B&B Short Recap Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon and Sheila discuss how Hope will react to finding out that they’re together now. Sheila wonders if it’s really worth losing his daughter, but Deacon is determined to have a life with her.

Finn can’t bring himself to tell Hope that Deacon and Sheila are in love, so he tells her to go see her dad. She goes to see him. Deacon and Sheila give her the news, but she is appalled. After Hope leaves, Finn is talking on the phone about a patient when his mom unexpectedly shows up. She’s surprised to see him there, too. She came to talk to Ridge about Steffy and the kids. When he mentions that he’s worried about Hope, she tells him that she shouldn’t risk doing something else to push Steffy away (by getting involved with Hope).

RJ tries to get more information from Luna about her past. Carter praises RJ’s talent. Luna gets a call from her mom. She tries to explain to her mom, Poppy, just how much working at Forrester means to her. Poppy points out that Luna’s Aunt Li will never allow it. Later, RJ returns and can tell she’s upset. They hug as he tells her that he doesn’t want her going anywhere.  After consoling her, RJ is called away again. Li appears, and she’s shocked to see Luna.

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