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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Vivian is on the phone talking about getting rid of everything of Maggie’s until Maggie then walks in.

Alex is passed out on his couch until he is awoken by Sonny knocking at his door. Sonny walks in and informs him that dad told him the score. Alex clarifies that’s Sonny’s dad while Justin is his ex-dad but dad no more.

Kristen enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Gwen tells her that it’s time to turn this in to the darkest and bleakest day that Dimitri and Leo have ever experienced. Gwen states that they betrayed her in the most unimaginable way and declares that now they just have to find a punishment worthy of their crimes.

Leo has a nightmare about Dimitri killing Stefan and Gabi. Leo then wakes up in a panic. Leo grabs his phone and calls Dimitri but he ignores the call.

Dimitri enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and questions why the door was closed since there’s no secrets here. Gwen tells Dimitri that she didn’t want him to hear what she was asking Kristen. Gwen claims she was asking Kristen what to surprise Dimitri with which he questions. Gwen thinks he deserves a very fun surprise because he’s the man she fell in love with almost immediately overnight as she kisses him. Dimitri claims that he fell in love with her as quickly. Kristen assures that Gwen never lets herself forget that.

Sonny argues that Alex can’t think like that. Alex says he’s just telling it like it is since the guy that he thought was his dad apparently had nothing to do with bringing him in to the world. Alex remarks that it explains why Justin is a dignified, well-respected guy and he’s not. Alex adds that it explains why Sonny is liked by everybody and he’s not. Sonny calls that untrue. Alex asks him to leave but Sonny refuses, insisting that nothing has changed. Sonny argues that he’s still his brother and Justin’s still his dad. Alex complains about his mother having an affair with Victor and that Victor didn’t think he deserved to know Justin wasn’t his father. Sonny states that their relationships, connection, and love doesn’t have to change. Alex calls it reality. Alex declares that his dad is not his dad and he and Sonny are not brothers.

Maggie asks if Vivian got her message last night. Vivian confirms that she ignored it and warns that she’s trespassing. Maggie then reveals that Victor did have a will after all and presents it to Vivian.

Marlena joins Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate asks about visiting Eric at Sloan’s apartment. Marlena calls it lovely, bright and spacious but the important thing is that Eric seems to be happy. Kate wishes them both the very best. Kate asks if Marlena’s heard the latest about Vivian. Marlena says she heard Vivian had resurfaced in the Kiriakis Mansion and was parading as Victor’s widow. Kate confirms that’s the gist but she heard from Bonnie that all of that is about to end. Kate is very pleased to report that Vivian is going to be kicked out on her ass.

Vivian tells Maggie that she can wave papers in her face all she wants but Victor told his lawyer to destroy his will. Maggie confirms that he did but then he wrote a new will. Vivian calls it preposterously convenient and unbelievable. Maggie reads to Vivian that Victor discovered his divorce to Vivian was never finalized and it was a mistake that he intended to rectify when he returns to Salem. Maggie reads that Victor intended to finalize his divorce and make Maggie his wife as soon as possible and he wanted to make sure that Maggie was provided for. Maggie reads that Victor left 50% of his estate to her and says the rest doesn’t involve her. Vivian brings up the other 50%.

Sonny wishes Alex wouldn’t wallow in his self pity when he should be counting his blessings. Sonny argues that Justin is a great guy with a huge heart, who loves all of his kids including him. Sonny tells Alex that he’s being self indulgent and pathetic. Alex tells Sonny to leave. Sonny informs him that he is leaving Salem because he has a plane to catch in an hour. Sonny wishes he didn’t have to leave Justin and Alex like this but he has to get back. Sonny says that in spite of everything, he knows Alex is dealing with a lot right now and that he’s just venting. Sonny tells Alex to stop wallowing, drinking himself in to a stupor, and isolating himself. Alex shouts that he needs time to think about the fact that everything he thought about himself up to this point was a lie, like thinking he knew who his father and brothers were. Sonny argues that Justin’s DNA is not what made them brothers, but the time they spent together. Sonny points out his mom not being Alex’s biological mother. Sonny insists that their past doesn’t change. Sonny says screw you to Alex for saying he’s not his brother.

