Days Opinions For The Week Of June 17, 2024

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by Michele & Cheryl

EJ from Days

Why would EJ be dumb enough to put Jude’s genetic test in the safe at the DiMera mansion? He should have known Kristen, Stefan, and anyone else who lives in the mansion would have opened the safe. Did he really think he was the only one who would go in there? We understand Stefan had to have a way to blackmail EJ, but that didn’t make sense. EJ wouldn’t have been careless enough to put the results in a place where anyone could find it.

It could be just us, but we are sick of seeing Theresa get away with her scheme. It’s beyond time for her to get exposed for her scheme. We are also sick of Alex walking around like he’s the man because he thinks he’s Victor’s son. He needs to be knocked off his high horse. The writers are taking too long to expose that Xander is Victor’s son. We can’t wait to see the look on Alex’s face when he finds out he isn’t Victor’s son. It will also be great to see Theresa’s face when she’s exposed for her plan.

Thumbs up to the writers for acknowledging Juneteenth. It’s good that they acknowledge the holiday. The other soap operas ignore the holiday, but Days always take the time to acknowledge it. With Abe and Paulina’s anniversary being that day, it’s an extra way for the show to acknowledge the day. The other soaps need to do the same especially since they have African Americans on their shows.

Speaking of Juneteenth, what are the odds that the high school prom would be the same day? Most proms are in May or early June. They aren’t usually near the end of the month especially since kids should be getting out of high school by then. We know the writers think we all want to see the prom, but they should have gotten the time right for it.

We loved hearing Tate rip into Theresa for hurting Brady. She needed to hear about what she did to Brady. Tate had us cheering him on when he told her that she only cares about herself. He was right on the money about that because all she does is think about what she wants. When she tried to use what Konstantin did to her to let her off the hook, Tate didn’t fall for it. He walked away from her.

How did Leo know what happened during Konstantin and Maggie’s wedding when he wasn’t there? When he ran into Theresa, he asked her about Konstantin holding her hostage. Leo also knew Konstantin said there was an enemy in the midst. Since Leo wasn’t at the wedding, he shouldn’t know what was said. It wasn’t likely they had all that information online.

The writers missed the mark when they had Jack in Salem. He went to see Chad and Julie at the Horton house, yet he didn’t take the time to see Steve. You would think Jack would have taken the time to see his brother while he was in Salem. Steve is his family too. We know Jack isn’t staying on the show long, but they could have had him talking to Steve.

Why didn’t Paulina invite Johnny’s family to the going away party? Johnny has family members in town so she could have invited them to the wedding. It’s not like she doesn’t know who his family is so there’s no reason why she didn’t invite them. Johnny shouldn’t have had to invite EJ to the party. Did Paulina think Johnny’s family wouldn’t have come to send him and Chanel off.


Johnny and Chane from Days

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of June 17, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Paulina from Days


-Who reported the story about Konstantin online? The only one who could have reported it was Xander and he wouldn’t have put that story online.

-Paulina could be heard talking to herself while Alex and Theresa were shown.

-Stefan could be heard talking to himself while Nicole was shown.

-Eric could be heard talking to Nicole while Stefan was shown.

-Tate could be heard talking to Brady while Theresa was shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to Eric while EJ was shown.


-Bonnie didn’t hear Theresa telling Victor’s painting that Alex wasn’t his son, but she heard her saying Xander deserved to be screwed. As loud as Theresa was talking Bonnie should have heard the entire conversation.

-Chad could be heard talking to Clyde’s picture while Xander was shown.

-Chad could be heard talking to Julie while Bonnie was shown.

-Maggie could be heard talking while Julie and Chad were shown.

-Alex could be heard talking to Marlena while Xander was shown.

-Leo wasn’t at Maggie and Konstantin’s wedding so how did he know Konstantin said before he died?

-Maggie cried without any tears.


-The music playing in Chanel’s scene could be heard while Paulina was shown.

-EJ could be heard walking while Chanel and Lani were shown hugging.

-Chad could be heard talking to Julie while Johnny, EJ, and Stefan were shown.

-Paulina could be heard talking to Eli while Johnny was shown.

-Why didn’t Paulina invite more members of Johnny’s family to the going away party? She could have invited Marlena, Roman, Kayla, and Steve to the party.


-Nicole could be heard talking to Dr. Greene while EJ was shown.

-Holly could be heard talking to Tate on the phone while Theresa was shown.

-Holly didn’t hear Stefan blackmailing EJ even though the door was open, and they were talking loudly.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Brady while Nicole was shown.

-While Tate and Aaron were talking about Sophia, Aaron didn’t see Sophia eavesdropping on their conversation.

-Tate could be heard talking to Brady while Stefan and EJ were shown.


-Why would Alex be running at night?

-When Alex wanted something to drink, he asked Leo for his water. Why couldn’t he order his own drink?

-Holly could be heard talking to Aaron while Brady was shown.

-Roman could be heard talking to Kayla while Steve was shown.


Holly from Days

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Days Opinions For The Week Of June 10, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Maggie from Days

We’re sure it was no surprise to anyone, but Maggie and Konstantin didn’t get married. Maggie and company let Konstantin know that they were on to him and his schemes. Konstantin revealed why he wanted to get revenge against Victor. Victor suddenly left him out of his will. He admitted that he had Victor killed. It felt underwhelming because Konstantin is too new of a character for us to care about. We did notice that no one saw how scared Theresa looked when Konstantin was getting grilled about his accomplice. Theresa didn’t hide the fact that she was afraid of being busted. During the revelation Konstantin managed to shoot Steve before he left the mansion with Theresa as his hostage. There’s rarely a dull moment at a Salem wedding.

The writers left the audience hanging by not revealing that Xander is Victor’s son. Konstantin managed to die without us finding out Xander’s true paternity. What was the point of having Xander be Victor’s son if he wasn’t going to find out? They may as well have let Alex be Victor’s son. We were happy that Konstantin’s story is over, but it could have ended with Xander finding out the truth.

Marlena must not have done a good job of de-programming John since he was still affected by the pawn card. He kept hearing Konstantin tell him to shoot Steve, but he was supposed to be immune to the pawn card. It’s funny how the pawn card didn’t work when Konstantin gave him orders, but once he died, the card work. Does the card have a selective hold over John? It’s something how all it took to break John out of the trance was a phone ringing. Speaking of the pawn card, you would think someone would have burned the card so John wouldn’t be under the spell. Was it that hard to get rid of the card?

Kayla was upset that Steve kept her in the dark about what happened at the wedding. She wanted him to warn her that he was going to be in danger. We understand that she was concerned about him, but if he told her what was going on, what would she have done? Knowing what happened wouldn’t have changed the outcome. She practically ordered him to tell her what’s going on like she is his mother.

We’re surprised that Chanel defended Paulina to EJ. It wasn’t that long ago when Chanel blamed Paulina for risking her baby’s life. Once EJ wanted Paulina to pay for what she did, Chanel suddenly did a 180. If Chanel didn’t blame Paulina for what she did, why was she giving her such a hard time? Guess Chanel’s the only one that can say bad things about Paulina.

Marlena doesn’t have any loyalty towards Eric. Why would she agree to be his psychiatrist after what he did to Eric? We know Marlena is the only psychiatrist in Salem, but she could have recommended someone else to listen to him. Roman didn’t want Leo in the pub because of what he did to Eric, yet Marlena was willing to be his psychiatrist.

Why was it so hard for Chad to believe that Abby was alive? With everything that has happened in Salem, Chad shouldn’t have been shocked that Abby could be alive. People in Salem come back to life all the time, so Chad didn’t need to question if Clyde told him the truth. The only thing he should have focused on was where she was. We know Chad had to have dramatic scenes of questioning Clyde’s word, but it didn’t make sense when it’s Salem the town where everyone comes back to life.


Chad from Days

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of June 10, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Konstantin from Days


-Sarah showed up at the mansion out of the blue when she was supposed to be at the hospital.

-No one at the Kiriakis mansion notice how nervous Theresa was when they asked Konstantin who helped him kidnap Victoria.

-Konstantin’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Theresa’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Maggie cried without any tears.

-Alex managed not to hear Konstantin talking about him to Theresa when he walked by them.


-Jada could be heard talking to Kayla while Marlena was shown.

-John had blood on his hand that wasn’t there in Monday’s episode.

-The blood on John’s hand disappeared.

-Sarah didn’t have blood on her hands after helping Steve.

-Stephanie could be heard talking to Steve while John was shown.


-Leo could be heard reading out loud while Johnny was shown.

-Johnny could be heard talking to Marlena while Leo was shown.

-Eric could be heard talking to Roman while Marlena was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Chanel while Eric was shown.

-Eric didn’t hear EJ say he was Jude’s father even though the door was open.

-Dr. Greene could be heard talking to Chanel and Johnny while EJ was shown.


-Roman could be heard talking to Kate while Chanel was shown.

-Chad could be heard talking to himself while Lucas was shown.

-Chad’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Stefan could be heard talking on the phone while Clyde was shown.


-It was daytime in Thursday’s episode but nighttime in this episode.

-Abe could be heard talking on the phone while Chanel was shown.

-The music playing in Chad’s scene could be heard while Kristen was shown.

-Stefan could be heard talking to Kristen while Abe was shown.


Stefan from Days

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of June 3, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Roman from Days


-Nicole could be heard talking to Sloan while Leo was shown.

-Sloan didn’t have a bruise on her face from when Nicole hit her.

-Stefan could be heard talking to Kristen while Rafe was shown.

-Roman’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Leo could be heard talking to EJ while Kate was shown.

-Sloan cried without any tears.

-Kristen could be heard talking to Stefan while Nicole.

-Rafe could be heard talking to Melinda while Sloan was shown.

-Sloan’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


-The music playing in the Montana scenes could be heard while Roman and Kate were shown.

-Snake could be heard talking to Harris while Goldman was shown screaming.

-Goldman could be heard screaming while Snake was shown.

-Harris could be heard talking to Snake while Ava was shown.


-EJ could be heard closing a door while Nicole was shown.

-Rafe could be heard talking to Nicole while Melinda was shown.

-Ava could be heard talking to Clyde while Rafe was shown.

-Harris could be heard talking to Ava while EJ was shown.

-Stefan’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Nicole cried without any tears.


-The music playing in the Montana scene could be heard while Kristen was shown.

-It was still daytime when Chad was about to kill Clyde in Wednesday’s episode, but it was nighttime in this episode.

-Maggie could be heard talking to Julie while Chad was shown.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Konstantin while Julie was shown.

-Maggie could be heard talking to Julie while Brady and Theresa were shown kissing.


-Why was Sarah so concerned about meeting Xander’s mother? Sarah and Xander were married before, but she didn’t want to meet his mother. Now she suddenly wants to meet her.

-What were the odds that Sarah didn’t request the day off for Maggie’s wedding? Why would she choose to go to work instead of going to Maggie’s wedding?

-Maggie could be heard talking to Sarah and Bonnie while Justin was shown.


Ava from Days

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Days Transcript Monday, June 3, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[scoffing] I’m under arrest? What the hell?

I just spoke with Eric. That got your attention, didn’t it? You lied to me, Melinda. You lied to me about the kidnapping of Nicole’s baby and Jude’s so-called adoption when the truth is you were into this up to your neck!

[tense music]

OK, what I’ve been thinking is there must be a part of this baby switch story that isn’t public knowledge.

Meaning what?

Meaning why did you pay me off to not tell people, not even your own wife, that you had a kid? Doesn’t make any sense. And why wouldn’t you want your own son back the minute you found out the truth about him?

I wouldn’t expect a plebeian like yourself to understand my reasoning.

[Leo scoffs] Especially one as inebriated as you were.

[scoffs] Well, I’m stone cold sober now. And all those new zeros are still sitting in my new bank account.

[inhales deeply] So there must be a method to your mishegoss that even a journalistically-savvy fellow like myself isn’t quite cluing into.

[suspenseful music] So what is it, Daddy DiMera? Why did you make me rich? Well, given inflation, interest rates, back taxes I owe, student loans, more like comfortably getting by–wait. What was the question again?


Oh, yeah. Why did you pay me all that money just to keep you from your own son?

Oh, now we’re really getting down to brass tacks, aren’t we? All this endless drivel about how you’re risking your freedom and you can’t live with yourself and you had to come here and explain and apologize, it’s just another lie. You don’t want to live on the run. And you think I’m stupid enough to buy your BS so you can avoid it? But lucky for you, you don’t have to disappear. That’s what Statesville is for. And I’m sure they will be thrilled to welcome you for an extended stay.

[scoffs] You hypocrite.

Oh, really? Call me what you want, but I’m calling the cops!

[tense music]

+- What the hell are you doing here?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[sighs] So what does this place have? Hot dogs? Chicken wings? Can I at least get a glass of wine?

We’re here to talk, Kristen.

What, we couldn’t have talked in the mansion in one of the rooms?

No, not with EJ there doting over his new bundle of joy.

All right, so what is going on? What is so urgent that you had to subject me to this low-class little Eatery?

Well, I went and paid a visit to my old friend, Melinda Trask. And since she has slithered her way back into the DA’s office, I thought that maybe, just maybe, she would be able to help me reopen Gabi’s case.


Not so much. Totally screwed me.

[soft dramatic music]

[scoffs] Up to my neck, huh? Is that formal police jargon? Because the last time I checked, that wasn’t grounds for an arrest.

OK, then how about this? You told me that you weren’t directly involved in giving Sloan and Eric Nicole’s baby, but Eric just told me that you were the one that handed him off to them. Burning question is ow did you get little Jude in the first place?

OK, whatever legal action I took on behalf of my client, Ms. Petersen, obviously falls under client-attorney privilege, which I assume you’re familiar with that term.

How about you enlighten me on the way downtown, where you will be booked for kidnapping?

[tense music]

Hmm, since when do you care where money in your pocket came from or why it’s there?

[inhales deeply] Well, let’s just say I’ve heard stories about suitcases full of cash that mysteriously find their way into your possession. Lady Whistleblower knows all.

Fine, here’s the truth.

I’ll be the judge of that.

Do you want to hear it or not?

Better make it good. I have a very low boredom point.

Well, I don’t think you’ll be bored by this since it’s, well, quite poignant.

I’ll also be the judge of that.

I didn’t want Nicole to learn that there was a possibility that this baby was our son before we were absolutely certain. After everything she suffered, the last thing I wanted was to get her hopes up only to have them cruelly dashed yet again. That is why I paid you off, so I could have more time to make sure that when this baby was returned to Nicole’s arms, she would never have to give him up again. Poignant enough for you?

[intense music]

Can somebody please answer me and tell me what she’s doing here?

She showed up out of nowhere, wanting to make some kind of truce and I told her to go to hell. And I also told her that I’m going to call the cops, which I’m going to do right now.

No, stop.

[phone beeps]

[phone line trilling]

Rafe, it’s Nicole. Sloan Petersen is at my house. You need to get here right away and arrest her.

[somber music]

[Roman exhales deeply]

[chuckles] Jude, Roman, Brady.

[laughs] It does have a nice ring to it, yeah, yeah.

Would you like to hold your namesake?

Oh, you bet I would, yes. Nothing would make me happier.


[Eric sighs]

[chuckling] Oh, my God. Oh. Hey, Jude. You know what? Getting to think I was never going to meet this little guy and they had me a little worried, you know? Because, you know, when Rex told me he didn’t want me to meet Victoria, turns out she wasn’t his kid. But that is not the case with Jude. I know he is your baby and my grandson, right, Jude?


And I thought bartenders were supposed to be good listeners.


I have been calling your name for two whole minutes.

Oh, Kate, I’m so sorry. I guess my head is elsewhere.

Where is it?

Well, EJ was just in here picking up lunch.

He had baby Jude with him, that sweet little guy who was my grandson.

So it was all for Nicole’s benefit? That’s why you paid me off?

Do you doubt my love for my wife?

[suspenseful music]

Well, I’m kind of doubting your love for your son. ‘Cause even if you were trying to protect Nicole, why not just ask me to keep the truth to myself?

Oh, well, the answer to that is quite simple. You have a tendency to blurt, and so I thought it was wise to offer you a financial incentive to keep quiet. And don’t worry, I won’t be asking for that incentive to, uh, come back to me. Consider it a token of goodwill, OK?

Yeah. You’re just bursting at the seams with goodwill, aren’t you?


Surprised you’re not one of those Salvation Army bell ringers.

[EJ laughs]

[Leo chuckles]

You know what? I might just sign up for that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take my son to go and see my wife.

Don’t you dare move an inch.

I just left Rafe a voicemail. He should be here as soon as he hears it.

Yeah, and you’re going to finally pay for what you did to her and to me.

I am already paying for what I’ve done! There is no punishment that could be worse than losing you, Eric.

[dramatic music] Or that little boy that made us a family. You once said to me that your faith in God is still informing everything that you do and how important forgiveness was. Listen to me. You quoted a passage from the Bible. I committed it to memory. “If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them. If they repent, forgive them.” You even went on further to explain how forgiveness is a matter of the heart, how… it’s the practice of seeing the other person for what they are.

So you basically handed Trask a smoking gun?

Right. She gave me this whole song and dance about how it’s not enough evidence, about how we need even more evidence to reopen the case.

More evidence than Li’s blood on Gil Carter’s book?

And what do they want? A signed confession from Gil from beyond the grave?

Damn. Why is this woman fighting this? I mean, she dated Li, right?


I mean, you’d think that she would want justice for him.

You have the right to remain silent.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

You have the right to an attorney.

I am warning you.

You are a criminal, Ms. Trask! You are complicit in the kidnapping of a newborn baby, which is not only illegal, but caused a great deal of misery. And for that, you will be punished.

Even if it’s at your sister’s expense?

I understand that it is impossible for you both to forgive me now. I–I can’t even forgive myself. I think the only thing that’s really getting me through, at least somewhat, is knowing that I did what I did out of love.

Out of love?

[somber music] Out of love, you let me fall in love with the child that doesn’t even belong to me?

I did. I–I hoped–

[scoffs] Foolishly, in retrospect, that no one would ever find that out.

Yeah, it was foolish! It was cruel! It was deluded.

But you don’t understand. That’s–that’s not the whole story.

[suspenseful music]

Why is Trask playing hardball? And how do we get that wretched woman to reopen Gabi’s case?

Well, Kristen, since this is not just about me getting Gabi out of prison, but it’s also about you securing that CEO position you so highly coveted–

Oh, right, right, yeah. I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

[suspenseful music]

[Kristen sighs]

Yes. I got it.

That was fast.


[clears throat] This isn’t about getting more evidence, which will be tricky.

[chuckles] Obviously, damn near impossible at this point.

OK, so if this isn’t about getting more evidence, then what?

Well, didn’t Melinda have a, uh… crush on you once upon a time?

[chuckles] Yeah. So?

Mm. So you… rekindle that, uh, attraction with her.

What exactly are you saying?

What I am saying–

[chuckles] Oh, my God. What I am saying is that you get Melinda to think that you are a man with needs since your wife is unavailable.

Oh, my God.

[sighs] You want me to seduce Melinda Trask?

Ah, by George, he’s got it.

[suspenseful music]

What does stealing Nicole’s baby have to do with my sister?

Oh, come on, Commissioner. Isn’t it rather obvious? As I tried to tell you yesterday, Stefan DiMera came to see me. And he directed me toward some evidence pertaining to the murder of Li Shin: Gil Carter’s book with Li’s blood on it.

Yeah, I’ve seen it. It’s compelling evidence.


Yeah, which I’m hoping to use to clear my sister.

Well, that it could if you could get your hands on it.

What do you mean, that’s not the whole story?

What the hell does that mean, Sloan, half right?

It means that Jude is Nicole’s baby. But not yours.

Not mine?

He’s Eric’s. Eric is the biological father.

There’s more to it. There’s more than you know–

[door closes]

Nicole, are you in there? I got some takeout, Brady burgers and– Eric. Sloan, what the hell?

Well, she came here to apologize. And now she’s telling Eric that there’s more to the story.

And your hand?

[sighs] It’s a little sore because I punched her in the jaw.

Oh, my God. Well, whatever the rest of the story is, I don’t want to hear it. What I do want is this woman out of my house and in a prison cell, so I am going to escort you to the station, Ms. Petersen.

I’m going to come with.

No, Eric, you will not! I am that little boy’s father. So I’m going to make sure that the lying bitch who kidnapped my son is taken to the authorities immediately. You go get some ice for Nicole’s hand, and I will take care of this.

Wait, Eric! I’m sorry, and I love you.

Bye, Sloan.

[tense music]

[sighs] Look, I’m sorry. I know how painful that had to be to see Jude, little baby Jude.

[soft dramatic music]

Mostly, I am in pain for my son. He was in earlier.

How is he? Never mind. Don’t answer. He has to be going through hell, right?

Well, you know Eric. He’s trying to stay stoic, you know? But I think he’s channeling his grief into this search for Sloan.

[Roman sighs] Damn it, Kate, I knew that woman was bad news from the minute she told me she didn’t like my chowder.

Oh, well, that is a Brady litmus test.

Never fails. I only hope that Sloan and anybody else who was involved in hurting my son gets what’s coming to them.

[door opens]

Oh, I am famished. What do I want? What do I want? Can you tell me about today’s specials?

Knuckle sandwich. How would that be?

Hmm. I’m assuming you mean pork knuckles, AKA Schweinshaxe, which I actually had once on a trip to Bavaria with my German cousin, Wolfgang. Third cousin, actually, but we were quite close. Um, I found it to be a little fatty and a little bit chewy, so I think I will go with an oldie but goodie… Brady’s famous chowder. What? Are we out of chowder today?

For you, we’re out of everything.

Excuse me?

I’m refusing you service, Leo.

Why? Is it because of the way I’m dressed? I know my pants are a little loud, but–

I wouldn’t serve you if you were wearing white tie and tails.



We know, Leo.

Yeah, we know. My son told me everything.

Everything, as in–

Yeah, everything as in. Everything like you blackmailing Sloan to support your shopping sprees while all along knowing that the child that they were raising was Nicole’s. And to profit out of the misery of other people, my God, how pathetic is that, Leo? How damn pathetic is that? So that is why you are not welcome in this pub.

[tense music]

[door slams]

Damn it, Sloan! You told Eric and Nicole there was more to this story? Please tell me you weren’t about to blurt out the truth about that baby, that Eric’s the father.

You know, he deserves to know.

We had an ironclad deal, Sloan. I pay you a lot of money and you disappear forever. If you open your big mouth and tell anyone about that child’s paternity, I swear to God, I’m going to make your life a living hell!

But what good is money, EJ, whenever every knock at the door, every phone call could be the police? I wanted insurance. I thought maybe I could talk to Nicole and she would–

If you talk to her, what? She would say, “Oh, you know, no harm, no foul. “I know you kidnapped my son “and made me think he was dead for six months. “But now that he’s back in my arms, everything’s fine. Hey, can we be friends? Can I braid your hair?”

[Sloan sighs]

I just thought if I talked to her face to face that she would understand why I did what I had to do. And I don’t know, she–

[scoffs] She’d call off the dogs, you know? Tell the cops to back off.

Mm. And how did that go?

She punched me in the face and called the cops.

You’re lucky she didn’t kill you with her bare hands. Now you are going to do what you were supposed to do in the first place. Take the money and go. You are going to disappear forever. Do you understand me?

That was pretty intense with Sloan. I’m sorry.

This can’t be easy for you either. But I’ll be fine. Really. Once I know she’s paid for what she did to me.

Yeah, her and her friend, Melinda Trask.

[suspenseful music]

Melinda? What are you talking about?

I ran into Rafe. Apparently, she tried to pass off some lie about what she did with Jude.

What lie?

She claimed that she really wasn’t involved. But I set him straight.

What do you mean, if I could get my hands on the book? You just said that you and Stefan went over. You have it.

Exactly, I have the book and no one else knows where it is.

Oh, my God, you’re saying–

I’m just trying to do what’s right for everybody that’s involved.

By blackmailing the police commissioner and hiding evidence? You think that’s right?

I’m just holding on to the book for safekeeping. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to it now, would we?

So this is your brilliant solution? I bed Melinda Trask and all of a sudden, the little black book becomes sufficient enough evidence after all?

Well, she did have a thing for you. And you will be highly motivated to make her happy.

OK, Kristen…

[Kristen laughs] Have you forgotten why I’m doing this in the first place? That I need to get Gabi, my wife, the love of my life, out of prison?


Huh, what?

Oh, well, all that passion for your wife, the love of your life, didn’t stop you from sleeping with Ava Vitali now, did it? Oh, I’m just saying.

[suspenseful music]

[tense music]

You look a bit shocked, brother.

Why wouldn’t I be? You come at me with some crazy accusation–

Oh, come on. You know well that this is the truth.

[chuckles] I mean, it’s not crazy that you slept with Ava. I mean, she’s a very attractive woman. It’d be crazy if you did not sleep with her, I mean, given the fact that the two of you were in such close proximity for a while there.

[suspenseful music]

How did you know?

I know all, brother.

[silverware rattles on table]

How did you know?

Well, you’re more discreet. Ava, not so much.

Oh, damn it.

Listen, in her defense, she literally just spilled it out.


I mean, I spoke with her about Li’s murder and hoping that she could help clear Gabi. And she literally just spilled it. About the two of you doing the dirty.

[clicks tongue and chuckles] To put it delicately.

[laughs] Oh, brother, come on. Looks like you’re wracked with so much guilt.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, you’re human.

[takes deep breath] I’m going to make this abundantly clear. If you ever tell anyone about this–

Come on. I mean, who am I going to tell?

[chuckles] You should be worried about Ava blurting to someone else. Because I’m sure if Gabi finds out, I’m guessing that there’s going to be hell to pay.

[Stefan sniffles]

So you expect me to let you off the hook in this horrifying kidnapping scheme? In exchange for protecting evidence that could potentially free my sister?

I don’t see what the problem is. After all, Sloan is the actual perpetrator of this crime.

But she didn’t act alone.

Well, who’s to say? I mean, even if I did happen to know something about it, and that’s a big if, the most you can do is charge me as an accessory. Besides, all is as it should be, isn’t it? Nicole’s beautiful, bouncing baby boy is back in the arms of his loving mother. And all is right in the world. So if you want your sister to have a chance at freedom with the help of that little black book, you will tell everyone, unequivocally and emphatically, that I was never anywhere near that baby.

Looks like he’s down for his afternoon nap.

He used to take a morning one too.

[somber music] And now just one, actually.

[Nicole chuckles] His bedtime is :.

Yeah, OK.

I used to rock him to sleep.

[chuckling] You know, now, he self-soothes, as they say

You noticed. You know, Holly used to do the same thing. You know, Eric, if– if this is hard for you, being around Jude–

[sighs] Yeah, actually, it is. If it’s all right… maybe I should just catch up with EJ and make sure Sloan is taken care of.

Yeah. Yeah, you should do that.

All you should really worry about right now is making up for lost time.

With your son.

[Nicole sighs]

[Nicole sighs]

[door closes]

That is a very serious and insulting accusation, Mr. Roman Brady, to even suggest that I would stoop to blackmailing someone for my own personal gain.

Well, that is usually how blackmail works, Leo.

That is true, and that is one of the reasons I am so opposed to it. In fact, it’s one of the things I am most opposed to, including but not limited to racism, homophobia, and that “Grease” sequel, my God. But I will also have you know I have contributed to anti-blackmail causes. I joined a march against blackmail a few years ago. And I even have a “blackmail is a fungus against society” T-shirt to prove it. With the sleeves cut off.

Yeah, I bet.

And with that, I will be on my way.

You’re guilty. You’re not going to get away with this, Leo.

Get away with what? That baby was taken from his parents, which I had zip to do with. And then that baby was returned to his parents, which I also had zip to do with. But obviously, that is a very happy ending. And I will have you know, I did some research. , babies a year are switched in hospitals. Quite a staggering number. And unlike the happy ending of this baby switch story, most of those babies are never unswitched. How, again, did you hear that I was blackmailing your soon-to-be ex-daughter-in-law?

I told you I heard it from my son, and Eric heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

And by horse, I assume you mean that lying liar of a baby thief who would probably say I stole the baby myself if she thought she could get away with it?

Did you?

Did I what?

Did you steal that baby?

[Leo sighs]

Stop threatening me, Leo.

Well asking nicely hasn’t done the trick, has it?

[suspenseful music]

[sighs] Look, I know how much you love that kid. When you thought I had kidnapped him, you almost spilled everything to the cops. You risked prison to let them know I may have had a motive for kidnapping him. Thankfully for both of us, it didn’t come to that. But since I know how far you are willing to go for the sake of Jude, I know you’re willing to pay me whatever it takes to keep my mouth shut. Am I right? Of course not! What would I do with a baby? Besides dress it in some cute outfits and try to be a better parent to it than my mother was to me, which is a very low bar, because that woman was a narcissistic lunatic who wished I’d never been born? Look, we cannot believe a word that Sloan Petersen says. Obviously, she would do anything to protect herself.

[door opens]


[tense music] EJ. Oh, my God, what happened?

[Stefan sighs]

Listen up, sis. I love my wife.

[soft suspenseful music] And my only concern right now is getting her out of prison.

Right, that’s why I was suggesting that you–

Enough. I’m not going to repeat this. We’re never going to talk about this again. But what happened with Ava– what happened with that woman was a mistake. And I’m never going to do it again with anyone. Gabi is my wife, my soul mate, and I love her with my whole heart, my whole being.


I will never betray her again.

So what you’re saying is that you won’t sleep with Melinda?

No, I will not. So we’re going to have to come up with another way to get Gabi out of prison.

[Kristen sighs]

Aw, don’t look so glum, chum. You are getting everything that you want. I mean, I assume that you truly hate your sister being stuck in that prison.

All right, stop talking about my sister.

[tense music] And I never said I wasn’t arresting you.

Oh, oh, you still want to do this?

OK, fine, go ahead. Arrest me. I will go quietly, commissioner. But I just hope that Gabi doesn’t mind that you were so concerned with bringing me to justice that you couldn’t get any for her.

[Rafe sighs]

Give me the evidence when I need it?

Yep, I will, along with a little immunity for myself. That is the deal, Commish.

All right, I know what the deal is.

[Melinda laughs]

[tense music] So you better keep your word. My sister continues to serve time for a murder that she didn’t commit. I am going to find a way to lock you up in that jail. And I’m going to throw away the key.

Look, we both know that Sloan Petersen, AKA the baby thief with a heart of stone, would think nothing about sullying the good name of Lady Whistleblower. And without anyone to corroborate her claims, obviously, this is just a scurrilous rumor. Yes? No? You two are wonderful conversationalists, I have to say.

Leo, we don’t converse with you because you generally don’t make a hell of a lot of sense. So not responding to your BS is pretty much my default.

Mm, mine too. But I got to say, you little creep, you better hope they don’t find Sloan. Because she will definitely drag you down with her.

First of all, the name-calling, it’s uncalled for. And second, I will not be dragged down by the likes of Sloan Petersen or anyone else for that matter. But if I do happen to fall down, in the words of the wise Confucius, “our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Another favorite quote, this one attributable to none other than yours truly, which I am making up on the spot, so bear with me–

[Leo sighs] “Be kind to Lady W for, despite her transgressions, “which were the result of having had, “as I mentioned earlier, a horrible mother, “who made me feel unseen, unheard, “altogether invisible… “much like the character in the song ‘Cellophane Man’ “from ‘Chicago The Musical,’ well, despite all that, “the lady does mean well and in fact, has a heart as big as all outdoors.”

[somber music]

[door closes]

Oh, my precious boy.

[somber music]

Ever since you were born, my heart ached for you.

[sighs] Missing you so much. And I dreamt about you almost every night. And in that dream–

[chuckles softly] you would look at me with those big beautiful eyes. And it was–it was like I knew somehow as…

Somehow, I had this sense that you weren’t gone.

Nicole. Oh, my God.

I’m sorry, EJ. I’m–I’m so sorry.

[Nicole sighs]

[Nicole sighs]

Because… well, because… you were very much alive… in my heart and in my soul.

[sniffles] Oh, my precious boy, I am so glad to have you back.



[tense music] And Mommy is going to make sure that Sloan pays for taking you away from me.

[EJ groaning]

What happened? Where’s Sloan?

I was taking her to the car, and then she– she hit me over the head with that. I think she got away.

Maybe I can still catch her.

I think she went that way.

Hey, you’re going to be OK?

I’m fine. Go, go, go.


Thank you.

Don’t thank me. Just get the hell out of here, and don’t ever darken my doorstep again.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of May 27, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

John from Days


-Rafe could be heard knocking on the door while Maggie, Xander, and Sarah were shown.

-The music playing in John, Steve, and Rafe’s scene could be heard while Ava was shown.

-John could be heard talking to Rafe while Maggie was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Eric while Harris and Ava were shown.

-Steve’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Ava could be heard talking to Harris while John was shown.


-EJ could be heard talking to Nicole while Bonnie and Maggie were shown.

-Stefan could be heard talking to Melinda while Alex and Maggie were shown.

-Rafe could be heard talking on the phone while Stefan and Melinda were shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to EJ while Rafe was shown.

-Maggie could be heard talking to Theresa while Stefan was shown.


-The music playing in Steve and Jada’s scene could be heard while John and Marlena were shown.

-The music playing in Harris and Ava’s scene could be heard playing while Steve was shown.

-Chad could be heard talking to Stephanie while Steve was shown.


-How do Theresa and Stefan know each other? They have no reason to know each other.

-Alex and Kristen could be heard moaning while Stefan was shown.

-Alex and Kristen could be heard talking while Theresa was shown.

-Ava could be heard arguing with Harris while EJ was shown.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Stefan while Ava and Lucas were shown.

-Kristen could be heard talking to EJ while Marlena was shown.


-Melinda could be heard talking to Sloan while Eric was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Jude while Rafe and Melinda were shown.

-Nicole didn’t hear EJ telling Jude that his paternity was their secret even though she heard the end of the conversation.

-Jada could be heard calling out Bobby’s name while Stephanie was shown.

-Melinda’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


Melinda from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Opinion For The Week Of May 27, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Eric from Days

We felt sorry for Eric when he told Nicole and EJ Jude was their son. His pretending to be strong while he told them made it even worse. You could tell in his eyes that he wanted to break down while he was talking to them. We liked how Nicole and Holly took the time to acknowledge that he was losing his son in the process.

We’re surprised Rafe would be willing to comfort Eric over losing Jude. Rafe and Eric weren’t friends after Eric had an affair with Nicole while Rafe was with her so it was a shock that he would comfort Eric. It shows that Rafe is a forgiving person. He’s better than we are because we aren’t sure if we would comfort someone who was with our spouse.

Is Bonnie a new character on the show? Of course, we were kidding when we said that. It’s been so long since she has been on the show. She was shown as if she hadn’t been gone for months. The writers made it seem like she was out of town even though there was no reason for her to be gone. What was the point of bringing her back to the show if she’s going to disappear again? Was she shown just so we know that Bonnie still lives in Salem?

It’s understandable that Nicole wants Sloan to pay for kidnapping her baby, but she comes off hypocritical considering what she did. Nicole did the same thing to Sami when she kidnapped Sidney, yet she expects Sloan to be fully punished for what she did. Was Nicole really in a position to want Sloan to pay when she never paid for what she did to Sami? We give Sloan credit for reminding Nicole that she wasn’t innocent when it concerns kidnapping babies.

The writers deserve a thumbs up and down for remembering the history of the show. When Eric talked to John about losing Jude, John reminded him how he felt when he found out Eric and Sami weren’t his children. John said he was glad he stayed in their lives. We congratulate the writers for getting the history right. The problem is they forgot to have John mention Carrie. He thought he was her father too. Just because Carrie isn’t on the show anymore doesn’t mean the writers should have forgotten about her. Besides, Sami isn’t on the show, but they knew to acknowledge her.


Nicole from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Transcript Friday, May 31, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Some Salemites ready to go nuclear on radioactive mayor? Lame play on words. Cliched, hackneyed, ugh. No offense, Everett, but the quality of the writing for The Spectator has really gone downhill the last couple of months. That is about to change, starting today. Lady Whistleblower will see to that. Gird your loins, Salem.

I think you better gird yours instead, Stark.

Sloane, you have got to stop calling. No contact, get it? Burner phone or no burner phone? Yeah, Wraith came by yesterday asking questions. But thank God for both of us, that poor sap is as clueless as ever. I gotta go. Yeah, just file a motion and tell the judge you can complain to me if he doesn’t like it. I had forgotten what of a crybaby my ADAs can be.

Well, not everyone can be you. Ah, right? Heavy lies the crown. Yep. Sorry to interrupt. Oh, no, don’t be silly. I was just telling that ADA how much I’m looking forward to working with you again. Oh, I’ll bet you were. So, uh, what can I do for you? Well, uh, just following up from yesterday. Still have some questions about how Sloane Peterson ended up with Nicole DiMera’s baby.

I’m so sorry you had to endure all that, little one. Stefan and Kristen can’t go on and on like a couple of prized idiots, can’t they? But, we mustn’t let them ruin a beautiful day, so how about we go for a walk and talk about your new name? Yay! Something befitting the family you now proudly represent.

Because biology be damned. I’m your daddy now, not Eric Brady. And your mommy will never know otherwise. It’ll be our little secret.

What secret?

We will all get through it, Roman. I’m just, mostly I’m worried about Eric. Yeah, no, I don’t think, uh, Judah will be traumatized. He’s, he’s so young still.

Well, look, if you, if you need anything, just please call me, okay? Thanks, you too.

Come in. Oh, Stephanie, hi. Come on in. Sorry to interrupt, Dr. Evans. Do you have a minute? I do. Come sit.

Jada and I touched base about staging the intervention you’d suggested. I, um, I just wanted to check in before going to see Everett. I’m so glad you both agreed to it. So am I. We’re both on board. Anxious to start. We’re on board. Split personality. It’s so crazy. You know that when you talk to Everett, that’s a word you don’t want to use.

Right. Of course, I know that. Uh, I just, I’m a bit, I’m a bit overwhelmed. That’s understandable. But as you’ve said before, it’s important to get Everett the help that he needs. And the good news is, Jade is on her way over.


Are you here? The front desk said you were

Good morning.

Something wrong?

Oh, I had the most terrible dream last night. The dream that I lost you. Lost me? That can never happen. You are my wife. You are Mrs. Bobby Stein. Now and forever.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Oh my god, I am so

relieved. I thought we were over. Must have been some dream. It was. I dreamed that you had a split personality. Oh, is that right? So, which one of me was sexier? I’m serious. You kept calling yourself Everett and all this crazy stuff happened and it went on for months and months and it made absolutely no sense.

You know, I don’t even think I could explain it if I try. You don’t have to. You don’t have to. The dream is over. I’m here. Flesh and blood. A Bobby you love. And it goes without saying, there is no Everett. Everett? What the hell is going on here?

Look, it’s quite normal to feel Reluctant. Uncomfortable, if you’ve never been part of an intervention before. I admit, I am anxious. Yeah. And with Everett being so resistant, um, well, it’s going to take everything we have to help him go through this. Now, I know that, uh, I’ve told you I won’t be there as part of this.

I just think it’s much more important to, to have Him involved with people that he’s had a longstanding relationship with. Right. That makes sense. I’ll be close by. And if anything goes wrong, if you need me for anything, I can be there immediately. Sounds good. Thank you. Um, I also wanted to say, I’m so sorry.

Uncle Roman told me about what happened with Jude. Here. How is Eric doing? Never mind. Stupid question. I, I can’t imagine how heartbroken he must be. How much he must be missing that sweet little guy.

Oh, don’t mind us. We were having a father son chat. Oh, about? About what our son’s new name should be. What do you mean? You want to change his name? Eric and Sloan chose the name. Don’t you want to reserve that pleasure for ourselves? We are his parents, after all. I know. I mean, I kind of like Jude. Well, he’s used to it, anyway.

Okay. Nicole, he’s a baby. He’ll get used to his new name very quickly, I assure you. All right, I’ll sure add him in. You are his daddy. I am indeed. Now, our son and I were about to leave and go for a walk. I am determined to put my unexpected free time to good use bonding with my son here. And, I might be persuaded to pick up some delectables on the way back.

Any requests? That is so thoughtful. Um, surprise me. My favorite thing to do. Alright little man, let’s go. Choo, choo, choo. Say goodbye to mommy.

Have fun, you know? All right, let’s go.

Hello, Nicole.

Cheer, are you okay? Uh, yeah, definitely. I just, I had this weird dream that I’m trying to remember. You know how that can throw you off? Sorry, what are you doing here? I was hoping that we could talk. Okay, uh, hold that thought.

Hi, everyone. Steph, uh, Jada’s here too. Oh, okay. Hi, Jada. This is a surprise. Yeah. I’m sorry, am I, uh, am I supposed to believe that this is some sort of coincidence? No point, right? Okay, no games. We’re here because Dr. Evans suggested that we both talk to you. Oh my god. You gotta be kidding me. What, she just wants me to have more therapy, and more therapy, and more therapy?

Like, yes, there are gaps in my memory, but it’s because I was in a car accident. You know she doesn’t believe that’s the cause. I’m sorry, just exactly how much did she tell you about me? You’re not her patient anymore. So? And it is pretty obvious that something very serious is going on with you. Unless throwing punches in bars is normal for Everett Lynch.

No, it’s not. Alright, but please, I, I, I had a few drinks, alright? Like, it was one night. You insisted that you were Bobby Stein. You made a pass at me. What? No, I didn’t. Yes, you did. First thing the next morning. Look, I know this is really confusing for you. Not being able to remember. But it was like you were too Very different people yesterday.

And that is when Dr. Evans said, She thinks you were dissociating. She thinks you have DID. Marlena.

Good morning, AJ. Uh, meeting at house call? Oh. Something like that. Hmm.

Good morning, you little charmer. Oh my goodness, you look just

Sorry. Um, I’m used to him being my grandson. I’m the one who’s sorry, Marlena.

Rafe, I explained this to you yesterday. You did, yeah. But the thing is, the more I thought about it The less your explanation made sense. Excuse me? You’re the attorney. You’re the attorney who arranged for the adoption, right? So how the hell did you not know that it never went through? You don’t think that Sloan was motivated to keep me in the dark?

So the adoption agency never got in touch with you? You were never involved in the handoff in any way after Sloan took over? Even after starting off as attorney of record. Really? Look at you. So fresh. No, no, no. Don’t cry. That’s his quiet cry. It’s okay. Well, I’ll leave you two to bond with your son. Thank you so much.

It’s my pleasure to Okay. Getting my free time back made me happy. Just like it would in this moment. Are we done, Commissioner? Why, Eric Brady, you are the last person I’d expect to be commenting on my loins. Not that I’m complaining. It’s about time you and I had another chat. Great, your place or mine?

It’s about Sloan. She told me everything. Uh, about? About Jude. Who you knew all along was E. J. Nicole’s son. What you used to blackmail her. Wait, she told you that? Yeah, right before she skipped town. So did you help her? Leo, do you know where she went? Do I? No, no, I have no idea where Sloane could be. You, you sick, disgusting, I was told you fled Salem.

Keep your distance. Oh, keep my distance? Really? Well, how long were you waiting there? Were you waiting for EJ to leave? Subs I’m not worried about EJ. You’re not worried about EJ. Well, you should be. And you should also be worried about me because, so help me, Sloan, if you come ten feet near my baby, I will kill you.

Okay, listen. I’m not here to see Jude. I came to see you, Nicole. There is something that you have to hear.

TID. Dr. Evans thinks that I have multiple personality disorder. She thinks, she thinks that you may have developed this as some sort of coping mechanism when you were a child. Oh. Because of the abuse that you suffered. Oh, okay. Don’t you see how this could make so much sense?

Does it, does it make sense? Uh, no. The short answer is no. It does not make any sense. Think about it. Why does Jada only remember you as Bobby, when I only know you as Everett? And you don’t remember cheating on me with Stephanie, because you weren’t even conscious of it. And you don’t remember your childhood, because you did everything in your power to bury those memories.

Or, or, or there’s uh, there’s another explanation. You know? One that makes actual sense. This does make sense. You have an alter ego. And he exists to protect you. Oh, okay. Thank you so much, Jada, for your armchair diagnosis. But I don’t need any protection. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Okay. I get that this can feel scary.

Overwhelming. But you’re keeping your past buried. Shh, shh, shh. Dr. Evans is confident. Shut up! Everett doesn’t need to know any of that. And I’m gonna make sure he never does.

