GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 19, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Austin and Elizabeth try to ease Else’s worries about Ace and tell her not to give up hope that the Haunted Star will be found and Ace will return home to her.

Ava asks Carly to put her differences with Nina aside so Nina can spend the time Willow has left with her.

Michael invites Sonny to the wedding and Sonny accepts the invitation even though he can’t bring Nina to the wedding.

Curtis talks to Laura and during their conversation, he gets the idea that Drew could help him find the Haunted Star. Spencer tells Trina Victor’s plan and she decides to go to the engine room to try to find a way to, slow down the Haunted Star to give everyone who is looking for them time to find them. Trina manages to damage a cable that supplies power to the ship. Once Victor is told about the problem with the ship he figures out someone is helping Spencer. Victor sets a trap by telling his guards there is an emergency and when Trina comes out of the engine room the guards catch her. Victor tells Spencer he can eat and takes him to the dining room and brings Trina there to show Spencer that he caught Trina.

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