Gabi and Stefan talk in their room. Gabi questions Dimitri ignoring their threatening text messages. Gabi talks about Dimitri losing his money when they reveal his wedding to Gwen and his manhood when Gwen finds out he’s been sleeping with Leo. Gabi says once they get Dimitri’s shares, they will be top dogs at DiMera. Stefan says not so fast as he’s done some thinking and he counted the shares. Stefan then reveals that if they get Dimitri’s shares, they will only have enough for a tie.

Dimitri tells Gwen that she doesn’t need to surprise him. Gwen claims that she read that surprises are the secret to a very happy marriage. Dimitri says he’ll leave them to it then but Kristen tells him not to go as they need to talk about outstanding DiMera business. The doorbell rings and Dimitri says they can talk about that anytime. Dimitri says he will get the door while they continue planning his surprise. After Dimitri exits, Kristen complains that he couldn’t wait to get away from her. Kristen says to just wait until he sees what kind of surprise Gwen has waiting for him. Gwen remarks that it won’t be the kind he’s expecting. Kristen calls it a punishment and declares there’s only one punishment that fits Dimitri’s crime. Gwen says she’s listening as Kristen declares that they have to kill him.

Dimitri answers the door at the DiMera Mansion to see Leo, who hopes that he did not kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri confirms that he did not and tells him to keep it down before the whole house knows his plan. Dimitri notes that the day is still young.

Gabi questions Stefan counting up the shares. Stefan repeats that getting Dimitri’s would only put them at a tie 7 to 7 with EJ’s camp. Stefan goes over who they have while EJ has Tony, Chad, Li, Johnny, and Kate. Stefan can’t imagine anyone switching sides at this point. Gabi brings up Li. Stefan says there’s no way he would switch sides as there’s too much history. Gabi argues that it would take some convincing but it’s possible. Stefan questions how. Gabi responds that it won’t be hard as she will seduce him which Stefan laughs at.

Gwen asks if Kristen is joking about killing Dimitri. Kristen responds that she’s only thinking of her. Kristen brings up Maggie being out on the street because Victor died without a will and now Vivian has everything because she was still Victor’s legal wife. Kristen adds that if Dimitri dies, Gwen gets every dime coming to him. Gwen reminds her that the marriage has to be in effect for at least a year before the money kicks in. Kristen points out that it doesn’t say anything about if one of them die. Gwen argues that it’s only for her wanting him dead while Kristen doesn’t care about anyone but herself and what she would get, so she questions why Kristen is so willing to go nuclear. Kristen responds that she knows Dimitri’s kind and these things you just have to nip in the bud. Gwen responds that she’s not a murderer. Kristen argues that Gwen broke out of prison to kill her own sister. Gwen denies that and says she only looked to set up Sarah to make it look like she was attacking Abigail. Gwen brings up Dimitri going to deposit a check in to a bank account that he thinks she doesn’t know about. Gwen suggests she go to the bank and withdraw all the money from the account and then she and Kristen can split that, feeling that’s enough for revenge. Kristen remarks that Gwen has become such a prude. Kristen decides if that’s what Gwen can live with. Gwen says she will go to the bank now and tells Kristen to hold down the fort as she exits. Kristen remarks that she’s going to do a lot more than that. Kristen then goes to the safe and removes a gun. Kristen loads the gun and declares that Dimitri has it coming to him.

Leo tells Dimitri that it’s wrong and dangerous. Dimitri assures that he’s not going to prison and he’s not giving Gabi and Stefan his shares of DiMera. Dimitri complains about Gabi texting him and remarks that she really does need to die. Leo argues that he won’t get away with it and tells him to just let Gabi and Stefan have the shares since he will still have tons of money from marrying Gwen. Leo feels there has to be another way and worries that if the cops question him, he will fold and then he’ll lose Dimitri forever. Dimitri assures that he won’t lose him so Leo pleads with him to find another way and not kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri reluctantly agrees. Dimitri and Leo then hug as Gwen opens the front door and sees them together.

