GH Short Recap Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Laura leaves to meet Kevin at the airport and leave for Chechnya. Spencer and Esme agree to work together to take
care of Ace. Trina tells Josslyn that Victor left Spencer falsified evidence against Esme to put her in jail. Josslyn
thinks Spencer should use the evidence to put Esme in jail but Trina tells Josslyn Spencer promised her he would
destroy the evidence.

Valentin goes to Anna’s place to say goodbye to Anna before he leaves for Chechnya, but he almost decides to stay
in town because he discovered the outside of Anna’s place has been vandalized. Anna persuades Valentin that Kevin and Laura need his help to find Nikolas.

Tracey talks to someone on the phone and tells the person that they are partners and she will get the information they need about the Deceptor.

Chase tells Brook Lynn that Nina saw Ned fall in the pool. Eddie Main decides to leave town since he loves singing
on the road.

Mason pressures Ava to get him information on Sonny’s deal with the Pikeman Group. Mason tells Ava if she doesn’t, something could happen to Avery. Pilar, Avery’s nanny, tells Ava she can’t find Avery.

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