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what’s in the box? Is it ticking? Digital detonators don’T. Yikes. I was just kidding. Even still, it is…light. Spencer, after everything we’ve been through with your uncle, you don’t need to open that. Mom, please. Call diane. Make the deal and testify against sonny. Josslyn, I don’t know how much of the conversation you heard — oh, my god. I heard enough. It’s a no-brainer. You don’t belong in prison. But sonny does. No, it’s just — I just wish you were here. You should be here, you know, with your daughter. Sonny, it’s very kind of you to say that. It’s true. Well, don’t worry. I’m not giving up. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to be with the people I love.

[ Breathing heavily ] I’m so gonna get fired! It’s not that bad. No, no, no, no. A-a-and on my first day. I — just — just take a breath. Take a breath.

[ Breathing heavily ] What is going on? Thank you. I’ll go get your lab results.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Taggert: Trina? Dna results? For trina? Trina decided that she wanted to know who her biological father was, so she had her dna tested against marcus’… and curtis’. And now the results are in. Marshall: What y’all waiting on? Get your butts over there to the hospital. Go ahead and be with trina. Come on. You’re right. I should get going. Sorry about dinner, dad. Oh, don’t worry about dinner. I’ll save you a bowl. Don’t worry about it. Just go. I can’t believe it. In minutes, I’ll find out if I’m gonna be a father.

Thanks for getting here so fast.You call and I come. That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it’s always gonna be. And besides, I wanted to have a little you and me time. Well, I only called curtis a few minutes ago, and the nurse just went to get the dna test results, so we should be good. How are you feeling?

[ Sighs ] I’m all over the place. Relieved that the wait is over. Terrified that the results won’t be what I was hoping. I hear that. Mostly, I’m worried about the future. I know we said nothing was gonna change — nothing is gonna change. Not between us. Yeah, I want — I want to believe that, but… it happens all the time. People think nothing’s gonna change, and then in a heartbeat, everything’s different. That’s people, not us. That’s what I keep telling myself, too. But it’s just not realistic. And the truth is, those results could change everything. Curtis, I just want you to know, no matter what those results say, we all love you, and we’re here for you. A-and your father and i would be happy to come with you if — if you want the support. Thank you, aunt stella. I appreciate it. Portia and i will be fine. Oh, I-I don’t think that trina would want me there. She’s your daughter. This is a potentially life-changing day for her. And whose fault is that? Trina called you. She didn’t call me. I-I think that speaks for itself, so I — portia, I know the two of you have some things you need to work through. But one day, trust me, she’s gonna look back and she’s gonna be glad her mama was there for her. Okay. And if — if either of you need anything — stella, stella, we’re gonna be here holding down the fort, just a phone call away.

[ Door closes ] Yes, sonny hurt me. He hurt all of us. And I’m not saying we forgive and we forget, but we move past it. We move on. What I won’t do, what I definitely won’t do is have someone else pay for my mistakes. I’m sorry to interrupt. Uh, I got to — I got to be somewhere. Can you tell willow that I’ll see her tomorrow? Will do. Alright. You gonna go see nina? Uh, yeah. Take care of yourself. See, he’s, uh — he’s still choosing nina over his own family. Okay. You know what? It’s his fiancéE. Mom, if you don’t make this deal and you actually go to prison, he gets donna full-time with nina. Why are you sacrificing yourself for him after everything he’s done? Alright, josslyn, josslyn, enough. This is mom’s choice, okay? We have to respect that. Oh, and you’d know all about making choices that hurt innocent people, wouldn’t you? I’m so sorry. I-I-I so screwed up. It’s hardly a disaster. Can one of you please tell me what’s going on? This is all my fau– not you. I-I just got like 5 million text messages in the last half-hour. What happened, and — and why are you here? I’m here because I was made aware of a minor snafu, and I thought I might be able to help put out some fires. Fires? Plural? It — it seems esme, uh, inadvertently forwarded an e-mail from a source to the global address book.

[ Gasps ] Opening us up to being scooped? Making our source vulnerable? It — it — it — it was an accident. I thought I was just gonna be answering phones. I’m trying to do everything that’s expected of me, but all I can think about is how ace is staying with people who are trying to take him from me, and I — as you can see, esme was already pretty frazzled by the time that e-mail came in. How bad is it? I worked with the staff to blunt the damage. Now everything’s handled. It’s all fine. Really. Really? Really? Really. Esme. I need to be able to count on you to handle sensitive information responsibly. Mm-hmm. But it’s your first day, so I’m going to trust that you can and that you will learn from your mistakes. Wait, so I’m not fired? Not today. But you never know what tomorrow will bring. Clock out. Clock out! Yes. Thank you. I’m so sorry. I promise you won’t regret this. Um, at least not more than you already do. Um… think she’ll show tomorrow? I’m calling a temp agency. I feel like I should at least know what it is. Everyone else’s gifts were innocuous enough. Ava: Open it or don’t, spencer. But whatever it is, don’t keep it. It’s up to you.

[ Knock on door ] Anna, you made it. Please. Hi. Yes. Come on in.Sorry. I got held up at G.H. That’s alright. Uh, this is victor’s executor. Anna devane. Jb brown, esquire. Oh, mr. Brown. Yes. I saw your name on the invitation to this — whatever — get-together. Do I even want to know what I missed? Uh, victor has found a way to be present from beyond the grave. Please take a seat. Thank you. Hi. I’ll open this later. Let’S…get this over with. Mr. Brown: Shall we continue? Please.

[ Computer beeps ]

And now for my other nephew, nikolas cassadine.