Alex remarks that Sonny’s tough love is just what he needed. Sonny asks if Alex has at least talked to Justin. Alex calls Justin his cousin while Sonny insists that he’s his dad and the guy that raised him. Alex states that he hasn’t talked to him since he told him about the letter and then he got drunk. Sonny complains that Alex is too self-absorbed to think about how this new development is affecting everyone else. Sonny tells Alex that Justin is hurting too, so he suggests Alex get cleaned up and go talk to him. Alex feels there’s no point. Sonny questions what he means. Alex argues that none of it makes sense because at the end of the day, Victor knew that he was his dad and never said a word. Sonny knows that’s messed up but argues there has to be a reason. Alex questions what reason he could have possibly had. Sonny suggests maybe he thought Justin would be a better father but he’d have to talk to Philip about that. Alex questions why he had to find out after Victor was dead. Alex asks if leaving him half his fortune is to make up for lying to him for his whole life. Alex doesn’t even know if he wants the inheritance. Sonny argues that the money is not half as important as how everyone is feeling right now. Sonny encourages Alex to come to terms with this, deal with the anger, and figure out why Victor did what he did. Sonny adds that Alex has to think about Justin because he’s just as messed up as he is about this. Sonny assures Alex that Justin loves him like a son and always will. Sonny says the same for himself loving Alex like a brother. Sonny believes everything else is meaningless in his book and asks Alex if he agrees with him. Alex responds that even if he does, he can’t just let go of the fact that he was deceived all of his life and he can’t just suddenly learn that Victor is his father and not be changed in very fundamental ways. Alex asks if Sonny understands that he has to rethink everything.

Maggie tells Vivian about Alex and that Anjelica’s letter and Victor’s will were crystal clear. Vivian remarks that she was just telling Alex that he had Anjelica’s killer instinct but it turns out he has a double dose. Maggie repeats that she and Alex get half of the estate while there is no third. Vivian argues that it’s all hers as she grabs the will from Maggie and rips it up.

Kate informs Marlena about Victor writing a new will to the relief of the family. Marlena guesses that means Vivian has no claim on anything which Kate confirms and repeats that Vivian is out on her ass. Kate imagines how satisfying it will be to picture Vivian finally getting what she deserves.

Maggie tells Vivian that was really dramatic but completely useless, like her. Vivian tells Maggie to get out of her house. Maggie asks if she really thinks she’d let her in the same room as the original copy of the will. Maggie argues that Vivian has always underestimated her. Vivian refuses to leave. Maggie calls her predictable and declares that she came prepared which Vivian questions. Maggie then calls in Deputy Pratt, who serves Vivian with an eviction notice as he then escorts Vivian out of the Kiriakis Mansion.

Gwen shuts the front door before Dimitri and Leo see her and then calls out to Kristen that she won’t be long so that they hear her coming. Gwen then exits the mansion and greets Dimitri and Leo, asking what they are plotting. Leo hugs Gwen and claims he came to see her as he missed her and hoped they could grab breakfast before work. Gwen says she’s sorry but she has lots of secret errands to run in town. Leo says they’ll do it soon then. Gwen then asks Dimitri about hogging Leo since it seems like ages ago that he went to answer the door. Dimitri claims that after Kristen and Gwen’s talk about surprises, he was talking to Leo about what he could do for her. Gwen remarks that it’s not easy to pull one over on her as she kisses Dimitri in front of Leo. Gwen wishes them luck and says she won’t be long as she walks away. Dimitri assures Leo that he did not enjoy that kiss. Dimitri complains about getting another text from Gabi and says he should go deal with them. Leo questions how he plans to deal with them. Dimitri tells Leo to relax as everything is going to work out. Leo says he will relax as long as Stefan and Gabi will still be alive when he’s done. Dimitri then heads back in to the DiMera Mansion. Leo worries that his entire life is about to go up in smoke.

