Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava wondered if she and Harris made a mistake going to London. London is a big place so she wasn’t sure if they would be able to find Susan. Harris wanted to know what mistake she thought they made. She told him that they were there because she had a vision about Susan. It was possible that she was going crazy. Ava wondered why she would contact her. He said that she did it so they had to follow up on it. He thought it would work out for them. Ava tried to communicate with Susan, but she didn’t feel anything. He reminded her that she’s a Vitali and needed to act like one. Rafe called Tripp and wanted him to meet him at the station. Jada told Rafe that someone spotted Ava and Harris outside of Tripp’s place. He knew she worked all night and wanted her to go home. She wanted him to call her if something big happened. Tripp arrived so Rafe wanted to know about Ava being at his place. He admitted that he saw her. Tripp explained what happened to Rafe. Rafe wanted to know where Ava and Harris went and he said he didn’t know. Tripp wanted to leave, but Rafe warned him that he would be charged with obstructing justice if he didn’t talk to him. EJ told someone on the phone that he would handle everything. Nicole walked in the room so he got off the phone. She wanted to talk and he thought she wanted to talk because of his phone call. He said he needed her help with the business. She agreed to help, but she wanted to know if he tried to have Ava killed. He tried to deny it, but she didn’t believe him since he was representing the woman that Ava shot. She thought he was representing her to keep her quiet about what he did. She felt she deserved to know what was going on because she’s bringing a child into the situation.

EJ apologized for what happened. He was trying to protect her. Nicole was worried about what would happen to him. She thought Rafe would cut a deal with the woman so she could turn on him. EJ promised that he wouldn’t risk what they have for anything. Wendy showed up so Nicole left. Wendy showed him a proposal for the company. She tried to get him to talk about what happened to Ava, but he wouldn’t talk about it. He looked at her proposal. He let her know that he had a meeting to go to so he left. She spotted his phone so she tried to look through it. EJ caught her when he went back in the room. Belle arrived at the pub and talked to Eric. He wondered if she would represent him and Sloan so they could adopt a baby. She agreed to do it. He noticed that she was upset. She told him what happened with Shawn. Shawn woke up in bed with Talia. He was shocked by what happened. Talia woke up and was shocked too. He took the blame for what happened. She said it was her fault too. Shawn checked his phone and saw the missed texts and calls. He thought she assumed he was dead. He couldn’t believe how much he told Talia about his problems with Belle. He had to let Belle know that he was okay. They continued to talk about what happened between them. He didn’t want her to say anything until he figured out what to say to Belle. He went downstairs and ran into Eric. Eric wondered why he was there. He lied and said Jada let him crash in her room since she was working all night. Eric wondered about Talia and Shawn lied about her too. Talia overheard them so she made it seem like she just got home. She walked in so Shawn pretended to introduce himself to her. Jada arrived and apologized to Eric for his loss. He thanked her. He also thanked her for letting Shawn sleep in her room. Jada covered for him and went upstairs. She saw Talia changing the sheets and asked her if she slept with Shawn.

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