Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 9, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Adam and Victoria have concerns about Chelsea and Billy’s relationship with Victoria telling Billy that he should take things slowly with Chelsea if he does have feelings for her. Adam tells Chelsea Billy is too immature to be in a relationship with anyone. Chelsea tells Adam that her friendship with Billy is none of his business because it is her life, and she chooses her friends. Chelsea tells Billy later that she doesn’t care what people think about their friendship.

Diane asks Kyle to consider giving her Phyllis’s old job at Marchetti Home. Kyle tells Diane he will talk to Summer and they will have another talk about it later.

Jack is very angry with Kyle after he accidentally reads a message on Kyle’s phone. The text message is from Victor thanking Kyle for his help with the Adam matter and telling him to stay tuned. Jack gets even more angry with Kyle when Kyle lies to him about working with Victor. Adam is about to go into Jack’s office but he stays in the hallway outside Jack’s office. Jack asks Kyle why he wants Adam out of Jabot. Kyle admits to Jack that he doesn’t think Adam belongs at Jabot.

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