drinking together at a bar.

Ben: Chanel was probably drowning her sorrows.

Johnny: No, they were doing a hell of a lot more than that. For all I know, they spent the night together.

Tripp: Feel better?

Chanel: I don’t think it works that fast.

Tripp: Just keep hydrating.

Chanel: Is this your new side hustle, hangover cures, peddling them?

Tripp: Well, first of all, since I paid for everything, no, it’s not much of a hustle. Actually, I came here to apologize.

Chanel: Apologize for what?

Tripp: Last night.

Chanel: Why? What did you do?

Tripp: Well, I got drunk and kissed you. And then I took you home hoping to get you into bed.

Chanel: Well, if you haven’t forgotten, I was drunk too and I’m pretty sure that I was down to party. And, if I recall correctly, I’m the one who had the idea. So, yeah, I think the only reason we didn’t go through with it was because my mom stopped us.

Tripp: Yeah. And I’m actually kind of glad she did.

Chanel: Gee, thanks.

Tripp: I didn’t mean it like that, okay? I meant that if we had gone through with it, we’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Chanel: Revenge, right? Making johnny and allie pay for how much they hurt us.

Tripp: Yeah, and you know what the sad thing is? I’m not even sure they’d care.

Eric: You just told me that you don’t remember any of the things you did while you were possessed?

Belle: That’s true. I only know about any of it because of what people told me. I don’t feel like I lost my memory.

Eric: I’m sorry, I just don’t understand.

Belle: Okay. The way mom described it, she would wake up and days and weeks would passed, right?

Eric: Right. And that didn’t happen to you?

Belle: No. Between christmas and the time that I woke up tied to that bed in the dimera mansion, except for the last few hours, I remember all of it. At least I think I do.

Eric: Well, maybe when you were first possessed the devil didn’t have control yet.

Belle: But there were times when the devil would have to had control. To do the damage he did. Like when he took ej’s form or jake’s form.

Eric: Using bodies.

Belle: I mean, that’s what I was told. But it’s not like I came to and realized I was missing time or I didn’t know where I was.

Eric: I mean, maybe it was trying to smooth out the gaps while you weren’t even aware it was happening.

Belle: I mean, anything’s possible I guess.

Eric: Well, anyway, the only thing that matters is that you’re home now and safe. Just hope that you can put that terrible chapter behind you and move on with your life.

Belle: Unfortunately, as much as I wish I could pretend none of this happened and I could just move on, like you said, the devil just did so much damage. He hurt so many people. And this is damage that can’t just be forgotten or repaired that easily. Especially the relationships he wrecked. None more so than my own marriage.

Jan: I’m not delusional, shawn.

Shawn: Well, that’s debatable.

Jan: I can see how you’re looking at me. And I know how you feel about me. I can live with that.

Shawn: Really? Because that’s news to me.

Jan: No matter how much may dislike me, you would never take that out on an innocent child. Especially not your innocent child. That’s not who you are. You’re a good man, shawn. You always have been. Which is why I know that no matter how this child was conceived, you would never want any harm to come to him or her. And for me, well, knowing that I’m going to be a mother, something in me just– it just switched. Maybe because for the first time in my life, somebody’s depending on me. So I feel like I have purpose. And I want to do everything that I can to protect this baby, to care for it, to love it. So if something were to happen in here, I don’t think I could live with that. Could you? Shawn? Can you please talk to the warden? I’m not asking you to do it for me, but for my baby. Our baby.

Eric: Mom told me.

Belle: Mm-hmm. Did she also tell you that I’m staying with her and dad?

Eric: How does shawn feel about that?

Belle: I mean, he wants me to come home, of course.

Eric: Are you going to?

Belle: Well, I was thinking about it, but then we started discussing it and I just– oh, god.

Eric: What?

Belle: Jan called. So I left. I’m sure he went to the prison to go talk to her.

Eric: Listen, I know this is the last thing that you want to hear right now, but–

Belle: I know what you’re gonna say that shawn’s baby and so I should just accept it because I love him.

Eric: That’s not what I was going to say. I was going to say that if shawn has to be there for jan because of the baby, it’s not because he loves her. Or he ever will. Belle, he loves you.

Belle: I know that. But jan is the mother of his child, which means she’s going to be in our lives forever. How do I deal with that? Does a marriage survive that?

Ben: Allie was in our apartment last night. She brought over some kind of tea that she told ciara helped her sleep while she was pregnant. So ciara drank some of it. She got really tired. I took her off to bed. I came back, I started talking to allie, and–

Johnny: Did you drink the tea?

Ben: She drugged the both of us, johnny.

Johnny: Yeah, were you were pretty out of it when she brought you in here.

Ben: Damn it, man! Ciara must’ve woken up in our bed this morning wondering where the hell I am and where the hell I could’ve gone.

Ciara: Hey, baby, please, please call me back once you get this. Okay, love you. Why is he not answering?

