Days Short Recap Monday, December 25, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava had a dream that Harris arrested her. He showed up to give her a Christmas gift he bought for her before they broke up. She appreciated the necklace, but Harris shouldn’t have wasted money. He put the necklace on her. She told him they couldn’t do this. He didn’t understand why she pushed him away. She lied and blamed it on his wandering eye. He let her know he only wanted to be with her. She said he was busy with work and asked about the drug ring. He said he wouldn’t stop until the person responsible paid for what they did. She gave him back the necklace, but he told her to keep it. He said he wasn’t giving up without a fight. At the hospital, Chanel tried to stop Paulina from leaving. Kayla came into the room. Paulina told Kayla about her symptoms. Chanel said Paulina had a lump on her neck. Paulina asked if it was cancer. Kayla told her she had a thyroid nodule. She told Paulina the vast majority of nodules were benign. Paulina was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The treatment required a daily thyroid hormone pill. Kayla scheduled blood work and gave Paulina a referral for a biopsy. Chanel thanked Kayla for her help. Kayla asked her to read The Christmas Story, but Paulina offered to read the story. Eric and Sloan spent time together. They thought it was the best Christmas ever. Things got worse when Eric wanted to put Jude in the outfit Nicole bought for him. Sloan wanted to keep Nicole away from Jude from now on. Eric wanted to take Jude out. When Eric and Jude left, Leo showed up. on

Nicole and EJ returned home from their trip. She felt guilty about not spending time with Holly on her birthday. EJ reassured her that Holly understood. She left to check on Holly. Stefan showed up and told EJ he was at the prison infirmary with Gabi. He said Gabi’s injury was a message from Clyde. Clyde wanted him to run the drug business. Stefan told EJ what was going on with Ava and the drug business. He asked EJ for his help. EJ wanted to help bring Clyde down but didn’t want Nicole subjected to more than what she was going through. Since he’s the D.A. now, he couldn’t and wouldn’t help him. EJ warned him about getting in trouble. He said on the bright side, Stefan could end up in prison next to Gabi. EJ walked away from him. Holly checked her phone and was relieved she didn’t send Johnny the text declaring her love for him. She was horrified that she called him. Nicole came into her room and apologized for missing her birthday. She smelled alcohol on Holly. Nicole asked if Holly was drinking. Holly said she had scotch because she was bored and sad over the baby and Johnny. Holly didn’t want to talk about it. Nicole let her know she loved her and suggested they get some air. While they were out, Holly confessed to liking Johnny. She said she couldn’t remember if she confessed her feelings to Johnny. Nicole reminded her that Johnny saw her as a little sister. Holly said she knew, but she loved him. Nicole told her it was infatuation, not love. When Nicole spotted Eric and Jude, she pulled Holly away. Eric stopped them from leaving. He wished Holly a happy birthday and Merry Christmas. Nicole apologized to him. He said he knew she wouldn’t hurt the baby. She let him know about her therapy sessions with Marlena. He was happy to hear it. Nicole told him about Holly’s drinking. Although he didn’t accept her drinking, he suggested getting something to eat. Sloan didn’t like the smell of Leo. He said it was from being at a shelter, which was changing thanks to her. He said she was placing a roof over his head to keep his mouth shut about Jude. She told him she could barely afford her apartment and was supporting a child. Leo didn’t believe her and said she was setting him up at the Salem Inn if she wanted to keep her son.

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