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Recap written by Terry

To signal his return to the CEO position of the company he founded, Victor replaced Victoria’s portrait with his own in his office, and raised a glass to the iconic work of art his ex-wife, Leanna Love, had commissioned years ago. Victoria later noticed her portrait had been replaced with Victor’s and remarked to Nate that Victor did not waste any time.

Victoria claimed she was not angered by her demotion to second in command but rather she was concerned that Victor was making rash, erratic decisions. Nate asked Victoria if she was angry because she was genuinely concerned for Victor or if she was angry and taking revenge. Victoria stated she did not have some master plan to hold onto the CEO position.

Victoria said to her mother she did not know if Victor was capable of running Newman Enterprises anymore. That statement shocked Nikki, who told Victoria she was taking some of her father’s decisions out of context. Victor stated nothing Victoria did or did not do caused the changes Victor made, but when Victor informed Victoria he would assume the role of CEO again, he noted that the company seemed disjointed. Victor stated that he just felt like taking over his company again, but Nikki pointed out that Victoria felt insulted. Victoria blamed Adam for stressing Victor so much that he’s caused Victor to make bad decisions.

Victoria seemed to sense that Nate was trying to navigate the tense situation and that he might no longer be completely behind her without question since Victor is CEO once again and Nate has Victor to also answer to.

Victor asked Nate if he would help Victoria ease into her new role. While Nate said he would do everything he could to help, he did not want to get in the middle between father and daughter.

Nikki suggested to Victor they take a nice long trip before their calendars get too busy after the reorganization, since Victor is set to return as CEO and Nikki will head up Newman Media.

After a day of brainstorming ideas for her fledgling interior design business, Sally decided to get a drink before heading up to her suite at the Athletic club. Adam was at the bar and invited her to have a drink. She suggested they have dinner. Adam revealed he was left completely out of the reorganization of the family company. He added that he and Victor later talked it over, and Victor agreed to let Adam return and to start at the bottom of the company and work his way up.

When Adam and Sally finished their meals, Adam walked her back to her suite where he kissed her and she kissed him back. She did not pull away or get angry. He apologized and left her outside of her door.


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