GH Short Recap Friday, November 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Blaze meets Alexis while Alexis is waiting for Kristina to arrive so they can have dinner. Kristina arrives at the restaurant and Alexis asks Blaze to have dinner with her and Kristina. Alexis wonders how the sexual abuse by Blaze’s former manager started so, Blaze tells Alexis the story. Kristina thinks Alexis should write a story for The Invader about what Blaze went through with Linc. Blaze agrees to do the interview because it will help other women going through the same thing.

Drew and Curtis have dinner and talk about how much their lives have changed.

Olivia pulls Ned out of the water and gives him CPR. Once Ned is conscious he tells Olivia that his memory has returned but he also remembers being Eddie too. Ned tells Olivia that details are still fuzzy, but he thanks her for her love and support. Ned is grateful that she gave him the space he needed for his memory to return. Ned tells Olivia she was the siren in the song he wrote and now he knows how to finish the song.

Spencer and Trina argue because Trina thinks it’s a good idea that Esme get her own apartment. Spencer tells Trina not to make him choose between her and Ace because she won’t like his choice. Trina tells Spencer he won’t have to choose because she will make the choice for him.

Valentin finally tells Anna that Charlotte has been stalking her for months. Anna is very angry with Valentin for not telling her the truth because if she had known Charlotte was her stalker she never would have shot her. Charlotte tells Laura about the letter her grandpa Victor left her telling her she must protect her papa from Anna because Anna was going to send Valentin to jail or kill him because Anna is a bad person. Anna wants to talk to Charlotte, but Laura tells Anna that wouldn’t be a good idea because Charlotte is terrified of her and thinks that she shot her on purpose.

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