You don’t have to apologize to me. We’re all victims here. And I know how much you both suffered and I’m so glad that you have been reunited with your son. Thank you, Marlena. I want to assure you that, um, he had an enormous amount of love the first six months of his life. I don’t doubt that for a minute.

I know you’re very good to your own children, and, um, that gives me comfort. And I know that you and Nicole will be amazing and loving parents to I love you. I will always love you. Marlena. I just wanted to say that you’ve been very gracious about all this. Thank you. Of course. Give my best to Nicole.

Why are you in such a hurry to get rid of me? You’re right, because I have nothing else better to do. Look, Melinda, I’ve got a job to do. Yesterday you said that you and I have to be on the same side, and I agree. You catch the criminals, I put them behind bars. But it is no wonder that your case clearance rate is so low.

Because you don’t start with motive first. I mean, truly, what would I have to gain by giving Nicole and EJ’s baby to Sloan? I mean, the risk alone to my career, my reputation, and the ever vengeful DiMeras. I mean, we’re talking madness. Now, you have known me a long time. Do I seem mad to you? Well, all right, I guess the detective in me just needed, uh, Tyler’s loose strings and a bow.

I’ll let you get back to work. Man, I’m


Wait, does Sloan have Jude? You poor thing, is that why you is where he belongs. When I learned the truth, I took him right to Nicole and EJ. Wow. How incredibly honorable of you. Yeah, but when the thing is, I got back to my place, there was no sign of Sloane. Well, that’s too bad. Look, if I knew where she was, I would tell you.

The hell you would! I would, Eric, I swear. Look, I can tell by the way you’re looking at me with your eyes all squinched up and your nostrils flaring that you think I’m this horrible, amoral creep. Because that’s exactly who you are. No, I am not. Look, I tried to do the right thing more than once. Yeah, right.

Look, at the, at the christening, I almost said something. Almost! Okay, look, I admit, I can be Leo the Cowardly Lion sometimes. But, I swear, Eric, on all that is holy. And no, I’m not a religious person, but I do have respect for the sacred that I have been trying, I really have, to be, to be brave and noble and honest.

You’ve got a noble bone in your body. That is very hurtful. You sat on a story. You kept from publishing it because you didn’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Yes, well that very apt idiom was given rise to, uh, if my preternaturally retentive memory serves, by one of Aesop’s fables referring to an unprofitable action motivated by Exactly.

So money’s all dried up, and there is no more Sloane. She’s gone. And you’re gonna start dealing with me now.

I thought I could just turn my back and walk away. But I realized I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t face you. Oh, that’s the only reason that you couldn’t live with yourself? Not to mention all the other awful, unforgivable things that you’ve done? At least let me try to explain. Now you stole my baby and you made me believe that he was dead!

You know what, Sloan? You want to be accountable? Bend the ear of the police commissioner with all your pathetic excuses, okay? In fact, I will call him for you. But just wait, please. Don’t you I am so sorry. Profoundly sorry. I regret all the pain that you’ve suffered. I do. But you need to hear, and no, I didn’t plan it.

Oh, well, why didn’t you just tell me that in the first place? So taking my baby was what? Just an impulse, a knee jerk reaction? Dimitri showed up at my doorstep with your son. I had just had a miscarriage. The adoption, I had counted on it falling through. I had hit bottom. And then, all of a sudden, A baby showed up at my, my, in my home.

It, it felt like it was fate. Fate? Fate? I’ll show you fate.

Eric, listen to me, please. The day I figured out what happened, the very day that I learned Nicole’s baby was still alive, I went right to EJ and Nicole’s to try and tell them. They wouldn’t listen to me. So you went to Sloan instead? You took our money to keep your mouth shut? I had just lost Dimitri. I had nothing left.

I was desperate. Selfish son of a Police! Help! Help! Please! Hey, Eric! What’s going on here? Go. Get out of my sight. Hey. I’m sorry I lost my control. Obviously. Yeah, well, I can’t say I blame you. I just Thought he might help lead me to Sloan, but turns out to be worthless. Yeah. Look, uh, I’m sorry that we haven’t come up with anything solid yet, but we’re not giving up.

I know. I also know that’s not gonna change anything finding her. It’s not gonna make me a father again.

I deserved that. Oh, you deserve more than that.

You know what, Sloan? When you and I were pregnant at the same time, and I didn’t know who the father was, I thought, Okay, this is going to be a very interesting journey. And then you missed Harry. And my heart went out to you. Because I know that pain. I know it so well. I lost Two babies before Jude.

But when he was born, it was a miracle. Have you? When that doctor told me that they cremated my son before I could hold him one last time, do you have any idea, any sense of what that was like? Because you don’t! You don’t! And because of your lies, I’ve missed six months of my son’s life! And I am not the only one who’s suffered.

Your husband. You’re, you’re wonderful. Husband who’s only wanted a child his entire life. One wish, one wish, Sloan. And when he finally got that wish, the child he thought was his was ripped from his hands. And mine. Oh my god! I love that child with all of my heart. Stop! The child doesn’t want or need you anymore.

You are never gonna see him again. Ever!

You know, when I thought Jude was my son,

you made me out to be a lunatic. And when I stole him, when I stole him from the Horton Town Square that day because you negligently left him alone, you made me grovel for forgiveness. What kind of person sinks that low, Sloan? I don’t know. Maybe a person like you, Nicole. What kind of person? Didn’t you do the exact same thing?

Bobby? Jada. I am so glad you stopped by. You have no idea how much I missed you. Bobby, what are you doing? Ah, you’re my wife. Come on, baby. You’re my wife. We are divorced. Oh, no. No, we’re not. We’re not divorced. We’re not divorced. You signed the papers. Actually, I think it was Everett who signed the papers.

Yeah, that was Everett. I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that makes them invalid, right? Why would you want to be married to me? Why would I want to be married to you? Oh, come on. You know the answer to that. Because we were so, so, so good together. Good? Our marriage fell apart. And then you bought a ring for Stephanie.

Oh no, that was Everett. Everett bought the ring for Stephanie. Sorry, but uh, spoiled princess thing isn’t really my vibe. No offense. None taken. But what we had, that was special. Yeah. That was real. Are you serious?

Are you even real? You are just a part of someone’s psyche. Am I even real? I’m standing right in front of you. What kind of a question is that? What kind of a conversation is this? This conversation is pointless. Everett. Everett’s not here! You know what? I want you both to get out. I said get out. I SAID GET OUT!

I’m sorry, man. I know that nothing is gonna bring Jude back to you. It may not feel this way right now, but I do think bringing Sloane in will help. I’m sure leads are hard to come by. Yeah. Yeah, I just, um, questioned Linda Trask, which unfortunately was a dead end. I mean, it It’s crazy to me that she was not involved in the handoff of the baby, which she swears she wasn’t.

I don’t see any motive there. What did you just say? I said I don’t see any motive there. No, before that. That she wasn’t involved in the handoff of the baby. No, she said Sloan cut her out of the loop before it all happened. No, she didn’t. That wasn’t even close. Melinda’s the one who handed off Jude at the door.

What? God, why haven’t I even seen this sooner? Eric! I mean, I was just, I was overwhelmed. Eric, Eric, this is it! This is it. This means that Trask knew all along that she knew that Jude was Nicole’s baby.

I am never going to get any work done, am I? I just ran into Eric Brady, who told me that Sloan confessed everything that hit the Yellow Brick Road to Nowheresville. Not everything requires a Wizard of Oz. And not everything requires a snark, Elphaba. Elphaba? Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, played brilliantly by Margaret Hamilton.

Oh, for God’s sake! Look, Leo, I already heard all about it from Rafe when he came around asking questions. Well, he’s definitely gonna have questions for me. Everybody knows I blackmailed her. Your problem, not mine. Come on, you are the DA. When they come for me, I need to know you’re gonna have my back. Deep breath, Leo.

I just got Rafe to take his snooping around elsewhere. I am more than capable of getting him to pursue juicier avenues than you. Avenues? Honey, I am a full fledged boulevard and as juicy as they come, I’ve also been told I’m quite scrumptious. Right. I didn’t mean to insult you, Leo. The point I’m trying to make is to get you to calm down.

Because the only person that can truly prove that you were blackmailing Sloane is Sloane. And she is long gone.

You don’t think I’m caught up to speed on the Salem history, Nicole? Oh girls, you better get to work. Get out of my house. Oh no, Aaron told me all your gory details about what you did to his twin sister, Sammy. Yeah, obviously you were as desperate as I was. But maybe, maybe, you could extend the same grace that you were once extended.

And just let me What, get away with it? No, never, Sloane, never!

We’re not going anywhere, Everett. Jada and I are here for you. I said, I do not Get out!

Please get out. Oh,

here he is here. Fantastic, Dr. Evans. Come right in, please join the circus. Isn’t this fantastic? Let me guess, you’re to scoop me up and deposit me to the loony bin. You have a, you have an illness that needs treatment, Everett. Bobby? It’s Bobby. Okay, Bobby, the good news is you can be helped. Oh, thank you so much.

Thank you so much, but I’m fine. Everett’s not fine. Everett is fine! Everett is fine. I will make sure that Everett is fine.

There are ugly things from Everett’s past that the three of you cannot even begin to imagine. Things that he does not need to face again. So get it through your heads. He doesn’t want your help. He doesn’t need your help. He has me! So you admit that you’re keeping things from him. Your words. Why do you get to decide whatever it can or cannot handle?

Because I do. That’s why. I forget. Did I, did I ask you to leave? I think I did. Evan, I know you’re in there. And I believe that you do want to deal with your past. That’s how you can move forward. That’s why you went to Dr. Evans in the first place.

You know she’s right. Everett, I will be there for you every step of the way. Don’t listen to her. Don’t listen to her. Don’t listen to her. Don’t listen to her. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! My head.

Lay still. Lay still. You’re gonna be alright. I know what you wanna do to me. You’re Now you’re never gonna see Everett again. Never. Ever. Never. Your blood pressure is highly elevated. You need to get treatment. Now if you won’t do it for, for yourself, then do it for Everett. Please.


I’ll get you some water. This is, this is good news, right? Are you okay? He, he was so adamant. What if I never see the real Everett again?

Oh, for heaven’s sake, what now? You lied to me with the MDA. Oh, and you know this to be true because? I got proof. That you told me to go catch criminals, that’s exactly what I’m doing. You’re under arrest. Stand up. Hands behind your back.

My main man, Jude. Hey, hey, hey, keep your voice down, would you? He’s napping. We’re also changing his name. What? Jude is such a great name. We’re changing it. Alright, you don’t have to get snippy. Well, baby boy DeMiro, you cute little thing. I am so glad you are back where you belong. And I am so glad I ran into you and your snooty daddy.

Oh, are you? I am. See, now that the switcheroo is I thought that you and I could clarify the terms of our agreement. Obviously, I don’t have to keep my mouth shut about what I know anymore. But I do get to keep the cash, right? Think of it as free money? Nothing in this life is free, Leo. Spoken like a true cynic.

I can be cynical, too, when I put my usually Pollyanna, cockeyed, optimist mind to it. What the hell are you blathering on about? Well, I’ve been thinking. Always a dangerous endeavor, I know. But in this case, I think thinking is the way to go. And I think ending this conversation is the way to go. Are you sure you don’t want to hear what I have to say?

That might change your often condescending and insulting behavior toward me. It might even cause you to Suck up to me and lick my boots. What are you talking about? Speak English, would you, Leo? I’ve been thinking that there must be a part of this baby switch story that isn’t public knowledge. Meaning what?

Meaning, why would you pay me not to tell anyone, not even your own wife, that you had a kid? It doesn’t make any sense. And why wouldn’t you want that kid back as soon as you found out the truth about him?

Yes, now we really get down to brass tacks, huh? Wow, all this endless dribble about how you’re risking your, your freedom. And you can’t live with yourself and you have to come here to explain and to apologize. Well that’s just a big lie. Lie. Because you don’t want to live on the run. And you think I’m stupid enough to buy your BS so that you can avoid it?

But you know what? You’re lucky, honey. You don’t have to disappear. That’s what Statesville’s for. And they would be thrilled to welcome you for an extended stay, I’m sure. You hypocrite. You call me what you want. I’m calling the cops.

Previously on The Way Home When a new family member was born, they would add the name to the list. And when he died, they would write down the date, close the book, and move on. Wherever we end up, let’s promise to meet at the Roxy on this date. A certain wayward son, you decided not to show up. I needed to be held!

I needed to be kissed! I’ve been waiting for Jacob to walk 20 years and he’s not coming home. What if I could just talk to him? You’ll warn him somehow. Yeah.

I’m so sorry. Hi. Haven’t you been working long enough? Um.

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Days Transcript Thursday, May 30, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Teresa Donovan. As I live and breathe. Hello, Stefan.

It’s been a while. Welcome to the bistro. Oh, delighted to be here. So I take it you have everything you need? Indeed, I do. Your staff has been And just so you know, this is a celebratory mocktail. Okay, uh, uh, what are you celebrating? If it’s your birthday, I can have the waitstaff come out and sing you a song.

Nah, no, no, no, it’s not my birthday. I’m actually celebrating moving into the Kyriakos Mansion. Or Kyriakos Domicile, as I prefer to call it. It’s a little less pretentious that way, don’t you think? Uh, it is, it is a mansion, Theresa. It’s a mansion. Yeah, I know, it is pretty enormous, isn’t it? And Alex and I practically have a whole wing to ourselves.

Oh, you moved in with Alex, huh? Mm hmm. Yeah, we just left our crime department just a few days ago. You know, we had the servants unpack for us. So we’re all settled in. Lucky you. I know. Lucky me indeed. So Alex, tell me, oh, oh my god, did you, uh, wake up this morning and, uh, just come straight to my bed from Teresa’s?

Would it bother you if I said yes?

Maybe. Would it bother you less if I told you I got a present for you? It might help. Well then.

I stopped by the jewelry store. On my way over to you. While I was walking through the square. Oh my god, Alex. That is beautiful. I saw it in the window the other day, and uh, it made me think of you, so I went back and I bought it. That’s gorgeous. Yeah, I really like it. Uh huh. I love it. Let me just show you how much.

You’re up early. Did something happen?

Yeah, we just got a major break on Weston.

He’s being stoic, but I know that he’s heartbroken. Yeah.

You love that little boy, and you love being a father. God, I’m just, I’m so glad that you’re there for him, Roman. He really, he needs you right now. Hmm. Okay, I will check in with you. Thanks. Bye. This

is just heartbreaking. So heartbreaking. So you prefer to sleep during the day? Is that it, little one? Or perhaps you’re just still adjusting to your new home? New family? And is that why you were up every hour on the hour last night crying your little heart out? Well, don’t you worry. That’ll change as soon as you start to settle in with your mom and me.

You may have also noticed that I’m not using your name anymore. Well, that’s because I don’t want you to get used to it since we’re going to be giving you a new name. Once your mother and I settle on something more suitable. You see, Jude DeMirra doesn’t work for me. Not at all.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

How much do you want to bet that’s Maggie right now? I’m wondering why the hell I’m not in the office. And why are you not in the office? Isn’t that obvious? Okay, listen Alex, as much as I enjoy lying in bed with you all morning, if my brother Titan’s vulnerable. He’s sure to take advantage. He’s always watching.

Let him watch. He can’t touch Titan as long as I’m in charge. Well, my God, this woman’s extra persistent. Maggie, come on. Oh, damn, I’m late for an appointment. Okay, well, you know what? Then go. We’re just getting started. You gotta get to work.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Speaking of luck, you were certainly born with a proverbial silver spoon in your mouth, huh? Being a DiMera and all. Your point. Why would you choose to run this, oh, so very popular bistro? Because, Teresa, I never leave anything to chance. And, if you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that my inheritance has changed hands quite a few times.

That explains it, then. And yes, I admit, it has been a little Slow here. Slow? It’s empty. It’s early. Our lunch crowd hasn’t trickled in yet. And, in fairness, we did just lose our GM, and Ava had a knack for helping people feel welcome and at home. Me? I’m just the money guy. Right. Well, sounds like you need a new manager then.

One with all those people skills you just talked about. You’re probably right. Maybe I do.

So the ISA teamed up with Naval Intel and I just heard this from Andrew Donovan. They cracked the code in Clyde’s black book. That’s amazing. I know. Well, how, how did they do it so quickly? I don’t know. These guys are pros. Andrew said they found a list of dealers, their numbers, and that they’re forming a multi agency task force to track them all down.

Oh my god. That’s fantastic. Yeah. And the best part of this? Three of those dirtbags on the list are local. Andrew gave me their information. I’m telling you right now, one of those guys is going to lead me to Clyde.

Okay, so for the record I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but here take a look do you think

Yeah Looks pretty good. You know, I had to learn the hard way, though, at Bella, that SEOs for job searches are incredibly specialized. Yeah, well, DiMera’s marketing department usually would take care of that stuff for me, so Oh, God. Job searching. I’ve been doing that ever since I left Bella. It’s just so cold now, you know, with all the computers.

There’s like, nothing personal about it. Exactly, and that is not the way I operate. I’m a people person, believe it or not. I would like to put an emphasis on social connections. Camaraderie.

You wouldn’t happen to know somebody perfect for this job, would you?

Come here. Wow, what is this? Is this some new fetish of yours? Good morning, Kristen. Alex. Hey, Jay. Well, you have great timing, you two. There’s breakfast in the kitchen. And would either of you be interested in meeting my son? Uh Your son? I’m sorry. I actually am running late. Maybe some other time, though. I gotta, I gotta go.

I’ll see you guys. See ya. What? Ahem. Oh, yes, well, I thought I heard a baby crying last night. Figured I just imagined it. No, no, no, you were not imagining. There was certainly a lot of crying last night, poor little fellow. I think he’s still getting used to his living arrangements. Is it? Okay, let me, this is your, your son.

Do you have a minute to sit down? It’s a long story.

No way am I staying behind, Harris. No, you know what? You listen to me, okay? I am the one who helped you track down Clyde. I am the one who sent the email with those photos. And I sure as hell did not come all this way to sit on my ass. Okay, we don’t want to take the chance of tipping Clyde off. Okay, please remember who you are dealing with here.

I’m not an amateur. I know that, but the DEA, the FBI, we’re all going to be following the same leads. If we tip Clyde off, he’s going to panic and he’s going to get out of town. Yeah, and he’s going to be caught off guard, so he’s bound to make some mistakes. That’s true, and he will be running scared. And that’s when I’ll take him down.


was the last time this motel was remodeled? The 60s or something? Yeah, maybe not even that recently. Well, beats the monastery, I’ll tell you that. Although I don’t understand what Harris is doing, dragging me all the way out here in the middle of nowhere just to do nothing. Doesn’t make sense. He didn’t.

What do you mean he didn’t? Well, I just got a text from him. He’s got a new lead. Oh yeah? What? So apparently, Goldman is supposed to go to the post office today to pick up some package. Yeah. So he wants us to go there and stake it out in case she shows up with Clyde. Well, that’s odd. I don’t know, he was pretty adamant about us staying here, so Yeah, well, that was before we got the new information, okay?

Harris can’t be in two places at once, so We’re up. Get dressed. Okay, cool. Ahem. Well, no one comes to mind for the manager position, but what I think you could really use is a PR firm to help you get your reputation back on track. You know my cousin Stephanie, she is fantastic. She runs SJPR. I know Stephanie Johnson.

Ava and I brought her on to rep this place before things went south. But I’m gonna need somebody who is on site and I don’t think Stephanie would be interested in that. You could ask her. I could. But before I do, before Bella went south, did you have any part in the Brady family restaurant dynasty? Well, the Bradys are my family.

Right. Obviously. And I have spent my fair share of time at the pub, so I don’t know, does that make me part of the restaurant dynasty? Sure does. Huh. Okay, well then I guess I am. Why are you asking? Because I think this ad was written especially for you.

Sorry I’m late, Dr. Evans. Only by five minutes. Yeah, right. It’s a good thing that office sent out the reminder text. Got us slightly distracted. Yes, well, distractions happen. Yeah. You cancelled your last three appointments, though. That’s right. Uh, and that will never happen again, I swear to God. Things have just been very, very hectic at Titan recently, and it’s kind of hard to find the time, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. Is there something you want to talk to me about? I had something on my mind, yeah. Okay. I’m listening. Okay, well, um, as you know, originally when I came here, it was, um, to put my Playboy ways behind me. Right? Yeah. At that time, I was pursuing Stephanie. That didn’t work out, as you know. And because I thought she was the one, foolishly, in retrospect, I had a very hard time getting over it when she rejected me.

And Teresa showed up in my life, and we have been together. off and on since then. And right now we are pretty much on. Tate told me that she had moved back into the mansion, uh, and that, uh, the two of you are back together. Yeah. I mean, sort of. Sort of? I mean, we are living together, Teresa and I, yes. Um, but I’m also seeing Kristen DiMera.

So, let me get this straight. Sloan paid off some skeevy doctor to tell you and Nicole that your son was dead. And then she took the baby, which obviously is not dead, and she adopted him. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? No, it’s just pure evil. Good. I mean, I knew that woman was horrible, but to steal a child.

And then, out of the blue, she confesses the truth to Eric and vanishes from Seven without a trace. Oh my God. And how is Nicole taking this? Well, she’s obviously over the moon about the baby and would love to throttle Sloane. I don’t blame her. Where is Nicole anyway? Oh, she’s upstairs resting. The baby had a wakeful night.

Up every hour on the hour, in fact. The So the baby, your son Well, he’s napping right now, as you can see. And I think it’s gonna be quite a, quite a long one, seeing how he was up all night, as I said. But, as soon as he wakes up, you will get to meet your new nephew. Aww, I look forward to it. But, um, But what?

I’m just processing what you just told me. And, uh, I don’t know, it’s horrible as Sloan is. I just, I don’t, I don’t get it. But what’s to get? You know the whole story. Well, I don’t think I do, and I don’t think you do either. What’s that supposed to mean? Alright, well, I will, I know miracles happen. I got Rachel back when I thought she had died.

So the undead baby part, uh, I mean, that’s not what strains humility for me. Then what does, Diane? What are you talking about? Well, what I’m, what I’m talking about is, I mean, that Sloane, I mean, you think that she did this all by herself, this major deception? I don’t know. I mean, doesn’t that sound fishy to you?

So, you’re seeing Kristen and Teresa? Yeah. And to be honest, Dr. Evans, I actually really like it that way. Variety’s the spice of life, right?

Understood. Yeah, I didn’t expect you to approve that. Actually, I’m just more curious how this all affects you. Right. So, Kristen and Teresa, do they both know? Well, Kristen knows, yeah. She doesn’t care, you know. She actually told me she was in the middle of her driest spell of her life when I showed up. So, for her, I think it’s more, you know, just about being close to someone, uh, physically.

You mean the sex? Yeah, you could put it that, yeah, that, yeah. And Teresa? And Teresa, I think it’s mostly about the money.

You think she’s with you for your money? Nah, I mean, look, I know I’m a decently handsome guy, charming, good for a laugh, but, um, ultimately, I think it’s because I am rich, to be quite frank. Hmm. How does that feel to you? Not good for the ego, of course. You know, we all want somebody to be into us for who we are.

How fascinating of a person we are, right? But, you know, to be honest with you, Dr. Evans, I think nowadays, it’s about the money for a lot of women. For a lot of women? Yeah. Have you done a survey? No survey, but I am speaking from personal experience. And what have you learned? I have learned that since I have become the heir to the Kiriakis fortune, women are throwing themselves at me a lot more than usual.

And you’re just having to bat them away. That, pretty much. So, you and Teresa are now living together at the mansion. Yeah. Big step up from apartment living. Why did you ask her to move in? Um, because it makes sense. You know, she didn’t want to live alone in the apartment, and the Kiriakis mansion is huge.

She doesn’t have a job right now, so her not having to pay rent is a big help. Do you think that asking her to move in with you would suggest a certain level of commitment that you don’t feel?

Um, I guess I didn’t really, uh, I didn’t really think about that, but, um, I don’t think she’s expecting anything. Well, have you asked her? I mean, do you have any idea what she might be expecting? I guess I don’t know for sure. Well, don’t you owe it to her to find out? And, and also, let her know where you are.


Yeah. I guess I do.

Are you seriously offering me a job? I am. Well, thank you. I am truly flattered. But, I would have totally taken this opportunity if this was like a week ago. But, you know, I’m in a relationship now. You’re welcome. With Alex, Kiriakis, and this might not sound terribly feminist of me, but I get it, I get it.

You don’t need to work. Not now, anyway. So, uh, how do you plan on passing your time?

I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it since I just moved in with Alex, but, um Thinking maybe, learn to play the piano, maybe guitar lessons, or, I don’t know, maybe I could do some volunteer work, or travel. Sounds enriching. Yeah. It might be really tiresome though too, right? I mean, who knows, maybe being rich is like, really boring.

I don’t know, I just want to keep my time free. For now. Got it. But if I think of anyone, I’ll let you know. Thank you. Appreciate that. What? You don’t find it hard to believe that Sloane pulled this off all by herself? I mean, the, the baby switch, having your son declared dead, I mean, et cetera. I mean, this is a pretty complex scheme, EJ.

I am just telling you what she told me, and the police are searching everywhere for her. The Salem police. Ha ha ha. Don’t make me laugh. The Salem police and me, I’ve offered every demure resource in tracking down that horrible woman and bringing her to justice. So, is that the same? Resources to track down, uh, Clyde Weston.

I mean, how’s that going? Are you loosing your, uh Magic touch, little bro?

Shut up, Kristen. This is ridiculous. Don’t you think I look conspicuous? Like the guy dressed in full camo didn’t look conspicuous? No, he didn’t. He was blending in. That’s what camo does. You blend in when you have camo. Everybody’s dressed for deer season here. Deer hunting and cattle wrestling. Okay, alright, I get it.

I get it, okay? You are just like every man I’ve ever met. Deep down, you want to be a cowboy and you’re mad I didn’t get you the cowboy hat. Yeah, the cowboy hat would have been perfect. I would have blended in great. This makes me stick out like a sore thumb. I hate this stupid robe. Okay. The whole point of religious clothes is to make you look non threatening, okay?

We are going to have to talk to some people, right? We’re gonna have to ask them for help, for some information. They’re gonna be more likely to talk to a man of the cloth than a cowboy. Fine, if you say so. I do say so. I’m done talking about this, okay? I’m gonna go into the post office, and I’m gonna talk to the clerk.

See if she knows anything about Clyde and Goldman, alright? Alright, I guess that makes sense. They have been here a while, so Here’s to hoping someone has seen them. Fingers crossed. Alright, you stay out here, okay? Keep your eye out for Goldman, and if you see her, you text me, okay? I got it. Will do. Okay. Oh, and please, Lucas, don’t confront her, okay?

She’s probably armed, and we know she’s dangerous. Yes, I know. Last time I ran into her, she almost shot me and killed me. Confrontation with her is not on my list. Don’t worry about it. Okay, good. Keep your eye out, alright? Watch the door. Alright, go for it.

Hey, you got an extra smoke? You know how expensive these things are? What the hell up, dude? Having your way, dude. You’re Snake, right? Who the hell’s asking?

Thank you, Dr. Evans. Talking to you was really helpful, as always. I’m glad. Good luck with everything and say hello to Maggie for me. Thank you, I will. Although we’re not really speaking too much nowadays, I don’t think she’s very thrilled that Theresa and I are moving in. Good. Correction, she loves Teresa.

I’m sure she’s fine with her living there, but uh, me? Not so much lately. Well, I hope you’ll work things out. Yeah, for sure. Stranger things have happened, right? The thing is, it’s not even the fact that I’m just not getting along with Maggie. Now that she’s involved with this creep Constantine, it’s just making things even more awkward, you know?

Yeah, I understand how you feel. For the life of me, I can’t understand why she’s letting that guy stay there. You know, or why she’s so devoted to him. I mean, I get that she’s lonely, but it’s like everything this guy does exudes phoniness. And every word out of his mouth is just like I don’t know. Total BS.

I can’t say I’m a fan. I think Maggie’s his only fan, actually. Yeah, uh, keep an eye on her, would you please? I will. For sure. Well, I’ll see you soon. I would like to make an appointment for next week. I’d like that. I’ll keep it. Thanks.

Ah, EJ, what a week you have had. It’s, it’s been eventful. Well, at least, uh, you got the baby back. I mean, that’s gotta be a happy thing. Indeed it is. Oh, I am really sorry about, um, John. I admit I was blindsided by Mayor Price’s decision, but she will soon regret making an enemy of me. I’m sure she will. Um, oh, um, actually I heard of, uh, rumblings of a recall election, I’m assuming.

Thank you, Mayor. That’s your handiwork? Well, uh, are you thinking of replacing her? You never know. Hmm, well, actually, I mean, if being DA and DiMera CEO, I mean, that was considered a conflict of interest, uh, what makes you think that being there? Is any less so. That is simple, Kristen. You see, the mayor makes the rules.

I love to make rules.

Oh! My fault, I wasn’t watching my own. You. You.

Hey Roman, I’m just checking in. Oh, you saw him. He just left. How did he seem to you? Um, I’m so glad you were there. I bet that helped a lot. Yeah, no, I agree. He’s going to need his family more than ever now. Now

that he’s lost his son. Ah, still here. Well, since I no longer have to be in my place of employment, where else would I be? Huh. Have you heard about, uh, that thing? I have, yes. Have you had the pleasure of meeting our family’s newest addition? Well, I have. Before he nodded off. But, uh, he’s very sleepy this morning.

Yes, well, he was awake all night. I really do hope this, uh, baby miracle, uh, takes some of the sting off you’re getting. Indeed it does. I feel very blessed to have the cause of my son back where he belongs. Well, you know, I think we should let EJ, uh, have some time to bond with his baby. Well, that’s hard to do while he’s sleeping.

Well, I’m sure he’ll wake up soon. That will give you and I some time to get some air. Good idea. Bye. Bye.


Hey. Where are you coming from? You were up and at them before I even saw you this morning. Yeah, yeah, I had a session with Dr. Evans. How was breakfast? Interesting. You? Also interesting. How so? Well, um, After speaking with Dr. Evans, I realized some things. And I need to be up front. With everyone. Everyone? You.

I’m Kristen. What about Kristen? I’ve been seeing her.

Seeing her as, as in? Yeah, yeah.

I thought that was over, Alex. I thought that that was just an act to make me and Brady jealous. And it was, at the beginning. You know what, it’s okay. I just don’t even explain it. I don’t need to hear it. Um, I just, um. I just want to know, where does that leave us?

Theresa, I really do like living with you. I mean it. I just need you to understand that I’m not in a position to be pulling out a ring anytime soon. If you were expecting that. No. No, I was, I wasn’t expecting that. Okay. I mean, We’ve got a good thing here. You know, we’re just like having fun. We’re, we’re compatible.

It’s all good. Yeah, no, and I agree. I’m glad. It’s just after that whole first engagement ring debacle, you know, I, it hurt you and I don’t want to hurt you, Teresa. But I do need you to understand that, A, just because I’m asking you to move back in with me, I Doesn’t mean I’m ready for like a big commitment.

I know, I don’t, I didn’t, I didn’t think it did, I said that. Okay, good.

You know what’s really cool about this whole thing, for me? Is that I don’t need to follow the rules of a commitment. Because if I’m understanding correctly, you and I are in an open relationship, right? Since you’re obviously still involved with Kristen.

Yeah. Yeah. You understand, correctly. Good. I’m really glad we cleared that up then. Yeah.

Oh my God, I told you not to confront her. I didn’t confront her. She ran into me. I had no choice. She was going to blow my face off if I didn’t do something. So I did something. Yeah, I can see. So what happened to her eyes? Bear spray. I got the bear spray at the convenience store. Well, they said the bears come out of the woods to forage for food.

So, you know, I’m a little proud of that. Paranoid when it comes to wild animals. Like, I shot it with bear spray and it works on people too, doesn’t it? Hey!

You know, I’m really glad that you made me wear this because this is how I hit the bear spray. I can hide a lot of things in here. You never know when I have them. Yeah, I don’t want to know. It doesn’t matter. Did you find out anything about Clyde? I didn’t find a thing. Remember, we got who we want, don’t we?

We have our ex, Officer Goldman. We got you right where we want you. And you’re going to lead us straight to Clyde, aren’t you, Officer? You, uh, Oh yeah Police no kidding find you a mile away Uh, look, I just uh, I want to talk so maybe we just dropped this attitude. Maybe you should get out of my face

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Days Transcript Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Alrighty, what did you end up getting? Well, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Do you think that Jude Or like This? Well, I think he’s gonna love it. And I also think that I just One upped you. You went upside down, Pete. Uh, best grandma in the galaxy. And that you are. Oh, darling. I think I’ll have some dinner. Grandchildren determine that. Yeah, well, speaking of that, Eric and Sue should have been here already with our newest grandchild.

You’re right. I wonder what’s going on. I’ll, uh, Maybe I’ll just be there if you call. Alright, let me see if I can get our table ready. Oh, perfect. Thank you, honey.

Okay, table for four and a half is waiting. We’re not going to need it.

What’s, uh, what’s going on? Eric just texted me. They’re not coming. Something is wrong.

Oh, yeah. Mm hmm. This is great. So thanks for meeting me here. Well, thanks for inviting me. It’s always great hanging out with you. You know, I gotta say, it feels really good to be back here at the good ol Brady Pub. You miss it, do you? The food, yes. I’ll tell you what I don’t miss. It’s a racket from every Tuesday night karaoke.

Oh, I bet. So are you off duty for the night? Uh, actually I’m not, so I’m gonna have to leave soon, so I only have time for a quick dinner, unfortunately. Ah, boo hoo. Yeah. You’re working late, huh? Yeah, you know, we’re shorthanded at the station. I mean, Harris came back for medical leave, but then when he came back, he immediately asked for more days off.

Is he okay? Yeah, I mean he’s physically cleared for duty, but I don’t know what’s going on in his head. And from what I’ve seen, he likes to play things pretty close to the vest. So he just asked Brave for a couple of extra days off? Yeah, unpaid leave. Did he say why he needed those days? He didn’t. And it’s safe to say that he’s not somewhere on a beach with an umbrella drink.

So I see you decided to spring for the Buffalo Bill room. Was the Roy Rogers room already booked? It’s, uh, trout season here in Montana. We were lucky to get this room. Oh. Hey. Hey, guys. Lucas. They’re, uh, bringing in a rollaway for me. Where do you want them to put it?


sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Now obviously you two lovebirds can have the big bed and I’ll just put my little tiny cot in this little tiny western room somewhere. What is this, trout season? Yeah, yeah, it is. So we’re lucky, apparently, that we’re not sleeping in the car. I just don’t want to cramp your style as well. This is not a romantic getaway.

Um, we’re here to catch Clyde. I just don’t want to be the third wheel. I hate that. Lucas, I brought you as a driver and a lookout. And I appreciate that. I do, and I’m going to do my part. I’m going to make sure that Clyde ends up in that, that cage right where he belongs, you know? So no one else gets hurt, you know, including you.

We lock Clyde back up, and you get your permanent release. Yeah, yeah, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Except, uh, I will miss the make your own Sunday bar.

It’s an inside thing. Don’t worry about it. What’s the plan?

So even though you’re shorthanded at the station, Rafe still let Harris take those extra days off? Harris wasn’t going to take no for an answer, apparently. The man’s intense. He is ex Navy SEAL. Yeah.

You worried about something? Yeah, I’m always worried about something.

It’s Ava. She’s not around, and I’m assuming Harris is with her. Wherever Eva Vitale goes, trouble is sure to follow. Yeah, well, Harris is a big boy. He can take care of himself. Yeah, I guess he can.

You’re worried about something else too, aren’t you? You know me too well. I’ve known you all my life. I’m worried about my daughter. Okay, banana nut muffin and, uh, vanilla lattes. Hey, you remembered. Of course I did. Oh.

Sorry, once again. Hi Marlena. Chad, I’m trying to reach Eric and he’s not answering his phone. Is he at work today? No, I haven’t seen him. But he did send me a text earlier saying that a feature he was working on was on hold for a few days. I see. Um, I don’t know. It could be because of what happened with Everett at the bar.

So maybe he’s trying to keep his distance from the spectator for a little while. Did you hear what happened? I did. I did. Um, if you, uh, if you hear from him, would you ask him to please call me? Yeah, I will do. Take care, Marlena. You too.

Eric is not at work. Okay, maybe you can try slow.

What is it? What’s going on? Our number has been disconnected. Disconnected. Ah, that’s strange. That is strange, and it’s also alarming. I don’t like this, uh, uh, There’s something going on. Let’s find out what.

Hey, Eric, you in there, buddy? Where, where could he be? His car is downstairs, so is Sloan’s.

Eric, there you are. We’ve been so worried about you. Apparently for good reason. What’s happened, darling? Everything.

Stephanie told Kayla and me that Everett gave Eric Brady a black eye at the small bar. It was a misunderstanding. Really? He was arrested for assault. I’m sure the charges are gonna be dropped. You know what? I can, uh, I can get a hold of that police report. I can read it myself. But I have a feeling something else is going on here.

Isn’t that right, Jada? Steve, listen, given our history, um, I really hope that you can understand if I really just don’t want to get into Everett’s personal life and his business. I do understand, but the guy is dating my daughter. He were once married to him. So I need to know one thing. Is Everett Lynch a violent man?

Look, during the time that we were together, he never raised his hand to me. I don’t think he’ll hurt Stephanie. Not like that. Wow. Ah, there’s still something you’re not telling me. Listen, Stephanie knows what she’s getting into. You know, where are our burgers at? Gosh, you know, it looks like they’re shorthanded here too.


Oh! There you go. Thanks. So, we were able to track Clyde, or Goldman, or whoever downloaded the photos to a local library. Right. That’s why we’re here in the middle of nowhere in the woods, risking getting mauled by bears or eaten alive by mosquitoes. I get it. Yeah, that’s exactly why, and I think it’s worth the risk in my book.

I think it’s worth the risk too. But, if you, if you both know that Clyde is here, why didn’t you just call the FBI? Because I want to deal with that son of a bitch myself. I get it man, it’s personal for you. It’s personal for all of us.

Sloan took Nicole and EJ’s baby? Jude is their son? Not mine. Oh, darling, I’m so sorry. Sorry too, kid. Well, I imagine what you’re going through right now. So, Sloane’s on the run, huh? Yeah, she took off when I took Jude back to Nicole and EJ. I should have never left her alone. No, it wasn’t your fault. You were in shock.

I did the right thing, taking that little bitch. Boy back to his real parents. What can we do for you right now? I just want to be alone. Um,

don’t worry, I’m not gonna drink. No one thought you were. When’s the last time you ate? Since I found out. Okay, well. We’ll get you some supper.

I’m sorry about all the questions. I promise you I didn’t invite you to dinner to interrogate you about my daughter’s love life. You’re a concerned dad. That’s I get it. I am a concerned dad. But I have to be careful that that concern doesn’t cross the line into interference. Stephanie really hates that.

As you can imagine. Yeah. Stefan’s lucky. You know, I really wish that my dad was still here. Giving me grief about my life choices. I miss him every day. I miss my homeboy Marcus too. And he would be so proud of you. You know that, right? Yeah, you’ve told me that more than once. And I’m going to keep on telling you.

And hey, if you want me to step into that role, I can grill you about your, uh, boyfriends, people you date, and give you unsolicited advice. I’m good. I will say one thing on the record. Ray Fernandez is a good guy. He’s a great guy. Yeah, he is. And he’s not just my boyfriend. He’s also my boss. So I need to hurry up and eat this and get back to work soon.

Go ahead. Hey, your bun is different than mine. Yeah, it’s gluten free. Why eat it if it doesn’t taste good? This brand does. You know, I told Roman about it when I was living up here. It’s the one good thing that, um, Rebecca Goldman did when she was at the PD. What’s that? Oh, she just told me about this, like, niche bakery that she found online.

And they sell these buns. Goldman has celiac disease, so it’s the only bread that she can eat. Is that right?

So you think that Weston and his girlfriend are the ones who downloaded the photos? Yeah, I reached out to a librarian here in town, I texted her the photos of both of them, and she was very happy to cooperate. Well, did they give a positive ID? She thinks it’s Goldman. Did she say she saw Clyde? No, and it’s no surprise that Clyde’s laying low given his high profile escape from Statesville.

Oh. I guess that makes sense. So the librarian, the woman she saw, she said, came in and out of the library a lot in the past few weeks to use the computer. Yeah, and Rafe got a tip from the APB that he put out that Clyde was spotted here some time back. Well, did the local police follow up? They said it was a false lead.

Maybe it was. Or maybe it wasn’t. Or maybe Clyde’s got the local police in his pocket like he does everybody else. Yeah, wouldn’t surprise me. But you know what? Either way, we can handle this without their involvement. Yeah. This town isn’t very big. If Clyde and Goldman are here, we’ll find them. It’s really not like Eric to go AWOL.

I mean, Marlena sounded really worried. I’m sure he’s okay.

Everything okay? You keep checking your phone, you kind of seem like, uh, you know, a little, uh, out of space. Is that why you wanted to meet here and not the spectator? Yeah, it is, actually. I didn’t want Everett to walk in on us. Why? Because of what happened with Eric? Were you afraid he’s gonna slug me in the face?

No, no. I’m, um, I’m worried about him in general. He’s just so unpredictable right now. Well, I thought we made it pretty clear that we’re just friends. We did. But But? Seth, come on, let’s go. Hit me with it.

Marlena thinks that Everett has DID. Oh. And I don’t want to violate his privacy, and it feels wrong to speculate about his or anyone’s mental health, but He’s acting so out of character lately. Like Katie and Eric? Yes. And Jada said that he came on to her in the holding cell. He insisted that he wasn’t Everett Lynch, that he was Robert Stein.

He was a totally different person. And then it was like someone flipped a switch and he went right back to being Everett again. So Bobby Stein isn’t, isn’t a pseudonym, it’s a, it’s a distinct identity. Right. I wish I would’ve, I wish I would’ve seen it sooner. None of us did. No, but I, I should’ve. Yeah. I mean, I went through it with Abby.


I can’t, I’m not even hungry. Honey, you’ll feel better if you eat something. No, I doubt that. Mom, will you just do me a favor and tell the rest of the family? Of course I will. Come on Harry, come eat. Food’s a weapon. Look, you and Nicole are good friends. And I’m sure she’s gonna find a way so you can still be part of that little boy’s life.

I can’t. Nicole and EJ are together and Judith Judith’s her son. I need to stay away. I have to stay away.

I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have brought this up. No, no, no, it’s fine. You weren’t even here when she was sick. But my parents filled me in. It wasn’t like it was a family secret. I know that she suffered from the same illness that Marlena thinks Everett has and that she would people. Yeah, Gabby and Dr Laura.

I also knew she made a full recovery. She did. Y was, I was very proud of h from the illness from D. I It was, yeah. Which Kind of makes me second guess my, uh, my position. On what?

Look, Steph, I know you’re not one to run away from trouble. But, you know, if Everett has DID, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

Are you sure you’re up for that?

Everett? Excuse me.

Dr. Evans? Hi. We’ve been looking all over for you. Who’s we? Stephanie. Me. I’ve been around, you know. I’ve just been walking around. Are you okay? I’ll be fine. You haven’t, uh, answered your phone. I’ve left you several messages. Stephanie has too. Yeah, well, um, I’m sorry. I lost battery this morning. I didn’t have a charger.

So why? What is so important? I want to talk to you about what happened last night.

So you think that Weston and his girlfriend are still here? Yeah, the librarian believes she saw Goldman this afternoon and she was printing out a lot of pages. Right, images from the book. Right. So how are we going to figure out where they’re staying? That’s tough. Yeah. Yeah, well, it’s not likely they’re staying on one of the motels given the demand for lodging here.

Oh, you mean because of trout season? Right. I mean, they probably have a place out in the woods somewhere. Well, Clyde is a country boy, you know, he’s from the Ozarks. Probably have no problem staying in the woods for a while, but we’re city folk man that puts him at a distinct advantage Don’t you think but he does send his girlfriend for errands?

So most likely she’s gonna have to come to town for food and supplies. We follow her. She leads us to Clyde Then what we turn him over to the FBI, right? When you said we were looking for a more permanent solution to the Clyde Weston problem Did you mean what I think you meant?

He tried to kill my son. Our son. He needs to pay.

That’s the plan.

And now I’ve got to get back to work. You know, Rafe wants me to take a look at Harris caseload in case there’s something immediate that needs my attention while he’s gone, doing whatever he’s doing. Ah, ah, ah, ah. Put your wallet away. Your money’s no good when you’re eating with me. That’s a rule with all my kids.

