GH Short Recap Thursday, May 25, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Molly (temporarily being played by Holiday Marie Kriegel) leans on her sisters and Alexis, as, she deals with the news that her severe endometriosis may leave her unable to conceive a child. Aunt Stella helps TJ understand how Molly feels tight now. Stella advises TJ to be patient with Molly because they will get through this together.

Jordan talks to Anna about kissing Curtis and Jordan wonders if she should bow out and let Curtis fix his marriage or go after Curtis. Curtis tells Portia that he wants to move back home but sleep in the guest room so they can work on their marriage.

Carly tells Sonny the two options Diane gave her to keep her out of jail. Sonny tells Carly to turn him in to the State Department, but she says she will not turn him or Drew in to save herself..

Nina tells Ava that she plans to make Drew think Carly plans to turn him in to save herself so Drew will turn Carly in and send her to jail. Ava warns Nina that the plan is risky and if people find out she tipped off the SEC she will lose Sonny and Willow. Nina tells Ava that the plan is worth the risk if it gets Carly out of the way. Nina thinks their if Carly is in jail she won’t be able to interfere and stop her from building a relationship with Willow.

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