Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Tessa talks to Elena to get some advice from her since she is nervous about becoming a mother. Tessa explains to Elena that Feminine called them before they got on the plane to Portland to tell them she had Braxton Hicks contractions. Elena assures Tessa that this is normal in pregnancy. Elena tells Tessa she will be a wonderful mother. Tessa tells Elena she and Mariah are leaving for Portland later to be there to help Delphine with the birth.

Nate can’t stop thinking about his kiss with Victoria so when Elena arrives home she and Nate have sex.

Sally has a talk with Chloe and decides to take her advice not to tell,Adam he could be the father of her baby unless Nick isn’t the father of her baby. Nick goes with Sally to the lab to take the paternity test.

Tucker leaves a message for Ashley asking if he can go to Paris to talk to her.

Jack tells Diane she can bring some of her things to the Abbott mansion since she is going to be spending more time there.

Victor denies Jack’s accusations that Kyle is helping him sabotage Adam at Jabot. Adam later tells Jack that he has spoken to the Jabot department heads and Kyle has talked to them about his job performance. Jack tells Adam that Victor seemed to know information about Jabot when he spoke to him earlier.

Victoria tells Nate they make a good team, professionally speaking of course, and she doesn’t mention their kiss at all.

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