Allie: I’m sure he’s just busy. You know, working under a car.

Ciara: I hope so. I think I’m going to go to the garage to check on him. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Allie: Oh, what’s this?

Ciara: Where did you find that?

Allie: It must’ve fallen on the floor.

Ciara: Is it from ben?

Allie: “Woke up early. Didn’t want to wake you. Have a good time with allie. Love, ben.” So sweet.

Ciara: How did he know you were going to be here this morning?

Allie: I told him last night that I was going to be checking on you this morning. Oh, which reminds me, I have something else for you.

Your mission:

Ciara: Allie, you did not have to bring me anything.

Allie: No, it is no big deal. What do you think?

Ciara: That is really cute.

Allie: It was henry’S. Can you believe how small this is? I mean, it’s hard to imagine that he fit into this at one point.

Ciara: I love it. Thank you.

Allie: I have so many clothes that he’s outgrown. And don’t feel pressured to take them all, but you could start with a full wardrobe. And I also have toys and bottles and they’re all yours.

Ciara: That is very thoughtful of you.

Allie: But I should’ve asked first, right? I mean, you don’t want all these hand-me-downs. You probably want to shop for your little boy yourself.

Ciara: No, no, this is– these are great.

Allie: No, I’ve made it all awkward.

Ciara: You have not made it awkward. Please.

Allie: I think it’s just my pregnancy was overwhelming and really scary. I wasn’t even ready to be a mom, I didn’t want to be a mom at first. So I think seeing you and ben, seeing your joy, your hopefulness, it gives me a taste of what I didn’t have. I guess I just want to be a part of it.

Ciara: Allie, you are so sweet. And I love that you want to be a part of it. And ben and I will be more than grateful for you to join us in this journey. Come here. Oh.

Chanel: If we’re being honest, I’m the one who should be apologizing to you.

Tripp: For what?

Chanel: Oh, I don’t know, stealing your girlfriend.

Tripp: Ah. That. Yeah.

Chanel: I was supposed to be your friend and I kind of broke the bro code.

Tripp: I’m not really sure “bro code” applies to you.

Chanel: Yeah, but still, it didn’t matter how I felt about allie. She was your girlfriend.

Tripp: Followed your heart, right?

Chanel: Yeah, but I’m so sorry for the way that that happened. I mean, that night when allie and I were together for the first time, I was hurting because of what johnny did to me. And I’m ashamed to say, I wasn’t thinking about you and how hurt you would be. And tripp, that was so wrong. I know that now. And I really, really am sorry.

Tripp: Look, at the end of the day, allie’s the one who cheated on me. But thank you for saying that. It means a lot.

Belle: Everyone keeps telling me it’s not shawn’s fault that he betrayed me. But he liked to me. For months, he had every opportunity to tell me that he slept with jan and he kept that from me.

Eric: You had every right to be angry.

Belle: But I should get over it, right?

Eric: I don’t presume to tell you what to do, belle. But from my experience, with nicole, there’s no looking back. I just wish I– I wish I’d been more forgiving. You know, I shouldn’t have judged her so harshly. It cost me to lose her and lose my marriage. And I don’t want that to happen for you.

Belle: I don’t want to lose shawn. I just don’t know if I’m ready to go home yet.

Eric: You can’t avoid him forever.

Belle: So how do I know when I’m ready?

Eric: I can’t give you that, but I can tell you this. You can’t find the answers by avoiding your husband. The only way that you’re gonna make it through this mess is to go home and work this out together.

Jan: Well?

Shawn: I spoke to the warden.

Jan: And?

Shawn: And he’s not exactly thrilled about letting a dangerous prisoner out into the world.

Jan: Am I really dangerous anymore?

Shawn: Look, ultimately a decision like this would be left to the judge who did your sentencing. But–

Jan: But?

Shawn: Look, apparently there is extreme overcrowding here.

Jan: Tell me about it. I had to wait an hour to take a shower with a clogged drain the other day.

Shawn: Well, so, if you were to be released temporarily into my custody, it wouldn’t only be helping your baby–

Jan: Our baby.

Shawn: It would be solving the warden’s problem as well. And since I– since I guaranteed that I would be responsible for you–

Jan: Does that mean yes?

Shawn: The judge signed off, it’s a–so that is a yes.

Shawn: How’s that?

Jan: It’s not a glass slipper, but it’ll do.

Shawn: If you try to leave the house without permission, I’m warning you, you’re going to be swarmed by a whole bunch of unfriendly cops.

Jan: Duly noted. I just hope belle’s gonna be okay with this.

Shawn: You’re not gonna have to worry about belle.

Jan: Did you tell her I’d be moving in?

Shawn: She’s not gonna be there.

Jan: What do you mean? Is she away on business?

Shawn: She’s staying at her mom’S.

Jan: She moved out?