Are you sure? You know, Roman chart is extra for the gluten free buns. I don’t care. Surrogate Papa pays. Okay, Papa Steve. Well, thank you, and it was so great talking with you. You too. We should do this more often. Yeah. And we have to set a date for that dinner with you and Rafe, huh? Oh, we do. We’ll do that soon, okay?

Definitely. Yeah. Well, tell Kayla I said hi and give her a big hug for me. I will. Okay. Now you give me a big hug. No, no, no. Bye. Oh, babe. Okay. Okay. Bye bye.


Alright, Ava. Harris. Thanks to Jada, I might have an idea how to find you.

We’ve gone over this, haven’t we? I went out with Stephanie and Leo to blow off some steam. We went to a bar, I had a few too many drinks, I blacked out, you know? Which is why you don’t remember punching Eric. I don’t.

Excuse me.

Eric, hi. Um, I owe you a huge apology. Look, I don’t remember exactly what happened last night, okay? I might have blacked out a little bit. But, from what I understand, I think, I, I, I owe you an apology. I assume that because I saw you and Sloane fighting, I, I misunderstood what you were doing, alright? I thought you were trying to hurt her.

Which, by all accounts, doesn’t make any sense, because apparently, you’re a great guy, and, and she’s your wife and you love her. So, anyway, I’m, I’m sorry. I want you to know I’m, I’m sorry. Eric? Eric? I got this. Okay. What, did, did I say something wrong? No, he’s not upset with you. I every right to be. Well, John will take care of her.

Right now I want to talk about you. Look, I know that you’re concerned about losing time. And I know that I’m not your therapist anymore, but I would like to help you with that. Would you let me?

Look, I know it must be very challenging dealing with someone who’s mentally ill. Yeah, you really have no idea until you live with it. Right. I get that. I have a history with Everett. I care about him. So How can I just turn my back on him? Especially knowing he’s not well. I mean, it just abandoned him because he’s got this terrible illness.

Wouldn’t it be the more honorable way to go to show him support? To help him get the help he needs? Sure, if he wants the help. He went to Marlena for therapy. Yeah, but then he decided he didn’t need it. From what you said. Look, I know from, I know from personal experience that there can be A ton of resistance when it comes to DID.

Everett may, may want help, sure. But for Bobby Stein? It might take a hell of a lot for him to admit that there is a problem.

Abigail was lucky you were there for her. Yeah, I wasn’t there for her enough. Why do you say that?

She’s not here, is she? Chad, you’ve gotta stop blaming yourself.

I’m gonna say to you again what I’ve said to you many times before. What Julian has said, what everyone who cares about you has said, Clyde Weston is the only one responsible for Abigail’s death. And I’ll be brought to hell.

So, pretty small cop. Well, I’m a small guy, so it’ll work. Beats my bunk at Statesville, or my bed at the monastery. That was the worst bed ever. I hated that. Anyway, um, while we wait for info on Clive, maybe we should, I don’t know, get something to eat or something? What do you think? Yeah, I think our options here are going to be pretty limited, you know?

And I think everyone goes to bed here early, so. Oh, great. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Look what I got from the airport. Uh, this is elk jerky. This is really good. Come on. We can all share it. No, I don’t have anything. Portion. Come on, Harrison. No, I’m going to hold off on the elk jerky.

Um, saw a gas station at the edge of town. I think they had a convenience store. Oh, right. I saw the signs. They had guns. And, uh, ammo. And fireworks. And bait. Oh, guys, but I had bait for lunch. Oh, yeah. I’m sure they have something else that’s edible. Should we check it out? Yeah, we might as well. Alright, you know what?

Why don’t you guys go and I’ll just stay here and hold down the fort. Okay, just be careful. You be careful. Watch out for bears. I think the bears need to watch out for him. We’ll be fast.

Yeah, hello? Ava. Steve. How’d you find me? Well, that’s what I do for a living. I find people who don’t want to be found. So listen, you know, service at the pub has really slacked off since you decided to take a few days off to deal with personal business. Coincidentally, Harris, uh, took some time off to do the same thing.

You want to tell me what that was? Well, it’s called personal business because, well It’s personal. I know you’re both in Montana to look for Clyde Weston. And I’m coming out there to join you.

Look, I appreciate you offering to help, but, you know, Harris and I have got this. Uh, I’m not so sure about that. And as I said, I’m pretty good at finding people who don’t want to be found. So is Harris. Well, I think he would appreciate some assistance. You’re acting like you don’t trust me. Oh, it’s not an act, Ava.

You lie to me so much. And you just lied to John and me when you enlisted us to break Clyde Weston out of prison. I did what I needed to do to save my son. Our son. You’re not going to talk me out of this. I’m coming out there. Steve, this is a small town. You know that Clyde’s got eyes and ears everywhere.

You know, he’s probably got the local police already in his pocket. So if you and John show up here, that’s going to increase the chances of him being tipped off. That we are already on his trail. Come on. Look, I know. I know that you do not trust me, and I get that. It’s fine, alright? But you can trust Harris.

He’s just like you. He always does the right thing. Well, I have no problem trusting Harris. But, uh, you know, you have a tendency to get people to do things they wouldn’t have otherwise done. So let me do this. Okay? Let me do this for Tripp, for Wendy, for Abigail, for all the people that Clyde has hurt. Okay.

But you have to keep me in the loop, starting right now. Do you have any leads? Someone saw Goldman in town. Good. When? Today. Okay, so you find her, lead you straight to Weston. Yeah, that’s the plan. I think I can help with that. I found out that Rebecca Goldman only eats one brand of gluten free bread. Yeah, well, she’s going to have a hard time finding anything like that out here.

Well, that’s what I thought, but I found out that that company ships their product all over the world. You call the business? Yeah. They have a weekly shipment to a P. O. box in Ennis, Montana. And the first shipment went out to a Faith Silvers a week after Clyde Weston broke out of prison. Dammit, Steve, why did you wait so long to tell me?

When is the next shipment scheduled to arrive? Tomorrow. Okay. I’ll tell Harris. Ava, be careful. I don’t want to see Chip get his heart broken if something happens to his mother. I don’t want you coming home in a body bag. Yeah, well Don’t you worry, Steve.

You know that I can take care of myself. Okay. Goodbye for now. And you keep me in the loop. Yeah, I promise I will.

Don’t worry, Steve. The only person coming home from Montana in a body bag He’s Clyde. Hey babe, what’s up? How’d it go with dinner? You eatin something? I, I think we did good. Yeah, so they did have something at the convenience store, huh? Oh yeah, they had a great selection. Yeah, I hope you’re ready for slushies and flaming hot cheese puffs.

Oh wow, well, my mouth is just watering thinking about it. There you go. Digging it up. I’m sorry about that. The last thing I want is an apology from Everett. Hey, I get it. I get that. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that Jude is Nicole’s baby. I know when

you were about this tall. I had to give you and Sammy back to Roman. So I sort of know what you’re You’re going through right now. And you two were just little squirts and I had you for years. No, but speaking for myself, By still staying in your life. By still loving you even though you weren’t mine. Over the, over the years that pain just kind of went away.

I’m glad you made that choice back then. I’m glad I could have you now. You can make that choice for Jude right now. No, I’m not sure about that. Why? What are you worried about? EJ won’t allow it? I mean, that’s part of it, mostly. It’s the last thing that I want to do is make Nicole’s life any harder. I appreciate you looking out for me, Dr.

Evans, but I think I’ve made myself very clear. I do not want your help. We’re worried about you, Everett. And Stephanie paid your bail. You haven’t even called her. I told you. My phone died. We both know that’s not true.

We also both know that there’s something that’s not right with you. And I think you’re afraid to talk to anybody that might confirm that. This conversation is over. Please stay away from me.

Dr. Evans, hello. I just ran into Everett, in the square. Did he say where he’s been? Uh, no, it’s pretty clear that he’s been avoiding people. He, he walked into the Salem Inn. How is he? Oh, well, he did apologize to Eric. Uh, but then I told him how concerned we all were about him, and he got really upset.

Agitated. So he’s still refusing help? Yeah, it seems that way. Look, I would like to meet with, uh, with you and, um, Stephanie and see if we can’t create an intervention. Whatever you think we can do to help Everett, I’m in.

Yeah, Everett’s lucky to have you in his corner. I know, uh, I know he doesn’t have much of a support system. He doesn’t. I feel kind of bad for being a jerk to him in the beginning. Maybe I should have taken the higher road. You apologized for that and he forgave you. Well, you know, if you’re going to be there for Everett, I want you to know that I will be there for you.

Thank you, Chad. It’s Jada. Everett’s okay. Well, that’s good news. Yeah, it is. She also texted that. Marlena wants to stage an intervention. Okay. Alright. Well, if you need any help, you let me know. I will. Thank you, Chad. Thank you for listening and um, for caring. Of course. Back at you. Bye.

Steve. Any leads on where Clyde is? I don’t know. I can’t tell you anything yet, Chad. Except that Harris Michaels is on the case. And I’m confident that he’s gonna bring Weston back. Dead? Or alive?

I don’t think I have to tell you which one I prefer.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


EJ’s personal effects, I take it. Surprised you left them in his office. My office. And, um, I was going to send them via messenger, but since you’re here, you can bring them to your brother. Save me on the delivery fee. Sure. Can I help you with something? I actually came by to offer my congratulations. Can’t say that felt entirely genuine.

Why wouldn’t it be? I helped push EJ out of office and I’m a big reason why you’re back in this job, Melinda. You’re also a demure, so I would be a fool to trust you. Look, I lost this job once before and I have no intention of letting it go again. And if you even think about doing to me what you did to your brother, you will find yourself a very dangerous enemy.

Oh, God. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were working. It’s alright. Hello, stranger. Well, hello, Maggie. Oh, it feels like it’s been forever. Where have you been? I’ve just been laying low. I mean, it’s been a little too hectic around here for my taste. I mean, you are a gracious human for opening your house to the Horton clan, but It was a lot.

Well, it was very lively. Those kids can be rambunctious. Well, the kids are great. It’s the oldsters you gotta watch out for. You’re in present company, excluded, obviously. Obviously. Peace and quiet at last. You and Constantine, me and Justin, we finally have a place to ourselves. Am I right? Oh my god. So, how’s our baby boy doing?

Well, besides being perfect, because he is perfect, you know that, right? I do indeed. Every time I walk into the room, I can hardly believe my eyes. Our precious son is alive. The answer to our prayers. And you knew it all along. I felt it in my heart the moment I set eyes on him.

I know I said it before, but I will forever be sorry that I didn’t believe you. Can you ever forgive me? Honey, of course I forgive you. How could you have known? I had a connection with him because I carried him inside of me. You can’t beat yourself up for not recognizing your son in the same way. It’s not your fault.

There’s only one person to blame for what happened. I’m sorry.

Sloane! Did the place look like this when you left? No.

Look who thinks we’re gone. What’s this?

It’s the um, The gift that I gave Sloane for Mother’s Day. A jute spur stone. Damn it, she took off. I can’t believe she just left. She’s gotta know that running is just gonna make her situation worse. I’ll find her.

Hey, it’s me. I’ve got to put out an APB on Sloane Peterson.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Alex. Theresa, I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I, I didn’t know we needed to make an appointment to walk into our own home, but Bonnie, good to see you. Oh, oh. back. Got you handsome. So you two women in, you haven’t heard, uh, not right till right this minute. , Alex, you didn’t tell Justin. You know, we didn’t get a chance to connect, but uh, it’s not like it’s a big surprise or anything.

Well, he sure has missed you those last couple months. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled that you’re gonna be under the same roof. Right, yeah. I am gonna be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. I got a lot of businesses going on, but You know, I’m sure we’ll connect soon. Sure, I’ll have him penciled in soon into his calendar.

Right. Yeah. Okay, so where are your things? Movers are on their way. We should probably let Henderson know, right? You are welcome to alert him yourself. He’ll probably get the staff to come, you know, help you if you need it. Great Thank you so much Maggie for your hospitality. Honestly, it means so much. Of course, dear I am so happy that you are going to be living here

Look Melinda, I don’t want to get off my wrong foot here. Oh, is that what’s happening here? My only interest is in proving that my wife is innocent. Your wife who was convicted of murder. A murder that she didn’t commit. Now, EJ had no interest in righting that wrong, but I am hoping that you’ll Look, I am just getting settled back into the job here.

I haven’t made any decisions on any cases as of yet. All I’m asking is that you follow the law. Just out of curiosity, why didn’t your brother help you? Because EJ had his own personal agenda. But I believe that you are an honorable public servant. Plus, this could curry some favor from the police commissioner.

Oh, you understand I do not work for Commissioner Hernandez. Yes, I, I do understand that, but Wouldn’t it be a great message to restart your tenure as DA by bringing justice to Lee’s real killer? Look, like I said, I haven’t had a chance to look at the files yet. Could you look it over now? I’m sure that you will see that the new evidence that Commissioner Hernandez found is compelling and overwhelming.

Okay, I think I remember seeing the file around here someplace. Um, Ah, Here it is. The Lee Shin murder case. So does that mean you’re reviewing? Let me know as soon as someone gets a lead on Sloane Peterson. Thank you. And I want updates every 30 minutes. Listen, this just doesn’t make sense. Her passport, her driver’s license are still here, and her keys, they’re right here.

Well, obviously she left in a hurry. Which leads me to believe that she left a clue behind listening. We have officers at the airport, the bus and train stations, the APB, it is statewide. I just want you to find her because I want this to be over with. Yeah, we will. You have any idea how much of a head start Sloan has?

When was the last time you saw her? I assume she just left after I took Jude to Nicole, so, maybe a couple hours. Okay, that’s good. Salem PD is going to use every resource that we have. I also want to explore a couple other avenues.

We are never going to get that time back that Sloan took from us. And all those days and nights that we were away from our little boy. And I, I know holding him is going to make things better, but I can’t stop thinking about what we lost and how we suffered. Jude will heal us, Nicole. It’ll just take time, okay?

Yeah. I know, but I can’t seem to let go of all the questions I have about the details of that night. Very confusing to say the least. You know, after the accident, I trusted Dimitri to take our baby to the hospital because saving him was all that mattered. But when we got there and no one knew what was going on I think we were just all in shock.

The doctor not only told us that our child had died, but that had been accidentally cremated. We couldn’t even say a proper goodbye. E. G., that was awful. I thought I lost everything.

I never thought my life would be whole again. And it is now.

Now as far as how it all went down, the scheming, the manipulation You heard Eric. He and Rafe are going to make sure that Sloan faces the consequences. What about that doctor? And Dimitri, they owe us answers too. I suppose, yes. You know, I’m sorry E. J., but I don’t think Sloane pulled this off by herself.

She had to have had help.

So? I have to say, this is some interesting reading. Interesting? Yeah, uh, most of the cases that cross my desk are deadly dry, but this one, it has it all. Twists, turns, cliffhangers. I’m so glad you’re entertained. Listen, I can assure you that every piece of evidence in that folder has been thoroughly investigated.

All of the witnesses vetted and the bloody fingerprint on that black book, Rafe ran it himself. The brother of the accused ran the test. Well, I went through the lab, obviously. Obviously, I can’t take anything as fact until my office has run its own independent investigation. Well, sure. But you have to admit, these facts in this folder, seem pretty convincing in Gabby’s favor.

Do I? I’m sorry, what does that even mean? It means that Gabby Hernandez was found guilty of a crime by a jury of her peers. And as much as you and her brother want to paint a certain picture of innocence, that doesn’t make it true. What the hell, Melinda? You’re gonna review this case? Or do I need to go over your head?

Not sure if Constantine told you or not, but our plan is to move into the East Wing. Oh, that’s where the Hortons were living. Yes, I’m aware. But now that they’re gone, I’m thinking that should be a good enough space to suit our needs. Well, the East Wing it is. Henderson is, uh, cleaning it out now. All right, well, I’ll alert him to set up our rooms.

Rooms? Hold on, I thought we were sharing a room. Baby, this is the East Wing. This is a massive space. You’re gonna have a room. I’m gonna have a room. We’re gonna share a room. No more cramped apartment living. You know, and you’re gonna have a giant walk in closet that you’ve always dreamed of. And I’m gonna get you a wardrobe befitting for the, um, Someone with the cariocas air.

Someone with Really? Well, we haven’t really defined ourselves yet. We’re not really in the labels these days. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go. We’ll set up. Okay. Thanks again, Maggie. Good luck.

What in the holy hell was that? What do you think the deal is with those two? That is a very good question. There are so many lingering questions about what happened the night of the accident and perhaps there always will be. But when I look into our son’s eyes, none of it matters. Nothing except making sure that he has the most incredible life a kid could ask for.

We need to count our blessings and focus on being the best parents we can be. I know. I’m trying, EJ. It’s just, Every time I think of Sloan, I just want to take my hands and wrap them around her neck. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You’re right. You’re right. I, I, I cannot let my anger take over. Away this moment, you, my precious boy deserve a mommy who is present and loving and hopeful.

And we’ve wasted too much time not being a family. And I’m not going to waste any more time thinking about that. Horrible. Sorry to interrupt. Have you brought in Sloan? No. She’s gone. Without a trace.

Okay, just got off the phone with Justin. He was surprised to hear that Alex was moving back in. Okay, good surprise or bad surprise? Well, mostly good. I mean, he’s Mm hmm. Mm hmm. to be able to spend more time with Alex, but he voiced some concerns over, let’s see, how did he put it? Ah, yes. The corrosive nature of the Kyriakos fortune.

Mm hmm. Well, I share that opinion. See, I’m counting on Justin to be a good influence on Alex. Worked on me.

We’re back. Everything alright up there? Oh, my goodness, more than alright. I’m telling you, I’ve probably moved 50 times in my life. I have never had a personal maid unpack my things. Oh, you better get used to it. That’s our life now. Oh, okay. So, will you two be joining us for dinner? Absolutely, but I do want to check out the menu.

A cook is probably out in the garden now, and I’m sure he’ll be happy to go over the menu with you and offer any alternatives, if you’re not pleased. Great. Alright, well, I’m going to actually head down to the stable. I want to check a few things out. And maybe later we can go for a swim. Wow. Work on that breaststroke.

Oh, sounds good.

Wow, I could really get used to this. Yeah.

Let’s be clear about something, Mr. DiMera. I am not your brother, nor am I some toady from DiMera Enterprises. I am the District Attorney of Salem, and I will not be pushed around no matter what your last name is. I wasn’t trying to push you around. Oh, okay, so that wasn’t you who was threatening to go over my head, whatever the hell that means?

I was attempting to apply pressure. I am very anxious to bring my wife home. I understand. It must be terrible having her locked away. Away from you, away from her daughter. It is. But we can right that wrong together. Melinda, I know that you and I, well, our past hasn’t always been pleasant, right? But I need you to know that I hold you and this office in the utmost respect.

I appreciate that. I heard your press conference. You said that you were committed to making Salem a safer, more just place. Doesn’t that mean releasing innocent women from prison and getting killers off the streets? Stefan, I have no personal issue with reopening her case. As long as the facts, they, they check out.

But you and I both know that only a judge can make that decision. So you’d be willing to take it to court? The court is, is awfully backed up at the moment. Okay, all I’m asking is that you do your best. And I will wait as long as it takes. You’re not hearing me. You might be waiting forever.

You don’t know where Sun went. Not yet. I’m sorry. Just while I was bringing Jude to you, she obviously took off. You don’t have to apologize, Eric. You brought our son to us. I should have called police first. Well, you were just acting like a parent, and you did the right thing. She’s right. Jude is our priority, too.

Look, we all hope that Sloan faces the consequences, but That’s out of our hands. Uh, so what are you doing to, to find her? Well, we’ve put out an APB, but so far she’s eluded us. I mean, honestly, I don’t know what she was thinking to run like this. Well, obviously she was thinking that she didn’t want to face the consequences or me.

So instead of taking responsibility, she ran like a coward. Yeah. Why are you here, Riff? Excuse me? Why are you here wasting valuable time when you could be out there finding her and bringing her in? Well, actually, I have questions for you, that’s why.

I’m not sure how I could be of assistance. How would EJ know anything about where Sloan is? Well, Sloane took off without her passport, her driver’s license, even her credit cards. And, uh, her car is still there. She left with nothing? Nothing. Well, maybe she plans to go into hiding and change her identity. I mean, she’s changed her name before, right?

Right, yes. But last time, no one was looking for her. Do you think she actually has the resources to stay in hiding and start over? I don’t know. I wouldn’t suppose so. I can’t believe you were able to get this done so

fast. You hold in your hands everything you need to start a new life. Driver’s license, social security number, passport. There’s a number for a driver in there who will take you to Chicago and provide you with an airline ticket in your new name. And the money? The details of your offshore account are included.

You’ll discover that it has been generously funded to last you a lifetime. Well, I’ve, um, I’ve never been to the Amalfi Coast. Oh, you’re going to love it. Sand, sea, and sky. You’ll never want for anything. As long as you promise never to return to Salem. Or tell anyone that Eric is Jude’s biological father.

E. J. Based on my initial investigation, I tend to agree. Sloan was resourceful, but she wasn’t exactly flush with cash. No, she wasn’t. I don’t even know how she got this far. Right, exactly. Um, quite far, in fact, considering her resources were so limited. Yours, EJ, on the other hand, are not. What

the hell? Why would I have to wait forever until my wife’s case is reopened? Melinda, you are sitting on evidence that an innocent woman is in prison. Isn’t it your duty to see that justice is carried out? And I do want justice. But as long as we’re being honest here, I, I believe he already got it. My wife is not a killer.

Look, that’s debatable. But let’s start by talking through what we already know about the case. A motive. Everybody knows that Gabby hated Lee. He blackmailed her for months, forced her to stay in a loveless marriage. A lot of people had issues with Lee. But not Gil. The guy that you allege murdered Lee? He didn’t even know him.

He was a known criminal. So is your wife. You are wrong about this, Melinda. I suppose it’s, it’s possible. And look, I, I’m, I’m still open to the idea that things might possibly change, but from my professional opinion, what you have here, circumstantial evidence, bias witnesses, it is not enough to reopen this case.

Or free her. Goodbye, Mr. DeMiro. No, no, no. Listen to me, please. Look, look, look. Do me a favor. Close the door on your way out.

If there is anything you need, anything at all, you just let me know. I want you to, I don’t know, feel at home here. Thank you. Honestly, you’re so kind. I’m just so grateful that I, I can be somewhere where I don’t have to worry about Brenton Utilities. I’m just glad to help. I know about your struggles.

About Brady and Tate and your career. Um, I just hope you take this time to sort out your life. You know, to figure out, well, what you want to do next. Yeah, I hope so too. Your friend Alex seems to know exactly what he wants to do next. Well, now that he’s coming to all that money. Oh, yeah, he is. So focused and so confident and so rich.

You just be careful Teresa. Money has a way of changing people. Amen sister. And I’m going to speak with Alex. Why is something wrong? No, there’s nothing wrong at all. It’s just a family matter that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Excuse me. Have at it Maggie. Okay.


You remind me of someone. I get that a lot. No. You remind me of me. I mean, sure, there are a few differences. I mean, I’m a little bit curvier. You’re a few years younger, but How exactly do I remind you of you? Well, it’s no secret that the first time I waltzed into this house, I had my eye on the prize, too.

Cariacas Cash? Yep. I tried to marry Victor to get it. But with Justin, it’s a whole different story. Seems to me, you’re going for door number one. Are you accusing me of being a gold digger? Oh, hey. No judgements here, sweetheart. Believe me. It’s perfectly fine to fall in love with a man and his money. As long as you’re not trying to con him like that miserable creep Constantine.

Word to the wise, stay away from that piece of garbage. I heard. You knew. As far as I’m concerned, as long as you love Alex, as much as you love his money. Look at me. Yeah? Do a poll for it.

What do my resources have to do with Sloane’s escape? What are you asking, Rafe? I am just saying that the DiMeras have resources well beyond what Sloan could muster on her own. Beyond what Salem PD could access, honestly. I’m sure that’s true. I’m sorry, you’re thinking that someone helped Sloan disappear?

I mean, no offense, DiMera like. That’s why we’re here. Okay, I still don’t understand. Okay, EJ, you and Nicole would like Sloan brought back to Salem, right? Of course. Yes, we want her to get what she deserved for taking our son. Right, exactly. Okay, so, it might be helpful if you were to, let’s say, reach out to some of your, uh, Connections that could possibly have insight on Sloan’s disappearance.

I see. You want our help in tracking Sloan in case this goes beyond the scope of the law. Well, I didn’t say that. But if you were to come up with some answers. Of course. Whatever you need. I’ll make some calls. Great. Okay. Excellent. Uh, I’ve got to get back to the station. Do you need a ride? Yeah, sure. Okay.

Um, you, do you want to say hi?

I don’t want to wake him up. Another time then.

You alright, pal? Yeah. No. No, no.

I know, man. It’s hard. Judy’s where you’re supposed to be. My heart.

Yeah. I know. I felt that pain. Yeah, I did. I had to turn David over after I was raising him all those months. It just doesn’t feel right. Reheal. He feels like my son. Yeah. It’s gonna feel that way for a while. Will. Hey. I’ve been through. Okay. I just want you to know that I am here for you. Whatever you need, okay?

Appreciate that. Yeah. And you know, I hated it. I hated it because people told me this all the time. But it’s true. Whatever you are feeling right now, It will get better over time. I promise. You’re right,

EJ. I cannot give any more of this energy to Sloan. And like you said, she will get what she deserves. But right now, I We do need to focus on Jude. I am very glad to hear you say that because we have a lot of work to do, starting with rebuilding the nursery. I can’t believe we’re starting over. I’ve already placed some orders.

We’ll have enough for at least the first week. Thank you for doing that. Of course, anything to make Jude’s transition as smooth as possible. And speaking of which, we do need to talk about your job. Right. I haven’t really thought about it. I know, I know, but you need to be honest with yourself about what you want.

Yeah. I mean, I can’t really see myself leaving Jude right now. I had a feeling you were going to say that. I will call Chad and talk to him about maternity leave. Okay. I know you love your job, but you need to take advantage of this happy time. No, um, I, I will. It’s just What is it?

I feel so lucky right now. And also a little guilty. Guilty? Why? Because now I, I have everything. And Eric lost everything. And he’s wanted to be a father for so long, and he’s had so many disappointments, and now this child’s been ripped away from him, and I feel for him. I do. But this is our child. Our son.

Eric was misled and duped. Okay, the happiness that we are experiencing right now should have been ours all along.

Maggie. Oh, you’re just the person I wanted to see. Likewise, I just came back from the stables. They’re an absolute mess. I mean, even the horses are embarrassed. It needs a complete renovation. When was the last time you actually had somebody go there and like, do the, like an inspection of the conditions of the stables?

Well, I can’t say for sure. Neither can I. Luckily, I have an architect who can come up with a whole new plan. He’ll create the whole thing and, uh, build it from scratch. I mean, it’s not gonna be cheap, but I can get a Titan construction crew out there and start demo right away. There is gonna be no construction on the grounds until after the weddings.

Weddings? Like plural? That’s right. Mine and Sarah’s. Xander and Sarah are engaged. Isn’t it wonderful? Sure. It’s great. Glad you agree. Yeah. I do hope that Teresa and I will be invited to the wedding though. We are family after all. We know Victor would want everybody to get along. The MDA. Do you have a minute?

Commissioner, if you’re here to talk about your sister, I’ll tell you what I already told Stephan DiMera about her case. I’m not here to talk about my sister. Well, not yet anyway. I promise you, we will be having that discussion very soon. I am here to talk about the disappearance of Sloane Peterson.

You’re family, Alex. And I think we can find a way to coexist in the house. Because that’s what family does. Why do I sense a but coming on? But I just want to be clear about the boundaries. Your boundaries or my boundaries? Both. Oh. I’m not going to roll over. And I’m not going to acquiesce to your every wish.

Now that you’re the Kiriakou’s heir. I mean, you talk about what Victor wanted, I promise you, he wouldn’t want you disrespecting his wife or anyone he cared about. Now, is that a warning? Oh, no, no, no, no. I just have limits. Yeah. And I have ideas, Maggie. About the stables. About this house. About the staff.

About how to shake off decades of stale thinking. Luckily, I am the future of this family and I’m going to take this family into the modern world. I hope. And I’m not going to hold back just because it might hurt your feelings.

Oh, well, so that’s what you think. This is all about my feelings. What else would it be about? I can tell you just love being in karaoke. You relish all the trappings of the lifestyle and the title and the power, and I don’t blame you. I’ve gotten caught up in it myself, at one time or another. But there’s more to it than a name.

So you’re saying you don’t think I understand? What it means to be Victor Sloan. I think that along with the perks, you’re going to discover a great deal of responsibility and sacrifice that comes along with it. And unless you’re ready to embrace all of it, you’re just merely playing at the job of being an heir.

What do you mean Sloan disappeared? Uh, well, she left the apartment that she shared with Eric just a few hours ago, took nothing with her, and vanished.

Sloane, promise me, promise that you will not take that little boy if you go on the run. I, I know you love him, but you just can’t do that. Don’t, don’t worry. I mean, maybe I can outrun the FBI, but E. J. DiMera Exactly.

If I do what E. J. says, maybe I get something out of it. If I admit that Jude’s Nicole’s, if I make Eric believe the lie that EJ’s the father, Uh, EJ helps me disappear. And you’ll be safe. Why would she do that? Because she got caught. Caught? Wait, where is her son? She didn’t take Jude with her, did she? Well, that’s interesting that you mention him.

I don’t know. He’s the reason that she took off. I don’t understand, Commissioner. Are you saying to me that you know nothing about this baby switch? Did you say baby switch? Okay. Sloan confessed to Eric that the adoption that you were helping to arrange many months ago fell through. But instead of telling Eric the truth Sloan somehow faked the death of EJ and Nicole’s baby so she could take him and raise him with Eric.

What? No. No, no. Sloan? She would not do something like that. I don’t believe it. You helped to arrange this adoption. You You honestly expect me to believe you knew nothing about this? That it had fallen apart? Once the details were confirmed, Sloan, she took over. As far as I know, Jude was the baby that they adopted.

She didn’t claim that I knew something, did she? No, Eric didn’t say that she mentioned you. But I have so many questions about this whole thing. Well, I do hope that you find Sloan soon. So do I. And I hope that I can trust you to see this through. Of course. You’re the DA now, and we need to be on the same side.

I am on the side of justice, for all who deserve it.

Oh my. Hey, hey, hey, shh. Please don’t slam the door. Sorry if I’m a bit frustrated, but if you had just reopened Gabby’s case when I asked you to. What the hell is this? You guys babysitting? No. This is our son. You what? Jude is awesome. I, I, I, I don’t understand. Short version, Sloane Peterson stole our baby and tried to play him off as hers and Eric’s adopted child.

Um, how the hell would she do that? That’s a good question. And so what, now she just decides to bring him back? No, Eric learned the truth and he brought June to us.

I can’t believe it. I’m so happy for you. For both of you. Thank you, Stefan. Yes, thank you.

I saw how badly you suffered when you thought you’d lost your child. My God, nobody

has the right to break a family apart. And sometimes the universe just makes things right. It shows us that miracles do happen.

Do we go from here? What’s the one thing we should do?

We were holding in our hearts The thing we wanted to


Seems we’ve lost that love too much

Temporary beauty was our crutch

Happily embracing an emptiness we’re chasing Cause we need to believe The light of love is shining bright, Will it get us through the night? What’s our story now? Ooo, Ooo What’s our story now?

What’s our story?

Alrighty. What did you end up getting? Well, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Do you think that Jude. We’re like This. Well, I think he’s gonna love it. And I also think that I just One upped you. You went upside down, Pete. Uh, best grandma in the galaxy. And that you are. Oh, darling. I think I’m happy.

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Days Transcript Monday, May 27, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Well, thank you so much for inviting me out for tea. We’re delighted you joined us, Marie. Well, I guess you noticed how quickly I got here after I got your text. I didn’t realize how much I needed to get away from the mansion. And Constantine? No, no, he and I are doing just fine. Although, you know, there are such things as too much togetherness.

Bop. I hope we never go that way. That’s never gonna happen, love. Oh my goodness. Does this mean? With a little assist from Victoria, I asked your daughter for a hand in marriage and she made me the happiest man on earth by it. I said yes. Oh! So you’re engaged. Oh, that’s wonderful! Ah! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

Hey. Special delivery for Black Patch. Hey, dude. Thanks for coming, man. Well, I was glad to get your call. I was hoping to bring you guys on board with this whole Clyde thing. Hoping someone at the ISA can help decode that mess. Well, we know some pretty sharp code breakers over there. How are things going down at the station?

Well, you know, busy and, uh, with Harris out, we are, uh, we’re understaffed, as usual. And I’ll bet you a lot of those cases are linked to the drugs Clyde’s minions are pushing out on the streets right now. Oh yeah, yeah, the sooner we can crack that code. The sooner we can take him down and his whole operation.

Yeah, for sure, but to be honest, I’m more interested in what was on the outside of that book than what it says on the inside. What do you mean? What I mean is that it could be the key to securing my sister’s freedom and defining leash. Chen’s real killer.

Are you waiting for someone special or you just keep your door open for any old stranger? Only the handsome one. Oh, welcome home. Feels so good. I missed you. I missed you too. You know, I would have been home earlier, but I stuck around for the Memorial Day service at Arlington. That’s a pretty good reason.

Yeah. Was it emotional for you? I know that you’ve got friends who died while serving. Yeah. Yeah, you know, visiting the gravesites of people you lost, it’s always tough. But it always fills me with gratitude. Well, I’m grateful that you are still here. Thank you. I’m grateful for their sacrifices. I mean, they’re really fighting a good fight against the evil in the world, and we should always pay tribute to that.

Especially, Since today is the day, we have Clyde Weston in our sights. Time to rid the world of that evil bastard.

Eric, I don’t understand. How could you be our son? Yes, please explain. I’m still processing myself. Someone just confessed to me. Confessed what? None. None of your action. Dimitri never took your son to the hospital. How could that be? He brought him to the slum. That’s impossible. No, it’s just that Dimitri, he was on the run and he thought that slum could help somehow and He left the baby with her.

And I guess just given the timing What about the timing? We, our private adoption had just fallen through. So she kept your son. She told me and everyone else that he was our, our adopted child.

Oh my God. Now that we know the truth, Jude is your son. He belongs with his mommy

like Sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

So, tell me everything, wedding plans, dates, yeah, we’re still trying to figure that out. We have talked about visiting Scotland for the honeymoon. I’ve always wanted to go, it just seems so romantic. Highlands and Castles, I want to show you all my favorite childhood horns the ones i’m allowed to go back to So, yes, we are we’re still talking about it.

Oh, that sounds wonderful And your ring is just very unique. Isn’t it beautiful? Yeah It’s very you Well, I sure hope so That’s gonna be with me forever and always Just like I know. Just like I know. So

Gil’s fingerprint was found in Lee’s blood on the outside of that book? Yeah, it was a bit smeared, but, uh Definitely a match. I ran it several times. So you’re convinced this guild dude is the one who killed Li Shen? Well, it sure seems like it to me. I mean, how else would he have come in contact with Li’s blood?

Yeah, well, hope you can prove it, Rafe. Can you imagine what your sister’s going through, wrongly accused of murder? Does she know about these prints? No, not yet. I’m not going to say anything until I’m sure that we can get the case reopened. Any progress on that? Yeah, we’re working on it. Well, it’s a damn good thing EJ is out as DA, huh?

Yeah. Especially given EJ’s feelings about Gabby. I mean, not that Melinda Trask is any fan of my family, but I know that she definitely cared about Lee, and I’m hoping she’s going to be motivated to find the truth about his killing. I hope so too, buddy. For your sake, and for Gabby’s.

You really did, you really did miss me, huh? Something about a man in a unicorn. I’m out of it. You’re gonna be, hey, you’re gonna make me lose focus. We have to stay on point right now. We have to. I know, I know, I know, I know. Aww. For Toothy! Believe me, I want to make up for lost time as much as you do. But the clock is ticking, okay?

And once Clyde is out of commission, we have all the time in the world to spend together. It’s all the more reason to just get rid of him, and make things right in the world. Yeah. I mean, who, who’d have thought, finding Clyde’s black book. Could help Gabby get off the hook for Lee’s murder. Yeah, well, a lot has happened since you left.

You know, EJ’s out as D. A. Yeah, no, I heard that. Yeah. So, have Stefan and Rafe convinced the new D. A. to reopen the case? Mm mm, not yet. But they are hell bent on, um, proving that Gil’s the one who murdered Lee. Okay, so what’s that theory? That Gil came over to Wendy’s house looking for me and found Lee instead.

They got into it somehow. Gil killed him and then days later when he came looking for me, well We know what happened then. God, you know, it’s just, Wendy is such a good soul. She’s so good, and she makes Tripp so happy, and I mean, how am I going to tell them that Lee might be dead because of me? I mean, her poor family, they just They finally got closure with Gabby’s conviction and now

all those wounds are going to be reopened all over again.

How could that be? The doctor said our baby was dead. Why, why would he say that? I can’t explain what happened at the hospital. Someone must have paid somebody off. Oh my gosh, I can’t, I can’t believe this is happening. Yeah, there’s just a lot to process. The only thing that matters right now is that Your son is in your arms.

I mean, is this really true? Imagine you’re going to want to run your own test to prove that it’s true. I don’t understand why Sloane, she would make up something so awful if it wasn’t. No, that wouldn’t make any sense, would it? All those months ago, when I held Jude for the first time, I always felt like he was my son.

I remember. And then you agreed to a DNA test, just to prove that it wasn’t true. But how? How? So, she said that the results were tampered with. Oh, by her. We’ll make sure all the necessary tests are performed. What’s the most important thing right now is that we all know the truth and our son is back home where he belongs.

Yeah. It’s incredible, E. J. Our son. And you knew all along.

Even when I had to let it all go. I always felt he was my boy. Yeah. I don’t know, I mean, I guess it’s just something to do with parent intuition. Yeah. When it’s your child, you, you just know deep in your soul.

Sweetheart. Yeah, I love you. I do with all my heart. I’ve always loved you.

Well, you both deserve a wonderful wedding. You fought long and hard to get to this place. And you’ve hit a few bumps in the road. Bumps? I don’t remember any bumps, honey. Do you remember any bumps? Nary a one. Nary a one, mom. That being said, and at the risk of dampening the incitement of your good news, I have a favor to ask.

Yeah, sure. What is it? I’d appreciate it if Constantine and I could get married first. That you would wait until our wedding to have your own. Um, before I agree, can I ask why? It’s okay, sweetheart. I know, I know there’s gonna be so many changes. Yes, there are. There’s gonna be so many changes and a new house and a new family and I’m so excited.

Oh my god. But you know what? We’re gonna take such good care of you, okay? Because you mean everything to us. Yeah. And we’re gonna be a family. Like we were always meant to be. Yeah. Yeah. I’m your mommy and this is your very silly daddy. Yeah. Yeah. He likes you. I brought all his essentials from my apartment.

I can bring the rest tomorrow. Oh, thanks. That won’t be necessary. We’ll purchase whatever we need for the nursery, fresh start and all. Here you go. Koi. I’m sorry. I just don’t know what else to say. What do you have to be sorry for, Eric? I mean, you’re a victim here too. This was all Sloan. I just don’t know why I didn’t see it.

Maybe I didn’t want to. That bitch stole my baby. Our baby. She needs to be arrested, EJ. And they need to put her away and never let her see the light of day again. Nicole. No, I want her to experience the same kind of pain and suffering and awful emptiness that we did all those months. There’ll be plenty of time for that.

She needs to be punished. And she will be. Sloane is obviously a depraved woman, but she can’t hurt us anymore. No, she doesn’t just get to confess and then go on her merry way. She is a criminal. She needs to suffer. And so help me, EJ, if I get my hands on her.

What’s going on? Why is Jude here?

What is taking so long? Yes, I know that Lynch was released on bail.

No, there is no other crime. I just want him located, and then I want that reported to me. You are wasting time debating this. Just do it! Thank you. Honey, you’re not gonna believe this, but your brother, he He didn’t die on the day he was born. What?

This isn’t my baby.

Our baby.

Jude is your little brother.


Mom, are you sure that everything is okay with you and Constantine? Has he done something to upset you because if he has no no, no, it’s nothing like that Okay, then why do you want us to wait to get married Because Because I want to be fully present when my beautiful daughter marries my handsome son in law and You wouldn’t be able to be fully present Earlier, because Uh, because I’d be thinking about my own plans.

It’d be all about me and not about the two of you. So, every choice that you made, I would be, uh, comparing it to my own. But you’re having a small civil ceremony, right? Just family and a few friends. Yeah, but it’s still a wedding, and with that comes, uh, complications. Not unlike the activity that’s going on at the mansion right now.

The Hortons are moving out and Alex and Teresa are moving in. Wait. Did you say Alex is moving in? Wow. Rafe seemed really stressed out, huh? Yeah. You know, I remember that feeling when I was on the force. All these open damn cases here and not enough hands on deck. Yeah. Seems like the Salem PD is always understaffed.

Especially when it comes to hanging on to good, clean cops. Yeah, well, and on top of all of that, he’s trying to clear his sister on a murder rap. It’s all the more reason. To hope that the ISA can decipher Clyde Weston’s black book. I’m just glad that Rafe trusted us enough to bring us in on it. So now he’s got two more good guys here that are going to work overtime to put an end to Clyde Weston.

Yeah, yeah.

What’s bugging you, man?

Let me ask you something. What kind of mission do you think this is?

What do you mean by that? I mean how far are we willing to go to get Clyde Weston out of our lives?

So are you asking me if I’m Willing to go outside the bounds of the law. No, man. I’m just thinking, uh, It’d be a good idea if I run point on Weston and you take the lead on Maggie and Constantine. You sure about that? Yeah. I think so. Well, why the shift? Is there something I don’t know or I need to know? I just need to keep a close eye on Ava.

I’m pretty sure she’s on Clyde’s tail. I am telling you, I agree with you. If Clyde gets captured, yeah, he is gonna sell all of us out. You, me, and John. So we need a way for that not to happen. A permanent solution to the Clyde situation.

I just have to make sure Ava doesn’t screw anything up.

Key. Sounds like a plan. But I gotta say this. You must have more patients than a hospital to put up with that crazy ex of yours. So you and your naval buddies weren’t able to decode Clyde’s black book, huh? No, not yet. But I do have the encrypted images for you to send to Clyde. And then? And then, once he opens them, we’ll get notified of his location.

So once you finish packing up, I’m gonna go check in with Rafe, okay? Hey, and when, uh, you need it back, we’re gonna send the files to Clyde, right? Yeah. And once Clyde opens the email, we’ll know exactly where to find that son of a bitch. How,

how can that be? He’s my brother? It’s a miracle, Holly. A true miracle. But how? Well, there’s been a terrible mistake. And Eric’s here to make it right. Your mother and I suffered so much grief when we lost our son, but when I look down at This little guy, it’s turned to pure joy.

I’m so happy for you, Mom. For all of us.

I should go. Eric, I’m confused. I thought you and Sloane adopted Jude, no? So do I. Turns out Sloane was lying to us. To all of us. Judah’s your mom and EJ’s son. Wait. Eric, so that means you’re losing your son?

Yeah. Hey, boss. Harris. Good to see you. How was your memorial day? It was, uh, It was meaningful. Thank you. No, glad to hear it. Uh, thank you again for your service. Thank you for yours. So, uh, did you get a chance to review my request for a couple more days of unpaid leave? Mm hmm. Yeah? Yeah. No can do, man. I’m drowning here.

Do you not see that? I mean, we need you. Okay, I I hear you and I hate to even be putting you in this position but I really need those few days and I’m gonna have to take them one way or another. Hmm. So you’re saying if I don’t give you the leave that you’re gonna quit? Well, I mean, I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I mean, why don’t you just tell me what’s going on? Does this have something to do with your Navy friends? The, the, uh, information they found in Clyde’s black book? No, they haven’t been able to crack the code yet. Okay. Okay. I took it over to John Black, see if maybe ISA can help out. That’s good, the more people working on this the better.

I’ll just, I’ll just coordinate with John. Okay, if you just told me what you’re doing. Look, I can’t, I can’t explain right now. I just, I just need, I just need a few days.

Please. Trust me.

Okay. Fine. Take the time you need. And then hopefully I will have your job waiting for you when you come back.

Thank you.

