General Hospital Short Recap Monday, August 7, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Sam and Scout are at the Metro Court pool. Gladys makes inappropriate remarks about Scout’s daddy, Drew, being in prison. Sam starts questioning her about Cody’s stabbing. Later, Sam phones Ferncliff to see if she can visit Sasha, but they tell her only those on the list approved by Gladys can see her.

Sasha wakes up groggily in Ferncliff. Kind Nurse Mandy takes off her restraints and places a call to Gladys for her. Dr. Montague, who’s in cahoots with Gladys, tells Sasha that she stabbed Cody and that she’s been back on drugs for months. Sasha protests, horrified, that she went to rehab and got off the drugs. The doctor gives her a shot that he says will help her. She cries and begs to go home.

Nina calls around to find a venue for her and Sonny’s wedding, but Olivia asks if she can plan their wedding, as a distraction from everything going on with “Eddie,” so Nina agrees. Nina and Olivia greet Sonny and Brick; Nina tells them that Olivia will be planning their wedding.

Valentin drops by Spencer’s place to tell him and Esme that they haven’t found Nikolas yet. Laura and Kevin are still out there, searching on their own. Esme wonders if he’s dead, but Spencer thinks he’s just faking his death again. Spencer notes that Esme is a good mother. Later, they take photos together with baby Ace.

Anna visits Robert to question him about the WSB and Pikeman. She flashes back to being debriefed by the WSB. Then she goes home and puts the pieces of her puzzle together. All roads lead to Valentin. When he comes home, she tells him that she thinks she knows who shot at her, and he does, too.

Brick meets with Sonny to tell him what he found out about the nanny, Betty, and the other people Sonny asked him to do background checks on, like Austin, the late Gordon Stevens, and Mason. Sonny tells Brick about Mason blackmailing Ava. Brick suggests they kill Mason, but Sonny says they can’t do that while Mason has Nikolas’ body.

Cody tracks down Diane to let her know he won’t be pressing charges against Sasha (nor cooperating with police) because he knows something is wrong with her. He wants to go in there to see her. Later, Diane visits Robert to tell him that Cody’s not pressing charges, so she wants the charges dropped. She also invites Robert to a car show, and he’s interested. However, when he calls it a “date,” she gets annoyed and says she’ll take Alexis instead. She hints that it’s time to let go of his old car and get a new one.

Cody tries to get in to see Sasha, pretending to be Dante (her cousin). However, he’s told that he’s not on the approved list. Nurse Mandy tries to help him, but Nurse Janice is strict with the rules.

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