Days Short Recap Monday, October 9, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told Justin that he and Bonnie could move back to the Kiriakis mansion. She told him Alex kicked her out of Titan. Stephanie went to Titan and told who she thought was Vivian that she quit. When Alex turned around, she was shocked that he was there. Bonnie and Kayla talked about Victor’s will. Bonnie told her Maggie was taken care of in the will and kicked Vivian out. She also told her Alex was Victor’s son. Alex told Stephanie that Victor left everything to him and Maggie. Stephanie wondered what happened with the rest of the family. He said Victor was his father. Maggie and Justin talked about Alex. She told him Alex told her the board would vote her out. She said Alex offered her a job but she didn’t take it. Justin said he couldn’t believe Alex would do that. He also couldn’t believe Victor would do this to them. Brady, Theresa and Tate came home from California. Kate told Chad that Sarah and Rex lied about the baby being Rex’s. She said Sarah and Rex were keeping Xander away from the baby. She was upset that she was stuck with a daughter-in-law she didn’t like. Kayla was shocked that Victor was Alex’s father. She couldn’t believe Victor would do that to Justin. Maggie told Justin that Victor probably kept Alex’s paternity a secret because he thought Justin would be a better father. Alex told Stephanie that Justin was her cousin and Sonny wasn’t his brother. Stephanie said it didn’t have to change anything. She asked if Victor’s will gave him control of Titan. Alex said not necessarily. He said Maggie said Victor would have given him the company sooner if he wanted him to run it. Stephanie asked if that was true. Alex said he wasn’t sure. He said he probably thought the money would make up for not being there for him as his father. Brady and Tate argued over him getting expelled in school. They argued over Tate getting a job.

Chad talked to Kate about Stephanie. He said he and Stephanie weren’t together that long. Kate asked if he wanted to marry her. Stephanie tried to convince Alex to appreciate the money and power he has. She assumed he wouldn’t be living near her anymore. He said he didn’t feel comfortable living with Maggie right now. He told her she could quit the company if she wanted to. She said she didn’t want to quit. Justin asked Maggie if Alex wanted to move back in the mansion. She said he liked where he was. Justin said he wouldn’t come back to the mansion either if Bonnie didn’t want to move in. Maggie told him the mansion was his family home. She said Victor would have wanted him there. She said Alex was still his son. She reminded him about what happened when Mickey found Mike wasn’t his son. She said Mickey and Mike went through drama at first but loved each other. Brady and Theresa took Tate to the pub.Tate didn’t want to work there. Bonnie told Brady that Victor changed the will. She said Vivian didn’t get anything. She said half the money went to Maggie and the other half to the son no one knew he had. Kate tried to convince Chad to make a commitment with Stephanie. Stephanie showed up while they were talking. Justin appreciated Maggie talking to him about Mickey and Mike. She thought things would work out between Justin and Alex. Brady couldn’t believe Alex was Victor’s son. Kayla told Victor there was a letter with the will. Theresa flashed back to opening the briefcase Shane gave to her with Victor’s will in it. She left the pub so she could take care of something. She went to see Alex.

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