So, um, you and Ava, But you’re on good terms now? Good is too strong a word, man. No. I think I’m just getting better at accepting her for who she is. Predicting her erratic behavior. Oh, now there’s a skill set you can put on your resume. We have Ava Vitale Wrangler. Yeah, very funny. Well, I think what it is is we’re all on the same page now.

We all want the same thing. Clyde Weston out of our lives. Yeah, well, of course you know that we’re all at risk if he blows a whistle on us when he’s caught. You know I know that. And you also know that if he tells the world that we helped him escape, you and I could be behind bars when Maggie and Constantine’s situation comes to a head.

I didn’t think of that. So we would be leaving Maggie hanging out to dry when she needs us the most.

I can promise you, partner. I won’t let that happen.

You’re letting Alex move into the mansion. I didn’t have a choice. It’s his father’s home. And Victor left him half of the estate. So that technically includes the mansion.

But he’s moving in with Teresa. Hmm. I didn’t know that they were back together. I try not to pry to the nature of their relationship. But they’re, um, you know, they’re close together. On some level. Yeah, on the level that Teresa’s after his money. I don’t know. But they are close. And I feel that Trace really cares about him.

Oh, I’m sure she does. Honey. Mom has a soft spot for Teresa. Yeah, I’ll never understand it. Well, Teresa’s no angel. But I just think she wants to be loved, like we all do. Sure. And when you say loved, you mean Showered with the Kyriakos fortune. You’ve made your point, honey. Alright, I’m just I’m worried for you, Maggie.

If you were stressed having the Hortons there, imagine the chaos of having Hurricane Alex and Tornado Teresa there on a daily basis. Come on. Well, like I said, it’s his father’s home. That means it’s his legacy. And luckily, The house is big enough for all three of us. Three? I mean, don’t forget Bonnie and Justin, and of course your beloved Constance here.

What was it you were saying about too much togetherness? Eric,

I’m so sorry. I’ve been so caught up in my own shock and joy, I didn’t even think about what you were going through. It’s okay. This is not about me. No, but, but it is. I mean, Jude. Jude was your son. Well, you need to focus on your family.

Jude belongs with his mother.

Eric, I’m so sorry. I know how much you love him. Thank you. It means a lot.

I just want you to know that I love you. I’m not gonna fight for any custody or anything like that. Oh, Eric. I wasn’t worried about that. But I’m worried about you, and if there’s anything I can do Don’t be. Don’t be. I just All I want is you to be happy. But Eric Really, I appreciate Yeah, I can get on the thoughts, but there’s nothing you can do.

I need to go. I need to deal with Sloan. Good luck. Cause I know that’s not gonna be easy. Someone’s gonna pay for what you did, I promise. Here I come. I’m so sorry. Me too. More than you know. Let me walk you out. I want to thank you for doing the right thing.

Very quick. Wait.

Don’t you want to hold Jude before you go?

Alright. Hey, how’s the packing going? Hey, I am ready to go as soon as we know where we’re headed. Okay. Then it’s showtime. Do you have the email address that Clyde sent? Yeah, it’s right here. Okay. Here’s this. Yeah. You ready? Yeah. Send away. Now what? Now we just wait. But we gotta be ready

to hit the ground running. Did you tell Wilma that she needed more time off? Not yet. I didn’t really have a chance, you know, and I honestly, I’m a little nervous since he just hired me. I don’t want him to think I don’t care about the job. I get that. Rafe wasn’t happy about giving me more time either. So hopefully we can just get this done and our jobs will still be here when it’s over.

I still can’t believe you’re doing this for me. I mean, and now you’re putting your job at risk too.

I am doing this for you. And I’m doing it for Tripp, and I’m doing it for Wendy, and I’m doing it for me, and every person whose life Clyde has ruined or tried to ruin.

I took an oath to serve and protect. I take that very seriously. Even if it means breaking some rules. So I guess it’s just you and me against Clyde.

Actually, no. Um, there’s somebody else I’d like to loop in.

So Maggie’s all in on trapping Constantine. Oh, yeah. She’s got them all set up in a corner office at Titan there. Gave them full authority over all of Victor’s charitable funds. Wow. Gotta hand it to her. She is one brave woman. I’m pretty shrewd, too. So how’s the setup work? It’s pretty simple. Just move some money around and make it look like Cos Teen has embezzling Titan funds.

Well, let’s just hope we can get him busted before she has to go through with actually marrying him. Yeah, well, that’s the plan. He’s trying to nail down the timing here because that bastard has messed around with her life enough already. It seems like a revolving door at the mansion these days. Ever since, you know, we lost.

Victor, there always seems to be somebody coming in and out. That’s because you’re a generous person, Mom. Maybe a little too generous. Oh, look who’s up! As she wants everyone in the square to know it. I think our little princess needs her diaper changed. Oh, I’ll do it. No, no, no, no. Let Daddy do it. Yes! Glue that mummy in nine and a half smooth on time, yeah?

Thank you. My pleasure.

Well, I might be biased, but she is obviously the most beautiful baby in the world. You’re not biased. She is. You’re right, I’m not at all. Um, actually, I’m glad that it’s just you and me for a minute, because I wanted to talk to you about something, but I didn’t want to say it in front of Xander. Are you

sure it’s okay? Of course. I know how much Jude means to you. And how much you mean to each other.

Oh, I like that. Hey, sweet boy. Hey.

Hey. I’m gonna be grateful. For all the time we shared. And I will always love you.

More than you will know.

Thank you. Yeah. Come by and see him anytime, okay? Yeah, I think it’s best that, uh, You have time to bond with your son and all he is. With your brother. I love you. Take care. Your mommy. EJ.

Well, that will definitely make your wedding special. Not that your wedding wouldn’t be special anyway. Do you really like the idea? Oh, I do. I do. But I, I think you ought to run it by Xander first. I mean, it is his wedding, too. True. All right, I guess I’ll tell him. I hope he approves. Okay. Fingers crossed.

All right.

Alright, I’ll get these pages off to Andrew and some of the other big brains at the ISA. They’re cracking codes is what they do. Good. And we’ll have everything we need to find Weston and wipe him off the map. The man’s a menace. He’s hurt a lot of our friends and family. Yes, he has. Yes. Hey. Be careful. I know you want to take the lead on this western angle here, but it’s important that we finish this out as partners.

Scratch that, man. We’re more than partners. We’re more than friends. You’re You’re my brother, Steve.

I feel the same way about you, partner. And nobody, even Constantine, is ever gonna drive a wedge between you and me. I trust you with my life.

Right back at you brother.

Why isn’t Clyde downloading these messages? I guess he’s a little busy. Did you talk to Roman? Uh, no, he was busy too. So I left him a note, I let him know I needed to leave town on an emergency. Yeah, well I’m sure I’ll understand. Yeah. Is that it? Did he get a signal? Bingo. Clyde is at a public library in a town called Ennis in Montana.

Our book is the next flight out. You know, I have never been to Montana. I hear it is beautiful. Yeah, big sky country. Not sure we’re going to see a lot of it. So are you ready to put this mess behind you once and for all? Let’s do it. There’s one pit stop on the way.

All the same, Mom, he looks really happy to be in your arms. Yeah, he does, doesn’t he? Hey, honey, um, listen, I know things have been rough between us lately. No, you don’t have to do this right now. I just want to thank you for the text you sent me. It really meant a lot. I’m sorry. I hope you know I didn’t mean any of those horrible things I said.

Of course not, sweetheart. I love you. I love you. And I love you. Look at him. Look at him. Oh, look at your daddy. Oh, this is like a new beginning, huh? For all of us. It is. Yeah. For all four of us. Oh, he’s a mover and a shaker. He’s a mover and a shaker. Hey, man. Hey. Thank you for meeting me. Yeah, man. Glad you called.

Listen, I just I’m so sorry about all this. Everything that Sloan’s putting you through. Yeah. Me too. You think she’s home? She should be. Sloane! Is this the place like this

when you left? No. Where do you

think she’s gone? What’s this?

It’s a necklace that I gave her for Mother’s Day with Jude’s birthstone. Oh, boy. Damn it, she took off. Oh my god, I

knew it. I knew it. Yes, I did. I knew it. Yes. I can’t believe you, you’re here, you’re here, oh my god, yes I know, I know, I know, look at us, look at us.


EJ’s personal effects, I take it Surprised you left them in his office my office And uh, I was going to send them via messenger, but since you’re here you can bring them to your brother Save me on the delivery fee Sure. Can I help you with something? I actually came by to offer my congratulations. Can’t say that felt entirely genuine.

Why wouldn’t it be? I helped push EJ out of office and I’m the big reason why you’re back in this job, Melinda. You’re also a demure, so I would be a fool to trust you. Look, I lost this job once before, and I have no intention of letting it go again. And if you even think about doing to me what you did to your brother, you will find yourself a very dangerous enemy.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were working. It’s all right. Hello, stranger. Hello, Maggie.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of May 20, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Melinda from Days


-Melinda could be heard talking to Paulina while Holly was shown.

-The music playing in Sloan’s scene could be heard in Nicole and Eric’s scene.

-Johnny called Roman “Uncle”, but Roman is his grandfather.

-Eric could be heard talking to Sloan while Leo was shown.


-Sloan could be heard talking to EJ while Leo was shown.

-Eric could be heard talking to Roman while Chad was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Sloan while Chad was shown.

-When Eric answered his phone, he thought it was Sloan. It’s likely that he has caller ID so he should know that it was Roman.


-The music playing in Alex’s scene could be heard while Chanel and Johnny were shown.

-Julie could be heard talking to herself while Theresa was shown.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Brady while Chad and Julie were shown.

-Brady could be heard talking to Theresa while Alex was shown.


-Melinda could be heard talking to Sloan while Eric was shown.

-Chad could be heard talking on the phone while EJ was shown.

-Rafe could be heard talking on the phone while Stephanie was shown.

-Why would Stephanie defend Everett after he punched Eric? Eric is her cousin, yet she chose to defend the man who punched him in the face.


-Rafe could be heard talking to Marlena and Jada while Stephanie was shown.

-Sloan cried without any tears.

-Nicole could be heard using a laptop while Johnny was shown.

-Sloan’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


Rafe from Days

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Days Transcript Friday, May 24, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Straight to voicemail again.

Everett, it’s Stephanie and I’m starting to worry. Where are you?

So you know why Everett was acting so strangely? Why he attacked Eric completely unprovoked? Look, you both understand that I can’t give you any information based on, on prior psychiatric sessions that I’ve had with him. I can only give you insights that I’ve gained from, from right here during the interview in this room because I am no longer his psychiatrist.

Understood. And since I am not his psychiatrist, I, I’m not privy to his latest thoughts or feelings. Do you have any possible diagnosis? Yes. It would only be possibilities. But they’d be based on what the four of us saw right here in this room. Well, I sure as hell know what I saw. And it was like he was two very different people.

Right. Bobby and Everett. Yeah. Bobby and Everett. And as you said, they’re very different people and they both are They both live inside his head.

Mmm. Mmm. Wow, this brownie is so good. I might have to get the recipe so I can add it to the menu on Sweet Bitch. Looks like someone is over their morning sickness. Yeah, it’s definitely subsiding. I can see that. In fact, I’m ravenous now. Yeah, I’ve noticed. But more than that, Johnny, I’m not just ravenous, but I’m excited.

About this little person that’s growing inside of me. Yeah, I’m excited too. So you know what? Screw it. Screw what? Fear and doubt and worry. I am deciding right here, right now, that I am done living in a perpetual state of dread over what being exposed to that radiation may or may not have done to our baby.

Okay. I, okay. So, I want to tell all of our friends and family that we’re expecting. And I want them to be just as excited about it as I am right now. I think it’s time that we shout it from the rooftops of Salem, the news of our pregnancy. So, what do you say?

I had cook prepare us a nice afternoon snack.

Darling, are you alright? Yes, um, Actually, I’m relieved. I just got a text from Holly saying how sorry she was for what she said to me. That’s so good, darling. But I knew she would come around eventually. Express regret over how much she hurt you. Bollocks. Yes. Rita, dammit, this could wait. I told you not to bother me today unless it was urgent.

That’s fine. Set it up for Monday morning. And don’t call here again without a damn good reason, alright? Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. What? What? What? How you just snapped at Rita. There’s nothing new there. Really? I have never heard you speak to her like that. She has thick skin. She’ll be fine. Maybe so, but I’m sure she was thrown by it, just like I was.

AJ, I can tell something’s upsetting you. I’m fine, I promise. No, no, you’re not. What is going on? And what has got you so wound up?

Sloane, sweetheart. It’s obvious that Jude isn’t ours biologically. I know that you’re still mourning her loss of her baby and Stop. Stop. Please. Jude isn’t ours biologically or otherwise. Is this why Melinda was here? Is there something wrong with the adoption? No!

Sloan. Baby, don’t confuse. What is it?

That’s what I’m trying to tell you. What I did. You know what, you had a lot to drink last night. Let me get you some more, okay? He’s Nicole and EJ’s.

Nicole and EJ’s baby. He’s not dead. He’s very much alive. He’s right there. Jude is their son.

No, it’s not possible. It can’t be. It is. It’s true. I’ve been lying. I lied the whole time. Why? Because I didn’t want to lose you. Like sands through

the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You don’t want me to tell people I’m pregnant, do you? What? No! No, of course! I want to tell people eventually, I just You, you want to wait until we’re sure that the baby is, is okay, that the radiation didn’t cause any, any problems? Yeah. Yeah, I, Johnny, I get that. I’m concerned about that too, obviously. But, I mean, aren’t you sick of just obsessing over all the what ifs?

Our baby could be perfectly healthy, right? So, why not think about the positive outcome? You know, isn’t it better to focus on that instead of the alternative? Yeah. Yeah. I guess it is. Yes, it definitely is. So, should we, I don’t know, throw, throw a party at the mansion to announce that we’re expecting? Or, ooh, I know, you can make us a video and then we can put it on, um, social media and blast it all over.

Okay, babe, let’s just, let’s slow down. No, I don’t want to slow down. I want to enjoy everything. every moment of this pregnancy and we can’t do that until we stop treating it like some big dark secret. What? What are you thinking? I’m just, I’m thinking that’s not the only reason, okay? It’s not just the scare of the radiation exposure that I’m hesitant to tell people you’re pregnant.

Okay, well, what’s the other reason?

It wasn’t so long ago that my dad and Nicole lost their baby. Oh. Yeah, right. Well, maybe E. J. and Nicole finding out that they have a grandchild on the way will be I mean, I know it’s not Nicole’s grandchild biologically, but still, maybe it’ll be just the news that they need to help them finally start to heal.

Yeah. Yeah, maybe. Johnny, we’re gonna have to tell them sometime. I mean, it won’t be long before I start showing. Oh. Uh, yeah, I actually hadn’t even thought about that. Well, daddy, it is high time you start thinking about it because this little one is here to stay. So, uh, it is time that we start thinking about the future.


Okay, I’m waiting for an explanation as to why you bit Rita’s head off on the phone just now. And why are you acting all edgy and anxious? It’s not a big deal, really.

I suppose I was hoping Paulina might be calling to say that she had come to her senses that she was going to keep me on as DA. Well, she damn well should come to her senses about that. Well, she’s not going to. She was final in her decision. Well, it was a terrible decision. Hey, you know what? You did a really good job.

It’s gonna be her loss. Most assuredly will be. And once I have her recalled as mayor, she is going to rue the day she crossed the DiMera. Okay. You will have plenty of time to figure out how to exact your non violent revenge against that woman. But, um, honey, aren’t we supposed to be relaxing this afternoon?

Yes, yes, yes, I remember. Yes, yes, yes. Okay, so why don’t you come here and sit down and I will rub your neck. Ooh, yes, please. Okay. How’s that? That’s lovely. Lovely, lovely. You have a hot date? Huh? Hmm? Why do you keep checking your watch? Don’t be silly. I’ve already snagged the hottest catch in town. Then why are you so concerned about the time, especially since said hottest catch has her hands all over your body?

There’s no reason. Oh, wow. Best up da Mira. Otherwise I’m going to have to play my hardcore techniques. Oh. Yeah. So tell me, why do you keep checking your watch? And why are you so on edge? Okay, okay.

Let’s just say I’m expecting a delivery.

You took another woman’s child? Because you were afraid to lose me?

I was grieving at the miscarriage and then I was told I was infertile. Knowing how much it meant to you to be a father, I thought that if I, if I couldn’t give you a baby, I thought that you would leave me. I wanted to have a family with you so badly. Especially after losing my parents, my brother. And when you agreed that we could adopt, I, I was so happy.

I was, oh, I was relieved. It felt like, you know, we’d been given a second chance.

What I didn’t tell you was that that adoption, that second chance, it fell through, like, very last minute. What? The parents of the little boy that we were supposed to get, before the baby was even born, they decided last minute to pull out. What? Why? Because, because they did some research into my background and they found that they didn’t want a horrible person like me raising their child.

I was devastated. It was like there goes our second chance. You know how bad living a happy little life with our family together. And then. And then what? And then Dimitri von Leuschner showed up on my doorstep with the baby. Well, hold on a minute.

He and Leo Stark, they delivered Nicole’s baby. On the roadside. And Dimitri, he was supposed to, he was supposed to take the baby to the hospital. Right, but he couldn’t because he was swarming with cops. He couldn’t take him to the hospital because he was on the lam. So he brought him to me instead. And that’s when I saw him holding a precious little baby boy.

I, I decided to, to keep him.

I saw it as our last chance of being parents. Our last chance at happiness. It was my last chance to hold on to you. And, uh, and that’s when

I made the choice to keep Nicole’s baby and take him as ours.

Are you saying that I’m saying that I think that Everett has DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder. Have you heard of it? I am kind of familiar with it, yes. Abigail DeMera had it. Right. Right. It’s very rare and it’s often misdiagnosed. Usually it happens because of some early childhood trauma. I think that Everett may have lashed out at Eric because he was triggered by something that happened in his own childhood.

Right. Okay, and so that triggering event, um, I am to turn into Bobby. Hmm. Oh my God. If this is true, this would explain so much. Yeah, Stephanie posted his bail. We should call her. Water.

Jada, hi. Hey, Steph. Have you seen Everett? I mean, today, since he’s been out on bail? No, actually. And I’ve been calling him, trying to reach him, but he’s not picking up. Do you know where he is? I don’t. But listen, there’s some new information that’s come to light. Can you come down to the station? We need to discuss some things.

So what kind of delivery are you expecting? Oh, uh, nothing that you need to concern yourself with. Not now, anyway. Not now. Why are you being so cryptic about all of this? Hey. Oh, hi. Hi there. . Oh, Nicole. Dad, I haven’t, uh, had a chance to talk to you since you lost your DA job. I’m, I’m, I’m sorry. I, uh, I appreciate that, Johnny.

Yeah. Um, me, me too. And I would put in a good word for you, but, uh. My mom and I are not really on the best of terms. I suppose that even you think your mother is in the wrong, leaving isolation and, um, subjecting you and others to radiation. Yes, I do. Especially because

I’m pregnant.

Horrible nightmare. Just tell me it’s not true. Yeah, I wish that I could. What about, what about those DNA test results that prove that Nicole and EJ weren’t Jude’s parents? The um, the results were, they were tampered with. What?

By you. Eric,

Eric, believe me, my heart is broken. I know yours is too, probably more than mine. I wish I didn’t have to tell you any of this right now. Then why are you? Why are you coming clean with this now? So you need to make a decision, Sloan. Do you want to say goodbye to your freedom? Spend the rest of your life surrounded by barbed wire, fencing, and surly guards.

All for a pyrrhic victory. Where do you want to start, and you? Anywhere in the world. Have you ever been to Milan? I hear there are quite a lot of single billionaires roaming around there.

Please, please, I can’t, I can’t, I need just more time. I, you have only 24 hours and not a second more. I’m coming clean now because I, I had to, I, I had to. Why? Why? Why?

Because you were getting closer and closer to the truth. Every fire that I would put out, another fire would pop up. What are you talking about?

Leo knew the truth. Leo delivered the baby on the side of the road. That’s why he felt such a bond with him. And then Dimitri told Leo that he dropped the baby off with me. That’s when Leo was, he was gonna tell me at the salium, isn’t it, that night that

when the money all dried up. Yeah. Nicole and I, we found a bar drunk and that’s when he said he had news to share with Nicole to make her happy and make me sad. That’s why Nicole, Felt such a bond with him as well, she must have just sensed it. You shunned her. You, you accused her of kidnapping your child.

I wanted to keep her. When you knew all along that you was her child, that her baby was alive. You, you put, Nicole and EJ threw hell making them think that their child was dead. I did it because I love you! No! I did it because I love you! Don’t tell me you love me! Don’t tell me you love me or Jude! Because nobody would have ever done that to me.

You’re not even capable of love.

Wow. You know, I have to say, I Out of all my years as detective, I’ve never run across anyone with DID and I have to admit that I kind of thought it wasn’t real. Well, there are lots of myths about DID but it is an actual illness, right. Was right. Abigail suffered with it and uh, had a hard time, as did Chad.

Yeah. But she was successfully treated, right. She was. And I think that Everett can be as well. Yeah, but, uh, who the hell knows where he is right now? Only Stephanie hadn’t bailed him out. Yeah. I assume you’re talking about my having bailed out Everett? That’s what we were talking about. Well, why shouldn’t I have?

What’s going on? Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! Congratulations! Oh, wow! Isn’t this exciting, EJ? It is, yeah. Yeah! You knew, didn’t you? I did. And you didn’t tell me? Neither of you told me? Is Is it because you think I couldn’t handle it? Or Oh, no, no, no, Nicole. It isn’t that. Nicole, look, we weren’t telling anyone at first, really.

And I only told my father in confidence. Yeah, and as soon as we decided to spread the word, we wanted to make sure that you were the first to know. Oh. Oh. Oh, that’s, that’s very sweet. Oh, you two are going to be such great parents. Johnny, may I have a, uh, private moment with you? Just a little father son talk.

Yeah, sure. Excellent. Sure. Excuse us both, it might be a moment. Yeah, of course. How could you do this? How could you do this to E. G. and Nicole? How could you do this to me? How could you Believe me, please. I know it was terrible. I don’t want to hear that. I did it because I love you. Please believe that. Can I just say it?

No, I just, I love you. I did it for us. I wouldn’t do anything for her. Don’t touch me. I love you. I love you. Stop. Stop! I love you. No! Stop! You ready to

go, big guy? What are you doing?

Can’t you figure this out? I’m gonna take,

I’m gonna take Jude back to his real parents.


God, I don’t believe this. But if you look at all the mixed signals that Bobby was sending, it makes sense. And now I realize that everything I was so angry at him about, everything he did to hurt me, the lying, the cheating, walking out on me, he only did that because his other personality didn’t know the other one existed.

It was, it was because of his illness. And now the question is, what do we do to help him? First thing that has to happen is he has to admit that he needs help. But you, you discharged him from your care. Do you not realize that he No, no, I, I did not discharge him. I urged him to stay in treatment. So he lied to me.

Yes. He’s resistant to getting help. For good reason, he’s He’s frightened. He’s terribly frightened. And that is where you come in. You’re not thinking straight, Johnny. Don’t do this. Why would you make this decision when you know full well that it is a mistake, a catastrophic mistake, in fact? Honestly, it’s none of your business.

Oh, but it certainly was my business when I flew that specialist in from Switzerland, right? You only did so that you could control our decision. Not true, damn it. I was trying to be helpful. You want to be helpful? Then be helpful. Okay, look. Chanel is excited. And happy. About this baby, okay? She has chosen to be optimistic.

She has chosen to believe that this baby will be a blessing to us no matter what. Okay. And what about you? Have you chosen to believe that too? Yeah. Yeah, I have. Okay. Okay, and I’m trying to be optimistic. I’m trying to be happy and excited. Okay, trying. Really? Because you are having serious misgivings about this.

I know you are. Okay, okay. I’m not gonna lie to you. I’ll admit I’m a little worried. Okay, I don’t know if going through with this pregnancy is the right thing, but I also don’t feel that it’s my place to say so. What do you mean it’s not your place? You’re the child’s father. I understand that, but Chanel is carrying our child, okay?

She’s my wife, whom I love and respect. And I’m not just gonna overrule what she wants. Well, as I said, I think you’re making a terrible mistake. Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. To me, if it makes my wife happy, then it’s never a mistake.

Here, I want you to have this. Tales of the Cuddly Bunny? Yeah. I, I got it at my baby shower, and um, You know, I thought I gave all the gifts away, and I came across this, and I, I just couldn’t give it up. And, and maybe this is why. Well, I’m really grateful. This is our, our first baby gift. And, Nicole, I know that this must be really, really hard for you.

It is. I have to admit. But I think it’s because seeing how excited you are reminds me of how excited I was to have a baby and to raise another child. But I, I want you to know, honey, I’m so very happy for you. Thank you. Thank you so much. That’s so wonderful.

Oh, my sweet little baby boy. Stay away from him.

At least let me say goodbye to him. No, you don’t get to do that. And don’t say another word.

Oh, oh gosh, I’m, I’m so sorry. What? No, you, you have nothing to be sorry about. Yes, yes I do. I mean, here you and Johnny have brought such wonderful news and I’m falling apart.

Nicole, darling, what’s wrong? Oh, uh, Chanel and I were just talking and I, I got emotional, understandably. No, no, not understandably. I should be focusing on the positive, and this baby is going to bring so much joy to all of us. Right, Grandpa EJ? Oh, of course, yes. Yeah. Okay, well, uh, I think we probably better head upstairs.

Okay. Right. Okay. And thank you, Nicole, for I’ll, um, I’ll see you guys later, okay?

Oh, my precious Nicole, I wish I could take your pain away. No one can. But I, I, I do, I do seem to move forward since, you know, I, I have a daughter. And I have a husband and a new job. Uh,

but I just, I have to accept the fact that The pain is always gonna be there. It is never gonna go away.

Hey, sweet boy.

I’ve come to love so much.

I’m gonna miss you. So much. I’m never, I’m never gonna stop missing you. Do you think it’s, what

you think about going to meet your own mommy and daddy now? Yeah.

I know. And don’t think about leaving at all. I’ll be back.

And you’ll pay for what you’ve done. I

want to help Everett in any way that I can, but what can I do? The most effective treatment for DID is intense, prolonged psychotherapy. Well, that’s if Bobby or Everett is a minimal to being helped. Right. And you’re hoping that I can convince him to get back into treatment? I think you’re the best shot we have.

You have a prolonged friendship. He trusts you.

Then I’m in. I’ll do whatever I can. All right. And this is the first step. Right. Um, is there any particular strategy to, uh, You know, persuade Everett that he has to get help. I think the best strategy is to proceed carefully. If he has a sense that you’re forcing him, he’ll become defiant and resistant.

Right. I understand. In short, we have to proceed very carefully. Yeah. But first, we have to find him.

So, how did it feel finally telling people about the pregnancy? Well, uh, EJ and Nicole are family, so It felt right. And, uh, what did your dad have to talk to you about? Why did he need to talk to you privately? Um, yeah, he just, um, you know, since he, you know, He hired that specialist. He now knows of all of the risks and dangers associated with the baby being exposed to radiation, so.

So? So Johnny, what did he say to you? So he just said, you know, he didn’t want me to worry about any of the bills that he’s got us covered. Oh! Wow, well that was, that was really, really kind of him. Yeah. So how was your talk with, um, Oh, man, it was so sad. Yeah, oh, look at this little book she gave me. She said she got it at her shower.

And she, uh, she kept it? Yeah. Yeah, she got rid of everything else, but she said she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of this book. Oh, that was, uh, very sweet of her to give it to you. Yeah. Yeah But Johnny she is just She’s still in such terrible pain Still grieving that little boy. She and your dad boss now with us You know having a baby of our own.

Yeah, it’s gonna make it even harder for her to heal I mean once I start showing and then the baby is born It’s just gonna be a constant reminder of her loss, you know, but there’s there’s No avoiding that, right? Yeah, there is. We could move out, get a place of our own.

Feeling better, I hope. I am. Thank you, honey, for taking such good care of me. It’s what I love to do. I’ll get it. Oh, maybe it’s the delivery you’re expecting. Geez. We’ll see. Oh.

Eric. Jude. What brings you by? Hey, Eric. Oh, hey cutie. What are you doing here?

Eric, what’s going on?

Jude. What about Jude? Your son.

He didn’t die.

Jude is your son. What? How? What? How?

Oh, I know, I know. I know. I know. Hey, buddy. Hey, buddy.

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Days Transcript Thursday, May 23, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Of course, he’s not.

Oh, hey. Good morning, handsome. Mom. And good morning, little handsome. You’re here early. Yeah, I had to come and get Judy this morning because Dad and Kate, they watched him for us last night. Oh, that’s nice. You know, John and I would love to do that, too, if you ever have a need. Of course, thank you. Listen, I hate to cut this short, but I really need to get this little guy home, if that’s all right.

Of course it is. Okay, wonderful. Hey, wait a minute. Take off your glasses. Take them off.

What happened to you? Everett Lynch happened. I got here as fast as I could. Where’s Eric? He’s, uh, he’s with Jude. Look, you have to help me before he gets back. Help you with what? What’s going on? Last night, EJ gave me 24 hours to tell Eric that Jude is Nicole’s. What? That’s not all. He wants me to lie to Eric and tell him that EJ is the father.

Eric loses everything. Oh my god, including you. And the first thing Eric will do is have you arrested. No. First thing he’s going to do is give the baby back to Nicole. EJ is banking on that. But the two of you had a deal. Yeah, well that was before EJ saw Nicole kissing, drunk kissing Eric last night. So he thinks that it’s going to take a baby to Samantha’s marriage now.

He’s that insecure? He understands. The bond that Eric and Nicole share, just as much as I do. There has to be a way to stop him, I mean Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t, but Sloane, whatever you do, you have to promise me you will keep my name out of this. If, if EJ knows that I am involved in this, I will lose everything too.

Yes, keep me posted, I must, I must run. Oh, hey, there you are. Um, how are you doing? I’m fine. Me? It’s you I’m concerned about. I had no idea you were up. Oh, well. Hangovers end. Eventually. But you still haven’t told me how you’re doing. I’m fine. Why would you think otherwise? Well You haven’t seen this?

Mayor Price revealed via press release that she has relieved E. J. DiMera of his duties as district attorney. Effective immediately. E. J., honey, I, um, I’m so sorry.

We put in a call to get a comment from E. J. Yeah, no, we haven’t heard back yet. Um, look, I gotta get going. Stephanie just came in. Um, I’ll, yeah, no, I’ll, I’ll have her reach out. Okay, thanks. How’s the mayor? Ah, I think he got the article in this morning. Yeah, uh, online edition. Thanks for the scoop. Mm hmm.

Everett’s usually, uh, usually in by now. I haven’t heard from him. I doubt anyone’s heard from him, actually. Okay, I’ll just give him a call. Oh, don’t bother. I know where he is.

What do you mean you need more personal time, Harris? You’ve already used all your days, and we’re shorthanded as it is. Oh my God. Let me call you back. What is it? The assault arrest from last night at the small bar? It says here that the perp’s name is Robert Stein.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So I ever just hit Eric in the face? Out of the blue? Well, yes and no. We were at the small bar, celebrating. Leo was with us. And we had a few shots of tequila by this point, but everything was fine. And then Sloane Peterson showed up and, uh, she, uh, put us all to shame, started knocking him back like you wouldn’t believe.

What was she celebrating? Well, she seemed pretty miserable, so I doubt she was celebrating anything. Anyway, Eric showed up and tried to get her out of there, but she wasn’t interested, to put it mildly. And next thing we knew, Everett was in the middle of it, and Dex, Eric. I, I only can assume that he thought he was a threat.

Eric. E Eric, the ex priest Eric. Yeah, that Eric. How long did it take the police to get involved? It was chaos by the time that they showed up. And, I felt bad because I couldn’t give a statement before they threw the cuffs on Everett and just took him away. Yeah, but why would you feel bad? Because they, they didn’t have to arrest him.

He was only trying to help. You sure about that?

So, Sloane was drunk. I wish she had a few, alright. And you were trying to get her to go home. Right. Everett thought I was manhandling her. Tried to help her out, apparently. So I see. Listen, Mom, Sloane is home right now waiting for me, so I, uh Oh, wait. Yes, yes, yes. Go, go, go. Go, sweetheart. Thank you. Oh. One more thing, just please.

Please be careful, okay? Okay.

You’d lose everything? Excuse me? Maybe you missed the news this morning, but Mayor Price fired EJ and gave me back my old job as DA and you and I both know that EJ will be out for blood if he even has a hint that I was involved in this. Look, I told him I took care of all the paperwork, the adoption paperwork, myself.

Thanks. If you can just help me think. I have something to get out of this sticky corner.

Girl, EJ’s got you beat.

I can’t believe you were fired, EJ. My God, why didn’t you tell me? I thought it could wait. You weren’t exactly in any condition to process the news last night. I wasn’t in any condition to do much of anything. But it’s all behind you, yes? Today is a new day, and yesterday is but a memory.

Yes. Yes, but a memory. But now that I know that you are going through something, I feel terrible that I wasn’t there for you. Well, I feel terrible that I wasn’t there for you after your fight with Holly. I feel if I was around, you wouldn’t have felt the need to drink yourself into a stupor, and Eric wouldn’t have felt the need to play the hero.

So he decks Eric, the cops show up, and then he gives him the name Robert Stein. Yeah, they booked him as Everett Lynch because that’s what his ID says. But it says here that he kept insisting that he was Robert Stein. I mean, granted, he’d been drinking, but still. The plot thickens.

You know, maybe Dr. Evans can help. I mean, she is his therapist. Shouldn’t hurt to follow.

This is Dr. Evans. Good morning, it’s Jada Hunter. Oh, hi. Is everything alright? I’m here at the station and we have one of your patients in custody. We were hoping that maybe you can come down and see him. Oh, uh, yes, I’ve got some free time right now. Who is the patient? Well, that’s a bit tough to answer.

It’s Everett Lynch, but he insisted that he was Robert Stein. I’m afraid your information is a little out of date. I’m no longer seeing him. Oh, right. You know, Stephanie didn’t mention that you discharged him. No, no, that’s not right. I he quit. Against my advice. Oh, I see. Um, well do you think that you can still come and see him anyway?

This isn’t something we run into often, and any help you can give us, we would much appreciate it.

Sure I do.

This is no time to give up, Melinda. I wouldn’t give up if I knew how to help you, but what the hell can I do, Melinda? I mean, EJ is holding all the cards. Okay. I just cannot let him take. Jude, I Not only is he taking my precious little baby boy, but I’d be losing Eric. Forever. Yeah, well, you may have no choice.

Don’t say that, Melinda. There has to be something we haven’t thought of, like some Hail Mary pass. I can throw it. Look, Eric and Jude, they’re my life. I can’t lose them. Melinda, you’re all I have. Help me be EJ. Please. Help me.

EJ, uh, I’m sorry that you weren’t the one to come get me, but Eric was hardly a hero. I didn’t show up for work, so he was concerned. Well, you’re feeling better today, I hope. About your fight with Holly? No. Not really. I keep going over it in my head and her telling me that my babies that I didn’t have are lucky that they died.

Lucky not to have a mother like me.

I mean, that’s the worst thing that she could ever have said to me. I’m so sorry, Nicole. So yeah, you know, trying to dull the pain in the booze, man, it worked. It worked while I was wasted. But my God, I feel plenty of it now. What are you saying? Do you think Ever got what’s coming to him? I mean, yeah, I think there tends to be consequences when you go around punching people in the face.

I get that. Chad, he was reacting to what he thought was physical abuse.

Okay. Look, I wasn’t there, so whatever. I’ll just stay out of it. No, you weren’t there. Anyway, he’s going to be getting released soon. I called down to the station to see what his status was, and because I paid his bail, he will be released soon. You paid his bail? Why would you pay his bail? Because I wanted to.

Look, I know that Everett isn’t your favorite person. But, just so you know, he and I have been getting along really well lately.

What? What’s that look? Look, Steph, I care about you, okay? And even though we’re not together anymore, this guy has violent tendencies and Whoa, he doesn’t. He doesn’t. He’s not violent, Chad. What happened last night was an aberration. Sloan was making a scene and he overreacted, but that wasn’t him. All right, then who was it?


Look, there were some strange circumstances. All right, well, you know what? Forget the extenuating circumstances. He used violence in a situation that absolutely didn’t need it. How do you explain that? Ooooooooooooooo

Yeah. Hey! Nice to, uh, nice to see you. You look good. Like, really good. It’s nice to see me too. A little bit. Just, uh, just a little bit. What is going on with you? With me? Right now? Uh, a lot. But having you show up here definitely, uh, made your upside to be in. Throw it in the bucket, you know what I’m saying?

That’s enough. What’s enough? Turn around. I was just telling her that she looks good, you know? What, you don’t think she looks good? Turn around. Step back. Turn around. Okay.

Is that really necessary, Rafe? You read the report, Jada. All right. Let’s go. Dr. Evans is with me. Wow. Thanks for sticking up for me. No

word? You know how things can get down there. But Lacey’s getting out. Hey.

So how are you feeling after all that tequila last night? Huh. I’m okay. I, uh, I had a few cups of coffee. Oh yeah? Was that your hangover cure? Steady as a rock. Works every time. That’s dicey.

What about you? What about me? You seem a little off. Yeah. Am I wrong? No, you’re not wrong. Very perceptive. You feel like talking about it?

Nicole found, uh, found something the other day. It was um, notes on a story that Abby was working on before she died. Apparently she was on to Clyde Wesson’s drug operation before anybody else was. And now it has me, you know, has my head spinning, making me, um, making me think that maybe her death wasn’t the accident we all thought it was.

That maybe she, uh, wasn’t collateral damage when we collided after Belle. That maybe, maybe she was the target all along. Wow. Yeah. And knowing you Knowing me what? You think that you could have done something, right? That if you’d only known that you could have protected her. Something like that. Well, I will only say what I know that the people who love you have been saying since Abby’s death, and that is, Chad, you never could have predicted what would have happened.

And beating yourself up about it, Abigail would not want that. You know she won’t. All A distraction, something positive.

Well, there is something. We, uh, finally moved back into the horn house with Doug and Julie. That fast? That’s amazing. Yeah, Doug and Julie are very happy. And, uh, I went to the room. You know, mine and Abby’s room at the DiMera house and, um, where everything happened.

Closure? Yeah, maybe.

But now that, uh, Now that we’re back at the, at the, the Horton house, Me and the kids, I’m, uh, more sure than ever that that’s where I’m supposed to be.

It’s the only place I feel close to her.

Okay. So. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Name? Are we really doing this again? I went over all of this with your cops last night. Uh, Robert Stein Bobby.

Okay, so why do you insist on us calling you Robert Stein? Because that’s my name. Isn’t that what you keep telling me? Oh, except for the fact that you were going by Everett. Am I interrupting? Dr. Evans, please, come in. Everett? Is that alright? Dr. Evans? What are you doing here? Scratch that. What am I doing here?


What’s going on?

There you go.

I’m so sorry that you’re hurting, sweetheart. You’re welcome. But I know that in time, you and Holly will work things out. Oh, I don’t know. EJ, you didn’t hear her last night. Holly is a teenage girl. She’s strong willed, like her mother. She wanted to go to the prom, you said no, and so she lashed out. You have showered her with love.

When she was in that coma, you couldn’t be dragged away from her bedside. Yeah, and now I’m the one that’s keeping her from the guy she’s crazy about, so it’s a mixed bag. She will realize that in time, being kept away from Tate was in her best interests. You really think that? I have no doubt.

Nicole, you are the most amazing woman. I have ever known. You have battled to get where you are, but with that battle has made you a strong independent woman that Holly will learn to appreciate. And besides, any child would be lucky beyond measure to call you mother.

Thank you.

And I know that you will prove it again. I promise.

Sloane, promise me, promise that you will not take that little boy if you go on the run. I, I know you love him, but you just can’t do that. Don’t, don’t worry. I mean, maybe I can outrun the FBI, Exactly.

If I do what E. J. says, Maybe I get something out of it. If I admit that Jude’s Nicole’s. If I make Eric believe the lie that EJ’s the father. Uh, EJ helps me disappear. And you’ll be safe.

But, Eric would never know the truth. That he’s a father. Never. Unless No, Sloane, there is no unless. Well, sure there is. There I mean, I could just, I could just say to hell with it, you know? To hell with EJ and just Eric deserves to know the truth. Oh, come on! You, and you would double cross EJ? Sloane, use your head!

You cannot help Eric without screwing over EJ, meaning you’d be screwing yourself. Bottom line, you need to move and start your life over somewhere very far away, or Eric knows that he’s a daddy and your life is essentially over. That is the choice that you have to make.

Alright. First of all, how are you feeling? Um. Confused? I mean, last night, it’s a, it’s a blur. I have this massive headache. So, whatever this is, can we just get it done quickly? I’d really like to get out of here and start it on my hangover cure. Would you like some water? Thank you, but I’m, I’m fine there. I just, I’d like to go, but these things keep getting in the Why, why, why am I, why am I here?

Why am I here? For starters, what should I call you? Uh, my name? If it works, uh, we’re, we’re past Mr. Lynch, right? Do you, uh, remember going by Bobby? Or by Robert Stein. Ugh, this again. Um, no, I don’t. Why, why are you asking me this now?

Well, what’s even more important to me is to ask you why you attacked my son Eric.

Do you know why I had this photo printed up? It’s a lovely picture. It’s more than that. Look at Eric’s eyes. He is completely content. He’s more than content. He’s, he’s, He’s joyous. Because he’s, he has all he ever wanted. He, It finally all came together for him. All of it.

And when that was threatened, I paid good money to Leo to keep it that way. Sloane, I know all of that. Is that where I went wrong? You know, I Did I get involved with the blackmailing? Hey, hey, just take it easy on yourself, okay? You paid it because you were cornered. No. I paid it because I loved Eric. More than I’ve loved anybody in my whole life.

I didn’t want to lose him. I I still don’t want to lose him. I Eric! Let’s see if we have company. Yeah, I was um, I was in the neighborhood and I just couldn’t resist to say hello to my cat son. Hey there cutie pie. He was a little fussy when we left this morning, so it might not be a good time to visit.

Sure, of course, I’ll call first next time. In the meantime, I will get out of your hair. I’ll catch up next time, little guy. I’ll, um, let myself out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I guess it goes without saying.

We need to talk. Yes. Yes, we do.

You take such good care of me, EJ. Well, you’re my wife. My priority. Always. Yeah, but still. And you have your own headaches, and here I am making a scene, and you just lost your job. One that means a lot to you. I’ll survive. Still. EJ, I know you’re hiding your feelings for my sake, and please don’t. Now listen, that article didn’t say why Mayor Price fired you.

And she’s been unpredictable these days. So, if it’ll help. I could talk to Abe. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t want you fighting my battles for me, sweetheart. I’m Oh, oh, oh, nope. But you have hit on something. The mayor’s unpredictability. That’s all coming from her health issues and the ill advised stunt on Smith Island.

I have heard rumblings from our fellow citizens about the questionable Salem leadership.

And I feel that this latest questionable act could be the final straw, one that sparks real change. What are you talking about? I’m going to initiate a recall petition, collect enough votes that will force a new election, one that I would win handily. You want to become mayor? Haha. EJ, you were busy as D. A.

This’ll double your workload, at least. True leaders delegate. And I see myself more as a figurehead. The face of the city. Except when it comes to making the rules, of course.

I’m going to call Rita. Let her know what I’m thinking. Get the ball rolling on logistics. Okay. What? I, I mean, this, this is I’m going to call Rita. Just so fast. Abrupt, don’t you think? When you know what you want, why procrastinate? Acting fast is the best way to get the outcome you desire. Give me the latest.

Eric too? And Melinda left. So now it’s only Eric and Sloane in the building. And the baby too, of course. Finally. So the next person you should see leaving that building is Sloane herself on her way to me. Stay put, and let me know when that happens.

You don’t remember. I don’t. The last thing that I remember is I was, I was downing a, a, a shot. Right as Eric walked into the bar. And he, you know, he was trying to get through to his, his wife. She was um, she was drinking quite a lot. And um, he kept pressing. She ignored him. Um. Um, they were, they were, they were yelling, and, and then

And then?

And then everything went blank.

I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you more, but I, uh

Everett. I’m sorry. You know, we have a few pieces of information. We will just start putting those together. Got news for you, Lynch. Those are for the poster. Okay, then, uh, you get these off me. I’d like to go home.


Charger go through? Mm hmm. Bail posted 20 minutes ago, so I should be hearing from Everett soon. Unless he just shows up here first. You think he’s gonna, you think he’s gonna come here after spending the night in jail? Oh, Everett’s a pro. He knows he has a job to do. Just like he knows, he owes Eric a serious apology, especially if they’re going to be working together.

