Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Bicentennial Gala continues, Devon apologizes to Amanda for hurting her and she tells him not to worry because she will heal from the pain he caused her.

Ashley and Tucker are at the Abbott mansion where she is livid that Jack is marrying Diane and she tells Tucker she will make sure Diane will never become part of the Abbott family.

Phyllis is at the GCAC Lounge telling everyone that Diane hasn’t changed and she is the only one who can see the real Diane. Phyllis tells everyone that Diane stole her life because now everyone thinks she is a bad person because she doesn’t think Diane has changed at all. Phyllis gets so worked up that she gets dizzy and passes out. Nate and Elena tend to her until the paramedics arrive, and Elena tells Daniel and Summer that Phyllis is stable but tests need to be done to determine what is wrong with her. Diane notices that Phyllis has the ring Jack gave her in her hand. Jack remembers that Jeremy bumped into him and he must have taken the ring out of his pocket. Diane wonders why Jeremy would steal the ring and give it to Phyllis. Jeremy enters the lounge before Phyllis is taken to the hospital. Jeremy gives Phyllis a kiss on the forehead and tells her he will be with her soon at the hospital. Jeremy tells everyone he and Phyllis got married three days ago because Phyllis wanted protection because she thought Diane was going to do something to her. Jeremy asks Diane what she did to his wife. Tucker tells Ashley that she should shake things up and .marry him.

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