Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina arrived at the station and yelled at Rafe over the missing evidence. He assured her that they were working on the case, and they would take down the drug cartel. After Paulina left, Rafe and Jada decided to call it a night. They went out to get a Christmas tree. It wasn’t big, but Jada loved it. Chad overheard Stefan on the phone saying that he wanted Clyde dead. He wondered what happened. Chad thought he was talking about EJ so Stefan went along with it. Stefan asked if he blamed him for feeling that way. Chad understood and told him that he shouldn’t be surprised that EJ doubted Gabi’s innocence. Stefan said there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his wife and Chad understood that. Chad remembered when he held Clyde at gunpoint. Stefan got upset at the mention of his name, but he covered his reaction. He made it seem like he was upset about what he did to Abby. Chad wanted to get dinner for him and Stephanie, but Stefan said the Bistro was closed. He planned to reopen it since he’s the new owner. Chad was surprised, but Stefan said he was keeping busy while Gabi was in jail. He left to take his phone call with Vivian. Stefan told her that he wanted Ivan to kill Clyde. Vivian refused to help Gabi because of what she did to her. She refused to change her mind no matter what he said to her. He vowed to make Clyde pay one way or the other.

Everett talked to Gwen about firing him. He was shocked by what she told him. Stephanie ran into him and told him that she and Chad talked to Jack and Jennfier. They offered to give him a job in Boston. He appreciated it, but he had a mystery to solve. Everett told her that Gwen sold her half of the paper, but she wouldn’t tell him who she sold it to. He was determined to find out who bought the paper. Stephanie agreed to help him find the new owner. Everett researched until he found the name of the company that bought Gwen’s half of the paper. He told her it could take a while to find the person who bought it. Stepanie called Shane to find out if he could look up the company that bought the paper. She was about to go to dinner with Chad when Everett told her that Shane emailed him. He was shocked by what he read. Everett tried to lie to her about the email, but she didn’t buy it. She warned him that she would ask Shane about it if he didn’t tell her. He showed her the email and she was shocked. Stephanie saw that Chad was the one who bought the paper. She left and ran into Chad in the town square. She told him about what he found out.

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