Uh, look, can, um, can you do me a favor? I, uh, I just got off the phone with Julie, and, um, I have to go pick up Thomas from soccer practice. The dad that was supposed to do it can’t make it, and, uh, Julie’s got a doctor’s appointment. Oh, yeah. Sure, you want me to keep an eye on the joint till Everett rolls in?

Yeah, please do. And, um, have him call me when he gets in, will ya? Definitely. Okay. Thank you.

What happened with Rita? Oh, I think she’s secretly excited about working for the future mayor, though she is concerned about the extra workload, of course. Well, I’m sure she is. Hmm. And on that note, I’m gonna go to the office myself and let you start working on your new endeavor.

You are leaving. Well, uh, I didn’t get much done yesterday and God knows I could use the distraction, so I will see you later. No, don’t. Why not?

How’s that? You glad you want to talk? You know, one of the most important things is communication in the marriage. Yeah, for sure.

So is it me? I mean, have I done something to upset you? No, you? God, no. No, it’s What?

It’s time I tell you the truth. About Jude. What about our son? That’s the case. Not our son.

Everett, do you want to go back to my office and finish our conversation? Right now? Thank you, Dr. Evans, but it’s been a long day. Sergeant, the desk. Your stuff. So, what did he tell you? Did he remember hitting Eric? No. No. All he remembers is Eric trying to get Sloan to leave and go home. And after that, it’s all blank.

Could he have been so drunk he blacked it all out? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think drinking had anything to do with what happened last night. But I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going on with him.

I know you’re worried about me. But I think I’ll go stir crazy sitting around here with nothing to do. Well, there’s nothing to do. And then there’s nothing to do. Huh. Okay. And the distinction? Well, it’s not really nothing when we’re doing it together. Look, you’ve had a rough night. I’ve had a rough night.

So why don’t we just Have a relaxing healing day here. Hmm? No plans, just the two of us on this side of the door. What do you say? Doing nothing. Just being. Sounds tempting. Hmm. Actually, it sounds divine. I do love taking care of you, Nicole. And I love being taken care of. Uh, I know I’ve told you this before, but how I wish that I was the one who tracked you down and found you while you were trying to drown your sorrows and bring you back here instead of Eric.

But it’s the two of us now. Better? You have no idea how much. Sloane, sweetheart, listen, I know Jude isn’t ours biologically. And I know you’re still mourning the loss of our child, but Just, Eric, stop. Okay? Just stop. Stop. Jude is not ours. He’s not ours biologically or otherwise. Is that why Melinda was here?

I mean, is there something wrong with the adoption? No! No. No. Okay, then. What is it? I’m confused, Sloan. What? And I’m trying to tell you. I’m trying to tell you what I did. With Jude.

Sloan, you’ve had a lot to drink last night. Let me get you some water, okay? He’s Nicole and EJ’s. Nicole and EJ’s baby, he didn’t die. He’s very much alive. And he’s right there.

Jude is their child. I’m

straight to voicemail, again.

Everett, it’s Stephanie. And I’m starting to worry. Where are you?

So you know why Everett was acting so strangely? Why he attacked Eric completely unprovoked? Look, you both understand that I can’t give you any information based on, on prior psychiatric sessions that I’ve had with him. I can only give you insights that I’ve gained from, from right here during the interview.

In this room, because I am no longer his psychiatrist. Understood. And since I am not his psychiatrist, I, I’m not privy to his latest thoughts or feelings.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey, uh, are you sure you’ve got enough to eat this morning? For the last time, Johnny. Yes. And ice cream for dinner last night was fun, but You can’t keep avoiding your mother forever. Actually, I was going to say that a well balanced meal is what’s best for us moving forward. And look, I really, really am grateful that you were supportive of my not wanting to be with Mama last night.

But I know that you’re worried. That she’s hurt, and that it’s not good for me either, pushing her. Look, okay, look, I’m not going to pressure you on this anymore, okay? I just, it’s between you and your mom. And I’ll deal with it, eventually. But on my terms. Okay? Okay. Oh, hey, hey, hey! The doctor said no heavy lifting, remember?

Johnny, I really appreciate you stepping into dad mode, but, um, you are not my dad. Can I peer at you this little one? Yes, fine. Yeah, and the doctor also said that we should be treating this like a normal pregnancy. Oh, I got this. Okay.

Alex, I wasn’t expecting you. It’s still before noon. Oh, I’m not in the mood today, Maggie, so just tell me what I can do for you, huh? I need approval actually. I’d like to set us at an office at Titan for Constantine. Excuse me? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no. There is no way in hell I’m going to let that creep work here.

Well Brady, how are you on this very, very glorious morning? Fine, fine. Have a seat. Next cup’s on me. Don’t mind if I do. Well, look at you. All sunshine and roses and bubblegum. What’s going on? Well, let me see. I updated my resume. I had a really great workout. And, uh, I’m back together with Alex. Really? Wow, look at that.

Well, that’s great. That’s what you wanted, right? That’s exactly what I wanted.

Okay. Well, not to rain on your parade or anything, but, um, where exactly does that leave Alex and Kristen?

Six down. Total admission receipts from a sporting event. Hmm. Oh, it was wild out there this morning. Drop offs become a madhouse. Well, pick up is no better. You know, sometimes the traffic was so terrible, I drive around behind the school, and the kids escape through the gate. The gate! Gate! That’s it. Gate.

Damn it. You know, Julie, I have access to the spectator crossword answers if you ever decide you want. Bite your tongue, Chad. You got it. I do not cheat on crossword. Excuse me.

Hello, Julie speaking. How nice to hear from you. Really? Really? That’s wonderful. That’s wonderful. Thank you. I mean, thank you. Thank you so much. What was that? Oh, Chad. I’ve just gotten the best news I’ve had in ages.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Oh, by the way, I, did you finish the chem take home? I was hoping that maybe we could, uh, compare answers on it. Huh? I’m sorry, no, no, no, I didn’t get around to doing it. I’ll just, uh, Do it in study hall. Wow, wait, you, I’m sorry, you teacher’s pet did not finish the test. Oh my god, don’t tell me you were replaced by an unstudious pod person in your sleep.

Ha ha, can you, I’m not a teacher’s pet by the way. And no, I’ve had other stuff on my mind. Okay, like what? I ordered these promposal donuts for Holly. She already asked me, but you know, I wanted to ask her, you know, like, officially. In pastry form. Well, that’s a weird way to put it, but yeah, yeah, and And now her mom won’t even let her go.

And that is just perfectly good donuts, uh, to the wayside. Don’t you fret, man. I might be able to help you out with that. Let me make one thing abundantly clear. There is no Alex and Kristen, and there never will be. That hot, fake mess of a relationship, that was just a pathetic attempt to make you and I jealous.

Hmm. Well, it’s a good thing neither of us fell for it. Fine, I may have overreacted. You? No, not you. Never. You’re right, though. It, it That was pretty pathetic, if I may say. Like you said. Yeah, their fake relationship or my alleged overreaction? No comment. I’m kind of disappointed that my vacation from Kristen is over.

I mean, that woman will do anything she possibly can to get back into my life. There’s no chance that she actually will, though. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. That is a very good thing. Because that woman is I’m gonna put this very politely. She is not a good person, Brady. And to put this very impolitely, she’s a psychopathic maniac.

And you deserve so much better. Do you think I deserve better than a psychopathic maniac? Okay. That is sweet of you, isn’t it? What I’m saying is that you deserve somebody very special, Brady. Because you are. And I know that you’re gonna find her. Those are kind words. I’m not so sure, though. I don’t know, I used to think that I would find that perfect, perfect girl for me, right?

Even my track record though, I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s ever gonna happen, I just Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

I tell you I need an office for my future husband, and there’s no way in hell that you’re gonna allow it? That’s right. I do not need your permission to do anything, Alex. And there’s no way in hell that I’m going to allow you to call the shots. For God’s sakes! I’m not asking you to give him a job. Just an office space.

What the hell does he need office space for? I’m establishing a charitable trust with a portion of Victor’s estate. Your portion? Yes, my portion. Constantine has a lot of time on his hands and he wants to help. And since he knew Victor most of his life, I feel that he can just, you know, he can distribute the funds to the causes that meant the most to him.

Lovely. He can do that from home. No, he can’t. There’s a little chaotic at the house right now with Doug and Julie and Chad and the kids and this work. It takes a quiet focus. This is important, Alex. So you and I. We’ll give Teresa’s office to him.

Well, you may think you’re all powerful here at Titan, but you and I, we’re splitting Victor’s estate equally, meaning that you’re in no position to object to my very simple request. So you damn well better work with me on this or my next request. It may not be simple.

Fine. Whatever. But just know, I’m going to be keeping an eye on your little con man.

That was the contractor. The building inspector came by this morning, looked over the house, and has signed off on the occupancy permit. What? Yes. We’re going home? Yes! We’re going home? I am so happy for you, I’m happy for me, I’m happy for the kids. We’re going home. We can pack our bags! But before we do, I’ve got a million things to do.

I have to make some calls. I have to tell Doug. I have to call Maggie. give her a heads up on all this. Oh, Honey, we’re going home! We’re going home! We’re going home! We’re going home! Home! Home! Home! Home! Home! Home! Home!

Felicity, good morning. Morning. I’ve been waiting for you. I have your favorite scones somewhere. Thank you. And I bought you a hot Oh my God. Thank you. You get out to the menu. Okay. I love all bread. Hey Felicity, how’s it going? She brought me a hollow bread. Wow. Mmm. Mmm. Ah. Well, uh, it, it looks amazing. Go on, try it.

Uh, I’m feeling, uh, a little queasy. You know what? I think that this is a job for the official Sweet Bits. Yeah, it’s true. He knows his stuff. Yeah, no new menu items get to pass through without the official Johnny D. taste test. Crossed my fingers. You know what? I think we have a winner. Oh, well, it sounds like we have a new upcoming menu item.


So we’re all set, yes? Hmm, I guess so. Excellent. Well, I will send your EA the paperwork of the room assignment, the security clearance, and the like. And Constantine can have access to that office when this is all settled. Oh, excuse me. Please. Hi, Julie.

The inspector said what?

Really? That’s wonderful. Well, I’m so happy for you and Doug and Chad and the kids. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Okay, I’ll see you soon. Uh, good news? The, um, Horton House is ready for the big move in. Ah. Well, it’s good news for me, too. Now I can finally take my rightful place in the family home.

Okay, my schedule is clear today. I am your happy helping mover. Oh, wonderful. Well, you know, I thought I was completely prepared for this, and I realize I have been. So many calls to make, so many things to do. First, uh, the furniture people. Call and see if they can possibly make a delivery today. Okay, well, you said the furniture was purchased.

Yeah. And it was in stock. Yes. Right, that’s what you said. So I’m sure it’s just sitting around, uh, taking up space in a warehouse somewhere. Of course. Yes. That’s what I always say. Buy local, and then your delivery is right around the corner. Yeah. What else? Uh, I’m gonna steal a little snack. I’m a little bit famished before I have to start packing.

Food! Food! Of course, we gotta have groceries. Yes, yes. Okay, so, uh, I’ll call the grocery store. No. No, I’ll order online. And what would you like to eat first? Never mind. Never mind. I’ll just tell him the works. That works? It works. It works. So, can you imagine, tonight we are going to be sleeping under our own roof.

Oh boy. This is such a happy day. Yes, it is. Forgive the cliche, but never say never. I truly have a feeling. When you least expect it. Love will find you. Love will find you? You got any more greeting cards Sam’s up your sleeve there, T? Mm hmm. Yeah, actually millions. Well, that’s a Job idea, Teresa Donovan, greeting card author.

Oh my god, you’d be fantastic at that. Do it. Yeah, although I think that AI is probably better at it than I am. Yeah, you’re probably right. Seriously, how is the job search going? Well, I have updated my resume to have different variations for every field. So, for instance, marketing is You should buy that.

Alright. Editing. Are you sure about that semi colon? Sales. Uh. Maybe, you know, maybe, maybe, uh. Hey, you should buy this. Again. Hmm. You know, all jokes aside about the AI thing, I think going back to the greeting card idea, that’s a, that’s a good idea. I should look into that. You should. You should totally look into it.

Yeah. I think that when I’m ready. Something will just come to me. It will. I’m sure it will. Oh, by the way, speaking of jobs, just, uh, coming along, um, More of the volunteer type, I got an email from Tate School, And they were low on prom chaperones, so Just wanted to let you know, I I signed up. I’m doing it.

What? Yeah. I did too! That’s crazy! What? Hold on, whoa, what does this, does this mean? That you and I are going to prom together. Oh my god, I think it does.

So, Felicity, what is your secret ingredient? I won’t be able to tell you. You know what, yeah, that’s a good point. You know what? Let me, uh, let me take this. Hi. Hey, Chanel. Hey, Aaron. Let me go grab those prom donuts for you. Hey! Felicity, what are you, what are you doing here? I brought her, but I brought Chanel, so she can try it.

What? Um, I thought that was for me. I left a lot for you, Aaron. Okay, alright. Good, I feel better. Oh, uh, take, you met my sister, Felicity? She’s a freshman. I am not. Hey, I’m Tate. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Felicity makes the most delicious treats. She’s definitely going to be a baker when she’s all grown up.

Excuse me. I’m only, um, And don’t I know it. I may or may not have stolen a cookie or two here from your brother’s lunch. Yeah, you. It was you. The cookie thief. You gotta respect the cookie, man. Don’t worry. I’ll make some more in the next batch. Just for you, Tate. Yes. Thank you, Felicity. Well, Sissy was gonna start working at the bakery once she starts that school prep program.

Not just any bakery. Sweet Bits. That’s great, because then you can tell me the secret ingredient for the famous Sweet Bits made scones. Uh uh, no way. It’s a secret!

Alright. And, here you go.

I hope she says yes. Uh, actually, she already did. Oh. Yeah, then her, her mom said no. Yeah. Well, that’s terrific. Now, I want you to know we really appreciate your efficiency, and Yes, yeah, well, I’ll see you later. You’re not going to believe this. Everything, everything is going to be delivered on time. Well, I suspect Tom and Alice probably had something to do with that.

And Abigail too. You know something? I dreamed of Abigail last night. She came to see me, to tell me that Thomas is a finicky eater, however, he loves grilled cheese sandwiches, which of course we know.

Gee, I shouldn’t have told you about my dream of Abigail, should I? No, no, no, I’m glad you did. Uh, thank you, but it’s just that I, um, I can’t believe Abigail was working on the story about Clyde for so long and I didn’t know about it. And I I keep replaying it over and over in my head and I can’t help but think that if I would have known, you know, that I could have, uh, could have done something, you know, like I, um, like I could have saved her.

If. If.


In this life, many things happen to us. And we have very little control over most of them. Good things, wonderful things. And the terrible things. And all I know for sure, is that Abigail wouldn’t want you to suffer like this. I know.

Move on. Please move on. For your children, for yourself. Focus on the future.

You’re not going to forget Abigail. We aren’t either, how could we? But it’s time for you to live a full life. A full, purposeful life. And that will honor Abigail’s memory forever. It’s the only way, Chad.

You’re moving back into the mansion? Seems rather logical, right? It’s where I belong, Maggie. Besides, why would I be staying in an apartment when I have a mansion available with a full staff? Servants, cleaners, drivers. Hmm. I just assumed that you would be, um, purchasing your own home. Considering you’re now a card carrying member of the nouveau riche.

The nouveau extremely riche, I should say. Yeah. The Kyriakos Mansion was Victor’s home. I am Victor’s son. That is my birthright. Besides, the amenities suit my lifestyle. Oh, and before I forget, I’m gonna need you to keep an eye out for my new racehorse. Straight from the horse’s ass. What? I mean, mouth. Hmm.

Constantine will be occupying the office soon. And, um, I’ll circle back. Keep you in the loop. Okay.

Hey, Kristen. Listen, I’m gonna have to cancel tonight, yeah. But I No, I’m just really busy. I’m moving back in my dad’s house. I’m gonna be unpacking and packing and Yeah But I promise you I will be making it up to you very very soon So should I get you a boutonniere? Yeah, yeah, only if I can get you the most ridiculously ugly wrist corsage Alright, deal.

You know what? This might actually be fun. You didn’t go to your prom, did you? No, no, no. Wasn’t really my thing. I know, you were just too cool for school, weren’t you? I didn’t go to mine either. I only have movies as a reference, so, you know, this could either be magical, or Or an absolute horror show. Let’s just hope there aren’t any telekinetic kids who want to exact their revenge.

Theresa, this is Salem. They’re probably everywhere. I actually, that’s funny because I remember I, uh, I chaperoned a Last Blast dance years ago when Philip was in high school. And it was crazy. Well, whatever happens, you know that we’re gonna make our son’s life miserable. You can always count on that. No one doesn’t kill you, right?

Right. You’ll get over it.

Oh God, I gotta go. Okay. Um, listen, all jokes aside, I’m really looking forward to going to the prom with you. Me too.

Yes, yes, I realize that your production office is in L. A. I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I understand, I, I just, I don’t think that that would be a problem. I could stay based here in the Midwest, I could fly there when I, No, I understand. I understand, okay? It’s just my, this is my home. My, my, my family is here.

My, my wife has a thriving business here. I This relocation is, uh, it’s baked into the deal, huh? Well, I appreciate that. Look, I, um, I’m very, very excited about this, this whole thing, okay? Believe me, I just, I’m gonna need a little more time to think things over. Right, I will, uh, I’ll be in touch. Thank you.

Sorry about your date, Aaron. Yeah, thanks. It’s a bummer. My boyfriend is offline, so I’ll be going to prom next year. Well, at least someone in the family is dating. Hey, cheer up, pal. You know, I was gonna wait until later, but, uh, What do you say, my friend? You, are you asking me out? Will you do my date Sophia and I the honor of being our date to the prom?

What is happening? Girl, your guess is as good as mine. We can go to prom as a throuple. Um, he means a friendly group date. You know what? I don’t really feel like being anybody’s third wheel. Oh, come on, man. Why are you so anti tricycle here? I don’t know, man. I already talked to Sophia. She thinks it’ll be fun.

Let’s do it. Come on. Oh, well, in that case Fine. That’s right. Fine. Give me some. Yeah! Alright, I’m in. Thanks. Weird, but at least you’re going to prom now. Thanks, sis. I guess. Okay, we should probably go. Do you want to walk to school with us? No, I think, I think it’s a bit good to have a lot of identicals. Okay.

Okay. Well, see you later. Bye guys. For now, I think you have a major score on the signing of my name. Oh, you know what? I sure do. Come on, let’s go inside. I think it’s time for a donut break. I call first pick. Dude. Hey, you gotta be quicker than that. I called it. Yeah, alright, alright. Oh, I’m gonna go with, uh, chocolate glaze.

I’m just gonna fix 32 of this. Mmm, wow. That is tasty. Tate? Aren’t you supposed to be in school? That bell doesn’t ring for another half hour. Donut? Oh. Cute. Uh, I don’t care why not. Thanks, Aaron. There’s berries everywhere. Really good. Alright, boys. Don’t be late. We won’t. Are you sure about this prom thing?

Yeah, totally, man. It’ll be fun. Well, yeah, maybe for you, not for me. I’m a third wheel. You don’t have to worry about that. You’re good. Believe me. What does that mean? Alright, look. This has to stay between us. Okay? Uh, yeah. Sure. I am planning on ghosting you guys right after dinner so you and Sophia can have some alone time.

What? What? Why? Why? Dude, come on, be real. I know you like Sophia. Um, um, I’m not going to move in on your girl though, dude. That’s like, that’s not, that’s not cool. What are you talking about? I’m telling you, it is cool. Here’s the thing, Sophia’s great, right? But she’s not my girl. She’s not really who I want to take to prom.

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you’re highly motivated.

Whoa, I can’t believe this. How did you do this all so quickly? It was Chad. Chad spoke to Henderson. Henderson spoke to your staff, and they were incredible. Oh, well, I’m impressed. Oh, Maggie. I cannot thank you enough for taking in the family, and me, and your welcome, and your kindness. Julie. Well, it just meant the world to us.

Of course. Aww. I’m just so glad you get to go home. But I’m gonna miss you terribly, my friend. Well, it’s not the end of our relationship. I mean, you’re gonna see me, I promise. I’m gonna hold you to that. I’m sorry I’m getting emotional. I’m getting emotional. Because you love me. And I know it. And I love you.

And you know it. And my home is always open to you. And yours, you know that. I do. Okay. And Horton House is your second home. And you come and see me, and you visit Profit and Gold.

Hey. Oh, you’re home half day. Perks of being the boss. Delegation, my dear Donovan. Sure thing, Holmes. Anyway, I had something major come up, so I had to move some things around. Leave work early to pack. Pack? Where are you going? I thought I told you that I’m going back home. To the so called Kiriakis Mansion.

Yeah, you did, right? The Horton clan is finally leaving, so it’s my time to move back into my father’s home as head of the family. Hmm.

So I am on fast forward, baby. I need to organize, pull together all the essentials. I want to get to the East Wing and plant my flag ASAP.

And I know that you weren’t expecting this to happen so soon, and you don’t really like the idea of living here alone, but Mmm, it’s not just that. It’s just Well, we were just We were just getting back together. You know? And now you’re just bailing. It’s like you can’t get out of here fast enough. Theresa, I’m not bailing.

I’m just going to be across town. Yeah, but across town is a lot farther than across the bed. So, maybe Maybe what? I think you know. Wait a minute, what are you saying? Teresa Donovan, you want to move in with me?

How does it feel, my darling? Home. It’s like home And I can’t believe it. It looks exactly the way it did before the fire better It’s a miracle. Well, I do think grandma and grandpa would be pleased. I know they are Chad I cannot wait to see the faces of your darling little children when they come through the front door Yeah, they’re gonna love it Honey, what is the matter?

Uh, it’s just, you know, uh, This whole thing, you know, it never should have happened. The fire that we built, it’s all my fault. Oh, no, son. I thought we’d been through this before. Yeah, I know, I know we have. It’s just, the war with Clyde, it was my war. And then before that, to think that, that Abby was going after him, you know, to do the right thing.

And it cost her her life. I think you are going to love working in a big commercial kitchen. Sometimes when it’s just me in there, it’s just. Like, like magic, almost. Just putting all those ingredients together, and the recipes, and just creating something special. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome to watch.

Hey, by the way, Felicity, what is your favorite recipe? All of them. That’s a great answer. Follow up question, what recipe makes you the happiest once it’s finished? Sutter Karma chocolate chip cookies. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a great job for an expert taste tester. You got it. All right. I should probably go to school now.

Okay, hey, but don’t forget this. And I put a couple of extra stones in there for your boyfriend. Thank you, have a great day. Okay, we will. Bye. Bye. Why does it feel like I’m missing a part of the story? Okay. Look, I asked Sophia to prom because I felt horrible for hitting her in the face with a football.

Yeah. Yeah, it was there. Thank you. That doesn’t explain Um, look. Alright. The truth is, and dude, I’m telling you this has to stay a secret. Yeah, yeah, of course. Alright. Holly and I are still together.

What? I know. Wow. I know, but this has to stay like on the ultra, ultra down low because our parents are trying to keep us apart. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. Okay, so you’re just doing the whole The whole Romeo and Juliet thing? Ha! Tadeo and Holliet. First of all, nice. Actually, no, I’m not going to give that to you.

That’s terrible. But second of all, dude, it’s real. It’s no bit.

Okay, uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but yeah. Yeah, yeah, I know, that did not end so well, but this will. Okay. Can I ask why? I mean, dude, after everything she did to you, Tate, uh Uh, look. Okay, I’m not asking you to understand my relationship, but I am asking you to respect it. And most importantly, man, please, please keep this to yourself.

Okay. Yes, yes. You can, you can count on me, Tadeo. My god, you are hilarious with this, Tadeo. Oh, oh, by the way, Sophia doesn’t know either, so you cannot tell her, because she would tell her mom, who would tell my parents, and it would just Yeah, hey, dude, yeah. Mm hmm. Got it. No words. Okay. Thanks. Thanks, man. Also, I could really use your help.

I really want to surprise her on prom night. I don’t know. Surprise who?

My, uh, date, Sophia, we were just I wanted to surprise her with a nice corsage or a nice dinner. It’s just, you know, stuff like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, Mr. Black, you gonna do anything else for your prom date? Uh, no. I actually didn’t go to prom. Oh. Sorry. No, don’t be sorry. It’s no big deal. It was decades ago.

But anyway, um, I should tell you this now’s as good a time as any. I will actually be going to your prom with your mom. That’s a good one. You had me there. Yeah, yeah. Well, I’m not kidding. The school needed chaperones, so your mom and I signed up. Sorry, dude.

Should I repeat the question? No, I heard you. It’s just, I’m not going to just invite myself to go live in your big mansion. Because that would be so uncouth. Teresa, I have invited you to live with me. Twice. It’s totally couth. Yeah, but you asked me platonically. Well, before that’s what you said. That was on you.

You wanted to keep things that way. Things are different now. Teresa? Do you want to move in the mansion with me? Yes. Hmm? Yes, I do! Oh.

Hey, it’s, uh, it’s been a pretty busy morning. You maybe want to sit down, take a little break? No, I feel great, actually. Physically and mentally. Yeah, and, oh, that reminds me. Mmm, that is good. And a good carpet, too. Isn’t that right, Tiny One? I’m glad that you’re feeling better. There’s more than that, Johnny.

This baby, our baby, I know that we can’t already know what’s gonna happen, but I do already know that I love him or her or them. And I know what I want to do. What? I want to have him, or her, or them. Okay. Noel, or, Noelle.

But only if I have you by my side. Johnny, I need you to tell me how you’re feeling about this, because if you don’t feel the same way, then I Chanel, I am I am by your side. Always.

Chad, it is not your fault. What happened to Abigail was Clyde Weston’s fault, period. Abby was just fighting the good fight like she always did. And now you are doing that. And she would be so proud that you’re continuing the fight. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Abigail was trying to do the right thing. You’re trying to do the right thing. And believe it or not, we are all going to stand up together. Against Clyde Weston doing the right thing until that murdering son of a bitch is behind bars for the rest of his life. Because The Hortons do not back down.

Have you got it? I’ve got it. Thank you both of you. I, I needed that. Well. That’s what families do. You know, now that we’re all together here, I just had this idea. I think we should have a massive family reunion. What a wonderful idea. Yeah, it is. And maybe after that, maybe before that, we will have unlocked Grandpa’s time capsule.

That’d be incredible. Yes, it would. At this point, just imagine all of our Our family chickens coming home to roost together again. But until then,

Welcome home.

Oh, hey. Good morning, handsome. Good morning, little handsome. You’re here early. Yeah, I had to come and get Jude this morning because Dad and Kate, they watched him for us last night. Oh, that’s nice. You know, John and I would love to do that, too, if you ever have a need. Of course, thank you. Listen, I hate to cut this short, but I really need to get this little guy home, if that’s all right.

Of course it is. Okay, wonderful. Hey, wait a minute. Take off your glasses. Take them off.

What happened to you? Everett Lynch happened. I got here as fast as I could. Where’s Eric? He’s, uh, he’s with Jude. Look, you have to help me before he gets back. Help you with what? What’s going on? Last night, EJ gave me 24 hours to tell Eric that Jude is Nicole’s. What? That’s not all. He wants me to lie to Eric and tell him that EJ is the father.

Eric loses everything. Oh my god, including you. And the first thing Eric will do is have you arrested. No. First thing he’s going to do is give the baby back to Nicole.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey, I just, uh, wanted to tell you I’m really glad you were able to come in tonight. Oh, yeah. Well, I’m feeling much better. You know, it was just a bad headache. So, a couple of aspirins took care of it. Usually works for me. Mm hmm. There’s, uh Everything okay? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. They just wanted some more bread.

Uh, which, by the way, we are running low on. Really? Mm hmm. We just got a delivery yesterday. I’ll talk to Adlai. He unloaded the truck. I don’t know. Maybe, uh, maybe a new driver. They did tell me they’re having a hard time finding competent employees. Speaking of which, uh, You have delivered as promised, Ava.

You worked real hard during your trial period, and so, despite our history And since you are desperate for good help Don’t push it. Okay, so, uh, sounds like Yeah, you got the job. Thanks.

Great piece, I had no idea, the level of misconduct on the part of our mayor, excuse me, while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Okay. Hourly wage increases at Sweet Bits? Boring. Meet the French expats who are starting a local soccer team. Are they hot? If not, then no. Well, well, well, Mr. Sterling Exposé on the Mayor.

Hmm. Has the New York Times called? Are they on their hands and knees begging you to pack your bags and move to the Big Apple? No. Everett, I have to say, I am green with envy. That piece would have been parfait for Lady W. Well, thank you very much. It sounds like a lot of our readers agree with you, actually, but It wasn’t supposed to be like a tabloid hatchet piece.

It was just a fax. But what the mayor did was reckless and dangerous, so people deserve to know. Well, it’s too bad I couldn’t do a blind item on it first, since I have zipped zilch nada for my column this week. Well, I did have something, but I killed it. Why? What do you mean? I killed it because I am a hopeless romantic who wants desperately to believe in young love.

For instance, have you seen Call Me By Your Name? Towards the end of that film, I was sobbing so hard this sweet, petite, elderly woman came down three rows just to rub my back. Isn’t that something? Very weird, yeah. Ah, speaking of lovers, do I have scoop for you? Ooh, Lady Whistleblower’s all ears. Give it to me.

Not for you, Leo. What is it? I just got the call that Drumroll, please. Okay. Our illustrious mayor has fired E. J. DiMera as D. A. And replaced him with his predecessor. Whoa. Melinda Trask? None other. Oof, poor EJ. He is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

Are you out of your mind? You’re not taking my baby. I’m not asking you, Sloane. I’m telling you, that baby does not belong to you. It belongs to Nicole, and to me. You listen to me, EJ. We agreed it was in everybody’s best interest. If we kept pretending that Nicole and Eric’s baby is dead, you shook my hand.

I did, yes. But that was before I saw them kissing. What? Eric and Nicole? None other.

No. I don’t believe you. When? Tonight. A little while ago. And I’m sure you agree, that kiss changes everything.

Chad! Hey, sorry for coming by so late. I saw the, uh, sunlight’s on. Oh, no problem. What can I do for you?

It’s about Clyde Weston

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey! What do you need? I just came down from Night Path and just spent a little time with my favorite guy. If you could take a break? Definitely. Um, okay, I’m gonna get back to work, but I just wanted to say thank you for the job, Roman. Means a lot to me.

I hired her. Mm hmm. Obviously. Shall we?

Give me a minute. Okay? Sure. Hey. Hey, Beck. Where is your little sidekick? Um, he’s home sleeping. I’m here for some pumpkin pie. I stopped by Buddy’s, you know, get some takeout, and I noticed they forgot to put the dessert in the bag. Buddy’s Burger Bar. That was your first choice. Really? No, it’s just that they have a drive thru.

It’s quick and easy. Your dessert is a little, you know, Sloan loves the pumpkin pie here. Well, I’d love to hear that. In that case, I will pack her up some pumpkin pie on that. No, I’m gonna pay for that. No, you’re not gonna do that, but you will repay me. Truth is, I want to see my grandson more. I miss that sweet face.

Yeah, okay, you got a deal. Okay, let’s go.

The usual, right? Sauvignon Blanc? Cabernet Sauvignon, actually. Of course. No, no, no, that’s fine. Thank you. Sure. I heard Roman hired you. Officially. He did. Well, congratulations. It must be so nice to be gainfully employed. Just don’t get any ideas about taking over. Taking over? Because if you try anything, Ava, I promise you, you’ll be out on your ass without a job or a place to live.

Do we understand each other?

What do you mean? What sort of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week is EJ having? Oh, I just mean You know, being replaced by Melinda Trask of all people? That woman tried to put EJ in prison when she was a prosecutor. Just adding insult to injury. Right. Interesting. Well, I’m sure it’s in the archives.

Anyway. I am white, um, but a drink sounds enticing. Anyone interested? Oh, thanks, but I am off the wagon. No, wait, that’s not right. I am on the wagon. How long’s it been? Oh, long enough to know that I am a beautiful old soul, a work in progress worthy of peace, equanimity, and all those lovely things they talk about on podcasts.

Good for you, Leo. Seriously. Thanks. As for myself, I’m in. Okay. What do you think, uh, small bar? Good vibes, no pretentious. Oh, plus, the other night, the place was crawling with hot guys. They were staring kind of longingly into their drinks, almost like they could use some company. You know, you don’t have to drink to have fun.

Yeah, so I’ve heard. But I am also on the wagon from gorgeous charismatic men who lure you in with their charm, and they send you these selfies all throughout the day, scrubbing off in the shower, the glasses all steamed up, and you are sitting at the edge of your bed just Yeah, I’m sober from all that, too.

Well, won’t you be depriving Lady Whistleblower? I mean, you know how people get after they have a few drinks. They’re sharing all sorts of secrets. Okay, come on, let’s go. Quick. Before I make a decision, I’ll be proud. That’s the spirit. Yeah. After you.

You know, the fact that we weren’t able to keep Clyde behind bars keeps me up at night. And now to know that he’s out there running around. Well, he was caught before. We’re gonna get him again. That’s actually what I wanted to tell you. Uh, it’s about Abby’s murder. And, uh, I think I found some new evidence.

Really? What have you got? Um, Nicole found, uh, found this notebook that Abby kept when she was a rookie reporter. And, uh, it’s the, the, the last entries that actually caught my attention, you know what I mean? She took these, these copious notes about, uh, about a new drug ring in Salem. Uh, and they all point to Clyde Weston’s early days when he was setting up shop here in Salem.

She never said anything to you about any of this? No, she, uh, I think she knew that I would have, I would have, you know, shut it down and asked her to move on to something else. But I reached out to her dad and he confirmed that, uh, that Abby was working on something big, Steve. Really big. And she didn’t want to share what it was.

And then eventually just told him that, you know, that nothing came of it.

I don’t know, what do you think? Do you think that it’s, it’s possible that, that my Abby wasn’t collateral damage? That maybe she was Clyde’s target all along? So, Nicole was drunk. Eric picked her up from the small bar and brought her home. Such a gentleman. Mmm. Do they know that you saw them kissing? No, they don’t.

But obviously they’re working so closely together, coupled with their history. The way they always seem to orbit one another. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, and it must be stopped.

When our son, Jude, is placed back into Nicole’s arms where he belongs,

her maternal instincts will, without a doubt, kick in. She’ll be so overwhelmed with the need to shower her son with love that she will quit her job on the spot to focus all of her attention on Jude and, and our family. And her and I, raising a child together, a miracle brought back to us by the grace of God, would drive a stake through the heart of any lingering feelings for Eric.

That’s a great plan you have there, E. J. The only problem is, Jude is not your son.

Nicole doesn’t, nor will she ever know that. Is that what you think? Because if you go through with this plan, I will make sure everyone and anyone who is willing to listen will know who Jude’s real father is.

I Think you must know by now Since word seems to get around in this town that, um I don’t like being threatened. There wasn’t a threat. There was a promise. And unlike your boyfriend, I keep my promises. What does that mean? It means that Harris promised Lucas that he would do whatever he had to do, including going to the governor to petition for an early release.

So when you speak to Harris, Remind him to come through for Lucas. Or else. Oh. So now you’re threatening him too, huh? I’m going to leave it at this. I may have married into one of the most respectable families in Salem. But I promise you, neither you. Nora Harris. Want to know what I’m capable of.

Who I really am.

Chad, I think you should take this to the police first and see what they make of it. No, no, they have a ton of other cases to worry about. Look, you’re Abby’s uncle, okay, and I trust that you’re not going to put this thing on the back burner. Technically, they already solved the case, okay? Clyde Weston confessed to the murder.

They don’t really care about the lie. He confessed? To mistakenly killing Abby. And his target was Belle. Yeah, but, but his reasons for going after Belle as some kind of warning to EJ, they just never made sense, Steve. Okay, it never added up. And then when you, with Abby’s notes. Okay. There’s just not much to go on.

But I’ll see what I can do. Thank you. Listen. Bringing Clyde Weston down is personal to me. More personal than ever.

Slow, slow, slow. I wouldn’t turn this into a trashy reality show for you. Because if you even breathe a word of this, I will have you brought up on charges of kidnapping, inflicting intentional emotional distress, and even bribery. And after you are convicted, you will spend the rest of your natural life in prison.

You will lose Eric, your law practice, everything.

Well, if you take Jude, I, I lose him and Eric anyway. And then I still get charged for kidnapping. Ah, but with my help you will avoid jail time by fleeing the country. Meaning you will still have your freedom and a chance to start over. So, where would you like to go? Lisbon? Catahunya? Bangkok? Oh, you could be one of those, uh, what do they call it, uh, digital nomads.

Flying from city to city, opening up your laptop under a palm tree. I can make that happen, Slo. Think about it. A new identity. A new passport. A bank account flush with money. A fresh start.

You can leave all of this behind. No more lying. No more stress. No more anxiety. See ya. I mean, it must be wearing on you. Look at you.

And in return for my generosity, all you have to do is keep your mouth shut permanently.

And if I don’t? Well, we’ll just go down together. But unlike you, I won’t be anywhere near a prison.

I hear that. You have to do it. You have to lick it. Wait, wait, do we do the salt first? Yes. Or the lime? I forgot the order of operation. What do you mean? It’s the salt first, then you shoot it, then the lime. Ah, okay, okay. Okay, but wait, before we start again, I just want to say that as engrossing and fun and sloppy as this DA news is, This is so much better than, than rummaging through newspaper archives, isn’t it?

Not only that, I told the mayor that I would get quotes in the morning. Okay! Okay! Cheers! Cheers! Wait, okay, lick. Okay, wait. Two, okay, three, two, one. Oh! Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Oh my god. Oh, yum. Oh, yum. I thought you said this place was crawling with gorgeous, lonely men. All I see are guys with that hang dog, divorced dad face.

Look like they just missed their daughter’s piano recital. Oh! What about that guy over there? He’s really good looking. He’s like young Antonio Banderas. Oh my god, you’re right. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Looks wise, anyway. But he’s in town on business. Has a cozy apartment back in Madrid, and an adorable pint sized maid who comes over, they banter at the kitchen island.

I bet he speaks Spanish with that really sexy lisp, which is great, because I’ve been brushing up on my Spanish lately. Even my vósotras. Muy bien, muy bien. Uh, you’re, you’re learning Español? Sí! Well, Dimitri and I were going to go to Puerto Vallarta. On our honeymoon. So, I decided to learn Espanol, learn about the customs.

I bought an enormous hat.

Why don’t we change the subject? What are we eating? Oh, you know, oh, yeah, we haven’t eaten anything. The guacamole’s supposed to be really good. It’s supposed to be like a menu, but, uh, the mushroom quesadilla’s supposed to be really good. Mmm. And Ooh, how about the bacon wrapped dates? Yeah, I read that was really good, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not exactly Mexican, but still so yummy. Okay. Look at the two of you. So young, so attractive. Bickering over appetizers while playing footsie under the table. Tell me Are you guys Have you figured out yet if you’re a thing, if you’re a thing thing? Oh wow. Ooh, you wanna take this one, Ev?

You want me to take it? Yeah. Okay, okay. Thing, thing. Uh, no, no. We’re not. We’re just friends. We’re just friends. But, who knows what lies ahead, you know what I’m saying? Okay, so you’re not ruling out the thing, thing, thing. I’m not ruling out the thing, thing. Okay, let me, let me put it to you this way. Okay, we had, we had our first, first date.

Back in Seattle with the hot dogs. It was disgusting. And then we had our second first date here in Salem at the, at the Bistro, at the Bistro. And then we had like a third first date the other day. Well, that wasn’t really a date. That was us just getting back on track, you know, as friends. Yeah, right. Of course, of course, because we’re just friends.

And so that was like a third, not really a date at the, at the pickleball court. So technically this is like our, this is like our third not really a date. This is our third not really a date, second, third not really a second date. Yeah. If that makes sense. I’m sorry, no, what am I listening to? Is this some ancient straight person language I know nothing about, I don’t want to know about it.

This is just us. You know trying to get a feel for for where we are Relationship wise Or should I say friendship? Okay, you know what? I’ve had enough of third wheeling waiter Can we get some more tequila over here from my friends por favor and for me? I’m gonna switch to something sweet something that Carrie Bradshaw would drink after going to an a meeting.

Thank you.

I Know that look What the, the look it says, I’m not crazy about Ava working here. Oh, come on. I would never tell you how to run the pub. I mean, seriously, if it works out, that just means you’re going to be spending more time with me rather than down here. Right.

I just wish I could trust her. I saw Steve. Hey, Roman. Okay. Hey, been for a night cap. No, no, actually, I need to see Ava. Is she around? Hey, Steve. What can I getcha? Uh, nothing. I’d just like to talk to you. Oh, okay. Well, um, I need to check if I Fine by me. Take a break. Okay. Can we take a walk? Uh, sure.

So you need to make a decision, Sloan. Do you want to say goodbye to your freedom? Spend the rest of your life surrounded by barbed wire, fencing, and surly guards? All for a pyrrhic victory? What do you want to start anew? Anywhere in the world? Have you ever been to Milan? I hear there are quite a lot of single billionaires roaming around there.

Please, please, I can’t, I can’t, I need just more time. I You have only 24 hours and not a second more. And let me remind you. This is check made slow. There is nothing you can say or do that won’t implicate you. So double crossing me isn’t even an option.

I’ll do anything, E. J. Yeah, I’m sure you would. But you have already done. So much. Far too much. And it’s finally come back to bite you. My God. Adopting Jude when you knew full well it was Nicole’s baby. And Eric’s. We lost a baby too. I had a miscarriage and we were devastated. Especially Eric. All I wanted to do was to ease his pain.

Knowing the whole time that if he ever found out about the myriad of lies you were telling, he would leave you in a heartbeat. And if your wife ever finds out that you’re not the baby’s father, do you think she’s gonna actually stay with you? Even if she does, do you really want to raise some other man’s child?

You see, to the world and to Nicole, that little man is my son. But, whatever happens, you’ve already lost Eric. You see, to Eric and to the world, you will be exposed as a liar and a thief. And you’re just prolonging the inevitable. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Sloan? Honey, are you home?

She’s gone, I want you to know. She is gone.

Sloan? It’s me, Eric. Hi, Dad. I’m sorry. I thought it was Sloan. She’s not home and neither is Jude. Must be with her. He was, but he’s not anymore. What do you mean? He’s with me. Sloan dropped him off after you left. Did she say where she was going? No, she didn’t. I just assumed she wouldn’t spend some time alone with you.

Well, she’s not with me, obviously. An emergency with a client, maybe? Yeah, maybe. I’m sure she’ll call me soon. Okay, well, you know, Jude can stay here just as long as you need him to. In fact, he’s asleep right now. Not a problem. Thanks, Dad. Hey, I’ll call you as soon as I hear from her. Please do. Okay. Bye. I’ll let you go, Sloan.

Sloan! Buenas noches, Senora Brady. Great accent, right? I have an amazing ear. I don’t know who they are. I can see that. You look like you’re right out of Sex and the Pity.

Please just stop. No, not until you tell me how that amazing little sweet potato pancake is, aka the Judester, or has he crawled back into that renaissance painting he came out of.

Another one, please. Very interesting. What’s so interesting? Just one of Salem’s most heralded attorneys knocking them back with a vengeance. Not exactly like her to overindulge. I feel like there’s something you’re not telling us. Lady Whistleblower runs a very tight ship. No leaks. But when there is something to tell, you’ll be the first to know.

So I, uh, assume this isn’t just a how you doin conversation. It isn’t. I want to go back to our conversation from this afternoon. Were Stefan interrupted? When you said you were looking for a more permanent solution to the Clyde Weston problem, did you mean what I think you meant?

He tried to kill my son. Our son. He needs to pay. So whatever I choose to do next, I’m warning you, Steve. Do not stand in my way.

Judd, what are you doing here so late? Uh, I was, uh, I came looking for you. Is everything okay? It’s been a long day. Fancy a libation? Looks like you could use one as well. No, thank you. Uh, I was actually, I was hoping for some guidance. What sort of guidance? I don’t know. Well, uh, you know, I, I, um, I, I came across some information and I don’t really know what to do about it.

