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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie tried to get close to Chad, but he pulled away from her. She asked if she did something wrong. He told her it was Abby’s birthday. Stephanie said she forgot. She said it was thoughtless of her to forget. He agreed that it was. He said the day was hard for him. He said he wished he killed Clyde when he had the chance. She said Clyde was locked up and can’t hurt anyone. She said Chad is loved and needed by people. He apologized for pulling away from her. She said he didn’t have to apologize to her. He said he was going to visit Abby’s grave for a while. He didn’t want Stephanie to go with him. He said he needed to be alone with the kids. He hoped she understood. She said she did. Lucas called Chad. He wanted to check on Chad because of Abby. Lucas said he wished he could be there for him and the kids. He said he hoped Chad was with people who loved him. Lucas told him about his situation with Clyde. Chad told him to stay away from Clyde. He warned Lucas not to do anything stupid. Xander went to see Sarah at the Kiriakis mansion. She told Xander that she never thought he was a killer. She said she was afraid to let him back in her life after everything that happened. They got close and almost kissed each other until she pulled away. She said he was with Chloe. He said Chloe went to New York with Philip. He said that didn’t change anything between him and Sarah. She said she regretted keeping him in the dark about their daughter. She begged him to forgive her. She said it felt justified at the time. He struggled to understand her perspective. He said he loved her. She said she wanted him to be a part of Victoria’s life. She was interrupted when the phone rang. Justin told her Xander planned on filing for full custody of Victoria. He said Sloan was going to argue that she was an unfit parent. Sarah was upset and told Xander to leave. She didn’t want to see him again until they went to court.

Clyde read in the paper that Susan was alive. He read that Edmund didn’t know who sent Susan to him. He said he was the one who did it and the police would never find out. Lucas showed up and asked why he was talking to himself. Lucas reminded him that it was Abby’s birthday. He reminded Clyde that he murdered Abby in cold blood. Clyde said he didn’t intend to kill Abby. He said he was defending himself. Lucas wondered how he was able to live with himself. He said Clyde didn’t deserve to be alive. Clyde reminded him of the crimes he committed. He warned Lucas about making threats. Ava and Harris kissed each other. He told her he wanted to do that for a long time. She said she felt the same way. She said she tried to deny that she had romantic feelings for him. They both believe their feelings were more than platonic. She said they should put everything on hold until they get their lives back together. She said she doesn’t have any money and didn’t know what kind of job she could get. He said this is her chance to get a fresh start. He asked what she liked to do. She said she loved to cook. He said she could feed people for a living. She asked what he was going to do. He said Kate suggested that he become a cop. He said he had to talk to Rafe to see what he thought about it. She said he shouldn’t use her as a reference. She said she wasn’t Rafe’s favorite person.

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