Days Short Recap Thursday, June 22, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah played Bonnie’s message letting her know that she couldn’t keep her secret. Sarah didn’t know what to do so Rex suggested that she call her. Sarah gave Bonnie a call. She told Sarah that she told Justin about the pregnancy. She assured Sarah that Justin wouldn’t tell Xander the truth about the baby. She told her that he wouldn’t run into Xander while he’s working and hooking up with Chloe. At the pub, Chloe and Xander noticed that Justin looked nervous. Justin said he wanted to tell him something. He flashed back to promising Bonnie that he wouldn’t tell Sarah’s secret. He let him know that Alex went to work for Basic Black. They talked about who Maggie would get to run Titan. Justin told them he had to get Bonnie’s soup. Xander talked to him about how nervous she seems around him. He thought she was acting like she didn’t want him to find out something. Justin tried to make an excuse for her. He started shifting uncomfortably. Xander was concerned about his behavior too. Belle talked to Brady about Rachel. She told him that Kristen wants to dispute the judge’s ruling in the custody case. She said she didn’t hear from Kristen’s legal team. She thought it was weird that she didn’t hear from them. She wanted to know what she was planning. Brady told her that Kristen won’t be going after Chloe anymore since she’s with Xander. Belle was shocked and wondered if she had lost her mind. He didn’t want to dwell on it anymore. He asked her about Shawn. She told him that he was still feeling guilty. She told him to hold on to Chloe because she will see Xander for the man he really is soon enough.

Sarah was surprised to find out that Xander was with Chloe. Bonnie thought Xander would dump Chloe if he knew she was pregnant. Bonnie thought she should probably tell him the truth. She didn’t want Xander back in her life. She wants Bonnie and Justin to stay quiet. Bonnie agreed to keep quiet. Rex wanted to know if she was okay. Sarah assured him that Xander could date whoever he wanted. She said she could date who she wanted too. She pulled Rex into a kiss. He pulls away from her. He wanted a chance with her, but he didn’t want it to be a rebound thing. She apologized for using him to escape her problems. He wouldn’t mind, but he wanted it to mean something to her. She wished she could get over Xander. He let her know that she could come to him when she did get over him.

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