GH Short Recap Monday, October16, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Lucy and Maxie try to convince Blaze to be the new Face of Deception, replacing Sasha. Blaze asks some questions and then promises to think about it. She has a plane to catch. Maxie thinks they should be honest with Sasha about replacing her; she also thinks they should consult Tracy about having Blaze be the new spokeswoman. Lucy is still annoyed about Tracy stealing controlling interest of her company.

Kristina chats with Sonny and Nina about the wedding. Blaze shows up unexpectedly on Sonny’s island to visit her grandmother, which surprises Kristina.

Michael, Willow and Wiley are back at home, with Amelia. Willow hopes they can go back to the island for a visit soon. Michael agrees. He summons Martin to his office and tells him that he needs to verify who turned in Carly and Drew to the SEC. After Michael threatens to sic Sonny on him, Martin caves and admits that it was Nina. Michael records him saying that. Meanwhile, back at the island, Sonny and Nina are blissfully happy. Nina tells him about Willow giving her the bracelet.

Sam visits Carly at Kelly’s to see how she’s doing. It was hard for Carly to hear that Sonny and Nina eloped, but she’s doing OK. She’s committed to Drew. They hug.

Cody is shocked when he drops by to visit Sasha and finds her packing to leave town. She can’t take all of the bad memories she has of Port Charles. He tries to talk her into staying, even mentioning that he’s Mac’s real son, but he hasn’t owned up to it yet (to illustrate mistakes he’s made). It’s clear that Sasha admires Cody. Maxie drops by, and Cody storms out in a huff. Maxie sympathizes but doesn’t mention to Sasha about getting a new Face of Deception.

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