Shawn: For now.

Jan: Shawn, is it because of–

Shawn: Yes, jan, of course it is!

Jan: I’m sorry. Okay? I know this is my fault. Well, I guess it is the devil’s too. And I know that you feel guilty because you didn’t tell belle we slept together. You were just trying to protect her, right?

Shawn: I– I was trying to protect myself. And I need to hold myself accountable for my actions.

Jan: Well, for what it’s worth, I am sorry. I don’t wish these problems on you.

Shawn: Okay, jan, just cut it out. Stop pretending that you care about my marriage, all right?

Jan: I care about you. And about bringing this baby into a warm, loving environment. But I guess for now it’s just going to be the two of us. I mean, the three of us.

Belle: Oh, you’re right. I’m not gonna solve any of my problems by running from them.

Eric: Trust me, you can’t get far enough. So, does this mean–?

Belle: It means I’m gonna go to mom’s and get my stuff and go home.

Eric: Yay! Proud of you. Listen, I’m here for you. Whatever you need.

Belle: Thank you. Oh, you always know what to say.

Eric: Not always.

Belle: You know, if you don’t want to deal with the whole nicole and rafe thing, you can come help me.

Eric: No, I need to take a little bit of my own advice and not bury my head in the sand. Listen, nicole and I, we’re divorced now. She’s moved on with her life and I need to move on with mine.

Ciara: Oh, wow. Look at this. It is official. My baby is going to be the best-dressed baby in all of salem. Oh, my god.

Allie: And he deserves it. I mean, after what you’ve been through, nothing but the best for this little miracle. And I bet he’s going to be showered with gifts too. I mean, what does your registry look like?

Ciara: Actually, I haven’t put much on my registry yet.

Allie: Oh, well, we can take care of that. We’ll go down to the square, I’ll walk you through it, we’ll spend the day together.

Ciara: Actually, thank you, that’s really sweet, but I’m still really worried about ben and I would just like to go to the garage and check up on him.

Allie: Check on what? I mean, you saw his note.

Ciara: Yeah, I know, and I know it seems silly, but maybe it’s the hormones. I don’t know, I just feel like I really, really need to see him right now. Can I have a raincheck?

Allie: Of course.

Ciara: Thank you. So much. For everything. You’re amazing. Mwah.

Demon allie: That ciara is a stubborn one, isn’t she? Looks like she’s not going to rest until she finds ben. So I guess I have to do something a little more drastic.

Ben: What if ciara thinks I just took off? What if she thinks I just left her and the baby?

Johnny: Why would she think that?

Ben: I don’t know, man! I don’t know! Maybe she thinks I’m getting cold feet about being a dad. Who knows what kind of poison that demon’s pouring into her ear right now!

Johnny: Ben, I already told you that is a waste of your time and energy.

Ben: We gotta do something, okay? The devil is after my wife and my baby, johnny!

Johnny: Look, I’m sorry, ben, I have tried everything.

Ben: This crypt, it’s on your family’s dimera property, right?

Johnny: Yeah.

Ben: Does anybody ever come back here?

Johnny: I mean, sometimes to pay their respects, honor my dead relatives.

Ben: Okay, and how often does that happen?

Johnny: I don’t know.

Ben: Well, think, johnny! I mean, when was the last time you came back here?

Johnny: Uh, I was– I came down here last halloween to scout locations for my movie. As it turns out, my grandpa john was actually locked up in here at the time.

Ben: But you didn’t find him?

Johnny: No, my grandma stopped me. I–I heard some voices nearby the other day. I tried yelling out, but–

Ben: But they didn’t hear you?

Johnny: No. I was pretty weak at the time, but–

Ben: Hello! Hey! Is anybody out there? Hello!

Johnny: I told you, you’re wasting your time!

Ben: Do you have a better idea?

Johnny: Hey! Hey! We’re in here!

Ben: Hello! Is anybody out there?

Johnny: Help us!

Ben: Help!

Trelegy for copd.

Shawn: Belle.

Belle: Hey, so I’ve been thinking about, well, everything and so I wanted to come home and talk–

Jan: I know I should be resting but I– belle. What a surprise.

Belle: I could say the same thing. What the hell is she doing here?

Jan: Haven’t you heard? I’m moving in.

Tripp: Hey. So how are you feeling? Did that drink do the trick?

Chanel: You know, I think it did. And now I’m hungry.

Tripp: You know what? Me too.

Chanel: Okay, well, I know a place where I can get you a discount on a ham and cheese croissant. No electrolytes, but very tasty.

Tripp: Okay. Well, lead the way.

Chanel: All right.

Ciara: Eric?

Eric: Ciara.

Ciara: Oh, my god! Hi! It is so good to see you.

Eric: You too. The both of you!

Ciara: Oh, yeah, I’m getting pretty big, aren’t I?

Eric: No, you look great! Oh, my god.

