Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Devon and Lily tell Nate that he can come back to Chancellor-Winters on a provisional basis. Devon later tells Nate he better not disappoint Lily again or he will be fired.

Lily gets a call from Maddie telling her that the college is on fire. Lily decides to go to Maddie’s college to be near her.

Jill wants to team up with Mamie to get Tucker out of their lives. Tucker later tells Mamie that he thinks Jill is going to fight dirty to keep her company and he doesn’t want Devon to get caught in the middle, so he is going to back off. Mamie doesn’t believe Tucker and wonders what Tucker is up to now.

Jill and Jack agree to Billy’s plan to work together to play mind games on Tucker and push him to the edge. Jill is disappointed that Billy has decided to stay at Jabot and not return to Chancellor-Winters.

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