Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sally tells Nick that she told Summer everything about the baby and Adam being the father of her baby. Nick later has a talk with Summer and tells her he loves her but he can make his own decisions and she better accept that he is with Sally.

Sharon tells Billy she worried that Chelsea is getting too dependent on him and she needs to do the work on her own to handle her depression. Chelsea tells Billy she is excited about the possibility of working with Daniel at Omega Sphere. Billy tells Chelsea that he is considering being Jack’s CEO because he wants to work with his family..

Sharon tells Adam that he should concentrate on the things he can control Instead of the things he can’t control. Adam calls Victor to tell him he is ready to talk about the job opportunity.

Nate overhears Daniel trying to persuade Lily to work things out with Devon. Nate asks Daniel if they can talk because they both seem to want the same thing.

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