GH Short Recap Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Felicia begins her investigation of Martin by going through his garbage. Felicia finds bank statements that have been put through a paper shredder. The pieces of shredded paper are large enough for Felicia to find out Martin has been getting monthly deposits to his bank account for $ 50,000 from a bank in Pine Valley Pennsylvania.

Tracy has a proposition for Martin.

Tracy tells Diane that Lucy, Maxie, Sasha, and Brook Lynn stole her proprietary information about the Deceptor from her and she wants to sue them. Lucy tells Maxie, Sasha, and Brook Lynn someone downloaded proprietary information about the Deceptor from Maxie’s computer.

Dante tries to persuade Cody to tell Mac that the DNA test said that they are father and son but Cody doesn’t want to do it.

Willow tells Nina that, if she wants them to have a relationship, she has to make peace with Carly. Nina promises she will make peace with Carly. Willow tells Nina that she will include her on the list of people who can visit her at home.

Carly tells Diane she needs her help to sell her house to pay the fine that the judge ordered her to pay. Diane tells Carly there may be another way to pay the fine.

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