Ciara: Oh, thank you.

Eric: Hey, can I get you a menu?

Ciara: No, actually, I just stopped by looking for clyde.

Eric: Clyde? Why? Why?

Ciara: I was kind of hoping he could tell me where ben is.

Eric: Is there something wrong?

Ciara: Well, I hope not. I woke up this morning and ben was gone. He wrote me a note saying that he was work and I just drove by the garage and he’s nowhere to be found.

Allie: Evan frears, aka christian maddox. Big fan of your work.

Evan: Who in the hell are you?

Allie: Me? I’m your new best friend.

Evan: How do you figure?

Demon: Because I’m about to offer you the chance of a lifetime. How’d you like to get revenge on ben weston?

Evan: Okay. Now you have my attention.

Allie: Awesome. You and i have so much to talk about.

Ben: Hello?

Johnny: Somebody, help us, please!

Ben: Hello! Johnny, you said yourself sooner or later somebody’s going to walk by here. Hello!

Johnny: It’s no use.

Ben: Is anybody there?

Johnny: It’s no use.

[Banging] Wait a second. Do you hear that? Somebody’s outside! We’re saved!

Allie: You know, evan– can I call you evan? I’m just not a big fan of “christian.”

Evan: Call me whatever you want.

Allie: Great. See, we’re getting along already. I knew we’d be pals.

Evan: And why’s that?

Allie: Because we have so much in common. For instance, I heard you play for both teams, so to speak. I, myself, have recently begun exploring the wonderful world of bisexuality.

Evan: Just get to the part where you help me get revenge on ben weston.

Allie: I was getting to that. You see, that’s the other thing we have in common. I know you hate him.

Evan: He’s the reason I’m in here. The reason I lost everything.

Allie: I know all about that. How he ruined your plans by rescuing ciara. If that pesky ceiling hadn’t fallen on you, you’d be out there living your best life. But instead, you’re stuck in here, while ben and ciara are happily married.

Evan: I’ve heard.

Allie: Well, now ben is getting in my way. And I just can’t have that. So that’s where you come in.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Phyllis: Hey, what are you doing here?

Amanda: Hello. I have a chipped nail. I was hoping that one of your wonderful manicurists can repair it for me.

Phyllis: Oh, definitely, definitely.

Amanda: Thank you.

Phyllis: We’ll make room for you. It’s been a while.

Amanda: Yeah, it has been. Work has been keeping me pretty busy. Turns out that merging two large corporations is quite challenging from a legal standpoint. Who’d have known?

Phyllis: And all the personalities involved — ooh, that can be complicated, right?

Amanda: Surprisingly, no. Lily and devon, they agree on most of the important things, and nate, he is excited to join the family business, and I’m thrilled, too, because I get to work with imani and it feels like a family business for me, too.

Phyllis: So no complications, everybody’s happy?

Amanda: Yeah.

Phyllis: Good for you. Wow, I’d like for once to not experience family drama like that.

Amanda: Okay, I’ll bite. Is this about the newmans, the abbotts, or none of the above?

Phyllis: It’s the abbotts this time. Jack.

Kyle: Dad, this is impossible. I know you wouldn’t lie or joke about something like this, but my mother isn’t alive. She was murdered, for god’s sakes.

Jack: I understand that you’re shocked by this. I was every bit as stunned as you are.

Kyle: No, no, no, whatever you were told, it can’t be true. I…I vividly remember her funeral. We — we…we buried her. It was heartbreaking.

Jack: Diane wasn’t in the coffin. If I had known that, I could have spared you so much pain.

Kyle: Okay, okay, okay. If…if she is alive…where has she been all these years? Was she held against her will by — by — by one of the people that wanted her dead?

Jack: No. No, we all thought she was dead because that’s what she wanted us to think. Your mother faked this entire thing, and she has been staying away by choice.

Diane: [ Groans ] Look at me. All cooped up in here like a prisoner in a gilded cage. Oh! I’m going insane. Okay, okay. I’ve got to get out of here. There’s no harm in me taking a walk and grabbing a cup of coffee, is there?

Mariah: Um, do you — do you want to invite your roadies to the wedding?

Tessa: Huh?

Mariah: From your — from your tour. Do — do you invite them?

Tessa: Uh…I don’t know. What’s our head count?

Mariah: I don’t remember.

Elena: Hey.

Mariah: Hi.

Elena: I just heard the horrible news. I’m so sorry.

Mariah: Yeah, thank you. Yeah, we are still shell-shocked, obviously.

Elena: How’s sharon holding up?

Mariah: I honestly wish i could answer that, I just — i don’t know. You know, she’s trying to stay in control, and she’s putting on this whole façade. And I’m just scared it’s gonna come crashing down.

Sharon: Where did I leave that wedding-planning folder?

Jack: I know this is hard to comprehend.

Kyle: What has my mother been doing all this time?

