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Jake: Ah, whoa, easy there. We don’t want shin to think you’re drinking on the job.

Gabi: It’s virgin. I will move on to something harder once we know he’s on board with the plan.

Jake: All right. Speak of the devil.

Gabi: Oh, let’s not do that.

Jake: No, no, no. It’s shin. He’s on his way from the airport.

Gabi: Oh, okay. Well, this is it. You need to sell shin on getting victor a seat on the dimera board. And then that way in return, victor will make me in charge of titan. And then in the long run, we’ll be running both companies and I will be ceo of titan. You’ll be on top of dimera.

Jake: Can I get a word in, please?

Gabi: Yeah. What?

Jake: We need a new plan.

[Knock at door]

Rafe: Yep.

Ava: Hi, rafe.

Rafe: Ava. Hey.

Ava: Hey.

Rafe: Ah, everything okay?

Ava: Yeah, I was just–I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I’d stop in, say hi.

Rafe: Well, perfect, actually, because I was just about to call you about making plans tonight.

Ava: Oh, you mean with me?

Rafe: Yeah, of course with you. Who else would I be making plans with on new year’s eve?

Ava: I just thought you might have other plans.

Sami: What did you just say?

Ej: That lucas is the one who kidnapped you.

Sami: Ej. That is crazy. What would make you even think that?

Ej: Actually, because of nicole.

Nicole: I was just spitballing. Look, I even told ej that I regretted putting that in his head because I was sure it was not lucas. And if he had thought about it–

Ej: I have. And the more I do, the more convinced I am it’s true.

Chad: How did you get into that computer?

Lucas: I just–I–I borrowed my mom’s password.

Chad: Why?

Lucas: Why? Well, as you know, your brother was arrested for kidnapping sami, and he managed to make bail. And you and I both know that he’s guilty as sin.

Chad: So what does that have to do with you sneaking in here?

Lucas: I’m not sneaking in here. Not at all. I’m extremely worried about sami right now.

Chad: Why? Sami’s back. She’s safe now.

Lucas: No, she’s back, but she’s definitely not safe.

Chad: What makes you say that?

Lucas: Ej. Ej makes me say that. You know, he–she is determined to give him the benefit of the doubt. She flat out refuses to believe that he’s the one who kidnapped her. So, you know, and now she’s gonna be in danger. And when she’s in danger, she’s gonna go back to him. But she doesn’t believe that she’s in danger. So I actually have to find the proof. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m looking for the money trail.

Chad: So that’s why you decided to hack in. What the hell are you really up to?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chloe: Well, thanks for checking in, mom. No, no, they haven’t found philip. I would tell you. And every day that passes, it just becomes less hope. I know, I know. I know, positive thoughts. You’re right, but–no, I haven’t seen brady since they dropped the charges. But I really do need to get back to work. Okay. I love you. Give parker a big hug and kiss for me and dad too. I’ll keep you posted. Love you. Bye. What are you doing here? It’s a holiday.

Brady: Well, it’s a holiday for you too, yet you’re burying yourself in work.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, you know, it helps keep my mind off of things.

Brady: Yeah. Well, it’s time that I start pulling my own weight around here. I mean, I’ve been mia for a while now. In and out of the hospital, jail, I mean, helping marlena.

Chloe: How is she doing?

Brady: She’s good. She’s gonna be released from the hospital today.

Chloe: Wow. That’s a miracle, isn’t it?

Brady: It’s literally a miracle. Yeah, I just pray that that’s the last time the devil appears in salem.

Chad: Did you make these fund transfers?

Lucas: I did not. No. Look at the dates that. That was weeks ago, man.

Chad: Well, I didn’t authorize them, and nobody has access to this account except for ej and kate.

Lucas: Well, my mom hasn’t logged into those accounts in eons. It wouldn’t be her. Note the recipient and the recurring–all those payments. Look at all the payments, recurring payments. Went to the–what is this? Jason smith first bank of milwaukee, come on.

Chad: Who is jason smith?

Lucas: He’s one of the guards that held sami captive when she was a prisoner.

Chad: Well, I’m sure there’s a lot of jason smiths in wisconsin.

Lucas: Look at the account number. It’s the same thing. It’s the same one every time. I’m positive that that is the guy who was keeping sami prisoner. I know it. And this just proves it, man. This proves that your brother’s behind kidnapping sami. He stole dimera funds. He committed a crime. He thought he was gonna get away with it. He didn’t think anyone was gonna find out. He almost implicated you and your whole company, chad, you realize that?

Chad: This is unbelievable. It’s maybe a little too unbelievable.

Sami: Why would lucas kidnap me?

Ej: Why else? He wants you all to himself. And a desperate, depraved plan was his only shot.

Sami: Okay. It’s an interesting theory. But do you have any proof that lucas laid a finger on me?

Nicole: He laid more than a finger on you.

Sami: All right. That’s enough. Look, ej, we’re back together. You don’t have to go around making wild accusations.

Nicole: Excuse me? What do you mean you’re back together?

Sami: Oh, yeah. Ej and I had a good talk, and he ripped up the divorce papers.

Nicole: No, you did that, sami.

Sami: Right. No. Yes. I ripped up the first set. And it was very upsetting, but ej had more were drawn up, and then he ripped them up himself when he changed his mind about us. Oh, you hadn’t had the chance to tell her yet? Oh, this is awkward.

Brady: Chloe, I’ve been–I’ve been–I’ve been thinking about you nonstop. I’ve been worried about you.

Chloe: I’m hanging in there. It’s okay. But I’m just really relieved that trask dropped those charges against you.

Brady: Yeah. Thanks to you for going to bat for me with kate. I mean, that couldn’t have been easy.

Chloe: Well, it was worth it.

Brady: Well, I am very, very grateful to you.

Chloe: Well, like I said before, brady, I know who you are. I know your heart. I–I know that you’d never be capable of killing philip or anyone else for that matter. Oh, but all this waiting, being in limbo, not knowing if I’ll ever have answers or knowing whether philip is alive or dead, it’s just–it’s hard. You know, it’s been–it’s been really hard.

Gabi: A new plan, you came up with this, it’s genius. What are you talking about?

Jake: Gabi, she–

Gabi: No, jake, listen to me. Shin agreed to meet us here. Victor’s on board.

Jake: Victor? Victor hasn’t returned any of my phone calls.

Gabi: Because his son is missing.

Jake: Right, and maybe that’s causing him to have second thoughts.

Gabi: About taking over dimera? No, his entire family could go missing and he would not have second thoughts about that.

Jake: Can you just hear me out for a second? All right. On the way over here, I got to thinking that maybe there’s a more direct way to get what we want.

Gabi: Well, will you hurry up and tell me what it is before shin gets here?

Shin: Hello, friends.

Rafe: Why would you think that I have other plans tonight?

Ava: Well, I thought that if you had wanted to hang out with me tonight, you would have said something about it sooner.

Rafe: Yes, yes. You’re right. You know what? And I’m sorry about that. Because I was supposed to maybe have to cover for eli, but now I’m off the hook. So a little last minute, but I’m sure we could maybe get reservations somewhere and do something fun if you’re interested.

Rafe: Sure.

Ava: What do you have mind, commissioner?

Rafe: Oh, well, dinner, fireworks.

Ava: Or we can invite a couple of friends over to ring in the new year with us.

Rafe: Okay.

Ava: Of course, I only have one real friend, but she’s your friend too.

Rafe: You’re talking about–

Ava: Nicole.

Rafe: Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?

Nicole: Oh, sami. At some point, this just becomes pathetic.

Sami: Oh, I agree completely. And I think you hit that point about a thousand walks of shame ago.

Nicole: You can click your heels together and say ej wants you back as many times as you want.

Sami: He does want me back.

Nicole: Really? Then why is it just a few days ago ej said that you deluded yourself into thinking that you still had a chance?

Sami: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you surprised ej by showing up here. I mean, it’s not like you had new year’s eve plans. Am I right?

Nicole: He just got out of jail.

Sami: And the first call he made was to me.

Nicole: While he was arrested for supposedly kidnapping you.

Ej: Which I did not do.

Nicole: Wow. He speaks. Is that all you’re gonna say?

Sami: He had a lot more to say to me when he told me that he loved me, he can’t live without me, and that I am the one true love of his life, and nicole will do in a pinch.

Ej: That is not what I said.

Sami: It was not what he said, not those words exactly. But it was the sentiment.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Oh, my god. It’s true, isn’t it?

Ej: [Clears throat]

Lucas: Ej is definitely behind this. You know it; you saw the payments. What’s there not to believe?

Chad: Well, my brother swears he’s being framed.

Lucas: Yeah. Really? By who?

Chad: By you.

Lucas: By me? That’s totally insane. Come on.

Chad: Yeah. I thought so too. But then I left this office for a few minutes, and in that time you managed to hack into my accounts and find a smoking gun.

Lucas: I got lucky. All right?

Chad: Police didn’T.

Lucas: What?

Chad: Police. Yeah, the police. I mean, I gave them access to those very same accounts. They combed through ’em for hours, but they didn’t manage to find anything.

Lucas: Well, what can I say? They’re cops, you know, maybe they didn’t know where to look.

Chad: Yeah. Or you planted the information. And the only way you would have that information is if you were the one that paid that person who kidnapped sami. My brother was right. You did it. One of the worst things about a cold sore

Brady: If philip is missing because of kristen, chloe, all I can say to you is, I’m so–so sorry.

Chloe: It’s not your fault.

Brady: Yeah, it is. If kristen went after philip, it was only because she wanted to get back at me for leaving her or she wanted me out of the way to try to take rachel again.

Chloe: Well, a part of me really hopes it is kristen, because her specialty is making people disappear.

Brady: Yeah. Kristen could be holding philip somewhere.

Chloe: And as strange as it sounds, I’m praying for that. I just hope she has him, you know, locked up in a warehouse or wine cellar somewhere and he figures out how to escape or we find him and bring him home.

Brady: Sure, sure.

Chloe: And I remember all that blood all over your body, so–

Brady: Chloe, chloe, chloe, as much as I never wanna see kristen again, I’m gonna do everything in my power to find her, everything I can do. I owe that to philip. I certainly owe that to you.

Gabi: Mr. Shin, thank you so much for coming.

Jake: Hope you had a nice flight.

Shin: Eh, no complaints. It’s nice to see you both in this fine establishment.

Gabi: Yeah. It’s not exactly the ritz, right? But we just wanted to keep this meeting under the radar.

Shin: Well, you said it was important that we speak in person. So what is it we’re speaking about?

Jake: Just follow my lead. Mr. Shin, gabi and I are well aware that your time is valuable. So I’m gonna cut right to the chase here. We think you need to remove ej as ceo of dimera.

Shin: Well, you’ve thought that from the moment he and chad ousted you from the company.

Jake: Right. But now that he’s been arrested for kidnapping his own wife, I think we can all agree that doesn’t look very good for dimera.

Shin: Hmm. Not only do I agree, ej does as well, which is why he’s allowing chad to run the company solo until his name is cleared.

Gabi: Oh, excuse me. But what if his name is never cleared? I mean, ej’s legal battles could go on for months, even years. And the pr would be devastating. We would lose deals, clients. Stockholders would lose confidence. And jake and I, as board members, we are extremely worried about the future of the company.

Shin: Mm-hmm. We all are. And while ej was not my choice for ceo, profits have soared under his leadership.

Jake: Okay. But let’s be honest here. The economy’s hot, right? Ej’s leadership skills not so much. I mean, you’ve seen the projections for next quarter. They’re already down.

Gabi: Probably because ej is so distracted with all the drama in his personal life. I mean, it’s one tabloid story after the next.

Jake: Right. So how could he put any energy toward running dimera? I mean, he’s risking everything we’ve worked for.

Gabi: Bottom line, mr. Shin, is, he has to go.

Shin: I assume you have someone in mind to replace him. Yourself perhaps?

Gabi: Oh, yeah. Jake has been the best eo that dimera has ever had. I mean, you yourself put him there when chad resigned.

Shin: Speaking of chad, have you looped him in?

Jake: On what?

Shin: Your plan to make him collateral damage in a hostile takeover?

Chad: Admit it. You kidnapped sami.

Lucas: No, I didn’t kidnap sami. I’m the one who rescued her, remember?

Chad: Yeah, maybe you wanted to play the hero. You know, you save her life. You bring her home to her kids. That would score you a lot of brownie points.

Lucas: Why are you so damned determined to let ej off the hook after everything he did to you? The way he screwed you over? Don’t we want the same thing here?

Chad: Yeah. What’s that?

Lucas: For ej to get what he deserves, for him to be out of our lives.

Ej: Nicole, I’m sorry.

Sami: Me too. I’m really sorry. This must be humiliating for you.

Nicole: Oh, no, no, not humiliating. In fact, I’m actually grateful to be reminded of what an amoral, shallow, insensitive son of a bitch ej is. And I am done wasting my time with you. So you can have him back, because you deserve each other. And by the way, I never really wanted ej. I just wanted to make you miserable. Looks like you don’t need any help. Ej will take care of that.

Ej: Nicole–

Nicole: No, no, goodbye and good riddance. Enjoy making each other miserable for a lifetime or however long this will last again.

Sami: Happy new year.

Nicole: Don’t care. People everywhere living with

Chloe: How would you even start to look for kristen? The police have been trying for months.

Brady: Mm. Let’s just say I have methods of getting to her that the cops don’T.

Chloe: Well, please be careful, because if anything ever happened to you, I couldn’t take it.

Brady: Well, hey, hey. Kristen–kristen would never hurt me. Well, not physically anyway. I don’t think she would hurt philip either, not the way I did.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Brady: Philip is in love with you. He has been forever. He just wanted your relationship to work. And I just made things worse, is what I did.

Chloe: That’s not true.

Brady: I think we both can admit that it is at this point. I mean, he said, “brady, you know, you had your chance with chloe, and you blew it.” And then he said, “you couldn’t accept it. So you just tried to screw up my chance at happiness with her.” And he was right. I mean, I was selfish. I was petty. And I just want to apologize to the man.

Chloe: Well, me too.

Brady: Why would you need to apologize?

Chloe: Because I knew that you and i being close drove him nuts.

Brady: Chloe, you and i are friends.

Chloe: I know that. But he also knew that you had feelings for me. And even though I tried to reassure him that that didn’t matter, that I was secure in our relationship. I guess truth is, I don’t know if I was very clear about how I felt, because I wasn’t sure about how I felt. And he might have thought–

Brady: Thought what?

Chloe: I don’t know if kate said something to philip, but–

Brady: What–what is it?

Chloe: Well, kate was under the mistaken impression that you and I had sex on this conference table.

Brady: What?

Rafe: Why are you suggesting that we have nicole over? You know that–I mean, you know she and i are trying to keep our distance.

Ava: Still?

Rafe: Well, yeah.

Ava: Come on, rafe. This is silly. All right? We are adults. I think we can handle celebrating new year’s eve with someone we both consider a good friend.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, it– but she’s also–she’s dating ej now, and I can’t stand that guy’s guts, and I really don’t want to ring in the new year with him.

Ava: Yes, but ej’s in jail.

Rafe: Oh, no. He just got out on bail.

Ava: Okay. Well, I can’t imagine that she’s gonna stay with him after that, after the terrible thing that he did.

Rafe: Well, you know, ej has done plenty of terrible things to her, and yet she’s willing to go another round.

Ava: Okay. Well, I’m sure it’s over now. I am. And honestly, I– I’m actually surprised that she ended up dating him again because she seems like she’s into the nice guys these days. You know, I’m gonna go over to basic black. I’m gonna check on her, see how she’s doing. And if all she has planned tonight is some lonely, sad night at home, you don’t mind, right, if I invite her over to join us, no?

Rafe: Of course not, no. Of course. Of course.

Ava: You’re the best.

Rafe: Yeah. You too.

Ava: Hmm. See you later.

Rafe: All right. Okay. No problem. Yep.

Ej: You didn’t have to enjoy that quite so much.

Sami: Well, it’s not my fault nicole was here. And you could have let her off the hook a lot sooner.

Ej: I’ve been a bit too busy fighting bogus felony charges. But I was going to tell her about us.

Sami: What us?

Ej: Oh, for god’s sake, would you make up your mind? Yes. No. What is it that you want?

Sami: Depends on whether or not you’re the one who kidnapped me, ej, and held me for what seemed like an eternity.

Ej: You’re just clinging to that as an excuse to push me away, because you’re upset I slept with nicole.

Sami: No, look, it wasn’t my deal that nicole was here, but that’s not about that. Ej, I just–I need you to look me in the eye and tell me you’re not the one who kidnapped me.

Ej: I didn’t kidnap you, samantha.

Lucas: This could be the final nail on ej’s coffin if you want it to be.

Chad: No, I want you to leave me the hell out of this.

Lucas: Just hear me out. Hear me out for a second, okay? All you’ve got to do is take this evidence to the police or the dimera board. And in a matter of days, you’d be running dimera solo.

Chad: Yeah. You think that if ej was gone, sami would come running back to you.

Lucas: Well, this way we both get what we want. Snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike’s denture.

Chad: Before I walked in here, what was your plan to get the information to sami while keeping your hands clean?

Lucas: I didn’t have a plan before I came in here. I didn’t know what I was gonna find, but maybe it’s best if you keep my name out of it. You know, maybe it’s best for both of us. You’re not saying anything. Does that mean you’re in?

Chad: I just–I need to think about it.

Jake: I never said anything about getting rid of chad.

Shin: But you were thinking it.

Gabi: Oh, mr. Shin, you know jake so well. I mean, of course you do. You’ve always been his biggest champion. If it were up to you, he’d still be running the company all on his own.

Shin: True. But a change this big, it’s–

Jake: Yeah, it’s enormous. Which is why we gotta take it one step at a time. Right? Step one, we get rid of ej as ceo.

Gabi: I mean, seems pretty easy given the circumstances.

Shin: Well, not as easy as you might think. Ej has ardent support from the board, and he’s innocent until proven guilty, which means I have no cause to fire him…yet.

Jake: Ah, yet. All right. Look, gabi and I put together a proposal. We’d like to send it your way. It’s got some stuff in it that’s gonna have you very excited. So if you could take a look at it and get back to me, that’d be great.

Shin: Of course.

Jake: All right.

Shin: Oh, I have to take this. It was lovely to see you both.

Jake: Yeah. Likewise.

Shin: I’ll be in touch.

Gabi: Mm-hmm. Better get to work on that proposal.

Jake: You were amazing.

Gabi: Well, i was–I tried my best, but I mean, my head is spinning. I mean, yours must be too. I mean, you’re going all the way up at dimera. Do not pass go.

Jake: Okay. What am I getting here? You don’t seem happy.

Gabi: Well, you know, because we’re changing things now. We’re not going after titan. Just makes me think, where does that leave me?

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, hi.

Rafe: Hey. Ava and i were just talking about you. Actually, she’s on her way to meet you at basic black.

Nicole: Well, I’m off today. Was it anything important?

Rafe: Oh, well, I was just telling her that ej had gotten out on bail, and she was worried about you. And have you seen him yet?

Nicole: I sure have.

Rafe: Oh, that doesn’t sound good.

Nicole: You mean that ej kidnapped sami or that he’s getting back together with her and conveniently neglected to tell me?

Ej: [Chuckling]

You believe I’m innocent

Sami: Well, you’re not doing yourself any favors by going around making wild accusations against lucas, you know. What would his motive even be?

Ej: I told you. To keep us apart.

Sami: We were already apart. You had kicked me out. You told me that you never wanted to see me again.

Ej: Perhaps he knew it wouldn’t stick. I mean, it never does, does it?

Sami: Never does. But wait, you’re forgetting. Lucas is the one who rescued me, much to your dismay.

Ej: I was not dismayed.

Sami: Well, you certainly seemed dismayed.

Ej: He happened to be standing there when you called allie for help. What other choice did he have, but to play innocent. To pivot to the role of hero and rush off to fetch you, when in truth, he would have preferred to keep you in that room indefinitely.

Sami: I just don’t buy it. He’s the father of my children. I just don’t think he would really do something like that.

Ej: I’m the father of your children too, and you think I would.

Sami: Well, the cops think you did.

Ej: Apart from the kidnappers dubious statement, there isn’t a shred of evidence against me.

Chad: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. If you’re washing with the bargain brand,

Brady: Kate thought that we slept together. Why in the hell would she think something like that?

Chloe: She said she was here for a meeting a few weeks ago and she overheard how we were talking about nicole having sex on that conference table.

Brady: Oh, no.

Chloe: Yeah. And kate jumped to the very wrong conclusion that we were talking about you and me. And I don’t know if she told philip or not, but I had to convince her that it wasn’t true.

Brady: And how did you do that?

Chloe: Oh, I had to swear on parker’s life, but if I didn’t, you could still be facing murder charges.

Brady: Well, I’m glad you smoothed that over. I mean, I know nicole did not want secret getting out. We agreed that we weren’t gonna tell anyone.

Chloe: I know, but I didn’t feel like I had much of a choice. At least, I didn’t tell kate that nicole slept with rafe.

Rafe: What a pig. I can’t believe that ej would do something like that to you. Actually, I can. I can’t actually believe that sami would take him back.

Nicole: Sure, you can.

Rafe: Nicole, I have told you so many times you deserve so much better. I know one of the reasons that you went back to ej was because of me.

Nicole: Oh, stop. You are not responsible for the latest of the many, many horrendous choices I’ve made.

Rafe: You’ve been under a lot of stress. You’re doing the best you can.

Nicole: Really?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Because I think I’m a hot mess. I cheated on the love of my life with a man I detest. I blew up my marriage and drove eric back into the priesthood for god’s sake. And I slept with you, a man who is in a committed relationship with one of my best friends. And I run to a guy who has burned me twice and is in love with a woman I hate with a passion.

Rafe: Okay. So that’s a little messy.

Nicole: You think? Okay. That’s–it’s enough. Just go enjoy your new year’s eve.

Rafe: I hate to leave you alone like this. You are upset.

Nicole: I’m fine, rafe.

Rafe: You got plans tonight?

Nicole: Well, I’m not gonna be with ej; that’s for sure.

Rafe: Yeah. Do you want to spend new year’s with ava and me?

Ej: Run a long, chad; we’re in the middle of something here.

Chad: Yeah, no, I think sami’s gonna wanna see this. I found this while I was auditi dimera’s quarterly expenses, this large recurring payment to jason smith laundered through the company and signed by your husband.

Sami: Oh, my god. You lying bastard.

Jake: Look, getting you into titan is the next step. I just figured we had such a great opening with ej’s arrest… here’s hoping it goes well.

Gabi: Where are you going?

Jake: Got a couple errands to run, but you stay here. Finish that drink, enjoy it. And hopefully we will have something to celebrate come midnight. Bye.

Gabi: Bye.

Ej: Let me see that. I never made these payments.

Chad: Well, I sure as hell didn’T.

Ej: Well, maybe kate did. She has access to that account.

Chad: Really?

Ej: Yes, really. I did not do this.

Chad: I might have believed you if all the cops had was a statement from the guy who held sami as hostage. But now we have that statement and this. I would say we have you dead to rights.

Sami: So would I. Do you have any idea what I went through in there, how horrible it was to be trapped alone, and I didn’t know where I was; I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see my family again?

Ej: I am being framed.

Sami: Right. You are trying to pin this whole thing on lucas? Do you understand he wouldn’t do something like this?

Ej: Samantha.

Sami: But I know that you would. I know that you are capable of this, and I bet you loved every minute of it. I bet you loved knowing how much I suffered and that you were the cause.

Ej: Samantha.

Sami: Just stop. Goodbye, ej, this time for real.

Limu emu… & doug

Brady: So I’m guessing you do not have plans for tonight, right?

Chloe: No, other than going home to put on some sweatpants, absolutely nothing.

Brady: Oh, do you want some company?

Chloe: I–I don’t– no, thanks.

Brady: No, thanks. Are you sure?

Chloe: Yeah. I think so.

Brady: All right. Well, if you change your mind, let me know. But I am gonna try to convince you right now to knock off early and get out of here, because it is a holiday.

Chloe: Okay? Sure.

Brady: Oh, okay.

Nicole: Oh, right. I am sure ava would just love to have me crash your new year’s date.

Rafe: It was actually her idea to invite you.

Nicole: Well, she’s a friend, and she’s just being nice, but I’m sure she doesn’t really want me there. And if she ever found out what happened between us…you know what? I just decided what my new year’s resolution is. I am swearing off men.

Rafe: Okay. That’ll last.

Nicole: Okay. You know, I get why you say that, but you watch.

Rafe: Okay. All right. Well, you know what? Good luck with that. And back to tonight, you sure you don’t wanna come over?

Nicole: Positive.

Rafe: Fine.

Nicole: You go kiss ava on new year’S. I will be at home in bed alone.

Rafe: Okay. Well, nicole, happy new year, whatever it brings.

Nicole: Same to you.

Rafe: Thank you.

Ava: There you are. Oh, duke. I’m sorry to say that this shared custody arrangement is officially over. I thought rafe was one of the good guys, that I had to be a better person for him. I thought nicole was my friend, but she’s just a two-faced whore. They completely humiliated me. I’ll tell you this, partner, oh, they are not gonna get away with it.

[Tense music]

Lucas: Please don’t look at me like that. I know what you both are thinking. How can our grandson do something so nuts? I know. I know. I get it. What I want you both to understand is, I feel unworthy being a horton after what I did to sami. I need you to understand why I did it. I had no choice. I did it for love.

Gabi: Sami? Are you okay?

Sami: No. No. I am most definitely not okay.

Gabi: Oh. Okay.

Sami: [Sobbing]

Ej: You son of a bitch.

Chad: Don’t shoot the messenger.

Ej: Oh, don’t give me ideas.

Shin: Oh, good. You’re both here.

Ej: Mr. Shin, what– what brings you by?

Shin: I have news. Ej, you’re here by removed from your position at dimera enterprises leaving your brother, chad, as the permanent sole ceo.

[Tense music]

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Days Transcript Friday, December 31, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ben: [Sighs] Oh. Doug and julie are asking if we want to come over and watch the ball drop.

Ciara: Seriously? I thought that old married couples went to bed as soon as the sun went down.

Ben: Your grandparents know how to party.

Ciara: Yeah, well, with what happened there on christmas eve, I’m kind of done with all the excitement for now.

Ben: So you’re saying you want us to be the old married couple?

Ciara: What I’m saying is, I want to stay here and watch the ball drop with you and our baby.

Chanel: Hi.

Johnny: Oh, hey.

Chanel: I thought you were working out.

Johnny: Oh yeah, I–I stopped halfway through all of a sudden, I just felt like I got hit by a bus.

Chanel: Oh, no, are you feeling sick?

Johnny: Eh, it might just be jet lag, or maybe it’s the after effects of going ten rounds with il diavolo.

Chanel: As dramatic as that sounds, you’re probably just fighting a cold.

Johnny: Yeah, well, definitely fighting something. Look, I don’t think I’m gonna be very much fun tonight. Maybe you should just go ahead without me.

Chanel: Like hell I will.

Gabi: Sami, what’s–what’s wrong?

Sami: I just got proof that ej is the one who kidnapped me.

Lucas: Please, don’t look at me like that. I know what you both are thinking. “How can our grandson do something so nuts?” I know. I know. I get it. What I want you both try to understand is, I feel unworthy of being a horton after what I did to sami. I need you to understand why I did it. I had no choice. I did it for love.

Allie: You did what for love, dad?

Tripp: Yeah, I’m–I’m just getting off shift now. Yes, yes, dad, I feel fine. No, thank you for the invite, but allie and i are just gonna have a nice, quiet new year’s together. Yeah, yeah, I’m just grateful I’m not going into the new year stuck in the coma unit in jan spears’ bed. Yeah, no, I’ll be happy if my first encounter with the devil is my last.

Marlena: Oh, tripp, going down?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Marlena: Gosh, I’m sorry that I startled you.

Tripp: Oh, no, it’s okay. It’s good to see you knowing that it’s you.

Marlena: Yes, it’s me. Look, I’m glad I ran into you. I–I’d like to apologize.

Tripp: You don’t need to do that, okay? I know that everything that happened wasn’t your fault. It was him.

Marlena: Yeah, him.

Tripp: And I have to admit that when I first heard the stories about this happening to you before, I–I didn’t believe them.

Marlena: Well, I’m not sure I would have either. Kind of a lot to take in, you know, devil possession and battle between good and evil not exactly based in science.

Tripp: Well, you’ve certainly made a believer out of me.

Both: Hey.

Jake: You don’t look like you’re getting ready for a big night out.

Ben: Oh, you’re looking at a big night out.

Jake: Come on, it’s new year’s eve and the last new year’s eve you’re not gonna have to search for a babysitter,

Ciara: Yeah, well, it’s not like I can really go out partying.

Jake: But you can still have fun, can’t you? So come on, losers, get out of that bed. Come out with me and gabi.

Gabi: Ej kidnapped you?

Sami: My husband, the man who’s supposed to love me and our children.

Gabi: Oh, why would he do that?

Sami: Revenge. Get back at me for hurting him. Who knows?

Gabi: I wish I could say he’s not capable of doing that, but he’s ej dimera, the most morally bankrupt human being on this planet.

Sami: Yeah, that’s right. Okay, let me have it. Don’t hold back.

Gabi: Look, I get it. I’ve done some terrible things in my life, but I would never hurt the people that I love. I mean, what–what kind of man terrorizes the mother of his children?

Lucas: Hey, allie, I didn’t see you there.

Allie: Yeah, I was just closing up at the bakery. We were getting some complaints about a sad guy walking around talking to inanimate objects.

Lucas: Were you really?

Allie: No, I’m kidding. But you do look pretty beat up. Is this about mom?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, it is.

Allie: I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but you know, when you’re talking to yourself in public…

Lucas: I wasn’t talking to myself. Thank you very much. I was talking to my grandparents.

Allie: You were saying something about love, but you sounded guilty.

Lucas: Guilty?

Allie: Yeah, like you were confessing something. Look, just instead of pouring your soul out to great-grandpa and great-grandma, why don’t you just talk to me about it.

Trelegy for copd.

Chanel: If you’re staying home, I am staying home.

Johnny: No, no, why–why–why should your new year’s have to be ruined just because I’m not feeling well?

Chanel: Well, I am not leaving you here, so…

Johnny: I’m probably just gonna fall asleep anyway, so…

Chanel: Well, then I’ll be lying right next to you. I made vows, remember?

Johnny: In italian, a language that you don’t speak.

Chanel: Still, I knew what I was saying. “I took you, giovanni roman dimera, to be my lawfully wedded husband,” and I’m pretty sure “in sickness and in health” was a part of that, right?

Johnny: It was.

Chanel: Hmm-hmm. Well, then when you’re sick, you’re stuck with me, and I am stuck with you.

Ciara: Tempting, but I’m sorry, jake, we’re out.

Jake: You sure?

Ben: We’re sure.

Jake: You two are about as fun as a case of scabies, you know that?

Ciara: Yeah, well, in my defense, a few days ago, the devil did try to steal my unborn baby.

Jake: I’m sorry, what?

Ben: Oh, it’s news to you that marlena evans was possessed by the devil?

Jake: No, no, no, I heard about all that, but I didn’t know she wanted to take your kid.

Ben: Good times, huh?

Jake: Man, what the hell does she want with your child, anyway?

Marlena: I know that what happened was beyond my control, but people were hurt. Tripp: But we’re all fine now. And it’s nothing compared to what you went through. I’m really glad to see you on the other side. I know how worried allie was about you.

Marlena: Thanks for saying that, and I’m glad she has such a nice young man in her life.

John: And I couldn’t agree with that more.

Tripp: Hey, john. How you doing?

John: Tripp, good to see you up and about.

Tripp: Yeah, yeah. I have to say that it really means a lot that you both approve of my relationship with allie.

John: Well, it’s kind of like what doc said, we’re just very grateful that she has you in her life.

Tripp: Listen, well, I am very lucky that she is in mine.

Marlena: We won’t keep you from her, except to say happy new year, tripp.

John: Yeah, happy new year, kid.

Tripp: Happy new year to you both. You deserve it.

[Elevator dings]

John: Yes, we do.

Lucas: Well, you know, I–I feel guilty, because I’m the one who had to talk to your mom. I had to get her to accept the fact that ej is the one who kidnapped her.

Allie: Right, that couldn’t have been easy for her.

Lucas: No, it wasn’T. It broke her heart. And despite all the pain that ej’s put her through, she’s–she’s not ready to give up on him yet.

Allie: I just don’t get that. I mean, she’s put up with so much miss treatment from him, but to kidnap her and to keep her locked away against her will for all that time, it’s– it’s just cruel, sadistic really. I don’t know about mom, but i will never forgive him for it.

Gabi: How did you find out it was ej who took you?

Sami: Chad, he found this record of a financial transaction ej had used dimera funds to pay this guy, jason smith, who was his accomplice after telling me that he had no idea who that guy was, had never heard of him in his entire life.

Gabi: Pretty dumb to leave a paper trail.

Sami: Yeah, ej’s not stupid. He’s just arrogant. He didn’t think he was gonna get caught. I’m the one who’s dumb.

Gabi: No, don’t say that.

Sami: I believed him when he told me that I was the love of his life. I believed him.

Gabi: Well, maybe that isn’t a lie.

Sami: The worst part is…

Gabi: What? Go on.

Sami: The worst part of it, he’s still the love of mine.

Gabi: You still feel that way?

Sami: So–so if ej and i are over, what am I supposed to do with the rest of my life? We hit the bike trails every weekend

Gabi: Look, I’m probably the last person that should be giving any relationship advice. I mean, I’ve always dated the wrong kind of men, men who didn’t respect me, who lied and cheated. It took me years, but I finally learned my lesson.

Sami: And jake treats you right?

Gabi: Yeah, yes, he does. He respects me. And more importantly, it doesn’t matter what happens between him and I. I learned that I will never settle for a guy who does not see me as his equal.

Sami: Good for you. Neither will I.

Gabi: Well, I don’t–i don’t think there’s a guy out there who’s your equal, but you definitely deserve better than ej dimera. I mean, he’s–the guy is hateful. I mean, the way he ousted jake from dimera. It was disgusting. Snake.

Sami: So not a fan?

Gabi: No, not a fan, but I am one of your biggest fans.

Sami: Thank you. Gabi, that’s really nice of you. That means a lot.

Gabi: Yeah, you know, you really helped me through some of the roughest times in my life. And I learned how to stand up for myself because of you.

Sami: Well, you are a quick learner.

Gabi: Still got a long way to go, but thank you. I know that we’ve had our differences, but you’re will’s mom. You’re ari’s abuela. I’ll always have your back. Remember that, okay?

Jake: So marlena tricked you into taking her to the cabin so she could steal your child?

Ciara: Mm-hmm. And we still have no idea what she wanted with our baby.

Ben: And frankly, I don’t give a damn. I’m just glad that ciara is okay and the threat of the devil is no more. John and everybody else who loves marlena cast him out.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: That poor devil never had a chance. Your try to come between us and our baby, you’re gonna get all types of hell. I don’t care who you are.

Jake: Yeah, lucifer didn’t know who he was messing with, right?

Ben: The prince of darkness. That’s no match for my pregnant wife. Look at her.

Ciara: Uh-uh, and he’d better not forget it.

Jake: All right, so I guess that’s a good enough excuse to lie low tonight.

Ben: Yeah, you and gabi are gonna have to celebrate without us, my man.

Jake: We’ll try. Happy new year. Enjoy the evening.

Ciara: Happy new year, jake.

Ben: Happy new year, my brother.

Jake: Oh, and happy new year, baby weston. Can’t wait to meet you. Good night.

Johnny: Tea?

Chanel: Uh-huh, I know you like more of a cappuccino, but it’s good for you.

Johnny: Thank you for taking care of me.

Chanel: You don’t have to thank me. I’m your wife. I do things for you. You do things for me. It’s in the contract.

Johnny: Well, I owe you then, okay?

Chanel: Damn right you do. The next time I’m not feeling well, I expect to be treated like the queen I am.

Johnny: Yes, your majesty.

Chanel: And besides it gives me a good excuse to skip work for the next few days, so…

Johnny: You know, chanel, I can probably manage to avoid my sister well into the new year, but you, you own a business with her, you know? You’re gonna have to talk to her eventually.

Chanel: Yeah, but it doesn’t mean I have to seek it out and not after the way she went at us for getting married.

Johnny: I probably didn’t help things by accusing her of being jealous of wanting you for herself.

Chanel: Yeah, that was awkward.

Johnny: Sorry.

Chanel: You do know that there’s nothing going on between us, right?

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, no, it’s just–

Chanel: Allie and I are just friends, nothing more.

Johnny: Yeah, you know, my sister and I, we–we’ve just been so competitive, you know, since we were babies with toys, friends, our parents’ love, but this one, competing for your heart was a new one. And I’m just not sure allie’s over the fact that she lost.

Allie: I wish they were around long enough for me to get to know them.

Lucas: Me too. They were the best. So everything okay with you and tripp?

Allie: More than okay.

Lucas: Really?

Allie: Yeah.

Lucas: What’s going on?

Allie: Well, remember how you were telling me about trying to save mom from ej?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah.

Allie: I kind of tried to do the same thing with chanel and johnny. When they told me they’d gotten married, I was completely blindsided.

Lucas: So wait, let me guess. You didn’t give them your blessing?

Allie: No, kind of sort of cursed their union.

Lucas: Oof, you cursed their union? That’s not like you; come on.

Allie: Well, it’s not just chanel that I’m worried about. I mean, I don’t want to see johnny get hurt either.

Lucas: No, I get it. I get it. I get it. They’re both young. They haven’t been together that long, but when it comes to matters of the heart, you know, people make their own choices. You don’t agree with those choices, then there’s a chance they’re gonna cut you out of their life.

Allie: Even if it’s bad choices?

Lucas: Yeah, even if it’s bad. I mean, johnny’s your brother, and she’s your best friend. I would hate to see you lose both of them. As a professional bull-rider

Sami: You know, ej had every right to be mad at me. I cheated on him with lucas.

Gabi: I’m sorry, but did he have the right to put your life in danger to make you suffer like he did?

Sami: I thought we were beyond all of that.

Gabi: Doesn’t surprise me. You know, I just hope that one day you will be grateful that you finally walked away from that sadistic creep.

Sami: Yeah, and I am. You know, a part of me is already. It’s just that… a part of me misses him.

Gabi: And that’s–sami, that’s okay, girl. Cry it out. There’s no shame in that.

Sami: Yes, there is. I hate it. I hate that I miss him after what he did to me. It just makes me feel weak.

Gabi: Hey, come on. You are a lot of things, sami, but weak is not one of them. So yes, you’re going to mourn as long as you need to, and then you’re gonna pick yourself up, and you’re gonna figure out what you really want in life.

Allie: I know I have to make peace with johnny and chanel, but what are you going to do about mom?

Lucas: Well, there’s some things–

Tripp: Hey, found you.

Allie: Oh, hey, you.

Tripp: Hey.

Allie: Hi.

Lucas: Hey, tripp, how you doing?

Tripp: Hey, how you doing, lucas?

Lucas: Good to see you. So what’s going on? You guys got big plans for tonight or what?

Tripp: Well, nicole has offered to babysit, and so we’re gonna get dressed up and see what kind of trouble we can find.

Allie: Yeah, what about you, dad? Got any plans tonight?

Lucas: You mean for new year’s eve? Yeah, I got plans. I got–I got big plans. I’m gonna go home and watch tv and snuggle under a blanket. It’s gonna be great. You guys go out and be young and have a great time.

Allie: Okay, well, happy new year’s, dad. I love you. And be easy on yourself. You don’t have anything to feel guilty about.

Lucas: Thank you. I love you too.

Johnny: So I guess we have managed to alienate ourselves from both of our families.

Chanel: Well, it wouldn’t be a first time for me.

Johnny: Me neither.

Chanel: Although my mom, she did start a wedding registry at three different department stores. She’s already bought half the stuff herself. Pretty soon we’re going to be swimming in crystal and china.

Johnny: Well, that’s nice of her, I guess, right?

Chanel: Buying gifts is just her way of saying she’s sorry.

Johnny: I knew I’d win her over eventually. What do you think it was, my–my charm or just my good looks?

Chanel: I think it was probably your good looks, ’cause you’re not that charming.

Johnny: Hey, hey, I’m sick, remember? I don’t want you to catch what I’ve got.

Chanel: If what you got is contagious, then I’m pretty sure I’ve already got it after what we did this morning.

Johnny: That is an excellent point.

Chanel: What? What now?

Johnny: I’m sorry. My nose is stuffed. I can’t–I can only breathe through my mouth. I’m sorry.

Chanel: Okay, see, this is what I mean about the whole charm thing. No. A stuffy nose is not that sexy.

Johnny: Yeah, I hear you. Well, let me tell you what. How about we, you and I…

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: Go ahead and start our own holiday traditions.

Chanel: Oh, and you don’t want sharing the flu to be part of it?

Johnny: Well, we are both here together, so I was thinking maybe we could do what married couples do when they are in bed…

Chanel: Oh.

Johnny: Watch a movie.