Are you seeking some brotherly counsel? Yeah, uh, that and, and, uh, some counsel, um, you know, from the acting DA. Well, actually, um, Well,

look. It’s about, uh, Abigail’s murder. And I think I found something pretty interesting. Look it, there’s these, these, these meticulous jottings in Abigail’s notebook. See? Okay, I’m listening. So from what I’ve gathered, it looks like Abby might have outed Clyde Weston as the head of a burgeoning drug ring in Salem.

Like, like way back when. So what’s the insight? Okay, well. Supposedly Clyde went looking for Belle the night that Abby died. That he, that he intended to kill her. Not Abby.

I think he was going after Abby. The entire time. I don’t think it had anything to do with Belle. And, I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault.

What are you talking about your fault? Clyde hated Abby because she cheated on his son with me. Okay, and then when he found out that Thomas wasn’t his grandson. Okay, look. Clyde wanted Abby out of the picture. For a lot of different reasons, both personally and professionally. Oh, come on, Chad. There’s only one person to blame here, and that is Clyde Weston.

That monster murdered your wife in cold blood. Yeah, look, I get it. And I know what you’re going to say next, alright? Why do any of this? Because it’s not going to bring her back. But the fact of the matter is, if, if, if this killing wasn’t accidental, it means that son of a bitch hunted my wife down in her bedroom.

Now, that wound, EJ, is open. Again. Okay. Okay, I understand. What can I do to help? Look, I don’t know, okay? The fact that he’s on the run again. You know, I just have this thought that he’s like hiding out in some villa with a, with a Suitcase full of money and it makes me sick. Believe me, I too want nothing more than that scum to be wiped off the face of this earth.

I’ve had men on his trail ever since he escaped. But Chad, if there is anything, anything I can do to help you To avenge Abigail’s death, I will do it. Thank you. Is there anything else?

Um, actually, I just have one more favor to ask. Another one, please. Yes, he’s worth a few more. Take a few more. Wait, are you sure? We’ve had like We’ve had like The knight is still young, my dear. Is it not? He is so much more animated after he’s had a few. I am more jovial than usual, which is always a plus in my book.

Joviality. Is that a word, joviality? Yes. Yep. So? Hey. Oh. Oh, look who it is, everybody. My knight in shining armor. Hey. Now, did you come and save the princess from the dragon? I saw your car in the parking lot. Oh. Well. Lucky me. Isn’t it funny how every woman is a princess. Who you love ends up drowning their sorrows in booze when they don’t get their way.

What are you talking about? Stop. Never mind. Never mind. Waiter, another one, please. Son, come on. Let’s get you home. I said no. Listen, we can leave your car here, pick it up in the morning. Jude can stay at my, my dad in Cape for the night. I said no! Get your arm off of me! I mean it, girl! I said no! Get off of me!

Huh. Jude. Funny how much you remind me of your dad when he was born. Those big eyes, that smile.

Wish I’d been there to see him grow up. Oh, honey, you are there. You’re there for Eric now. He adores you. You know what I think of when I look at this little boy? I think about Lucas. When he was little, he was so unpredictable. He was such a daredevil. Constantly had me on my toes. And he still does. Yes, he does.

But he has made amends. You know, putting on, putting his life on the line. To capture Clyde. I’m so proud of him, Roman. I’m telling you now, I’m telling you now that if Harris doesn’t come through for him, this mama bear is going to take matters into her own hands.

I’m not going to stand in your way if I wouldn’t dream of it. I didn’t think so. Melissa, I don’t know what you’re planning.

But if Weston is found, by whomever, and he happens to be in a body bag instead of handcuffs, So be it.

So, how are your buddies doing decoding those images? Ugh, music to my ears. Yeah, no, not yet. Still waiting for the email from Clyde, which will be coming from an anonymous address, everything encrypted as you know. Yeah, as soon as I get it I’ll forward it to you so you can, um, send it on over to your buddies and they can do their thing.

I miss you too, Harris. Oh, God, I cannot wait until you are back in my bed. Till you’re back in my arms.

You sure you want to do this? Yeah, I’m sure.

But I don’t want to do it. I have to do it. Okay, then.

Abby? Oh, God. Abby? Abby! Abby, hey, what happened? Abby! You’re

not alone. You have your family. Yeah. I


I can’t do this. I can’t, I can’t do this without her. I know it seems impossible right now, but you will find the strength to go on.

I still can’t believe she’s gone

and it doesn’t get any easier. It just doesn’t get easier.

Sweetheart, I do not want you to cause a scene. You’re the one causing a scene, trying to forcibly drive me out of here. May. Hey, Garrett, could use some help. Everett, are you okay? Sloane, sweetie? Uh, don’t you think maybe you’ve had enough? Perhaps it’s time to go home and watch Wheel of Fortune until you pass out?

Excuse me? Who do you think you are, the both of you? Get lost. I’m not scared of any of you. As you wish. So what’s the matter? What happened after I left? Come on, let’s go home and we can talk about this. What part of no don’t you understand? It’s one syllable and it’s a whole damn sentence, Eric. He got hurt.

What? Why would he hurt her? Come on, you are not in a good place right now. Let’s go home. I said no.

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Days Transcript Monday, May 20, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey, do you want to, uh, do you want to switch chairs? I think this one might actually be a little more comfortable than, than that one. No, this, this chair is fine, Johnny. You sure? Yeah. I guess it is pretty much the same. Mm hmm. It’s, it’s exactly the same. Right. Um, Okay. So are you, are you hungry? Do you want me to go down to the cafeteria?

I can get you a muffin. I can get you a sandwich. What do you Right. I am, uh, I’m, I’m hovering again. Aren’t I? I’m sorry. You know what? But I am not going to lie. I actually kind of like all the extra attention. Well, you’re used to it. Hey, by the way, my dad said that the perinatologist that he’s flying in is, like, world renowned.

She actually consulted with Nicole for her pregnancy. I’m really, really grateful that your dad went to all this trouble. Yeah. Holly! Oh. Hey, I thought I should know. Hi, uh, what’s going on? Is everything okay? Yeah, I just came from therapy. Uh, how about you guys? Oh yeah, just, uh, here for a checkup. Right? Well, I’ll see you both at the house.

Okay, see you later.

You said you wanted to see me? Ms. Trask? Take a seat. Got

breaking news for you. And what news would that be? I just fired EJ DiMera. I’m going to be needing a new TA. Okay. You want your old job back? I appreciate you thinking of me, Madam Mayor. But I’m gonna have to say no. Well, somebody was hungry. Now that you’re fed, mommy needs her dinner too. Your father was supposed to be home by now at takeout.

I wonder what’s keeping him so long.

Cole, you can’t do this.

I know, I know. I’m, I’m, I’m so sorry. Hey, are you okay? Oh, God, no. The room is spinning like crazy. Okay, okay. Let’s get you to bed. Nicole?

What’s going on here?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Remind me to check the kitchen at Sweet Bits for the industrial mixer. Uh, why? Because I feel like it’s in my stomach. Is that bad, huh? Here, um, try these. Oyster burgers? Yeah, my mom, she practically lived on those when she was pregnant with Sidney’s. Thanks. So, you just travel around with these in your pockets at all times, huh?

Uh, well, I took a case from, from the Brady Pub. Don’t tell my awful Roman. Is there anything else I can get you? I don’t know, um, distract me. Okay. But no stories about food. Well, unless it’s oyster crackers, because I actually think these are helping already. Oh, I’m glad. Um, okay, well, you know how we’ve been talking about me getting a job in the film industry?

Uh huh, no, we’ve been talking about that a lot. Well, I finally put my resume online. You did? Mm hmm. Okay, any luck? Uh, yeah, I’ve gotten some views from some local companies, and given that the entire industry is basically in L. A., And I want to stay close to home. I kind of feel like I should just take what I can get.

Unless I can, you know, find funding to do some kind of project here in Salem. Mrs. Tamira, the doctor will see you now. Alright, You got this.

Are we sure that this place is safe? I mean, we already got caught here once by my Aunt Kayla and Stephanie. Yeah, well, they kept it to themselves. Yeah, but we may not be so lucky the next time someone sees us together. Well, speaking for myself, I can’t imagine being in more trouble with my mom than I already am.

Sounds like you guys really went at it. Yeah, I totally lost it. Tate, I said some really, really horrible things to her. Things that I don’t think she’s ever gonna forgive me for it. I don’t even know if I can forgive myself. Oh, come on. Are you Are you sure you’re not being too hard on yourself? T, I told her that the babies she lost were lucky because they didn’t have to have her as a mom.

I was just, I was so angry and I intentionally said something that would hurt her in the worst way. Why did I do that?

It’s fine.

Nicole had another argument with Holly. I see. Well, she must have really hurt you. As it’s clear, you’ve gone to great lengths to numb the pain. Yeah, I, I did. And, and at the risk of stating the, uh, object. The obvious. The obvious, you know what I mean. I did, I did. I drank too much. Much, much too much. Well, that is obvious.

And you’re here because? Nicole and I were supposed to meet for work. Yeah, and, um, when I didn’t show up, uh, Eric was worried that something happened to me, right? Yeah, yeah, right. So, uh, he was nice enough to call me, and I told him where he was, and he came to me, and then he brought me home. I see. Well, some men would have taken advantage of a situation like that, but we are all so very thankful.

That chivalry is not yet dead. I’ll say goodnight, then. Thank you, Eric, for, for bringing me back here. Yes. Thank you, Eric, for coming to my wife’s rescue.

I’m sorry, EJ. Um, I’m so embarrassed for getting drunk like this, and it was a really dumb move, but I’m just So hurt by what Holly said to me. Of course you were. Hey, don’t worry my love. I’ll take care of you.

As I recall, You were pretty bent out of shape when I relieved you of your duties. You mean when you fired me? That was then. This is now. The D. A. serves at the pleasure of the mayor and, well, I’ve decided that you’re a hell of a lot more pleasant than E. J. DiMera could ever hope to be. Why the change of heart?

Well, I just told you. There was a damn low bar. You’re easier to have around than EJ is. And, well, let’s just say that I’ve come to appreciate the value of having a strong woman in that role. Hear me roar. No one can challenge that you have the experience and the chops to do the job, Miss Trask. And in these somewhat tumultuous times, the good people of Salem would welcome a familiar face who is as tough on crime as yours, truly.

I think I more than made my case now. What else do I need to say to get you to change your no to a yes?

You know, there was this one time where I’d been Awful. Really awful to my mom. It made me really mad at myself. Uh, and my grandma Marlena, she told me that we tend to hurt the people that we are closest to because We know that they’re gonna love us no matter what. So, you know, we could just work it out with them, you know?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I actually just came from talking to your grandma. Oh, really? Did it help? Not really. I mean, I’m sure Dr. Evans is great at what she does, but I don’t know, I feel a whole lot worse than I did before I saw her. I just wish there was a way that I could make you feel better.

Maybe there is. Dean, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Finally! Sorry, long line of buddies. Two for one chili dogs.

It’s kind of a good thing since we’re on a budget. Thanks to, you know, Stark. Uh, how’s the story coming? It’s coming, it’s just unfortunately I didn’t get the shots I needed, so I gotta go back after dinner. Mm hmm. With Nicole? No, just me. Hey, Sloane, I’m gonna say this one more time. No, Cole and I are just friends.

That’s all. I know. So, yes, Nicole and I have a history. But you, our baby, you’re mine now and forever. Oh, so, you want to tell me what happened tonight? With Holly. Who else?

Well, um, she got angry with me. And she lashed out and said things that she knew would hurt me the most. And what was that? What did she say? She said the babies that, We didn’t have for lucky to be dead. Lucky to not have me as a mother.

Well, that was harsh. To put it mildly, and all of this because you won’t let her go to the prom. Yeah, but EJ, don’t, don’t be angry with her, okay? Because she’s been through a lot lately, lately, and she, she just sees me as this, someone who’s holding her back from having fun and, and, and living her life. I know, I know how she sees you.

I’m just, I’m just upset on your behalf that she hurt you so much.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much if I didn’t think she was right. Don’t, don’t talk like that, Nicole. You are a wonderful mother. Kind, And you’re, you’re only just trying to protect Holly because you love her and you want to keep her safe. I’m sure that in her more rational moments, she knows this.

Maybe. And AJ, I’m, um, I’m sorry I didn’t call you after we got in the fight. I, I Just, I, I started drinking and I really didn’t want anyone to stop me. Alright, I know that. And it is a good thing Eric came when he did. And he was so helpful, because otherwise Otherwise what? If Eric wasn’t helpful, what? You would have done something you regretted?

Well, no, it’s just, you know what happens when you’re wasted, you’re not thinking straight, and It rides. But, did you do anything that you regret? No, I didn’t. That’s good. That’s very good because, uh, I would have been, uh, unfortunate.

Oh, wow, that was, uh, A lot. Yeah. Well, it’s all right here, so we can go back and look at it. Yeah, man, I wish we would have gotten a chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Yeah, me too. But, you know, the doctor said it was too early. We can hear next time we come see her. Yeah. She gave us a lot to think about until then.

She was mostly positive. My hormone levels and the baby’s measurements are all where they should be. Yeah, that’s all good. Man, it’s just too bad we can’t do any of the prenatal tests until 11 weeks. And then, you know, 18 to 20 weeks, there’s, there’s the big one. The anatomy scan ultrasound. Yeah. How’s your stomach?

Surprisingly, it’s okay. Good. How’s yours? You want some of these oyster crackers? No, I’m fine. Thank you. I know that was hard to hear. Not that we didn’t already know. You mean that, um, the radiation exposure increases our chances of losing the baby. Right. So even with things looking good, So far, it’s gonna be a lot of waiting.

A lot of wishing. Worrying. Look at me. I’m sitting here telling you how I feel. I’m sorry. I’m being selfish. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. This is your body. Yeah, but this is our baby. And I want you to tell me how you’re feeling about it. Okay, well, how I’m feeling is, I just, I hate that we can’t Control any of this, it’s Yeah.

Yeah, I, I would do anything, give anything, to make sure that our child is okay. Yeah.

Which is why, as mad as I am at my mom for exposing our baby to radiation, there’s a part of me that kind of gets why she did what she did. One thing

you should know about me, Mistress, I don’t give a damn what other people think. I do what I think is right. And you think that I’m the right person for this job. Why else would I offer it to you? Ms. Trask? This is a golden opportunity for you to get back in the game. Now, why would you pass that up? No, no, I haven’t yet.

I just Oh, I can’t say that I’m not tempted. But when you gave that job, when you replaced me with EJ, I No, You don’t need to worry about EJ DiMera, who was using and abusing his office to punish his enemies, to get his family and friends off. That is why I fired his ass and that is why he doesn’t have that power anymore.

And you look skeptical. I admit I am because in my experience EJ Demura doesn’t need to weaponize the office of the district attorney to wreak havoc. He’s got plenty of his own resources. Screw his resources. I’ve got your back mistress and as long as your hands are clean you That man can’t touch you.

Oh, damn, damn, damn, damn. Uh, no, this is not a good time. Hello? Lady Whistleblower. Oh my god, we are so busted.

Babe, those chili dogs are kinda greasy. But tasty though, huh? Sure. You didn’t like? I was just hoping you’d bring something home from, like, Domino, the bistro. Yeah, but we had to cut expenses. Remember that? Well, we’re both working. I mean, you’re making good money at the spectator gig. Right. But, this apartment’s a bit small.

I mean, wouldn’t you like to put a down payment on a house? Oh. Oh, Eric. I love that idea. I want the whole package with you, Sloane. Yeah? Yeah. The house and the white picket fence. Yeah, and a big yard. A tire swing. And a dog. No dog. No. No dog. Two dogs. Two dogs. A golden retriever. Yes. Yes. Baby. You know, aside from the two dogs, which are great, what makes the whole package is usually two kids.

Hmm. Or you want a brother and a sister for two. I mean, not right now, but. Maybe eventually, yeah.

I never wanted any of this. I I would think it’s more accurate to say I, I’m sorry. I never thought I would have any of this, a husband and a baby, just our actual family, a real family. Thank you for giving that to me. I’m really lucky. No, I’m the lucky one. I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree.


Water. Thank God, I thought it was going to be Meemaw’s hangover cure. Oh, that will come tomorrow. Oh. Can’t wait.


I know that you and Eric are close, but I really wish you had come to me when you were hurting. But EJ, I didn’t, I didn’t go to Eric. He? Called me when I didn’t meet up with him and then that’s when he came to me at the small bar Still you could have called me to pick you up I’m sorry that I didn’t

look at you. I’m here now with you But i’m still hurting I know I know And I will be here for you. Always.

Oh, I need to be better, EJ. I need to be a better mother. I mean, I, I know I screwed things up with Holly. But it’s not just Holly. I’ve screwed up so many things.

And I think losing our baby is Losing our little boy is just the world’s way of punishing me for all the pain I’ve caused. Did you

get him down without a fight? No, but I did win this round. Ha ha. I did have to sing itsy bitsy spider about six times, but Well, you have no sympathy for me. I did twelve rounds of hush little baby all night. Oh. You know, I have shot some difficult subjects. You had to shoot your own son. That’s a dream. It is.

Oh my God. Oh. Look at that. It’s nice work. Oh, you even captured his little toothless smile. You did. You’re a natural. Did I? You did. Oh, well, I had a good teacher. Hmm. That is why we need to capture every moment we can in his babyhood. Oh, he’s growing so fast. He is. Look, right there are the three of us. All together.

Now that is a beautiful family. It’s our beautiful family.

You have to admit, it is a dangerous proposition. Taking something that belongs to E. J. DiMera. No, I do not agree. What’s he gonna do, put a horse head in your bed? You never know. Oh, no, no, stop that. Stop, stop. The man is, he’s as smart as he is malicious. He’s not gonna come after the district attorney. He would be giving you an invitation to stick your nose into his family business.

You know, you’re right. Maybe I’d be safer in this job. If he goes after me, I’ll just go after him. Horse head for a horse head. So is that a yes? Yeah, it is.

You won’t be sorry, Miss Trask. This is a win win. And, uh, now that we’re on the same team, I’ve got no problem sharing that I needed this to happen. I saw your bad press, the write up in the Spectator that said you were radioactive commandeering a snowplow. It’s pretty scathing. Just so you know, I did what I needed to do to save my little girl.

You don’t need to defend yourself to me. I would have done the same thing if it was my daughter. I would give anything for the opportunity to do something reckless if it meant that my Haley were still here. I’m sure you would have. And, uh, I know, when your little girl was born, you gave her up to keep her safe.

Just like I did with my Lani. Being a good mom sometimes means doing whatever it takes. Even if your kid ends up hating you for it.

We don’t have to read any of that right now. I know, I know, but I just want to look at this one more time. I know. It just looks like a bean. That’s not a bean. That, that is a baby. That is our baby. You are growing a person inside of you right now. Yeah, I am. And your due date is Christmas. Yeah, that’ll be quite the gift for us, huh?

Yeah. You know what? I want to pick a name. A name. We don’t even, uh, we don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. Okay, well there’s unisex names, right? And plus, I want to call our child something while he or she or they is growing inside of me. So, how about Noel for a boy? And then if it’s a girl, we’ll just pronounce it Noel.

It’s kind of perfect for a Christmas baby, right? Yeah. Yeah, no, I, I think, I think that it is perfect.

Please, Lady W, you, you cannot show that picture to anyone. Yeah, if our parents find out that we’re sneaking around, they’ll never let us see each other again. Oh, well, I would hate for that to happen. See, I am a fool for romance. I have romance OCD, in fact. Can’t stop thinking about love and all the fun, x rated things that go along with it that you two are far too young to know about.

But also, I can’t stop reading romance novels. I watch Love is Blind, Love Island, Love for the Ages, Stuck on Love. I have to say, the two of you are uber adorable. Obviously crazy about each other. So, does this mean that you will not write about us in your column? Oh, so it makes the story so hot. Star Crossed Lovers, it’s timeless.

It’s Shakespeare, and I’m the nurse. From ancient grudge break, a new mutiny. Civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth, the fatal lines of these two foes. A pair of Star Crossed Lovers. And you. Well, okay, we’re not, that’s not us, we’re not lovers. Okay, okay, but judging from that very steamy piss, you’re definitely headed in that direction.

And full disclosure, I was recently dumped by the love of my life and have been feeling bereft and heart sick. And seeing the two of you so lovey dovey, it makes me feel overwhelmed. That means choked up, overcome with emotion, like Linda Richman used to be on SNL. Played hilariously by Mike Myers. Judging by your silence and befuddled expressions, you’ve never seen coffee talk.

Well, I guess that makes sense. It aired in the 90s before you two were even twinkles in anybody’s eyes. Anyway, lovebirds, I am going to be on my way. Um, hey. Can I, can I pay you to keep quiet about this? Please?

I don’t want your money, kid. I can get some cash too. I don’t want yours either. Does this mean that you You’re gonna kill the story? Ugh. I have bupkis for my column this week and this is the hottest thing I have had in months.

But no, this lady is not going to blow your whistle. But why not? You sound disappointed. No, no, no, no, we’re not. We just Don’t trust me? You shouldn’t. Or I should say you shouldn’t have, past tense. See, I am working on becoming a better person reading a lot of self help books. Top of the list is How to Not Be a Dishonest, Awful, Two Faced Schmuck in 10 Days or Less.

That is a joke! There is no such book! Geez, the two of you, so serious. Well, let’s just say you caught me on a good day. Like I said, I am nursing a heartbreak of my own, and like I also said, I’m a sucker for love. Especially young love. And the two of you together, so innocent, it is absolutely life affirming.

It’s also a bit nauseating, but that could be the two for one chili dogs I had for dinner. So no, I am not going to rat you out to your folks. In fact, I am going to take the pictures, the smooch photos I took. Let’s see. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Delete. The secret of your forbidden love is safe with me.

When we met a few years back, you were just an assistant, now you’re running the studio. That’s, that’s, that’s amazing. Yeah, congratulations. Uh, well, like I said, look, I, I’m beyond excited that you even thought of me for this project. I just, I need to talk it over with my wife and, uh, and I’ll get back to you, okay?

Okay. Thank you. There you go. I got you a water, too. Oh, thank you very much. Who was that? Uh, it was a telemarketer. Mm, let me guess. They’re trying to sell you a time share on the Ozarks? No, it wasn’t that one. Well, here, let me block that number. No, that’s okay. We can, uh, we can do it later. Because right now, I wanted to ask Noel.

Or Noelle’s mama out on a dinner date. Well, great, because Noelle or Noelle’s mama accepts the invitation. Let’s go.

I’m sure you were scared to death when you thought Chanel had gone missing. Oh, I was. And it wasn’t just her life that was at risk. It was two lives. I was referring to her husband, Johnny. His life, his life would have been ruined if we didn’t find my baby girl. But you did find her. And you did what you needed to do.

I appreciate your understanding. And you know, I think that you and I are going to work well together. This time around, Ms. Prask. Well, it’s a man’s world, and when two strong women work together on the same side Mmm, that world better look out! What do you say if I take my new D. A. out for dinner and drinks?

You’re on.

Okay. Oh, I think somebody sensed that you were going to leave. You don’t want Daddy to leave, do you? No, Liz. He’s not going to stay up. Neither do you. But I might. Um, but this little one, he’s definitely going to go back down for the count.

No. The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. And the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. This is fine. Hey, be careful. Tonight, please. I will. Okay, keep going.

Okay, there we go. Do you need an extra blanket? Oh, no. No, honey, I’m fine. I just I want to put this day behind me and get a good night’s sleep and hopefully things will look different in the morning. They will.

Honey, are you coming to bed soon? I just have to step out for a moment, I won’t be long. But, you have your phone, give me a call if you need anything. Thank you, E. J., for understanding and for taking care of me. Always.

I’ve caused my mom so much grief recently, so thank you so much. I really appreciate you giving this to yourself. And I do too. Thank you. You have my blessing, young lovers, to go behind the backs of the powers that be whenever it I have to say I’m surprised with myself. Aside from my love and romance OCD, I have become quite a softie since I’ve become fairy godfather to your little baby brother Jude.

Uh, no Jude’s, he’s not my brother, he’s my cousin. Oh, right, of course. It’s so hard to keep Salem’s family trees in a straight line, you know. Anyway, if you two young lovers need anything, a look out, a go between, some fashion advice, please consider me your own personal Friar Lawrence, who imparted these brilliant words of wisdom to Romeo and Juliet.

Let’s see, I have almost that entire play committed to memory. Let’s hope I don’t mess up this quote. For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your household’s rancor To pure love. I like that. Yeah, the bard had a way with words. Yeah, I would say so. I am rooting for you too. Thank you. Thanks. Hi. Hi.

I don’t know if I want the steak or pasta. Well, you are eating for two, so why not have both?

You know what? I just realized that I am actually in the mood for hook food. Do you mind? No, no, not, not at all.


I love you. I always have, and I always will. And if only my baby had been ours, things would have been so different.

Maybe daddy forgot his keys, or maybe he just couldn’t stay away.

EJ, what are you doing here? There’s been a change of plans. Plans? What are you talking about? I’m here to take this baby. So Nicole and I can raise him as our own.

So, a couple of aspirins took care of it. Usually works for me. Is, uh, everything okay? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. They just wanted some more bread. Uh, which, by the way, we are running low on. Really? Mm hmm. We just got a delivery yesterday. I’ll talk to Adlai. He unloaded the truck. I don’t know. Maybe, uh, maybe a new driver.

They did tell me they’re having a hard time finding competent employees. Speaking of which, You have delivered as promised, Ava.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of May 13, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Holly from Days


-The music playing in Everett and Stephanie’s scene drowned them out.

-Jada could be heard shuffling papers while Stephanie was shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to Eric while Kristen was shown.

-Eric could be heard talking to Nicole while EJ was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Sloan while Stephanie was shown.


-Holly apologized to Tate for the fight she had with her mother earlier. The fight should have happened the day before since it happened on Mother’s Day.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Alex while Tate was shown.

-Brady could be heard opening a door while Theresa and Alex were shown.

-Alex could be heard talking to Theresa while Holly was shown.

-Kristen could be heard talking to Stefan while Rafe was shown.

-When did Roman become Tate’s grandfather? Tate said he had to help his grandfather at the pub. Roman is Tate’s uncle not his grandfather.


-The music playing in Rafe and Ava’s scene could be heard while Eric was shown.

-Sloan could be heard talking to Leo while Kristen was shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to EJ while Leo was shown.

-Rafe could be heard talking to Ava while Nicole was shown.

-Chad could be heard talking on the phone while Ava was shown.


-Steve could be heard talking to Kayla while Sarah and Xander were shown.

-Alex could be heard talking to Maggie while John and Marlena were shown.

-Marlena could be heard talking to John while Alex was shown.

-Sarah could be heard talking to Xander while Jada was shown.


-Marlena suddenly noticed that Jude smiles like Eric. Why didn’t she notice it sooner?

-The music playing in Stefan’s scene could be heard while Ava was shown.

-Stefan referred to EJ as his big brother, but Stefan is the older one.

-Steve could be heard talking to Ava while Nicole was shown.


Sloan from Days

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Days Transcript Friday, May 17, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh, my gosh, he is so precious. I swore he’s grown since the last time I saw him. Oh yeah, I know, right? It’s just crazy how much he keeps changing every day. And, uh, is he, is he sleeping through the night? Well, he wakes up one or two times, but you know what, I don’t mind because I kind of Miss it if he doesn’t.

Yeah, I hear that, I hear that. You know, Eric, I just gotta say that, that watching this interaction between your little boy and you, it’s just, it’s so clear that you guys are connected. I mean, just, just so close. Yeah, we are. I couldn’t love this guy more if he were my own flesh and blood. You’re turning into a wonderful father, kid.

It’s because I had two great role models. Actually, three. Mom. Dad, and you.

Oh my goodness, look at that smile.

Eric, he smiles the way you did when you were that age.

Hey, so I was thinking we could go get some tea. Do a mother daughter do over? Go get one of those yummy chai Green tea matcha lattes, whatever they’re called. Mom, I’m sorry. Mom, I have too much studying to do. Studying? Come on, it can wait. This is important. Studying can’t wait. I have a huge test next week.

Ah, operative word. Next week. See, you have time. Come on, let’s go. Do you have any idea how far behind I am? I’m like totally stressed out. Okay, so you’re stressed. Which is why you need to learn how to relax and, and balance your life. And, honey, I, I can always have Marlena write you another note. No! No, I don’t want Marlena to write me another note.

I just want to be a normal kid who does normal things without her mother smothering her and checking in on her every two seconds.

So this isn’t just About you needing to study, is it? You don’t want to spend time with me, is that right?

Hey, Ava. Ah. Hoping I’d run into you. Hey. Yeah, I just finished my shift. I’m heading out. So, oh, I had a video call with Tripp and Wendy yesterday. They’re doing great. I know. I had a call with them earlier today. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. Oh, okay. What is it, then? I just thought I’d clue you in.

I know all about Clyde Weston’s black book. And I also know that Harris shot some pictures of that book to take to his Navy intel buddies to have them decrypt it. So if Harris is involved in this, I’m willing to bet you are too.

Good morning. A busy ride now, Stefan? Okay, look, I know that I must have Overwhelmed you earlier with all this new evidence in Lee Shin’s case. No, it’s not that I was overwhelmed. Not at all. It’s just what you call, uh, new evidence. I call much ado about nothing. Okay, but it’s not. Okay, E. J. I know E. J., look at me.

I know you’re resistant because of your personal animus toward Gabby. Okay, but if you would just take a look at me. At this new evidence, you would see that all of it points toward Gil being Lee Shin’s murderer and not my wife. We’re just asking you to agree to reopen the case. And I’ve already told you that I will not.

And isn’t it highly irregular for the husband of the convicted party to be carrying around an evidence folder about her case? Rafe gave it to me in hopes that I could convince you to change your mind. Ah, of course. The brother of the convicted killer. Brilliant! No conflict of interest there at all. God knows, one can’t expect the police commissioner to follow proper protocol.

Okay, look. Obviously, Rafe has a personal interest in seeing Dabby’s case reopened. But that doesn’t make him wrong. Now, there is new evidence, and it is compelling. All I’m asking is that you put your personal resentment aside and put your job and the law first.

I have some important business to attend to, excuse me.

You’re going to regret that, big brother.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. You

really think he looks like me? Yeah, I do, I do. You know, studies have shown that adoptive children will pick up the expressions and the mannerisms of their adoptive parents. So, clearly, he’s getting your smile. You know, this is so weird, because now that you mention it, I can see it too, I really can. What do you think about that, cowboy?

You’re my little mini me. Hey, Eric, um, I’ve been meaning to ask you, how’s, uh, how’s everything going on the home front here? How are you and Sloan managing, okay? How we manage, why do you ask? Well, I asked because your mom had told me that, uh, finances might be a little bit tight here with the adoption expenses, you know, and all the baby stuff, you know?

Yeah, yeah, I mean, um Things have been a little rough this one night. We put a big budget together. So things are looking up. Good. Glad to hear that. Now, but if you need any help at all, you know, We’re right here for you. Listen, I appreciate that, but you know what? I’ve got more money coming in now, so it’s good.

All right, that’s good to know, kid. Yeah, you know, we just had to make a little adjustment. But, um, it’s part of raising a kid, right? Yeah.

Can you at least be honest with me? Do you not want to spend time with me? Did I say that? Well, you didn’t have to say it. Honey, it’s in your actions. What actions? All I said is I have to study. Okay, so can you please stop gaslighting me? All right, honey, I’m, I’m sorry. And I’m sorry if you feel like I’m smothering you.

No, I didn’t say I feel like you are. I said you are. And, you know what? I think it’s totally unfair. You want me to get good grades, get into great college, and be this, like, perfect daughter so you can brag about me to anyone who’ll listen. But you won’t let me do normal things, like go to the prom and hang out with my friends and just have a life.

Honey, that is not true. I mean, I do want all those things. Things for you, but that’s not what this is about. That’s exactly what this is about! You still don’t trust me! And, and no matter how hard I try, Mom, nothing I do will ever be good enough for you.

What’s that face? Come on, don’t play coy with me, Ava. Just level with me. I, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You told me that you and Stefan DiMera were up to your eyeballs in Clyde Weston’s drug operations. Bistro, yes. And then when Stefan got caught, he fell on a sword. He left your name out of it.

So I think that’s a secret that Weston can hold over your head. And I’m sure he wants his black book returned so he can finance his life on the run. So I bet he’s been in touch with you. Get that book back. Is that about right, Ava?

I’d like to file a complaint. What the hell, Mr. Damara? You don’t get to barge in here without an appointment. This is not your, I don’t have time for red tape, mayor price, and neither do you. What? What are you talking about? The complaint I wanna file, it’s against my brother, the da. I have some pretty damning information about him that I think you’ll find to be fascinating.

Is that right? Well, come on my manners. Have a seat. Mr. Jemerah, I’m all ears.

Yes, Rita, I want you to buy another thousand shares of Titan stock. I know that. I just want to have all my ducks in a row before the board votes tomorrow. That’s right, Rita. I will soon be E. J. DeMirra, permanent CEO of DeMirra Enterprises. It does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

So tell me, Eric, how are things going with the Spectator? Are you enjoying it over there? I am. I’m just glad to have a steady kick. Well, the Spectator is lucky to have you. Thank you. I just hope that my photos can make a difference. Yeah? How so? Uh, Nicole? She’s doing a story on Salem homeless. And I’m doing the photography for it.

That sounds like an important piece. Well, it is, and I just hope that it can bring awareness to not only Salem, but um, you know, just everyone across the country. Yeah, and the two of you are working well together? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we are. Very well. So, how did, how did Sloan take the news that you were gonna be working with Nicole?

I can’t imagine she would be too happy about that. Yeah, yeah, I wish she wasn’t at first. But you know what, she understood that I needed the job. And it’s not difficult for you working that close to Nicole? No, no, not at all. I mean, well, you know, we, we’re always gonna have a connection, but We’re friends.

And that’s all.

Honey, how can you say that? I’m not proud of you. My God, I am so proud of you in so many ways. I’m just worried that you’re pushing yourself too hard. And you want to know why I do that? Why I’ve pushed myself ever since I was a little girl, it’s because I didn’t want to be any trouble, Mom. I didn’t want to be the reason that the next guy walks out the door.

Wow. I’m sorry to hear that. And I’m sad that you worried about that. Yeah, well, I did. Honey, if I had known, I would have told you that you are my pride and joy. And that, that My relationship’s failing had nothing to do with you, okay? And going back to the topic at hand, it’s just, oh honey, how will you push yourself?

I just think maybe you could, maybe you could drop a couple classes and pick them up in the summer. So you want to take away my summer from me now too? No, no, I, I don’t want to do that. I just want you to have options. I never had any options. I never even went to college. Yeah, and look at you now. What is that supposed to mean?

It means maybe that’s why I pushed myself, Mom. Did you ever think about that? That maybe I don’t want to end up like you?

Okay, enough with the PI inquisition. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I know that Stefan DiMera found Weston’s book and took it to the police. And what I know is he would be wise. To stay the hell out of it. Oh, I wish I could. But thanks to you, I can’t. Because John and I broke Weston out of prison.

And if he gets caught, he’s gonna send us all down the river. We’re all going to jail. Okay, it’s not gonna happen. How do you know that? Prison bars are not gonna keep Clyde from ruining people’s lives or taking them. And look, I know that Harris wants him captured. But for me, I’m looking for a more permanent solution.

Now, I understand that you’re in a bit of political trouble, Mayor Price. And that my brother E. J. isn’t helping your cause. Mm. D. A. DiMera and I are indeed at odds. Meaning, you’d like to wipe him off the face of the planet, right? We are at odds. Right. Well, speaking for myself and why EJ and I are at odds, He’s refusing to reopen a murder case in which new evidence has come to light that would exonerate the convicted killer and free said killer from a lifelong prison sense.

Now he is doing this to further his own ambitions and because he hates the person convicted of the crime. So he is using his office, his power to perpetuate a grudge, which in my humble opinion is immoral and quite frankly, reprehensible. Sounds like it is. Yes. Now, in full disclosure, the person who would be exonerated by this new evidence is my wife, Gabby DiMera, and she would be found innocent in the crime of killing Leesha.

Uh huh. Well, um, well, I, I’d have to see all this new evidence if I’m going to work. Done and done. I have it right here.

Well, that was a very hurtful thing to say. Yeah, well, I was being honest, that’s all. The way you’ve lived your life is not how I want to live mine, okay? I want another path for myself. Honey, I want another path for you too. And I don’t know, maybe that’s why I’ve been so strict with you, why I hover.

Because I know that I would have had a different life if my childhood wasn’t so screwed up. I mean, my mother

She was caring and she had a good heart, but she was abused by my father just like I was. And everything was just about survival more than anything else for her and for me. I just want you to understand that nobody was there for me. Not the way that I needed. Well, that’s really sad, Mom, but you trying to control my life is not the same as being there for me.

Honey, I’m not trying to control your life. I just want you to be safe. And, and after what happened on New Year’s, I Really? Really? Are we gonna go there again? I mean, God, how many times are you gonna bring that up to justify ruining my life? Ruining your life? Yes! That’s what this feels like! Okay, you know what?

I admit that I have made some bad choices in my life. And those choices not only hurt me, but they hurt you as well. And honey, I regret that. I do. I regret it.

And I know I haven’t been consistent in my parenting. But the one thing I have been consistent with is how much I love you. Always, and forever, and the one thing I want more for you in this world is to be happy, and safe, and to have a good life. That’s all I want too, Mom. Hey, then we finally agree on something.

Honey, what, what can I do to make things better? Oh. For one thing, you can trust me more. Trust my judgment. And, Mom, you have to understand that getting good grades, it is important to me. But, it’s not enough. I want to have the whole high school experience, you know? Honey, please, don’t. But, Mom. Mom, listen to me.

It would make me so happy if I could go to the prom. And you just said you want me to be happy, right? I, I swear I won’t get into any trouble. I promise. No.

It’s not an option, honey. I’m sorry. My mom, we just, we just talked about. I, I know. But you almost died. And I love you dearly. And it pains me to have to say this. But you have not earned that kind of trust back with me. You love me dearly. Yeah, right. You love me so much, you’re keeping me a prisoner in this house, probably till I’m middle aged, and I’d rather be dead.

Don’t say that. No, honestly, all the babies you lost were lucky because they never had to deal with you as a mother. Did you ever just think that maybe motherhood isn’t your thing because you’re not good at it? So you should have never had kids in the first place. Give

I’m so glad that You and Holly still have your connection. It’s important to her and she, she looks up to you. She does. I just tried to be there for her. You know, without stepping on Nicole and EJ’s toes. Yeah, it’s gotta be a little tricky. It is, but we’re finding our way. Listen, I, I better get you at home.

You’re going to be spending a little time with your mommy. Isn’t that right, big guy? I need to meet Nicole about this story. Ed, I need to, um, I need to get to work. I’ve got a, a client I need to see. Alright, alright. Well, that’ll give Steve and me some time to go over some cases here. So, Eric, I’ll see you around, buddy.

Yeah. And you Mister, tell your old man to drop in more often. Please tell him that. And seriously, anytime you need some help watching the baby, we are completely here for you. I know. Thank you, Mom. So, yeah, I’ll see y’all soon. See ya. Take care, kid. Yeah. Oh no, we couldn’t let him go. Take care. Bye, honey. Okay, so I’ll, um, I’ll see you for supper tonight.

Sounds like a plan. I want to tell you, I am so glad that you and Steve are back on good terms. It’s all thanks to you, Doc. I love you. Love you.

You’re right. This is compelling, but, uh, it hardly proves anything. It’s all circumstantial. Okay, please just talk to the police commissioner. Even he wants this case reopened. Hmm, why wouldn’t he? The convicted killer is his sister. Oh, and your wife. Okay, that is true, but it’s also true that Gabby is innocent.

Now, I understand that this case is a case It’s not a slam dunk. But this evidence at least casts a reasonable doubt on that conviction. It needs to be investigated. And EJ’s refusing to even consider it? My brother is a, uh, stubborn man. He’s also a very ambitious man. And I think that he’s afraid of the truth coming out.

Why? Look. I’m aware of his acts to grind with your wife, but why would he be afraid of the truth? What does Gabby’s possible exoneration have to do with his ambition? Well, it is painfully obvious to me that EJ is afraid that if Gabby goes free, she’s gonna come back and try and take over Tamara Enterprises, possibly booting him out of his highly coveted CEO seat yet again.

What do you mean, again? Oh, right, you probably didn’t hear because you were recovering from your ailments. EJ temporarily appointed himself CEO of DiMera while I was dealing with my, uh, circumstances and I was booted out of the job. No, I knew that. So? He’s acting CEO, so what? Okay, okay, I would not think it’s a big deal either.

If EJ weren’t trying to make himself permanent CEO while still serving as Salem DA. What? He knows the city’s bylaws That’s right. And he didn’t even think to clear it with me. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh. Yes. You need to drop whatever it is you’re doing, DiMera, and get into my office right now.

What exactly are you insinuating, Ava? Oh, I’m not insinuating anything, Steve. I am telling you, I agree with you. If Clyde gets captured, yeah, he is gonna sell all of us out. You, me, and John. So we need a way for that not to happen. A permanent solution to the Clyde situation. Hey, hey. Hey. Hey. Sorry, am I, uh, interrupting something?

No, no, not at all. Just talking about Tripp. So happy to hear they’re doing so well. Yeah. Yeah. I gotta get going. Talk to you later. Alright.

Glad we ran into each other. We have to talk. Yeah, okay. What’s it about? Is, did Gabby get a new trial date set? Hardly. EJ was his normal bullheaded, high handed self. Not at all receptive to reopening the case. Yeah. Yeah. No surprise there. Well, not to worry, because, uh, Something tells me his control over the situation might soon come to an abrupt halt.

Took you long enough. I’m a very busy man, Matt Price, and I dislike being summoned. Do I need to remind you that you work for me, Mr. DiMera? You’ve already reminded me, Mayor. Many, many times. In fact, it’s like a song that one can’t get out of one’s head on constant loop. Now, what was so urgent? First of all, I want to know why you’re dismissing the new evidence in the Leeshan murder case.

Ah, so my brother’s gotten to you. I should have known. Well, since you didn’t go to law school, let me put this in terms that you can understand. There was simply not enough evidence to Let me stop your condescending ass right there and put this in terms that you understand. Now, I am tired of you using your office to further your private vendettas and aspirations.

So that’s going to stop right now and you’re going to do as I instruct you to.

Who else?

Marlena, is this about time? No, not at all. I’m on a break. Oh, darling, what’s happened? I’m a terrible person, Marlena. I just said some really horrible things to my mom and now I hate myself. Oh, sweetie. Cut.

Oh. Oh. Hello, handsome. What you doing? Nicole, are you okay? I’ve been waiting for you. Oh. Oh. I lost track of time. Where are you? Uh, at a place where nobody knows your name, hopefully. Nicole, where are you? I’m at that small bar. What do you think? Oh, man. All right, don’t go anywhere. I’m coming to get you. Hey.

Hi. Don’t

you stop by, man. Yeah, no problem. You know, I just had lunch with Kayla at the pub. And I’m telling you, she is as perceptive as ever, by the way. What’s that mean? Well, she knows there’s something up with the Maggie and Constantine situation. You Well, you didn’t tell her anything. No, all I told her was I’ll let her in on what’s going on as soon as the time is right.

And, you know, she didn’t like that, but she accepted it for now. All right. That’s good. Yeah. I have some really good news, though. I might have a lead on Clyde Weston. What are you talking about? Well, when Kayla and I were having lunch, Jada stopped by, sat with us for a bit, She said the police have gotten their hands on Clyde Weston’s black book, which could have all of his drug trade contacts.

Oh, geez. This could be a huge partner. Yeah, could be. The only thing is, it’s all in code and no one’s been able to decipher it yet. All right, can we get our hands on a copy of it? I did talk to Jada and ask her to mention to Rafe and maybe we can get our hands on one. I mean, if the ISA got a hold of this, they could be able to crack it.

Yeah, we gotta stay on top of this. You know what? Maybe I’ll give Rafe a call myself and find out if he’s down to giving us a copy. The other thing is, I ran into Ava outside the pub. It is your lunch hour. So what’s your favorite little troublemaker up to this time? Well, I’m not sure. But I can tell you, I think she knows a lot more about Clyde Weston and his whereabouts than she’s letting on.

And then I told her she was a terrible mom and that, and that the babies she lost were lucky because they never had to deal with having her as a mom. You must have been very angry. Like, that’s an excuse? I mean, that was quite literally the worst thing anybody has said to their mom in, like, the whole history of the universe.

