GH Short Recap Thursday, September 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer and Trina decide to take a trip to New York together so they can spend some time alone together before Trina gets busy with college.

Dex helps Brook Lynn move into the dorm.

Adam asks Josslyn if she wants to be part of his study group for their pre-med classes and Joss tells Adam she will think about it but she has to check her schedule.

Ava tells Austin that if Mason doesn’t give her Nikolas’ body she will tell Sonny everything. Dante and Sam arrive at the cabin and confirm to Sasha that they now believe that Cody was right in his suspicion that Gladys was working with Dr. Montague in order to keep her in Fern Cliff so she could use her money to pay her gambling debt she owes to Selina Wu.

Cyrus, Carly, and Sonny talk to Drew and Sonny asks Drew to try and find out who Austin came to visit at Pentonville. Drew agrees to help Sonny find out who is the boss giving orders to Austin and Mason. Cyrus talks to the warden in her office and she is angry with Cyrus because he has ruined her reputation by giving her false information which she gave to the FBI. Cyrus reminds the warden that he put her in the job of warden and he could take the job away from her.

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