[Crowd cheering over television]

Ben: Babe, come on. We can watch the house buying shows any time. This is a bowl game. It’s the fourth quarter.

Ciara: Oh, and what game is this between two teams that you’ve never cared before–

Ben: Babe, that– that is not the point.

Ciara: Oh, yes, you’re right. You are correct. The point is, I’m pregnant with your child. So I get one and a half votes, baby, and that means that ceramic countertops and floor plans win.

Ben: Fine. But we are switching during commercials.

Ciara: We’re streaming it, baby. There are no commercials on peacock.

[Knock at door]

You have no idea what you’re getting into, so come over after–

Ciara: Give me the remote.

[Laughs] You’re so annoying.

Ben: Dr. Evans, hey. John.

John: Ben.

Marlena: I hope we’re not interrupting.

Ben: Never, no. Come on in, please.

Marlena: Hi, ciara. Happy new year.

Ciara: Well, I’m sorry. It’s just that I haven’t seen you since…

Marlena: Christmas eve.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: How are you feeling?

Marlena: A little tired, a little tired, but I’m so grateful for all the love I have around me.

Ciara: And we are very grateful to have you back.

Marlena: Thank you. I appreciate that. Look, I know there’s been a lot going on. I just wanted to come over here and ask for your forgiveness.

Ben: You don’t have to do that, dr. Evans.

Marlena: Well, after all that’s happened maybe–maybe there’s something I can do to–I don’t know, to make it up. Make it easier for you?

Ben: Really. It’s–it’s–it’s not–

Ciara: Actually, well, there is one thing you can do.

Marlena: All right.

Ciara: Would you mind telling me why the devil wanted our baby? I love my hardwood floors.

Marlena: Oh, the baby.

John: Doc, if this–if this is too hard for you, you don’t have to do it right now.

Marlena: I want to.

John: Okay.

Marlena: I can’t keep running away from it.

Ciara: Thank you.

Marlena: As I said, I want to. The thing is, I– I really can’T. I– I don’t remember what happened.

Ben: You don’t remember anything?

Marlena: No, emotions, images, but no real memories. Ciara, I–I don’t know why the devil was after your baby. I’m sorry.

Ciara: It’s all right. I–I understand.

Marlena: But if I–if I do remember anything at all, you’ll be the first person I come to.

Ben: You do not have to apologize. You have done so much for me.

Ciara: For us. I mean, without you, we wouldn’t be together. And we wouldn’t have a little family.

Marlena: John told me that I was encouraging the two of you to have a baby.

Ciara: Yeah, yeah, well, I’m–I’m pretty sure we would’ve done it anyway, but…

Ben: I mean, I–I had my concerns, but ciara made me see how amazing it could be. And she convinced me that we could be good parents.

Ciara: And we’re gonna have a beautiful life with this little one.

Marlena: Ahh, yes, you are. I’m so proud of you both.

Ben: It’s good to have you back.

Gabi: Hey, you know, jake and I, we’re gonna have dinner at the bistro tonight. Why don’t you join us?

Sami: Oh, I don’t know if being a third wheel is really good for my mental state right now.

Gabi: All right, I’ll ditch jake.

Sami: What would you say to him?

Gabi: That an old friend needs me. He’ll understand.

Sami: No, that is seriously the nicest thing ever, but I cannot allow it. It is new year’s eve, gabi, and I am irish and incredibly superstitious. So it is your job to get a great kiss at midnight, ’cause it gives you good luck the whole year round. It’s a complicated thing. So please be with a man that you love and the man that loves you.

Gabi: Thanks. Well, what about you?

Sami: Me? I have big plans. I’m gonna go home to my mother’s, which is an amazing thing to say at my age. And I’m going to cry all night into a pillow on new year’s eve.


Chanel: Oh, no, tarantino, you are not picking the movie this time.

Johnny: What? Why not? I have great taste.

Chanel: Yeah, if you like zombies eating people’s faces or demons dragging teenagers to hell.

Johnny: I wasn’t gonna choose a horror movie for new year’s eve. I chose a classic.

Chanel: Yeah, that’s what you called, “vampire dingoes from outer space.”

Johnny: First of all, australian indie horror is underrated. Second of all, this is not that. I chose something with heart, with romance. Just give it a chance, please. For your husband.

Chanel: Oh, you’re pulling the husband card now are we?

Johnny: “In sickness and in health.”

Chanel: And I’m–I’m pretty sure that “until death do us part” is also part of those vows.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chanel: Yeah, well, that’s what might happen if this movie that you’re picking gives me nightmares.

Johnny: Okay, there will be no nightmares. I promise. Now…

[Indistinct chatter on tv]

Chanel: [Sobbing] She kept the painting.

Johnny: She did.

Chanel: And he thought she ghosted him at the empire state building. She really never stopped loving him.

Johnny: Mm-hmm, I told you.

Chanel: So beautiful.

Johnny: “An affair to remember” is a classic. Cary grant, deborah kerr. What more can I say? What– what are you doing?

Chanel: I don’t want to wait till next year to watch it again.

Johnny: You want to watch it again right now?

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

[Knock at door] Who’s that?

Johnny: I don’t–come in.

Allie: Hi.

Johnny: Did you guys come here to let us know what horrible people we are and how our marriage is doomed?

Allie: No, I came here to apologize.

Chanel: Really?

Allie: Yeah, when you told me you guys were married, I–I was just caught off guard, and I reacted really badly.

Johnny: Did tripp put you up to this?

Tripp: It wasn’t me. She said she couldn’t enjoy our night unless we stopped here first.

Allie: I don’t want to lose you, either of you. And if I could have a do-over, I would go back. I’d take it all back, and I would just say congratulations. And I’m hoping that as the sister of the groom and the best friend of the bride you guys would do me the honor of ringing in the new year with us, and we drink to your happiness.

[ Echoing ]

Some of us were born for this.

Chanel: On behalf of my husband, we accept your apology and your booze.

Allie: Well, I am very happy to hear that.

Tripp: See, I told you it would be okay. So what do you say? You guys want to hang with us tonight?

Chanel: Johnny’s not feeling too great.

Allie: Oh, what’s wrong?

Johnny: Just a little rundown. I feel like I might be fighting something, but I think we can probably manage to rally. Ooh, franciacorta. Nice.

Allie: Italian sparkling wine seemed appropriate considering we missed your wedding in italy.

Chanel: That’s very thoughtful of you, horton.

Allie: Yeah, well, you deserve only the best, dupree.

Johnny: Finally something that my twin and I can agree on. Now, maybe you two could run downstairs, see if you can find a couple of glasses for this fine bottle of spirit.

Tripp: Absolutely.

Johnny: And I will hop in the shower, and we’ll meet you downstairs for the countdown at midnight.

Tripp: Sounds like a plan.

Johnny: Allie, thanks.

Gabi: When they say seven courses, they really mean it.

Jake: You know, I’d only like name half of them if I had to. Was it weird that they served sorbet in the middle of the meal?

Gabi: I guess so, yeah. Hey, did you know I was gonna ditch you tonight for sami?

Jake: Oh, really? You were gonna ditch me on new year’s?

Gabi: Not that I wanted to. She’s just going through something.

Jake: Oh, you mean like finding out that her husband’s the one who kidnapped her?

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, she’s devastated. Apparently she still loves the guy.

Jake: Yeah, well, I don’t know sami the way you do, but I’d venture to guess that she’s gonna land on her feet.

Gabi: Apparently we can’t say the same thing about her husband.

Jake: What happened?

Gabi: According to this text I just got from shin, ej dimera out as co-ceo dimera enterprises.

Jake: Shin cut ej loose?

Gabi: Uh-huh.

Jake: Ha-ha!

Gabi: Ej, is out. Happy new year to us.

Jake: Happy new year.

[Acoustic guitar music]

Lucas: Well, that’s good news. At least I cost ej his job. That’s something, I guess. Oh, well. No sense hanging around here for new year’S. Not gonna matter that much to me anyway. Sami, hey, what are you doing here?

Sami: Chad found proof that ej is the one who kidnapped me.

Lucas: Oh. Oh, man, I’m–I’m sorry. What–what does that mean?

Sami: It means I am through with ej for real this time, and I am never going back to him.

Lucas: Well, I can’t say I’m sorry to hear that. What, did you come in here for a drink?

Sami: No, I came to tell you about ej, not just that I’m finished with him but that I want to begin again with you.

John: Okay, so according to dr. Taylor, you’re not supposed to have any champagne, so I bought some strawberries and whipped cream in the fridge for a backup.

Marlena: Oh, that sounds heavenly.

John: All right. Let me grab them, and I’ll be right back. Don’t go away.

Marlena: I–I’ll be fine if you’re gone for a minute.

John: Yeah, but will I?

Marlena: Oh, think there’s time to catch “new year’s eve with carson daily.”

[Television static crackling]

[Eerie music]

Demon marlena: Won’t you let me back in right now? Let me in, marlena. It’s so much simpler not to fight it.

Marlena: No, no. Oh, dear god, no, please. No. (Man 1 vo) I’m living with cll

[Television static crackling]

John: Yeah, that thing’s been doing that a lot lately, doc. Got to have a glitch somewhere, but you know what? Every time I monkey around with the wire back here it seems to–ah, there it is. Gonna have to call the cable company, get someone to check that out. Hey, baby, what’s going on? Are you okay? What’s going on?

Marlena: Yeah, yeah, I’m okay now. I’m okay. Look, it’s–it’s it looks as though they’re about to start the countdown to new year’s, huh?

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, t-minus one minute to go.

Marlena: Yeah, there’s no place on earth I would rather be than right here with you.

Jake: Ej out as ceo of dimera. That’s the first step. And here’s to a happy new year.

Gabi: A year that is filled with us running titan and dimera.

Chanel: Hey, johnny dragged himself into the shower. He’ll be down as soon as he’s dressed.

Tripp: Oh, well, he better hurry if he wants to make it by midnight.

Allie: Actually, too late, ten seconds, nine, eight…

All: Seven, six, five… lucas: Are you–are you sure this is what you want?

Sami: I’m sure.

All: One. Happy new year.

Sami: Happy new year, lucas.

[“Auld lang syne” playing]

Demon johnny: Happy new year, salem. You didn’t really think you were getting rid of me that easily, did you?

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, December 30, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Phyllis: Okay, I think that’s it. Here. That’s good, jeremy. Thank you.

Lauren: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey!

Lauren: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: Happy last day of the year.

Lauren: Right? How are you doing?

Phyllis: I’m good, I’m good. I just talked to summer. And nick had a great birthday apparently. Kyle and summer took him to all their hot spots and favorite restaurants and stuff.

Lauren: Oh, I’m glad that went well and that summer is doing really wonderful. So it’s new year’S…

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: …And, um, you know, I know jack is out of town, not an option, so…

Phyllis: Okay, well, jack was just an option to you.

Lauren: Really? Was he? You know, you can keep saying that, but, alright, so do you have plans tonight?

Phyllis: Um, no. I really don’T. I mean, crystal’s taking care of all the festivities here.

Lauren: Well, good. Then you’re gonna have dinner with michael and me.

Abby: [ Gasps ] Yummy, yummy, yummy. Yummy, yummy, yummy. My little boy. My little guy.

[ Sighs ]

Chance: What would you like to change?

Devon: I mean, for starters, I would just like to spend more time with dominic.

Abby: Well, you know you’re always able to come over here and visit whenever you’d like.

Devon: I do. I was thinking, though, more in terms of — of time, you know, scheduled for just the two of us, where we can plan it out and we can, you know, look forward to it. I was even thinking, too, i mean, he can — he can have his own room in my place for when he stays over.

Abby: Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you’re asking for shared custody.

Devon: Practically speaking, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Chance: Hey. You’re up. I thought you two were taking naps.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Chance: I’m so sorry if he woke you. I totally would’ve grabbed him if I would’ve heard him cry.

Abby: No, there were no tears. I went and checked on him when i woke up, and he was just in there playing with his little fingers and his little toes and being absolutely adorable.

Chance: He’s just too cute.

Abby: Yeah. And besides, that nap was not nearly enough to make up for all the sleep I lost last night thinking about devon’s request. I mean, he wants to change the legal agreement that we made before dominic was born.

Chance: Yeah, I know. He blind-sided both of us there, huh?

Abby: If he had broached the idea of shared custody before, I mean, I think that would’ve changed a lot of our decisions.

Chance: Mm.

Abby: We all agreed to a plan.

Chance: I know, I know, but, you know, that plan didn’t really take into account all the crazy things that happened this year. You know, nobody could have predicted any of that.

Abby: I know. And [Sighs] I know we owe devon so much. I’m incredibly grateful to him, not just for being the donor, but for loving our boy so much and for wanting to be a part of his life.

Chance: Yeah, it’s gonna be really important to dom as he grows up.

Abby: I would never want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Chance: So does that mean you’re thinking about agreeing to devon’s request?

Nate: Is that coffee for me?

Elena: Yes. It’s the least I can do since you’re helping me move today.

[ Both laugh ] Although I have to admit, I am going to miss living above crimson lights. Coffee always at the ready.

Nate: Well, I’ll tell you what, I will buy you an espresso machine and anything else you need to keep you happy in your new home.

Elena: Oh. Well, I don’t need things, silly. I just need you.

Nate: Oh, okay, I’ll just take back those new high-thread-count sheets you bought us, then.

Elena: Don’t you dare.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Can’t wait to sleep in those.

Nate: Mm, I’m looking forward to it, too. But not as much as I’m looking forward to waking up with you in my arms. The perfect start to a new year.

Chloe: My mom came up with the most brilliant idea for tonight. She’s setting all the clocks four hours ahead so the kids can still ring in the new year and make bedtime.

Chelsea: Sounds like fun. I don’t think connor’s gonna fall for that, though.

Chloe: Oh, so you guys are going to be enjoying the actual countdown. Drinking an apple cider toast to 2022.

Chelsea: Actually, connor is spending the night at a friend’s house tonight.

Chloe: Oh, well, I didn’t realize that you were gonna be alone. Why don’t you come out with kevin, lauren, michael, and me.

Chelsea: Oh, thanks, but I’m actually looking forward to a quiet evening at home. I might invite adam over to watch the fireworks, you know, ’cause I have such a great view.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Chels, I don’t know if that’s such a great idea.

Sally: Aha. Great minds. I was just coming to get something to go, too.

Adam: Sally.

Sally: Have you considered my proposal to do nothing for new year’s eve? We can just hang out and do nothing together.

Adam: Well, it all depends on what the “nothing” is that you want to do.

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provided by…

Sally: So I’ve given it some thought. It’s actually a little overwhelming. There are a lot of ways to not do anything.

Adam: Hmm. Well, do tell.

Sally: Well, we could not plan to go to dinner and just happen to run into each other, you know, same place, same time. Or we could not go to a jazz club and countdown to 2022 in 5/4 time.

Adam: But is that really keeping in the spirit of this whole thing? I mean, getting dressed up and going out, it kind of steers towards the doing-something end of the spectrum.

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Don’t you think?

Sally: Yes, totally get it, and I really appreciate your commitment to the concept — you know, the whole inertia of it all. A body at rest stays at rest, in which case, maybe just hanging out would be our best option? You know, watching a movie, having some pizza. It’s really, truly the definition of doing nothing.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Can’t be a new year’s-themed movie, though.

Sally: Couldn’t agree more, because, as we said, we are not celebrating the holiday.

Adam: Right, right, right. It’s got to be a movie that we would watch any night of the year.

Sally: Like a slasher flick.

Adam: Really?

Sally: Okay, then, what about hitchcock? Can never go wrong with that. “The birds,” “psycho.”

Adam: “North by northwest,” “vertigo,” “marnie.” As it turns out, I am a huge hitchcock fan.

Sally: Cool. Well, then maybe you’ll hear from me. Or not.

Chelsea: Please don’t make a big issue about me inviting adam over tonight. You were fine with the fact that we spent christmas together.

Chloe: Well, that was totally different, and you know it. It was all about connor. Lots of co-parents suck it up for the holidays for the sake of their kids.

Chelsea: “For the sake of their kids” — what are you trying to say, that adam’s just tolerating my presence to keep connor happy? That if it wasn’t for our son, he’d want nothing to do with me?

Chloe: That is not what i meant.

Chelsea: We’re friends, okay? Even after everything I put him through. He hired you, then he hired me, trying to re-launch my career. I mean, it’s got to be a sign of something.

Chloe: Well, if you ask me, it was a sign of his guilty conscience over what he put the mother of his child through.

Chelsea: I know the difference. He cares about me, and it’s from his heart, not from some misguided sense of obligation.

Chloe: Okay, so we’re talking about a lovely, genuine, platonic friendship. And that’s where it stops, right? No. No, no, no, chelsea. Please tell me that you are not going down this path again.

Chelsea: I can’t help how i feel.

Devon: [ Sighs ] Hey, guys.

Nate: Hey!

Devon: Here I am. Here to help out. Put me to work.

Elena: Devon, I didn’t realize you were helping me move.

Nate: Well, I didn’t mention it because I wasn’t sure cuz here was even gonna show. He was pretty noncommittal when I asked him.

Devon: Oh, no, you guys always know that I’m down to help out.

Elena: Great. Nate, why don’t you get us all fresh coffees, and I will go box up the last few things.

Nate: Alright.

Devon: Sounds good.

Nate: [ Sighs ] So, how’s it going? Thinking about you and dominic, wondering if abby and chance got back to you about spending more time with him?

Devon: Not a word yet. And the more time that goes by, the less optimistic I am.

Abby: The more I think about what devon is asking of us, the worse I feel. I mean, I could have asked anyone to take care of dom while I was away. I mean, a number of people would have wanted to do it, but, no, I-I chose devon.

Chance: Well, because you trusted him. You knew he’d take good care of our son.

Abby: Yeah, but if he had told me he was having a hard time maintaining emotional boundaries…

Chance: Well, it might’ve not been an issue then. You know, maybe it wasn’t until I got back and he saw me struggling to adjust, maybe that’s when he started having concerns.

Abby: No. I don’t think he would hold that against you. He knows everything that you’ve been through and he knows that you’re doing your best. If anything, I think he has an issue with my parenting.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

From the very first touch,

Phyllis: That’s very sweet of you, lauren. Thank you very much. But you know I’m — I’m me. You know, I’m not a third wheel. I’m not going to crash your romantic dinner with michael.

Lauren: No, no, no, you wouldn’t be a third wheel. Chloe and kevin are gonna be there.

Phyllis: Ugh. Nice. That doesn’t make it more appealing, just so you know. I mean, besides, I’d be a fifth wheel, crashing with two couples. No.

Lauren: Mnh-mnh. Look, this is not a pity invite. I actually really need you. I need you to referee between chloe and me ’cause there’s still tension after she allowed sally to pull that whole thing with victoria’s wedding dress.

Phyllis: Oh, you know I’m on your side with that, and I would encourage you to call her every name in the book.

Lauren: Thank you. So I will be hurling insults in your ear all night long, getting it out of my system so I don’t ruin michael and kevin’s good time.

Phyllis: Huh. Trash talking with an occasional side-eye.

Lauren: Exactly.

Phyllis: That could be fun.

Lauren: Right? So you in?

Chance: Abby, I can’t imagine devon or anyone questioning your parenting. I mean, everyone knows how much you love dom.

Abby: Well, maybe it wasn’t clear when I dropped our baby off at devon’s doorstep and headed off to spain. Maybe he thought that was incredibly irresponsible. I mean, even you, you had some concerns about that. You can’t argue that point.

Chance: Abby, I was concerned about your safety. Okay? I understood why you felt compelled to come look for me, and I’m sure devon does, too. Especially since your instincts were right.

Abby: Maybe he thinks a good mother would never abandon their baby, under any circumstances.

Chance: I have never heard him say anything like that.

Abby: He wouldn’t have to say it. He wouldn’t have to say it. He would do exactly what he’s doing right now, by asking for a bigger role, wanting to be a bigger influence in dominic’s life, wanting to be his protector.

[ Scoffs ] And let’s not forget that he witnessed me letting stitch back into our lives, which shows terrible judgment.

Chance: Hey. No one can blame you for what happened with stitch, okay? There’s no way you could’ve known any of that was gonna happen. Are you kidding?

Abby: Devon knew that something was off. Maybe his protective instincts are better than mine.

Chance: Hey, relax. Breathe. Okay, all of these thoughts are coming up because you’re exhausted, you’re upset. Take a second.

Abby: Yeah. Maybe you’re right. Maybe that’s what it is, but what happens if we tell devon no? How’s he gonna react?

Chance: I don’t know. I — I mean, you know him better than I do. How far do you think he’d take this?

Chelsea: Can we please skip the same old argument about why adam and I shouldn’t get back together?

Chloe: You would think that after everything that he’s put you through, I wouldn’t have to remind you.

Chelsea: I understand your points. I really do. I understand. In the past, our relationship has been very toxic and it caused me to almost lose my mind, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve learned from them. I’ve left them in the past.

Chloe: Why do you have such tunnel vision when it comes to this guy? There are so many men out there. Beautiful, sweet, non-toxic men who would make you so happy.

Chelsea: I don’t doubt they exist, but what adam and I have is unique.

Chloe: What is it, chels? Do you think that you’re incapable of having a healthy relationship? Do you think that you’re unworthy of it?

Chelsea: You didn’t see us at christmas, okay? It was normal and it was special. It was two caring, mature adults doing what’s right for our son.

Chloe: [ Scoffs ] That was the point — for your son.

Chelsea: No, but — no, it was for us, too. I haven’t felt this happy or more at peace in a really long time, chloe. That’s got to stand for something, right?

Chloe: I am really glad that you were able to spend a few hours together without being destructive. Yes, it is a huge improvement. And that you got through it for the sake of your son, but it doesn’t prove that everything is going to work out in the long run.

Chelsea: I am convinced adam has changed, and I’m not the only person who thinks that. He’s made amends with his father, with his siblings. He’s — he’s calmer, less selfish, more settled. And I’m different. I’ve changed. I’ve worked so hard on myself. I’m not gonna fall into those same traps.

Chloe: And that is great and all, but it doesn’t mean that you should get back with him.

Chelsea: Well [Sighs] If it makes you feel any better, adam is skeptical about us working, as well, you know? Of course he’s gonna be a little gun-shy, considering what I did, but I really think that if i give him some time, he will learn to trust me again.

Chloe: Okay, you seem like you are very determined and anything I say is not gonna keep you from going down this pipe dream, so, please, please just for tonight, will you just come out with your friends and have some fun for new year’s eve? Okay, you can call adam tomorrow.

Chelsea: Why is it so important to you that I don’t see adam tonight? Do you know something I don’t?

Chloe: What? I-I don’t know why you would — why you would say that.

Chelsea: Tell me. Does adam have plans already?

[ Gasps ] Does adam have plans with sally? I brought in ensure max protein,

Chloe: I don’t know what adam is doing tonight. Why would I? We don’t discuss our social calendars.

Chelsea: Does sally have plans with you and kevin tonight?

Chloe: No, no.

Chelsea: But not because you didn’t invite her. You did, didn’t you? What was her excuse?

Chloe: She was very vague about the whole thing. She only said that she had plans, which made me wonder why she was being so evasive.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ] Her plans are with adam, aren’t they?

Chloe: I do not know, and I’m not going to speculate.

Chelsea: Well, I can’t imagine what else she’d want to hide.

Chloe: Don’t be so sure of that. Sally is quirky. She could be up to lots of weird stuff.

Chelsea: Well, exactly, and usually she’s brag about it. I’ve spent enough time with her. I’ve realized she’s not quiet about anything unless she has a reason, and she didn’t want to admit she was ringing in the new year with adam because you’ve warned her a bazillion times to stay away.

Chloe: Oh, just as many times as I’ve warned you.

Chelsea: That’s totally different. Adam and I share a history. We share a child.

Chloe: Yeah, and I keep telling you to just leave the past in the past. I don’t want either one of you to get mixed up with this snake.

Chelsea: I get it, chloe. I get it. I know exactly how you feel about adam.

[ Sighs ] So, how do you plan to put a stop to this?

Chloe: What do you mean? I have no say in the matter. Adam does not need my permission as to who he can go out on a date with.

Chelsea: Whoa, so it is a date?

Chloe: [ Sighs ] It was wrong — it was wrong choice of words. Sally specifically said that she was not going out on a date.

Chelsea: Who cares what sally says? She’s obviously trying to get her hooks into adam.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know…what does it matter anyway? What does it matter? The last thing you should be doing is sitting here by yourself stewing over what adam is up to. Please, please just come out with your friends. Let’s have fun tonight. We’ll throw our hair down, party like it’s 2022. You being here alone is just not — it’s not a healthy choice.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] You’re right. Definitely wouldn’t be.

Chloe: Great. Okay, so kevin and I will be by around 9:00. We’ll pick you up.

Chelsea: Sorry, but, like our friend sally, I’ve got plans now.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Is everything alright with devon? He seems a little off.

Nate: [ Sighs ] He’s still waiting to hear back from abby and chance about increasing his visitation time with dominic.

Elena: Does he think they’re gonna have a problem?

Nate: They’ve gone all day without giving him an answer. I mean, it’s possible his request didn’t go over so well, and I don’t feel too great about it.

Elena: Why?

Nate: I’m the one who convinced him to talk to them about his feelings. And now it seems like it might have backfired.

Elena: Well, I mean, don’t you think it’s too soon to assume the worst? Maybe they’re talking to their lawyers about amending the legal agreement. It’s pretty hard to track those people down during the holidays.

Nate: You would think newman-abbott-chancellor lawyers would make themselves available 24/7. But [Sighs] Maybe you’re right and this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll turn devon down. That would be a tough blow. Little dominic means so much to him.

Abby: I mean, I can’t even believe that we’re having to think about this. Devon has been so supportive through this whole process, from the very beginning. I mean, up until now. And now we have to think about how far he’ll go.

Chance: I know, I’m sorry that I even mentioned it. Look, I bet the contract that you guys have is totally solid. I bet it’s fine.

Abby: Yes, yes, it is. I mean, christine and I went through it line-by-line. Although I-I hope it’s not gonna be an issue that I handled it while you were gone.

Chance: No, no, and I doubt we get to the point where we even have to worry about any of that, okay? Whatever we decide, though, we have to handle it in a way that’s respectful for devon, you know, and his feelings, ’cause he’s real sincere, the way he talks about dom. He wants to protect him.

Abby: Yeah, yeah, he is, and even though we’ve assured him time and time again that he will always have access to dom, I mean, I guess it must be scary for him that he has no — no legal guarantee. But, look, we have to do what’s best for our son and our family.

Chance: I know, I know. Hey, let’s take a break from all this, okay? Let’s clear our heads, get some fresh air. How about a walk?

Abby: Please, yeah.

Chance: Come on.

Abby: Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Adam: Hey, chelsea.

Chelsea: I need to talk to you. It’s important.

Adam: What — are you okay? You sound upset. Is connor okay?

Chelsea: I don’t want to discuss it over the phone. Can you come to the penthouse?

Adam: Uh…sure.

Chelsea: Soon?

Adam: Yeah, yeah. I’m leaving right now. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Elena: I got you guys some snacks to keep your energy up.

Nate: Mmm. Oh, look who’s here. Baby dominic.

Abby: Oh, and abby and chance, too.

[ Laughter ]

Elena: Hi to abby and chance, too.

Nate: Sorry, guys, baby trumps parents every time.

Abby: Mm.

Chance: Guess we got to get used to that, huh?

Nate: Oh, we almost missed you guys. We’re actually in the process of moving elena’s things to my place.

Abby: How wonderful.

Chance: Congrats, man.

Nate: Thank you.

Elena: Hi, baby dominic. I missed you so much.

[ Laughter ]

Dominic: [ Giggles ]

Elena: You guys, I think he remembers me. He’s smiling.

Abby: Yeah, he probably does. I mean, devon was telling us that you checked in on him while we were in europe.

Elena: Yeah, we also spent thanksgiving together. Really had a chance to bond with this little guy.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Wondering what took you guys so long. Hey.

Nate: Hey, devon. Elena got us some snacks for helping her move.

Devon: Oh, thank you. I’m all set, though. Appreciate it.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

Elena: Uh, nate, um, can you help me with something?

Nate: Sure, babe.

Elena: See you guys.

Abby: Yeah, bye.

Nate: See you guys later.

Chance: See you.

Devon: How’s my little guy doing? What’s going on, buddy?

Chance: Oh, you know, just out for a little walk, grabbing a little hot chocolate. Hate to tell you, man, but we don’t have a decision for you yet.

Devon: Oh, that’s — that’s more than fine. I want you guys to take all the time you need. Alright? I’m gonna — I’m gonna get back up there and start helping out before they think I ditched them. So, see ya.

Abby: Actually, devon, can i have a word with you privately for a moment?

Devon: Yeah, of course you can.

Phyllis: Yeah. Uh, okay, I decided. I’ll get all dressed up. I’ll spend new year’s eve with you and michael and chloe and kevin.

Lauren: Oh, yay! It’s gonna be fun.

Phyllis: Yay! It will, it will. Friends, champagne, a potential cat fight between you and chloe — it’s great. What better way to ring in the new year.

Lauren: Right. I mean, there is a way that you could improve it.

Phyllis: Why? How? What’s that?

Lauren: Well, you could call or text jack happy new year, and let him know that even though you rejected his christmas eve invitation, that things are good between the two of you.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Things are good between us. Listen, I only know he was out of town because you told me. He didn’t tell me himself.

Lauren: Well, maybe he doesn’t know that it’s okay to contact you and that you’d want to hear from him. Alright, just think about it, okay? Think about it. And I’ll see you tonight.

Phyllis: It’ll be fun.

Lauren: I know, so much fun.

Kevin: Huh? Look. Miles is gonna love laughing at me wearing these. And…how cute is our little princess gonna look wearing this? Almost as cute as her mom would look. Alright, what’s going on with you? You don’t seem like you’re ready to ring in the new year.

Chloe: I’m worried about a work situation. It hasn’t impacted work yet, but it has the potential to cause a boatload of issues down the line.

Kevin: Explain.

Chloe: Okay, here goes. Despite my best efforts to dissuade sally, she is determined to flirt with disaster in the form of adam newman.

Kevin: Not this again. What has she done now?

Chloe: Well, she won’t admit it, but I assume that she’s already made plans with adam for the new year’s eve, and normally it wouldn’t be that bit a deal — it would just be annoying — but now chelsea suspects what’s up and she’s not happy about it.

Kevin: Why would chelsea even care? I thought she and adam were through.

Chloe: I wish. No, she still considers adam her destiny. Go figure.

Kevin: Hmm, nothing to worry about there. It’s not like chelsea has a history of overreacting or anything when she gets jealous, just ask sharon.

Chloe: Now you understand why I’m freaking out.

Kevin: How did chelsea even find out about it? Don’t tell me that adam was cruel enough to rub it in her face.

Chloe: Nope. It’s on me, actually. I did my best to steer my dear friend in the opposite direction, but she — she just saw right through me, and now she’s got this plan, presumably to keep adam away from sally.

Kevin: Do you know what it is?

Chloe: No. She made me leave without telling me anything, and that’s why I am so nervous right now.

[ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Thanks for coming.

Adam: What happened? Where’s connor?

Chelsea: Oh, connor’s fine. He’s spending the night at a friend’s house.

Adam: Okay. So what has you so upset?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] It’s nothing specific. It’s just…

[ Sighs ] It’s just all been building up, and I can’t take it anymore. I have to get out of here. This is a gamechanger, Aside, and can we please justmanipulative narcissist in the

Kevin: I get why you’re nervous. Two reckless, impulsive women competing for the same manipulative narcissist in the same workplace? That is a recipe for disaster.

Chloe: Thanks. That’s so reassuring.

Kevin: But the good news is there is nothing you can do about it tonight, so put it aside, and can we please just enjoy our last date night of the year?

Chloe: I wish I could. I’m so sorry. I really do, but I have put so much time and energy into building this platform from scratch. I can’t just sit back and watch this whole thing blow up.

Kevin: Well, even if the worst thing happens, right, would it be so terrible if you lost this job and never had to worry about sally or adam again, huh?

Chloe: I know that I only got involved because it was mostly about having a safe place for chelsea to land after everything that she had been through, but I’m so invested in this now. I can’t stand by and watch all of the hard work that I’ve done just go down the drain because of some jealous rivalry.

Kevin: Don’t you think sally and chelsea are worried about that, too?

Chloe: Oh, no. No, no, they are just so nonchalant about the whole thing.

[ Scoffs ] Chelsea keeps saying, “oh, don’t worry about it.” “Oh, everything’s gonna be fine,” sally keeps telling me. Meanwhile, they are both on this collision course of epic proportions.

Kevin: And you’re stuck in the middle, trying to make sure tragedy doesn’t strike.

Chloe: How can two such incredible, beautiful, amazing, talented women who have so much going for them just get sucked into thinking that adam, of all people, is worth fighting for?

Kevin: Wish I knew. Obviously they see something in him we don’T.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: After everything he’s done. He doesn’t deserve to have anybody care about him. He deserves to be alone and miserable for the rest of his life.

Kevin: Be sure to tell him that.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Maybe that is the solution. Instead of trying to have to get through to either of the women in this bermuda triangle, maybe I can convince adam to distance himself from both of them. Even if it’s out of his own self-interest, and of course it would be, because that’s all he ever cares about. Great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

Chelsea: You of all people should understand why I’m upset. My reasons for wanting to leave this penthouse are the same as yours. The memories — I mean, they — they permeate through every inch of this place. They haunt me in every room.

Adam: I totally get what you’re feeling.

Chelsea: And I’ve tried — I’ve tried to get past it, adam. I really have, for connor’s sake, because I know he loves it here. I know he loves being back in his old room. But he doesn’t know everything that’s happened here. He doesn’t have to live with the ghosts lurking around every corner.

Adam: Yeah, I felt them, too.

Chelsea: All the times we hurt each other. All those days I spent trapped in my own mind, silently screaming to get out. I wish I could just go back in time and shake myself and force myself to get rid of all the negativity and the anger and the bitterness and realize — realize what I was throwing away before it was too late.

Adam: [ Sighs ] I’ve been exactly where you are, and I have felt the same feelings. And you’re right, it was easier for me to move out than to live with the constant awful reminders. So if you’re asking me for permission to move out, you have it. When I gave you the penthouse, i said you can do whatever you want with it.

Chelsea: I’m not asking for permission.

Adam: Then what? Forgiveness? You have that, too. I have zero desire to punish you for the mistakes of the past, chelsea. Okay, we have suffered enough already, and connor, too. I mean, I thought I made that clear enough already.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] What hurts more than the dark memories are the beautiful ones. All the loving ones, filled with so many promises that we just didn’t keep.

Abby: So chance and I have been talking a lot and thinking about what you asked us.

Devon: Well, know that I’m not trying to rush you into any kind of decision, okay? I want you guys to take your time, and if you have any questions for me —

Abby: Yeah, yeah, I have a lot of questions because we just — we did not see this coming.

Devon: To be honest, abby, i didn’t see it coming either. I really didn’T. Um, but I certainly didn’t mean to just spring it on you like i did.

Abby: Are you mad at us about something? Is there something that we did and you just never said anything until now?

Devon: No, no, of course not. I told you guys, it’s not — it’s not about anything you guys did. This is about me just wanting to spend more time with dominic. Honestly. And also, I want to be a support for you and chance. I want to be someone that you guys can both rely on the same way that dominic can.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] So, when you say that you want my son to be able to rely on you, is that because you think he can’t rely on me?

Devon: No, not at all.

Abby: Devon, just, please, be honest with me. Is this about spain? Did you feel like I abandoned my son, that I let him down?


Adam: I don’t think it’s a good idea for either of us to dwell on the past, chelsea.

Chelsea: Well, it’s easy for you to say, adam. You moved away from this place and all the memories. Tonight is new year’s eve, and i can’t help but think back on that night two years ago.

Adam: Do you really want to go back there right now?

Chelsea: I can’t help it. You stood right there, all alone. I walked in. We connected eyes. We didn’t have to say any words. I fell right back into your arms. You remember the fireworks that night? They were pretty spectacular. I knew right then that I was exactly where I needed to be. The next day, we decided to put our family back together.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Chelsea, a lot has changed since then.

Chelsea: There was so much hope and excitement and — and love between us. What happened, adam? How did we lose it all?

Abby: Abby, you’re completely taking this the wrong way, ’cause I’m not criticizing your parenting skills or chance’S.

Abby: You trusted us to take care of our son alone before, I mean, and now it seems like something’s changed.

Devon: Nothing’s changed at all. No one said that I don’t trust you. That’s not what this is about. I know that you guys are going through a lot right now, especially chance being back home, right?

Abby: Chance told me about your conversation.

Devon: Okay.

Abby: And, yes, he’s not used to taking care of a baby, but he will learn.

Devon: Of course he’s gonna learn, and I think he’s gonna end up being a great parent, too. I’m just trying to help you.

Abby: There is more to this than just that, and we both know it. You’re not asking to babysit. You’re asking for shared custody, for legal rights to my son.

Devon: You know what? If you and chance are feeling so defensive about this, that’s not my intention. This was a bad idea, okay?

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Abby: I-I need to get back to dominic.

Chance: It’s okay, it’s okay, buddy. Hey! Hey, you guys are good. We’re totally fine. We’re totally good.

Abby: Yeah, you got it. You got this.

Chance: Hey, buddy. You’re alright, you’re alright, you’re alright.

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Chance: You’re alright.

Devon: I’m gonna take off, guys, alright?

Chance: Yeah, see?

Abby: Hey.

Devon: Hey, guys, I know that I said that I’d help out today, but something came up and I got to take off. I’m sorry.

Nate: Yeah, cool. No problem.

Elena: I guess that didn’t go well.

Next week on

“the young and the restless”…

Lily: Why does it seem like all of a sudden you think that you’re in charge now?

Victoria: Because I am.

Nick: Maybe there are greener pastures out there for you.

Noah: Where would that be?

Nick: Come work for me.

Adam: My personal life is not your business anymore until it involves connor, and this isn’t like that at all.

Chelsea: But it might be in the future? Sounds like you’re leaving the door open for that. Are you falling for sally spectra?

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GH Transcript Thursday, December 30, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


You look stunning. Hmm, you clean up pretty nicely yourself there. Well, it’s a big occasion. I know, I know. Happy new year. Yeah, oh, no, no, no, no. Not just new year, new beginnings with you, right here where it all started. Good evening and, uh, happy new year. Happy new year to both of you. Hi. Uh, before you get us seated, I was wondering, does mr. Valentin cassadine have a reservation here this evening? Why do you need to know about valentin? This seat taken? Hi. Oh. Is this when you ask me about the conversation I had with your purported father? I really couldn’t care less about anything victor cassadine says or does. Mm. Me either, but I thought maybe you’d be curious about what I said. Not really, no. Okay. Anna, you and I have been tiptoeing around each other for far too long. I think I’m over it. I think you are, too. So why don’t you let me take you out tonight? We can kick this wretched year to the curb, and we can start 2022 fresh. Best way I can think of starting it — with each other.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door unlocks ] Drew. Surprise. Look, I was really looking forward to having my dad’s house to ourselves. And you sure you can’t get away? Unfortunately, something major happened with my mom, and I’m sorry, but I cannot leave her. But I’m really going to miss being with you tonight. Yeah, me too. You have no idea. Oh, I think I do. I’ll call you at midnight. Dante just texted me. He found my dad. I hope he’s okay. Yeah, I just…

[ Sighs ] I think it’s better that he keeps his distance for a little while after the way he hurt my mom. Michael, I am so sorry. I can’t believe the mess I’ve made — hey, willow, willow. Look, you didn’t do anything wrong. All you did was tell the truth about nina and my father, which is something he should have done a long time ago. Hey, mom. Excuse me. Wait, wait, mom. Just — just — just talk to us. Carly, I am so sorry about what happened in court. When you testified that you knew for weeks about sonny and nina, did it ever occur to you, in all that time, to tell me my husband fell in love with someone else? Maxie: Nina, what is the matter with you? You get to ring in 2022 free as a bird. You should be celebrating. Yeah, I should be celebrating, but I’m not exactly in the mood, maxie. Yeah. So scott’s legal maneuverings kept me out of jail, but he blew up my life and possibly sonny and carly’S. Ah. Hey. Hey. What are you doing here? Well, michael called me. Yeah? Yeah, he’s looking for you. Congratulations. You found me. I see that.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Uh… he also told me about the hearing. Yeah. That willow took the stand and testified that you and nina fell in love in nixon falls. I did not fall in love with nina. That was mike. I didn’t know who the hell I was, but I can’t get carly to see that, so she kicked me out. What if she never understands? What if I — what if I lose her forever, dante? I’m sorry

I just promised scout that I’d come by and give her something a little special for new year’s eve. Drew, it’s — it’s fine. Scout will be happy to see you. Yeah, well, here’s hoping.

