Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Billy tells Jack he thinks Ashley is marrying Tucker to put Tucker on the board of directors of Jabot. Billy tells Jack he will do whatever he has to do to stop Tucker from getting into Jabot.

Adam tells Victor that he wants to get rid of the music division of McCall Unlimited and concentrate on the streaming divisions of the company. Adam tells Victor he is going after Newman Media and Victor is upset about it but Adam is going to do it anyway.

Faith finds Borgnine dead by the front door of Sharon’s house. Sharon calls Chance and Nick and tells them that she knows Cameron is trying to warn her that he is coming after her. Chance takes the cat to the lab to determine a cause of death. Chance later tells Sharon and Nick that the cat was poisoned. Sharon tells Nick she thinks Cameron came inside the house because the cat has been in the house all day. Nick tells Sharon he is going to find Cameron and put an end to this once and for all.

Kyle finally figures out that Summer knew her mother was alive and lied to him to protect Phyllis. Kyle is most upset that Summer let Diane stay in jail and didn’t tell the truth. Kyle tells Summer he isn’t sure if he can forgive her and walks out of the house.

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