Jack: That is a long and complicated story.

Kyle: Okay, well, let’s start with the highlights, like why did she pretend to be dead?

[ Knock on door ] Don’t tell me. Is that her?

Jack: It damn well better not be. Your heart is at the heart of everything you do.

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provided by…

Amanda: You know, every time I talk to you, your mind always seems to be on jack. Okay, so what’s going on? What’s going on with him and his family?

Phyllis: I can’t tell you. And it’s so complicated and it’s so personal. Kyle’s in town.

Amanda: Okay, well, that’s good, right?

Phyllis: It’s not good. The reason he’s in town is because jack needs to tell him some big news.

Amanda: Does this have anything to do with the son who passed away?

Phyllis: That’s how it started, yeah.

[ Sighs ] Amanda, there’s a person in town from kyle’s past… from our past. This person can create so much danger for kyle, for jack, for so many people in this town.

Amanda: Including you?

Jack: Ashland, um…come in.

Ashland: Hello, kyle. I’m sorry to just show up like this. In fact, I ran into phyllis earlier, and she said I should wait until you reach out to me, and I know that harrison’s probably very tired from the trip, but, um, on the off chance that he’s awake, I would love to see him.

Kyle: Uh…are — are you alright? What happened?

Ashland: Um…

Rey: What we have is more than just physical attraction. I meant what I said before. I love you.

[ Sighs ] I have lived with lies for way too many years. So please just — just tell me. Do you feel the same way?

Sharon: You know that I do.

Rey: I need to hear it.

Sharon: I love you, too.

Rey: Ha ha! You got it? You got it?

Sharon: I got it.

Rey: Whoo! There we go.

Sharon: Whoo!

[ Chuckles ]

Rey: Happy new year, mrs. Rosales.

Rey: Well, it feels like we haven’t traveled more than a couple feet since our wedding, since it happened right over there.

Sharon: Yeah, that was a magical night.

Rey: It was. And our love grows stronger with each passing day.

Sharon: I agree. And I have very high hopes for 2022, also.

Rey: Mm, I don’t know, i can’t imagine being happier than I am right now.

Noah: Mom? Mom.

Sharon: Oh. Oh, noah, I thought I was home alone.

Noah: I was up in my room.

Nick: Everything alright?

Sharon: No, no, everything’s definitely not alright. Faith, what are you doing out of school?

Elena: Oh, my heart goes out to sharon. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be for her.

Mariah: Yeah, I mean, it’S… it’s just crazy, you know. I keep looking over there, expecting him to walk through those doors like he always does. And he was such a rock. And not just for my mom, but for the whole family. And now my mom feels like she has to be that rock…and that that’s what rey would expect of her, and he wouldn’t want her falling apart, so…

Elena: He was such a pillar and protector of this entire community. Everyone’s devastated by his loss. I’m sorry, am I interrupting your wedding planning?

Mariah: Oh, no, um…we’re just waiting for my mom before we get too deep into our preparations.

Elena: Are you guys still going forward in spite of everything?

Tessa: Sharon’s insisting on it.

Elena: I mean, I could see where she’s coming from. I think we all need a little happiness to focus on and a reminder that life still goes on.

Tessa: Where’s justin?

Mariah: I — I don’t know. Things have been so crazy around here. I’ll go handle it. Hi, sorry to keep you waiting. What can I do for you? I’m steve.

Phyllis: This person who’s in town is not a match for me. She knows it.

Amanda: Oh. So this mysterious individual is a woman.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Is it jack’s ex?

Phyllis: Among other things, yes.

Amanda: So are you concerned that she might want to get back together with him?

Phyllis: No, because that would never happen. Jack gets it, and if she even tried, I would take her out.

Amanda: Because you’re trying to protect your good friend jack. It has nothing to do with your hopes that you two might find your way back to each other.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I’ve told you a million times that there’s nothing going on between me and jack. I mean, it is strictly platonic.

Amanda: Okay, then why? Why are you so concerned that this woman is back in his life?

Ashland: Oh, my! Look at how big you are. How did you get to be so big?

Harrison: Father, you have two big ouchies.

Ashland: Yes, I do. I burned my hand and I hurt my foot in an accident, but I’m gonna be okay.

[ Chuckles ] Um…I’m sorry, I don’t know if this is appropriate, but would it be possible for me to, um… maybe take him to the park for a few minutes or just a bite to eat?

Jack: I think that’s a lovely idea. I’m sure the two of you could use some time together, and kyle and I have our own catching up we need to do.

Kyle: Yeah. Okay, harrison, um…hey. Be a good boy, okay? Alright. I’ll see you in a bit.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Take my hand. Come on, here we go. Kyle. Thank you. Come on, let’s go. Here we go.

Kyle: I know I’m new to being a dad, and every day is a learning experience. But…even though I’ve only been a parent for a short while, i still have a hard time saying goodbye to my son for any length of time. So, dad, tell me, how is it my mother disappeared all those years?