[ Laughs ] Okay, stop. Enough with the false modesty. Our daughter adores you. Martin: Valentin is my most lucrative client. Oh, so the more the merrier, huh? No, no. Far from it. Matter of fact, as far as valentin is concerned, our…association is a bit of a conflict of interest. Oh, really, it is? Mm-hmm. So much so, he issued a ultimatum — either his business or you. Okay, so obviously, you chose me. Oh, I don’t see why I should have to make a choice at all. He’s not here. He’s not going to be here. So, the way I see it, we don’t make a scene, then we could have our hummingbird cake and eat it, too. How does that sound? Wait. So willow said sonny fell in love, in court, on the stand? Yep. Wow, that is so dramatic. How did she even know? Well, she overheard me and sonny talking, in private, and I convinced her to keep it a secret, but scott pried it out of her. How did scott find out? No idea. Guten abend und happy new year, meine schoenen engel. What? Uh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get these to you guys by christmas. Got one for jake, too. Oh, he’s at a sleepover, but I’ll make sure he gets it. Okay. And little violet. I didn’t know you were gonna be here. Oh, it’s okay. Oh, now, who doesn’t need five bucks, huh? I ask you. Franco used to say that.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Okay. Say thank you. There it is. Thank you. Yes, I bet he did. He was always grubbing five bucks from me. But what is this gift? Well, we know they’re old-school tapes of sorts. Well, um… it’s franco’s music, and I thought we could listen to it, and, you know, keep his memory alive till new year’S. You know, he always liked this really crazy, uh, music. So, you know… what do you — what do you guys think, huh? Willow came to apologize. I am so, so sorry. I never wanted to say what I had to at that hearing. Never, but I had no choice. You had a choice before. You chose to keep it to yourself. Was I supposed to tell you that I overheard nina and sonny talking about how they fell in love in nixon falls when he didn’t know who he was? It was over.

[ Sighs ] Carly, sonny is back, and you are the one he loves, not nina. I didn’t — I didn’t want to hurt your marriage. I didn’t want to hurt you. Is that why you didn’t tell me? Or did nina ask you not to? Thank you. You gotta give carly some time, okay? She’ll come around. She’s gotta remember that you’re you. You’re not this guy who fell for nina in nixon falls — mike. That — that guy’s gone. He doesn’t exist. I told her. It doesn’t matter. Well, eventually it will. Come on, what are you talking about right now? How many times have you guys broken up when it’s supposed to be forever, and you end up working your way back — too many to count. Right. So hopefully, sooner or later, hopefully sooner, she’ll come around and realize that there’s nothing left between you and nina. That’s correct, right? There’s nothing left, right?

It’s new year’s eve. Shouldn’t you be with sam? Yeah, I’m gonna see her in a little bit. I gotta get you squared away first. You don’t got — get me squared away. I’m, uh… I just wanna be with my wife, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Yeah, just like there’s nothing you can do with falling for nina when you thought you were someone else. That’s love, man. That’s, like, chemical stuff. Can’t control that.

[ Sighs ] Look, dad.

[ Sighs ] Nina’s the guilty party here. Okay, you didn’t do anything wrong, and carly’s gonna see that. That’s not the problem. That’s not — that’s not the whole problem, anyway. I should’ve told carly what happened in nixon falls

before it came out in that courtroom. Okay. Why didn’t you? Attacking willow is not gonna make this any better. Mom, michael’s right. Okay, the blame is not on willow, it’s on nina. She’s the one who let sonny keep thinking he was mike. Yeah, a-a-and when they fell in love, nina kept this whole sorry charade going. Willow… did nina ask you to keep her and sonny’s secret? Yes, she did. Did you know? No, not until the hearing. And you’re okay with that? That willow chose nina over you — over the family who welcomed her with open arms. It was you. You’re the one who told scott about me and sonny. Guilty. And it was you who figured out that willow knew something. Aunt liesl, how could you? You’re free, nina. That’s all that matters. At what cost? You and scott may have wrecked sonny and carly’s marriage. Pity. More champagne! Why aren’t you two drinking yet? And destroyed my life! All the more reason you should be drinking. And I didn’t destroy your life, mein schatz. On the contrary, I saved it. I’ve allowed this club and my father’s return to monopolize most of my attention when I should have been giving you my time and energy. Well, thank you. But all the time and energy that you’ve put into this club has been totally worth it. The savoy is a success,

[Laughs] And so are you. Well, thank you. I — I didn’t think I needed to hear that, but, um…

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. And listen, as far as your father goes — look, I — I — I — we’ll figure — I really don’t wanna talk about that man, not when I’m trying to have a special evening with my lady. Well, that’s always nice to hear. Yeah, in fact… I would like nothing more than for us to be closer. What a coincidence. ‘Cause I want that, too. So we’ve gotta remember all the times with franco. You know… we also gotta remember to live our lives, and he — he would want that. Oh, I’m sorry, elizabeth, did I stick my foot in my mouth again? No. No, no. Cameron just said something like that to me. That’s all. Ah. Um… and you — you gotta watch your step, ’cause this is my family. They’re my heart. I know. Mine, too. But don’t tell anybody that I have a heart. Who’d believe me? Nobody would. Bye.

[ Laughs ] Happy new year. Okay. You, too. You okay? I’m just glad you’re here to help me bring in a brand-new year.

Aiden! Take the cake out, and I’ll clean up in here. Okay. Okay. I’ll do it. I wash, you dry? Deal. Okay. Hi, scout! Well, look at you.

[ Laughs ] You look adorable. Do you remember I promised to bring you something special for new year’s eve? Yeah? Okay, well, I hope you like them. Here we go. Wow. Cool? They’re glasses! May I? Yes. Yes.

[ Laughter ] Okay, here we go. Put them on. Let’s see. Oh, yeah. Those look great. 2022 coming. And I also got a little noisemaker. You just kinda shake it like that. Give it a shot. Don’t make too much noise for mommy. There you go. There you go. All night. I want you to ring that all night. Now, sam, I also thought maybe you might look good in a pair of these, as well, so… oh. Oh, come on. …There you go. You know, I love a good pair of glasses. Right? I knew that. I knew that. Let me see. Yeah, that looks pretty good. Am I alright? Will you stay until midnight? I saw that you and sonny were happy together. Why change that? Because you knew he was in love with someone else! Okay, look. I’m not defending dad — far from it — but I know he doesn’t love nina. I mean, mike from nixon falls, he doesn’t even exist anymore. Doesn’t he?! Michael, I asked sonny last night, point blank, if he still had feelings for nina, and he couldn’t answer me. Wait, has sonny been cheating on you?

[ Sighs ] He says not. Okay? And do you — do you believe him? I don’t know! I don’t know what to believe. I don’t know. Sonny says he still loves me, but I don’t know how he could when a part of him is still in nixon falls with nina. I don’t know what the hell to believe.

[ Door slams ] When I got my memory back and I knew who I was, I remembered everything, I got so angry. I lashed out at nina… like she was a stranger, an enemy. Alright, but when it came to filing charges, that was michael’s call. Right? Not yours. Why? I-I wanted it to be over. I didn’t wanna relive it in the courtroom. I was going to tell c-carly privately, and then… jason died, we were grieving, and then sasha and — and brando’s baby… died, and I-I thought it would be cruel to tell carly then. I wanted some distance from, you know, all that loss. And I — I waited too long. Can I get another drink? Please? Thank you. So when it came to your testimony… y-you said that what nina did to you was not a crime, right? She lashed out. She was hurt. That’s what people do when they’re — they get hurt. Sure. Right. So, I-I don’t know. What are you saying? You felt sorry for her? I mean, after she kept you from the people who love you for so long? I didn’t say that. I didn’t say I felt sorry for her. Well, you felt something. Yeah. And you still feel something. Yeah. What might that something be? Here’s the problem. It’s, like, a — it’s, like, a, uh — a tug and a pull, like mike is still in me. Like I didn’t leave all of him behind in nixon falls. Like… …I still carry a small piece of his heart. And god help me… …that small piece of mike’s heart in some way belongs to nina. Jason. Where are you? Why aren’t you here?

[ Sighs ]

Violet: That cake was super delicious. Cam: Mm-hmm. I agree, violet. That was top notch, aiden. I can’t take all the credit. It was franco’s idea. You’re the one who baked it. Okay, fireworks are about to start. Let’s go get ready. Okay. Come on, guys. Go, go, go. I’m sorry if franco’s presence is… they just really miss him. It’s okay. It’s, uh — it’s nice they can share their memories. He obviously did a lot of good for the family and you. What’s the matter? My ring. It’s gone. It must fall fallen down the drain. I would absolutely love to stay, but something tells me that midnight might be a little past your bedtime. Remember, I told you that I wanted to wait until your brother got home to celebrate? Yeah, but that was before we had these glasses. Drew. [ Laughs ] I do, I have to get home. But how about this? How about… I give you an airplane ride all the way upstairs and I tuck you into bed? Oh, that sounds fun. Let me grab these. Yeah. Yeah? Okay, you take those.

[ Laughs ] 1, 2, takeoff! Here we go! Arms out, here we go! Whoo-hoo-hoo! All the way up! Here we go! Whoo! Nice. Look, I don’t entirely understand what it is that you went through, but you can’t just forget everything that happened while you were mike. I mean, those feelings, those experiences, those are real. That’s a real part of you. That doesn’t just vanish. It’s like a shadow, an echo. Mike is still… …in here. But you know what? Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like — like, you know, my feelings for nina had anything to do with the love that I have for carly. Nina is like an ex.

[ Laughs ] And she’s just gonna fade, fade away. Hmm. It — it might not happen while you’re drinking yourself into oblivion, though, you know? Well, it’s — it needs to start, you know, fading tomorrow, because it — tomorrow? Yeah, ’cause it’s — it’s new year’s day… oh. …And, uh, it’s a good time to hit the re–

[ Laughs ] Reset? Yeah. Alright. True enough.

[ Laughs ] Oh… and the last thing I want is, uh… to have you sitting with me at a bar when you could be ringing in the new year with sam. Okay. I’ll go. You just, uh, tell me where you’re staying, and I’ll drop you off on the way, okay?

[Laughing] I’m fine. Are you sure you’re okay? Yeah. I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself. Okay. Alright. Alright. Uh, I mean, uh, listen. Happy new year. I just — thank you. I wanna thank you for, you know, just being you and being such a great son of mine. I just want you to know that everything you said to me, that stays between us, okay? Yeah. Thank you. You be good, alright? I’ll see you later. Alright.

[ Sighs ]

[ Crickets chirping ] I can’t believe sonny did this. I get that dad thought he was protecting mom by keeping it a secret, but… that doesn’t excuse it or make it right. What’s that saying? It’s — it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. Sometimes the worst things happen when we try to shield our loved ones from knowing the truth.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Um… I’m sorry. I, uh — I know you guys are here for me, and I love you for that. All of you.

[ Sighs ] Ah, where’s the champagne? Life’s a ball. We’ve got a lot of living to do here. I’m afraid nina doesn’t see it that way. Are you still upset, nina? Yeah, I’m upset, scott. The last thing I wanted is for sonny’s and my feelings for each other in nixon falls to be used as a weapon. Well, funny. I didn’t think you would wanna rot in a prison in pennsylvania, and if I blindsided willow, I had to. We might have lost. Well, I would have taken the risk, scott, because now carly and sonny, they’re hurt, their whole family is devastated. Well, I didn’t know the corinthos family morale was of such importance to you. Maybe you should have told them that sonny was alive a year ago instead of keeping it a little secret. Okay, that’s it. I can’t stay here. I am so sorry, maxie. Happy new year. I love you. I’m mad at you, but happy new year. Scott.

[ Scoffs ] Maxie: Unbelievable, scott. You’re as tactless as you are rumpled.

[ Scoffs ] What? What is this rumpled business? What? What did I do? You said too much. That was unnecessary. I got the charges dropped, didn’t I? Even so, you didn’t have to rub her nose in her mistake.

[ Scoffs ] Oh. Are we having a little love spat? You know, as much as I love showing you off for this crowd, how would you feel about coming back to my place? I kinda know exactly what you’re doing. Okay. It’s not a — this is not an exit. No, this is kind of like we’re hiding out. So, how are we gonna get out of here? Uh, it would be very simple if you just fired valentin as a client and picked me. So I’ve been thinking about… the first time we were together. It was so wrong, but so much of it was so right because it brought me here tonight, making memories with a — with a caring and kind, intelligent and beautiful woman.

[ Chuckles ] So you’re saying you’re feeling me? I’m feeling you. Dr. Robinson, I’m falling for you.

Thanks, n’neka. Oh, look, martin’s here. That means lucy coe can’t be far behind. And what does that matter? Well, if it isn’t my favorite client and my favorite operative. Happy new year to both. Happy new year. You look exquisite. As a matter of fact, you’re a matched set.

[ Laughs ] Come to think of it, it’s kind of sad, isn’t it? What’s sad? That I look just as good, and I got no one to dance with. On account of I’m alone, bereft of company on the busiest date night of the year. Uh, maxie! Shh! Come here. Come here. I need your help so desperately. Lucy? And I’ll tell you later. Okay, listen to me, if I don’t get out of here without valentin seeing me, then martin is going to lose his most lucrative client. Please, please, please, please. Thank you. Stick with me. I got your back. You sure you know what you’re doing in there? ‘Cause you don’t really strike me as the handy type. Really? Really. Huh. I’ll have you know, I put myself through 2 years of medical school working at a plumbing company. Really? Really. Hmm. [ Giggles ]

[ Clang, water rushes ]

[ Yells ] Oh, my god, finn. Uh, are you okay? Here. Oh, thanks.

[ Groans ]

[ Giggles ]

[ Gasps, sniffles ]

[ Groans ] Refreshing.

[ Laughs ]

[ Panting ]

[ Gasps ] Thank you. Elizabeth. Hey. Hey. Come on in. Oh, those are nice sunglasses.

[ Laughs ] Uh, drew got them for me and scout. It was a surprise gift. Yeah. Yeah.Drew: Thanks for letting me tuck scout in. I, uh — dante. Uh, drew. Yeah. Happy new year. Happy new year. Yeah, happy, uh, 2022 to you guys. Thanks. Uh… have a good night. I’ll, um — I’ll see you guys around. Okay. Hey, drew. Anytime, okay? He only stopped by to see scout. You don’t have to explain anything to me, okay? I get it. You do? I do. Okay. Okay. Yes. It’s all good. Okay. I’m good. Okay. Come on. Countdown is about to begin. Hey, hey. Where are you going? I, uh — you know, I just need to get out of the house and, um, think, that’s it. [ Laughs ] Are you okay to drive? I am. I am. It’s just, I — it’s a lot to take in, so I-I just need to go, um, deal with my thoughts. That’s all. Just be careful, alright? I will. I love you. She’s going to be okay, right?

[ Door closes ] You know mom. When things get tough, she — she puts her guard up, so… it’s how she deals. Alright, well, I’m going out for a bit. Uh, are you going to follow your mom? No, uh, the way she drives, she’s halfway to wherever it is she’s going right now. Um, but I’ll see you soon. Alright. It’s probably almost midnight. Yeah, pretty close. I’m sorry, I’m not really in the mood to celebrate. Yeah, yeah, me neither. Curtis: 10. All: 9, 8… 7, 6, 5… 4, 3, 2… 1! Happy new year!

[ Cheering, party horns blowing ]

[ Horns continue blowing ]

[ Horns continue blowing ]

should old acquaintance be forgot

and never brought to mind?

Should old acquaintance be forgot

and auld lang syne?

[ Fireworks exploding ]

For auld lang syne

[ Party horn blows ] Why don’t we do this more often?

[ Laughs ] What? Stop talking.

For auld lang syne I just stopped by to say hello to phyllis. She’s not here. I gotta go. Uh… sonny, I-I don’t think that you should drive. I’m fine, I’m fine.

[ Sighs ] Where are my keys? Um… hey, do you need a ride? I can — I can drive you home. I’m not welcome at home. Alright, well, I will drive you wherever you wanna go. Okay.

But we’ve wandered many a weary foot

since auld lang syne let’s go.

For auld lang syne, my dear

for auld lang syne

[ Sighs ] Jason.

We’ll take a cup… well… what took you so long? I was with my dad. You were? Is he okay? Yeah. He’s going through some things right now, but he’ll be fine. Actually got him to open up to me a little bit. If you feel like you need to be with him. I mean, not that I’m —

[ Laughs ] Not that I’m kicking you out or anything. That’s not it. No? Okay. No. I mean, I offered, but… okay. Is he drinking? Yeah. Right. I took his keys. He needed some space. Which evidently leaves us here alone together.

[ Laughs ]

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

for days of auld lang syne

and there’s a hand, my trusty friend look at that one! Oh, wow!

[ Fireworks exploding ]

And we’ll take a light… hey. Hi. You’re here. Of course. I couldn’t let 2022 start without this.

Auld lang syne

for auld lang syne, my dear

for auld lang syne

we’ll take a cup of kindness yet

for auld lang syne

for auld lang syne

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B&B Transcript Thursday, December 30, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Brooke: You’re sure you’re not going to make it home tonight? Ridge, it’s new year’s eve.

Ridge: I know. Weather’s only getting worse but we’ll wait it out. We’ll see what happens here, but I… think it might be a done deal.

Brooke: Okay, well, keep me posted.

[Sighs] I love you.

Ridge: I love you, too.

Sheila: Was that really so wise, brooke? Threatening me?

Brooke: I’m serious, sheila. I’m gonna do everything in my power to keep you away from our family, and ridge will agree with me. And I’m going to make damn sure he knows how crazy you are.

Sheila: Cheers, brooke.

Steffy: Are you sure you’re going to stay up ’til midnight?

Kelly: Yeah.

Steffy: Well, you know what?

Kelly: What?

Steffy: It’s almost time. Yes, it’s almost time.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: And that means you–

Finn: The countdown is about to start. Look at that. Okay, so let’s–

Steffy: Get some noise–

Finn: Grab some noisemakers. Right? All right, this one.

Thomas: Uh, steffy…

Steffy: In greenland or somewhere, just go with it.

Taylor: Different time zones. That’s one of your father’s old tricks.

Steffy: Have you spoken to dad today?

Taylor: No. Should I have?

Steffy: Well, I just don’t think an old acquaintance should be forgotten. At least not by dad. Especially you!

Zende: Thank you.

Paris: Thanks. So, um, this has been great. What do you say we get the check and maybe split it down the middle?

Zende: Nah, I brought you here. I’m buying. Plus, we haven’t even had dessert yet. Just look at that sugary goodness, soon to be our future.

Paris: That’s kind of cheesy, right? When couples are so into each other like that in public. Maybe I’ll understand it when I’m their age, but, uh, I can take my own bites, thank you very much.

Zende: Their age?

Paris: Yeah, I mean, we’re– we’re so lucky. We’re young and single and we don’t have stuff tying us down. I don’t know about you, but I would like to appreciate that part of my life for as long as I can.

Zende: You want to appreciate being single?

Paris: Yeah, don’t you? I don’t know, it’s just something about the end of the year that gets me thinking about the future and all the possibilities, and I’m enjoying this ride that we’re on, but we still have so much life to live. And someday that’ll come… marriage and settling down, but not any time soon.

Thomas: Three, two, one..

[Hayes cries]

All: Happy new year!

Steffy: Give me a hug, kelly. Happy new year, baby.

Thomas: In greenland.

Steffy: Just go with it.

Taylor: Oh, they’re so sweet.

Thomas: I know. I know, they’re– they’re done.

[Overlapping chatter]

Kelly: Pretty.

Taylor: Oh, that is a gift from… someone. Sheila.

Thomas: Why?

Kelly: Ow.

[Steffy gasping]

Finn: You okay?

[Kelly cries]

Sheila: My son. I’m finally getting a chance to be with you all because of taylor of all people. And brooke wants to try to keep me away from you? Let her try.

[Brooke gasps]

Brooke: I can’t believe this.

Deacon: Ridge isn’t coming back?

Brooke: Just a stupid storm is grounding all the flights for some reason. Oh! Oh, no.

Deacon: I got it. I got it. Don’t worry about.

Brooke: That was my only bottle. Oh…

Deacon: All right, here we go. Yep, that’s it. Oh, at least it didn’t break! Oh, my god. New year’s eve, all alone.

Deacon: It doesn’t have to be. I could stay if you want. Brooke, I’m alone, too.

Paris: I’m all for marriage, maybe five, 10 years down the line, but I’m young and there’s so much I want to experience. And that’s why we work so well together, because I know you think the same way. We’ve always kept things loose and casual and that feels good.

Zende: Yeah, sure does.

Paris: These are exciting times for the both of us, zende. We both have these incredible careers and we have each other, but we also have our independence. So let’s enjoy this time, enjoy each other, and let’s make this year ahead the best one yet. Yeah.

Steffy: I know. I don’t think we’re going to get our fabrics for a while.

Thomas: Hey. Is kelly okay after her boo-boo?

Taylor: Yes, she is. Finn’s reading her a story.

Thomas: Hmm.

Steffy: Sheila did have a hand in it. So, now that you’ve invited sheila over for christmas eve and she stopped by your office, are you bffs now?

Taylor: Gosh, I– I want her to change. I want her to get better. I– I really do, but I don’t know. I– I think it’s best to keep an eye on her. The kids had a good time.

Thomas: They did.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: That’s true. And I’m glad I got to see that.

Taylor: I wish douglas was here– I’m sorry.

Thomas: Hey. Me too. Me too. But you know what? Douglas is with hope tonight.

Liam: Douglas, aren’t you supposed to be in bed?

Douglas: Where’s mom? Beth woke up, so she’s– she’s singing her back to sleep. Come here. Come here. What’s going on?

Douglas: I can’t find peanut butter.

Liam: Peanut butter, the rabbit?

Douglas: Yeah, I can’t sleep without him.

Liam: Huh? Well, that means we gotta find him.

Brooke: You want to stay? You’ve had too much to drink if you think that’s gonna happen.

Deacon: Oh, I’ve had too much– oh, there you go. Yeah, I’m not the one stumbling around, knocking bottles over.

Brooke: Stumbling? Stumbling? What–

Deacon: Brooke, have you been drinking?

Brooke: My god, deacon. No, non-alcoholic. It says right there. Can you read? You know, I walk by this liquor cabinet every single day and I’m not tempted to have a drink. Although, tonight, I should be allowed.

Deacon: What are you suggesting?

Brooke: Uh, a toast, maybe?

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Brooke: Mm. Vodka.

Deacon: Okay. All right.

Brooke: The real thing.

Deacon: Brooke, this is not a good idea.

Brooke: Oh, stop it. Stop being such a downer.

[Deacon sighs]

Brooke: Ooh! Ooh-hoo-hoo. Wow!

Deacon: Christ– that was good. Okay.

Deacon: All right.

Brooke: Mm. You gonna join me?

[Deacon sighs]

Brooke: Oh, come on, deacon. Come on. Slug one back with me, buddy ole pal. It’s new year’s eve.

Deacon: All right. All right. Okay. All right. Well, if you’re in, I guess I’m in.

Brooke: Okay, gotcha.

Deacon: Oh, boy.

Brooke: There you go. One for you and one for me. Cheers.

[Deacon coughs] Most bladder leak pads were similar.

Paris: Thank you. If you hadn’t have sent that text..

Carter: So, what happened?

Paris: Well, I was able to steer the conversation about how great it is to be single. And as for me, I’m– I’m just not ready for marriage and I tried to be as kind and loving as possible. And eventually he– he got the hint.

Carter: So he never took out the ring?

Paris: No. I just couldn’t let him do it, but I didn’t want him to feel rejected. I don’t know, I just never wanted to hurt zende.

[Notification rings]

Steffy: Dad.

Thomas: Oh.

Steffy: Hey! Happy new year!

Ridge: Hey, steffy. Happy new year.

Steffy: Oh. I’m going to put you on speaker, okay? How was your flight? Are you home?

Ridge: Funny story. I’m not going to make it home tonight.

Thomas: What? Really?

Ridge: We’re grounded, so I’m not going to see brooke for new year’S.

Taylor: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

Ridge: Doc? How ya doing? Happy new year. Did you pull out the cards, yet?

Steffy: Cards?

Ridge: Ah, you remember? Your mom would pull out cards to make sure you stay up ’til midnight.

Taylor: I was just about to suggest it. I wish you were here to join us.

Ridge: Well, we’ll do it some other time. I’m happy you’re back. The kids are happy, too.

Taylor: Well, not as happy as I am. Safe travels home, ridge. See ya next year!


Thomas: Good one.

Liam: All right, so it’s definitely not in the bedroom. I don’t think it’s out here, so do me a favor, just try to, like, think really, really hard. Where was the last time you saw him? Grandmas! While– while we were watching the movie! I think.

Liam: So, how about just for tonight, we get another stuffed animal, just to fill in? How’s that?

Douglas: But I want–

Liam: I know, believe me, I know. I get it. I totally get it. But you can do this, man. You can do this. You can go without peanut butter for one night. I have faith in you. I believe in you.

Brooke: Oh!

Deacon: Wait, wait. I was just–

Brooke: Yeah, I can’t–

Deacon: I was thinking how much you– you hated me when you first met me.

Brooke: No, I didn’t– I didn’t hate you. It was the– it was the clothes you wore.

Deacon: What are you talkin’ about?

Brooke: Yeah, you had those really tight leather pants and–

Deacon: Yeah, that was a strong look. Are you kidding me?

Brooke: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait!

Deacon: You didn’t like my leather pants?

Brooke: No, the bell bottoms! Oh, my god. You’d put the bell bottoms on and you– you went, “whoo!”

Deacon: I have never worn bell bottoms in my entire life.

Brooke: You would, like, strut–

Deacon: Oh, stop it. I’ve never walked like that, either. Come on. The hell’s wrong with you.

[Both laughing] Wait, wait, wait. What is– what is this? What are you doing with this? You savin’ this for– wait, check this out.

Brooke: Oh, my–

Deacon: Ready?

Brooke: Okay.

Deacon: Deacon claus.

Brooke: Ah, yeah. Ooh.

Deacon: What do you think? You like it? Huh?

Brooke: Wait, wait. Let me see. Okay, okay. Okay, it’s missing one thing.

Deacon: Ah.

Brooke: Yes, I think– I think we need this.

Deacon: Yes, of course.

Brooke: This will finish the look.

Deacon: And that is the look.

Brooke: Yes, I love it!

Deacon: Ah, you’re pouring another one already, huh?

Brooke: Yes, of course. It’s new year’s eve.

Deacon: Okay, new year’s eve, right.

Brooke: And I haven’t drunk like this with you in a long, long time. And it feels good, right? It’s not like I’m gonna do it again.

Deacon: Fall off the wagon one night, ya get right back on.

Brooke: That’s right. Drink it up.

Deacon: Mm–

[Brooke gags]

Deacon: Boom.

Brooke: Wait.

[Deacon chuckles] That went down hard. Woo! Oh, my gosh.

Deacon: You know, this is exactly what I used to– I used to dream about this, you know, when I was alone in my cell.

Brooke: What? Drinking with me?

Deacon: No, no. I just– I used to dream about being a part of hope’s life.

Brooke: Oh, yeah.

Deacon: And a part of yours. Just spending time with you, you know? Just enjoying ourselves, having fun like this. Reminds me how great we were together.

Carter: I know it wasn’t easy but zende’s better off knowing the truth.

Paris: Yeah?

Carter: Yeah. And paris, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be single and playing the field a bit. It’s normal.

Paris: You don’t think I made a mistake?

Carter: Being honest? It’s never a mistake.

Paris: Oh! I’m just– I’m just so confused. I mean, I care about zende and I never wanted to hurt him. I mean, he was going to propose to me–

Carter: Yeah, it’s okay. It’S… it’s okay.

Taylor: You know, we don’t have to play rummy, this is just something your father and I used to do.

Finn: Ah, no, it sounds fun.

Steffy: Yeah, fun until you turn into mr. Competitive.

Finn: Oh, what? Who, me?

Steffy: Yeah. You. Don’t deny it.

Taylor: Oh, steffy, I’m so happy to see you in such a loving, wonderful relationship. I’m really grateful to be here, but if I ever become a third wheel–

Steffy: Mom, please.

Finn: No, that’s not possible.

Steffy: And if third-wheeling means helping out with our kids, you are more than welcome.

Taylor: Oh, it brings me so much joy to be here in their lives, and douglas’.

Steffy: And dad’s? Now that you’re back in los angeles, you could be spending more time with him. And if brooke shows her true colors…

Thomas: Then maybe he’ll realize that there’s another option out there. Maybe he’ll realize that there’s a woman he should have been with all along. I’m guessing you’re enjoying yourself right about now. Enjoying that “non”-alcoholic champagne.

[Chuckles] Next year is going to be a bitch, brooke.

Brooke: We were a lot of things, deacon, but great?

Deacon: Come on. You know we were. Look, I’m not talking about the circumstances or the pain. I’m talking about when we were alone. The connection. Don’t you remember the passion, the desire that we had? I– that was the most intense that I ever knew. And I’m guessing it was for you, too.

Brooke: Ooh, well…

[Chuckling awkwardly] Mm. You know… there. I should’ve cut you off a couple of drinks ago.

Deacon: Why? ‘Cause I’m speaking the truth? You have any idea how much I thought about you while I was in prison? About us? About what we shared? About what could happen between us if we just had the chance? And now you’re looking at me like that.

Brooke: Like what?

Deacon: Like you used to. Brooke. I never stopped loving you. Never.

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Days Update Friday, December 31, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ben and Ciara sit in bed together when Ben gets a text from Doug and Julie, inviting them over to watch the ball drop for New Year’s. Ciara jokes that she thought old married couples went to bed as soon as the sun went down. Ben jokes that her grandparents know how to party. Ciara decides that after Christmas Eve, she’s kind of done with all the excitement for now. Ciara wants to stay home to watch the ball drop with him and their baby.

Chanel joins Johnny in his bedroom. Johnny talks about not feeling good so he doesn’t think he’ll be much fun tonight and suggests Chanel just go ahead without him but she refuses.

Gabi finds Sami crying at the bar and asks her what’s wrong. Sami responds that she just got proof that EJ is the one who kidnapped her.

Lucas walks through the town square and stops at the Horton Town Square plaque. Lucas says he knows Tom and Alice must be thinking how can their grandson do something so nuts. Lucas adds that he feels unworthy being a Horton after what he did to Sami, but he needs them to understand why he did it. Lucas says he had no choice and he did it for love. Allie approaches and questions what he did for love.

Tripp is at the hospital, finishing a call with Steve. Tripp thanks Steve for the invite but says he and Allie are just going to have a quiet New Year’s together. Tripp jokes that he’s just grateful he’s not going in to the new year stuck in the coma unit in Jan Spears’ bed. Tripp remarks that he’d be happy if his first encounter with the Devil is his last. Tripp hangs up as Marlena then comes off the elevator and asks if he’s going down. Marlena apologizes for startling him. Tripp says it’s good to see her, knowing that it is her. Marlena is glad she ran in to him as she’d like to apologize. Tripp says she doesn’t need to as he knows everything that happened wasn’t her fault. Tripp admits when he first heard the stories of this happening to her before, he didn’t believe them. Marlena isn’t sure she would either as it’s a lot to take in and not exactly based in science. Tripp assures that she made a believer out of him.

Jake shows up at Ben and Ciara’s door. Jake comments that Ben doesn’t look ready for a big night out. Ben says this is his big night out. Jake argues that it’s New Year’s Eve and the last one where they won’t need a babysitter. Ciara says they can’t really go out and party. Jake encourages that they can still have fun and invites them to come out with him and Gabi.

Gabi questions Sami about EJ kidnapping her. Sami states that her husband who is supposed to love her and their children. Gabi asks why he would do that. Sami guesses it was revenge for hurting him. Gabi wishes she could say EJ is not capable but acknowledges that he’s the most morally bankrupt human on the planet. Sami tells Gabi to let her have it and not hold back. Gabi says she’s done terrible things but would never hurt the people she loves. Gabi questions what kind of man terrorizes the mother of his children…

Lucas greets Allie and says he didn’t see her there. Allie mentions just closing up at the bakery and notes that he looks pretty beat up. Allie asks if it’s about Sami which Lucas confirms. Allie says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he was talking to himself in public. Lucas clarifies that he was talking to his grandparents. Allie says he was talking about love but sounded guilty, like he was confessing something. Allie suggests talking to her about it instead.

Chanel decides that if Johnny is staying home, she is too. Johnny asks why her New Year’s should be ruined just because he doesn’t feel good. Chanel refuses to leave him. Johnny says he’s probably just going to fall asleep. Chanel says she will be lying next to him and reminds him of her vows. Chanel says when they are sick, they are stuck with each other as she lays with him.

Ciara tells Jake that it’s tempting but they are out. Jake asks if they are sure. Ben hesitates but confirms they are. Jake mocks them being no fun. Ciara argues that just a few days ago, the Devil tried to steal her unborn baby which surprises Jake. Jake asks what she wanted with their child anyways.

Marlena knows that what happened was beyond her control but people were hurt. Tripp says they are all fine now and it’s nothing compared to what she went through. Tripp is glad to see her on the other side as he knows how worried Allie was. Marlena thanks him and she’s glad that Allie has such a nice young man in her life. John approaches and agrees. Tripp says it really means a lot that they both approve of his relationship with Allie. John is just grateful that she has him in her life. Tripp says he’s very lucky that she is in his. Marlena says they won’t keep him from her. John and Marlena wish Tripp a Happy New Year. Tripp says the same and says they deserve it as he exits the hospital.

Lucas tells Allie that he feels guilty because he had to talk to Sami and get her to accept that EJ is the one who kidnapped her. Allie knows that couldn’t have been easy. Lucas says that it broke Sami’s heart but she’s not ready to give up on EJ yet. Allie doesn’t get it since she’s put up with so much mistreatment from him. Allie calls the kidnapping cruel and sadistic. Allie declares that she will never forgive EJ.

Gabi asks how Sami found out that EJ kidnapped her. Sami explains that Chad found financial records showing that EJ used DiMera funds to pay Jason Smith, who was his accomplice. Sami adds that EJ told her that he had never heard of Jason before. Gabi questions EJ being dumb to leave a paper trail. Sami remarks that EJ isn’t stupid, just arrogant, and didn’t think he would get caught. Sami calls herself dumb for believing EJ when he called her the love of his life. Sami cries that the worst part is that EJ is still the love of her life. Sami asks what she is supposed to do with the rest of her life if her and EJ are over. Gabi relates to always dating the wrong kind of men but say she finally learned her lesson and Jake treats her right. Gabi says no matter what happens between them, she will never settle for a guy who doesn’t see her as an equal. Sami decides she won’t either. Gabi encourages that Sami deserves better than EJ. Gabi complains about how EJ ousted Jake from DiMera and calls him a snake. Gabi adds that she is one of Sami’s biggest fans. Sami thanks her and says that means a lot. Gabi brings up Sami helping her through some of the roughest times in her life. Gabi says she learned to stand up for herself from Sami. Gabi knows they’ve had their differences but says that Sami is Will’s mom and Arianna’s grandmother so she will always have her back.

Ciara and Ben tell Jake about Marlena tricking them in to taking her to the cabin so she could steal their baby. Ciara says they still have no idea why she wanted their baby. Ben no longer cares as Ciara is okay and the threat of the Devil is no more since John and everyone cast him out. Ciara says the Devil never had a chance. They joke about the Devil being no match for Ciara. Jake guesses that’s a good enough excuse to lay low tonight. Ben says Jake and Gabi will have to celebrate without them tonight. Jake says they will try and wishes them a Happy New Year as he exits.

Chanel brings Johnny some tea. Johnny thanks her for taking care of him. Chanel says she’s his wife so she does things for him. Johnny jokes that he owes her. Chanel says she expects to be treated like a queen when she’s not feeling well. Chanel adds that this gives her a good excuse to skip work for the next few days. Johnny says that he can manage to avoid his sister well in to the New Year but Chanel owns a business with her, so she is going to have to talk to her. Chanel says she doesn’t have to seek it out after the way Allie went at them for getting married. Johnny acknowledges that he probably didn’t help by accusing Allie of being jealous and wanting Chanel to herself. Chanel admits that was awkward and assures Johnny that there’s nothing going on between them and they are nothing more than friends. Johnny says he and Allie have just always been so competitive, but competing for Chanel’s heart was a new one. Johnny is not sure that Allie is over the fact that she lost.

Allie wishes Tom and Alice were around long enough for her to get to know them. Lucas says they were the best. Lucas asks if everything is okay with Allie and Tripp. Allie says they are more than okay. Lucas asks what’s going on. Allie compares Lucas trying to save Sami from EJ to how she tried to save Chanel from Johnny. Allie says she was completely blindsided by them getting married. Lucas questions her not giving her blessing. Allie admits she sort of cursed their union. Lucas says that’s not like her. Allie says she just doesn’t want to see them get hurt. Lucas knows they are young but they make their own choices. Lucas warns that they could cut Allie out of their life. Lucas states that Johnny is her brother and Chanel is her best friend, so he would hate to see her lose both of them.

Sami tells Gabi that EJ had every right to be mad at her for cheating on him with Lucas. Gabi doesn’t think he had any right to put her life in danger and make her suffer. Sami thought they were beyond all that. Gabi is not surprised and hopes one day she will be grateful for walking away from that sadistic creep. Sami says part of her already is. Sami cries that part of her misses her. Gabi says there’s no shame in that. Sami hates that she misses him after what he did to her as it makes her feel weak. Gabi encourages her to figure out what she really wants in life.

Allie knows she has to make peace with Johnny and Chanel but asks what Lucas will do about Sami. Tripp arrives and greets them. Lucas asks if they have big plans for tonight. Tripp says that Nicole offered to babysit so they are going to get dressed up and see what kind of trouble they can find. Allie asks if Lucas has plans. Lucas jokes that he’s going to go home and watch TV in bed. Lucas tells them to have a great time. Allie wishes him a Happy New Year. Allie tells Lucas to be easy on himself as he has nothing to feel guilty about. Lucas thanks her and walks away.

Johnny guesses they have managed to alienate themselves from both of their families. Chanel jokes that Paulina has already started a wedding registry at three different places and bought half the things. Johnny supposes that’s nice of her. Chanel says that buying gifts is just Paulina’s way of saying sorry. Johnny jokes that he knew he’d win her over eventually. Chanel and Johnny end up kissing in bed but joke about being sick. Johnny suggests they start their own holiday traditions and says they can do what married couples do in bed and watch a movie.

Ben and Ciara argue over what to watch on TV. Ciara decides on watching home buying shows on Peacock while Ben wanted to watch football. John and Marlena then show up at the door. Marlena hopes they are not interrupting. Ben says never and invites them in. Marlena greets Ciara and wishes a Happy New Year. Ciara brings up not seeing Marlena since Christmas Eve. Ben asks how she’s feeling. Marlena says she’s a little tired but she’s so grateful for all the love around her. Ciara says they are grateful to have her back. Marlena thanks her. Marlena knows there’s been a lot going on so she just wanted to come ask for their forgiveness. Ben says she doesn’t have to do that. Marlena asks if there’s something she can do to make it easier for them. Ciara says there actually is one thing she could do. Ciara asks Marlena why The Devil wanted their baby. John tells Marlena that she doesn’t have to do it right now if it’s too hard but Marlena says she wants to as she can’t keep running away from it. Marlena says she wants to but she can’t because she doesn’t remember anything that happened. Marlena doesn’t know why The Devil was after her baby and says she’s sorry but if she does remember anything at all, she will be the first person that she comes to. Ben tells her that she doesn’t have to apologize as she’s done so much for him. Ciara adds that without Marlena, they wouldn’t be together or having a little family. Marlena mentions that John told her that she was encouraging them to have a baby. Ciara is pretty sure they would have anyways. Ben admits he had his concerns but Ciara convinced him that they could be good parents. Ciara says they will have a beautiful life. Marlena is so proud of them both. Ben says it’s good to have Marlena back as he hugs her.

Gabi invites Sami to have dinner with her and Jake at the Bistro. Sami doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Gabi decides she’ll ditch Jake then and says he will understand that she needs her. Sami says that’s the nicest thing ever but she can’t allow it as it’s New Year’s Eve. Sami tells Gabi that it’s her job to get a great kiss at midnight because it gives good luck for the year. Sami asks Gabi to be with the man she loves. Gabi asks what about her. Sami says she’ll go home to her mother’s and cry all night into a pillow on New Year’s Eve.

Johnny and Chanel argue over what movie to watch. Johnny ends up convincing her to let him pick and he chooses An Affair to Remember. After they watch the movie, Chanel is in tears while Johnny talks it up as a classic. Chanel decides she wants to watch it again. Allie and Tripp then show up. Johnny asks if they came to let them know what horrible people are and how their marriage is doomed. Allie reveals she came to apologize as she was just caught off guard and reacted badly. Johnny asks if Tripp put her up to this. Tripp assures it wasn’t him and that Allie said she couldn’t enjoy their night unless they stopped here first. Allie says she doesn’t want to lose them and wishes she could take it all back to just say congratulations. Allie hopes they will do her the honor of ringing in the New Year with them and they can drink to their happiness. Chanel accepts her apology and the sparkling wine. Tripp asks if they want to hang with them tonight. Chanel says Johnny isn’t feeling well. Johnny thinks they can probably rally. Johnny suggests they go find some glasses downstairs and then he will take a shower and they will meet downstairs for the countdown to midnight. Tripp says that sounds like a plan. Johnny thanks Allie as she and Tripp exit the room.