Well, I think we could use a little perspective. I, I, I don’t understand it, why I do what I mean. I say these nasty, awful things to her, things that I really, I really don’t mean, and God, I just feel so guilty afterwards. Well, sometimes we tend to lash out at the people that we’re closest to, and they, They tend to do the same thing to us, and it’s because we know each other so well.

Yeah, I guess, but this was really, really bad, and I don’t know what to do. I just want to tell her I’m sorry, but she won’t answer her phone. Yeah, well, she’s upset. You need to give her some time with this. You know what? What was she could try? You could You could write her a letter. Put everything down in writing and express what you’re feeling and what you’re going through and then, then when you see her next you could, you could read it to her or you could just give it to her.

Won’t that like be weird to just pull out a letter while I’m giving her an apology? Well it might feel a little odd in the moment. But you can explain to your mother that you wanted to, to talk to her when you were feeling calm and rational and not in a moment where your emotions were taking over the conversation.

You know, I’ve been involved in a number of those mother daughter conversations, both in my professional life and in my personal life. I have a little sense of what Nicole is going through. And I think she’s terrified. She’s just frightened of losing you, darling. Okay.

Okay. Aww.

Yep. True to form. Exactly what a terrible mother should do. Drown her sorrows in shots of booze. Booze. Thank God you’re still here. Oh, hey, uh, yes, sir. I’m right here, because that’s what you told me to do, and I take directions. Very well. Well, from you anyway, from my daughter, not so much. Alright, tell me all about it in the car.

Come on, let’s get you home. Really? Take me home? That’s so sweet. You know what? I’m gonna call EJ, let him know we’re coming. No, no, no, no. Don’t, don’t call EJ. He’s, he’s putting out fires. You know what? He should have been a fireman. Fireperson. No, firefighter! Firefighter! Oh, man. I can’t. Oh, God. Okay, now. My head.

So, I must do as you instruct me, or What? I’m fired? That ship has sailed, Counselor. You’re already fired. What are you talking about? You can’t do that. Sure I can, and I just did. See, you can’t keep your job as D. A. N. Moonlight, as the CEO of Demera. Not for the long haul. Not So you, clear out your desk, right now.

I’ll have security escort you out.

What the hell could Eva know? You don’t think that Clyde might be in touch with her, do you? She wouldn’t say, but I think it’s a good bet. Well, whether she talks or not Having that black book’s a great lead, so I’m all for the ISAC if they can crack that code. But if they can, and Westland is caught, you know he’s going to give us up for breaking him out of prison.

Yeah, I know that. So we’re just gonna have to. Prepare ourselves for that consequence.

So you pulled one over on EJ, huh? Oh, yeah. Went right over his head, straight to the mayor. Oh, I’m impressed. It was almost too easy. I had her at, my brother’s about to be voted in as permanent CEO of Demand and Crisis. She didn’t go for that, huh? No, she’s probably firing his sorry ass as we speak. Couldn’t happen to more arrogant son of a bitch.

That’s right. So, Harris, you have any luck setting the trap for Weston? No, not yet, but Clyde is aching to get his hands on that book. He thinks it’ll happen soon? Yeah, well, when Clyde is caught, we’ll be shouting hallelujah. You and I both.

Oh, you will pay for this, Paulina.

Okay, here we go. Come on.

I’m so sorry. We were supposed to work. It’s okay. It’s okay. We can finish our work tomorrow. Let’s just get you inside. You’re better. Okay. Oh! Okay, that makes sense. Mom tries to control me because she’s afraid of losing me. Like she did my baby brothers. Right. And she’s doing that because she’s, she’s afraid that she might lose you.

She’s afraid of what happened on New Year’s Eve. So she needs some help with that and you’re going to have to work really hard. To gain back her trust. Yeah. I get that now. You can do it. You both can. Because you both want it so much. And because you love each other so much.

Okay. Here we go. Hey. Hi. Thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of me. You always do. You are the best person in the whole wide world. Okay, shh. Stop talking so loud. Let’s just try to get you upstairs. Okay, come on. You know what? Wait, wait. You are like my knight in shiny armor. And I, I’m going to give you a goodnight kiss.

No, no, I don’t think that’s a Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

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Days Transcript Thursday, May 16, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh, this is, this is so, this is beautiful, baby, what’s going on?

Did I miss a date?

Uh, it has been non stop. I’m telling you, between patients and administrative work, and problems with our internet, so our telemedicine appointments are all messed up, and uh, I’m just glad that I was able to get away. Oh, sweetness, I’ll take any time I can get with you. I’m really sorry all the staff shortages have been wearing you down so much.

Yeah, it’s been tough, but I can handle it. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll just be happy when new docs show up, you know? Speaking of which, have you talked to Chip? I have. He’s, he’s doing great. So is Wendy. That’s awesome. And how are you doing? I’m happy he’s happy. I’m still missing him a lot though. Yeah, me too. What about you and John?

How are things going with you guys? Fine. You know, I really don’t think these one syllable answers are gonna work for me today, okay? Sorry, baby, that’s all I got right now. Okay. What about, how are things going with Constantine? Well, still don’t trust him, never have, never will. Well, he hasn’t given you any reason to.

Looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. I really can’t believe that Maggie is actually going to marry that man. Listen, you don’t have to worry about Maggie. She’ll be just fine. You sound awfully sure of yourself. What’s going on? Hey, Jada. Hey, guys. Hi. Come on. Grab a chair. Join us.

Hey Doc, what’s going on? You sounded kind of worried on the phone. I am. Alright, talk to me. I got an update from Brady. Looks like Maggie is redistributing Victor’s wealth just to make sure that all of his dependents get their inheritance. Oh, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. I’m sure Constantine is losing his mind.

I have no doubt. Alright, so what are your concerns? Well, Constantine is a very dangerous man. I’m afraid that Maggie has put herself in a rather dangerous place. Wow,

huh? That’s a lot of beautiful things to choose from. Well, the very easy thing to remember about me is, I like all things sparkly. Perhaps an engagement ring for the happy couple.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

An engagement ring? Yeah, could have sworn I heard that too. Why not? Two lovely people who obviously enjoy each other’s company, and I would say make a fantastically enjoyable looking couple. Would you not agree? We could even make it a double wedding. Oh, I’m sure that Alex and Teresa have their own plans, whatever they may be.

I apologize to you both. Constantine tends to get carried away. Yeah, seems that way. Speaking of plans, aren’t you supposed to be at the office, Alex? I mean, the prep meeting? Yes, for the McGill acquisition. With all due respect, Maggie, my calendar is none of your concern, but since you asked, my VP has it covered.

Efficient leaders know how to delegate. Well, strong leaders need to be present. Titan’s a well oiled machine, thanks in large part to my tenure. Okay, well, when you’re done patting yourself on the back, perhaps one of us should get to work. I guess that’s gonna be me. I’ll text you on my way home. Thanks, Mike.

Look, nobody wants to upset Constantine, but I’m afraid that Maggie moving Victor’s money around could be kicking the hornet’s nest. Yeah, yeah, she’s, um, she’s rattling his cage a little bit here, but look, Doc. The Kiriakis estate? Massive. Millions and millions and millions of dollars are gonna be left over even after Maggie does her generous gifting.

I certainly think that’s gonna make Cosetteen behave himself for a while. I hope you’re right. Yeah. Me too. But just to cover all of our bases. Why don’t we make sure Maggie doesn’t have anything else she needs to tell us, okay?

Come on, now. Take a seat. Catch us up. Not even for just a couple of minutes. Come on. Okay, fine. I will do that. So, I bet it’s nice to live in an actual house, isn’t it? Oh, yes, it is. I mean, it is beautiful. It’s definitely an improvement from the small room overlooking a parking lot. Yeah. I bet, huh? Yeah, and Rafe is a great guy.

I actually look forward to coming home. I can’t tell you how nice that is. I can imagine. Wow. That’s great. Um, well, Stephanie told us that, um, Everett signed the divorce paper. Ah, he did. And I’m pretty sure your daughter had something to do with making that happen. Well, that wouldn’t surprise me. Yeah. I am.

I am. I mean, it is like a dark cloud has been lifted. The only thing is, uh What? Well, I know that Stephanie is currently, you know, working on her relationship with Everett and trying to make it work. I just, I just hope that he doesn’t break her heart. You know, like he did mine.

Games. You don’t gotta ask me twice. In fact, I, uh, I have a couple of games we could play. And? Mm hmm. Um, they would require a change of venue, however. Like the bedroom? Soon. Well, the timing’s right. Timing? Victoria’s just about to wake up. Oh my god, yes, you’re right. I can’t believe I forgot. The afternoon bottle is upon us.

Okay, I’ll go make it. Not yet. But I thought you just We have games to play soon. Okay, what games? Hearts? Hearts the card game. Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean.

Wow! Gosh, I haven’t played this since I was a little girl. I don’t think I even remember the rules. Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. It’ll all come back to you, it’s just like falling off a bike. Come on, let’s get started. What’s this? This is the Queen of Hearts. Because you’re my queen, and you’ve captured my heart.

I’d like to think so. And the note? Read it. Read it.

You’ve captured my heart. Now check out the art. The art. In here? Baby, what’s going on? Isn’t it obvious? You’re on a scavenger hunt. And I’m going to have so much fun watching you try and figure it all out. Xander. You’re doing great. You’re totally on the road to finding the treasure. Treasure? What treasure?

You want to give away the best part? Yeah, maybe a head. No, you’re on your own, kiddo. Huh. It’s not jewels, is it? Precious stones. Of the family variety. Well, you’re a dirty girl, aren’t you? Yeah. Well, maybe I should give you a pat down. Seducing me isn’t gonna help. But what if I beg? It won’t matter. You’re not getting any of this until you find what I’ve hidden.

Look, if I’m overstepping, just No, no, no, you’re not. Listen, we appreciate your concern, really, but be assured That if Everett gets out of line or hurts Stephanie, that Papa Bear over here is definitely gonna have a lot to say about it. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. And if he ever does anything that you don’t like, you come to Papa Bear too.

Okay? Well, I think he will be keeping his distance from me. But, Thank you for being so caring. Well, you know how much your dad meant to me. He was a dear friend. I think he’d be very upset with me if I didn’t look out for his baby girl. Thank you. You know, you guys are like family to me. I just wish we saw you more.

And I wish I saw you guys too. You know, I’m so sorry I keep dropping the ball on making plans. It’s just that lately, I feel like I am just being pulled in a million different directions. I So how’s the search for Clyde Weston going?

Now, Constantine, what are you still doing here? Okay, Alex, let’s be civil. Oh. What? No, no, it is an excellent question. I have no reason to linger. I shall be on my way. All right. You know what, Constantine, wait a second. There’s one thing I did want to discuss with you. Please, go ahead. So, I recently just purchased a racehorse.

There’s a good chance that it’s gonna get delivered before I get back to the mansion and officially move in. Could you just let the stable master know? Has Maggie been made aware of your relocation plans? Well, I would assume that she knows I’m moving back in given that half of everything was left to me now.

Put on to a more practical note, I’m thinking about taking over the East Wing. That’s not where your room is, is it? I mean, I’d hate to have you relocate, though I do have plans of further discussing your continued occupancy at the Kiriakos Mansion with Maggie as soon as I see her again. If your idea is for me to vacate I’m sure he would meet with, uh, strenuous objections from my soon to be wife.

Yeah, well, I’m just saying you probably shouldn’t get too comfortable there, Constantine. Let’s just leave it at that. Okay, okay, fellas. Let’s just take a step back. Maybe take some deep breaths. Yeah, because, you know, this conversation is really pointless without Maggie being here. It is her house, after all.

Well, not quite. It’s actually our house. As is half of the estate and half of Victor’s fortune. Yeah.

And on that note, any idea when the Horton’s are moving out? Here you go. Oh, thank you very much. Thanks for coming over so quickly. Well, it’s not a problem. Um, I was on my way to work. However, uh, I can only stay a little while. Yeah. So what’s going on? Mostly we wanted to thank you. For what? Brady told us that you have redistributed Victor’s estate.

And that will allow him to set up a trust for Rachel and Tate. Just like Xander did for Victoria. Well, um, it’s not my generosity, it’s just, it was me carrying out what I know would be Victor’s wishes. He wanted to make sure his children and his grandchildren were cared for. And I had a I had already decided to share my wealth before I knew what Constantine was up to.

Um, Did I do something wrong? I mean, if this is a problem. No, no, no, no. No, we just wanted to circle back here and talk about next steps. With Constantine. We need to get him to commit a crime. Something that we can actually collar him on. Right. Mm hmm. I was gonna call you later, actually, but you beat me to the punch.

You see, um, it came to me earlier today. It came to you? An idea. In my not so humble opinion, a brilliant idea. Yes. I know exactly how to bring Konstantin down for good.

Okay, so let’s, uh, let’s hear this brilliant plan of yours. Well, it’s all about Alex. Ever since, uh, Victor’s will has been settled, Alex, he’s been hyper focused on spending money. Extravagantly, to put it mildly. Recklessly. Neglecting his role in the stewardship of Titan. Almost completely. Now normally, I wouldn’t let this behavior slide.

But it occurred to me that it might provide us with the perfect opportunity. To get rid of Constantine permanently. All right, go on. Well, it seems like Alex is uninterested in minding the store. So the company money could be so easily moved under the radar. With a little finesse and a little technical know how, we could make it look like Well, like my darling fiancé has been embezzling from Titan for months.

It wouldn’t be difficult to transfer funds to a personal account. One that I had opened on his behalf. So if we did it right, and we did it cleverly So the idea is to expose Constantine for the low life that he really is. Mm hmm. Leave that to me. To answer your question, the Horton House renovation is almost complete.

Right. I’m sure you’re breathing a huge sigh of relief, right? Now that, you know, the mansion’s probably getting a little bit crowded, no? I’ve actually enjoyed having the cordons around. Hopefully I will enjoy being with you just as much. Yeah, well, I wouldn’t count on that. Anyway, I’m going to finish shopping for this lovely lady.

Oh, you stay right here. I’ll be right back. Big surprise. Ooh. Engagement

ring? Honestly, you actually said that out loud? Reza, calm down. Alex didn’t know I knew what the first ring, huh? All he heard was an old man waxing romantic. Well, quit your waxing, will you? He gets all jittery when you bring up the whole proposal thing. Haven’t you been working on that, huh? If not, what the hell have you been doing?

Plenty. I’ve got myself back in his bed, haven’t I? Now I just need to get myself back into the mansion. Huh. As far as tracking down Weston and his accomplice, we recently came into possession of a new piece of evidence. What’s that? Well, we got our hands on Weston’s black book detailing every part of his drug operation.

Wow. That is big news. Yeah, Stefan DiMera brought it in. He found it hidden at the bistro. But the only problem is it’s written in a code and we are so far from figuring that out. Well, that’s something John and I could definitely help out with. Yeah, you could ticket the ISA, right? Absolutely. And if anyone can correct that code, it’s them.

Okay, game on! I’m rooting for you, Sarah. You said art.

Well, it can’t be any of these, because you hung them. It’s not on the walls. Keep trying. You think I already gave up? Oh, sounds like little Miss Sunshine just woke up. I didn’t hear anything. Oh, you should, uh, pop these in some water. I’ll go get our little angel. But baby, this, this isn’t for flowers. This is just Art.

Look inside.

Seems like someone is more interested in Mr. Turtle than eating, although she did mention that I should ask you that question again. Properly.

Sarah Horton. I love you with all my heart. You’ve made my life better in so many ways. In fact, the only thing that could improve what we have now is knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will

you marry me?

Oh, Sandra, I’m I’m so sorry, I can’t accept this.

I appreciate the offer, Steve. But Harris has already taken the paperwork to the Naval Intel for analysis. But, I’m gonna talk to Rafe. And the more eyes we can get on this, the better. Well, we all want the same thing. Weston behind bars again. Right. And this little book is going to help us solve a few cases.

Something else to do with Weston? No, the murder of Lee Shin. I, I thought that Gabby was in prison for that. Well, Gabby always said that she was innocent, and Rafe is very sure of that. Are you saying Weston was involved in that? I can’t say anything right now, but this book, it can lead to a lot of closure for all of us.

Okay. Wow. Well, Maggie, um. On paper, it sounds like a hell of a plan. I thought you would like it. The more I flesh it out, the more I’m convinced that it’ll work. Hmm. Now we just need to plant the seed. Oh, I suspect that Constantine will be salivating over the favor that I’m about to ask him. And, uh, I know who to call.

If I get into any trouble. So, wish me luck. I think you’re doing just fine so far. Bye bye. Bye. Hmm. Well, I wasn’t quite sure, but Let me get into thinking Maggie might be able to pull this off. I have no doubt. I think that Constantine is messing with a raw redhead. That’s a fact. And soon he will be out of our life.

Out of all of our lives. Forgot it.

You talk a good game, Teresa, but I need to see some action, and soon. Time is The essence, yeah, I know, I know. You just make sure that you hold up your end of the bargain, okay? Yes. Okay. Well, as much as I have enjoyed being with this lovely lady, now that you’ve returned, I have some errands to attend to.

Well, don’t let us hold you up. I shall be on my way. All right.

God, is he unsufferable. Well, he’s marrying Maggie, so get used to it. I can’t believe she’s hanging out with that loser, much less marrying the guy. I don’t know. I mean, I guess that’s just what happens when you’re lonely and needy. I don’t know. Anyway, I’m gonna see what I got you. Um, yes.

Wow. Alex, this is, this is amazing. I thought you were gonna just get me like a little bobble or something. Well, do you like it? It’s spectacular. My God, first the watch and now this? I wish that there was something that I could do for you. I’ve got a few ideas. Really? Oh.


You know, getting this, uh, this Constantine issue under control here makes me feel like you’re not. Might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I agree. Just getting Constantine out of Maggie’s life. Doing that, you must feel good. Damn right.

You know, I’m the reason he’s here in Salem. And the way he has been lying to Maggie. And taking advantage of her generosity and most likely planning to kill her. All of that is on me. Just another cross to blur.

So Weston’s book is the key. If he knows you have it, he’ll come out of hiding. That’s the expectation, yeah. Just gotta get word to him that it’s been found. Right. So you’ll let me know if anything else happens with the case, you’ll keep me in the loop? As much as I can. I mean, it’s personal to us, to our family.

Yes, I know that. That monster killed Abigail. He almost killed Tripp and Wendy. He’s hurt so many people we love. That bastard needs to be stopped once and for all.

I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying no? No, no, no. No, baby. Not to you. Just, the ring. Honey, I can’t wear that. What? Why not? It’s ethically sourced. If that’s what What your problem is? I mean, it’s a one of a kind design. And I, and I appreciate that. I really do. It’s just It’s too much. Oh, darling, don’t sweat the cost.

No, no. What was Maggie’s reallocation of Victor’s estate? I was able to not only set up a trust for our daughter Yes, but that’s where the money should be spent. And that’s why you’re listed as trustee, so you can manage Victoria’s Trust. I mean, that’s why I wanted to make things official. We are a family now.

I just wanted to make sure that you had the best ring money could buy. You, you deserve it. I don’t need the best ring. I don’t need the best anything. I already have the best. I have you.

I’m sorry. Last time. So

you’re saying yes? Is that by any chance a yes? What I’m saying is, you, Xander Cook, are the best. And I agree that, and I am gonna steal your words here, the only way that this could be any better would be knowing that we get to spend the rest of our lives together. And honey, I’m so sorry if I came off as a name grade.

I am so touched and I really do appreciate that you spent so much time shopping for such a beautiful ring. And oh my god, the way that you proposed was just so sweet. Does that mean that you will just keep the ring and not feel guilty about having it and wearing it, please? I will. And I’ll, I’ll try my hardest to get over the guilt.

Well, surely you’d feel a lot more guilty if you made me take it back. I mean, after all the hours I spent at the jewelry store, making that poor salesperson show me hundreds and hundreds of rings, until finally I saw this one and thought, Yeah, that’s the one for my Sarah.

If you’re gonna put it like that. Can we have a redo? Like, will you get back down on your knee and show me the ring, and then say all the beautiful corny things that you said that made my heart melt, just like the whole nine yards. Yeah, we can totally replay all of that. Yeah. And I promise that I will be gracious, and I will be grateful, and I won’t have any objections or complaint.

You’ll see. Okay. Okay. Here we go. Xander proposes to Sarah, take two. And action. And action.

My precious Sarah. I love you with just my whole heart and soul.

Mother of our daughter, best friend, staunchest supporter. Well, staunchest supporter when I’m being a decent human being. Which is what I know I’ll be from this moment on. Because having you in my life has given me so much to aspire to. I want to be the man you deserve. And the father, Vittoria deserves.

That’s my goal. My other goal is to make you happy, and feel safe and secure in my love. And to put a smile on your face at least, um, a hundred or so times a day, and a few times at night as well. You’re everything to me, Sarah. And I just I, I, oh I can’t believe I haven’t gone to the proposal party. No, no, no, there’s no rush.

Okay, well I am ready.

Sarah Horton, love of my life, will

you marry me?

Sander Cook, love of my life. I will definitely marry you and I cannot wait to be your wife. Well, in that case, um, Please allow me. It looks like we’re engaged now. Fiancé. No question about it. Fiancé.

Okay, let’s make this Sunday dinner happen, okay? We want to have you and Rafe over. That sounds so wonderful. I’m gonna check my calendar and I will text you. Great. Okay. Hope it’s soon. It will be. Okay, honey, take care. Aw, take care, guys. Thank you. Yeah. Right. What? I can see those wheels turning. Yeah, baby, those wheels are turning.

That new piece of evidence is big news. How could any of us rest easy? Until Clyde Weston is back in his cage. Well, we can’t. So maybe that’ll give you something else to focus on, besides Constantine. Sweetness, you know that I can work on more than one thing at a time. So Constantine is still on the docket.

That doesn’t change. But you still haven’t told me what’s going on. Why? Sweetness, I promise you, when the time is right, I’ll tell you everything. I just hope it all works out. It has to. There’s no other option.

Insolent swine! You’ll get yours soon enough, Alex. You will. Who are you talking to? Oh! Myself. Old habit. Well, we all do it. I thought you were going to work. I did. I went to work. And I was there, I had something of an epiphany. And it brought me back to you. Oh, I see. Hmm. Tell me about your epiphany, Maggie.

Well, I hate to impose, but I do have a favor. Um, and, and, and you’re the only one who I think could handle it. Anything, my dear, anything. Well, um, as you know, um, I intend to create a charitable trust in Victor’s honor. Right. And since you knew him for most of your life, you more than anyone else knew what was in his heart.

Right. So, I would like to put you in charge of distributing the funds to the causes that meant the most to Victor. That is if you’re willing. It would be my honor to do this for you and Victor. Oh, oh Maggie, dear Maggie, thank you for entrusting me with such a, a noble venture.

Alright, listen to me.

I’m gonna say this one more time. And hopefully then you will come to believe it. None of what you did back then was about you. That wasn’t John Black. But what, what you’re doing now, the way that you’re helping Maggie, is an example of your, your kindness and your strength. And if that’s not an example of the quality of your character, I don’t know what is.

That’s all I want to be, Doc. Just a force for good.

And with you by my side. I know for a fact that anything is possible.

You know what? I think I’m kind of crazy about you, Alex K. Um,

Actually, I’m waiting for you to say something back, like, Oh, I don’t know, I’m so crazy about you too, Teresa. Or, you are so insanely beautiful and irresistible, Teresa. You are irresistible, but I’m a fan of, you know, the opinion that actions speak louder than words. And I think, with all the action just now, I should have told you something.

Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

I’m gonna go hop in the shower. And then, um, should we order in? Sure. Why not? Okay. Alex K. Mm.

Hey, Kristen.

I miss you, too. Hopefully tomorrow. Yeah. I can’t wait.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Well, thanks again for meeting me here, Ava. Yeah, it’s a good thing that, uh, Wendy and Tripp left me their key while they’re in Hong Kong. But listen, I really do need to get back to the pub soon because I can’t let Roman down. You know, I’ve been kind of living on a high wire without a net since I quit the bistro.

You quit? I wasn’t aware of that. Yeah. That’s for the best. Right. Well, either way, this won’t take long. Okay, good. I assume that Harris has got you up to speed on the lab analysis of Clyde’s black book? Yeah, he briefed me on that, told me that the bloody fingerprint was Gil’s and the actual blood was Lee’s.

Right. So, as of now, the working assumption is that Gil stabbed Lee. The question is why. And the other question is, can you help us prove it?

Hey there, Thomas. Hi, Eric. How’s it going, buddy? Good. My school went testing on Take Your Kid to Work Day, so we’re doing it today instead. Alright. So, does that mean you’re going to be my boss? No. I don’t want to be the boss. I want to be a reporter. Alright. Just like my mom.


What? Are you surprised to see me? Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you’d still be at the Spectator. I’m going back. I just took a break to hopefully see Holly after school. I’m hoping to mend some fences. Is she still around? Um, no, actually. She’s with Sophia, studying. Avoiding me like the plague. After our blowout, and I, I guess I understand.

I do apologize for my role in that. Honey, you have nothing to be sorry for. How could you possibly predict that Holly would fly from our Mother’s Day brunch like a bat out of hell? You were just trying to help. Like you always do.

Alright, what’s the latest? Well, this is a, uh, list of ex associates of Clyde’s. Rafe couldn’t seem to track anybody down, so I’m trying to remember anything I can. Friends, acquaintances, frequented places, anything that would generate a substantial lead. So here is to finding Lee’s real killer. And to Gabby coming home.

Hear, hear. Oh, I know that you love Gabby, Stefan. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. But I know the two of you haven’t really had a chance, and so I’m hoping that you have that chance now. Wow. Never took you for a hard bitten romantic, Kristen. Ah, well, underneath this ice cold exterior, I’ve always been one.

Hopelessly so. Just keep that bitch away from me.

Leo. The one and only, except no imitations. I have been looking all over for you. Well, let me know when you find me. You’re drunk. I prefer the term enlightened. You want a nip? Absolutely not. What’s the good stuff? Courtesy of E. J. DiMera’s bank account. Honest question, Leo. Are you out of your freaking mind?

So what’s the plan, huh? You gonna drink yourself into a coma? To sleep perchance to dream, aye, there’s the rub. For in this sleep of death, what dreams may come. Have you just come here to stand in judgment, or do you have something useful to say? Wow, well where do I start? So you lost your one true love.

Get in line, buddy. Welcome to the club. There’s about 7 billion of us. And honestly, was it a true love if he just dumped you right on your ass? Ugh. Cruel much, Miss Cruella DeCalis? Can we just talk about the real issue at hand here? You blew up my life. If anyone hears of this, they’ll be Oh, no, no, no. Don’t you dare, Sloan.

You chose this path, not me. You might as well have just published the truth about Jude in your Lady Whistleblower column. I have been good to you, Sloan. I’ve been loyal. No, you’ve been great, honey. You know, once you just opened your big drunken mouth and just proceeded to jeopardize everything. Leo, my family!

My, my, my marriage, my livelihood! You promised me! I kept my word. I didn’t tell Eric. Oh, but just about everybody else but Eric. Oh, okay. You’re being really dramatic. Beyond the people who already knew, E. J. DiMera is the only one now privy to Jude being Nicole’s dead baby.

Well, it definitely wasn’t the Mother’s Day I was hoping for. I’m so sorry, Nicole. Oh. You know, I’ve made a lot of mistakes with Holly, and even though she’s my biological daughter, Chloe’s the one who carried her, and then there was that horrific custody battle. She was a baby. I know, but you know, I read that even babies can sense trauma, and there was a lot of trauma.

And even when I did get custody, I became a single mother. And you showered Holly with love. Kids can sense that too.

Yeah. I suppose you’re right. Mm hmm. But I still wonder if things would be different if I raised Holly from her first day she was born. And I was really hoping to have that chance with our little boy. But, it’s okay. It wasn’t in the cards for me, so. How can I help you prove anything? I know nothing about Lee’s death.

Nothing. Well, since Wendy and Tripp were in Hong Kong, you were the only person living here in Salem when both Lee and Gil were killed. Maybe you know something without even being aware of it. Yeah, then maybe you should hire a hypnotist. Not a bad idea. Seriously, it would be pointless because I have been doing nothing but thinking about this nonstop ever since Harris told me about that fingerprint.

And I will swear to you, Rayvon, everything that I hold dear, I know just as much as you do. And I really do need to get back to work. Okay, then. Maybe I should come see you tomorrow, or perhaps later, after you’re done at the pub. You’re not gonna let this go, are you? I am not. Not a chance. Okay. You do realize I’m trying to protect myself here.

Because the thought of reliving any of that stuff is I understand, Ava. I understand. I understand that this is really difficult for you. I do. But I really need your help here. Badly.

I’ll do what I can to help.

Well, do you have any ideas of what kind of stories you want to cover? I want to be a crime reporter. He’s writing a paper about the mystery meat they serve in the school cafeteria. That is definitely a crime, big time. I need to take pictures of it, too. If you saw this stuff, you’d barf. Do you have a cell phone camera?

No. Well, if your dad is cool with it, I happen to have a second camera. Really? Yeah. It’s on the desk in the photography room, you know where that is? The one with all the pictures taped all over? That’s the one. Alright, well go on then. Alright, uh, Denny’s gonna meet you in five minutes to show you how to lay out the paper.

Yeah. And Denny can show you how to use the camera. Awesome! I can take some pictures. Yes, you can.

Oh, man. He’s a good kid. He gets it from his mom. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Gabby’s not even out of prison yet. And let’s not forget, that lead fell into your lap because I found Clyde’s little black book. Oh, I don’t believe this. You are gonna welch on a promise because of a technicality? No, no, no.

I want EJ out of that CEO chair as much as you do. That’s the mission. Plugging you in as CEO and getting him out. But getting Gabby out of Statesville, that is the priority. Getting my wife out of prison.

So in terms of evidence, so far so good. Looks like Gil stabbed Lee. But what was his motive? Yeah, how would I know anything about that? Well, I don’t know. I’m just trying to piece things together here, Ava. Okay, was there any chance that Lee was working with Clyde? No, absolutely not. Well, how can you be so sure?

I mean, unless of course there’s more that you’re not telling me about what Clyde and Gil were doing. Wow. Sounds like I need a lawyer now, huh? No, I’m not interrogating you. Really? Because you could have fooled me. Okay, but you did. You used to run a drug front for your father. Yeah, decades ago. Okay, yeah, so maybe Clyde knew that and he’s capitalizing on your experience.

You know, hypothetically speaking, any number of things are possible doesn’t mean they are. Okay. Yeah, fine, sure. There is one other thing, though, that has been bothering me. You were running a management position at the bistro, and yet, well, you’ve never managed a restaurant. Okay, you know what? We’re done here.

We are done. No, no, no. The thing is, like, why would Stefan take the fall for you? Why would he take the fall for the drug op? You’re the one with the criminal DNA. Okay, you know what? Your accusations are baseless, Ray. Ava! It was happening right below you! Right there! I mean, you’re smarter than that! Come on.

Okay. I just need to understand, okay? Why did Stefan take the fall for you? Was something going on between the two of you? Was he cheating on my sister with you? Please just help me understand. Help me make sense of this.

Okay, tell me the truth. When we got together, did you expect there to be so much drama? I mean, I know you know my past, but now you have to deal with Holly’s attitude and my occasional mood swing. Oh, and I don’t have any mood swings, or the occasional temper tantrum, and you still put up with me, though.

Yes, this is true. Besides, after being with Sammy, this has been an absolute bloody cakewalk, my dear. Oh, I am going to take that as a compliment. You should. Also, I absolutely adore you. And I am so grateful that I get to spend my time with such an extraordinary woman. So sweet. Okay, segue. Um, if, if Holly gets home before me, could you do me a favor?

Of course. Would you let her know that I will be working late tonight? And, um, that I did come by on my break to see her. Mm hmm. And I’ll make sure she has a hearty meal as well. Thank you. Now, could you do a favor for me? Of course. There is a City Hall fundraiser on the horizon, which is gearing up to be a real snooze fest, which these things are.

But, if you could be on my arm when I turn up, it’ll make me look Well put together. Like visiting royalty. Can I count on you? Oh, come on, Mr. DiMera. You know I’m always proud to be on your arm. Yeah. Plus, this is going to be interesting. And a chance to do something good. Your optimism is infectious. Yeah.

And I adore it. Thank you. No, but, but, But seriously, it, it, it’s really sad that there are so many charity programs that are underfunded. So, with me being there, maybe I’ll pick up something from my article on Salem’s Unhoused. Well, it seems you and Eric have really thrown yourself into this. We believe these are stories that need to be told.

Tenacious, intelligent, beautiful. My wife has everything. Now can I have more of your black case? More. More. More. Okay, honey. I don’t want to be late. No. I want more. I have to go. Okay. I will see you later. Alright. Okay. Bye. Abigail, you know, was an amazing

person. Beautiful, kind, and everything else. Yeah, she was pretty damn perfect, wasn’t she? I mean, to me, anyway. I miss that girl. Yeah. You know, with the kids keep me going and um, I mean, there’s a lot of her in them. You know, her light shines through all of us. Thank God. I’m sure she’s smiling down on them.

And you. I’d like to think so. I know so.

You know what? Maybe this was all my fault.

So many things to choose from. I don’t know where to start. No, I’m talking about me leaving you alone at a bar to just drown your sorrows in booze. Oh, that. Yeah. Huge mistake on your part. If I were you, I’d never forgive myself. Out of morbid curiosity, how long after I left did you slip on over to EJ’s to spill your booze soaked guts?

Like, you want a timeline? Uh, let’s see, it was about three minutes and thirty eight seconds after my last martini, but then another twenty eight seconds after I got to that creepy mansion before I spilled my guts. What? I don’t know. I was drunk. I still am. And heartbroken. I wasn’t thinking. Are you ever thinking?

I’m thinking now, and if I’m being honest, something’s not adding up.

I’m sorry. You’re going to what? I’m going to EJ and I’m going to compel him to open Gabby’s case. She’s been locked up long enough. Okay, Stefan. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I know it’s hard to be patient, but we have to. Now, Rafe said that he was going to go to EJ after he spoke with Ava. Now, let’s just hope that he finds even more evidence that points to Gil as the killer.

Right. The only woman? That Stefan Loves is your sister. And I think you know that, Rafe. And besides, I thought we were here trying to get evidence to clear Gabby’s name, not have an interrogation into my past. I understand your resistance to your past, but it’s relevant. According to you. According to anyone.

Anyone who has an internet signal can look up your history with a cursory glance and see that you’re a criminal. Hmm. You’re trying to butter me up here. I’m trying to get the truth, Ava. The whole story. I have a theory. I think that the killings are connected. I think that Gil came here looking for you.

And he ran into Lee, and Lee was in his way, and so he took him out. Then my sister came in here and she She saw the body and she stupidly picked up the knife.

Yeah, well that

Is definitely a theory. No more dancing around it, Ava. You. You were the intended victim, and I think that you know it.

Kids that make it all worthwhile, don’t they? Even when they’re driving you up the damn wall. Yeah, they do. Jude, he’s my world. I mean, he may not carry my DNA, but the second they put my son into my arms, I knew he was. Well, genetics have nothing to do with that kind of love. Agreed. I mean, your son is, is amazing.

I agree. What a great kid. He’s growing up fast. Too fast. Yeah, they do, don’t they? Yeah, they do. Just make sure you cherish every moment you can with that little boy of yours. Oh, I will. I mean, I do. Man, I am so blessed to be his dad.

What do you mean, something’s not adding up? I told EJ about the baby swap out of the goodness of my heart. Oh, because that’s what you’re so known for, isn’t it? The goodness of your heart. It’s called mag something. Minity? Nimity. No. Let’s stay on topic. Look, I didn’t go there looking for a payout. EJ spearheaded that so that I wouldn’t ask any questions or talk to anyone about ye olde baby swap.

Great. So do what you’re paid to do, Leo. Look, I had no choice after your hunky husband cut me off. I had no money. Is that why you went to EJ? I told you I would if my allowance stopped coming. No, you more recently said that you wouldn’t. Yeah, well, this guy had other plans. This guy had nothing to do with it, Leo.

It’s you that poured the poison down your throat. You’re the reason that we’re in this mess. What do you want from me? Do you want me to say I’m sorry? Fine. I’m sorry.

I am. I’m sorry. Look, I, I care about Jude, you know that. He’s always given me that toothless little smile of his. When I babysat for him, I took this picture of him, and I look at it when I need to calm down or be cheered up, and honestly, I just think that Okay, it’s just enough. No, no, no, hear me out, please.

I just think that he should be with his biological mom. You know, the one who actually likes kids. Excuse me, what? Jude is never going back to Nicole. Ever. Wait, what?

You think I was skills targeted? I do. And I think with forensic evidence, I On a plausible motive, we have a much better chance at getting my sister her freedom. But I need the whole story, okay? I need, I need to know whatever your relationship was with Gil and how Okay, I did not have a relationship with Gil, okay?

He was a snake. And he was always coming on to me at work, making lecherous and creepy comments. And he was the kind of man who would not take, I am not interested, I’m sick. Or no for an answer, and that is it. Okay, so then why did you have to come back here to do that? Do I really have to spell that out for you, Rafe?

There is always the chance that someone can be at the bistro. It’s not really the most ideal place for a sexual assault. Is it too hard for you to get inside the head of a predator?

So after Gil killed Lee, he came back for you, and you killed him. In self defense. I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

Are you saying that EJ doesn’t want his kid? No, that’s not at all what I’m saying. Yeah, actually what you said is that Nicole will never have him, so using my excellent powers of deduction, that means EJ won’t either. Excuse me, just run it by me one more time, you know, that little thing that EJ said right before he paid you?

About it being a good idea to invest wisely? About him telling you to keep your mouth shut, don’t ask questions. Oh, that. Yeah, but you’re doing the exact opposite. I’m a journalist, Sloan. Take your lady whistleblower hat off, Leo, because it’s none of her concern. Lady Whistleblower is a part of me, sure. One part.

But you know what else I am? I’m a man with an extraordinary amount of flair. But underneath all of that flair is a sensitive guy with a big heart. A soft heart. And therefore, a ton of guilt for my role in stealing the cutest little child I’ve ever had the pleasure of birthing. A ton of guilt for letting EJ and Nicole think their child was dead.

And the truth is, I’m having a hard time living with myself because I feel so guilty. I feel guilty. What about you, Sloan? Lying to Eric this whole time. That baby being taken from his real mother. How are you sleeping at night? How are you living with yourself? So how is the, uh, feature coming along? It’s coming along well.

Yeah, everything okay? It’s going, uh, going alright with Nicole? Why wouldn’t it be? Well, I just know that, uh, I know you guys have history. And I know firsthand what it’s like to work with an ex. Yeah. Get a little bit thorny.

Oh, hey, sorry that took so long. Am I interrupting? No. Okay. Well, let’s get back to work. Uh, right. I should, um, I should have tracked down Thomas. He’s probably driving Denny nuts by now. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Hang on a second. I, I was setting up my desk this morning and I came across this notebook. I didn’t, I didn’t open it or anything.

It just seemed like the drawer had like a false bottom or something.

Is everything okay?

That’s Abigail’s handwriting.

The date of the last entry was just a few weeks before she died.

It still haunts me. Why I had to pull that trigger. And as big a bastard as Gil was, it still follows me. And

now the thought that Wendy’s brother was killed because of me.

He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like Gabby was. Or maybe it’s just a story you keep telling yourself. I can’t do this. I can’t do this anymore. Ava, I’m

I am telling you, Rafe, I don’t know anything. And if I did, I would tell you.

But I don’t. Okay.

Okay, I’m gonna accept that for now. But I am telling you, that as long as my sister’s freedom is on the line, I’m not going to stop digging. Not by a long shot. I mean,

I can almost hear her voice in this writing. And there’s stats about ODs, drug arrests, violent crime data, upward trends. I mean, I thought I read everything that she wrote and I’ve never seen this before. She must have been working on it just before she died. How can we find out? I mean, would there be anybody else who might know?

I mean, she probably confided in Jack. Jack was the editor in chief then. And maybe he knows something. There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?

Hey, Jack. Hey, yeah, it’s Chad. No, no, no. Everything, everything’s okay. Yeah. No, the kids are good. Um I actually just had a question about Abby. Did she tell you or Jennifer about a piece that she was working on before she died?

Oh, isn’t this delightful? Two of my favorite people in the world, in the top ten at the very least. Good to see you too, brother. Drinks? Good for now. I can get myself one, thanks. You’ve always been good at taking care of yourself, haven’t you, Kristen? And I always will be. Confident words for someone who’s living in the family manor off the family funds.

Peter, how are the renovations coming along on your glass house, CJ? Okay, can we put a pin in there? In the toxicity for a minute. I was just about to ask Kristen if she noticed that Damir is stuck. Oh! Don’t get ahead of yourself, AJ. It’s only itching up. Enough for the board to vote me in as permanent CEO of the next election.

Sure about that, huh? Oh, I’m very sure. It’s all about the bottom line, after all. Oh, I know. And who can argue with that, right? I mean, ingenuity, creativity. No one gives a rat’s ass about that, right? It’s all about the money. Always has been. I take it you’ve resigned yourself to my imminent ascension, Stefan.

Just remember, though, the rising tide lifts all boats. Right, well, since Tony and Chad want nothing to do with running the company, and I’m obviously persona non grata, DiMera, who else could it possibly be, right? Who else indeed? Looks like you got it buttoned up, brother. It’s a family.

Guilt is a waste of time, Leo. Nobody gets medals for suffering. Where did you pick that up? How to have no conscience in ten easy steps? Look, I’ve come to terms with what I did, okay? So should you. Let’s just put this dark time behind us. But you did what Dimitri did. What I’ve done. Put it behind us? For God’s sake, Sloane, we didn’t forget to feed a cat or water the plants.

We told a woman her son was dead when he wasn’t. A woman who is still grieving to this day and probably will for the rest of her life. And that is sad, yes. But look, she’s gonna get over it. Look, Nicole is in a very happy marriage to a rich and powerful man, okay? She has a daughter, she has a job. I think she’s doing fine.

So get over your self indulgent guilt, unless you want to spend the rest of your life as a dumpster fire. I’d keep my big mouth shut if I were you. Otherwise, I’ll happily tell EJ that you’re not upholding your end of the bargain. And honey, when that cat’s off the bag, losing all that money is going to be the least of your troubles.

Hey, Harris. It’s, uh, it’s me. Um, I’m not feeling so great. So I told Roman that I couldn’t work tonight, but, um, I need to talk to you, so Call me, please.

I can’t do it. I mean, how? How am I going to tell Wendy that it could be my fault that her brother is dead?

I pray that Rafe is wrong. Thanks, Jack. Yeah, I’ll, uh, I’ll give your love to the kids and please give ours to Jennifer as well. Okay, talk soon. Well? So, apparently Abby was working on something pretty heavy before she died. She was about to break it wide open. Heavy? That’s the word he used? What does that mean?

Look, Abby never told him what it was, and nothing ever came of it, so Jack just assumes that she dropped it. But based on, based on these dates and, and her notes, I mean, she, she didn’t. She didn’t drop it. So, if you were to guess, My guess would be the increased drug traffic in Salem. Hey, wasn’t Clyde Wesson released from prison right before Abigail died?

Yeah, Salem PD is still trying to dismantle that narcotics operation. You mean the drugs that nearly killed Holly?

Abby was on to Clyde. Question is, did he know about it?

Since when do you make house calls? Since you’re never in your office. Can we talk? I’ll assume I’ll have no choice.

Oh, well look who else is here. What’s this about? There’s new evidence that suggests that Gabby is innocent. That she did not kill Lee Shin. Please, your sister is far from innocent. What is this, a copy of a photo? No, that is a photograph of the black book and lab results and fingerprints. Is that all you’ve got?

Is it all? It’s Gil’s fingerprint in Lee Shin’s blood. Which could have been there for years, this proves absolutely nothing. What do you mean proves absolutely nothing? Especially since it happened to be discovered by Gabby’s husband. Okay, I found that book knowing it belonged to Gil and I immediately turned it over to the police.

So you say, but there’s nothing substantial enough here to justify reopening the case. Look, I’m not just insane, EJ. The book couldn’t have been there for years. The Bistro was only under Gil’s management for, what, a few months? And Gil and Lee hadn’t been there for years. As D. J., the decision is mine, and the decision is final.

We will not be reopening this case. Are you End of story. D. J.? EJ! Oh, this is This is so beautiful! This is beautiful! Baby! What’s going on?

Did I miss a date?

