GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Marshall gets the results of the genetic testing and he and Curtis are shocked when the doctor tells them that he doesn’t have any of the genetic markers for schizophrenia. Marshall wonders if he was misdiagnosed for so many years and why this happened to him.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he got the soccer scholarship to Stanford and the coaches want him to start training with the team in the spring so he can be ready to play with e team in the fall. Elizabeth tells Cameron that she helped Nikolas hold Esme hostage. Cameron tells Elizabeth he isn’t sure how he feels about what she did but he is proud of her for going to the police and telling them the truth. Cameron also tells his mother that he loves her very much.

Robert takes Deputy Mayor Ashby to the safe house to talk to Anna and Valentin. Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Anna and Valentin that she and Victor slept together several times off and on but they have not slept together since he learned that he “died”. Deputy Mayor Ashby also says Victor is looking for something but he never told her what it was, but it has something to do with the ice princess diamond Anna and Valentin are determined to figure out the location that Victor wants to find so they can figure out what Victor is planning to do.

Laura tries to persuade Esme not to take her baby to Spring Ridge with her but is unable to do so. Esme does agree to let Laura visit the baby at Spring Ridge. Spencer tells Trina he will fight for custody of his baby brother, so he won’t be raised by Esme.

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