Jake and Gabi walk through the town square after dinner. Gabi tells him that she was going to ditch him tonight for Sami because she’s going through something. Jake knows she found out EJ kidnapped her. Gabi says she’s devastated as she apparently still loves EJ. Jake guesses that Sami will land on her feet. Gabi then gets a text from Mr. Shin, announcing EJ is out as co-CEO of DiMera. Jake and Gabi are thrilled and call that a Happy New Year as they kiss.

Lucas sits alone at the Brady Pub when he gets a text about EJ being out at DiMera. Lucas says at least he cost EJ his job and says that’s something at least. Lucas decides there’s no sense hanging around here for New Year’s and that it doesn’t matter much to him anyways. Lucas gets up and goes to leave but Sami arrives. Lucas asks what she is doing here. Sami informs him that Chad found proof that EJ is the one who kidnapped her. Lucas says he’s sorry and asks what that means. Sami responds that she’s through with EJ for real this time and she’s never going back to him. Lucas admits he can’t say he’s sorry to hear that. Lucas asks if Sami came for a drink. Sami says she came to tell him about EJ, not just that she’s finished with him, but that she wants to begin again with Lucas.

John brings Marlena home and notes that Dr. Kayla said she’s not supposed to have champagne so he got strawberries and whipped cream as backup. John kisses her and says he’ll be right back as he heads to the kitchen. Marlena turns on the TV to catch New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly but gets static from the signal causing her to have flashbacks to the Devil’s voice coming through to her before and she starts to worry. John comes back and says the TV has been doing that lately so he’ll have to get someone to check it out. John messes with the wire to get the TV to come on which relieves Marlena. John notices her reaction and asks if she’s okay. Marlena assures that she is now. Marlena points out they are about start the countdown to New Year’s. John says they have one minute to go. Marlena declares that there’s no place on earth she’d rather be than right here with him.

Jake states that EJ out as CEO is step one as he and Gabi toast to a New Year running Titan and DiMera.

Chanel goes downstairs and tells Allie and Tripp that Johnny is getting dressed. Tripp says he better hurry if he wants to make it before midnight. Allie says he’s actually too late as they have 10 seconds.

Ben and Ciara watch the countdown from their bed.

Lucas asks Sami if she’s sure this is what she wants as everyone in the Pub counts down the New Year. Sami says she’s sure as she and Lucas then kiss.

Jake and Gabi kiss in the town square.

Ben and Ciara kiss in bed.

Marlena and John kiss on the couch at home.

Allie and Tripp kiss while Chanel stands around alone with her sparkling wine.

Johnny gets dressed in a red suit in his room. He looks in to the mirror with yellow eyes, revealing Johnny is now possessed by The Devil. The Devil wishes Salem a Happy New Year and says they didn’t really think they were getting rid of him that easy.

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Days Update Thursday, December 30, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jake joins Gabi at the Bistro. Jake gets a text from Mr. Shin, saying he’s on his way from the airport. Gabi tells Jake that they need to sell Shin on getting Victor a seat on the DiMera Board and then in return, Victor will put her in charge of Titan so they will be running both companies. Jake stops her and says they need a new plan.

Ava surprises Rafe in his office. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Ava says she was just in the neighborhood. Rafe says he was just about to call her about making plans with her for tonight. Ava asks if he means with her. Rafe questions who else he’d be making plans with on New Year’s Eve. Ava thinks back to seeing Rafe and Nicole kissing. Ava then says she just thought Rafe might have other plans.

Sami questions what EJ just said. EJ repeats that Lucas was the one who kidnapped her. Sami calls that crazy and asks what would make him even think that. EJ says it was actually Nicole. Nicole regretted putting that in EJ’s head but EJ insists that he’s convinced it’s true.

Chad catches Lucas in the DiMera office and questions how he got into the computer. Lucas admits he borrowed his mom’s password. Chad asks why. Lucas brings up EJ being arrested for kidnapping Sami and he made bail when they both know he’s guilty as sin. Chad asks what that has to do with Lucas sneaking in here. Lucas says he’s not sneaking in and he’s just extremely worried about Sami. Chad asks why since Sami is back and safe. Lucas argues that she’s definitely not safe because of EJ. Lucas says that Sami is determined to give EJ the benefit of the doubt and refuses to believe that he kidnapped her, so she’s going to be in danger when she goes back to EJ. Lucas claims he was looking for the money trail as proof. Chad questions him hacking in and asks what the hell he’s really up to.

At Basic Black, Chloe is on the phone with her mom. Chloe thanks her for checking in and says she would tell her if they find Philip but every day that passes, she has less hope. Chloe mentions not seeing Brady since they dropped the charges. Chloe says she has to get back to work and hangs up as Brady then arrives at the office. Chloe asks what Brady is doing here on a holiday. Brady points out that it’s a holiday for her too and yet she’s burying herself in work. Chloe says it helps keep her mind off of things. Brady wants to start pulling his own weight around here since he’s been missing for awhile. Chloe asks about Marlena. Brady says she’s good and will be released from the hospital today. Chloe calls that a miracle. Brady prays that’s the last time the Devil appears in Salem.

Chad checks the computer that Lucas was on and questions if he made the fund transfers. Lucas says he did not and points out that the dates are weeks ago. Chad argues that he didn’t authorize them and nobody else has access to the accounts but Kate and EJ. Lucas notes that Kate hasn’t logged in to those accounts in eons so it wouldn’t be her. Lucas points out the recurring payments shown are to a Jason Smith in Milwaukee. Chad asks who that is, so Lucas informs him that he was one of the guards who held Sami prisoner. Lucas declares that this proves that EJ was behind kidnapping Sami and thought he would get away with it. Lucas adds that he almost implicated Chad and his whole company. Chad calls it maybe a little too unbelievable.

Sami asks why Lucas would kidnap her. EJ says that Lucas wants her all to himself and his desperate plan was his only shot. Sami calls that an interesting theory but asks if he has any proof. Sami tells EJ that they are back together so he doesn’t have to go around making wild accusations. Nicole stops and questions them being back together. Sami explains that she and EJ had a good talk where he ripped up the divorce papers when he changed his mind about them. Sami realizes EJ hadn’t had the chance to tell Nicole yet and jokes that this is awkward.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s been thinking about her nonstop and worrying about her. Chloe says she’s hanging in and she’s just really relieved that Melinda dropped the charges against him. Brady thanks her for going to bat for him with Kate. Chloe says it was worth it. Brady is very grateful to her. Chloe knows who Brady is and knows his heart so she knows he’d never be capable of killing Philip or anyone else. Chloe cries about the waiting and not knowing if she’ll ever have answers to whether Philip is alive or dead. Chloe admits it’s been really hard.

Gabi argues that Jake came up with this plan and it’s genius. Gabi reminds him that Mr. Shin agreed to meet them here and Victor is on board. Jake points out that Victor hasn’t returned any of his phone calls. Gabi says that’s because his son is missing. Jake wonders if that caused him to have second thoughts. Gabi argues that Victor would never have second thoughts about taking over DiMera. Jake asks her to hear him out as he thought maybe there’s a more direct way to get what they want. Gabi tells him to hurry up and tell her before Shin gets there, but Shin then arrives and greets them.

Rafe questions why Ava would think he would have other plans tonight. Ava says she thought Rafe would’ve said something sooner if he wanted to hang out with her tonight. Rafe agrees and apologizes since he was supposed to maybe have to cover for Eli but now he’s off the hook. Rafe says it’s last minute but they could get reservations and do something fun if she’s interested. Ava asks what he has in mind. Rafe suggests dinner and fireworks. Ava suggests they could invite friends over to ring in the New Year with them but her only real friend is Nicole. Ava asks Rafe if he has a problem with that.

Nicole tells Sami that this becomes pathetic as she doesn’t believe EJ wants her back. Sami insists that he does. Nicole asks why a few days ago, EJ said Sami was deluding herself. Sami points out that they didn’t have New Year’s Eve plans. Nicole reminds her that EJ just got out of jail. Sami informs her that his first call was to her. Nicole says that EJ was arrested for supposedly kidnapping Sami. EJ points out that he did not do that. Nicole asks if that’s all he’s going to say. Sami talks about how EJ said he loves her and can’t live without her. Nicole turns to EJ and realizes it’s true.

Lucas tells Chad that EJ is definitely behind this and asks what’s there not to believe. Chad informs Lucas that EJ swears he’s being framed by him. Lucas calls that totally insane. Chad says he thought so too but then he left the office for a few minutes and in that time, Lucas managed to hack in to his accounts and find a smoking gun. Lucas says he got lucky. Chad reveals that he gave the police access to those same accounts and they didn’t find anything. Lucas suggests that maybe they didn’t know where to look. Chad suggests Lucas planted the information and he’d only have the information if he was the one who paid off the person to kidnap Sami. Chad realizes that EJ was right that Lucas did it.

Brady tells Chloe that if Kristen had anything to do with Philip disappearing then he’s sorry. Chloe says it’s not his fault but Brady insists that it is since Kristen would’ve only gone after Philip to get back at him for leaving her or she wanted him out of the way to try to take Rachel again. Chloe admits part of her hopes it is Kristen since her specialty is making people disappear. Brady agrees that Kristen could have Philip held somewhere. Chloe cries that it’s strange to pray for that but she hopes Kristen has Philip locked up in a warehouse somewhere and that he figures out how to escape. Chloe remembers all the blood on Brady’s body. Brady says he never wants to see Kristen again but agrees to do everything in his power to find her because he owes that to Philip and to Chloe.

Gabi thanks Mr. Shin for coming. Mr. Shin says it’s nice to see her and Jake. Gabi asks to keep this meeting under the radar. Mr. Shin asks what they wanted to speak about. Jake tells Gabi to just follow his lead. Jake informs Mr. Shin that they think he needs to remove EJ as CEO of DiMera. Mr. Shin points out that Jake’s thought that ever since being ousted from the company. Jake points out that they can agree that EJ being arrested for kidnapping his wife doesn’t look good for DiMera. Mr. Shin agrees and reveals that EJ is allowing Chad to run the company solo until his name is cleared. Gabi asks what if EJ’s name is never cleared and his legal battles go on for years. Gabi argues that the PR would be devastating and they could lose clients and deals. Gabi claims that she and Jake are extremely worried about the future of the company. Mr. Shin comments that EJ wasn’t his first choice for CEO but acknowledges that profits have soared under his leadership. Jake argues that the economy is just hot. Gabi complains about EJ’s personal life is one tabloid story after the next. Jake questions how he can put any energy in to running DiMera and says he’s risking everything they worked for. Gabi insists that EJ has to go. Mr. Shin assumes they have someone in mind to replace him. Gabi points out that Jake was the best CEO that DiMera had. Mr. Shin asks if they have filled Chad in on their plan to make him collateral damage in a hostile takeover.

Chad accuses Lucas of kidnapping Sami which Lucas denies, pointing out that he rescued her. Chad suggests Lucas wanted to play the hero. Lucas asks why Chad is so determined to let EJ off the hook after everything he did to him. Lucas asks if they both don’t want EJ to get what he deserves and be out of their lives.

EJ apologizes to Nicole. Sami remarks that it must be humiliating for Nicole. Nicole responds that she’s actually grateful to be reminded of what a amoral, shallow, insensitive son of a bitch EJ is. Nicole declares that she’s done wasting her time with EJ, so Sami can have him back because they deserve each other. Nicole adds that she never really wanted EJ, she just wanted to make Sami miserable. Nicole says she don’t need any help as EJ will take care of that. Nicole says goodbye to EJ and tells them to enjoy making each other miserable for however long it lasts this time. Nicole then walks out of the mansion.

Chloe questions how Brady would even start to look for Kristen when the police have been looking for months. Brady responds that he just has methods of getting to her that the cops don’t. Chloe asks him to be careful because if anything ever happens to him, she couldn’t take it. Brady assures that Kristen would never hurt him physically and he doesn’t think she would hurt Philip either, the way he did. Brady acknowledges that Philip has been in love with Chloe forever and he just wanted their relationship to work. Brady blames himself for just making things worse. Chloe tries to say that’s not true but Brady insists that it is. Brady admits he was selfish and petty, so he just wants to apologize to Philip. Chloe says she does too. Brady questions why she would need to apologize. Chloe says she knew that them being close drove Philip nuts. Brady says they are friends. Chloe brings up Philip knowing that Brady had feelings for her and even though she tried to reassure him that it didn’t matter and she was secure in their relationship. Chloe doesn’t know if she was clear about how she felt because she wasn’t sure. Chloe then informs Brady that Kate was under the mistaken impression that they had sex on the conference table which shocks Brady.

Rafe questions Ava suggesting they have Nicole over when she knows they are trying to keep their distance. Ava asks if they still are and calls it silly. Ava says they are adults so they can handle celebrating New Year’s Eve with a mutual good friend. Rafe brings up Nicole dating EJ and he can’t stand EJ, so he doesn’t want to ring in the New Year with him. Ava points out EJ being in jail but Rafe informs her that he just got out on bail. Ava can’t imagine Nicole will stay with EJ after what he did. Rafe argues that EJ has done plenty of terrible things to Nicole and she was willing to go another round. Ava is sure that it’s over now. Ava remarks that she’s surprised that Nicole ended up dating EJ again because she seems like she’s in to nice guys these days. Ava decides that she will go check on Nicole at Basic Black and if she has no plans tonight, she will invite her over to join them. Ava tells Rafe he’s the best as she kisses him and then exits the office.

EJ tells Sami that she didn’t have to enjoy that so much. Sami says it wasn’t her fault that Nicole was there and that EJ could have let her off the hook a lot sooner. EJ argues that he’s been a bit too busy fighting bogus felony charges but he was going to tell her about them. EJ asks what Sami wants. Sami says that depends on whether or not EJ is the one who kidnapped her and held her for an eternity. EJ accuses her of clinging to that as an excuse to push him away because she’s upset that he slept with Nicole. Sami says that wasn’t ideal but this isn’t about that. Sami wants EJ to look her in the eye and tell her that he’s not the one who kidnapped her, so he does.

Lucas tells Chad that this could be the final nail in EJ’s coffin if he wants it to be. Chad wants Lucas to leave him the hell out of this. Lucas asks him to hear him out. Lucas says all Chad has to do is take the evidence to the police or the DiMera board and in a matter of days, Chad will be running DiMera solo. Chad questions if Lucas thinks that with EJ gone, Sami will come running back to him. Lucas declares that this way, they both get what they want. Chad questions what Lucas’s plan was before he walked in, to get the information to Sami while keeping his hands clean. Lucas claims he didn’t have a plan because he didn’t know what he was going to find. Lucas suggests it’s best to keep his name out of it. Lucas asks Chad if he’s in. Chad responds that he needs to think about it.

Jake tells Mr. Shin that he never said anything about getting rid of Chad. Mr. Shin knows he was thinking it. Gabi talks about how Jake was running DiMera all on his own. Mr. Shin talks about how big of a change this would be. Jake says to take it one step at a time, starting with getting rid of EJ as CEO. Gabi thinks it should be easy given the circumstances. Mr. Shin points out that EJ has the support from the board and he’s innocent until proven guilty, so he has no cause to fire him yet. Jake informs Mr. Shin that they’ve put together a proposal with some stuff that will have him excited. Jake asks him to take a look at it and then get back to him. Mr. Shin gets a call and says he has to take it. Shin tells them it was lovely to see them and that he’ll be in touch as he then exits. Gabi jokes that they better work on that proposal. Jake praises Gabi as being amazing. Gabi says her head is spinning and that Jake is going for DiMera. Jake worries that Gabi doesn’t seem happy. Gabi feels they are changing things now by not going after Titan, so it makes her wonder where it leaves her.

Rafe runs in to Nicole outside the Brady Pub. Rafe mentions that he and Ava were just talking about her as Ava was on her way to meet her at Basic Black. Nicole informs him that she was off today and asks if it was anything important. Rafe says he was just telling Ava that EJ got out on bail so she worried about her. Rafe asks if she’s seen EJ yet. Nicole responds that she sure has. Rafe notes that doesn’t sound good. Nicole asks if he means that EJ kidnapped Sami or that he’s getting back together with Sami and neglected to tell her.

Sami tells EJ that he’s not doing himself any favors by making wild accusations against Lucas. Sami questions what his motive would even be. EJ says it was to keep them apart. Sami argues that they were already apart since EJ kicked her out and said he never wanted to see her again. EJ guesses Lucas knew it wouldn’t stick since it never does. Sami reminds EJ that Lucas rescued her. EJ says he happened to be there when Sami called Allie, so he had to play innocent and pivot to the role of hero when he would’ve preferred to keep her in that room indefinitely. Sami doesn’t buy it as Lucas is the father of her children and she doesn’t think he would do something like that. EJ responds that he’s the father of her children too and asks if she thinks he would. Sami points out that the cops think he did. EJ says apart from the kidnapper’s statement, there is no evidence against him. Chad then walks in and says he wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Brady questions why in the hell Kate would think they slept together. Ava walks up to the door and stops to overhear Chloe explain that Kate said she overheard her and Brady talking about Nicole having sex on the conference table and thought they were talking about themselves. Chloe doesn’t know if she told Philip or not but she had to convince her it wasn’t true by swearing on Parker’s life. Chloe says if she didn’t, Brady could still be facing murder charges. Brady is glad Chloe smoothed that over but Nicole didn’t want that secret out as they agreed not to tell anybody. Chloe didn’t feel like she had a choice and remarks that at least she didn’t tell Kate that Nicole slept with Rafe, which Ava is shocked to overhear.

Rafe calls EJ a pig and says he can’t believe he would do something like that to Nicole. Rafe says he can but can’t believe Sami would take him back. Rafe tells Nicole that she deserves so much better. Rafe knows one of the reasons she went back to EJ is because of him. Nicole argues that he’s not responsible for the latest of the many horrendous choices she’s made. Rafe encourages that she’s doing the best she can while under a lot of stress. Nicole feels she’s a hot mess. Nicole brings up cheating on the love of her life with a man that she detests which blew up her marriage and drove Eric back in to the priesthood, then she slept with Rafe who is in a relationship with one of her best friends and now she ran to a guy who had burned her twice and is in love with a woman she hates with a passion. Rafe acknowledges that’s a little messy. Nicole tells him to go enjoy his New Year’s Eve. Rafe hates to leave her alone when she’s upset. Nicole says she’s fine. Rafe asks if she has plans tonight. Nicole responds that she won’t be with EJ for sure. Rafe invites her to spend New Year’s with he and Ava.

EJ tells Chad to run along as they are in the middle of something. Chad says he thinks Sami will want to see this as he hands over a folder of papers. Chad claims he found it while auditing DiMera’s quarterly expenses including a large recurring payment to Jason Smith, through the company and signed by EJ. Sami looks it over and can’t believe it as she calls EJ a lying bastard.

Jake tells Gabi that getting her in to Titan is the next step and that he just figured that they had such an opening with EJ’s arrest so he hopes it goes well. Jake says he has a couple errands to run and tells Gabi to finish her drink and then hopefully they will have something to celebrate tonight. Jake kisses Gabi goodbye and exits.

EJ takes the folder and says he never made these payments. Chad says he sure as hell didn’t. EJ brings up Kate having access to that account and insists he did not do this. Chad says he might have believed EJ if all the cops had was the guy’s statement but now with this, he thinks they have EJ dead to rights. Sami agrees and asks EJ if he has any idea what she went through and how horrible it was to be trapped with no idea if she would ever see her family again. EJ insists that he’s being framed. Sami questions EJ trying to pin this all on Lucas and argues that he wouldn’t do something like this while she knows EJ is capable of it. Sami bets EJ loved every minute of making her suffer. Sami says goodbye to EJ and says this time it’s for real as she storms out of the mansion.

Ava continues listening in as Brady guesses that Chloe does not have plans tonight, which she confirms. Brady asks if she wants company. Chloe says no thanks. Brady tells her to let him know if she changes her mind. Brady then tells her to go home early because it’s a holiday which she agrees to do. Ava then rushes off as Brady and Chloe exit the office. Ava then comes back to sneak inside.

Nicole tells Rafe that she’s sure Ava would love for her to crash their New Year’s date. Rafe clarifies that it was actually Ava’s idea to invite her. Nicole says that Ava is a friend, so she’s sure she’s just being nice and doesn’t actually want her there. Nicole worries about Ava ever finding out what happened between them. Nicole decides her New Year’s resolution is to swear off men. Rafe mocks the idea of that lasting. Nicole tells him to just watch. Rafe wishes her luck with that. Rafe asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to come over. Nicole says she’s positive. Nicole tells Rafe to go kiss Ava for New Year’s while she will be at home, in bed, alone. Rafe wishes Nicole a Happy New Year as she then heads in to the Pub.

Ava searches through the desks of the Basic Black office. She finds Rafe and Nicole’s teddy bear Duke. Ava declares that the shared custody arrangement is officially over. Ava thought Rafe was one of the good guys and that she had to be a better person for him and that Nicole was her friend, but she’s just a two-faced whore. Ava declares that they completely humiliated her and they are not going to get away with it. Ava then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts off the head of Duke the teddy bear.

Lucas walks through the town square and stops at the Horton Town Square plaque. Lucas says he knows Tom and Alice must be thinking how can their grandson do something so nuts. Lucas adds that he feels unworthy being a Horton after what he did to Sami, but he needs them to understand why he did it. Lucas says he had no choice and he did it for love.

Gabi finds Sami crying at the bar and asks if she’s okay. Sami responds that she’s most definitely not okay.

EJ calls Chad a son of a bitch. Chad tells him not to shoot the messenger. Mr. Shin arrives and says it’s good they are both here. EJ asks what brings him by. Mr. Shin says he has news and announces that EJ is being removed from his position at DiMera Enterprises, leaving Chad as the permanent, sole CEO.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 30, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Sally and Adam decide to spend New Year’s Eve watching Alfred Hitchcock movies but make it clear that they are just friends.

Chelsea tells Chloe that she still has feelings for Adam and she wants to put her family back together. Chloe lets it slip that Adam has plans to spend New Year’s Eve with Sally. Chelsea calls Adam and tells Adam they need to talk right away. Chelsea tells Adam she can’t live in the penthouse because of all the memories. Adam sees where Chelsea is going with this talk and once again tells Chelsea it’s not a good idea that they get back together.

Phyllis agrees to spend New Year’s Eve with Lauren and Michael even though she feels like she would be intruding on Lauren and Michael’s evening with Kevin and Chloe. Abby has a talk with Devon and wonders why he wants shared custody of Dominic. The discussion gets loud that the baby starts to cry. Devon leaves because he doesn’t want to continue to upset the baby.

Elena and Nate move her things into Mate’s house and they begin to share a home.

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Y&R cast animation


Y&R Transcript Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: I am here on a mission. The latest video of billy abbott —

Adam: The one sent by an anonymous friend?

Sally: Yeah. I wanted to see what came of that.

Adam: Um, nothing…yet.

Sally: You know, I just have to say, you seem to know the guy pretty well. He showed up at the dive bar, just like you said he would, and he seemed very interested in the poker action.

Adam: Well, the way that billy’s been acting out and drinking, predicting his next move wasn’t that much of a feat. But you captured it all. Well done. You’re the best.

Sally: “Best,” yes. Yes, I know. I got the text after the video I sent you.

Adam: It was much appreciated.

Sally: Then maybe you wouldn’t mind telling me what you plan to do with the information that I’ve given you.

Adam: Shouldn’t the satisfaction of watching me turn the tables on adam be enough for you?

Victoria: Well, assuming that he buys this act of yours that you’re drinking and gambling again and spinning out of control.

Billy: Oh, he will. And when he does, he’s gonna use newman media to shame me. And that is when I threaten to sue him and his company into oblivion.

Victoria: If you didn’t think billy could pull this off, you wouldn’t be here making demands in exchange for your silence.

Victoria: Well, let’s just assume that everything goes according to plan and adam takes the bait and he goes scorched earth on you in the press.

Billy: You know him. He won’t be able to resist.

Victoria: I won’t tip off adam or my father if, and only if, you go through with this lawsuit. And I don’t mean just threaten him. I mean hit him hard. Demand a crushing amount of money.

Billy: This isn’t about money, victoria, and there’s no guarantee that newman media would have to pay out a dime.

Victoria: Yes, but the damage to the reputation would be devastating. It would be enough.

Billy: All I want is an admission from adam that he set me up. That would be vindication for me. And I think you know I deserve that.

Victoria: Vindication would mean public acknowledgement that the story that you published about ashland, about his criminal activities, was true.

Billy: It is true.

Victoria: It would require my husband to take a hit for things that he did in the distant past. Why would I go along with that, billy?

Billy: You want to use my lawsuit to scoop up newman media, the company your father snaked out from you when you were trying to acquire it.

Victoria: I’m simply giving you the terms for my silence.

Rey: Thank you.

Chelsea: Hey, there.

Rey: Hey. How’s it going?

Chelsea: It’s good. It’s good. Although I seem to have misplaced my gloves, so I was circling back to check the lost and found.

Rey: Well, when my waiter comes back with my takeout order, we can ask him.

Chelsea: Sounds good. So how was your christmas?

Rey: You know, it was really nice. All of sharon’s kids were there, so that was a lot of fun. How was yours?

Chelsea: It was wonderful to be with connor again. You know, he was just so thrilled to be able to spend time with both of his parents, even if it was just for a day.

Rey: Yeah, I’ll bet.

Chelsea: And thank you for the gift you sent him. Oh, my gosh! Chicago blackhawks jersey. Wow. I mean, he put it on as we’re opening gifts and he’s yet to take it off.

Rey: Well, I’m glad he liked it.

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah. Connor’s really into hockey these days, so it was perfect. Very thoughtful. Thank you.

Rey: He’s a great kid.

Chelsea: He is. You know, connor worships the ground you walk on and he thinks you walk on water.

[ Chuckles ] As leery as I am about victor having, you know, as much access to him as he wants, it’s really comforting to me knowing that you live close by.

Rey: Well, he seems to be doing well. I saw him getting in some practice on the ice with noah the other day, and, you know, he may be new to the sport, but he’s definitely got some skills.

Chelsea: Oh. Says the guy from miami.

Rey: [ Laughs ] Right. Needless to say, I was super impressed.

Chelsea: Yeah. Listen, I’m just glad connor has a passion. It’s both fantastic and terrifying, given all of the blades and flying pucks, but I’m excited for him.

Rey: So how are you?

Mariah: So how soon after elena moves out, could we move in?

Sharon: Um, well, I want to just shampoo the rugs and steam-clean the upholstery, paint the place.

Tessa: I mean, I think it looks perfect the way it is.

Sharon: Okay, well, then I’ll keep it the same color. But, you know, there’s a process I go through any time I turn the place over for a new tenant, and I would do the same for you girls.

Mariah: You are not gonna win this one, tessa. She’s determined.

Sharon: I just want everything to be perfect for you.

Tessa: I mean, it is — perfect size, perfect location.

Mariah: Complete access to the best coffee in town and close to you.

Sharon: Sounds like you’re trying to butter up your landlady.

Mariah: We were thinking more like… grandma.

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Mariah: Tessa and I have always talked about raising a child together someday.

Tessa: I mean, we’ve both had separate conversations with you about that.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. So this is a ways off?

Mariah: It was.

Tessa: Not anymore.

Mariah: Yeah, we decided that we want to get the process started now instead of down the road.

Tessa: And by process, she means adoption.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] I see.

Tessa: Yeah, I mean, we just wanted to start seeing how it all works. I mean, what the legalities are, how long it’s gonna take.

Mariah: And when tess’s new album comes out, I mean, she’s gonna be on the road all the time.

Tessa: Yeah, not the best time to conceive.

Mariah: And the doctor said I should wait at least a year before getting pregnant, so, realistically, adoption made the most sense to us.

Sharon: Well, it sounds like you’ve given this a lot of careful thought, which I’m happy to hear.

Mariah: This is a decision that tessa and I made together. You know, we did not take this lightly. We had a lot of long, in-depth conversations about this, you know, what I went through, how it affected me, taking on the responsibility of bringing another life into this world.

Tessa: I mean, I never thought that this would be possible for me, until mariah, because of how big our love is. It’s big enough to fit a child into our little family. So that’s where this is coming from. It’s an expression of our love and commitment to each other.

Mariah: We wouldn’t be going into this if we both weren’t ready, genuinely sure. And now we are.

Adam: No decision has been made.

Sally: Meaning you’re not gonna use what I sent?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Would it really matter to you either way?

Sally: Honestly, I’m kind of ambivalent about the whole thing. Seeing him gamble, secretly spying on him, knowing that he’s an addict, it’s not exactly taking the high road.

Adam: Okay, well, let me just get one thing straight. I don’t take any pleasure about watching the man relapse. It’s not something that i wanted. It’s not something that i caused, as much as billy tries to proclaim that when he’s had a few too many. When he came after ashland, he pushed people that he knew would push back. He took a gamble, and he lost, and his career took a major hit.

Sally: Yeah, it sure seems that way.

Adam: And still, it’s not like billy’s out on the street. He’s a trust-fund baby that has lots of opportunities. He could jump on the executive team at jabot or chancellor if he wanted to. But unfortunately, he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t like to cut his losses and walk away after he’s had a big loss.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, that fits with everything I’ve observed.

Adam: Mm-hmm. More often than not, he’ll end up doing something even more reckless. I mean, he threatened me openly. And some people might write that off as his anger or his booze, but I think it would be a mistake not to be prepared.

Sally: So the information that I’ve been feeding you is basically protection in case billy comes after us somehow?

Billy: I think there’s a way for both of us to benefit here.

Victoria: How?

Billy: If or when you get newman media back, you let me run it.

Victoria: You?

[ Laughs ] Oh, please.

Billy: Why do you say it like that?

Victoria: Oh, billy, do i have to spell it out for you? I mean, you failed at running chanccomm. Do you think I’m gonna give you a shot at a repeat performance?

Billy: Victoria, I did not fail. I was a victim of a very carefully orchestrated plan by victor and adam to destroy me, when they insisted that the story about ashland wasn’t true, but we all know it is. Nonetheless, I never planned on publishing that story. Ashland’s lawsuit was enough to cripple us. So I swallowed every ounce of pride that I had, and I made a very public retraction, and i stepped down from chanccomm to not watch it be sold or dismantled right in front of me. Then I came up with this plan to force victor and adam to acknowledge what they did. This is about salvaging my reputation, my credibility, my name. Don’t take that away from me. You owe me this much.

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Victoria: Well, you make a very compelling case.

Billy: Do we have an agreement?

Victoria: I wasn’t expecting a counterproposal.

Billy: So what were you anticipating? That I was just gonna do whatever you said, as long as you agreed not to screw me over?

Victoria: I’m willing to look the other way while the game is afoot, providing that you follow through with your threat, file suit, go after real damages. Give me something to work with, billy.

Billy: Right, so you end up with newman media and chanccomm, and I’m out in the cold with victor and adam?

Lily: That’s a clever strategy.

Billy: It is, isn’t it?

Victoria: I haven’t said no to anything, have I?

Billy: No, but you haven’t said yes. It feels like you’re giving yourself a little wiggle room.

Victoria: Oh, I see. So now you’re critiquing my choice of words. That’s not really a good way to get me to go along with your plan.

Billy: Yeah, but see, the fact that I pay attention to words should prove that I’m able to run a media company.

Victoria: Oh, come on. You want to be ceo, not copy editor.

Billy: I believe you should be able to run every aspect of your company.

Victoria: I don’t disagree with that, but a good leader also shows good judgment, and you’ve given me plenty of reason to doubt you.

Billy: You know what this is, vick? A classic victor move. Or maybe this is about ashland, because he wishes he sold cyaxares to you to begin with.

Victoria: Don’t worry about my motivation. One word from me, and your plan is — it’s finished.

Billy: Let me ask you something. Are you enjoying my downfall? Are you enjoying your father strutting around talking about what a loser I am? Adam lapping it up, enjoying every minute of it?

Victoria: My personal feelings are beside the point.

Billy: That’s very convenient for you, because this is my life, this is my reputation. And we have worked very hard to make sure that our kids are not affected by this. You want them to find all this out? Because they will. Is that what you want? Look, you want to be the tough negotiator. That’s fine. Let me say this — me running newman media is good business. I can continue the good work that I did at chanccomm for both of your companies.

Lily: Billy, you’re losing sight of what this plan was about in the first place.

Billy: After everything that adam has done to me, after everything victor has done to me, everything that I’ve been through, I deserve this.

Victoria: I’ll take everything that you said under consideration.

Adam: This evidence of billy drinking and gambling, it’s nothing new. Given how many times it’s happened in the course of his life, it has lost its shock value.

Sally: That’s sad.

Adam: Yeah, it is. And I understand why you’re on the fence about exposing his behavior after seeing it up close. And while I am grateful that you captured on video for the good of the company, what happened doesn’t warrant a preemptive strike.

Sally: Well, I am really relieved to hear you say that, because I was not looking forward to a big war that could mess up the plans that we have for newman fashion.

Adam: No, that is the last thing that I want, so you have nothing to worry about. Just keep doing your job and coming up with great ideas. I expect 2022 is going to be a breakout year.

Sally: Yeah, I have a feeling that it’s gonna be a good one. How do you plan to ring it in? Do you have any plans for new year’s eve?

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] Actually, no. You?

Sally: No, I don’t have anything going on either.

Adam: Well — well, aren’t we exciting?

Sally: You know, here’s a thought. What if we did nothing together? Like as friends, of course, and work colleagues.

Adam: It’s very original.

Sally: Mm. Just like me.

Chelsea: I’m happy because my son is happy.

Rey: I asked about you. You can be honest with me, chelsea.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] You’re one of the few people I feel I can tell the unvarnished truth to, which is saying a lot considering our history.

Rey: Mm. Well, I’ve seen you climb out of that dark place you were in, get your life back together, be the kind of mom that connor needs you to be. Says a lot about you.

Chelsea: I’m still finding my way. I don’t feel settled back into my life here yet.

Rey: That’s understandable. You just got back.

Chelsea: Not to mention, I’m living in a penthouse where there are all these memories of adam and I. I mean, we lived there together, and now I just signed a contract to start working at his company. I mean, this whole situation is just loaded with landmines.

Rey: Yeah, that’s — that’s not easy.

Chelsea: It’s worth it, though. For connor.

Rey: I can imagine he’d love to have his parents back together.

Chelsea: Adam and I have made it clear to him that won’t be happening.

Rey: I hope that’s true. I’d like for you to be able to look back on your life now, without adam, and see how much better you are without him.

Sharon: I’m happy for you both, that you want to embark on this together. But you have to understand that the adoption process can be long and difficult.

Mariah: We are aware.

Tessa: Which is why we wanted to start investigating it sooner rather than later.

Sharon: I think that’s very wise.

Mariah: And look, we know that it’s probably gonna be harder for us, considering we’re a same-sex couple, but you know what? We’re up for any obstacles they throw at us.

Noah: Hey, guys.

Sharon: Hey.

Tessa: Hi.

Mariah: What’s going on?

Noah: Want some good news?

Sharon: Absolutely.

Noah: I have the final artwork for tessa’s album cover right here.

Tessa: Fantastic.

Sharon: That’s great.

Mariah: How did it turn out?

Noah: Brilliant.

Mariah: Oh, and you’re not biased at all?

Noah: No, no, of course not. You guys want to see it?

Tessa: Um, [Clears throat] Actually, we were just in the middle of something.

Mariah: No, no, no. Go for it. I’ll be there in a second.

Tessa: Are you sure?

Mariah: Absolutely. Go.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Alright. So tell me the truth. You’re worried about this, aren’t you? How did olay top expensive creams?

Lily: You know, from the beginning, I thought that your plan was outrageous.

Billy: Unorthodox.

Lily: But I was willing to go along with it, because I do believe that it’s justice for what adam and victor did to you. And I think you have a real shot at clearing your name. I mean, I was willing to play the aggrieved girlfriend because I love you and I believe in what you’re trying to do. But then victoria, she comes waltzing in here, she makes her demands. And your plan takes on a whole new dimension, and you don’t even discuss it with me.

Billy: Lily, she knows I’m lying. She holds the cards.

Lily: She wants you to keep putting on a public display of being a relapsing addict so that she can take control of newman media.

Billy: [ Sighs ] I’m trying to make this work for everyone.

Lily: No, no, you are at her mercy. Do you really think that she’s gonna give you control of a media company after you tried to stop her wedding? After what you tried to do to her husband? I mean, do you really think that you can trust her with anything?

Ashland: So billy has been faking the whole time.

Victoria: You don’t sound so surprised.

Ashland: I’m not. I mean, it’s exactly the kind of stunt he’d try to pull. Although I have to admit there’s a certain warped elegance to the whole thing.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Well, that’s one way to put it.

Ashland: Although now that you’ve uncovered the truth, the element of surprise is gone, right? The game is over.

Victoria: Unless I stay quiet, let it all play out. Let adam and newman media fall into the trap. A lot of things would have to go right for that to work.

Ashland: And even if it does, we have to admit that there’s a couple of things that might be quite damaging, including the fact that the article written about me is true.

Victoria: I think I might have found a way around that.

Ashland: Oh?

Victoria: Yes. I offered to keep quiet on one condition — when billy files suit against newman media, that he goes after them, making them ripe for takeover. Just like chanccomm.

Ashland: A takeover. By newman/locke.

Victoria: Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you read my mind?

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Wanting to best adam, okay. But do you really think it’s wise to go up against your father?

Victoria: Well, I did it once before with cyaxares. Adam and my father, they won that round, but I don’t think my father ever liked the fact that I sold off our media division to chancellor industries. And I predict that once he gets over the initial shock of it all, I think he’ll admire me for it.

Ashland: Mm. With you manipulating billy to do it. And even if he wants to go forward with his plan, why would he want to hand newman media over to us?

Victoria: Billy wants us to put him in charge.

Ashland: Well, I hope you’re not considering that, after all that billy has tried to do to hurt us and discredit me, and he hates me for wanting to go along with victor and adam’s plan.

Victoria: I know, but listen to me. Nobody knows billy better than i do, and I promise you, he’s not gonna be a problem. And just think — think about what we’re gonna get out of it.

Ashland: So keep your enemies close, and take everything.

Victoria: Precisely.

Ashland: God, I love the way your mind works. I find it incredibly attractive.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, then I can’t wait till you to hear my ideas about improving corporate synergy.

Ashland: Mm, I love it when you say that. But before I get overwhelmed with my lustful thoughts, I have some good news of my own to share, some very good news.

Sharon: I’m behind your decision.

Mariah: But?

Sharon: It’s such a beautiful, hopeful thing to want to raise a child in a loving home. But the process of adoption —

Mariah: I know, it’s rough.

Sharon: It can be pretty daunting, put it that way. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and you’ve already experienced so much heartache.

Mariah: I am touched by your concern, truly. I know that you just want to protect me.

Sharon: Part of being a parent. That never goes away.

Mariah: Yeah, and I know things will be complicated and there are risks. But, I mean, that’s sort of life, isn’t it?

Sharon: It’s true.

Mariah: And as far as the obstacles, [Sighs] I mean, my motto is bring it on. That’s always been my way, and I’m really, really lucky to have a partner who is strong and independent and supportive, who is also just as scrappy as I am.

Sharon: Well, if you do decide to go through with this together, after you’ve done your research, you’re gonna need each other to lean on through all the waiting and the disappointments you’ll encounter, until you get to the other side.

Mariah: We’re ready.

Tessa: Wow, you weren’t kidding.

Noah: Oh, about being brilliant? No, no.

Tessa: Mm-hmm. I mean, I remember when you first told me about the idea. You described it to me and everything you envisioned. It’s all there.

Noah: Look what I had to work with. Everything you bring to the table — your passion, your fearlessness, how vulnerable you’re willing to be. And you put all that in your music. It’s one of the many reasons i adore you. As a friend, like a fanboy.

Mariah: Alright. The suspense is killing me. Let’s see this epic album cover.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Mariah: I don’t want to inflate your ego by telling you how talented and amazing you are.

Noah: But you’re going to anyway?

Mariah: Noah, this is truly incredible. You have done something so special, especially now that you took tessa’s enlarged eyeball out of it, like…

Noah: Yeah. Yeah. Okay, that was a joke, but thank you.

Mariah: But honestly, how hard could it have been? You have an ideal subject.

Noah: Yeah, I did.

Mariah: Alright, so, tessa, what do you think? Is it all you hoped for?

Tessa: I mean, yeah. As I told noah, I was blown away. Everything he envisioned, it’s — it’s all there.

Mariah: Okay, but I’m sure noah would want to get your unfiltered feedback, you know, about his work.

Noah: You know, there’s a step in the creative process when you spend so much time with something, you’ve put so much energy into it, your heart and soul, that you step back and you think like, “damn, I did that.” I don’t want to put tessa on the spot. I sent her an e-mail with the images attached, and I want her to live with it for a couple of days. There’s still time to change things, so… anyways, I am gonna take my fragile-yet-massive ego and go get ready for a meeting with adam. It was good seeing you two.

Mariah: I’ll see you soon. And again, fantastic work.

Noah: Thank you.

Mariah: Okay. What’s wrong? And don’t say nothing, because i can tell something is.

