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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan talked to Eric about his case. She told him she could make his charges go away. She got a message from Trask. She said Trask was going for attempted murder because Stefan’s heart stopped when Rolf deprogrammed him. He asked how that was possible. She told him that before they made up. she told Trask to throw the book at him. She said she had an idea. While Belle and Brady were eating at the pub, he asked her to take Eric’s case. She didn’t want to hear it since Sloan was representing him. She couldn’t understand what Eric saw in her. Brady said she was hot, but she was there for him. She said Sloan was a nightmare. She said she hoped Eric kept it professional. When EJ woke up, he felt as if he was drugged. He told Nicole that Stefan switched the drinks. He thought Stefan was on to him. She told him he should confront Stefan. He agreed with her. Stefan told Wei to let him know when he made the decision to kick EJ out of DiMera. When he got off the phone, Johnny came in and accused him of switching the drinks which drugged EJ. Stefan asked if he as telling him EJ was the one drugging him. They continued to argue until Johnny told him to work things out with EJ.

Eric and Sloan went to the pub and saw Belle and Brady. Sloan told Belle and Brady about the attempted murder charges. Belle told Sloan they should work together to keep Brady and Eric out of prison. Belle wanted to call Stefan. Stefan walked in the pub. Eric and Brady walked away. Stefan sat with Belle and Sloan. Belle and Sloan asked him not to press charges against Eric and Brady since everything worked out. He said as much as he hated to admit it, Eric and Brady helped him out. When Stefan left, Belle and Sloan were happy. When Brady and Belle were alone, he told her she and Sloan made a great team. He said they should start a firm together. She said she wouldn’t team up with Sloan. She said she wished Eric would stay away from Sloan. Xander went to the Spectator and saw Leo sleeping there. Leo said he wanted to give him and Gwen privacy. Xander said he told Gwen that he wasn’t over Sarah. Leo asked why there was a do not disturb sign on the door. Xander said he thought Gwen wanted to be alone. Leo went to check on her. Gwen woke up and wasn’t happy with Alex being in her bed. He said it was hot and wanted to be together again. She didn’t want to be with him. She said it was a mistake. He said he knew she used him to get over Xander which was fine because he was trying to get over Stephanie. He said they were single and free to have sex.

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