Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Talia went to see Chanel and didn’t realize that Johnny was there. Chanel let her know that Johnny was leaving. After he left, Talia offered her the flowers she bought. She gave her ideas of what they could do together. Chanel stopped her and she wondered what happened. Chanel let her know that she’s getting back together with Johnny. Talia was heartbroken. She blamed herself. Chanel told her the timing was bad. Talia regretted telling her how she felt. She left the apartment. Chanel went to see Johnny. Jada talked to the hitwoman at the hospital. She denied that someone hired her to kill Ava. She said she was a nurse, but Jada didn’t believe her. EJ was on the phone with his contact. He wanted to know how long Jada had been questioning the hitwoman. He realized he had to be the one to keep her quiet. The hitwoman continued to tell Jada that she was a nurse. Jada took out her phone and read the text proving that she was at Bayview to kill Ava. Jada tried to make a deal with her to get her to talk. EJ showed up before she could agree to the deal. He told Jada that he was her lawyer. He heard about the shooting and wanted to help the hitwoman. The hitwoman agreed to let EJ be her lawyer. He let Jada know that she couldn’t interview her anymore. Jada felt like she was making a mistake. She let her know that the offer was still on the table. After Jada left, EJ wanted to know why Ava was still alive. Rafe and an officer went in the motel room. Rafe found Ava and Harris’ ID bracelets. Shawn arrived and Rafe wondered why he was there. He heard Rafe on the scanner and wanted to help. Rafe wanted him to go home because he was drunk. Shawn denied being drunk, but Rafe was able to smell it on him. Shawn told him that he only had a couple of drinks, but Rafe didn’t believe him. He told him to get himself together or he would be suspended again. Shawn was about to leave, but Rafe didn’t think he was in any shape to drive. Rafe wanted the officer to take him home.

Ava wanted to find Susan to get EJ off her back. Harris told her that they had to go to London to find her. Tripp wondered how they were getting out of the country. She said they were going to need his help with that. They told Tripp about the contacts that Harris has. The contacts can get them passports, but they needed a place to hide. Wendy told them they couldn’t hide there because of Li and Melinda. She said they had to get their passports faster. Wendy let Ava and Harris know that she used to forge IDs for her friends and she thought she could make their fake passports too. She needed real ones and she would offer her passport. Tripp offered his passport. Wendy got to work on their passports. Harris and Ava were impressed with her work. They thanked them for their help. Ava told Tripp what to tell the police. Ava and Harris left. Belle saw Shawn arguing with the officer at the Square and wondered what was going on with him. Shawn told her what happened with Rafe. She couldn’t believe he wanted to work while he was drunk. They started arguing. She told him that what happened to Bo and Victor wasn’t his fault. She thought he should go to rehab. He refused to go because he didn’t think he was drunk. She thought he needed more help than she could give him. He told her that she wasn’t being honest with him. He mentioned how she didn’t tell him about Philip and how she had an affair with EJ. Belle wanted to go home, but he refused to do it. He wanted to go somewhere that he wouldn’t be judged. She tried to catch up to him so she left a message on his voicemail. Talia was drinking at the pub. She was drinking and thinking about her relationship with Chanel. Shawn arrived at the pub and asked Talia if he could join her.

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