Tessa: I mean, I-I love — I love the album artwork. It looks amazing. It’s just that I feel — I feel kind of weird walking away from that important conversation with sharon. Do you think that she’s, like, not as excited about our decision to adopt a baby?

Chelsea: Adam is a good dad, and that’s all I can ask for, that we peacefully coexist and work together to do what’s best for our son. Adam has not always been the best role model, but he’s definitely making changes in his life.

Rey: Hmm. He certainly wants people to think so.

Chelsea: Well, there’s one thing I am certain of, and that’s that he loves his son. He’s proving it, and I’m grateful. I mean, he’s not like you, rey. He’s not constantly a good guy and always a great role model.

[ Both laugh ]

Rey: Yeah, I’d like to think that I would have been a good dad.

Chelsea: Is that off the table? Having kids?

Rey: You know, I think that time has passed for sharon and me. But I do love being a stepdad.

Chelsea: Well, faith has the best dad in the world, but she’s really lucky to have you in her life, too.

Rey: I really appreciate you saying that. Well, my order’s up.

Chelsea: So it is.

Rey: Well, if I don’t see you before then, I hope you have a happy new year.

Chelsea: You too, ray. May it be a good one for both of us.

Rey: Yeah.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?

Ashland: We wanted to discuss plans for new year’s eve.

Victoria: But we also have some really good news to share, and we wanted to do it in person.

Victor: You do? Well, don’t keep us in suspense.

Ashland: I got the latest test results back, and they’re more encouraging than the last ones.

Nikki: So the treatment is working?

Ashland: Better than I ever could have hoped for. It seems to have stopped the cancer in its tracks.

Nikki: Oh, ashland, that is wonderful news. I’m so thrilled for you.

Victor: Very happy for you, ashland.

Ashland: Of course, it’s only one test result.

Victoria: Yes, but things are trending in the right direction, and that’s what counts, right?

Ashland: Exactly.

Victor: You know what that means, don’t you?

Ashland: Besides the obvious?

Victor: Well, that means you have to stop kicking back and smelling the roses.

Ashland: [ Laughs ]

Victor: It’s time to get out of the back room of newman/locke. You should put another chair into the boardroom, you know.

Ashland: Put the “power” back in “power couple.”

Victoria: That would be an answer to my prayers.

Ashland: [ Laughs ]

Adam: Well, well. Looks like the gang’s all here.

Ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin?

Chloe: We have a lot to talk about.

Sally: We do?

Chloe: I just had an excellent meeting with chelsea about the direction we’re going to take the fashion platform in.

Sally: Great. Yeah, fill me in. I’m dying to hear.

Chloe: Well, chelsea’s triumphant return has the fashion world buzzing. I mean, who doesn’t love a good redemption story?

Sally: Right?

Chloe: We’ve been getting a ton of interview requests from all of the major trade publications wanting features. And naturally, I mean, they’re all wanting an exclusive.

Sally: Naturally.

Chloe: Anyway, it occurred to both chelsea and me that since we’re launching our own video platform, why are we giving away our biggest story? Hello?

[ Chuckles ] Earth to sally. Did you hear anything I just said?

Sally: Sure. Yeah, no, keep — keep going. I’m — I’m fascinated.

Sally: Oh, you’re just — you’re fake smiling and bobbing your head, but you’re really just tuning me out. What’s the problem? Are you feeling threatened by chelsea being your boss? Because you know it is all in writing now.

Sally: Not in the slightest.

Chloe: It’s your personal life. I know. I think I know what it is. You don’t have a date for new year’s eve. You know what? I have the perfect solution.

Sally: To what?

Chloe: Well, instead of just sitting at home, watching the ball drop, killing a bottle of wine, you’ll hang out with kevin and me.

Sally: No, chloe. I couldn’t possibly.

Chloe: Don’t worry, my mom’s gonna be watching the kids and we’re gonna have a fun night out with michael and lauren, and this will be a great opportunity for you to finally make nice with her after the whole wedding dress fiasco.

Sally: I’m sorry. I can’T.

Chloe: Of course you can. Don’t worry, kevin won’t mind.

Sally: This is really sweet of you, but I actually do have plans for that night.

Adam: Looks like I’m crashing the party. I just came by to tell you about some plans I had for newman media. Wanted to start the new year off with a bang.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] I suggest we table that conversation. Right now you join us for a drink.

Adam: Oh, no, I don’t want to intrude.

Victor: Well, we have something to celebrate.

Nikki: Yes, we just got some fabulous news. We’ll have ashland and victoria fill you in. Darling, can you help me with the champagne?

Victor: I certainly can. Okay.

Victoria: Ashland, he got his lab results back, and it appears that the treatment he received at the clinic in peru has been working.

Adam: That’s phenomenal. Very delighted for you both.

Victoria: Thank you. We’re elated about it.

[ Sighs ] Which is why it’s particularly disconcerting to see billy drinking at a bar in the middle of the day again.

Adam: Yeah, I’m sorry you had to go through that.

Victoria: Yes, well, thankfully the kids will be off to boarding school soon, so they won’t have to watch their father imploding.

Adam: It’s all too predictable.

Victoria: The way you say that, I hope that you’re not planning on exploiting this. Although I’m sure that you feel that billy has it coming after publishing that exposé on you.

Adam: I mean, billy’s not doing anything we haven’t seen him do before ad nauseum. It’s kind of grown tiresome. There’s not a whole lot to exploit.

Billy: Once victoria realized that I was faking, that was game over. Or at least it could have been. Now I’m just trying to salvage something, and this could be a win-win.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Billy, if you believe that, you are hopelessly naive.

Billy: Come on, lily.

Lily: I cannot believe how easily you’re giving up on your plan and giving into victoria’s demands without even putting up a fight.

Billy: I’m trying to be realistic here, okay? I lost all my leverage. And let’s be honest, running a company with newman in the name, that’d be pretty satisfying, and it would drive victor and adam crazy.

Lily: Oh, okay, so now your goal is revenge.

Billy: No, I’m trying to roll with the punches.

Lily: Okay, you realize your best-case scenario here with everything working out has you working for your ex and her husband who has every reason to hold a grudge against you.

Billy: Yeah, I realize that, but I will say that we’ve all been able to raise johnny and katie together, so I think that we can do this, too. Look, victoria, she was talking tough earlier, okay? She’s trying to negotiate. I believe that she respects my business acumen.

Lily: Oh, my god, billy. She’s using you. She’s using you and you’re letting her do it. Once victoria has what she wants, she’S… okay, you know what? It doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t matter because your cover is blown with someone who has proven they cannot be trusted. You are all pawns to her — her father, her husband, her brother, you. You’re all pawns in her game to out-victor victor. And do you realize that for this to work, you now have to trick adam into doing something to allow him to get sued? And say what you want about him, but he’s not a fool. He clearly has no interest in your return-to-the-gutter act.

Billy: Tell me how you really feel.

Lily: Yeah, I will. So please tell me, what are you gonna do? Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Mariah: My mom is concerned, but not in the way that you’re thinking. No, she’s not freaked out or anything. She just basically said what she said before, which is adoption is gonna be challenging.

Tessa: But we’re so strong, and we’re so in love.

Mariah: And we’re scrappers, which is exactly what I told her.

Tessa: And we’ve dealt with so much. We’ve overcome so much. We can do this, mariah. We can make a family.

Noah: Yeah, I should have it to you after the first of the year. Okay, thank you. Take care.

Sharon: Don’t forget this.

Noah: Thank you. I will see you at home.

Sharon: Okay. No, wait. How did mariah and tessa like your final cover design?

Noah: Can I fill you in later? I’m late for a meeting.

Sharon: Yeah.

Noah: Alright, bye.

Rey: Hey, man.

Noah: Good to see you.

Sharon: Hey.

Rey: Hurricane noah?

Sharon: Tell me about it.

Rey: Is there a problem?

Sharon: There’s just a lot going on with the kids today.

Rey: You want to talk about it, or would you rather i distract you?

Sharon: I’ll take option number two.

Rey: My pleasure.

Sharon: I like where this is headed.

Rey: Mm. You grab your things. I’m gonna have justine close everything up, then I’m gonna take my wife home.

Sharon: I’m all yours.

Rey: Uh-huh.

Chloe: What exactly are your plans? And with whom?

Sally: It is nothing big or even exciting.

Chloe: Is it a date? You might as well tell me. I’m not gonna give up.

Sally: No date. But I really appreciate the offer. It was a very sweet invitation.

Chloe: Well, this is me not being sweet. Who exactly are you not going on a date with on new year’s eve?

Sally: Chloe, I’m telling you, the evening that I have to look forward to would bore you to tears.

Billy: Look, we’re getting ahead of ourselves right now, okay? Victoria hasn’t agreed to anything.

Lily: I’m surprised you noticed.

Billy: Can we table this for now? Nothing’s gonna happen till after the new year. Can we just enjoy the holiday? Can we agree on that? Please?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Lily: Let me guess — victoria.

Billy: Hey, vick.

Victoria: I’m at the ranch. Adam is here. This act of yours is barely registering. He’s seen it all before. You’re gonna have to up your game.

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Joss? What are you doing here? I’m taking a seminar. Are you taking it, too? Hell, no. No, I’m here trying to withdraw from the classes that I signed up for next semester. I doubt that, uh, pcu has a remote learning platform for students in spring ridge. Come in! Hi. You busy? I’m never too busy for you. Come on in.

[ Sighs ] Is everything okay? Yes, um, I’m fine. Uh, I’m here about curtis. Did something happen with curtis? No, no. I’m sorry. Really, I-it’s about marshall. It’s good to see you. This is a surprise. Did you use those P.I. Skills to track me down? Aunt stella told me where you were staying. Well, it’s, uh — it’s not very fancy. But it’ll do until I find a place of my own. Wait. You’re looking to find an apartment in town? Yeah, thought I’d stay and, uh, get to know my family. Tj and you and… does your coming here mean that that’s a possibility? Hmm. Aunt alexis? You looking for someone? Uh, yeah. Professor khan. I’ve signed up for the sociology of crime seminar. Me, too. I don’t get it. Why are you taking a class on crime? Well, I’m interested in the sociology aspect, and since I can’t practice law anymore, I was sort of toying with the idea of mediation or conflict resolution. Something law-adjacent. Well, that’s great. We could sit together. Cool. Did you use me, nina? Listen, I had no idea that scott was trying to find a way to get you on the stand, or that he even knew that you knew something. You have to believe me. I believe this is exactly what you wanted. This is what I wanted? The whole world to know about my relationship with mike in nixon falls? Are you crazy? I begged you to not say anything. See, scott — scott blindsided my father and the D.A. To inflict maximum damage by calling willow. You managed to evade the law and hurt my family at the same time. I wasn’t the one bent on revenge, michael. If you hadn’t pressed the llantano D.A. To arrest me, then none of this would have come out, and my relationship with so– mike… would have stayed a secret. Sonny: Carly, wait! Let me explain, okay?

[ Sighs ] Can you just listen to me? Listen to who? Sonny? Mike? Or someone else entirely? I’m your husband. Please tell me you’re not still sleeping with nina. Please. No, I didn’t sleep with nina, ever! Because you remembered your family before you could? Is that it? I remembered my family, and I came home, to you, where I belong! You fell in love with someone else. Where does that leave me?

So you think you can just… show up here and plant roots, just like that? Well, I, uh — I just started looking. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take. So you intend to play house here in port charles… after all this time. Where have you been? Everywhere and nowhere. I never stayed in one place very long. That’s it? That’s all you got for me? Curtis. Curtis, we keep going over this thing. I — I can’t give you an explanation that will satisfy you. All I can say is how ashamed I am of all the time I lost with you. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m staying. I want us to get to know each other. Oh, you want to get to know me now? Well, guess what. That works both ways. All those years that — that — t-that tommy and I grew up without a father, where were you? So, what’s involved in becoming a mediator? Do you have to go back to school or…? Well, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. Mm. So I thought if I just take a short three-week seminar during winter break, it might help me decide if I’m ready to be a student again. That’s valid. What about you, joss? Why are you taking classes on your winter break? Well, um, we’re reading professor khan’s book in my intro to sociology class, and it’s pretty great. So when I saw that she was giving a seminar, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Have you ever explored this concept I like to call “leisure”? I used to be pretty good at it before my dad fell under ava’s spell and my life turned into a complete dumpster fire. Okay! Everybody, take your seats. We have a lot to cover in very little time. I am professor khan, and this is sociology of crime. I am now passing around a sign-in sheet. Please make sure you sign it and get it back to me, otherwise you will not get credit for this lesson. Is there a problem? No, no. There’s no problem. Sorry, professor. Just sit. And be quiet. Maybe you might actually learn something. Don’t you dare try to turn this back on us! Michael didn’t come after you for revenge, nina. He wanted justice! What you did to his father was criminal! And, what’s worse, you came and went, in and out of our lives the whole time! You stood by and watched sonny’s family grieve him for months! That’s not just criminal, nina. It is cruel and selfish. I realize what I did to sonny’s family and to you was horrible. I’ve said it a million times. That’s why I stayed quiet, willow. Because I realized that sonny wasn’t telling anyone about our re– about mike and my relationship. Okay? It was over! The only reason it came out is because you overheard a private conversation, and I’m not gonna apologize for that! Hey. Not now! Not now, scott! You know, you miscalculated using willow like that. Threatening her on the stand and badgering her the way that you did? I will not forget that. I was defending my client. Oh, come on. You and I both know there’s no legal defense for the hell that nina put my family through. Well, you must have missed the part where the judge called your father back to the stand and he testified that he was not nina’s victim. So, you know… don’t blame me if dada was having a good time in nixon falls and he didn’t want to come home to his family.

[ Grunts ] Carly, we belo ng together.You know that, right? You fell — you fell in love with nina. I can’t believe I’m saying that. That w– that was nixon falls. I had amnesia. I wasn’t myself. Really? Yeah. Did you forget about your life as mike when you remembered you were sonny? No. No. Then why didn’t you tell me about nina? I-I was gonna tell you. Then jason died. I didn’t think it was the right time. I knew something was off. I knew something was wrong. And I thought it was me, sonny. I blamed myself because of everything that happened with jason. But you were lying to me! When I found out that nina knew you were alive — not from you, but from maxie — what did you do? “Let it go, carly. Just let it go.” Now I know why! You’re protecting nina! I didn’t want to lose you over a war with nina. I didn’t want to waste any more time with her. Nixon falls is done! It’s over! How can you stand there and say that to me? Because it’s the truth. Then you’re not just lying to me. You’re lying to yourself.

You can track the changes in society by tracking how the laws change in that society while it develops. Take, for instance, united states vs. Porter. Now, in this case, arthur porter was charged with assault for beating a man who broke into his home. And despite putting that man into the hospital, he was found not guilty because he was defending his property. This is — well, uh — excuse me? Nothing. Sorry. Carry on. Thank you. This is an example of property being valued over people. Mm. Not really. What, you — you know this case? Actually, I do. Uh, porter was defending his wife and child, so I could argue that porter was concerned for their well-being and safety, which was the deciding factor. Oh. You could. Are you telling me that marshall has an ulterior motive for getting back into curtis’ life?

[ Sighs ] I really don’t know. I-I hadn’t seen marshall in years, so I have no idea what kind of man he is now. Well, what kind of man

was he? Were you unhappy with him marrying your sister? No. No. Irene and marshall loved each other. That much, I do know. But marshall wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with. Running off from his family and letting them believe that he’s been dead for decades? That certainly fits with that description. But what concerns me is how curtis is dealing with it. I was with him earlier, and he told me something I never knew — how he and tommy would make up heroic stories about their dad when they were kids. Mm. So he painted his father as a hero. That’s not uncommon. And now that childhood fantasy is back from the dead. You know, stella, I get the sense that even with all curtis’ misgivings, he really does want to know his father. I know. But I’m worried the reality will crush curtis. Curtis, I know everything I say you think is lip service… but I am truly sorry that my sons — my sons — had to grow up without me.

Hhou s ce, or lack thereoatt means. Look, as far as kn, d itashe f (swords clashing) -had enough? -No… arthritis. Here. Aspercreme arthritis. Fu ll prescription-strength?Reduces inflammation? Thank the gods. Don’t thank them too soon.

Kick pain in the aspercreme. Most bladder leak pads were similar. Until always discreet invented a pad that protects differently. With two rapiddry layers. For strong protection, that’s always discreet. Question your protection. Try always discreet. This was a mistake. Son, don’t go. Let me tell you something. I don’t like carrying around all this anger any more than I liked growing up without a father. It’s like — but — y-you just don’t get it. I grew up lost. I didn’t have a man in my life to show me how to be a man, much less the man I wanted to be. But here you are. Yeah, but through a lot of hard knocks and stumbles along the way. But through the grace of god, I am here, no thanks to you. Curtis, don’t go. Curtis, please. Plea– I can’t change the past, man, but can you give me a chance to make things up to you now? Not unless you tell me where you’ve been all these years and what was more important than your family.

[ Exhales deeply ] Look, all I’m asking for are answers — clear answers with facts and dates. But if you can’t give that to me… don’t bother staying in port charles. Michael. Wait. Are you alright?

[ Sighs ] Scott’s threatening to file a complaint for assault. Did you actually punch him? Right in the face.

[ Sighs ] Michael. I know, I know, I know. It was — it was wildly inappropriate. I just let scott get under my skin, and I lost it. I ta– I talked to diane, and she already contacted him and cut a deal, citing harassment and provocation. Well, that’s one less thing to worry about. Oh, willow, I’m — I’m sorry D.A. Sheridan opened the door for scott by putting you on the stand. Wait. [ Exhales sharply ] Are you apologizing to me? No, I’m the one who kept nina’s secret. If I had told you what I heard between nina and your father, none of this would have happened. Okay. It’s — it’s not your fault. Okay? Nina manipulated you. I was trying to protect your parents’ marriage. I didn’t want to be the one to mess up things. And now I did anyway. Hey, hey, hey. Don’t — don’t — don’t blame yourself. This is all on scott and nina. I just hope the judge didn’t buy his tactics.

[ Sighs ] Hey, did my, uh — did my parents come back yet? No. I don’t know where they are. This is it. Judge has made his decision.

[ Door opens ] I wonder if that professor’s gonna write an addendum to her book. You really schooled her. I couldn’t help myself. I-I just take exception when people don’t state all the facts. I like facts. Well, you definitely made the lecture more interactive. It felt more like a debate, and I liked it. Professor khan: Miss davis. Ruh-roh. That’s you, correct? Yep, that’s me. May I have a word?

[ Sighs ] I realize that I overstepped. I just get really passionate. So I-I’m sorry I disrupted your lecture. You’re, um, alexis davis. The defense attorney. I recognize the name. I used to be a defense attorney. Well, I read your article in the law review on jury bias. You made some very interesting points.

[ Door closes ] Thank you. So how do you have time to take this seminar, and why would you want to? Well, I’m looking at a career change. My days in the courtroom are over. Oh, well, then I’m gonna cut right to the chase. You’re wasting our time being here. You do not belong in my class. You were always with me when I didn’t know who you were. I used to see you. And I would talk to you when… times were bad. That’s because we… belong together. You know that. You kept a part of yourself from me.

[ Exhales deeply ] Were you ever gonna tell me about nina and nixon falls, ever? Yeah. I wanted to tell you so many times. Then jason died and then… brando and sasha’s baby was in crisis. I wanted to tell you, and I’d get interrupted. I think you believe that you were gonna tell me the truth someday… but I don’T. I don’T. I think that was just a story you kept telling yourself to justify the secret. Meanwhile, you locked away your time with nina in this small place in your heart, and you — you kept telling me there was nothing wrong and there was nothing coming between us. Well, y-you keep putting nina between us. You’re gonna have to let that go, carly. You dodge every single time I ask you about nina. No, I don’T. No, I don’T. Yes, you do. I just now asked you. I don’t — I just now asked you if you fell in love with nina, and instead of answering, you told me you couldn’t remember me. I didn’t say — did I say that? Yes! I don’t rememb– and that’s not an answer, sonny. Yes, it is. I would not have looked at nina… if that blond woman in my dreams had turned around… …and I would have seen that beautiful face. I love you. You said that. What you haven’t said is how you feel about nina… right here, right now today.

if you’re worried about my interrupting again, I-I promise you, I-I can con– I can try to control myself. That’s not what I’m talking about at all. You should be teaching, ms. Davis. The students could really benefit from your passion for the law. And it’s clear that you’re not shy about public speaking. Teaching? Mm-hmm. Really? Uh — I happen to know that professor cardiff is retiring, so that means there might be an opening here at pcu. Maybe you could start off as an adjunct and work your way up. I never thought about teaching. Well, think about it. It could be just what you’re looking for. I hope my auntie didn’t go into one of her embarrassing stories about me, like when I was 6, you know, losing a tooth trying to ride my bike off the apartment-building front stoop.

[ Chuckles ] No. But I’d definitely like to hear that story another day. Right. So, uh, what brings you by? I just left from talking with marshall, and I needed to see your beautiful face. How did that go? That’s not why I’m here. This court is here to interpret and uphold the law, not mediate a personal dispute. Upon review of all documents and evidence, it is the court’s determination that the commonwealth has failed to prove that ms. Reeves’ actions met the legal definition of fraud. I’m dismissing all charges against nina reeves. This case is hereby dismissed.

[ Gavel bangs ] Bailiff: This court stands adjourned. All rise. I am so sorry, michael. This isn’t over. I’m sorry. I’m also stunned by judge milford’s ruling. I wouldn’t have brought the charges if I didn’t think there was a strong case for fraud. Ah, you made a strong argument. And I assure you elq will continue to support your campaign. I appreciate that. Ms. Tait, I am so sorry for calling you to the stand. If I had had any idea baldwin was gonna ambush you, I would have left you in peace. I’m just sorry scott was able to use my testimony to his advantage. Actually, it was mr. Corinthos’ testimony that was the deciding factor. What are you talking about? Well, once he said he didn’t consider himself a victim, it follows that, in his mind at least, no crime was committed. I wasn’t in the courtroom for that. It’s an interesting question of law. I wish I would have done better with it. Nina, what’s with all this business? You’re free as a bird. How did you know about my relationship with sonny? That’s what you pay me for. No. This is not what I wanted. You don’t think I’m angry…at nina, for letting scott pull that stunt? And? What are you — wha– I don’t know what — I asked — I asked you… how you felt about nina.

[ Sighs ] Sonny. Okay, okay, okay. Hold on. Oh, my god. You just gotta understand, you know? What it felt like to wake up in the woods… not knowing who I am… …alone, scared. Phyllis and lenny took me in. They gave me a job, an anchor. And then nina… when I see nina… I-in “mike,” I see her as mike’s friend, his confidant. But I also see… what she did to you… …and to my kids. It’s really — carly, it’s all jumbled up in here. Nina let me believe you were dead. And you still have feelings for her after everything she did? Come on. W– let’s go home. We’ll talk — I really need some time to think about this, sonny. What do you mean, time? I need… I need some time apart.

spencer: Success. The bursar’s office was still open. I’m de-enrolled. See? Things work out. What’s going on? Nina’s preliminary hearing was today, and I haven’t heard a word from anyone. Well, no news is good news. When has that ever been true? Look, fingers crossed, the judge will throw the book at nina reeves, bind her over for trial, and revoke her bail. But you’re not vengeful or anything. I hate nina. She is the worst kind of hypocrite. Mm-hmm. She pretends to be all sweet and sympathetic when all she really cares about is herself and what she wants. Damn. Why can’t you hate ava that way? Oh, i do hate ava that way. I will never forgive her for what she’s done to morgan. However, she is avery’s mom and trina’s mentor. So I have to suck it up and I have to coexist. However, I will never buy into ava’s B.S… and I will never think that she is some gracious lady. But I choose to keep the peace. And if you had come to me before you went off on your stalking kick, I would have told you the exact same thing. Yeah, I really wish I had come to you. You probably would have shot the stalking idea down in flames, and I wouldn’t be looking at 30 days in spring ridge. You’re gonna be okay. You’re stronger than you think you are. I hope so. In the meantime, while my freedom lasts, this trip should help ease any lingering tensions between you and me and cameron and trina and esme. It should really help us get to know each other better. I certainly hope so. Okay, I will send an introductory e-mail to the chairman of the department tomorrow morning. I know it’s the break, but she’s a workaholic. Mm, or maybe she’s just passionate about what she does. Oh, good. Use that approach. Listen. [ Sighs ] I kind of… like the idea of this. I’m interested. I-I-I might like teaching at pcu. I just wonder if I have the proper qualifications. Oh, certainly, especially if you start off as an adjunct. Who knows? They may even hire you full-time with your credentials. Look. You’re cited. You’re published. With your cv, all you need to do is ace the interview and pass the routine background check. No problem. Background check. Mm-hmm. Of course. Curtis came by to see me today. I figured he would. He had questions, so I told him to come and talk to you. But you didn’t tell him, did you? I saw him a little while ago. He would have surely mentioned it. He left…dissatisfied. Curtis is not gonna stop until he gets answers.

[ Chuckles ] I’m not surprised. Is that why you’re here? To warn me? I’m worried how this is gonna affect my relationship with him. Don’t worry about this, stella. I will never, ever tell curtis that you knew I wasn’t dead. You were like a hero to my sons. I don’t want to take that away from curtis, too. Mmm! Not that I’m objecting at all…

[ Chuckles ] …But you didn’t answer my question. Well, that’s because I don’t want to talk about marshall. I want to focus on you. Okay. That’s fine with me. I hope you are ready for tomorrow night because I have big plans for us on new year’s eve. Neither of my parents are answering their phones. I hope they’re alright.

[ Sighs ] They’re just — they’re probably going through it right now. I just want to let them know that, according to the judge, nina’s actions weren’t criminal at all. Michael. What are you going to do? I don’t know. But what I’m not gonna do is sit back and let nina get away with her crimes against my family. Listen, scott, I’m not gonna stick around for the paperwork. I’ve — I’ve gotta go. Listen. You could thank me, but not with just a check. I did my job. You’re not going to prison. So…you’re welcome. I can’t even think about that. I’m too worried about sonny. Carly, you don’t need time. I want — I want you. I want our family together. You know that. I know that nina still has a hold on you. No, she doesn’T. Sonny, look me in the eye and tell me nina means nothing to you. I don’t know what you want me to say. Listen.

[ Exhales sharply ] Stop. Stop. Look. W– we could still work this out. No, we can’T. Yes, we can. Do not come home tonight.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nicole: Well, if anyone can do it, it’s you.

[Knocking on door]

[Emotional music]

Jack: Well, look who’s here.

Jennifer: Oh, aunt maggie, hi.

Maggie: Hello.

Jennifer: Oh, we missed you so much on christmas

Maggie: Oh, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t join you, but I wanted to stay close to victor.

Jennifer: Yes, of course. Is there any word on philip?

Maggie: No, I’m afraid not. But we’re doing our best to stay positive and– I noticed you took down the tree.

Jennifer: Yeah. We were up early, so we thought we would just pack it all up for next year. And this sweet angel, do you remember her?

Maggie: Oh. Yes. Oh, my goodness.

Jack: It was laura’s and, you know, when we heard about what happened to julie’s angel, my angel of a wife decided to give it right back to julie.

Maggie: What a lovely gesture.

Jennifer: Listen, I’m just so glad that– that marlena is okay and– oh, let me get you something to eat.

Maggie: No, no, really, really, I’m not here for that. I’d like to talk to you, jack.

Jack: Me? About what?

Maggie: Gwen.

Xander: Something could be really wrong.

Gwen: We don’t know that, do we? But what I do know is that if we do not go to the airport now, we will not make it in time to london for the holidays, so–

Xander: You’re joking.

Gwen: Joking about what?

Xander: I can’t possibly leave now, gwen. I have to find sarah and talk to her directly.

Gwen: Are you really–

Xander: She lied to me about where she’s been, about where she went. I have to find out why.

Gwen: Poor sarah. Stuck on a deserted island somewhere. Pining for you, I’m sure. I can’t let you find out. Because I would lose you.

Chad: I thought the kids were supposed to be doing that, cleaning up the puzzle.

Abigail: Yeah, well, it was obviously a rush job.

Chad: Yeah, now they’re on a playdate with jackson and rosie. I saw the nanny pick them up.

Abigail: Hmm, no wonder it’s so quiet around here.

Chad: I do miss hearing them laughing and playing. You know what I don’t miss? Is ej crowing about all his brilliant business decisions.

Abigail: Oh, come on, surely you miss his delightful company at dinner.

Chad: Not in the least. It has been downright peaceful and homey since he landed himself in jail on christmas eve. And a little bonus– it’s been an entire week since we had to listen to his stupid accent.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Ej: Oh, you don’t like my accent?

Sami: Lucas, we need to talk.

Lucas: All right, what is it? Is it your mom? Is she okay?

Sami: No, my mother is fine and devil-free.

Lucas: Well, then, what’s wrong?

Sami: I went to the police station. I went to see that guy jason smith, the son of a bitch who held me captive after I had been kidnapped.

Lucas: Well, that wasn’t a smart move. You need to stay clear of that guy.

Sami: After everything that I have been through, I deserve to look him in the face and make him tell me why he did it.

Lucas: And what did he say?

Sami: He said that you’re the one who hired him.

[Tense music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Lucas: Wait, wait, what, me? No, no, why would I hire someone to kidnap you?

Sami: You tell me.

Lucas: There’s nothing to tell, it’s insane.

Sami: Don’t try to deny it. Lucas, you’re the one who chloroformed me outside of rafe’s house, you dragged me to some cabin in wisconsin, and then you hired that animal to keep me there.

Lucas: Wait a minute, sami, listen to me, okay?

Sami: And then now you’re trying to blame ej? The hell’s the matter with you, lucas? How could you do something like that? What is wrong with you?

Lucas: Listen, I love you. I love you more than anybody I’ve ever loved in my life.

Sami: So you decided to keep me hostage in the middle of nowhere?

Lucas: I had to do it, I had to keep you away from ej.

Sami: Oh, my god.

Lucas: I never meant to hurt you.

Sami: Lucas, you are keeping me by myself away from everyone that I love and you thought that wasn’t gonna hurt me? I thought I was never gonna see my children again.

Lucas: I’m sorry, okay? I was desperate.

Sami: Well, rafe is on his way here now. And he’s gonna arrest you. And then you’re really gonna know what desperate feels like.

Lucas: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You and me, we had something really good, sami.

Sami: You and me? Lucas, there is no you and me. I want you out of my life forever. I hate you, lucas. I hate you. Lucas? Hello?

Lucas: What? I’m sorry, what’d you say?

Sami: Where did you just go? I told you that I went to see that jason guy and you totally checked out on me.

Chad: What are you doing here, ej?

Ej: I live here.

Chad: Yeah, last I heard you were arrested for kidnapping. Shouldn’t you be in a cage?

Abigail: Did sami drop the charges?

Ej: She didn’T. But the courts are backed up during the holidays and the judge finally got around to granting me bail.

Chad: Why would any judge grant you bail?

Ej: Isn’t it obvious?

Chad: You bribed him.

Ej: I was set free because I’m innocent. Not only are these kidnapping charges against me completely bogus, I was framed.

Chad: What are you talking about? Who would frame you?

Ej: Oh, there’s a long list of suspects. And at the top of it is you.

[Dramatic music]

One of the worst things about a cold sore

Abigail: That’s a ridiculous accusation. Why would chad set you up?

Ej: Why else? So he can run dimera.

Chad: I already run dimera.

Ej: We run dimera together– an arrangement that you detest. And so putting me in prison would pave the way for you to have the position all to yourself.

Chad: Yeah, but I don’t need to cook up some legal scheme to do it. I’ll just keep doing my job better than you.

Ej: Then perhaps your motive is more personal. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but you didn’t seem all too pleased that I cast myself as john black opposite abigail’s marlena.

Abigail: Do you really think this is about johnny’s movie, which might not even happen? Given everything that marlena just went through, why would anyone move forward making a movie about her being possessed?

Chad: Any more stupid theories, ej?

Ej: Well, damn it, somebody set me up. And there’s no shortage of other suspects.

Abigail: Like who?

Ej: Well, there’s our brother, jake, there’s rafe hernandez… and then there’s lucas horton.

Lucas: I’m sorry I just spaced out a little, I was, you know, thinking about my brother.

Sami: Oh, lucas, you must be so worried about him. Any sign of him?

Lucas: No, no, not since they found his leg. But, you know, getting back to what you were saying earlier, you know, you said that you went to see the guy who held you prisoner?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, I went to the police station and I saw him in jail. I thought if he was lying about ej being the one who hired him, he wouldn’t be able to just say that right to my face. But he stuck to his story.

Lucas: Well, you know, what do you expect? Ej’s been known to make irrational decisions from time to time, right?

Sami: I suppose.

Lucas: But now that you have proof about what your husband did, does it change the way you feel about him? Are you ready to give up on him now?

Nicole: Hey, father.

Eric: I’m sure you weren’t expecting this.

Nicole: Come in. Actually, I just read about it. Looks like you took your vows in the nick of time, huh?

Eric: I’m just glad I could be there for my mom when she needed me most.

Nicole: I’m glad marlena’s okay. But, you know, even if I hadn’t read about your return to the priesthood, it really wouldn’t surprise me because it is your true calling.

Eric: I spent a lot of time debating whether it was the right choice, but after I made it, I felt peace with it. Not that our marriage was the wrong choice.

Nicole: Our problems were not because of your devotion to god. Besides, I take great comfort in the fact that I ruined you for all other women.

Jack: So xander asked you to put in a good word for gwen.

Maggie: Well, I know it may seem insufficient considering everything that she’s done.

Jack: Willfully so.

Maggie: Look, I hate that gwen caused abigail so much pain. And I’m not here to make excuses for her. I came here because of xander. I care about him. And I can’t help but feel responsible for the broken heart that he suffered through.

Jennifer: So this is about sarah?

Maggie: Yes. My daughter. My daughter hurt him badly. I mean, honestly, I don’t understand why she did what she did. And I can’t defend it. She seemed like she loved him. But… if gwen reconciling with her father would make xander happy, and I can make that happen, then I suppose I would feel like I was repaying sarah’s debt.

Gwen: How do I do this? How do I get you off of the sarah track?

Xander: [Grunts] Morning.

Gwen: Morning.

Xander: [Sighs]

Gwen: Did you sleep all right?

Xander: Oh, like the dead. Yeah, I mean, this room, it cost a fortune but I can’t complain about the thread count.

Gwen: Yeah. Well, it’s a good thing that you’re rested because we’re probably gonna be up very late watching the ball drop and drinking lots and lots of champagne.

Xander: New year’s day. Time to let go of the old and embrace the new.

Gwen: I wholeheartedly agree.

Xander: So is that what you meant when you said you need to get me off the sarah track?

[Tense music]

As a professional bull-rider

Xander: So whenouay t with the old, scifically.U kn, at good si hla m all right? Not forever, just until all of this gets resolved.

Ej: And how long will that be? Damn it, chad, I’m innocent. Why the hell should i back away from dimera?

Chad: Did I not just explain it?

Ej: I won’t do it. I don’t like it.

Chad: Well, whether or not you like it is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is you need to do what’s best for the company and right now that is keeping a low profile. And me being the face of dimera.

Lucas: Are you seriously asking me why your husband didn’t kidnap you sooner?

Sami: I’m just saying it doesn’t make any sense. I mean, he had already busted me for cheating, you had just left, he had me all alone in the mansion. Why didn’t he chloroform me right there and then?

Lucas: There are plenty of reasons, I’m sure.

Sami: Such as?

Lucas: Well, off the top of my head, you know, maybe he didn’t decide to kidnap you until after you left.

Sami: You mean it was a spur of the moment idea?

Lucas: Well, you said yourself you were going to see gabi at rafe’s house. You know, to try to persuade her to let you back into the mansion. So that’s probably when ej started stewing. You know, showed up at her house and put the rag over your mouth and boom, lights out. Who else could it have been?

Gwen: Look, all I’m saying is that before maggie got sober, I’m sure that her addiction caused plenty of trust issues between her and sarah. I’m sure it damaged their relationship unbeknownst to her.

Xander: I mean, I’ve never seen anything like what you’re describing. They’ve always been very close and maggie’s been a good friend to me–and you.

Gwen: What has she done for me?

Xander: I told you. She agreed to put in a good word with jack.

Gwen: And apparently that was an epic fail, wasn’t it? Unless I missed the note that he left at the front desk? “Oh, dear gwen, all is forgiven. Love, dad.”

Xander: Well, to be fair, maggie never actually told me how that went. Maybe I should go and talk to her, yeah?

Gwen: So you can ask her about sarah?

Xander: Yeah. Look… the sooner I figure out what’s going on, the sooner you and I can… let go of the old and embrace the new.

Maggie: Well, it was lovely seeing you both.

Jennifer: Yes, aunt maggie. I love you so much. Give our best to victor. We’ll be praying for you guys.

Maggie: Thank you. Thank you.

Jack: Happy new year, maggie.

Maggie: Oh, thank you, jack. Same to you. Bye.

Jack: Bye-bye.

Maggie: Take care.

Jennifer: Yeah. Love you.

Maggie: Love you.

Jennifer: Wow. That was, uh, unexpected.

Jack: Maggie going to bat for gwen? I’ll say.

Jennifer: Did it work? I mean, jack, I know that there’s issues with gwen but she is your daughter, you can’t just write her off.

Jack: Write her off? You make it sound so final.

Jennifer: And I do agree with my aunt maggie. The holidays are really a time for families to come together. But I also understand it’s a really big decision, so I want you to know that I support you no matter what.

Jack: The question is… will abigail?

Chad: Well, are you gonna do the right thing for dimera? Ej, come on!

Ej: Fine, fine! I’ll keep a low profile, for now. I’ll work behind the scenes.

Chad: Okay, good. Well, I’m glad you’re on board.

Ej: For now. But make no mistake, I have no intention of slinking off into the shadows. As soon as I clear my name, I’ll be back behind my desk.

Chad: I am sure you will. But for now, I’m gonna have to go into the office and update shin.

Abigail: Okay. I’m gonna come with you. I want to stop by my parents’.

Chad: Ej… happy new year.

Ej: [Sighs]

Lucas: Ej did this, sami. I know you don’t want to think about it, I know you don’t belie it, but he did the motive and the means.

[Phone rings]

Sami: It’s ej.

Lucas: What are you doing? Don’t get it.

Sami: Well, I– ej, I thought you were in jail.

Ej: I was just released on bail. It’s good to hear your voice, samantha.

Sami: Why are you calling me?

Ej: I need to see you. Can you come by the house?

Sami: I’ll be right there.

[Line disconnects]

Lucas: Be right where? Where are you going? Don’T. He’s gonna feed you a bunch of lies, you know it.

Sami: I just want to hear what he has to say.

Lucas: She doesn’t believe that ej’s guilty. I gotta put the final nail in the coffin. But how? Ah. Bingo.

Only daisy cottage cheese will do

Jack: How do you think abigail will feel about me reconciling with gwen?

Jennifer: I have no idea, jack. And the only person who can answer that question is abigail.

Abigail: Well, then it’s a good thing I’m here. Hi.

Jack: Hey, sweetheart, hi.

Abigail: Hi, what’d you want to ask me?

Jennifer: Uh–

[Phone rings] Oh, excuse me. Sorry. I have to take this. Hello?

Jack: Uh, well, actually, I– I am the one with the question and I have to tell you right now, it is not an easy one.

Abigail: Well, then I’m guessing it’s about gwen.

Jack: Yes, it is. I am thinking of reconciling with gwen. But, honey, I know how much she has hurt you. I know. And I’m not gonna do anything until you tell me how you feel about it.

Xander: Henderson let me in.

Maggie: Hello. I’m really glad you’re here. I just came from talking to jack. Put that good word in that you asked me to.

Xander: Thank you. Thank you, maggie.

Maggie: Listen, I apologize for not doing it sooner.

Xander: It’s no worries. How did he respond?

Maggie: Best to give it some time, okay? Yeah.

Xander: Regardless of the outcome, I’m very appreciative of the effort. And I’m sure gwen will be too.

Maggie: Yeah.

Xander: But I’m actually here about sarah.

Maggie: Sarah? Why?

Xander: I ran into rex the other day and he told me they’re not together anymore.

Maggie: What? They’re not?

Xander: In fact, he told me they never were. They didn’t even leave town together.

Maggie: Wait a minute, I can’t believe this.

Xander: That’s why I wanted to talk to you. Didn’t you tell me that you were receiving texts from sarah saying how happy she was overseas with rex?

Maggie: Yes, I had been, but–hmm. You know, I haven’t heard from her in quite a while.

Xander: She didn’t text you on christmas?

Maggie: No. I texted her, but I didn’t get a reply. I just– wow, I just assumed that she was busy or that she was someplace where there was no cell signal. But now, I mean– oh, xander, this is– this is very strange. And this is very worrisome. Oh, god. [Breathes sharply] What could’ve happened? Why didn’t sarah tell me?

Ej: You can do this, ej. Just tell samantha the truth. She loves you. She’ll believe you.

[Doorbell rings]

Ej: Nicole!

Nicole: Don’t be too excited.

