Days Short Recap Monday, September 4, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted to know why Theresa was in Salem. She said she was there to pay her respects to Victor. Brady reminded her that they weren’t close. She told him that she had a breakthrough before she left town. She said Victor told her that he was proud of her. Brady talked to her about helping Xander when he abandoned Chloe. She said she would always hate Xander for being the reason why they weren’t together anymore. Brady told her that Xander wasn’t responsible for them breaking up. Her lying is the reason why they aren’t together anymore. She agreed with him, but she wants to give their relationship another chance. She kissed him. He enjoyed the kiss until he came to his senses. He didn’t think it was a good idea. Theresa told him they were single, and they should consider giving their relationship another shot. Brady turned her down and told her that it wouldn’t happen. He asked her to leave. John wanted Marlena to tell him about the case she wanted him and Steve to work on. She told him about the man at the hospital. She wanted them to find out who he is. She also told him about the son he wanted to find. She gave him details about the guy. They thought he might have been a veteran. John suggested running his prints through a military database to find out who he is. Marlena got a call from Harris so she had to leave.

John and Steve investigated the mystery man. John decided to call the VA hospital. They found out that a patient was missing. They wanted to find out more about it so they went to the VA hospital. They talked to the administrator to get some information about the man. They found out the man’s name was Joseph Bell. The administrator gave John and Steve access to Joseph’s military records. John was surprised to find out Joseph Bell served in the same unit in Korea as his birth father. Harris wanted to know if Ava was still seeing Susan. He wanted to know what she was saying. Ava told him and swore to him that she didn’t know what Susan was talking about. Marlena arrived and offered to hypnotize Ava. Marlena wanted Harris to leave them alone so they could get started. Marlena walked her through the night of the accident. Harris came back in the room after they were finished. Ava told him that she didn’t remember anything new. Marlena apologized for not being able to help her. She said that she had to leave. After Marlena left, she told Harris that she lied to Marlena. She said that Susan was still alive. EJ had a dream about his mother. She wanted to know why he didn’t avenge her death. He went to Xander’s place with his gun. He told Xander that he couldn’t stop thinking about his mother’s death. Xander said it was Ava’s fault. EJ told him that he agreed with him and wanted him to kill her. He offered to pay Xander for killing Ava. EJ thought he owed it to his mother to take care of Ava. Xander thought EJ was setting him up. He turned down EJ’s offer. EJ was going to make Xander pay with Ava. EJ called someone and told the person to kill Ava and Xander.

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