Mariah: I’m so sorry for the delay. We had a death in the family, so everything’s been a little disrupted.

Diane: I’m so sorry to hear that. What — what happened?

Mariah: A car accident.

Diane: Really? Was it one of the owners? Or who — who owns this place anyway?

Mariah: Sharon rosales. It was her husband.

Diane: Did she used to go by sharon newman?

Mariah: Uh, yeah, she did. Have I seen you in here before?

Diane: Um…it’s — it’s — it’s been a while.

Mariah: Okay.

Diane: Thanks. Ohh.

Faith: I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t mean to upset you. Sitting through school was just too tough.

Nick: The principal said it’d be okay if she skipped the rest of the day. I didn’t think it’d be a problem.

Sharon: Oh, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You know, this has been a really tough time for everyone, but you’ve missed so much school this past year already.

Faith: It’s fine, mom. I’m a second-semester senior. I’m just waiting for my college acceptance letters to start coming in. The rest of the year is basically coasting. But today, I just want to be with my family.

Sharon: I understand. You’re right. Sometimes family is more important than anything. And rey knew that more than anyone.

[ Sighs ] I’m just so grateful that you’re all here with me. It means everything.

Nick: We are all here for you.

Noah: And for each other.

With age comes more…

Noah: Mom, I know you didn’t get much sleep last night, so why don’t you just relax today? Take a nap. We can handle things at the coffee house.

Faith: Yeah, we’ll even have dinner ready for when you get up.

Sharon: No, no, that’s not necessary. Um…besides, I have to meet with mariah and tessa there about wedding plans. I just want to make sure they’re not hedging on the date.

Noah: You don’t have to worry about that. I know for a fact they’re pretty determined to move forward now, so there’s really no need for you to check on them.

Sharon: No, that’s actually all the more reason why I do need to take the meeting, because we’ve got a lot to plan in a little time, and, yeah, if we want to put this wedding together, it’s less than a month.

Nick: Well, I can drive you.

Sharon: Oh, thank you, but that’s alright. Think I can manage myself.

Nick: Well, actually, mariah asked me to stop by the coffee house too. She wanted to talk to me about something regarding the wedding. Do any of you know what that’s about?

Jack: Kyle, I’m trying very hard to answer your questions without letting my personal feelings get in the way. But it’s not easy because i think you deserve to know the truth.

Kyle: I do. That’s right, and I am counting on you to be straight with me.

Jack: Diane claims she conceived this entire deception to get away from the bad things she had done to seemingly everyone in this town.

Kyle: That makes no sense. Does she not think letting her son believe his mother was dead was a bad thing? And not just dead, murdered.

Jack: She claims that she hit a horribly low point, and she saw no way out but to start fresh, to start over.

Kyle: So why come back now? Hmm? Why leave her fabulous, fresh new life for the son she… literally ghosted all those years ago?

Jack: She claims it took her all these years to finally feel that she was ready to face what she had done.

Kyle: I missed her so much. All this time without her. All these memories that I wanted to share with her, and — and I find out she could’ve been there. And you’re telling me she chose not to, and suddenly she wants to make up for lost time?

Jack: Kyle, I wish there was something I could say to take away all this pain.

Kyle: I can’t even begin to process my emotions yet, so let’s just — let’s just stick to the facts, dad. Tell me exactly what happened. She, what, anonymously lured… she lured you to finding out about keemo’s death and his daughter as a — an olive branch? No. The hope that she might get a shot at forgiveness?

Jack: Her method was devious, yes, that’s typical diane. But the truth is, if she had come to me directly, I would have shut her down instantly. No, she waited till allie and i were together to reveal that she was the person that orchestrated this entire thing.

Kyle: And she did all this to what? To soften you up so you could smooth the way to get to me? Was that the idea, dad?

Jack: Yeah. I’m supposed to help the two of you reunite. But, kyle, you are under no obligation to accept her overture. You don’t have to do anything. You can take harrison and get right back on that jet and go back to your wonderful life in milan.

Kyle: Yeah. You know, part of me wishes you never even told me.

Jack: Kyle, that was my first instinct. But phyllis helped me realize it’s not my call, and she’s right. This is up to you, son.

Phyllis: My concerns with this woman have very, very little to do with her being jack’s ex.

Amanda: Well, then what is the problem? Why is she a threat to him?

Phyllis: Because…I know her. And I know what she does. She takes somebody’s weaknesses, their vulnerabilities, and she ma– I don’t want to talk your ear off. Come on, let’s go. I’ll set you up in the salon, and do your manicure.

Amanda: I would love to keep listening.

Phyllis: No, you’ve been such a good friend. We’ll talk later, okay? I don’t want to talk your ear off. Just go relax, have fun.

Amanda: Okay. Alright, thank you.