Stefan tells Gabi that she is not going to seduce Li. Gabi asks why not since he still has a thing for her. Stefan says as much as he loves power and booting EJ out of their shared office, he loves his wife even more and kisses her. Gabi assures that Stefan is the only man that she loves and that she was only saying that to get him all hot and bothered. Stefan realizes her pitching seducing Li was just an act as they kiss.

Dimitri returns to the living room and says he didn’t realize Kristen was still there. Kristen tells him not to rush off on her account and pulls the gun on him. Dimitri asks if that’s really necessary and if she really thinks he’s going to cut her out of her share of the money. Kristen responds that she goes by actions, not words, and it’s obvious what his intent is. Dimitri gets that she’s angry but feels she’s also bluffing. Kristen asks if he’s sure about that.

Sonny goes to see Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion and tells her that he’s leaving today, though he wishes he didn’t have to with everything going on but it’s way overdue as it is. Maggie tells him that it meant so much to her that he came to Victor’s service. Maggie asks how Alex is. Sonny responds that he’s pretty much how she’d expect as this is not going to be easy on him. Maggie says it won’t be easy on any of them. Sonny tells Maggie that he’s really glad she is back where she belongs. Maggie talks about losing Victor being difficult as well as the fallout, but admits it was so fun to kick Vivian to the curb. Sonny wishes he could’ve seen it. Maggie says that Vivian will keep moving on to some new scheme and God help whoever she targets next.

Vivian goes to see Alex, who says he’s really busy right now. Vivian is sure he has time to talk about his future but he says he doesn’t. Vivian argues that now that the whole world knows Alex is Victor’s son and heir, they can team up against Maggie and take over the company. Alex responds that he doesn’t have any beef against Maggie which Vivian questions. Vivian argues that Maggie threw Alex out on his ass at Titan while now he can return the favor. Vivian tells Alex to show some guts but Alex instead escorts her out and slams the door.

Stefan and Gabi get dressed again after having sex as Stefan jokes about having something to prove in case she wasn’t joking about seducing Li. Gabi states that their problem right now is Dimitri and suggests they go downstairs to see him before Gwen finds out that he’s cheating with Leo.

Gwen goes to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn. Leo questions what she’s doing there as he thought she had errands. Gwen responds that she finished early and stopped by the Bakery. Gwen presents Leo with a banana cream pie and then smashes it in his face.

Dimitri asks Kristen if they really have to do this, insisting he has no intention of cheating her. Dimitri states that he’s only gotten the first installment of his trust but as soon as he gets the second, she will be swimming in cash. Kristen argues that she already should be. Kristen says threatening to tell Gwen about he and Leo didn’t put a fire under his feet but maybe this will. Dimitri remarks that Kristen talks a good game but she’s never actually killed anyone that he knows of, so he really doesn’t think she’s going to start today. Dimitri then takes the gun from Kristen and remarks that he knows how to read people. Kristen warns Dimitri that this isn’t over as she then walks out of the mansion. Gabi and Stefan come in. Dimitri claims that he was just looking for them. Gabi asks if he has what they want. Dimitri responds that he does and pulls the gun on them.

Maggie begins putting her things back in the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie picks up her and Victor’s wedding photo and says it’s so good to be home but it’s so lonely and empty without Victor. Maggie cries that she misses him so much.

Alex sits at home and thinks back to Vivian urging him to have some guts.

Leo questions Gwen smashing the pie in his face. Gwen responds that was for sleeping with her husband and calls him a bastard.

Stefan argues that Dimitri can’t be serious. Dimitri says a little while ago, he was going to hand over the shares to them but knowing them, it wouldn’t end here and they’d hold what he did to Gwen over his head for as long as they could profit from it. Dimitri says he has to nip this in the bud. Dimitri adds that Leo told him not to go to these extremes but he’s just going to have to find a way to make him understand. Gabi pleads with him and says he can keep his shares as they have plenty. Dimitri remarks that they will make beautiful corpses. Stefan turns to cover Gabi while Dimitri is suddenly shot from behind by Vivian!

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