Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Adam tells Sally that he is afraid that he has finally pushed Victor over the edge. Adam admits to Sally that Victor probably figured out that he was lying when he wanted to start from the bottom. He actually wanted revenge on all of them for pushing him out of the family and the company.

Adam tells Sally he is really worried that Victor is ill and he spoke to a psychiatrist and the doctor says he needs to be examined. Sally persuades Adam to talk to Nick and Victoria and persuade them to put aside their differences and concentrate on Victor’s health.

Nick tells Sharon Victor has been faking his memory loss as a loyalty test for his children. Nick decides to tell Victoria the truth about Victor’s scheme. Nick tells Victoria that Victor has been faking his memory loss. Victor calls Nate and tells him to go to the ranch to talk to him and asks him not to tell anyone where he is going.

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