Days Short Recap Monday, October 30, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Li went to see Marlena because he was losing his mind. He said he kept thinking about Gabi and it was affecting his life. He said he wanted to get over her. She said she knew he wasn’t involved in the plot to kill Stefan. Li said he was involved. He said he knew she couldn’t say anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality. She said that was true unless he planned on doing something illegal or harmful to anyone else in the future. He said he had no intention of doing that. He just wanted to get over Gabi. EJ told Nicole that Stefan and Gabby got Kristen’s shares. Nicole wondered if that meant Stefan and Gabi controlled the business. He said they didn’t. He said they had to get one more shareholder on their side and that would be it. She was worried about bringing a baby into that family when she and the baby weren’t a priority to him. He said Stefano always put family first. He promised to do better. She said she wanted to believe him, but she wasn’t sure. She said they were supposed to get married but it didn’t happen because of his revenge plot against Ava. He said they would get married the day after Halloween. Chad talked to Kate about his fight with Stephanie. He told her that he and Stephanie weren’t on the same page about marriage. He said Stephanie wanted to get married but he didn’t. He said their fight was about Abby. He questioned if he moved on too soon. He questioned if Stephanie wanted to marry him because she wanted to or because she was afraid of being ghosted again. Kate offered to watch the kids so he and Stephanie could talk.

Stephanie was shocked to see Everett. He wanted to go to the apartment to talk. She wanted to know where he has been over the years. He said he didn’t ghost her like she thought. He said he was hit by a car and in a coma for a year. He said when he woke up, he didn’t have his memory. He said when he remembered her he had to come see her. She didn’t believe it at first. He told her he wanted to be back with her. He kissed her but she pushed him away. She said she was living with someone. He asked if she was engaged or married. She said she wasn’t. He said he wasn’t giving up on her. When Everett left, Chad came home. He asked if she wanted to talk. She said they have talked enough. Stefan and Gabi were at the Square. They talked about the way they double crossed Brady and got the upper hand with Kristen. She told him what happened in Salem last Halloween. They talked about getting control of DiMera Enterprises. She said they should go after Li’s shares. She said they should blackmail him with the evidence that he was part of the attempt to kill Stefan.

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