Ej: Sorry, I–

Nicole: You were expecting someone else.

Ej: I was just surprised, that’s all.

Nicole: I saw on the news that you made bail so I just wanted to come by and see how you were doing.

Ej: Very well now that I’m on the road to clearing my name.

Sami: What the hell is she doing here?

Chad: Don’t worry, shin, I’ve made it very clear that ej needs to stay away from dimera. Well, he’s not happy about it, but he understands it’s the right thing to do. Absolutely. I actually have a meeting with the pr team here in a few minutes. So… yes, I’ll keep you updated. Great. Thanks.

[Suspenseful music]

Okay, we’re not gonna ask for

Abigail: You’re right, gwen did hurt me. And, honestly, you know, I’d be happy if I never saw her again. But if I forbid you from seeing her, then that hurts you and I don’t want to do that. So if you want to rebuild your relationship with gwen, I’m not gonna get in your way.

Jennifer: How’s it going over here?

Jack: Well, my very gracious and understanding daughter has given me her blessing to try to repair my relationship with her sister.

Jennifer: You really okay with that, honey?

Abigail: I mean, we’re moving into a new year and I just wanna do whatever I can to make it a really good one for us.

Jennifer: Amen to that.

Jack: Amen to that. Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna try and give her a call right now. And we’ll just see what we can do, okay?

Jennifer: Wait, wait, jack, but before you do that… I have some really big news that is going to have a big impact on all of our lives.

Xander: Look, why don’t you try and call sarah now, see if you can get to the bottom of it?

Maggie: Yeah, I’ll try, yes, but, you know, in the last couple of weeks it’s just gone to voicemail.

[Phone beeps]

[Line ringing] Oh. Come on.

Automated voice: We’re sorry, the number you have reached is not in service.

Xander: What? What happened?

Automated voice: Try your call again.

Maggie: Oh, my god.

Xander: Maggie, what? I can tell she didn’t answer, but why didn’t you leave a message?

Maggie: Because it, um… it didn’t go to voicemail. I got a recording. It said, “this number is no longer in service.”

Ej: Nicole just stopped by to see how I was doing.

Nicole: Should’ve locked the door behind me. Kept all the riffraff out.

Sami: Will you please ask her to leave?

Ej: Nicole can hear what I have to say. Which is I’m not the one who kidnapped you, samantha. I was framed.

Sami: Really? Who do you think framed you?

Ej: Isn’t it obvious? It was your ex-husband, lucas.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Lucas: Sorry, mom, if you didn’t want me using your password, you shouldn’t have written it down in your planner. I have no choice, I have to do this. It’s the only way I can make sure that ej goes down for sami’s kidnapping.

Chad: Of course, I forget everything that I– lucas? What are you doing in here?

[Dramatic music]

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Brooke: You’re coming home?

Ridge: I’ll be there before


Brooke: Oh, I can’t believe it.

Ridge: Well, I’m on the plane now. I told the prince I have to get home to my beautiful wife.

Brooke: She can’t wait to see you.

Liam: Ladies and gentlemen, the party has arrived.

Douglas: Mommy said I could stay up all night.

Liam: Oh great.

Brooke: Oh, hope and liam and the kids just arrived.

Ridge: I’ll see you soon. I love you.

Brooke: I love you too. Hi guys!

Hope: Hi! Somebody looks ready to celebrate!

Brooke: Yeah. Well, that was ridge. He’s on his way home. So after I celebrate with you, I get to celebrate with him.

Liam: Oh, that’s cool.

Brooke: Guess what? There are some goodies in the kitchen! Who wants to go see?

Liam: Oh, no, we’re going to be up all night.

Hope: Mom… thank you again for allowing deacon to be a part of this night.


Brooke: Of course, honey.

Hope: Thank you.

Deacon: Hey, malcolm, you got that bottle of non-alcoholic champagne for logan?

Malcolm: Right here. It’s my first stop on my delivery run.

Deacon: Great.

Malcolm: As long as you have sarah restock and get those bathrooms clean, I’m good to cut out early.

Deacon: Thanks, man.

Sheila: Alcohol free or

the real stuff.

Brooke is never going

to know the difference.

You never threatened me, brooke. No one messes with me and my family.

Finn: Kid’s napping?

Steffy: Yeah. Kelly’s charging her batteries so she can stay up for our little party.

Finn: Okay. Which sweater should I wear for a little celebration?

Steffy: Neither. Have a little time right now. Why don’t you charge me up instead?

Zende: I hope this is to your liking.

Paris: It is very romantic.

Zende: I promised you a special night. I hope it’ll be one you’ll never forget.

Quinn: Hey, carter, still working?

Carter: Almost finished.

Quinn: Do you have any big plans for tonight?

Carter: [Laughs] I’ll meet up with some friends. What about you?

Quinn: Oh, I’m just going to stay home with eric. I don’t know. What is it about new year’s eve, it makes people… hopeful. They wana… start something new in their lives.

Carter: Talking about taylor coming home to be with her family again, huh?

Quinn: No, no. I’m talking about the zende. He has got some big plans for paris tonight.

Zende: Thank you. Pa: Are you serious, zende? That champagne is expensive!

Zende: Only the best for you. Plus, we have a lot to celebrate. Pa: Yeah, I mean, you’re right. This year has been amazing.

Zende: You walking into my life was the most… wonderful, unexpected surprise. Tonight, I want to show you how grateful I am for you. All the amazing things I see in the future.

Taylor: Good news travels fast.

Woman: Clients have filled up your schedule, and the university called about a guest lecture.

Taylor: Okay, we can deal with all of that after the holiday. Go home. Enjoy your days off.

Woman: Thank you. Oh, there’s someone waiting for you–


Taylor: Sheila.

Sheila: I– I know you’re busy. I’m not going to stay

Taylor: I have a minute. It’s– it’s okay.

Woman: Thank you.

Taylor: What are you doing here?

Sheila: I don’t mean to intrude. I really don’T. I just wanted to thank you. You gave me the greatest gift christmas eve, talking steffy into allowing me to see my son and my grandson? Believe me, I just I wish there were more like you out there.

[Children chattering]


Douglas: Look at this one!

Hope: Grandma sure knows how to entertain her grandkids.


Brooke: Ah! Wonderful!

Malcolm: Your special order champagne.

Brooke: And that’s non-alcoholic, right?

Malcolm: Yes, I double checked the label. Nice house.

Brooke: Okay. [Laughs] Well, thank you so much for coming by.

Malcolm: No problem.

Brooke: Bye.

Hope: What’s that?

Brooke: Oh, it’s a bottle of the non-alcoholic, bubbly champagne. I tried some over at eric’s on christmas eve, and it was really good! Tastes just like the real thing. So I was looking forward to having a glass or two. Liz, you nerd, cough if you’re in here!

Carter: So zende asked you for a favor.

Quinn: You wanted me to design a ring. You know, one that no woman could refuse.

Carter: An engagement ring?

Quinn: Yeah, but you have to pretend you’re surprised when paris walks in and she starts flashing it around, you know, because I don’t want to be the one that let the cat out of the bag.

Carter: Well, he hasn’t proposed yet.

Quinn: No, no. But zende is going to propose to paris tonight.

Zende: A toast to new adventures with the one you love.

Steffy: I’m excited for tonight. It’s the family celebration I was hoping christmas eve would be.

Finn: I thought it was great.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, it was. It was really nice. I mean, it was hazel’s first christmas. Kelly’s letter to santa, the cookie as it was all magical. I just… wish it was us. I’m sorry, I know sheila is your birth mother, but you got to admit it was bizarre.

Finn: Yeah, it was a little tense, I know.

Steffy: Hey, I’m just glad we’re able to celebrate tonight. And hopefully that means we won’t see sheila for a very long time.

Sheila: Just a little something, just a gift.

Taylor: No, sheila, you shouldn’t–

Sheila: It’s a cactus. It’s a cactus, symbolic…

Taylor: Of you?

Sheila: I guess so.

Taylor: Very resilient. Survive on almost nothing. And they know how to protect themselves.

Sheila: Sometimes they even flower.

Taylor: Thank you.

Sheila: I’m going to get out of here. I know you’re probably really busy, been invited to a million parties tonight and… probably gonna just go home and see the kids and the grandkids. I know that’s what I would do. Who knows? Maybe ridge will come by and it’ll just be a perfect family celebration.

Taylor: Yeah, well, that’s not going to happen.

Sheila: Why, brooke won’t let rich come see you?

Taylor: No, no. Ridge is out of town. He’s not going to spend the evening with either of his families.

Liam: Those kids cannot get enough of that movie. There’s just something about large, colorful canines, I guess. I don’t know.

Hope: Mom, is that okay? I mean, they’ve basically taken over your entire bedroom.

Brooke: Yes, of course! I love having them here. It was so nice to be able to celebrate this new year’s with you. You know, bringing in a new year together once again.

Liam: Yeah.

Brooke: And having you guys so close! Oh, I’m getting a little sentimental.

Hope: Oh, no, it’s okay! I mean, that happens on new year’s eve.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah!

Brooke: Would you like me to pour you one?

Hope: Ohm no, I’m okay, but thank you. I think one glass of the real stuff is good enough for me.

Liam: Yeah, yeah.

Brooke: Well, you should try some of mine because this non-alcoholic, bubbly is great. Like the real thing.

Liam: Well, good.

Brooke: You can have as much as you want.


Deacon: Hello, hello.

Hope: Dad! Oh, my gosh! Join the party! Sensei.


Deacon: Brooke, thank you so much for inviting me. So where are the kids?

Liam: They’re upstairs watching a movie.

Deacon: Okay, and ridge?

Brooke: He’s on his way home from a business trip. He should be here later.

Deacon: I see you got your bottle of champagne from il giardino.

Brooke: Oh, I did. Thank you.

Hope: Should we toast? Dad you want to?

Deacon: What the hell? I suppose one won’t hurt.

Hope: Ah, I would offer to make a toast, but I feel like I will probably get emotional, and I don’t want to ruin my makeup so… uh, liam? Do you want to help out with that?

Liam: Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. Uh, uh… here’s to a happy, healthy, peaceful future for all of us.

Hope: Oh!

Deacon: Cheers.

Together: Cheers women choose renew life probiotics

Paris: You’ve been a little quiet.

Zende: Have I?

Paris: And a little distracted.

Zende: Um… because of you. You’re so beautiful. Actually, there is something small I need to take care of. Can you, um, would you excuse me for a minute?

Paris: Sure.

Taylor: Oh, sheila, I don’t mean to be rude, but thank you for coming by.

Sheila: No, no, no. It’s all right. It’s all right. I just, I wanted to thank you again. You, you extended an olive branch. Good things happen to good people, taylor. You’ll see.

Deacon: It was fantastic.

Hope: Well, we called it: The kids are fast asleep, so I think that means it is time to go.

Deacon: Okay.

Brooke: What? Wait! It’s so early.

Hope: Well, you know, the kids have so much fun. We wore ’em out.

Brooke: Okay! Uh, well, you know what? I would like to make a toast first before everybody leaves. Ah… to better days ahead, for all of us. And I like what you said about health and patience. What was it?

Liam: Peace.

Brooke: Peace! I like that. Yeah, I second that. May we all have a wonderful, happy and healthy future together.

Hope: Here-here.

All: Cheers.

[Glasses clink]

Hope: Oh– ooh! Excuse me!

Brooke: Mmm!

Hope: Alright! Well, mom, thank you for a wonderful party. And, dad, I’m so happy you could join us.

Deacon: Me too, baby.

Hope: I’ll see you.

Deacon: Okay. Bye.

Liam: Alright, let’s grab those kids. Outta here.

Hope: Got it all?

Deacon: I got to thank you again. Thank you so much for letting me be here and just giving me a second chance, letting me be back in hope’s life. You know, brooke, you could have shut me down. You could have fed her doubts. Instead, you saw that I was really trying and you gave me the support I needed to turn my life around. I’m a new man. And I’m so grateful to you. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Quinn: Zendaya’s going to

propose to paris tonight.

Carter: It’s not what she wants! Not at all.

[Phone pad clicking] So where were we?

[Message sending beep]

[Phone chirps]

[Zende sighs]

Zende: So, where were we?

Paris: That is a good question.

Zende: You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever known. My life hasn’t been the same since I met you. I feel so incredibly lucky to have you in it. That’s why I want you in my future forever.

Taylor: Hi.

Steffy: Hi! The kids are napping, so if you need to transition from like doctor mode to grandma mode, go for it.

Taylor: Oh, thank you. You know, I thought it was going to be really hard to get my practice up and running, but I’m off to a really quick start.

Finn: What’s that? A cactus?

Taylor: Yes, it’s a thank you gift.

Steffy: Wow, your patients really missed you.

Taylor: No, it’s not, actually– it’s not from a patient. I had a surprise visitor today. Sheila came to see me. She wanted to thank me again for inviting her to the house for christmas eve.

Sheila: Non-alcoholic. And the real thing. It tastes almost identical. All I had to do was switch the labels. You wanted a little bubbly for the holidays, brooke? Happy new year…

[Door clicks]

Brooke: Oh, ridge!

Deacon: Oh. I, uh, I forgot my phone.

Brooke: I haven’t seen it.

Deacon: I was right over there swapping photos of beth. I see it right there. Yeah.

Brooke: Oh.

Deacon: It’s not like me to be forgetful, you know. I must’ve gotten a little buzzed tonight. Probably should have had some of that non-alcoholic champagne your drinking. Ridge isn’t home?

Brooke: No, no.

Deacon: You look beautiful in that. Ridge is lucky guy.

Brooke: Thank you. Goodnight, deacon.

Deacon: Goodnight.

[Phone ringing]

Brooke: Oh, r–

[Chuckles] Ah! Ridge?

[Laughs] Did you land? Are you coming home?

Ridge: Hey, honey. I’m calling with news, and it’s not good news.

Brooke: You sound disappointed.

Ridge: I am disappointed. A mechanical problem, and they fixed it and just put it behind, and now the storm is coming, and we’re grounded.

Brooke: Grounded? But you promised me that you would be here. I was really looking forward to spending this evening with you. We need this time together. I love you so much.

Ridge: I know we do. And I’m– I’m sorry. And if something changes, I will let you know. But it doesn’t look like I’m going to be there for new year’S. I’m sorry.

Brooke: So I’m going to be alone on new year’s eve?

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Days of Our Lives 2022 Archived Daytime Updates

2022 Days Daily Updates

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Updates written by  Joseph

January 2022

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July 2022

Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem
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August 2022

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Brooke from B&B, Victor from Y&R, Sam from GH and Ben from Days

Days Update Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole is at home with her tablet, reading an article titled “Father Saves Mother” about Eric saving Marlena. Nicole remarks that if anyone could do it, it’s him. Eric then shows up at her door.

Jack brings Maggie in to the Horton home to see Jennifer. Jennifer tells her how much they missed her on Christmas. Maggie is sorry but she wanted to stay close to Victor. Jennifer understands and asks if there’s any word on Philip. Maggie says no but they are doing their best to stay positive. Maggie notices they already took down the Christmas tree. Jennifer says they were up early so they decided to just pack it up for next year. Jennifer and Jack show Maggie the Angel that belonged to Laura’s and how they gave it to Julie which Maggie calls a loving gesture. Jennifer talks about being glad that Marlena is okay. Jennifer wants to get Maggie something to eat but Maggie says she’s not here for that. Maggie asks to talk to Jack about Gwen.

Gwen lays in bed with Xander as he sleeps. Gwen thinks back to trying to get Xander out of town but Xander saying he couldn’t leave because he had to find Sarah to find out why she lied to him. Gwen remarks to herself that poor Sarah is stuck on a deserted island somewhere but she can’t let Xander find out because she would lose him.

Chad joins Abigail in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and talk about the kids being on a play date. Chad talks about it being peaceful since EJ landed in jail on Christmas Eve and mocks EJ’s accent. EJ then walks in and questions Chad not liking his accent.

Sami goes to the Brady Pub and tells Lucas that they need to talk. Lucas asks about Marlena. Sami says she is fine and devil-free. Sami informs Lucas that she went to the police station to see Jason. Lucas then imagines Sami finding out that he was the one who kidnapped her and telling him that she hates him. Sami calls his name and he snaps out of it. Sami questions where Lucas just went as she told him that she went to see Jason and he totally checked out on her.

Chad questions what EJ is doing home. EJ responds that he lives here. Chad thought he was arrested for kidnapping. Abigail asks if Sami dropped the charges. EJ explains that the courts were backed up during the holidays and the judge finally got around to granting him bail. Chad questions why any judge would grant him bail and asks if he bribed them. EJ responds that he was set free because he’s innocent as the charges are bogus and he was framed. Chad asks who would frame him. EJ responds that there’s a long list of suspects and at the top of it, is Chad. Abigail calls that a ridiculous accusation and asks why Chad would set him up. EJ says it’s so he could run DiMera. Chad points out that he already runs DiMera. EJ says that they run it together which Chad detests so putting him in prison would pave the way for him to have the position all to himself. Chad argues that he doesn’t need to cook up an illegal scheme to do it, he’ll just keep doing his job better than him. EJ suggests it’s more personal then since Chad wasn’t too pleased that EJ cast himself opposite Abigail in Johnny’s movie. Abigail points out that the movie might not even happen after everything Marlena just went through. Chad asks if EJ has any more stupid theories. EJ complains that somebody set him up and there’s no shortage of other suspects like Jake, Rafe, and Lucas.

Lucas tells Sami that he just spaced out thinking about Philip. Sami asks if there’s been any sign of him. Lucas says not since they found his prosthetic leg. Lucas asks Sami about going to see Jason. Sami thought Jason wouldn’t be able to lie to her face but he stuck to his story. Lucas remarks that EJ has been known to make irrational decisions from time to time. Lucas asks if this changes the way Sami feels about EJ or if she’s ready to give up on him now.

Nicole greets Eric as “Father”. Eric is sure she wasn’t expecting this. Nicole says she just read about it and it looks like he took his vows just in time. Eric is just glad he could be there for Marlena when she needed him most. Nicole is glad Marlena is okay. Nicole admits she’s not surprised by Eric’s return to the priesthood because it is his true calling. Eric talks about debating if it was the right choice, but after making it, he felt at peace with it, not that their marriage was the wrong choice. Nicole says their problems were not because of his devotion to God. Nicole jokes that she takes comfort that she ruined him for all other women.

Maggie informs Jack that Xander asked her to put in a good word for Gwen. Maggie knows it might not matter considering everything Gwen has done. Maggie hates that Gwen caused Abigail so much pain and she’s not here to make excuses for her, but she cares about Xander and she can’t help but feel responsible for the broken heart he suffered. Jennifer asks if this is about Sarah then. Maggie states that her daughter hurt him badly and she doesn’t understand why so she can’t defend it since Sarah seemed to love Xander. Maggie says that if Gwen reconciling with Jack will make Xander happy and she can make that happen, then she would feel like she’s repaying Sarah’s debt.

Gwen asks herself how to get Xander off of the Sarah trail. Xander then wakes up and kisses her. Gwen says it’s good that he’s rested because they will probably be up late watching the ball drop and drinking champagne. Xander comments that New Year’s Day is time to let go of the old and embrace the new which Gwen agrees with. Xander asks if that’s what she meant when she said she wanted to get him off the Sarah trail. Xander guesses Gwen saying out with the old is about Sarah. Gwen claims not specifically but she doesn’t know what good can come from him chasing after Sarah after what she did to him. Xander says she can’t blame him for wanting to know if she regrets it since she didn’t stay with Rex. Gwen points out that Sarah is not here begging for his forgiveness, so clearly she doesn’t want to be with him either. Xander argues that she doesn’t have to hit him over the head with it. Gwen apologizes for hurting his feelings but reminds him that she is his girlfriend and they were heading to the airport for their first couples getaway when Rex blindsided them with that bomb, so instead of Christmas in London, she spent it in this tiny room watching him ruminate over his ex. Gwen complains that Sarah is all Xander has been thinking about the past week and she’d almost say he’s obsessed with her. Gwen says if anyone needs compassion, understanding, and reassurance, it’s her, his girlfriend.

Eric comments that Nicole making jokes means she can’t be too upset. Nicole admits she’s sad that their marriage ended, but when it did, he was free to choose whatever he wanted for his future. Nicole just wants him to know that she wants what’s best for him and if he’s happy, then she’s happy for him. Eric responds that he just wants her to be happy too. Nicole thanks him and says she appreciates that. Eric then asks if Nicole is seeing anyone. Nicole confirms that she is. Eric says she doesn’t have to tell him who it is but Nicole says she doesn’t mind. Nicole reveals it’s EJ and knows he falls a little short of Jesus as far as partners go. Eric says he’s not trying to judge but it’s hard for him to be happy for her when she’s dating the man that kidnapped his sister.

Lucas asks Sami again if this changes her mind about EJ. Sami argues that she doesn’t know for sure that EJ was behind her kidnapping. Lucas questions who else it could be and why Jason say it was EJ. Sami guesses Jason doesn’t want to go to prison for life. Lucas questions some random guy kidnapping her out of the blue. Sami asks why EJ would do that to her. Lucas suggests it could be to punish her for cheating on him. Sami argues that if EJ wanted to kidnap her, he could’ve done it when he kicked her out of the house instead of waiting.

Chad questions EJ thinking that Lucas framed him. EJ notes that Lucas made it clear he wants Sami all to himself, so setting him up for kidnapping would get him out of the way and make him look like a monster. Chad points out that would be a criminal offense. Abigail clarifies that it’s multiple offenses. Abigail insists that Lucas would never do something so awful and risk prison time. EJ disagrees. EJ points out that tomorrow is a holiday but the markets are still open so he tells Chad they should get to the office. Chad questions why the hell EJ would go anywhere near DiMera.

Xander apologizes to Gwen and says he’s been oblivious to how this whole Sarah mystery has affected her. Xander didn’t mean to hurt Gwen’s feelings and says it’s not that he wants Sarah back, he’s just concerned because something doesn’t add up. Gwen argues that it’s not that unusual. Xander points out that Maggie has been getting texts from Sarah about how happy she was with Rex. Gwen is sure there’s a logical explanation but Xander isn’t. Gwen suggests not all daughters want their mothers to know every detail about their lives. Xander argues that Sarah and Maggie have always been so close, so it doesn’t make any sense. Gwen points out that her mother died when she was small and before that, she kept lots of secrets from her. Xander argues that she had a very complicated relationship with her mom but that wasn’t the case for Sarah and Maggie .Gwen tells him not to be so sure because Maggie was an addict too, so she guesses Maggie has caused lots of damage to her relationship with Sarah. Xander questions why Gwen is down on Maggie.

Maggie knows how Jack and Jennifer feel about Gwen, but repeats that she’s here for Xander with no expectations or demands. Jack says they understand. Maggie adds that Xander would also like to mend his relationship with Jack because he misses him. Jack responds that whatever friendship they had, Xander destroyed by covering for Gwen and lying to his face which hurt Abigail and that is something he can’t just forgive. Maggie says that she told Xander that she would speak to him and now she has, so what Jack does from here is entirely up to him.

Nicole tells Eric that EJ didn’t have anything to do with Sami being kidnapped. Eric questions how she knows that. Nicole says she asked him point blank and he said he was innocent, so she believes him. Eric brings up everything EJ’s done to Nicole. Eric says normally he applauds her for giving a second chance or believing someone can change. Nicole thinks God would say there is good in everyone. Eric agrees and hopes for her sake that it’s true. Nicole then asks Eric what brought him by. Eric says he wanted to see her before he left. Nicole asks if he’s going back to Africa. Eric confirms that he is going back now that Marlena is okay. Nicole asks when he’s going. Eric says he’s going to say goodbye to Roman and then he’s heading to the airport. Nicole tells him that she will miss him. Eric says he will miss her too as they hug. Nicole wipes tears and says it was good to see him. Eric says the same and repeats that he wants her to be happy with whomever that may be.

EJ asks Chad why he should stay away from DiMera. Chad points out that he was just charged with kidnapping and asks what the shareholders will think if he just goes strolling in like nothing happened. EJ says he was wrongly accused. Abigail asks what makes him think he can convince the board. Chad thinks it’s best for him to be the face of the company until all of this is resolved. EJ gets upset and questions why he should stay away from DiMera when he’s innocent. Chad points out that he just explained it but EJ refuses as he doesn’t like it. Chad tells EJ to do what’s best for the company which right now is for EJ to keep a low profile and him to be the face of DiMera.

Lucas questions if Sami is asking why EJ didn’t kidnap her sooner. Sami argues that it just doesn’t make sense since EJ already busted her for cheating and had her alone in the mansion. Lucas suggests he didn’t decide to kidnap her until after she left. Lucas asks Sami who else it could’ve been.

Gwen tells Xander that she’s just saying that before Maggie got sober, she’s sure her addiction caused plenty of trust issues between her and Sarah that could have damaged their relationship. Xander says he’s never seen anything like that as they’ve always been very close and Maggie’s been a good friend to them. Gwen asks what Maggie has done for her. Xander reminds her that Maggie agreed to put in a good word for her with Jack. Gwen guesses that was an epic fail. Xander admits Maggie never told him how that went so maybe he should go see her. Gwen figures that he’s going to ask her about Sarah. Xander says the sooner he figures out what’s going on, the sooner they can let go of the old and embrace the new. Xander kisses Gwen and then gets out of bed.

Maggie tells Jennifer and Jack that it was lovely seeing them. Jennifer hugs her and sends her best to her and Victor. Jack hugs Maggie and wishes her a Happy New Year. Maggie then exits the house. Jennifer calls that unexpected for Maggie to go to bat for Gwen. Jennifer asks Jack if it worked. Jennifer knows there’s issues with Gwen but she is Jack’s daughter so he can’t just write her off. Jack says writing her off sounds so final. Jennifer agrees with Maggie that the holidays are a time for families to come together but she also understands it’s a really big decision. Jennifer tells Jack that she supports him no matter what. Jack says the question is, will Abigail support him?

Chad asks EJ if he will do the right thing for DiMera. EJ reluctantly agrees to keep a low profile for now and work behind the scenes. Chad is glad he’s on board. EJ assures that as soon as he clears his name, he will be back behind his desk. Chad decides he has to go to the office now then to update Mr. Shin. Abigail agrees to go with him so she can stop by her parents’. Chad wishes EJ a Happy New Year as he and Abigail exit the mansion. EJ pulls out his phone.

Lucas tells Sami that EJ did this and he knows she doesn’t want to believe it, but he had the motives and the means. Sami gets a call from EJ. Lucas tells her not to answer but Sami answers the call anyways. Sami thought EJ was in jail. EJ informs her that he was just released on bail and says it’s good to hear her voice. Sami asks why he’s calling her. EJ says he needs to see her and invites her to come to the house. Sami says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Lucas questions where Sami is going, arguing that EJ is going to feed her a bunch of lies. Sami says she just wants to hear what he has to say. Sami then exits the Pub. Lucas complains that Sami doesn’t believe that EJ is guilty, so he has to put the final nail in the coffin, but questions how to do it. Lucas then gets an idea.

Jack asks Jennifer how she thinks Abigail will feel about him reconciling with Gwen. Jennifer has no idea and says only Abigail can answer that question. Abigail then arrives and asks what Jack wanted to ask her. Jennifer gets a call and steps out to answer it. Jack then tells Abigail that his question is not an easy one. Abigail guesses it’s about Gwen which Jack confirms. Jack informs her that he’s thinking of reconciling with Gwen, but he knows how much she has hurt Abigail, so he’s not going to do anything until she tells him how she feels about it.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie. Maggie is glad he’s there as she just came from talking to Jack and put that good word in like he asked. Xander thanks her. Maggie apologizes for not doing it sooner. Xander asks how he responded. Maggie suggests giving it some time. Xander says he appreciates her effort and is sure Gwen will too. Xander then tells Maggie that he’s actually here about Sarah which Maggie questions. Xander reveals that he ran in to Rex the other day and he told him they are not together anymore and that they never even left town together. Maggie is shocked and says she can’t believe this. Xander says that’s why he wanted to talk to her since Maggie was receiving texts from Sarah about how happy she was with Rex. Maggie notes that she hasn’t heard from Sarah in quite awhile and she didn’t text her on Christmas. Maggie mentions that she texted Sarah but didn’t get a reply so she assumed she was busy or without cell signal. Maggie worries that this is very strange and asks what could’ve happened and why Sarah didn’t tell her.

EJ looks in the mirror and tells himself to just tell Sami the truth and she’ll believe him because she loves him. The doorbell rings and EJ is surprised to see Nicole. Nicole guesses that he was expecting someone else. EJ says he was just surprised. Nicole says she saw on the news that he made bail, so she wanted to come by and see how he was doing. EJ says he’s very well now that he’s on the road to clearing his name. Sami then arrives and questions what the hell Nicole is doing there.

Chad goes to the office and talks to Mr. Shin on the phone. Chad tells him not to worry as he made it very clear that EJ needs to stay away from DiMera. Chad adds that EJ isn’t happy about it but he understands it’s the right thing to do. Chad mentions having a meeting with the PR team in a few minutes and promises to keep Mr. Shin updated. Chad thanks him and hangs up. Chad then gets up and exits the office. After Chad leaves, Lucas sneaks into the office.

Abigail acknowledges to Jack that Gwen did hurt her and she’d be happy if she never saw her again, but if she forbids Jack from seeing her then that hurts Jack and she doesn’t want to do that. Abigail tells Jack that if he wants to rebuild his relationship with Gwen, she won’t get in his way. Jennifer comes back and asks how it is going. Jack responds that his very gracious and understanding daughter has given her blessing to try and repair his relationship with her sister. Jennifer asks Abigail if she’s really okay with that. Abigail says they are moving in to a new year so she wants to do whatever she can to make it a really good one for all of them. Jack wants to call Gwen now but Jennifer stops him and says first, she has some really big news that is going to have a big impact on all of their lives…

Xander suggests Maggie try to call Sarah now and get to the bottom of this. Maggie says she will but notes that the last couple of weeks has just gone to voicemail. Maggie calls Sarah but gets a message that the number is no longer in service. Maggie is shocked and informs Xander that it said the number was not in service.

EJ tells Sami that Nicole just stopped by to see how he was doing. Nicole remarks that she should’ve locked the door behind her. Sami asks EJ to ask Nicole to leave. EJ states that Nicole can hear what he has to say, which is that he’s not the one who kidnapped Sami and that he was framed. Sami asks who he thinks framed him. EJ says it’s obviously Lucas.

Lucas sits at the desk at DiMera with a laptop and remarks that if Kate didn’t want him using her password, she shouldn’t have written down in her planner. Lucas declares that he has no choice but to do this as it’s the only way he can make sure that EJ goes down for Sami’s kidnapping. Chad then returns and catches Lucas, questioning what he is doing in here.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa tell Sharon they want to start doing research into adopting a child. Sharon worries that the adoption process will be harder for them than for other couples but Mariah and Tessa decide they are ready for the challenge
in order to have a family.

Chelsea and Rey have a talk and Chelsea u teo Rey she is having a hard time adjusting to life back in Genoa City tim but everything is worth it because she gets to spend time with Connor.

Sally and Adam agree to spend New Year’s Eve together, as, friends. Victoria wants Billy to sue Newman Media for such a high dollar amount that it will make the company vulnerable for a takeover.

Billy asks Victoria to let him run Newman Media once she takes the company from Adam. Victoria tells Billy she will think about it and goes to Ashland and tells him everything she talked about with Billy. Ashland doesn’t think letting Billy run Newman Media is a good idea but Victoria tells Ashland its a good idea to keep their enemies close.

Lily isn’t happy that Billy is so eager to let Victoria take charge of his plan because Victoria treats everyone in her life like a pawn. Lily thinks Victoria is using Billy, and then she will leave him with nothing.

Ashland tells Victoria that his latest test results show that his new treatment has stopped the spread of the cancer. Victoria calls Billy to tell him she spoke to Adam and he isn’t buying his act and he had better step up his game.

Adam tells Sally he intends to use the videos she gave him as protection in case Billy comes after Newman Media.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ accused Chad of setting him up to get arrested. Chad asked why he would set him up. EJ said he did it so he could run DiMera. Chad said he already ran DiMera. EJ said he wanted to do it by himself. Chad said he didn’t have to set him up to run it. He said he could show that he was a better worker. EJ wondered who could have set him up if it wasn’t Chad. He said it could be Rafe or Lucas. Lucas asked Sami if Jason stuck to the same story that EJ was the one who set up the kidnapping. She said he did. He asked if it changed her opinion about her husband. Maggie talked to Jack and Jennifer about Gwen. Maggie said she knew Gwen did bad things to Abby, but she cared about Xander. Jennifer wondered if it was about Sarah. Lucas and Sami argued over EJ being the one who kidnapped her. She asked why he would do it. She said he could have done it while she was there. EJ, Chad and Abby continued to talk about who could have set him up for the kidnapping. Eric and Nicole talked about him being a priest.

Maggie continued to defend Xander. Jack said their friendship was over. He said Xander lied to him. Maggie said she did her part for Xander. She said whatever he did was up to him. Nicole and Eric talked about EJ. She told him she believed EJ didn’t kidnap Sami. Eric couldn’t believe she believed him. She wanted to know why Eric was there. He said he wanted to see her before he left. She asked if it was going back to Africa. He said he was. Chad and Abby told EJ that he should stay away from DiMera because the shareholders wouldn’t like it. EJ didn’t think that was a good idea. Sami asked Lucas why EJ wouldn’t kidnap her sooner. She didn’t believe he would wait to do it. Lucas asked who else would have done it. Gwen was upset that Xander wanted to find Sarah. He said he didn’t want to find her to be back with her. She thought he wanted to be with her. He said he wanted to make sure Sarah was okay. He said she lied about where she has been. EJ called Sami. Lucas told her not to answer the phone. She answered it. EJ wanted her to meet him at the mansion. She said she would meet him there.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny accused Allie of being in love with Chanel. Allie said his accusation was ridiculous. She didn’t want to see her best friend get hurt. Chanel thought she would be happy for her. Allie wished she could be happy for her, but reminded her of the mistake she made with Xander. She assured her that she and Johnny were in love. Allie believed that he would break her heart. They kept arguing about it before they decided to leave. Tripp asked Allie if Johnny was right. He wanted to know if she was in love with Chanel. Allie denied being in love with her. He said she seemed emphatic about it. She thought he should know how she felt about him. John was happy to see Eric. He took off his coat and John saw that he was a priest again. Eric. He said Nicole’s words about him never changing after taking off the collar made him look into it again. John said his timing was perfect. Mardevil taunted Lucas about telling Sami the secret he was keeping from her. Sami wanted to know what she meant. Lucas said he loved her and would do anything to get her back. Eric walked in and interrupted them. Mardevil wasn’t happy to see Eric. Eric and Mardevil argued back and forth. Eric wanted to be alone with her. Sami, Lucas and John left the room. Mardevil said if Eric went up against her alone, he would die. She taunted him about Kristen and morphed into her.

Brady and Belle arrived at the townhouse. Brady told Lucas that he didn’t hurt Philip. Lucas said he believed him. John told them that Father Eric was helping her. Belle and Brady were shocked that Eric was a priest again. Brady didn’t think Eric should fight her alone. Eric was shocked to see the footage of Kristen drugging him and raping him. Brady walked in to help Eric. Belle told how she found Shawn in bed with Jan. She argued with Sami because she brought Jan to town. John wanted them to stop arguing. Eric and Brady came back out in the room. Eric told them they had to fight the devil as a family. He thought it was the only way to save their mothers soul. Marlena’s family gathered around her bed. Eric blessed them and told them to say a group prayer. Mardevil said it wouldn’t work and that Marlena was her for life. Eric wanted them to talk to Marlena and pray God heard it. John held his cross while Eric continued with the exorcism. John asked God to remind Marlena that they all loved her. Mardevil yelled out before going limp. She closed her eyes. John whispered Marlena’s name. She opened her eyes and smiled at John. She assured him that she was really her. She said they all saved her. John and Eric untied her from the bed.

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Days Short Recap Monday, December 27, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina told Abe that Johnny and Chanel were married. Eli and Lani saw them so Paulina wished them a Merry Christmas. Lani kept walking so Paulina screamed out that Chanel was married. Lani was shocked and stopped walking. She thanked her for telling her. Paulina offered her a gift for the twins. It was a kaleidoscope of family pictures. Lani said her mother gave her something like that. She didn’t want the gift. Eli told her to take the gift. Lani took the gift and thanked her. Chanel let Johnny know that she was afraid his parents weren’t going to like that they were married. He said his parents had bigger problems than that. He was talking about his father being arrested for kidnapping his mother. He thought she might have had second thoughts about marrying him. She assured him that she was all in. He wanted to tell Allie the news. She was uncomfortable with the idea. Later, Johnny and Chanel arrived at Nicole’s place to see Allie. She thought they were there to talk about EJ being arrested for kidnapping their mother. They went back and forth about it. Johnny told her the real reason why they were there. Johnny and Chanel showed off their rings. Allie was upset and told them they made a mistake. They thought she would be happy for them. Allie reminded Chanel that Johnny was a player. Allie and Chanel started arguing until Johnny defended their love. He thought Allie was jealous. Johnny told Tripp that Allie wanted Chanel for herself.

Nicole went to see EJ at the station. She asked him if he kidnapped Sami. He denied doing it. He said a few people would frame him for the kidnapping. He listed the people who would have framed him. He considered Rafe his number one suspect. Nicole thought Lucas might have done it before Rafe. EJ wasn’t sure if Lucas had the nerve to do it. He realized it could have been Lucas. Nicole changed her mind about Lucas, but he thought it was possible. Nicole wanted to kidnap her too. He said he didn’t do it. They realized they had to find out who did it or he would spend New Year’s in prison. John got ready for Marlena’s exorcism. He wanted to get her back, but Mardevil refused to let it happen. Sami was at the townhouse when Lucas arrived. She told him about John and Marlena. Sami told him what happened at the Horton house. She was afraid that her mother would have turned John into a goat. He wanted to distract her so he talked to her about EJ kidnapping her. They were taking about it when they heard a noise. John grabbed rosary and the Bible. He threw holy water on her. The water burned her skin. Sami and Lucas arrived and saw what happened. Sami wanted John to stop what he was doing. John took Sami out of the room. He called Lucas to come with them. Mardevil slammed the door so he couldn’t leave. She told him that she knew he kidnapped Sami. She didn’t make him do it but she planted the seed in his head. She threatened to tell Sami what he did if he didn’t help her. John comforted Sami when they noticed Lucas wasn’t with them. Mardevil demanded that Lucas untie her. He was about to when Sami saw him. She wanted to know what he was doing. He lied and said he was retying her ropes. Mardevil said he was lying about everything. John asked God for a sign when there was a knock on the door. Eric was at the door.

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Days Update Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Johnny is starting to think Allie is jealous which Tripp questions. Johnny remarks that Allie wants his wife all to herself. Allie asks what he’s talking about. Johnny accuses Allie of still being in love with Chanel.

At the police station, Brady thanks Belle for getting the charges dropped. Belle says they shouldn’t have been filed in the first place. Brady says he spent Christmas in a jail cell, so he thanks her again. Belle tells him to also thank Chloe since she got Victor and Kate to drop the declaration of Philip’s death. Brady thinks that’s the first time Chloe has been successful in changing either of their minds. Belle says without the declaration, Melinda really didn’t have a case as everything was circumstantial so Brady is in the clear. Brady responds that all he wanted for Christmas was to get out of jail so he calls it a Christmas miracle. Belle hopes for another one in regards to Marlena. Belle says now that Marlena has been caught, John has been trying an exorcism. Brady points out that she had all this on her mind and she’s still here for his sake. Brady hugs her and says he’s sorry. Belle says at least here she can do something but admits she’s really scared.

John answers the door to see Eric Brady has returned to Salem. John hugs him and thanks God that he’s there. Eric says as soon as they hung up last night, he booked his flight. Eric asks how Marlena is. John says he honestly doesn’t know because they aren’t dealing with his mom, they are dealing with “it”. Eric asks if he’s alone. John informs him that Lucas and Sami are in there with her now, hopefully holding The Devil at bay.

Sami questions what Marlena is talking about in regards to Lucas lying to her. Lucas points out that it’s not Marlena, it’s the Devil trying to stir up trouble. The Devil says that’s true because that’s what he does, but the truth is that Lucas is keeping a secret and they both know it. Lucas thinks back to The Devil revealing that he knows about Lucas kidnapping Sami. The Devil then tells Lucas that Sami is going to find out one way or another, so he asks if Lucas wants to tell her or if he should.

Allie tells Johnny that’s ridiculous since she’s in love with Tripp. Johnny questions why she’s so against him marrying Chanel then. Allie argues that she knows Johnny’s history and Chanel is her best friend so she doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Chanel points out that she’s not Allie’s best friend anymore, she’s her sister in law, and she really hoped she would be happy for them. Chanel asks if Allie thinks she can do that.

Sami tells Lucas to just tell her as it can’t be that bad. The Devil says he wouldn’t count on that. Sami threatens the Devil with holy water. Sami pleads with Lucas to just tell her whatever it is. Lucas states that the truth is he’s been lying to her. The Devil urges that the truth will set him free. Lucas claims that he’s been lying about his feelings for her as he loves her so much. Sami says of course he does which The Devil laughs at. Sami says they’ve talked about that and she knows. Lucas says there is more and something she doesn’t know.