Uh, it has been non stop. I’m telling you, between patients and administrative work, and problems with our internet, so our telemedicine appointments are all messed up, and uh, I’m just glad that I was able to get away. Oh, sweetness, I’ll take any time I can get with you. I’m really sorry all the staff shortages have been wearing you down so much.

Yeah, it’s been tough, but I can handle it. Yeah. Um, I’ll just be happy when new docs show up, you know?

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Days Transcript Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey, there you are. Oh, hi. I was looking all over for you. I was hoping maybe we could have lunch or something together. Uh, maybe another time. Sorry, it’s just been a really busy morning. Hey, uh, is everything okay? Yeah, no, I just, I have a lot of homework and stuff to catch up on, so I’m kind of stressed.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Same. Okay. It just, it seems like maybe there’s, uh, something else going on, or

Fine. Tate, I’ve been really embarrassed you saw that huge fight between my mom and I earlier. Embarrassed? Why would you be embarrassed? No, I, I just, I hated seeing you so upset and not being able to do anything about it. Have you had any luck changing your mind? No. My controlling mother has decided I most likely am going to do drunks and die if I’m not past my purview.

So, she’s standing her ground, and she’s forbidding me from going to the prom.

What the hell?

Hey there. Uh, Hey! Tell her this. I just did a little shopping. A little? Oh. Okay, maybe I overdid it a little bit, but, why not? It’s the point of having money if you can’t enjoy it, right? That is right. That’s right. I just thought you were going to be at work. Yeah, well, that’s the beauty of being my own boss.

Make my own hours. So aside from a brand new crocodile leather jacket and some basic clothing items, I bought us a ridiculously fancy coffee espresso machine with the frother and, to go with it, two smart mugs where you can actually control the temperature from one’s phone. It’s insane. And, check this out.

Voila. Wow, that, that must’ve, that must’ve really Cost a bundle. A little over a hundred K. It’s got a lifetime warranty. Makes it worth every penny then, huh? That’s right, it’s an investment. Just so you aren’t envious of my new diamond crusted watch. Yeah? I got you the magic woman’s version.

Hey there. Oh my goodness. You’re home. Yeah, earlier than I anticipated, I know. Oh, how nice. You’ve been missed. Well, I missed you too, though. Alrighty, how was your trip? Eh, it was a lot of work. Hardly any downtime. Not a lot of sleep time either. Well, maybe now you can get some sleep in. Maybe even get some more down time.

No, not just today. I’m making this whole week a work life balance. I’ll spend a little time at the office, of course, but, um, most of my time is going to be focused on my kids. And my parents. You and Dad. Oh, that sounds wonderful. I did that on purpose. Referring to you and dad as my parents because you, uh, You’ve always been a mother to me, Marlena.

You are my mom in every sense of the word. And I don’t know what I would do without you. I mean, you’ve always, you’ve always, always been there for me. Cheering me on when I’m doing well and picking me up when I’m not doing so well. And I just love you so much. I just love you so much too. And on that note, I, I understand it’s a, It’s a little late in the day, but uh, Happy Mother’s Day.

I can’t believe it. Leeshan’s blood and Gil Carter’s fingerprints were both on that black book. This changes everything. And the lab. They ran the test twice, right? Yep. Same results. This clearly connects Gil to Li Xin and his murder. How do we prove it? It’s not going to be easy. But I’m going to do whatever it takes to get to the truth and to clear my sister’s name once and for all.

Hey, Stephan, I have some news. Could you keep it down? Okay, listen. I, I found a lead. Unleashon’s murder. What? Yes, and we might have enough evidence to pin the crime on the guilty party, which is definitely not Gabby. Okay, what exactly are you saying? Okay, what I’m saying is that the love of your life, A. K. A.

Gabby Hernandez DiMera, is soon to be exonerated and released from prison, which means, my dear brother, you, I’m soon to have your wife back, as a free woman.

Extends through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Holly, I’m, I’m sorry. It just sucks that you can’t go to prom. Yeah, no kidding. I just can’t wait till I’m 18 and can do whatever the hell I want. Yeah, I get it. My mom can be really controlling too. Did you tell Aaron, by the way, that you can’t be his date? Not yet, but I doubt he’ll care ever since. He’s totally into Sophia.

He’s totally into you.

Yeah. Hey, what’s going on?

Wait until you see the new convertible Ferrari I ordered, Teresa. It is the SF90 Stradale. What kind of alien language is that you’re speaking? Oh, no, baby, that is Italian. Take a look at this. How beautiful is she? She’s a hybrid. Oh. That must have cost us as much as those two new watches you got us. Uh, ha, ha, yeah, a little bit more than that, babe.

But I have dreamed of owning a Ferrari like this my entire life. And not just anybody can buy one of these. In fact, they are so discriminating over at Ferrari, Ferrari. They won’t even let a first time buyer buy a new car. Ah, boggles the mind. I know. So this one’s got 1, 300 miles on it, 650K. What? Are you crazy?

Probably. But I’m okay with crazy. And you know, if Victor was ever looking for a way to make it up to me for denying my birthright all these years, I think he definitely found a way to do it. So I’m trying to let go of any resentment I have towards my father for not acknowledging his son until after he was dead and buried Well, that’s good then that you are, um, letting go of all the resentment like you said Yeah Not totally but I’m getting there.

I mean my God, you know how it felt when I first found out I was Victor’s son Even knowing I might become heir to this whole massive fortune or whatever. I was miserable. I was depressed. Knowing Justin wasn’t really my father. A guy that I actually loved and respected. My brothers not really being my brothers and just knowing that I was pretty much lied to my entire life.

I just still haven’t totally gotten over the shock of that. Miss Sadness

still upsets the hell out of me, if I’m being honest with you.

But I’m a resilient guy. And kind of a material guy, so buying all stuff like this actually eases the pain a little bit.

I forgive you, Dad.

If I’m even looking in the right direction.

Let’s hope.

Brady? This is my favorite perfume. You can only get this in a little perfume shop in Chicago, so Your father must have directed you to it. I made him promise not to get it for you, so I could get it. Thank you. I’m actually, uh, I’m running out, so it’s, uh It is a perfect gift. I like perfect. You’re welcome.

You, you shouldn’t be thanking me. I need, I need to be thanking you more often. I haven’t always been grateful. I haven’t. But I’m, I’m, I’m so grateful to you now for everything you’ve done for me and my kids and my dad. See, I not only get to have you as a mother in my life, you make my father so happy.

That makes me blessed. You mean so much to me, so much to my dad, and so much to so many people in this town whose lives that you touch.

Happy Mother’s Day. Oh, God. Oh, I love you so.

Now that we have this new information, how about we go to the evidence room, pull everything that we have got on both Gil’s and Lee’s murder cases. Because now that we know that they’re connected, maybe we see something that we didn’t see before. My thoughts exactly. Let’s go. Alright, slow down. Tell me what happened.

Alright. Um, I invited Ava over earlier, and I just, I wanted to jog her memory, see if she had any clue about Lee’s murder and something that would exonerate Gabby. And, well, at first, she denied knowing anything about it. But then, while we were there She got a phone call from Harris, and he reported a bloody fingerprint on the black book that you found here at the bistro.

Okay, so blood and fingerprint. I knew that the blood had gone to the police, but you think it has something to do with Lee’s murder? Uh, I sure as hell think so, yeah. Yeah, and I think at this, um, after they analyzed it, they found Gil’s fingerprint and Lee’s blood. Okay. Wow. I can’t believe it. No, I know, I know, but let me get more specific.

They found Gil’s fingerprint in Lee’s blood on the book that belonged to Gil. Do you realize what that means? Yeah, it means that Gil is likely Lee’s murderer and not his. Gabby, not my wife.


I was just asking Holly if she would help me with my Spanish. Except I told him it’s like my worst subject. I suck at languages. Oh, well, I’m pretty good at them, actually. So, I could even tutor you, if you want. Hablo muy bien espanol. Yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, sure, thank you. We can meet after school today, if you’re free.

Today? I’m sorry, I can’t, I promised that I would help my grandpa back at the pub, but I really appreciate the offer. How’s your nose doing, by the way? Not broken, thank God, just a little sore. I’m sorry, again. It’s okay, hey, it was an accident, and Anyway, I’m sure it’ll all be cleared up by prom, which I am so looking forward to.

And I’m really glad you’ll be taking me, Tate. It’s gonna be so dope. Yeah, definitely.

So, all this money, you’re just gonna spend it? You’re not interested in opening up, like, a trust fund for future heirs, or Actually, I’m not even sure I’m gonna have kids. Really, I’ve never even considered myself, like, the father type. More the private jet, yacht type. Uh huh. But what about carrying on Victor’s legacy and his name?

I honestly don’t want to put that pressure on myself. Philip is still out there and plenty other Kyriakuses. Or Kyriaksai, right?

Do you know what that is? Oh, baby. This is my new drone. Your drone? What are you going to do with a drone? What do you mean? What am I not going to do with my new drone? Aerial photography? Drone racing? The possibilities are endless. Okay, yeah, but you know, I don’t think you can really fit that much more No, none of this stuff is staying here.

It’s coming with me when I move to the mansion.

Alrighty. Tell me all about your trip. It was mostly business. Work, like I said. Except for my little stop at the perfumery, of course. Yeah. I know you, I know you get to Chicago quite often. Um, I hope that you enjoy the town. You know, that you don’t just stay. Hold up in your hotel room for room service? I got out once or twice, but You know, the funny thing is, the last time I was in Chicago, I was with Rachel on a school trip.

And I have to say, it sounds nuts, but I think I prefer dining in a cafeteria with a hundred fourth graders than in some swanky restaurant with a boring business associate. Even, even, even devouring a deep dish pizza in my room. I know how much you love her. I do. I really do. It’s amazing how much that little girl can change in a week.

It is. She’s so smart. Precociously smart, as you know. Yes, I know she is precocious. And I adore her. And I wish you had more time with her. I mean, I wish, I wish you had shared custody. Yeah, me too. It’s driving me a little crazy that Alex is getting to spend all this time with, with Rachel. You know, I, I don’t, I don’t think that Alex and Kristen are serious.

I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t think they were either, but I’m beginning to wonder because unless it’s a pure act, they’re really demonstrative with each other. It’s, yeah. Well, there’s a bad visual. I’m sorry. Wipe that out. Tell me. What did Carissa think about it? She doesn’t like it at all. You know what? I don’t need her.

Why in the hell would Gil want to kill Lee? I mean, they didn’t even know each other, did they? Well, not that Ava was aware of. Lee wasn’t part of the drug ring. No, I, no, I don’t, no, I don’t know. I mean, but Gil definitely was. And just, just follow my lead on this. Alright. Gil showed up at the apartment not long after Lee died and attacked Ava.

Right, and that’s when Ava shot him to death. Right, yes, yes. But what if that wasn’t the first time that Gil wanted to get his hands around her? What if he was waiting for Ava the first time? And Lee just happened to show up and Found gill and then gill who wants to keep things clean Killed me. All right.

So gill was actually looking for ava and Ever really intended to kill Lee? Yeah, exactly. Lee just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wow.

Shoot, I gotta get to chem class and it’s way on the other side of school. Damn, that sucks. Yeah, I’m kidding. Super long walk. All uphill. I’m off. Okay. See ya, Sophia. Later? Yeah, definitely. For Spanish tutoring, right? Right. Later. Muy bien. No puedo esperar. Ah, whatever that means. It means, I can’t wait. See ya.

My God, I feel terrible that I told her that would be her date to prom. Why? You know she’s like super thrilled to be going with you. Yeah, but I’m not thrilled to be going with her. She’s cool, but I don’t know. I just am kind of dreading it. Pretending I’m into her or whatever. I just, I don’t want her to get the wrong idea.

Well, If she does, she does. And you have to be honest with her. Besides, it’s not like she gave you much of a choice. You know, when you hit her face with that ball. Thank you. Yes, that’s true. And unless we come clean with her about us, she’s gonna be really hurt that I’m not interested in her. But you know, we already talked about it.

It’s not the smartest move.

Tate? Yeah? I have to admit, I’m actually glad you’re going to the prom with Sofia. What? What are you talking about? Why would you be glad? Because this isn’t fair. What are, what are you saying? What isn’t fair? I mean, us sneaking around just so we can have five minutes alone together? I mean, you should be able to hang out with a girl with, with no restrictions or anything.

I’m sorry, Holly, I really, I don’t, I don’t understand what you’re saying here. What I’m saying is, Sophia is a really great person. So So I don’t know, maybe you should actually give her a chance. That is crazy. No, no, I, I don’t want to give her a chance. I want to be with you. And I want to be with you too, but I don’t, Tate, it’s kind of starting to feel like maybe this just isn’t meant to be, you know?

Brady, do you think that Alec is a bad influence on Rachel? Actually, I do. Yeah, I think, I think he’s shallow. I think he’s a womanizer. I think he, I think he thinks he’s God’s gift and just acts like it. I have to disagree. I’ve spent a little bit of time with him. I don’t find him shallow. Well, in any case, I don’t want any guy hanging around my daughter that isn’t me.

And if he starts spending more time with Rachel than I’m allowed to, That’s not gonna sit well with me. That’s gonna make my head explode. Okay, so as it stands now, Gil is most likely Lee’s killer. But how the hell do we prove that? It’s not like Gil and Lee are among the living. Reasonable doubt. I mean, that’s all we need.

Somebody’s been watching her Law Order, huh? I am a rapid fan. I’m going and speaking at Law Order. Ahem. What’s now? Well, we need a list. A list of everyone who worked here when Gil did. Starting with when Lee Shin was killed. Don’t make me get a warrant. Okay, if this has anything to do with the blood on the black book, you can have whatever you want.

How’d you know about that? You know, I remind you, I was the one who found it. I turned it into the police, so Harris filled me in. Commissioner, this is What we want, right? My wife free, your sister free, you and I, we’re finally on the same side here. So yeah, whatever you need, I’m willing to help in any way I can.

Okay, then. Let’s start with the personnel records. In the office. This way. You’re moving out? Hell yeah, I am. As soon as the Hortons move back home. You know, it’s huge as the mansion is, and it’s half mine, but, you know, east wing, west wing, ten bedrooms, it’s a little bit crowded for me. You know, between Doug and Julie being there, and Chad and the kids, I mean, it’s gonna be bad enough that I have to deal with Maggie and her new husband.

Aww, baby. Are you gonna miss me? Teresa, if you were worried about finding another place to live, especially now with the whole job situation, do not think about it for another second. You stay here as long as you want, I’ll continue to pay the rent. It’s pocket change. Oh my god, Alex, you don’t get it, do you?

What don’t I get? Teresa, what are you talking about? I’m I’m talking about me living alone in this apartment while you move into the East Wing, West Wing, 10 bedroom mansion. I don’t, I don’t want to live here without you, Alex. Oh. Oh, okay. Um. But seriously, that surprises you? Uh, yeah, it does. Sort of. Theresa, I thought you would, you know, would enjoy having more room to yourself.

I mean, we don’t see each other as it is, very much. You can have Tate over whenever you want. He’s got his own bedroom, for God’s sake. I thought you’d be happy about it. You thought wrong. No, that, that doesn’t make me happy.

Alex, I like being with you. I like living with you. I’m happy. Together. With you. Like, really together. Okay, Theresa, now I’m genuinely confused. I know, I know. I was giving you so many mixed signals and, and, I, I made you think that I wanted to just keep this relationship platonic. And now you’re saying that’s not what you really want?

No. It’s not ever what I wanted. Brady, I

think you should have an honest conversation with Alex about your concerns. Marlena, I did. I did. He assured me in no uncertain terms that he does not want to be a father figure to Rachel in any way. And I wasn’t surprised because the guy doesn’t have one parental bone in his body. So I believe him.

You’re sounding a little threatened to me. As if you think that the more time he spends around Rachel, it will interfere with the time you have with her. Exactly, yeah. Okay, alright. I’m gonna, uh, I’m gonna chill about this whole subject, alright? Because you’ve always told me, don’t borrow trouble. That’s my mantra.

I know, and I’m going to abide by it. It’s not like Rachel has said much about Alex. She hasn’t spoken of him. Which leads me to believe that they haven’t been spending a lot of time together. But the minute they do, the minute she says, Daddy, oh, Alex took me to this, this, this, this outing or this excursion.

I’m, I shudder at the fact of hearing that. Or, or he chaperoned my school function. I’m, I’m, you know, I’m sorry. I just, I don’t, I don’t like it. But I’m going to back burner this whole issue. I think that’s a very good idea. Me too. I’m glad you agree. So, what did I miss while I was away? Oh, Tate got his tux for the prom.

Oh, I remember seeing him all duded up. Oh, so am I. And I’m also very happy about the fact that he is moving on from Holly. Yeah. Yeah, I guess he’s going to the prom with Holly. Somebody named Sophia. Yeah, yeah, he, he told me. I don’t know much about her. But he said that she’s smart and, what did he say, fun.

Smart, fun. That’s good. Yeah. And, and I, I think he’s having a hard time being away from Holly, but I’m glad to see that he’s trying to move on. Me too. Especially considering, uh, apparently Holly and Nicole had a bad relationship. Big old fight outside of the bistro because Nicole isn’t allowing Holly to go to the prom.

Teresa told me about it. Apparently Holly was screaming at the top of her lungs or something. Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but I do understand that Nicole would be reluctant to have her go, especially after what happened on New Year’s Eve. And we all know about the peer pressure about going to prom and You know, getting wasted and et cetera, and et cetera.

Yeah. Well, it is, it’s an all night event and there is the, um, yeah, the window of time for the et cetera. Yeah. Et cetera stuff. It, it, it reminds me when I was asked to, to chaperone the last blast dance at Victor’s request, and I remember leaving that night thinking. I’m never having kids. I’m not dealing with this.

Well, you broke that little promise to yourself. Yeah. And I’m so glad you did. I’m glad I did too because I, I love those kids. Reminds me, I have a favor to ask of you. Anything. I want to set up a trust, uh, for Rachel and Tate. And I was hoping that you would, um, sign the documents as a witness.

Of course. Thank you.

Wow. This guarantees I won’t be very well provided for. Well, Maggie was generous enough to share some of the wealth from Victor’s will to the relatives that were seemingly cut out of it. This will take very good care. Okay. I’m Rachel and Tate’s future. I have everything I need. And now so do they. And my future grandkids.

They will be set for life.

So, Rafe and Jada are still searching, I take it? They are. Well, I hope they don’t find anything else to pin on you. They won’t. I run a clean business. Now Now, well, I guess it’s better late than never. And look, now finally you and I will hopefully get our fresh start. Right.

So? So. So we reviewed the files. Turns out most people don’t work here anymore. Hope we’ll track them down. Somebody’s bound to remember something. How long will that take? Well, I don’t know. This case is my top priority, considering it could lead to freedom for my sister. Your wife? Yeah, I mean, that’s what we want, right?

My wife, your sister, free. So whatever you need, whatever I can do, I’m all in.

Holly, I don’t, I don’t get this here. Are you saying that you want us to break up? No, it’s not that I want to. We were just Maybe it’s for the best. For the best? No, not, no, this is not for the best. In fact, it’s like the worst thing that I can think of. It’s the last thing that I want. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.

Holly. I don’t, I just don’t understand why all of a sudden you’re giving up on us. I don’t want to be with anybody else, but you and I have all these feelings for you, feelings that I. I’ve never had for anybody, I swear. Holly, I

Wait a minute. So you never wanted a breakup in the first place? No. Never. I never wanted that.

Look, Alex. You have to understand, I was really hurt and I was really embarrassed when I thought that you were going to propose to me and you didn’t. And then I overreacted and I tried to just act like I didn’t want to have anything to do with you by rejecting you. I remember it clearly. You didn’t answer my calls for days.

I know. I was really stupid and I, I regret it. Theresa, why did you reject me? Why did you push me away instead of just talking it out? I was just trying to play hard to get. You know, I just, I really wanted you to just miss me like crazy. I was hoping that maybe you’d see the errors in your ways and then you’d beg me to come back to you, but that, that didn’t happen, obviously.

And um, I just played a really risky game and it just totally backfired in my face. So you’re saying that you pushed me away when you were trying to do the opposite? Exactly.

But now I know that that was a really big mistake. And I’m not going to play any more games. I promise. Just please tell me it’s not too late.

I wonder when Maggie made the decision to share Victor’s fortune so generously. I think she decided as soon as Victor’s will went to probate. So Justin explained it to me. Why do you ask? Just curious. Hmm. You know what I’m curious about? How Constantine is going to feel about Maggie distributing all this wealth around.

Then why would you say that? Come on. You don’t think this guy is Just positioning himself to marry Maggie because he wants a big old payday. I do. I just hope that Maggie is smarter than that. She’s always been smart. She’s not easily manipulated, but I’ll tell you what, I don’t like this guy. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

No. I don’t like this guy either. Well, the nightmare isn’t over yet. But we’re closer than ever to finding the truth and freeing Gabby. Thank God. So what do we do next? Well, so far what we have is circumstantial, not conclusive. But that’s okay. We just need to get Li Xin’s murder case reopened and, you know, cast doubt on the conviction.

Burden of proof lies on the prosecution. See? I told you. I’m optimistic that this will be enough.

Holly, listen to me. I want you to stop worrying about what is best for me because this is what’s best for me. Okay? Being with you. Being with you is what’s best for me, too. I just hate how complicated it’s gotten. And that’s all my fault. No, don’t talk like that. I don’t care that it’s gotten complicated as long as I have you I swear I can handle anything

Leaves the class I’ve gotta go I’ll finish this later. Okay. Yes

Maybe there is a way.

Do you have anything to say?

I mean, I’m just pouring my heart out and you’re standing there staring at me. I just, I need to know that you still want me. I want to know that you still miss being with me.

Theresa, I’m just I’m kind of thrown by what you just said. To be honest, I’m just feeling kind of confused by the whole thing. It looks like

I’m going back to the office. Is everything okay? Oh, sure. It’s just that Alex has decided to take another day off again. So when you’re filthy rich, you get to just phone it in and you rely on guys like me to do all the hard work. Okay. You do what you need to do. And thank you for the perfume. And for the talk.

Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

John, I need to talk to you. About Maggie. I cannot wait to tell Gabby about this. It will really lift her spirits. Okay, listen, I know that Statesville has been rough on Gabby, but I think that we should hold off on saying anything to her. Um, do we know more? I thought you said you were optimistic. Well, I am.

But we still have to convince the D. A. to reopen the case. Oh, right. The esteemable D. A. DiMera, who hates Gabby with a passion. Not to hell with his feelings. He has no choice but to follow the evidence and the law. Let’s hope he sees it that way. Well,

thanks again for meeting me here, Ava. Yeah, it’s a good thing that, uh, Wendy and Fred left me their key while they’re in Hong Kong. But listen, I really do need to get back to the pub soon because I can’t let Roman down. You know, I’ve been kinda living on a high wire without a net since I quit the bistro.

Oh, you quit? I wasn’t aware of that. Yeah, uh, it’s for the best. Right. Well, either way, this won’t take long. Okay, good. I assume that Harris has got you up to speed on the lab analysis of Clyde’s black book? Yeah, he briefed me on that, told me that the bloody fingerprint was Gil’s, and The actual blood was these.

Right. So, as of now, the working assumption is that Gil stabbed Lee. The question is why. And the other question is Can you help us prove it?

Hey there, Thomas. Hi, Eric. How’s it going, buddy? Good. My school is testing on take your kid to work day, so we’re doing it today instead. Alright, so does that mean you’re going to be my boss? No. I don’t want to be the boss. I want to be a reporter, just like my mom.

Hey. Are you surprised to see me? Sorry, I thought you’d still be at the Spectator. I’m going back. I just took a break to hopefully see Holly after school. I’m hoping to mend some fences. Is she still around?

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Days Transcript Monday, May 13, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


That ball bounced off that guy’s head like nothing I’ve ever seen. You got quite an arm. Lethal. Okay, well, it was my first time playing doubles. But, let’s talk about the previous game. Where I totally wiped the floor with you, thank you very much. That’s because I told you my, my, my shoes are the wrong size. My, my, my toes were cramped.

It’s, it’s, it wasn’t even matched. I’m sure that’s what Djokovic says too. It probably is. Yeah. That shoesie’s crumbed my little toe. I like your joke about some fresh stuff. Ooh. Oh my god, speaking of cramps. What? My leg. Oh. I’m not used to running that fast. Oh my gosh. Here, here, here, here. Let me sort it out for you.

Oh, no, no, no, no, wait a sec. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. I’m very gifted. Okay, fine. Come on. Here. That does feel good. Is that, Is that easing up? Mm hmm, it is. And, um, I’m, uh, glad that we did this. Playing pickleball, no work talk. Glad you suggested it. Stick with me, kid.

Well, black book. The one Harris gave us. Thanks. The results came from the crime lab. And? Blood on the cover. They’re processing it further now. Oh my god, our first potential break. That it is. Yeah. Weston needs that book. He needs it to keep cash coming in while he’s on the lam. Unfortunately, I weren’t able to crack the code.

It’s a, it’s a cipher the department’s not used to seeing. Damn. Yeah. Okay, let’s hope that Harris has better luck with his Navy intelligence buddies. Mm hmm. How long have we been friends now? A long time. It’s been a while, yeah? Yeah. I often think back when we were at the convent in Italy. Sharing a room, making mischief.

Oh, do you remember those beds? Oh my god, it was like sleeping on porcupine quills.

Why’d you invite me over here, Kristen? Oh, I just, I thought that we could catch up. Ever. Remember when, chat? Yeah, I’m not buying it. Why don’t you tell me what you really want?

It was the look in Holly’s eyes, Eric, when she told me she hated me. She doesn’t hate you, you know that. She’s just angry, that’s all. I’m just trying to protect her. You know, the thought of her going to that prom and partying until wee hours of the night, it just triggers me into remembering that she I get it.

She almost died. I get it. And I understand why you didn’t want her to go. Well, I wish she understood. She will. Just Just give her some time to cool off. I’m sorry you had a difficult Mother’s Day.

Yeah, I knew it would be. I just, I didn’t think it would end quite like this. My daughter hating me.

Get some rest, my precious little boy. And when you wake, we’ll do tummy time, okay?

Well, this is how it’s always going to be. Daddy working with Nicole. You and me alone. Or is it all going to come crashing down?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I’m gonna call the lab. Give them a nudge. You know what they say about a washed pot?

Hmm, you’re right. They’ll call when they have something. They will. Soon. Okay. And speaking for myself, I mean, after going through all of these, I am even more motivated to bring Clyde Weston and Goldman to justice. And what are these? Cold cases. Just boxes and files, just covered in dust. You know, some of these go back decades.

You know, and one day when you and I are gone from the force, I don’t want Clyde Weston to be found as a cold case by some rookie cop wondering why we dropped the ball. So you got them, the

DNA results. I don’t need to ask what they were. I know what the results are. It’s exactly what I told you they’d be. You weren’t lying. Not this time anyway. Nicole is that boy’s mother and Eric his father. Now the question is, now that you know the truth, what are you going to do about it? Who

is this guy? You were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe we should try again later? Try again later, he doesn’t even have a phone. Oh, all right, well then maybe we should go back to

Maybe that’s him. Sir, you okay down there? I mean, is he Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s, yeah, he’s breathing. Hey. Hey. Ah, he reeks of booze. Maybe he’s sleeping off a bender. Sir? Sir?

What I really want? Do I always have to have an ulterior motive? Well, come on. Kristen, it’s a little suspicious you inviting me over here out of the blue for some carrot sticks and hummus.

Okay. Okay, you’re right. You’re right, Eve. I need your help. What kind of help? I need, Ava, I need some information. Information about what? The murder of Leshaun. Do you often peruse cold cases? Like, uh, Javi? Well, it’s slow, I do. Slow? Yeah. Is it ever slow? There are some quiet moments. And personally, I hate when a case can’t be cracked.

I mean, just, just knowing how hard it is on the families of the victims. You know, not having any answers, closure. That could really eat away at you for years.

What’s eating away at you now? Bobby.

Mmm, so I think the veggie burger is new on the menu, and also the shepherd’s pie. You know what? I’m feeling, uh, I’m feeling like I’m gonna go classic. I’m gonna go with, uh, with a hot dog. You’re gonna, you’re gonna order the hot dog? Is there something funny about that, that I’m missing? Oh, it just, it just reminds me of our first first date.

Back in Seattle, remember? It was raining. We were taking a little stroll. We were sharing that broken umbrella. And then you saw that vendor outside. With the, with the hot dogs floating around in the greasy water. Oh, oh my god. And you ordered two. That was so disgusting. I remember that. I was sick for so long.

It was like three days of me watching old reruns of the World Series games and barfing literally every 15 minutes. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, that’s exactly what you did. Yeah. On that note, I think I’m going to go with veggie burger. Wait, you know what? I think I’m gonna get the hot dog. With ketchup. With ketchup?

What do you mean with ketchup? What do you mean? What do I mean? I mean that it is practically illegal in Chicago and surrounding areas to get ketchup on your hot dog. Fine. Fine? I will risk being arrested then. Wow. Wow. True rebel, huh? You know how badly I wanted to kiss you on the first date in Seattle. I was kicking myself when it ended.

I just, I thought it was too soon.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t even know if it’s Even quite sunk in yet. Though, I am fascinated, Sloan. How did you pull this off? I mean, it’s no easy task. Taking a mother’s newborn baby. Faking said baby’s death so you could pass it off as your own adopted child.

I assumed. You had help in this rather ambitious endeavor. No, it was all me. All you? Wow, quite an accomplishment.

Not to excuse what I did or anything, but I was devastated after I had my miscarriage. Eric and I, we wanted to adopt, but, you know, there were complications. Because of my past.

And that’s when by chance or providence, Dimitri von Leuschner showed up at my door. Holding that beautiful little baby that Nicole had just given birth to on the side of the road. He was supposed to take him to the hospital. But he was a fugitive, so

He brought him to me, knowing I was Leia’s lawyer. So he handed me that sweet little angel. To watch over, to bring to the hospital myself. And when I saw that precious little innocent face, I, in that moment, I felt like all the planets had aligned, like I had been given a sign. I had a second chance. I was meant to be a mother, to help Eric raise his child.

So, how did you? Processed the baby through adoption.

I faked the paperwork, took care of everything myself. I’m a lawyer, remember? I know the ins and outs of the system. It’s weak points. And how did Leo find out? Your nephew is a loose cannon. That is how Leo found out. After Dimitri blackmailed me into getting Leo’s charges dropped, he told his devoted boyfriend all about it.

Right before he was sent off to super max

So Dimitri thought That that baby was mine And yet he still chose his weasel lover over family. What a backstabbing son of a Can we not talk about him right now? Can you just what is your plan for Leo?

I don’t get it. We were talking about cold cases and then A cold case that’s eating away at me. It’s Bobby, or more accurately, related to Bobby. How so? Well, when I met him in Seattle, he had asked me if I could help find some information on his mom, since I was a police officer. What happened to his mom? I don’t know.

All I know is that she left when he was a little boy. Hmm. Yeah, um, his father said that she just left the house one day and she never came back. Yeah, it was traumatic for him. I mean, there’d be, there’d be days where we would just be together and we’d be talking and he would just start looking off. And I knew that he was thinking of her.

It haunted him. Even years later. Kristen, other than the fact that Lee was killed in the apartment that I shared with his sister and my son, I know nothing about what happened or who else might have been involved. Hmm. Are you sure about that? It’s just, it’s curious. There were two murders, Lee’s and Gil’s, in the same apartment within days of each other.

Yeah. It’s a coincidence. The police looked into it. They found nothing. Hmm. Well, maybe the police didn’t have enough information. What do you mean? Ava, is there by chance anything you didn’t tell the police? Something you know useful.

Oh, don’t you worry. I’m going to take care of Mr. Stark. Good. When you say you are gonna take care of him, you don’t mean like you’re gonna hurt him, please. No, no, no, no, no, no. We’re just going to take a lovely drive into the desert where I’m going to dig a hole about. Six feet deep.

I jest. Leo will be fine. EJ, remember what I said. The only way our marriages can survive is for the secret to stay a secret. You already know what is gonna happen if Nicole and Eric find out. They are going to leave us like that. Don’t mind. But my wife is mourning the loss of a child she thinks is dead, who is alive and well, and being mothered by an amoral kidnapper.

Fine. Take, take low blow shots at me. I deserve it. But the truth is, is that Nicole is going through the stage of the grieving process right now called acceptance. Why mess with that? Why open a wound? Why open? Are you kidding me? This would be the happiest news she has received in her entire life. She would be ecstatic over the moon.

What kind of amoral bastard would I be to keep the news from her? That her baby boy is not dead after all. Well, if you don’t keep the news from her, then she and Eric will go and live happily ever after. So, in simpler terms, EJ, if you suddenly gain a conscience, then your wife will dump you and never look back.

Get it? So, what’s best for everybody, if this just Remains our little secret. You go live happily with Nicole. I raise my son with Eric. Everybody wins.

Hot mess. Zaddy? Are you putting me to bed again? It’s like deja vu. Putting him to bed again? I found him drunk the other night and helped him get back to bed. For that, I am so, so thankful. Yeah. So much so that I woke up the next day, I took the bull by the horns, and I got Oh, an application to become a licensed dental hygienist.

I’m just kidding. I started drinking again because Hair of the frog. No, that’s not right. Hair of the dog. No. Hair of the dog. Leo, what is going on? Why are you doing this to yourself?

You mean why am I circling the drain? Well, Nicole, it’s because the love of my life sent me a Dear John letter and has rendered my very tender heart broken beyond repair. Oh, Leo, your heart will repair itself eventually, and one day you are going to meet someone new. Someone who’s right for you and things will get better, I promise.

Did things get better for the two of you? It did. It did. Yes, it did. And now we’re both happily married and feeling fulfilled in our lives, right?

Sure, Jan. Whatever you two lovebirds say. I

love Nicole. She’s a wonderful and caring person. She deserves to know. But I don’t want to lose her. Perhaps as a compromise.

A compromise? I can take the baby and tell Nicole that’s her son. And mine. At least that way she’ll be raising her child. Oh, EJ, do you really want to be raising Eric’s son? That boy is going to grow up, he’s going to look like Eric. Sound like Eric. No, you’re right, I don’t want that. Of course you don’t, EJ.

Please let sleeping dogs lie. It’s just the most sane solution that we have here. It’s best for you, for me, for little Tude. It’s the best solution we have. Is it the best and most sane solution for Nicole and Jude?

I will say this one more time and I really hope that it registers with you. If the truth ever gets out to Eric and Nicole, there is nothing, nothing stopping them from being together. Ah. EJ.

That’s my little boy, Nero. I’ve raised him since he was born.

I love him with all my heart.

Please don’t uproot him from the only family he’s ever known.

It’s like, every time, every time, I try to do the right thing, it ends up being the wrong thing. So maybe if I try to do the wrong thing, it would be the right thing. Wait, what do you mean? I mean, Look, my heart is in the right place, I swear. Like, um, For instance, some years ago, I went on a date with this guy who looked nothing like his pictures.

In other words, I was being catfished. So, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. And when I was in the toilet stall, I snuck out the window. Which was the right thing for both of us. But the next day, he sends me a bunch of Expletive laden texts. See what I mean? No, I don’t. I, I just want to help you. You want, you want to help me?

How do you want to help? I want you to be happy. Happier. But I don’t want to hurt you. You’re such a good man. Leo, what, what are you talking about? What, what do you mean you don’t want to, what? But I mean, I don’t want to hurt you. Did EJ not tell you? What are you talking about? No, what? Oh, goodness. Oh, boy.

Oh. Oh, it’s like there’s two of you. Oh, jeez. Oh, did you say something? No, you said something. Who said something? You said What? Leo? What? Hey, Leo, what? Leo. Hey, what was EJ supposed to tell me? Leo. Oh my gosh, damn it. What the hell is he talking about? I don’t know. He probably did the same thing to me yesterday.

He tried to say something about Jude and then he fell asleep. What is going on? Why don’t we leave and let him sleep it off? Yeah.

Ava, please, whatever you tell me, I will keep your name out of it.

Gil came to the apartment with something bistro related. He tried to sexually assault me. I shot him in self-defense. He died in the end. Okay, so. After Gil was out of the picture, Stefan bought the bistro and Clyde used Gabby for leverage to force Stefan to continue to do Gil’s handiwork. Right? I guess.

You guess. Yeah. Listen, Kristen, your brother told the police already that he was working alone with Clyde. We weren’t close. We’re barely acquaintances, so why is he gonna lie to cover for me? Well, that is an intriguing question, isn’t it? I do not like what you are implying, Kristen. You’re implying that I was one of Clyde’s minions.

Hey, hold on, hold on. I’m not implying anything, Ava. You and I are old friends. I’m just trying to help my brother out. Not to mention, you and I are on the same page, are we not?

Well, that’s the most I’ve ever heard you talk about Bobby. At least in an empathetic way. Yeah, well, I guess I have hinted to you a lot about how much I detest what he did to me. Sorry if that got crazy annoying. No, stop. Come on. I’m always here to listen and have your back. Seriously, uh, you two, you and Bobby, you must have had some good times.

You did end up marrying the guy. Yeah, I did. Because when I met him, you know, he was, he was kind and intelligent and incredibly witty. But then I discovered that he just, he wasn’t the man that I thought he was. Yeah. Yeah, I get that. I am just happy that he finally signed the divorce papers and I can move on with my life.

And be with the most wonderful man who I love with all my heart.

Wait a second, you didn’t like that movie? What didn’t you like about it? It was boring. Way too long. Way too long. Come on. Why didn’t you say that at the time? Because you liked it. I didn’t, I didn’t want to insult your, your taste in cinema that early. Wow Wow, too long. It was two hours. Yeah, but it didn’t feel like two hours.

It felt Endless like it like it like it would never end Wow Yeah, yeah come and clean yeah You know, I I never actually thanked you for teaching me how to play that card game. From all those years ago, the one that I was playing here with Thomas and Chad the other night. Oh, yeah. They loved it. Wow. You still have your deck?

Oh, you bet I do. You, uh, interested in a match? Well, I might be a little rusty, but, uh I think I can take you. Really? Because I trounced you the last time. Yeah, but I sort of feel like I’m more prepared this time.

So many memories. I remember everything with you, Steph. Every single moment.

Bobby? Hey!

Who is that?

Everett? Did you hear me? Sorry, what? Do you know her? Who? The woman who just called you Bobby and waved. Oh, that. No, I have no idea who that is. Maybe, I don’t know, somebody back from Seattle or a friend of a friend? Small world, I guess. Yeah, small world.

Is this coffee third wave? Or that slop they serve down at Sweet Pit? It doesn’t matter if you’re a train wreck. Just drink it. It’ll make you feel better.

It’s not bad. Could use a little Irish cream. Oh. EJ, why are you here? You don’t remember letting me in. My God, how many sheets to the wind are you? What happened to Nicole and Eric? Nicole and Eric? They were here with you? Yeah, they were. They were. I remember because privately I wanted Nicole to leave. So that salt and pepper daddy That’s Not right now, Leo.

Okay, you need to tell me why they were visiting you. Why were they visiting me? Yes.

Oh, that’s right. I passed out at the park. I think they brought me back here. But I remember wanting to tell them something. The truth. I wanted to tell them the truth about you. And did you? No, I don’t think we got to that. Thank God. Why are we thanking God? Listen to me, Leo. You don’t have to know why. But I’m telling you, that you are never to tell Eric nor Nicole the truth about Jude, ever.

Do I make myself clear? Why shouldn’t they know? The baby is Eric and Sloan’s. Period. But biologically, he’s

In exchange for a lifetime of your discretion, you know. I’m willing to transfer a very generous amount of money to a bank account of your choosing. Wow. That’s like accidentally drowning after falling off your own yacht kind of money. Mmm. This is what you wanted when you came to my house yesterday, isn’t it?

It could all be yours. But only if you promise not to ask any more questions or utter another syllable about Jude, ever, to anyone.

Alright, I’m sorry. I took your question the wrong way. I’m just a little touchy about Clyde and Gil. Okay, I understand. Alright. And listen, if Gabby really didn’t Kill Lee. She didn’t. Even if she didn’t, and if I could help you find out who really killed Lee, I would. All right. I Lee never caused me any trouble and I happen to think the world of his sister, but honestly, there’s nothing that I can do to help.


Oh, what about this one? 1992, body of a woman, in her early forties, found in the woods, wearing an Argyle sweater. Never identified. No family, no friends, and no colleagues came forward. The news referred to her as, Argyle Sweater Woman. Let me see that. You know.

Commissioner Hernandez. Oh, the results are in. Alright, that’s great. What do you got?

Wait, are you sure?

Okay. Alright, that’s great. Thanks. What? The lab analysis from the black book. The techs were able to get a partial print off of it. Oh my god, whose was it? Clive’s guy. And the blood? Whose, whose DNA was it? Yeah, the blood, it was, uh, it was Lee Shin’s.

Poor Leo. I totally understand what he’s going through. Losing someone you love and wanting to ease the pain and, um, I know you understand that too, so. I do. Thank God that’s behind us. Yeah, thank God. You know what? Yeah. You are such a good friend. And being with you really lifts my spirits. I gotcha. Coffee toast.

Oh, I have two options here. I can be extraordinarily wealthy, someone who uses the word summer as a verb, who yells at his personal assistant, but then very quickly apologizes. Someone who pretends to like skiing. Oh, with the outfits and all the equipment, sitting in some lodge, having a hot chocolate, it’s such a to do.

Or I could be a person of integrity, someone who tells the truth. What will it be then, Leo?


transfer complete. Wise decision.

I hope so. But just remember, if you keep this promise, you will have a wonderful carefree life. All the jet setting, decadence your little heart could desire. But if you break that promise, I will make sure that you don’t have a life. Do we understand each other? We do. I mean, I do understand. Perfect. Good.


Right? It’s truly unbelievable. Alright, Harris. Yeah, we’ll talk soon. What’d he say? Oh, not much. He was busy picking his jaw up off the floor. So you think this means that That my sister didn’t kill Li Xin? I do. It was Gil. It had to be. So how do we prove it? That’s the burning question. Well, don’t you want to at least talk to her?

Why would I? To find out if she knew you from Seattle. Maybe she could Help fill in some blanks for you. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, maybe I will. But, you know, first order of business, I, um, I know that this isn’t a date. It was just, uh, two friends hanging out. But I’m having a really good time. And I was thinking, would you go to dinner?

Um, sure. Great, because I recently discovered this little hole in the wall sushi place in Chicago. You know I love sushi. They have this omakase dish. Um, you know omakase where the chef picks the fish for you? It is next level. Really, really next level. You would love it. Sounds great. Uh, oh, look at the time.

I’ve got to head out and get back to work. Yeah, um, I’ll text you. Yeah, sounds good. See you soon. Yeah, see you soon.

Hi. Again. Right? Hey, Bobby. Um, Sorry to ask you this, but How do we, how do we know each other? When did we, when did we meet? When did we, Two nights ago, right here. Right. Right. Of course. We had a drink, yeah. Of course. Of course we had a drink. And I obviously, I told you my name was Bobby. Yeah. Obviously.

Obviously. Yeah. I think I’m gonna have a lunch somewhere else. Later. Later. Yeah.

Yeah, okay. Okay then. Talk soon. Yeah, I miss you too.

Is everything okay with Harris? Uh, yeah, everything’s fine. It’s just, uh, quite a coincidence that, uh What? Oh, come on, finish your sentence.

Now, it’s just interesting that, um, you invited me over here to talk about Lee and Gil. Mm hmm. And? Listen, you can’t tell anybody about this, okay? Oh. All right, my lips are sealed. All right. Harris just got off of the phone with Rafe regarding some evidence they found at the bistro.

And what the lab found was, um, it was unexpected.

How was it unexpected?

And it proved you’re right about Gabby not being the one who killed Lee.

Good God. But you know who did? Yeah. I do.

I know who did.

Hey, there you are. Oh, hi. I was looking all over for you. I was hoping maybe we could have lunch or something together. Uh, maybe another time. Sorry, it’s just been a really busy morning. Hey, uh, is everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, no, I just, I have a lot of homework and stuff to catch up on, so I’m kind of stressed.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Same. It just, it seems like maybe there’s something else going on, or

Fine. Tate, I’ve been really embarrassed you saw that huge fight between my mom and I earlier. Embarrassed? Why would you be embarrassed? No, I, I just, I hated seeing you so upset and not being able to do anything about it. Have you had any luck changing your mind? No. My controlling mother has decided I most likely am going to do drugs and die if I’m not careful.

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