Phyllis: No, thank you.

Diane: Thank you.

Phyllis: What are you doing out of your room? We had an understanding.

Elena: Sharon, my heart broke when I heard the news. Rey was a wonderful man.

Sharon: He really was.

Elena: You know, when lola and I were roommates, he would always stop by the apartment to fix things and always with a smile. I think that’s what I’ll remember about him most.

Sharon: Me too.

Elena: Yeah, you know, if you ever need anything at all, even just to talk, please don’t hesitate.

Sharon: Thanks.

Elena: Okay, well, I’m gonna head to work, but promise me you’ll reach out if you need to.

Sharon: I will. Okay. So where do things stand with the wedding?

Mariah: Mom, do you really want to talk about all of this right now?

Tessa: We totally understand if you just want to wait a day or two.

Sharon: Would you please stop babying me? I don’t know how many times i have to tell you, I need this. What more do I have to do to convince you? (Cyclist) why is ice t in a speed walking crew?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Mariah: Mom, we’re sorry.

Tessa: We were just trying to be sensitive.

Mariah: And we can’t help but be worried about you.

Sharon: Look, um…I’ll probably be up and down and all over the place these next few weeks. I don’t know when or if the grief and the shock is gonna bulldoze over me. But I can’t sit around, worrying about it. I — I have a life to lead. There are people who count on me. I have things to do, you know? I’ve got errands and order paper towels. I…I… I really need to grab on to whatever I can to stay afloat, and your wedding is just one of those life rafts. So please don’t take that away from me.

Mariah: Yeah, we get it. We really do, and this wedding is gonna be the perfect port in this storm, so, you know, let’s just move forward and no more interruptions or hesitations, okay?

Tessa: Yeah, okay, let’s make this wedding happen.

Mariah: Yeah.

Nick: Yep, I’m all in.

Sharon: Great. What’s next on the agenda?

Tessa: Well, I think I know where to start, and it’s a — it’s a pretty big ask.

Kyle: I need to phone summer before I make any decisions.

Jack: I completely understand.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Where is my mother now? Is she here in town?

Jack: Unfortunately, yes. I asked her to keep her distance, but in classic diane fashion, she rejected my wish and flew to genoa city and now has a suite at the grand phoenix.

Kyle: Why? Why would she do that?

Jack: She claims she wanted to be close so that she could make her own case in the event that you took off for italy without meeting with her. I guess I should be grateful that she didn’t jump the gun and tell you herself. At least she let me break the news.

Kyle: You know, for years, years, I heard the whispers and rumors about my mother. And some people came right out and trashed her to my face. But in spite of all that, i still tried to believe the best in her. My recollections of her, they’re all loving and fun. For years, it was just the two of us. She used to call me her little hero.

Jack: I’m glad that you were able to hold on to those positive memories.

Kyle: She was a good mom. Always cheering me on in hockey and life. But a good person doesn’t deliberately put their own son through hell. Dad, be honest with me. Is there anything that I don’t know about my mother? Have you told me everything?

Jack: Kyle, the last thing i ever wanted to do was destroy your love for your mother. I thought it best that you always see the good in her, that it would somehow ease the pain of losing your mother at such a young age. And, yes, there are probably many things that you don’t know about her, and you don’t need to know.

Kyle: Well, I read that exposé about her in

restless style all those years ago.

Jack: Kyle, you were a child. And the magazine didn’t cover all of it. She did unforgivable things long after that was published. But now she says there is a reason she did all of those things. And she wants a chance to explain them to you, if you’ll just hear her out.

Kyle: Is she really as bad as so many people think?

Jack: The simple answer is yes. And I struggle to believe that she has transformed herself quite as dramatically as she says. Son, I wish you were not going through this. A part of wishes that she had just stayed dead. It would’ve been easier for all of us, and you could’ve held on to the few good memories you have. But she’s not dead, kyle. She’s here. And she’s not gonna let this go. So you have to decide one way or the other.

Phyllis: I thought jack and i seared into your brain that leaving the room was a bad idea.

Diane: Just leave me alone, phyllis. I don’t want to talk about any of this. I just want to go up to my suite.

Phyllis: Why are you so rattled? Who did you see?

Diane: No one recognized me. I saw nothing but a bunch of old memories.

Phyllis: Oh, visions from your past, maybe one of the suspects who tried to murder you? You know, I have a great idea. Why don’t you reconsider being dead? How ’bout that? Reconsider being dead. – Look, this isn’t my first rodeo,

Faith: I can’t believe rey is gone. Why did this have to happen?

Noah: Hey. Life can be really unfair sometimes.

Faith: I’m so glad you’re here with us. We all need you. Especially mom. I don’t know why she’s pushing so hard and rushing things. We all know how hurt she must be inside. I mean, why won’t she just let it all out?

Noah: Maybe she just needs to keep busy right now. You know, I don’t think she wants us to see her broken down, so that’s her choice to make.