Eric tells John that he’s so sorry that he’s having to go through this for a second time. John says not to worry about him and just focus on casting the demon out to get Marlena back to them. Eric asks if there’s been any luck so far. John says he’s read scripture but the Devil has such a strong hold on Marlena and he doesn’t fight fair. Eric knows he must be exhausted. John says he just had to take a moment to try and recharge. Eric declares that he has backup now and he happens to be well suited for the job as he removes his scarf, revealing that he is wearing his clerical collar from when he was a priest.

Allie wishes she could be happy for Chanel but points out that she made this mistake before with Xander. Johnny questions her comparing him to Xander now. Allie says there are some striking resemblances. Chanel assures that she and Johnny are in love and he’s been there for her like no other guy has so they are in this for the long haul. Allie responds that she’s sorry but she’s wrong, insisting that Johnny will break her heart sooner than later.

Kayla and Steve talk at the hospital about Tripp being in the hospital bed instead of Jan. They are thankful that Tripp is alright. Steve mentions that Shawn is taking Jan back to prison where she belongs, so things are looking up. Kayla says not quite since they still have to get the Devil out of Marlena. Steve tells her that John is going to try an exorcism today. Kayla asks if they can help. Steve says all they can do is pray and have faith that John and the family can get Marlena back.

John says that when Eric told him last night that he went back to the priesthood, it seemed like God must have had a hand in giving them just what they need to get Marlena back just when they need it. Eric agrees that it was God’s will. John asks why now. Eric explains that when everything blew up with Nicole, something she said really hit home. Eric says that when he took the collar off a few years ago, it never really changed who he was, so when he went to the Congo, he inquired to the church but didn’t want to say anything until it was a done deal. John tells him that his timing couldn’t be better because he has the strongest faith of any man he’s ever known and he’s going to need it.

Lucas tells Sami that she doesn’t know how much he loves her. The Devil mocks him so Sami throws holy water on Devil Marlena. Sami tells Lucas to do this faster and asks what it is. Lucas states that he loves her so much that he would do anything for them to get back together. Eric and John then walk in to the room. The Devil says look what the cat dragged in. Sami sees that Eric is a priest again. Eric informs her that he and Nicole broke up. Sami says she’s so sorry. Eric says not now as they have more important things to do. Eric tells The Devil not to put God to the test. The Devil questions if he is God. Eric responds that he works for him. The Devil is surprised as he thought Eric was sharing his wondrous gifts with strangers and to hell with his own family. Eric responds that it will actually be to Hell with him. The Devil declares that his work here is not finished but Eric says he is finished and his mother is coming back to them. The Devil says it’s too late for that. Eric argues that Marlena is not giving up and is fighting with all she’s got, so he and God are going to make damn sure she wins.

Johnny tells Allie that he’s sick and tired of her trashing him when he is her twin and she’s supposed to be on his side no matter what. Allie argues that it doesn’t give him a free pass. Johnny calls her as bad as mom. Allie responds that he’s as bad as his dad which is really bad. Chanel suggests they just go. Allie clarifies that she’s not mad at Chanel. Chanel says it’s Christmas morning and this isn’t very merry. Johnny declares that Chanel is his wife and that’s not going to change as they exit together. Allie calls Johnny such a jerk. Tripp says maybe but asks if he was right. Tripp then asks Allie if she’s in love with Chanel.

Eric thinks it’s best if he does this alone. The Devil mocks Lucas and Sami. The Devil warns Lucas about a relationship built on lies. Sami tells Eric to get their mom back for them as she and Lucas exit the room. Eric thinks John should go too. John asks if he’s sure he can’t help. Eric tells John to pray, but for now he needs to do this alone. Eric adds that God will help him. John then exits the room. The Devil calls Eric arrogant for doing this alone. Eric says he’s not alone because he’s with God. The Devil questions him believing all that’s going to help him. The Devil warns Eric that if he tries to challenge his power, he will die.

Sami hopes Eric knows what he’s doing and what he’s up against. John prays that it will be alright and says if Eric needs them, he will let them know. Belle then brings Brady home. Sami and John rush up to hug Brady, who confirms that all the charges have been dropped. Brady tells Lucas that he doesn’t know what happened, but he swears he didn’t hurt Philip. Lucas responds that he believes him, so Brady thanks him. Brady asks about Marlena. John reveals that Eric is with her now. Brady questions him being alone. John then informs Brady that Eric went back to the priesthood so he’s not facing her alone..

The Devil asks if Eric’s priest outfit is a Halloween costume. Eric informs him that he’s been reinstated. The Devil brings up the video of Eric having sex with Kristen years ago. Eric reminds that Kristen had drugged him. The Devil questions that letting him off the hook. Eric brings up the cardinal giving him permission to return to the priesthood but he turned it down because he felt he had lost his calling, but now he has found it again. The Devil would’ve thought his true calling would have been the adult entertainment business. Eric says he can throw the video in his face all he wants. Devil Marlena then transforms in to Kristen, asking Eric if he wants to make a sequel.

Steve dresses up as Santa Claus at the hospital. Kayla takes a picture of him to send to their kids. Steve mentions missing them. Kayla says it was so nice having their son Joey here last year. Steve says it’s too bad he and Stephanie are stuck in Seattle but at least they are together. Kayla talks about how many years they’ve been doing the hospital Christmas party and the memories making her think of who can’t be there. Steve reminds her that the whole point was to brighten Christmas for the kids who can’t be home. Kayla agrees and they kiss.

Allie assures Tripp that she’s not in love with Chanel and that she’s just her best friend, so she wants to see her happy. Tripp thinks her reaction was a little more emphatic than that. Allie argues that it’s just because she knows it’s not going to work out and that worries her. Allie asks Tripp if he doesn’t know by now that he’s the one she loves. Allie kisses him and asks if he believes that.

Belle is surprised to learn that Eric went back to the priesthood. Brady notes that wasn’t long since he just got his divorced finalized a little while ago. Belle asks if Eric said why he did that. Sami remarks that if anyone could make a man swear off women, it’s Nicole. John thinks it was more a matter of faith. Belle says it’s good for Marlena and asks if he’s doing the exorcism. John confirms that he just started. Brady remains unsure as he doesn’t think Eric should be in there alone, fighting the Devil.

Eric is shocked as Devil Kristen talks about the Devil taking many forms. Eric says it’s just an illusion and tells her that he’s not interested. Devil Kristen brings up their past time. Eric repeats that he was drugged. Devil Kristen then makes their sex tape video appear on a laptop. Eric argues that he wasn’t himself. Devil Kristen thinks he was the real him and urges him to just give in, saying no one will ever know. Brady walks in and tells Eric not to listen to her as it’s just another one of the Devil’s tricks. Devil Kristen tells Brady that he doesn’t have to be jealous as she’ll always have a special place in her heart for him and offers to show him. Brady passes. Devil Kristen says that Brady could never resist him. Eric argues that the Devil is wasting his time and thanks Brady for bringing him back to reality as he was starting to fall. Brady assures that he has Eric’s back. The Devil transforms back in to Marlena and declares that they are no match for him, so they won’t win. Eric responds that The Devil is absolutely right. Brady argues that they aren’t giving up. Eric declares that they are going to take a whole new approach to this.

Belle tells Sami and Lucas about finding Shawn in bed with Jan Spears, who the Devil made look exactly like Belle. Sami jokes that she should’ve used that with EJ. Belle argues that it’s not funny and blames Sami for bringing Jan Spears back in to their lives in the first place. Sami tells her to blame Nicole for trying to steal her grandchild. John stops them and says they are not going to have a house divided as they are fighting Satan, not themselves, so they have to maintain a united front. Eric and Brady come back out. Eric declares that John is right as none of them are strong enough to beat the Devil so they need to set aside their differences to work together as a family since that’s the only hope they have of saving Marlena’s soul.

Allie asks Tripp if he knows that she loves him. Tripp confirms that he does and he loves her too. They kiss until Allie gets a call from John. Allie answer and asks if there’s any news on Marlena.

The Devil says to Marlena that her loved ones are circling the wagons and the fight for her soul is about to begin. The Devil declares that he is going to win it forever.

Steve as Santa has Kayla sit on his lap. Steve surprises her with a bracelet pendant and says he thought it would go nice with the necklace he got her on their honeymoon as they flashback to their honeymoon years ago. Steve says all these years later, she’s still his anchor. Kayla says she loves it and she loves him as they kiss.

Tripp walks through the town square with Henry in his stroller and runs in to Chanel. Tripp tells Chanel that he wanted to say sorry about before and hopes they can still be friends. Chanel says they will remain neutral. Tripp asks if Johnny got a call from John like Allie did. Chanel confirms that he did and she hopes Marlena will be okay. Tripp mentions taking Henry to the hospital for the kids Christmas party and invites Chanel to come along since Johnny is otherwise engaged. Chanel accepts his invite and walks off with Tripp and Henry.

Johnny and Allie arrive at John and Marlena’s. Johnny guesses they both got the same call. Johnny says today is about Marlena and everything else can wait. Allie knocks on the door. Sami answers and hugs them, saying she’s so glad they could all be together but wishes it was under different circumstances. Sami sends Johnny inside so she can talk to Allie for a second. Sami knows it’s not the right time for this conversation but she tells Allie that Paulina told her something that she wanted to verify with her. Allie agrees that this is not the time at all. Sami says of course and takes her inside. Allie hugs Eric and says she didn’t know he was back. Eric says he’ll explain later but right now they need to focus on saving Marlena. Lucas decides he’s going to go since this is definitely a family situation. Lucas says he’ll be praying for everybody. Lucas tells Allie to call him later and tells Sami he will see her soon. Sami thanks Lucas as he exits. Sami starts to talk to Johnny about things between them but Johnny says today is about Marlena. Johnny asks what they are doing. Eric responds that it’s an exorcism and it’s going to be very emotionally and physically exhausting and very dangerous, so if anyone doesn’t want to be a part of it then they can say no now. Allie talks about everything Marlena has done for them and says she’s not leaving. Johnny says if Allie can take it, so can he. Eric thinks it’s a good sign that they are doing this on Christmas day. Eric knows Allie is not alone in thinking of all the good things Marlena has done for them so now it’s time for them all to come together in her hour of need.

Eric leads Sami, John, Brady, Belle, Allie, and Johnny to the bedroom where they surround Devil Marlena in the bed. The Devil remarks on the gang being all here and suggests Johnny’s here to do some research for his movie. Johnny responds that he’s here for his grandmother. John tells Johnny not to engage her. Eric calls to begin the exorcism as he gives everyone the sign of the cross while Sami prays the rosary. Eric has everyone join hands to say the Our Father prayer. The wind begins to blow in the room. The Devil shouts that they can pray all they’d like but nothing is going to bring back Marlena as she is his for eternity as the Devil laughs maniacally. Eric continues the exorcism until Devil Marlena suddenly stops moving. They show relief but The Devil laughs again and asks if that’s all they’ve got. Belle cries that this is so much worse than she thought it was going to be. The Devil says he figured Belle would be the first to fold as she was the first to give up on Marlena when she was in a coma. The Devil asks about Belle’s marriage and how many times she’s betrayed her husband. The Devil calls Belle nothing but a cheap slut. Sami yells at The Devil not to talk to her like that. The Devil then calls Sami a professional slut defending the junior slut. Eric orders them not to engage and to focus. Eric tells them to talk to Marlena and pray to God that she will hear them.

Tripp and Chanel arrive at the hospital with Henry as Kayla is reading the Christmas story to the kids with Steve as Santa Claus.

Lucas goes to the Horton house and drops off gifts under the Christmas tree. Lucas looks up at the angel on the tree and prays for God to forgive him for what he did to Sami and to watch over Sami and the rest of Marlena’s family.

Eric continues the exorcism as everyone prays. Eric says The Devil is getting weaker but the Devil disagrees and calls their family a sham, always at war with each other. John argues that they always pull together when it counts and what counts most right now is their love for Marlena. John says this is now or never and they need Marlena to fight back to them. The Devil says it’s too late. John urges Marlena to look around at all of her family members and remember how much she loves them. Eric shouts to give way to Christ. John prays to remind Marlena what is at stake and that they need her and love her. Marlena then begins having individual flashbacks of times with Brady, Belle, Allie, Johnny, Sami, and John. The Devil screams no but then passes out. Everyone looks around at each other in shock. John reaches out to touch Marlena’s face. Marlena then wakes up and is herself again. John asks if it’s really her. Marlena confirms that it is. Marlena cries that they all saved her. John thanks God as they untie Marlena and rejoice around her in the room.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: [ Sighs ] Andy, can I get another one, please?

[ Groans ] Oh, hi. What are you doing here? I thought you were going to madison to take the kids to go see “the nutcracker.”

Victoria: Well, we rescheduled it because one of their friends from school is having a party, and I wanted them to have a chance to say goodbye before they left.

Billy: That’s good. That’s probably the right decision.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Billy: What, they’re not here with you, are they?

Victoria: Thankfully, no. They’re with hannah, so they don’t have to see you like this.

Billy: What, like, how, victoria? I’m fine.

Victoria: Drinking alone in the middle of the afternoon, really?

Billy: I mean, what’s the big deal? I’m having something stronger than a club soda while the sun’s out.

Victoria: Does lily know where you are? Because I doubt she’d be okay with this.

Billy: Well, that doesn’t concern you. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Victoria: I wish that i didn’t know what it feels like to be in her shoes.

Lily: Thank you.

Nate: Lily.

Lily: Hey.

Nate: Hi.

Lily: Here for a midday pick-me-up, as well?

Nate: Actually, I am headed upstairs to help elena start packing for the big move.

Lily: Aw, I’m so happy you guys are moving in together.

Nate: We are, too. Thank you.

Lily: Yeah, of course. Yeah. It seems like devon and amanda are really happy living together, as well, so guess everything worked out, right? Romantically, at least. But you and devon seemed to be getting along well on christmas.

Nate: Yeah, yeah, we’re good. I saw him earlier. We talked about dom and how much he missed having him around since abby and chance got back.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I noticed that, too. Seems like he’s grown really attached to the baby, but who can blame him? He’s so adorable.

Nate: I told him to talk to abby and chance about his feelings, maybe revisit their original arrangement. But devon didn’t seem sold on the idea, so not sure he’ll follow through.

Lily: Well, I think it might be better if he didn’T.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: All of my favorite guys in one room. This is amazing. How’s it going?

Chance: Better now. I mean, devon’s got some serious baby-whispering skills, I’ll tell you.

Abby: Well, we lucked out with the timing of your visit.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: Well, you know i always love to spend time with this little guy. I do. But I actually came by ’cause i wanted to discuss something with the two of you.

Phyllis: Hey. Are you back on work mode after the holiday?

Nick: Just a quick meeting.

Phyllis: Ah.

Nick: I see you in boss mode, too.

Phyllis: No, I mean, hotels don’t close during this time, so, anyway, I didn’t have any time off. That was fun, our video chat with summer and the gang.

Nick: Yeah, well, it was pretty clear harrison liked your christmas gift the best.

Phyllis: Oh, no. You know, it’s not a contest. But if it were, I’d win.

Nick: I’m actually wearing the gift you gave me right now.

Phyllis: I know. I smelled your essence. So don’t expect a birthday gift from me. I didn’t plan that far in advance.

Nick: I will lower my expectations, yeah. Besides, I gave myself the best birthday gift ever. I’m gonna go and see summer.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. That’s fun.

Nick: You’re upset you didn’t think about it first, right?

Phyllis: Well, no, of course not. I mean…aww, kind of. I would just love to see her, that’s all. But have so much fun. Really, enjoy your time with summer. Have a ball.

Billy: Ahh. Thank you, andy. Let’s not pretend that this isn’t exactly what you wanted, victoria.

Victoria: You think I want to see you self-destruct?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: You think I like sending our kids away to boarding school?

Billy: Okay —

Victoria: Do you know how hard it is to go to these lengths trying to protect them from seeing their father fall apart?

Billy: You could’ve stopped this whole thing. You knew exactly what adam and victor were doing. You basically gave them the green light. Like the red queen — “off with his head.”

Victoria: When are you gonna stop blaming other people for your problems, billy? You think my dad and adam drove you here? They didn’t force you to order that drink, did they?

Billy: No, they didn’t, but they sure as hell —

Victoria: I’ve heard enough. You know what? You don’t need this anymore.

Billy: Hey. Wow, wow, wow. Look who caused a mess now. Give me that.

Victoria: This is apple juice. What are you doing? You want me to think that you’ve been drinking too much? What — what are you up to, billy?

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provided by…

Billy: What’s the big deal? It’s a little early to have a scotch, even for me.

Victoria: You’re a grown man drinking apple juice at a bar. It’s not normal, billy.

Billy: Well, would you buy the fact that I, um, you know, bought it for johnny and katie and I acquired a taste for it?

Victoria: No. No, I wouldn’t buy that. It’s not plausible. Obviously, you ordered that because it looks a lot like scotch.

Billy: You’re the drink detective now?

Victoria: Why do you want me to think the worst of you? Are you trying to make me feel guilty because you lost your job? Is that what’s going on here? Because, if so, that’s the most passive-aggressive thing that I’ve ever witnessed. Not to mention it’s completely ineffective.

Billy: Well, you’re onto something there. It’s damn near impossible to get a newman to feel guilty about anything. It’s like the empathy gene skipped a few generations.

Victoria: That’s so nice. It must be the apple juice talking.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: Why don’t we get back to you? You’re trying to punish me or something. Is that why you’re playing the victim?

Billy: I’ve had enough fun for today, victoria. I’ll see you around.

Nick: This sudden impulse to go to italy is like a new year’s resolution/birthday gift to myself, you know? I guess I’m trying to be more spontaneous.

Phyllis: Ah. Well, that’s a downside about having your birthday on new year’s eve. Forces you to think. It’s a real thinker, you know? You’re examining your life choices and you’re thinking, “what the hell am I doing with my life?” You know? Um… not that you’re doing that. I’m sorry, I was just thinking out loud. Well, I admire that…you’re spontaneous — trying to be more spontaneous. That you’re examining your life choices. I mean, I could think of worse places to do that than milan with our daughter. Have so much fun, really. And if you need anything from over here, just say the word.

Nick: Well, I, uh — i appreciate it, but I’m not really your problem anymore.

Phyllis: Okay. Alright. Well, that is true. Have a good time.

Nick: Thank you.

Phyllis: And happy new year.

Nick: You too.

Nate: You think I made a mistake advising devon to talk to abby and chance?

Lily: Well, look, I know that your heart’s in the right place, but having been on the other side of this situation, you know, where I had mac help me bring the twins into the world, I just — I know how sensitive it can be.

Nate: Mm. Maybe I should have told him to talk to you instead of throwing my two cents in about something that’s way out of my personal experience.

Lily: No, it’s fine. I mean, look, new parents are just overwhelmed with gratitude and joy and relief that they finally have, you know, their little miracles in the world. But there’s also a lot of doubt, too. I mean, when I was gonna have the twins, you know, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be a parent. So, if devon comes to them and, you know, says something, it might make them feel like he’s implying he can do a better job.

Nate: No, I don’t think he would frame it like that.

Lily: Well, no, I’m just saying, from abby and chance’s perspective.

Nate: Listen, I have the utmost respect for the both of them, but I wonder if abby has looked at it from devon’s perspective. I mean, she left dom with him instead of her parents or siblings while she searched for chance. That right there told him that he was the one most equipped to take care of that baby.

Lily: Yeah, but she was going through a crisis. I mean, I doubt she thought things through.

Nate: Now they have to deal with the repercussions. I just hope they can resolve this and everyone comes out happy.

Lily: Well, look, they’re all friends, they all love dominic. I’m sure they’ll figure something out that everyone is comfortable with, so… anyway, I have to go and chat with my little babies, so I’ll see you later. And please tell elena I said hi.

Nate: Yes, will do.

Lily: Okay, bye.

Nate: Bye-bye. Hmm.

Abby: Well, dominic is down for his nap, so what’s up?

Devon: Nice. How about we all take a seat?

Abby: Okay.

Devon: I just want to start off by saying what an incredible experience this has been so far, being dominic’s godfather and even being able to watch him while you guys were out of town.

Chance: Yeah, yeah, well, we are so grateful that we have you to rely on, really. It means the world to us.

Devon: It means the world to me to be able to help you guys out, and I also want to tell you just how much I appreciate you guys for being so open about wanting dominic to know who I am and just for making me feel so welcome, being here.

Abby: Of course. You’re part of our family. And the bond that you share with our son is special and important.

Devon: I-I couldn’t agree more. Which is why I wanted to talk to you guys about amending our agreement. I just heard something amazing!

Chance: I’m sorry, I — I may have missed something here. You were just saying how well things were going.

Devon: They are, they are. This — this whole experience has been — it’s been more than I ever anticipated. Like, I — I obviously planned on caring about dominic and feeling a bond with him because of our biological connection, you know? But so much has happened that none of us could have predicted. Like, I-I never imagined that i would be a part of dominic’s delivery, you know, and his birth, or that I would be the first person to hold him, you know, in his life. It was a special moment. The moment became probably one of the most significant moments in my life.

Abby: Well, it was amazing to witness.

Devon: And I also — I never expected you to leave him with me the way you did, you know? I’m happy that you did because i loved every second of it, and i feel like that time that we had together really cemented our bond, and it’s got me thinking a lot about the arrangement that we have. And I think that that arrangement makes sense for the idea that I had of the kind of relationship I was gonna have with dominic, like a family friend, someone who, you know, comes over for the holidays or for birthdays and graduations and stuff like that. But it’s turned into a whole lot more for me. I’m hoping that we can all agree that that’s a good thing for dominic, too. I guess what I’m trying to ask you guys is if you would consider amending this agreement that we have to better reflect how I’m feeling.

Chance: What would you like to change?

Devon: I mean, for starters, I would just like to spend more time with dominic.

Abby: Well, you know you’re always able to come over here and visit whenever you’d like.

Devon: I do. I was thinking, though, more in terms of — of time, you know, scheduled for just the two of us, where we can plan it out and we can, you know, look forward to it. I was even thinking, too, i mean, he can — he can have his own room in my place for when he stays over.

Abby: Okay. [ Sighs ] Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you’re asking for shared custody.

Devon: I don’t think I would use those words — not “custody” — but, practically speaking, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Lily: Well, I’m so glad you guys are having fun. I’m really jealous of your surf and sand. But have a good time, okay? And call me tomorrow. Okay, love you. Bye. Kids are having a good time with their dad in hawaii.

Billy: That’s great.

Lily: How are you? Uh-oh, what happened?

Billy: I might’ve thrown a wrench into the plan.

[ Sighs ] I ran into victoria at society, and I was, you know, “drunk billy in despair,” and she started asking me questions about why I was drinking during the day, and she — she grabbed my drink from me. She figured out it was apple juice, and she started to question me again and I didn’t really have an answer for her, you know? I was caught off guard and i didn’t have a cover story in the moment.

Lily: And you think she’s not gonna be able to let it go?

Billy: She’s either gonna figure out what I’m doing or she’s gonna talk to someone. And if she goes to jack, he’s gonna tell her the truth.

Lily: You know if she tells nikki, nikki for sure is gonna tell victor.

Billy: This isn’t good. This isn’t good, damn it. I mean, we were this close to tricking adam. I just hope that I didn’t push it too far. I mean, all of this could be for nothing now. And I know you probably wouldn’t mind if that happened.

Lily: [ Sighs ] I mean, look, it’s no surprise that I don’t love watching you pretend to fall apart, but i understand how important it is for you to redeem yourself publicly. But you might have to find another way.

Billy: Or we figure out a way to keep victoria quiet.

Lily: I mean, do you really think that’s possible? You’re not exactly her favorite person since you brought gaines to her wedding.

Billy: That’s for sure.

[ Sighs ] But I got to try. (Vo) at dog chow we believe helping dogs live their best life…

Abby: I’m sorry, I guess I’m just a bit confused. Did we do something to make you feel left out or like you weren’t included? I mean, I can’t think of a single instance of that happening. I mean, you always said that you felt very welcome here. I mean, you’ve been included in everything in dominic’s life.

Devon: 100%, I do. I always have, and, guys, please, don’t — don’t think this is about anything you’ve done. It’s not that. This is only about me wanting to spend more time with dominic, honestly. ‘Cause I — I’ve been thinking a lot lately myself about my history with father figures, and, you know, I didn’t have one in my life until I met neil. And I didn’t know my biological father until much later in life. And I just — I know how important those relationships are to kids and also, I mean, on top of everything, we don’t know what the future holds.

Chance: What do you mean you don’t know what the future holds? What do you think might happen in the future?

Devon: Well, I’m not — I’m not worried that something’s gonna happen, but I think that if this last year has taught us anything, it’s that life is very unpredictable. And I just want dominic to know that he can always count on me, and not as a father. I don’t want to take that role from you. I want to make that very clear. I just want to be somebody that loves him and supports him, that’s it.

Abby: Isn’t that already happening? I mean, as little as dominic is, I can still tell that he loves and trusts you.

Devon: Absolutely, and i thank you for saying that, which is why I felt so confident to come over and — and ask you guys if we could put something in writing.

Abby: [ Sighs, chuckles ] Wow.

Chance: Listen, I get where you’re coming from.

Devon: Thanks.

Chance: I do, I do. But abby and I will talk about this by ourselves, and then we’ll circle back and discuss it with you further, okay?

Devon: Sounds good. Thank you.

Chance: Yeah.

Devon: Please take your time thinking about it. But I appreciate you listening. I’ll talk to you guys later.

Abby: I don’t understand this.

Chance: I do. It’s because of me.

Phyllis: Hey.

Lauren: Hey.

Phyllis: What brings you by the grand phoenix?

Lauren: Oh, I just wrapped up a lunch meeting.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, well, I’m glad you’re not one of my exes.

Lauren: Oh, really? Which one, pray tell, nick or jack?

Phyllis: Both, both, both. Nick just now.

Lauren: And?

Phyllis: [ Groans ] He told me he’s going to visit summer. I’m jealous.

Lauren: Well, what’s stopping you from hopping on a plane to italy? Anything?

Phyllis: No, I can’t do that. You know that. That would be so awkward and weird and look like a stalker. No, no. Besides, you know, the hotel, I mean, it’s the holiday season. I can’t go anywhere.

Lauren: Alright, so you’ll plan it for a different time.

Phyllis: Yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Lauren: Huh. Jack just texted me. He’s gone to new york. He canceled our meeting for tomorrow. So doesn’t look like you’re gonna be running into him for a while.

Phyllis: Wait, jack went out of town to do business? Who does that during the holiday?

Lauren: Uh, I don’t know. Must’ve been a last-minute emergency.

Phyllis: Or maybe he left town to get away from me.

Nick: Hey, let me help you with that.

Sharon: Thanks. Coffee’s on the house.

Nick: Oh. Well, I really just came by because I wanted to talk to you. I need to ask you a favor.

Sharon: Sure.

Nick: Well, you should hear what it is first, ’cause it’s kind of a big deal.

[ Phone buzzes ]

Victoria: Yes.

[ Sighs ] Fine, send them in.

[ Groans ]

Lily: Hello.

Victoria: I thought you had had enough fun for the day.

Billy: I’m here to discuss something a little bit more serious.

Victoria: Oh, serious. You mean sober?

Billy: Ha-ha.

Victoria: Well, it looks like you’re back to your old self.

[ Sighs ] That must be a relief for you.

Lily: Well, it’s not a relief because it was never a concern.

Victoria: So you’re in on whatever bizarre game it is that billy’s playing. That time you came to me and you asked me what signs you should look for if — if billy was suffering a relapse, that was totally insincere. You were just playing on my emotion?

Lily: I’m really sorry about that.

Billy: But there was a reason for all of it, and I hope once i explain it to you, you will understand and maybe even come on to our side.

Victoria: Oh. I highly doubt that.

Billy: Just hear me out, please. Don’t settle for products that give you a sort-of white smile.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: And turnabout is fair play, so now, all I have to do is get adam to publish and article about my supposed downward spiral.

Victoria: To what end?

Billy: I prove that I haven’t been drinking or gambling, and i threaten to sue newman media unless they publicly acknowledge the pain that they caused chanccomm and my reputation.

Victoria: You know, billy, only you would come up with a plan this stupid. You want to try to redeem yourself by pretending to be a drunken failure, when the solution is right there, right in front of your face? Get another job. Work at jabot or chancellor industries. Work hard, do well.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: Earn your good name back.

Billy: Right, and that would mean victor and adam get away with what they did, and that’s not gonna happen. And if they did the same thing to you, you would not take it laying down.

Victoria: Yes, because i would have caught them before they had a chance to do anything.

Billy: Okay, great. You’re savvier than I am. You’re the ceo of the year. You happy with that?

Lily: Okay, look, i understand your concerns. I had the same ones as you. This is a very outside-the-box kind of plan. But there’s also a poetic justice to it. I mean, do you really want adam to come out on top? He continues to get away with things that he does. That’s been his M.O. His entire life.

Victoria: How I feel about adam is irrelevant.

Lily: Is it, though? ‘Cause you did try to intervene when he was attempting to scoop up chanccomm.

Victoria: Well, don’t misunderstand that. Making a play for chanccomm was a financially sound decision that I made for this business. I wasn’t doing it to try to rescue billy. I don’t have that compulsion anymore.

Billy: I don’t need rescuing. I just need you to stay out of this. Just wash your hands clean of me, like you’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I will succeed or fail on my own.

Victoria: So you want me to stay silent while you set a trap for my father?

Billy: What I am doing is proving to victor that adam has no place running newman media, the company that was handed to him on a silver platter. And I am going to take him down. And I know, deep down, you want to see that happen, too. So just stay out of the way, okay? Forget that we even saw each other today.

Victoria: I resent being put in the middle of this mess. None of this would be happening right now if you had just listened to me in the first place and left ashland alone.

Billy: Yes, I made some mistakes, but I also got screwed over, okay?

Lily: Look, um, we get this is a lot to ask of you, so we’re gonna go and give you some time to think it over, and we’ll wait to hear back from you.

Victoria: Don’t hold your breath.

Sharon: Of course, I’ll watch christian while you go to milan. I won’t even consider that doing you a favor because I will have so much fun doing it.

Nick: Well, thank you. I really appreciate it.

Sharon: I’m really glad that you didn’t change your mind about going on the trip.

Nick: Yeah, I figure it’s gonna be a great way to ring in the new year and celebrate my birthday.

Sharon: Well, I was thinking there might be a little bit more to it than that because, on christmas eve, you seemed sort of pensive and, I don’t know, reflective. And then faith mentioned something about a dream you had? Um, yeah. It’s not a big deal. I mean, I barely even remember it.

Sharon: Okay. If you say so.

Nate: Hey, guys.

Sharon: Hey, nate.

Nick: Hey, man.

Nate: Hey. Sharon, you mind if I grab a couple of coffees from you?

Sharon: Of course. I’ll be right back.

Abby: Don’t blame yourself.

Chance: Mm.

Abby: Look, he said specifically that this was not a reaction to us or anything that we did.

Chance: I know, but he did say that his bond strengthened with dominic after he delivered him and after he took care of him while you were gone. All of those things happened because I went on that mission.

Abby: Just stop. I refuse to let you beat yourself up over this anymore. Yes, devon and dominic, they have a very special bond, and i meant what I said, I think that’s a beautiful thing. But if we want to blame someone, let’s just go ahead and blame me.

Chance: Oh.

Abby: Because I am the one that let devon take care of dominic while I was away. I mean, I should’ve just left him with one of our moms.

Chance: No, abby, when he said the future is unpredictable, he meant me. He doesn’t trust me. He doesn’t think I can come through for you or dom.

Abby: That’s a big leap. What makes you think that?

Chance: [ Sighs ] Because I might have said some things to him the other night that I probably shouldn’t have said.

Abby: What exactly did you say?

Chance: [ Sighs ]


Phyllis: You know, despite jack’s very thoughtful offer to spend christmas eve night with his family, I had to turn him down.

Lauren: I don’t get that. Why?

Phyllis: Really? Okay, I already crashed the whole gathering at the chancellor house earlier. I just couldn’t bring myself to have dinner with the abbotts that evening, that’s all.

Lauren: I’m sure jack would not have included you unless he knew that you were going to feel welcomed.

Phyllis: His sisters, they hate me, honestly. I mean, they would’ve been polite, but, you know, I’m gonna consider it my christmas gift to them that I didn’t show up. I don’t — maybe jack was upset. I don’t know.

Lauren: I’m sure he felt rejected. And you know what? I’m really not buying this excuse because the phyllis i know would revel in the opportunity to make ashley and traci feel uncomfortable.

This is about you and jack.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is. It’s about me and jack. Definitely. We’re in a weird place right now, very delicate, and I don’t want to screw things up by pushing out of the friendship into something else.

Lauren: Well, it sounds like your fear has already caused some sort of damage to your relationship.

Phyllis: Okay, well, what do I do?

Lauren: Well, it depends how long he’s going to be in new york. Maybe you make it up to him on new year’s eve.

Nate: [ Whistles ] Hey, hey, how’s it going?

Devon: Hey, man. I’m not sure how it’s going yet, ’cause I just got back from abby and chance’s, and I took your advice, did what you suggested, and I talked to them about how i was feeling about dominic and asked about amending the agreement that we have so we could spend more time together.

Nate: And how did they take it?

Devon: Abby was surprised that I wasn’t satisfied with the way things are currently.

Nate: What about chance? Did he feel threatened?

Devon: I — I made it as clear as I could that I’m not trying to take his place in dominic’s life, but, you know, by the end of the conversation, he said that he understood where I was coming from.

Nate: That sounds like a good sign.

Abby: Devon told me about your conversation at society, and he made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal. I mean, he said that you were having a hard time adjusting to life back at home. But, I mean, I already knew that. Was there more to it than that?

Chance: Look, abby, I…

[ Sighs ] I was just a little restless. Okay? I was on edge. I should’ve just kept my thoughts to myself, or at least been aware of who I was talking to. I mean, devon’s our baby boy’s biological father. Of course my mental state’s gonna concern him.

Abby: What kind of concerns do you think he has?

Chance: I may have just hinted that I’m just a little bit overwhelmed. You know, not just at life at home, but about being a father. You know, I’m trying to make up for not being here when my son needed me. When I chose to go on a mission that went horribly wrong. I — but, baby, I want you to know, being a father is a dream come true for me. It is. It truly is, but it is happening under circumstances that none of us could have ever imagined. And, abby, it is so much harder than I thought it would be. I mean, and then you got devon over here who’s been here since the baby’s first breath. He instinctively understands dominic. He’s able to calm him down when he’s upset. He’s doing things that maybe i can’T.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Well, um…I guess I just didn’t realize how much you were struggling. But the way that you’re feeling, I think it’s natural. I mean, you’re just getting to know dominic. Your relationship, it’s gonna grow with him over time.

Chance: Yeah, I know, I know, I know. You’re right. I just think telling devon all that has made him feel like he needs to take action because he doesn’t know if he can count on me.

Billy: The silence is deafening.

Lily: Look, you might have to accept the fact that victoria’s not gonna go along with your plan. I think she’s too upset with you for trying to dig into ashland’s past.

Billy: Yeah, well, she might not ever get over that.

Lily: You know, what she said about you having other ways to redeem yourself isn’t wrong. You know, if you’re not gonna take the coo job at chancellor, then come on as a consultant. I’m gonna consult with you anyway. You might as well take the title and salary, and then build your reputation back that way.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Billy: Or… we hit the bike trails every weekend

Abby: I think that we have to take devon at his word and understand that this doesn’t have anything to do with you or with me, it just has to do with his connection to dominic. And it kind of feels like what happened with mariah. She grew way more attached to dominic after he was born than anyone expected, and it just took some time and she realized that she had to step back and get a new perspective.

Chance: Yeah, yeah, I wasn’t there for all that.

Abby: I think that devon probably feels similarly. He just has a different approach. So we just need to be patient, and we will figure this out.

Chance: You think so?

Abby: Yeah, yeah. As long as we are in this together. But, you know, I do have to say that I’m a little bit worried that you didn’t come to me with all of this. I know that you are so happy to be a dad, and I understand that it’s probably frustrating that your connection with — with dominic didn’t click into place right away. But he’s gonna get bigger, and your connection with him is just gonna grow over time. But right now, we are just gonna have to think of different approaches. Yeah.

Chance: You’re amazing.

Abby: I know. I, um — I am in love. But please know that you can talk to me about anything. You’re not gonna scare me off or disappoint me. You might not realize it, but I’m pretty tough.

Chance: Well, I’m sorry you’ve had to be.

Abby: Stop. I am the luckiest woman in the world to be your wife. And I am so happy that you are home.

Nate: I’m encouraged that abby and chance are open to further discussion about your agreement.

Devon: Yeah, me too. Me too. I hope that they see that, you know, dominic spending more time with his godfather is a good thing. But I don’t want to talk your ear off. Coffee’s probably getting cold.

Nate: Elena’s probably thinking I’m trying to get out of helping her pack.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Come on, say hi. Come on.

Devon: Alright.

Sharon: Do you want a refill? Or do you want to ask me for another favor? Because I already agreed to watch christian, and you said you didn’t want to talk about your dream.

Nick: Okay, your intuition was correct. I have been wrestling with some things, and they have bubbled to the surface in my dream.

Sharon: So you want to talk about it?

Nick: No.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: Okay. Hey, if you change your mind, you know I’m always here for you, right?

Nick: Always.

Phyllis: You think I should spend new year’s with jack?

Lauren: Why not? I mean, worst case scenario, you’ll have a very pleasant evening with a very good friend.

Phyllis: If that’s the worst case scenario, then you lack imagination.

Lauren: Okay. Let’s go best case scenario. The clock strikes midnight, and would you want to be kissing jack?

Phyllis: Oh. I don’t — maybe.

Lauren: So this theoretical kiss, is that one on the cheek or is it on the lips?

Phyllis: Lauren, I don’t know. I don’t know. This whole thing is so complicated.

Lauren: Well, it’s a moot point because I just texted jack.

Phyllis: Did you text him and tell him that I wanted to spend new year’s eve with him? Are we in middle school?

Lauren: No! I would never do that. He doesn’t even know that I’m here. All I asked was how long he was going to be in new york. And he said a few weeks.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, a few weeks. Okay, good. See? Well, then it wasn’t m to be. It worked out. I mean, and it’s just for the best because me and jack and the holiday, that’s just — that’s just a bad mix.

[ Sighs ] Yeah.

Victoria: I still think this plan is outrageous and it’s flawed. I mean, there are a million things that can go wrong.

Billy: Is there a “but” in there somewhere?

Victoria: But I’ve given it some thought, and I’ve decided that I won’t get in your way.

Billy: Thank you.

Victoria: No, don’T. I haven’t finished. I’ll keep quiet for a price. I mean, if I go along with this, there has to be something in it for me.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, December 28, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


final thought. Milky way nature of his relationship with ms. Reeves? He did. D.A. Sheridan: Hearsay, your honor. Judge milford: Overruled. Could you be a little more specific? I overheard sonny say, “whatever happened between us in nixon falls, it has to come from me, and it will.” What was that, ms. Tait? What went on between the alleged victim and the accused? Love. Are you saying that sonny and nina, they fell in love in nixon falls? You would have to ask them that question. You think I want you to give me space? Well, what else can I think? I mean, sometimes you’re — you’re happy I’m around, but then other times, it’s — it’s like I’m annoying you or I’m in the way.

[ Clears throat ] Hey, you guys. Hey, sweetie. Brook lynn and chase are gonna be in charge. They’re gonna watch you while ned and I are out, okay? Got it? What do you have there, leo? So, how are you guys feeling? Uh, ready, no matter what we learn.

[ Sighing ] Yeah. Yeah, whatever leo needs, is what we said. How about you? You sure you can, uh, keep an eye on him? You know, last time we put you in charge, there was a — you lose a kid once, you can never live it down. At least there’s two sets of eyes on him today, right? It’s nice having chase around. Too nice.

[ Knock on door ] Hi! Uh, you’re early for lunch. That’s because I couldn’t wait another minute for my schatz to open her christmas present.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for understanding why I chose to work on christmas. I try not to be offended that you’d rather be here than celebrating the holiday with your mutter. Come on! With you and scott practically fused at the hip, I would have been a total third wheel. You could be in love, too. In fact, once you open your gift, you’ll never have to spend another holiday alone.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks for showing me around the invader. You’re welcome, son. I am determined to reboot

the invader as a reputable, credible resource for the inquiring minds. That’s a great new beginning for the paper and for you. Now that the pcpd has officially cleared you of shooting hayden, nothing can hold you back. Well, what about you, tj? Huh? You forget about our plans the other day to watch the game? You barely return texts. You’re either crazy busy or something’s got you preoccupied. Are you holding something back? What are you so eager to ask me? Well, aunt stella, I just discovered something unexpected about marshall. And then it occurred to me how very little I know about the man. Well, that’s not surprising. Your dad hasn’t been a part of your life since you were a child. So what did you discover? I discovered that my dad’s a musician. And a fine one, too. See, that’s why I called you here, so you could fill in the blanks concerning my father. Tell me everything there is to know about marshall ashford. What is the relevance of this line of questioning, your honor? I want to hear every word. Even if we’re to take this hearsay on good faith, what bearing does it have on these charges? Scott: Well, there is relevance, and I can explain. Your honor, this is not a trial. The witness has not been deposed. There’s been no appropriate discovery related to her testimony. Hell, you’re the one that put ms. Tait on the stand in the first place. I have every right to question her.

