Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad told Stephanie that the kids were with Doug and Julie so they could have some time to fix things. She agreed with him when Everett showed up. Everett needed his help with Leo’s situation. He asked her to go to the office with him. Chad thought they should distance themselves away from Leo, but Everett disagreed with him. Stephanie sided with Everett. She understood Chad’s feelings since he lost his nephew, but she reminded him that it was her job. Sarah went to see Xander. She surprised him by showing him Victoria’s updated birth certificate. She named him as Victoria’s father. Sarah told him that she had Justin draw up the paperwork for joint custody. She was happy that things were getting better. She thought there was a chance they could get back together. Sarah was open to the idea. He was about to kiss her when she told him that she had to go to work. After she left, Chad showed up. He wanted Xander to sell his half of the newspaper. Xander wasn’t interested in selling his half of the paper. Chad told him that Gwen sold her half of the paper and they were partners now. He would allow Xander to keep the profits if he fired Everett.

Steve told Kayla that he and John found out the truth about Konstantin. They found out that he lied to Maggie. He told her that Konstantin and Victor weren’t close anymore when he wanted a loan. Victor turned down a loan that Konstantin wanted. Kayla thought Konstantin had good intentions, but Steve didn’t agree with that. Kayla thought they shouldn’t say anything to Maggie about Konstantin. He didn’t think that was a good idea. Kayla thought he should tell Maggie’s family so they could watch out for him. Sarah walked in and he told her about Konstantin. She had doubts about him too. Sarah told him about Victoria’s kidnapping and how he found her. He didn’t know about the kidnapping. Steve wondered if he was behind the kidnapping. Stephanie and Everett were working at the paper. She went into his laptop bag and found a ring. He admitted that he bought it the night he was going to propose to her. Everett was going to propose to her when he saw her again, but she was with Chad. He knew he should sell the ring to help pay for his medical bills. She apologized to him, but he said she didn’t need to be sorry. Everett wished she didn’t find it. Later, Xander let Everett know he was fired.

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