Faith: But we all want to help her.

Noah: I know. But it’s her pain. And she has to feel it and express it however she needs to. And if this is what gets her through the next few weeks, who’s to say it’s not right?

Faith: Yeah.

Tessa: Sharon, I know you and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on everything.

Sharon: Well, that’s all ancient history now. We’ve gotten far beyond that.

Tessa: Absolutely. We’ve done so much more than move past our issues. We’ve actually bonded, and you’ve become a true friend and a source of support for me.

Sharon: I feel the same way.

Tessa: Well, I’m really glad to hear you say that because, as much as I would love crystal to be my maid of honor, her legal issues might prevent her from even coming to the wedding, and my family’s out of the picture. So I was wondering if you would stand in for my family and walk me down the aisle.

Sharon: Of course. I’d be honored. And as far as I’m concerned, you are already family.

Jack: Well, I have an update.

Phyllis: Okay. I can tell by your face you told kyle.

Jack: Kyle knows the truth, or as much of the truth as diane deigned to share with us.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I’m glad you got to him. It was almost too late.

Jack: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Diane snuck out of her room again.

Jack: Oh, god, that woman is shameless.

Phyllis: Don’t worry about it. I took care of it. But she doesn’t that kyle is in town. We’re just buying time now.

Jack: It doesn’t matter what we say to her, what we do to her, she’s always gonna be a wild card.

Phyllis: Unless…

Jack: Unless what?

Phyllis: Unless kyle decided not to see his mother. I mean, what did he say? How did he take the news?

Jack: He was completely blind-sided and hurt by the whole thing.

Phyllis: Okay, what do you think he’s gonna do?

Kyle: Hi, summer. Um…given the time difference, you’re probably wrapping up your dinner meeting. Uh…hey, there’s something i need to talk to you about. Can you call me back when you’re free? Love you.

Traci: Kyle? Kyle, honey, oh.

Kyle: Aunt traci, hi.

Traci: Hello! Oh, I’m so glad to see you. Your dad said you were coming home, but I didn’t know you were here already. Um…so the two of you have talked?

Kyle: I’m still reeling from what he told me.

Traci: We’re all in shock by the news of diane and, um…

Kyle: I’m not sure how to process it all.

Traci: Alright, well, usually, when there’s a problem you need to face, it’s a good idea to maybe talk it through with someone you trust.

Kyle: I tried calling summer and got her voicemail.

Traci: Oh. [ Chuckles ] Well, I could be a close second, you know? You can always tell me anything.

Kyle: I don’t even know where to begin.

And it’s easier than ever to get

your projects done right .

Sharon: Just think how proud I’ll be with my beautiful daughter and daughter-in-law on my arm.

Mariah: Well, I love you, but I actually had another idea. So, nick…I know that you’re not actually my dad, but you’ve been an amazing person in my life, and you’ve loved me like a daughter. And I know what an amazing father you were to my sister, so I was hoping that you could do for me what you couldn’t do for her. So would you walk me down the aisle?

Nick: I’d be honored to do that.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Jack: To tell you the truth, I don’t know which way kyle’s gonna go where his mother’s concerned. He needs to absorb this, he needs time to think it through, to talk to summer.

Phyllis: Right, well, at least he’s not running into his mother’s open arms, and that’s good. He’s smart.

Jack: I can’t just overlook the fact that he — he did love her very much. He knew she had issues, but he still thought the world of her. That’s why I tried so hard to protect him from so much of the truth.

Phyllis: Do you regret that now?

Jack: Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I protected him for too long. I always wanted him to be able to hold onto his cherished memories of his mother at her best, not spend his whole life haunted by her crimes. Today, kyle came right out and asked me if his mother was — is — as bad as everyone said, and, god help me, I could not bring myself to condemn her completely in his eyes.

Phyllis: Alright, well, you didn’t want to pile it on. I understand that. It won’t matter, jack. When everyone in town realizes, “hey, she’s still alive,” they’ll think she’s more wretched than they thought before. That she faked her own death? If she wants absolution, she’s never gonna get it.

Jack: I really don’t care how everyone else is going to react. Right now, I care what this is going to do to kyle.

Traci: Diane’s behavior has been outrageous and cruel. And as a mother, I can’t imagine walking away from your precious child like that.

Kyle: No way in hell I’d ever do that to harrison.

Traci: No, of course not. So I guess the big question is, setting all of that aside, now that you know that she’s alive, do you want to see her?

Kyle: Part of me never wants to see her face again. And then, on the other hand, I remember her being this incredible mom to me. But there’s still so much about her that I don’t know, and she’s this complicated person and i can’t seem to get past the biggest question of all.

Traci: What’s that, honey?

Kyle: How could she let me believe she was dead? I don’t know, aunt traci. What am I gonna do?

Diane: [ Sighs ]

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