GH Short Recap Friday, January 13, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Trina argues with Portia because Portia doesn’t want her to be friends with Spencer. Trina tells Portia that she hopes one day she can see that Spencer isn’t like his family. Trina asks Portia to trust her about Spencer but in the end she is going to be friends with Spencer.

Spencer tells Alexis about Esme’s nanny Maggie because he thinks that Esme’s nanny could be the hook killer. Joss gets questioned by Dante and Jordan and after she gets Diane to be with her during questioning she tells Jordan and Dante that she didn’t see the killer because she was wearing a mask. Joss also tells Jordan and Dante that she couldn’t tell if the hook killer was pregnant because she was running for her life. Joss doesn’t tell the police that Dex shot the hook killer in the arm.

Drew tells Michael that Nina is Willow’s mother, and he is about to tell Willow, but she gets upset at the mention of Nina’s name. Carly tells Nina that she is Willow’s mother but Nina doesn’t believe her until she remembers the connection that they have always had even though Willow has always hated her…there were times that they really connected with each other. Nina arrives at the hospital and Willow tells her to leave but Nina says she can’t leave because she is the only person who can help her.

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