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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla was surprised at her test results. She was afraid she, Kate and Marlena were in trouble. Rex said they needed the orchid for their next dose. Kayla said she wanted to find another treatment. Kayla called Roman and told her about Kate. When he got off the phone, he told Kate what Kayla said. He wanted to take her to the hospital. She said she didn’t want to go through that again. Chad showed up in the pub. Roman wanted him to talk to Kate. She said she wasn’t going to the hospital. When she stood up, she passed out in Chad’s arms. Roman told him to call Kayla. Kayla was about to call Marlena, but her knees gave out. Rex and Steve caught her before she fell. They put her in a chair. Rex gave her water. He checked her head and realized she had a temperature. They put her in a hospital bed. Chad called Kayla and told her about Kate. Kayla told Rex that Kate was on her way to the hospital. Kayla told Steve to call Marlena. Marlena and John practiced what they were going to say to Kristen when they pretended to argue. He wanted to make sure Kristen would trust him so she could open up to him.

Eric showed up at John and Marlena’s place. They thanked him for watching Rachel. He told them he kidnapped Rachel. They were shocked. He told them why he kidnapped her. He told them that Marlena, Kate and Kayla would need another dose of the serum. Marlena sneezed. Brady said Kristen was playing games with him about the orchid. He told her she would never see Rachel again. Kristen said someone stole the orchid. She said she was sure it was in the DiMera house. She went to talk to Harold about the orchid. She said he hadn’t seen it. He said no one has been in the tunnel since EJ did construction. She said the workers never steal from them. Brady said it went back to her. She said she didn’t do anything to the orchid She said she would never give up her leverage on him. She said she didn’t want the women to die. He told her they might. Brady and Kristen went back to John and Marlena’s apartment. They told everyone that the orchid was gone. Everyone was upset. Steve called to tell them what was going on. John wanted Marlena to lie down. Marlena yelled at Kristen for endangering their lives. When John took Marlena to their room, Kristen told Eric that she wanted Rachel back. Eric left to get Rachel. Steve told Chad and Roman about Kristen blackmailing Brady. Steve asked Chad to call Stephanie. Steve told Kayla about Kristen and the orchid. Kayla said she researched the illness but couldn’t find another cure. She said she was scared. He told her the fight wasn’t over. Kate told Rex that she was weak. He told her the hospital was the best place for her. He blamed himself for not realized they needed another dose. She said it wasn’t his fault. Roman came in the room. She told them she loved them both. She flatlined. Rex tried to save her, but it didn’t work.

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