Days Short Recap Thursday, August 31, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan and Gabi struggled to find out who Dimitri’s girlfriend was and why he married Gwen instead of her. Gabi wanted to search his room and Stefan agreed to do it. Gwen wanted to know why Kristen thought she would hit Dimitri over the head. Gwen told her that Dimitri talked to her about his meeting with her. She wanted to know who Kristen thought they should partner with. Kristen wanted her to ask Dimitri, but she wanted answer from her. Kristen lied and said Chad. Gwen reminded her that Chad hates her and wouldn’t want to work with them. Kristen thought they should try to get Chad to work with them. Gwen wanted to go to her room and saw Stefan there. Stefan tried to keep her out of the room by getting her to talk about her honeymoon. She told him to ask Leo since he showed up in Iceland. She went into her room. She saw Gabi throwing roses on the bed. Gwen thought she was snooping in her room. She wanted them to leave. Gabi told Stefan that she found a receipt and saw that Dimitri paid for two room during his honeymoon. They were on different floors. She thought Dimitri brought his girlfriend on his honeymoon. Stefan told her that Dimitri brought Leo to Iceland. Dimitri didn’t think Leo could pose as Gwen. Leo talked him into it. They went to Elliot’s office so he could question them. Leo pretended to be Gwen and gave Elliot an emotional speech. Elliot believed they loved each other, but he knew he wasn’t Gwen. Elliot knew about Dimitri but gave him the check anyway. If he wanted the rest of his checks, he had to keep up the act of being married to Gwen.

Belle met with Brady at the pub. He thought she wanted to talk to him about his custody suit. She wanted to talk about Philip. She told him that Philip is one of her clients and he wanted to know how he talked her into that. She said no one had to talk her into it. She wanted to help Philip. Brady told her about the note he left for Shawn. He let her know that Shawn didn’t get back to him. He wanted to know if Shawn was on Philip’s side since she’s defending him. Belle told him that he’s not the police commissioner anymore. She told him about Paulina demoting him and Marlena putting him on a 24-hour hold. She told him that she was scared. Brady felt bad and apologized for talking so much. He wondered if there was anything he could do. She asked him not to press charges against Philip. He didn’t think that was fair, but she told him that Victor would want them to help him. Brady eventually agreed not to press charges against him. He wanted to clear his name and get his daughter back.

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