This waiting is driving me crazy. I’m nervous, too. But, you know, we’ve done the research, asked the questions, observed leo’s behavior. We’re as prepared as we can be. But no amount of preparation can really — can really prepare a parent f-for the possibility that — that they — that they can’t — that i can’t provide what my child needs, you know? Look, the diagnosis isn’t gonna change how we feel about our son. No. No, of course not. This doesn’t change how much we love leo, but what if leo needs something that I can’t give him? Mr. And mrs. Quartermaine? Let’s go to my office. It’s time to talk about leo. Here we go. I wanted to tell you, but…it’s a tricky topic. He’s someone that makes my uncle curtis incredibly uncomfortable, and it didn’t feel like it was my place to announce his arrival. And even though he wants to reconnect with family, I just — I want to get to know him for me. Okay, so some distant family member resurfaced? Not so distant. Marshall ashford is here in port charles. Okay, wait, wait. Tommy and curtis’ father is alive? How did you realize your dad was a musician? A group of volunteers were playing for the patients at G.H. And there was marshall right there playing the clarinet.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yes, that sounds just like your dad. See, that’s an example of what I’m talking about, right there. I have no idea of what sounds like marshall. I don’t know the guy. But you do. Well, when you were growing up, you — you never asked about him. That’s because every time marshall’s name came up, we saw how much hurt it caused you and mom. So tommy and me, we — we made a pact. We weren’t gonna cause you any more grief by asking a bunch of questions about dad. Okay, that breaks my heart. Irene and I never wanted you boys to feel like you couldn’t talk about your daddy. Me and tommy, we just decided to go another way. What does that mean? It means… it means we made up stories, you know? And in our imagination, our dad was courageous and he was brave. He was a hero. And then I met him, and, well, he was just a man. But I have no idea who that man is. Do you? Ms. Tait, how do you know that mr. Corinthos and nina reeves were in love? Nina said so. What exactly did she say? She said their love was the purest thing she’s ever known. Do you think mr. Corinthos reciprocated that? Nina said that mike felt the same way. Mike being mr. Corinthos? Yes. But she also said it ended once he got his memories back. Oh. Well, once he got his memories back, he, uh, decided that ms. Reeves was not legally at fault. How telling.

[ Chuckles ] No further questions. D.A. Sheridan: Redirect, your honor. Judge milford: Proceed. Ms. Tait, my apologies my colleague felt it necessary to put you in that position. I have only two more questions for you. First, have you ever asked mr. Corinthos about this alleged romantic relationship with ms. Reeves? Willow: No, I haven’T. Oh, so we’re taking the defendant, a woman charged with fraud, at her word. Objection, your honor. Judge milford: Less editorializing, mr. Sheridan. Final question, ms. Tait. Do you believe the personal feelings nina reeves had for mr. Corinthos motivated her to fraudulently conceal his identity? Objection, your honor. The D.A. Is asking the witness to speculate what was going on in my client’s head at the time. Overruled. You opened this door, counselor. Witness will answer the question.

What do you think, leo? You ready for some breakfast? I had breakfast hours ago. Oh, well, we all can’t be such early risers. What do you want to do today, huh? You want to go to the movies or visit the aquarium? Maybe play with some nifty superhero action figures your cool stepsister got you? No? Okay. I know what to get you next year.

[ Sighs ] Well, I think these things are pretty cool, brook lynn. Well, now I know what to get you, too. You know, going back to that boundary conversation, how much of that was your dad, and how much of it’s you? I mean, am I getting on your nerves? ‘Cause if I’m around too much, just — just say the word. Maybe it’s why you’re so grumpy. Is this hot enough for you? I’m not grumpy.

[ Clears throat ] I’m frustrated. You signed me up for a matchmaking service? Well, not just any matchmaking service. Society setups is an elite service catering to upwardly mobile professionals. Ugh! I mean, could this be more pretentious?

[ Sighs ] I know you’re struggling, britta, and not without reason. For all his flaws, jason morgan was a remarkable man. But he’s gone. There’s no use pining. Learn from my example instead. Scott and I bonded while mourning the loss of franco. If I can find love in the midst of grief, who’s to say you can’t, too? Do you believe nina reeves’ personal feelings for mr. Corinthos motivated her to fraudulently conceal his identity? I-I’m not in nina’s head. I can’t tell you what her motive was. Fair enough. Let me ask a less speculative question. Is it true that, in nixon falls, the man who called himself mike was single and available to ms. Reeves, whereas sonny corinthos has a wife and a family? Yes. Thank you, ms. Tait. I appreciate your honesty. No further questions, your honor. You may step down.

[ Breathing shakily ]

[ Door closes ] Willow… are you okay? I-I — I never meant for you or your family to find out this way. I-I — I never meant for you to find out at all. I’m having a really hard time understanding this. Why didn’t you tell me what you knew? Tommy and curtis thought their old man was dead. And now he shows up? Where has he been? He won’t say. He just wants to move forward. But curtis isn’t having that. He thinks marshall can’t be trusted. Oh, I completely agree with curtis. You show up after all these years with zero explanation? Still, we both know the past can be complicated. You mean like your complicated past with tommy. Does marshall know? He knows he’s not my biological grandfather. He saw my father’s day post that I dedicated to you on social media. But I loved tommy as a father, and he considered me to be his son. He knows that, too. He still wants to get to know me, but if that makes you uncomfortable… that’s up to you, tj. You’re a grown man. And curtis is entitled to his feelings about marshall, but so are you. Just be cautious.

[ Knock on door ] Marshall: Excuse me. I’m, uh, looking for the arts & culture — tj? Marshall. What are you doing in a newspaper office? You first. Well, I’m, uh, putting together a band, and I was hoping to generate some interest from the arts & culture reporter. Wow. Okay. Uh, well, you would have to talk to the publisher, who happens to be standing right here — my father, shawn butler. Dad, this is marshall ashford. Nice to meet you, mr. Ashford. I have no intention of shaking hands with the man responsible for my son thomas’ death. Your honor, I-I would like to note, for the record, that D.A. Questioned the veracity of what my client said to ms. Tait. But yet, he didn’t recall mr. Corinthos. Judge milford: So noted. While it is the prosecution’s right to call the witnesses that they deem appropriate, it is also within my discretion to call the witnesses I feel are pertinent. And given that there are some questions about the nature of the relationship between the accused and the alleged victim, I recall sonny corinthos to the stand.

I wish to god that I neveroverheard nina and your father. I was just in the wrong spot at the wrong moment. I-I’m not blaming you for happening on a private conversation, but why didn’t you tell me about it? Nina convinced me not to say anything, that keeping quiet was somehow protecting you and your family. Well, she was wrong. Did you have a personal relationship with nina reeves in nixon falls? I had many personal relationships when I knew myself as mike the bartender. I forged friendships. I built a life there. We just heard willow tait testify under oath that she overheard you and the defendant allude to a prior romantic relationship. Did she perjure herself? No, she did not. Willow told the truth. And that truth being what exactly? That… …nina, we — we had a relationship, and we ended up falling in love. Whoa, that’s not fair, marshall. It’s o– it’s okay, tj. I can understand why mr. Ashford feels the way he does. You understand — you understand ’cause it’s true. You shot my son after you slept with his wife. I’ve made mistakes in my life. And certainly my last encounter with tommy is something I’m going to always regret. But you don’t have all the facts, mr. Ashford. Fact — you had an affair with my son’s wife. Fact — you fathered a child with her. Fact — when he confronted you about your betrayal, you shot him in cold blood. Now, if I’m missing something, please, enlighten me. What happened was self-defense. Oh, please. He’s telling the truth. I had no choice. Tommy was not in his right mind. What don’t I know about marshall? What I know about marshall is limited to a few years decades ago. Okay, but it’s still more than I know. Okay. Marshall was a very private person. But your mama, irene, was the center of his world. He waited on that woman hand and foot, unless he was playing that darn clarinet. You’re never gonna believe this, but he loved that old thing so much, he gave it a name.

[ Chuckles ] What’d he call it? Henrietta.

[ Sighs ] And he carried that old thing with him everywhere he went. Irene used to scold him for leaving the case on the kitchen table. Okay. So and then what? Well, like I said, marshall was very private. But he was also very generous. It seems like you and tommy would get a new pair of shoes and barely break them in before marshall was donating them to the local group home. Drive your mama crazy, but marshall would just smile and say, “my sons have a daddy who can buy them new shoes with just one gig. But those other boys had nobody.” Wait, so you’re saying I’m — I’m frustrating you now? It’s not you, okay? It’s the situation. The uncertainty, it’s just — it’s overwhelming.

[ Sighs ] ‘Cause you don’t know how long it’s gonna last. Look, even though the bad guy is out of commission, it’s only temporary. We’re stuck in this limbo. But if the bad guy wakes up and starts fighting the good guys again, we may have to play these roles indefinitely. Yes. And in a perfect world, the villain would retire forever and the city could take down the bat signal and krypton could return to normal. You don’t know much about the superhero multiverse, do you?

[ Sighs ] Who cares? Look, the point is, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, bat signal or not. Well, that’s not true. I mean, if the bad guy loses his powers, then a woman can get her child back. And another woman has to let go. Dr. Newman: When it comes to developmental disabilities, we can’t use straightforward diagnostic tools like blood tests or x-rays. We rely on history and behavior for diagnosis. Based upon the recent developmental assessment, language evaluation, social screening I conducted recently, as well as the supplemental information you provided, it’s my determination that leo has autism spectrum disorder. Is that conclusive? You’re always free to get a second opinion. But I believe other physicians will concur with my findings. So what is the next step? Dr. Newman: For leo? We talk about the many state and hospital resources available. And for you both, I recommend taking time to process this diagnosis and all the emotions it may bring. I don’t know how else to say this, mother. I’m not interested. Fine. But people in control of their own romantic destiny often make

ein schlamassel. Look at nina. What’s going on with nina? She pinned her hopes on an unavailable man, and her life is unraveling as a result. Oh, is this — is this the guy she was seeing in nixon falls? Do you know him? We both know him. Nina fell for sonny corinthos. Judge milford: Should this case go to trial, the defendant may be found guilty of a crime. In the eyes of the law, you would be her victim. Mr. Corinthos, do you consider yourself the victim of a crime? No. You may step down.

[ Sighs ]

Baldwin, D.A. Sheridan,I will hear closing statements. Your honor, my client does not stand accused of fraud for monetary benefits. My client is charged with deliberate deception to damage a victim. Your honor, in his own testimony, mr. Corinthos, the alleged victim of nina reeves’ crime, claims he wasn’t one. No victim, no crime. So I am asking that you dismiss the charges today. Whether or not mr. Corinthos considers himself to be a victim is not materially relevant in our system of jurisprudence, your honor. Today’s circus does not negate an undisputed fact. Nina reeves committed a civil and criminal infraction when she deceived sonny corinthos and all who knew him. The state has met its burden of proof, your honor. The fact that ms. Reeves deceived a man who we now know she was in love with only emphasizes the depth of her depravity. Your parents must be so devastated. You know, n-nina, she claims to love my dad, yet she allowed this today? I’m not sure nina knew it would come out. Of course! Of course she did. Willow, you might not realize this, but by keeping nina’s secret, you played right into her hands. She got exactly what she wanted. Right mind? What are you implying? Okay, look, I’m not trying to cast aspersions on tommy. Just the opposite. Tommy had every right to be angry with me. But on that day, it was so far beyond anger. I’m sure ptsd was part of it, but tommy was in crisis and just out of control. Now, he pulled a gun on me. I had a black eye coming. It was completely justified. I own that. But I never expected tommy, that he would — he would try and kill me. I never thought I’d — I’d have to stop him the way I did. I fully believe that if tommy had been able to get help for his ptsd, it would have never ended that way. It wasn’t tommy’s fault or my dad’S. You’re right. You’re right, tj. It was my fault. Okay. I-I totally get it. I mean, you have managed to keep bailey safe for months despite negative attitudes and assumptions coming your way. And however long this lasts, there will come a time when it’s over, and things will go back to their natural state, and you will have to make yet another huge sacrifice. I mean, it’s — it’s heroic. I’m not calling myself a hero. Maybe not, but I am.

[ Sighs ] And whatever you need to keep this going, I’m here to help. And when it’s time to say goodbye, I’ll be right by your side. I appreciate that, chase, but I-I don’t want you to feel obligated. Obligated? Brook lynn, we’re not just co-parents to bailey. You are my friend. Even when I’m grumpy? Yeah. I mean, this — this — this friendship goes both ways. You’ve seen me at my worst, and you didn’t give up on me. Yeah, well, I’ve also seen you at your best. Yeah, like the time that you saw me n-a-k-e-d? I can spell.

[ Laughing ] Okay, then.

[ Clears throat ] Of course you can. So you need to go w-a-s-h up for lunch, buddy. Go ahead. Be right b-a-c-K.

[ Chuckles ]

[ La ughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Process our emotions? I mean, this isn’t about us. This is — this is about leo. Dr. Newman: Learning your child has lifelong developmental disabilities can be challenging. You will have to readjust your expectations about how leo will learn and grow to adulthood. And this diagnosis will likely change what you thought your parenting experience would be. And it’s okay to feel emotional about that. Olivia and I, you know, we just want to give leo all the support and — and opportunities possible. Yeah. I agree. I agree with ned. We — we can handle our emotions…together. I — I’m just afraid. What? I’m just afraid this makes leo’s life so much more difficult. That’s an understandable fear. The good news is that this diagnosis means we can offer appropriate intervention programs for leo right away, programs that will help you engage with your son and help him to engage with the world. It may be helpful to think of raising a child with autism as a — a road trip. You won’t reach your destination in a straight line. There — there will be detours. But that can lead to discoveries along the way. I like that analogy. Can you be honest with us? Does that journey lead to leo having meaningful relationships and living independently as an adult? Please tell us that’s possible.

It’s definitely possible for leo to lead a happy, fulfilled life. G.H. Can offer extensive resources and can work with leo’s school to implement a plan. So leo will be able to remain in school? Every case is unique, but many children on the spectrum benefit socially and developmentally from learning in non-asd classrooms. So what — what happens next? D-does he come in and see you again or…? I’d like to check in on him periodically. I’m also gonna refer him to a geneticist for further testing. Now, I-it won’t change the diagnosis, but it may help diagnose medical conditions associated with symptoms of asd, just for a complete picture. Okay. Do you have any other questions for me? Thank you, doctor. You’ve been very helpful. There’s no reason leo can’t live his best life. The journey may look different now, but the goal is still the same.

[ Chuckles ] How could what happened have been your fault, marshall? You weren’t even around. That’s my point. Perhaps if I had been present to guide my son, tommy might still be here. That’s a lot for you to carry. That’s my job, to carry it. And I’ve been off my job for a long time. I’m glad you got a dad to do what I couldn’t — protect his son. Curtis: Do you think marshall even wondered who bought our shoes after he left? I can’t answer that.

[ Sighs ] What did this guy do outside of his music gigs? Who were his friends? Did he have any other family? Curtis, you’re asking the wrong person. You should be asking marshall. Yeah, I tried that. He doesn’t tell me much. Could it be you’re asking him the wrong questions or maybe going about it in the wrong way? You know, nobody appreciates being interrogated. He abandoned me. And now he wants me to let him back into my life. Don’t I deserve answers? Of course. And it’s — it’s natural that you’re curious. But marshall is within his right to keep his own counsel. So then where does that leave us?

[ Sighs ] You should know I met with marshall privately. I told you I won’t let anyone agitate this family. And I had to be sure of his motives. And? He wants to get to know you. And it sounds to me like you want the same thing. So talk to the man. Start small and — and build from there. Nina swore you to secrecy so that she could use this as a bombshell and play it to her best advantage. I-I — I don’t know, michael. Nina seemed grateful that I wasn’t going to tell her secret. She seemed eager not to cause any more pain. Nina played all of us. Judge milford: We’re gonna take a recess now while I weigh the testimony and evidence presented and consider the charges.

[ Gavel bangs ] I didn’t — I didn’t want this. Carly! Carly, I am so sorry. What the hell, dad? I’m gonna make this right. Don’t worry about it. Nina’s only hope of evading a trial and a potential guilty verdict is if scott can get someone on the stand to admit that sonny and nina were in love. Wow. Well, that would explain why nina kept going back to nixon falls and what peter was holding over her head. She wasn’t just trying to protect james. She didn’t want to lose her boyfriend. And now she’s in legal jeopardy.

[ Sighs ] She’s also going to face the wrath of carly when this comes out. Come on. I’ll help you clean up. You know, today was a lot of fun, but I never want to be a source of stress in your life. You know, maybe — maybe your dad was right. Maybe we should be setting some boundaries. No boundaries. I want you here.

I am sorry for the way marshall treated you. No. No, no, no. You’ve got nothing to apologize for, okay? I can’t blame marshall for protecting his son. Look, I’d have done the exact same thing if — if I ever thought somebody hurt you. I-I know my uncle. He has all these questions about all the years marshall’s been gone. But everything I’ve seen leads me to believe that he just wants to be part of this family. I hope curtis can come to see that, too. Marshall: I thought I’d be back by now, too. I still have some unfinished business. Here in port charles. The last thing I want to do is set our progress back. I’m following protocol.

[ Knock on door ] I’ll be in touch. I want to be here, too, but after everything that you’ve given up, I also want to respect that you’re entitled to a life of your own. Okay. Great. Then we are, um — we’re on the same page. You’ll be here just for appearances, then. Right, to co-parent bailey for as long as it takes. And I’ll, uh — I’ll stay out of your way otherwise. Great. Deal. Deal. Anything else? Um… tell our daughter I’ll see her soon.

[ Sighs ] The doctor seemed nice, right? Yes. Yes. And very knowledgeable. Hey. Leo will be fine. Thank you. Thank you for pushing through my defenses.

[ Chuckles, sniffles ] So where do we go from here? Home, to be with our son. Yeah. And like dr. Newman said, we start our road trip today, huh, as a family. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] You still haven’t heard anything from scott?

Nein. I have no idea if nina is going to get out from under the charges. If she does, she might find out that freedom could be even worse. What have you done? I kept you out of a hamster cage. No thanks necessary.

[ Footsteps depart ]

[ Door opens ] Did you use me, nina? Sonny: Carly, wait! Hey. Hey. Can I just explain? Can you listen to me? Listen to who?! Mike? Sonny? Or someone else completely?

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Days Transcript Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Johnny: You know what I’m starting to think? I’m starting to think this doesn’t even have anything to do with me. I think that you’re just jealous.

Tripp: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Johnny: You know what it means. Your girlfriend here wants my wife all to herself.

Allie: What are you talking about?

Johnny: What do you think I’m talking about? You’re still in love with chanel, allie.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: Thank you for getting the charges dropped.

Belle: Well, don’t thank me. They shouldn’t have been filed in the first place.

Brady: Yeah. Well, they were, and I spent christmas in a jail cell. So thank you.

Belle: Well, then you should also thank chloe. She’s the one who got victor and kate to drop the declaration of philip’s death.

Brady: Yeah. It’s the first time, I think, chloe has ever been successful changing either one of their minds.

Belle: Yeah. And without that declaration, the da really didn’t have a case. Everything was circumstantial.

Brady: Yeah.

Belle: So you’re in the clear.

Brady: I’m in the clear. It’s all I wanted for christmas this year was to get out of jail. It’s a little christmas miracle I guess.

Belle: Let’s hope for another one.

[Phone ringing]

Brady: Marlena?

Belle: Yeah. Now that she’s been caught, dad is gonna try an exorcism.

Brady: And you’ve had all this on your mind, and yet you’re still down here for my sake. Come here. I’m sorry, belle. I’m sorry.

Belle: Well, at least here I can do something.

Brady: Yeah.

Belle: I’m really scared, brady.

John: Oh, thank god you’re here, kid. Please come in.

Eric: As soon as we hung up last night, I booked my flight. How’s mom?

John: I honestly don’t know. ‘Cause we’re not dealing with your mom, we’re dealing– we’re dealing with “it.”

Eric: Are you alone?

John: Lucas and sami are here. They’re in there with her now. Hopefully… holding the devil at bay.

Sami: What is my mom talking about? Have you been lying to me?

Lucas: It’s not your mom, it’s the devil, and he’s trying to stir up trouble.

Demon marlena: Yeah. Well, that’s true ’cause that’s what I do. But the truth is you are keeping a secret from her, and we both know it. For starters, I ow what you did. See, people think of you as the boring one, but I know what a little bad boy you are.

Lucas: Yeah, I’m so boring that your mind games won’t work on me.

Demon marlena: Really? You see, I know that you’re the one that kidnapped sami and held her captive. That’s not very boring. So she’s going to find out one way or the other. Do you want to tell her? Or should I tell her?

[Chilling music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Allie: That is ridiculous.

Johnny: Is it?

Allie: Yes, okay? I am in love with tripp.

Johnny: Then why are you so against me marrying chanel?

Allie: Because I know you, and I know your history. She’s my best friend. I don’t want to see her get hurt.

Chanel: Except I’m not your best friend anymore.

Allie: What?

Chanel: I’m your sister-in-law. And I was really hoping that you would be happy for me. For us. Do you think you can do that?

[Dramatic music]

Sami: Lucas, just tell me. It can’t be that bad.

Demon marlena: I wouldn’t count on that.

Sami: You shut your mouth, or you’re going to get a face full of holy water.

Demon marlena: Ungrateful sow!

Sami: [Sighs] Lucas, please. Just tell me whatever it is.

Lucas: You want the truth? The–the truth is– is that I’ve been lying to you.

Demon marlena: Good start. Come on, now. The truth will set you free.

Sami: Ignore her.

Lucas: I’ve been lying to you– I’ve been lying to you about my feelings for you. You see, I– I love you so much.

Sami: Yeah. Of course you do.

Demon marlena: “Of course you do”?

[Laughs] What hubris!

Sami: Lucas, you’re not lying about that. You and I have talked about it. I know.

Lucas: Sami, there’s something more. There’s something you don’t know.

Demon marlena: Here we go.

[Tense music]

Eric: I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this for a second time.

John: Ah, don’t worry about me. We just have to focus on casting this demon out so we can get your mother back to us.

Eric: Is there any luck so far?

John: I’ve read scripture on casting out the devil, but he has such a strong hold on her. And he doesn’t– he doesn’t fight fair. He doesn’t come right at you. He surrounds you.

Eric: John, you must be exhausted.

John: I can’t afford to be, eric. I just needed to take a moment here just to try to recharge a little bit.

Eric: Well, you have backup now. And I happen to be well-suited for the job.

[Dramatic music]

Look at this guy.

Allie: I wish I could be happy for you, chanel, but you’ve made this mistake before–xander?

Johnny: You’re comparing me to xander now?

Allie: Well, there are some very striking resemblances.

Tripp: Allie–

Chanel: Okay, horton, listen to me. Johnny and I are in love. He’s been there for me like no guy ever has, and we are in this for the long haul.

Allie: Dupree, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong, okay? He’s gonna break your heart sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: I still can’t believe that tripp was the one that was in that hospital bed and not jan. I mean, thank god he’s all right.

Steve: Thank god. Well, shawn is taking jan back to statesville where she belongs. So things are looking up.

Kayla: Well, not quite. We still have to get the devil out of marlena.

Steve: John said he’s gonna try an exorcism today.

Kayla: Is there anything we can do to help?

Steve: I guess all we can do is pray and have faith that john and family can get marlena back.

[Dramatic music]

John: You know, when you told me last night you went back to the priesthood, it just– it just seemed to me that god must’ve had a hand in this, that he was giving us just what we need to get your mother back just when we need it.

Eric: I agree. It was god’s will.

John: So why now?

Eric: Well, when everything was blowing up with nicole, there was something– something she said that really hit home. She said when I decided to take the collar off a few years ago, it never really changed who I was. So when I went back to the congo, I inquired to the church. I just didn’t want to say anything till it was a done deal.

John: Well, your timing couldn’t be better because you have the strongest faith of any man I’ve ever known. And, by god, son, you’re gonna need it.

Lucas: What you don’t know is how much I love you.

Demon marlena: How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky?

[Sizzling] Ow! Oh, you little brat!

Sami: Okay. Lucas, you have to do this faster, okay? What? What is it?

Lucas: Listen, I love you so much. I love you so much that I would do anything– I would do anything for us to get back together.

Demon marlena: Oh. Look what the cat dragged in.

Eric: Sami.

Sami: You’re a priest again?

Eric: Yeah. Maybe you heard nicole and I broke up.

Sami: You–eric, I’m so sorry.

Eric: Not now. We have more important things to do. It is written that, “you should not put the lord, our god, to the test.”

Demon marlena: And are you my lord? Are you my god?

Eric: Let’s just say I work for him.

Demon marlena: You know, I’m kind of surprised. I mean, I thought you were busy sharing your wondrous gifts with strangers in a strange land and to hell with your own family.

Eric: Actually, it’s going to be to hell with you.

Demon marlena: Cozy as it is down there, my work here is not finished yet.

Eric: You’re finished. My mother is coming back to us.

Demon marlena: I’m afraid it’s too late for that.

Eric: You’re afraid I’m right. You’re outflanked. She’s not given up. She’s in there, but she is fighting you with all she’s got. My boss and I are going to make damn sure she wins.

How did olay top expensive creams?

Johnny: You know, I am sick and tired of you constantly trashing me. I’m your twin. You’re supposed to be on my side no matter what.

Allie: Okay. Well, I’m sorry that us sharing a womb for nine months doesn’t give you a free pass, johnny!

Johnny: You’re as bad as mom.

Allie: Oh, you’re as bad as your dad, which is really, really bad.

Chanel: Johnny, let’s go. Let’s just go.

Allie: Chanel, it’s not you that I’m mad at.

Chanel: This is christmas morning, and this isn’t very merry. Come on, johnny.

Johnny: Chanel is my wife, and that’s not gonna change.

[Emotional music]

Allie: God. My brother is such a jerk.

Tripp: Maybe. Was he right?

Allie: About what?

Tripp: Are you in love with chanel?

Eric: I think it’s best if I do this alone.

Demon marlena: Yeah, right. Right. Those two aren’t exactly the god squad, are they?

Lucas: Come on, let’s go.

Demon marlena: Hey, lucas, remember–remember that a relationship built on lies is just like a house of cards. Remember I–

Sami: Get our mom back for us.

Eric: I’m gonna try my best. I think you should go too.

John: You’re sure that I can’t help?

Eric: You can pray. For now, I need to do this alone.

John: God help you, eric.

Eric: He will.

[Eerie music]

Demon marlena: You’re gonna do this alone, huh? Isn’t that a little arrogant?

Eric: I’m not doing this alone. “The lord god is in our midst. And he is mighty to save.”

Demon marlena: You arrogant little man. You really think all that’s gonna help you? Let me warn you, if you try to challenge my power, you will die.

[Chilling music]

Sami: I hope eric knows what he’s doing, what he’s up against.

John: Well, I’m praying that he’ll be all right. If he needs our help, he’ll let us know.

Belle: Look who I found!

John: Oh!

Sami: Brady!

John: Hey, kid.

Brady: Hey.

John: You’re out? You’re free?

Brady: I’m out. All the charges are dropped. So–

John: Nice.

Brady: Lucas, um, look, I don’t–I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t do anything to hurt philip, I swear to you.

Lucas: I believe you. I believe you.

Brady: Thank you ’cause it’s the truth. How’s marlena?

John: Eric’s here. He’s with her right now.

Brady: He’s alone?

John: Well, there’s–there’s something you don’t know. Eric went back to the priesthood. So, no, he’s– he’s not facing her alone.

[Dramatic music]

Eric: In the name of the father, and of the son, and the holy spirit, amen.

[Chilling music]

Demon marlena: Tell me something, handsome, is that a halloween costume? I thought they defrocked you years ago.

Eric: I’ve been reinstated.

Demon marlena: Oh. Well, I guess it’s all right for the church to forgive you, but what about all of those poor parishioners who had to sit through that video of you fornicating with that ridiculous foul woman? What’s her name? Oh, yeah, kristen.

Eric: For something to be a mortal sin, it needs to be committed with knowledge and full awareness. Kristen had drugged me.

Demon marlena: Oh, I get it. So if you had been drugged, that lets you off the hook, huh?

Eric: Even then, the cardinal gave me permission to return to the priesthood. I turned him down because I felt that I had lost my calling.

Demon marlena: Hmm. Now you’ve found it again?

Eric: That’s right.

Demon marlena: Well, that’s funny. Because based on that video, I would have thought that your true calling was the adult entertainment business.

Eric: You can throw that video in my face all you want. I’ve put it behind me.

Demon marlena: Oh, have you?

Eric: Yes.

Evil kristen: What do you say, father?

[Dramatic music]

You wanna make a sequel?

Only daisy cottage cheese will do

Steve: Ho, ho, ho!

Kayla: [Laughs]

> Steve: Patchy claus

patchy claus

patchy claus is here

Kayla: Jolly as ever. Wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second. I want to take a picture.

Steve: Whoa, wait a minute.

Kayla: Okay, smile. Smile.

Steve: You’re not going to use that to blackmail me, are you?

Kayla: Don’t be silly! I’m gonna send it to stephanie and joey and show them what they’re missing.

Steve: Oh, man. I sure do miss them.

Kayla: I know. Me too. It was so nice having joey here last year, wasn’t it?

Steve: Sure was. Well, it’s too bad he’s stuck in seattle with stephanie, but at least they’re together.

Kayla: True. And this party, I mean, I can’t even count how many years we’ve been doing it.

Steve: Mm.

Kayla: All the memories.

Steve: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: It really makes me think about the people who can’t be here.

Steve: I know. But, hey, the whole point of this thing has always been to try to brighten up christmas for the little ones who can’t get home.

Kayla: Right. It’s great to be here for the kids. Okay. Okay, patchy claus, merry christmas.

Steve: Merry christmas.

Kayla: I don’t know if there’s a way–

Steve: Come on, let’s try. I want a kiss. Santa wants a kiss.


Allie: How many times do I have to say it? I am not in love with chanel, okay? She’s just my best friend. I wanna see her happy.

Tripp: Come on, allie, you have to admit that your reaction was a little more emphatic than that.

Allie: Okay. Well, it was “emphatic” because–because I know it’s not going to work out with chanel and my brother, and that worries me, obviously. But tripp, don’t you know by now? You’re the one that I love. Okay? Please tell me that you believe that.

Belle: Eric went back to the priesthood?

Brady: That wasn’t long. I mean, he just got his divorce finalized a little while ago.

Belle: Did he say why he did that?

Sami: If anyone could make a man swear off women, it’d be nicole.

John: I think it was more a matter of faith.

Belle: Well, whatever the reason, it’s really good for mom. Is he doing the exorcism?

John: He just started, yeah.

Brady: Dad, I don’t know. Priest or no priest, I don’t think he should be in there alone fighting the devil.

[Dramatic music]

Eric: How did you–

Evil kristen: Father, you of all people must know that the devil can take many forms.

Eric: No. You’re just an illusion.

Evil kristen: I don’t think so.

Eric: You’re just–

Evil kristen: I’m a lot more real than you think. Why don’t you come a little closer and see for yourself?

Eric: I’m not interested.

Evil kristen: You were hesitant the first time too. But eventually, you came around.

Eric: No. I was drugged.

Evil kristen: So maybe that’s why things are a little hazy. Perhaps this will jog your memory.

[Bright tone]

[Dramatic music]

Eric: I wasn’t myself.

Evil kristen: I think that you were the real you, without all of your priestly inhibitions.

Eric: No.

Evil kristen: Just give in, eric. No one will ever know.

Brady: Eric, don’t listen to her. It’s just another one of the devil’s tricks.

Find your rhythm.

Evil kristen: Oh, brady, you don’t have to be jealous. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you. You want me to prove it?

Brady: That’s a hard pass.

Evil kristen: You’re so silly. You never could resist me.

Eric: You can try to lead us into temptation, but it’ll never work. You’re just wasting your time.

Brady: Hey, let’s go.

Eric: Thank you for bringing me back to reality. I was–I was starting to fall.

Brady: Hey, I got your back.

Demon marlena: You two are such a drag.

[Scoffs] You’re no match for me, you fallen priest and the boozy brother. You won’t win.

Eric: You’re right. He’s absolutely right.

Brady: Eric, what are you talking about? We’re not giving up on this.

Eric: No, no, we’re not giving up. We’re just gonna take a whole new approach to this.

Sami: So you found shawn in bed with jan spears?

Belle: Well, the devil made her look exactly like me.

Sami: Right. We should have used that excuse with ej.

Belle: It’s not funny, sami.

Sami: No, sorry. I’m just–

Belle: Jan wouldn’t even be back in our lives if it wasn’t for you. I mean, you broke her out of shady pines while she was still dangerously nuts.

Sami: Okay, if you wanna blame someone, blame nicole. She’s the one who was trying to steal my grandchild away from me.

John: You stop it.

Belle: Of course. Right.

John: Stop–no, no, no, we’re not going to have a house divided here.

Sami: Okay–

John: We’re fighting satan, not ourselves. We have to maintain a united front here. Take your sister’s hand.

Eric: John’s right. None of us are strong enough to beat the devil. We need to set aside our differences. We need to work together as a family. It’s the only hope we have of saving mom’s soul.

[Dramatic music]

Allie: You believe I love you, don’t you?

Tripp: I do. And I love you, too, allie.

Allie: I know. Or else you’d never agree to wear matching bracelets.

Tripp: That’s right.

[Phone rings]

Allie: Oh, it’s grandpa john. Hi, grandpa john, any news on grandma?

Demon marlena: Oh, marlena. Looks like your loved ones are circling the wagons. And the fight for your soul is about to begin.

[Chilling music]

And I am going to win it. Forever. Such tree-mendous views.

Steve: Come on, sit on patchy claus’s lap.

Kayla: You’re not gonna give up until I do it, are you?

Steve: Nope.

Kayla: And it doesn’t matter to you that I find it terribly embarrassing for me, chief of staff of this hospital, to sit on santa’s lap in front of all my colleagues?

Steve: Oh, no, I don’t care. And besides… I have something for you.

Kayla: You do?

Steve: Here. Here.

Kayla: Aww.

Steve: Open it up.

Kayla: Aww, steve, it’s beautiful.

Steve: You know, my number one elf, tripp, told me that bracelets are the trending christmas gift this year, and I thought it would go nice with the necklace that I gave you on our honeymoon.

[Sentimental music]

All these years later, you’re still my anchor.

Kayla: Thank you. I love it. And I love you.

Steve: You know what?

Kayla: Mm?

Steve: Now you’re kissing santa in front of all your colleagues.

Kayla: I don’t care.

Steve: That’s the christmas spirit.

Tripp: Hey.

Chanel: Oh. Hey, henry, merry christmas. Hey, tripp.

Tripp: Hey. Look, I’m–I wanted to say I’m sorry about before and I just hope that you and I can still be friends.

Chanel: Yeah. Me, too. We’ll just keep it neutral like switzerland.

Tripp: Right. Well, did johnny get a call from his grandfather? Allie did.

Chanel: Yeah. I hope dr. Evans is gonna be okay.

Tripp: Yeah. Same here. Well, I was about to take henry to the hospital.

Chanel: Oh, what’s wrong?

Tripp: Oh, nothing, nothing. Every christmas the hospital throws a party for the kids that can’t go home. And since johnny is otherwise engaged, you want to come with us?

Chanel: Sure. I’d love to.

Tripp: All right. My dad is actually dressed up as santa claus, so it adds a little bit to the fun, right?

Chanel: Definitely. And I’m sure he’ll pull it off great.

Johnny: Looks like we both got the same call.

Allie: Look, about before–

Johnny: Look, look, it’s– today’s about grandma, okay? Everything else can wait.

[Knocking on door]

Sami: Oh, hey!

Allie: Hi. Hi.

Sami: I’m so glad to see you! Oh, look at you. You’re both here. Oh, I’m so glad that we could be together. I wish it was under different circumstances. Johnny, would you go on in? I want to talk to allie for a second.

Johnny: Sure.

Sami: Hey, um, I know this isn’t the right time for this conversation, but, well, chanel’s mother told me something that I wanted to talk to you– I wanted to verify with you.

Allie: You’re right, mom. This is not the time. Not the time at all.

Sami: Oh. Right. No, of course. Let’s go in.

Allie: Uncle eric? I didn’t know you were back.

Eric: Yeah. Well, it’s–I’ll explain later. But right now, we need to focus on saving your grandmother.

Lucas: You know what? I think I’m gonna go. This is definitely a family situation. I’ll be praying for everybody. Call me later, okay? See you soon.

Sami: Thank you, lucas. Johnny, listen, I know things didn’t end well–

Johnny: Look, like i told allie, today’s about grandma.

Sami: Thank you.

Johnny: So what are we doing?

Eric: An exorcism. I want you to all know upfront that this is gonna be very emotionally and physically exhausting… and very dangerous. If there’s anybody who doesn’t want to be a part of this, please, let me know now. There’s nothing wrong with saying no.

Allie: On the way over here, I was just thinking about everything she’s done for us. I’m not leaving.

Johnny: If she can take it, so can I.

Eric: I think it’s a good sign that we’re doing this on christmas day, the day that god sent down his only begotten son to save us. And I know that allie is not alone when she’s thinking of all the good things that mom has done for us. So now it’s time for us all to come together in her hour of need.

[Dramatic music]

Demon marlena: Well, well, well, the gang’s all here. Even the grandchildren. I suspect johnny is here to do some research for his movie.

Johnny: I’m here for my grandmother.

John: Johnny, don’t engage her.

Eric: Let’s begin.

Sami: [Mouthing words]

[Mouthing words]

Eric: Let’s join hands as we say the lord’s prayer.

All: Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread…

[Eerie tone] And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen!

Demon marlena: You can pray all you like, but nothing is going to bring back your precious marlena. She’s mine! She’s mine for eternity!


[Laughing deepens]

[Chilling music]

Limu emu… & doug

Eric: May the blessings of our almighty god, the father, the son, and the holy spirit, come upon you and remain with you forever!

Demon marlena: [Screaming]

[Chilling music]

Sami: [Pants]

Demon marlena: [Cackling] Is that all you’ve got?

Belle: Oh my god, this is so much worse than I thought it was gonna be.

Demon marlena: Oh, belle, were you about to throw in the towel? I figured you’d be the first to fold. And, remember, you were the first to give up on your mother when she was in a coma. How’s your marriage? How many times have you betrayed your husband? You’re nothing but a cheap slut!

Sami: Don’t talk to her like that!

Demon marlena: Oh, my, it’s the professional slut defending the junior slut.

Eric: Don’t engage! Everyone, focus! Talk to her–talk to marlena. Speak to her. Pray to god that she will hear you.

Kayla: “Then, all at once, in the night sky, a vast number of glorious angels appeared– the very armies of heaven. And they all praised god, singing, ‘glory to god in the highest realms of heaven. For there is peace and good hope given to the songs of men.'” Yeah.

[Gentle music]

Lucas: God, please forgive me for what I did to sami. Please watch over her today. Watch over her today and watch over her and the rest of marlena’s family.

Demon marlena: Ahh!

All: Pray for us sinners…

Demon marlena: Ahh!

All: Mary, mother of god…

Demon marlena: Ahh!

All: Now and at the hour of our death, amen.

Demon marlena: Ahh!

Eric: The beast is getting weaker.

Demon marlena: Your united front is getting weaker. Your family is a sham. You’re always at war with yourself.

John: But we always pull together when it counts. And what counts most right now is all of our love for marlena!

Eric: Depart, transgressor! Depart!

John: This is it, doc. It’s now or never.

Eric: Depart, seducer, full of lies.

John: We need you to fight! We need you to come back to us!

Demon marlena: It’s too late!

Eric: The foe of virtue, persecutor of the innocent…

John: Look around you! Look into the faces of all of your family members! Remember how much you love them! Remember how much they love you!

Demon marlena: No!

John: Yes!

Eric: Give way, you monster. Give way to christ! For he has already stripped you of your powers, laid waste your kingdom, bound your prisoner, and plundered your weapons…

John: Oh lord, please remind marlena what is at stake!

Eric: He has cast you forth to the outer darkness!

John: Please remind her that we need her! Remind her that we love her!

[Emotional music]

Sami: I love you so much.

Marlena: I love you.

And I will delight in you… all the days of our lives.

Demon marlena: No! No!

John: Doc? Doc?

Marlena: John?

John: Doc, is it really you, honey?

Marlena: It’s me. It’s me.

[Cries softly] You saved me.

[Gentle music]

You all–you all saved me.

John: Thank you, god. Thank you, god.

All: [Laughing]

[Gentle music]

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