Victor: Or should I say…

Was nikolas invited to this? Does victor know where my son is?

…Prince nikolas mikhail stavrosovich cassadine. I’ll never forget how you came to my aid when I needed you. While your family mourned your death, we helped each other build new lives. Sadly, hard times have finally caught up with you. But when the going gets tough, you need a — a home away from home. I trust spencer will take good care of my gift to you until you return.

[ Computer beeps ]

[ Computer beeps ]

I’ve left perhaps the greatest gift of all to my formidable opponent, special agent anna devane. Oh, my dear anna, we’ve both been in this business long enough to know that eventually, our sins catch up with us. So I leave you… the truth. So, you think everything’s gonna change? Why? The only way nothing’s gonna change is if that test says you’re my biological father. And if not, I’m still your father. You’re still my daughter. I mean, there’s no test gonna tell us how we feel about each other. It’s not about what the test says. It’s about what blood says. I know we’re not gonna stop loving each other, but we’re both gonna have to live with the fact that I have another father, one who I’ve missed out on 20 years of getting to know. Oh. So, um, do you regret spending all of that time with me instead? Of course not. Then what’s the problem? If it turns out that curtis and I… I’m concerned the more I get to know curtis and his relatives and the closer I get with them… …the more I’ll hurt you. Okay. Can you explain to me what really happened with that e-mail that she sent to the entire planet? And — and what are we gonna do about the fallout? How did you manage that?

[ Sighs ] The editors were divided about the best way to handle the leak. So while the staff tried to reach you, and they did try… I was at my genocidal uncle’s will reading. I couldn’t take any calls. …I have had some experience with sources in the past. Fortunately, this one was communicating to us through an anonymous e-mail account, so… and we refused comment to anyone who called to follow up and, uh, legal watchdogged everything to ensure there was minimal damage to the invader. All in all, great way to spend an evening.

[ Sighs ] I appreciate that you came in to handle it. My pleasure. I must admit that I’m a little surprised to see you, in that you’ve been ghosting me. It’s very kind of you to come keep me company. Well, I thought that you would be, you know, worrying about willow, so here I am. Thank you. Yeah, I am. But I just keep thinking, if I stay away now, then I might be able to get her back later. But I don’t want to talk about this subject anymore. I want to talk about something happier. What do you have in mind? I do have something in mind, and that’s a little bit of a clue. I think I know what this is about. Yeah, so I have some ideas about our wedding, and I’d love to share them with you. Well, I’d be happy to look at them. I know you don’t really care about that. Well — grooms usually don’t care about things like this. You know what I care about? Spending my life with you. And knowing you care about that… is what keeps me going. What the hell is going on? Why don’t you go ahead and tell her, michael? Look, mom’s got enough on her plate right now that we can figure this out on our own, okay? Or you could just tell me.

[ Cellphone rings ] It’s pilar. I have to take this. If this isn’t over when I come back, I want to know. Look, josslyn, you can be as pissed off at me as you want. Oh, well, thank you, but I don’t need your permission. And I don’t want to be mad at you. But you — I know what I did. I’m just saying leave mom out of it. She’s got enough to worry about. She doesn’t need to be taking on anything else right now. Michael, I don’t want to drag mom into what you’re doing to dex, either. You know, maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t turn sonny in.

I’m sorry about going radio silent. I thought about reaching out, many times, actually. Why didn’t you?

[ Sighs ] When I was diagnosed with als, I-I — all I could think about was not wanting to be a burden to anyone. Even though you urged me to tell the truth, by telling you, I felt like I had dumped this massive burden on you. And then when I didn’t hear from you, I assumed I was right about that — that I scared you off. That is, until I got that last text message you sent. Gregory, the reason I didn’t contact you is because I was a-afraid that you would think I was disregarding your boundaries. And then I-I talked to my daughter. I didn’t tell her anything. No details. I — but she told me there’s a big difference between inserting yourself into someone’s life when you’re not wanted and — and just simply reaching out to let you know that I’m thinking about you. I convinced myself that I could go it alone. But then your text helped me realize I was wrong about that. And how much I need a friend. Eat this gumbo before it get cold.

[ Sighs ] I can’t even think about food right now. Don’t think. Just eat. As we speak, curtis, portia, and trina are going through something momentous, and they need the support of their family. We are supporting them, stella. W-w-we’re supporting them by giving them the room they need to deal with this issue, regardless of what happens. Then — then they gonna come back to us. Come to you. Curtis might come to you, but [Scoffs] My nephew wants nothing to do with me. He’s still upset that I ran away from his wedding. Ah, you may have — you may have run and hid, but at least you came back. Took you long enough. And here you are, letting my gumbo get cold. I-I appreciate what you’re trying to do. And I know you think curtis will forgive me. But I wasn’t there for him when he needed me the most. And I’m just afraid that I’ve — I’ve lost him forever. When I look at you, I see that little baby I used to hold in my hands and sing to sleep at night. I see that girl who demanded I take her training wheels off her bike and the same little girl whose skinned knee I was patching up when she crashed not even moments later.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] When I look at, um, you, I see your whole life. The good, the bad. I see parts of your life that I wasn’t even a part of. Because you’re gonna be here. ‘Cause you’re always gonna be a part of my life, and I’m always gonna be a part of yours. So if, um — whew. Um… if you end up being another — part of another family, it doesn’t mean you’re not mine. Oh, come here. Anna: Alright, so that’s it? Victor wanted to taunt me one last time? Are we finished? Not quite.

[ Computer beeps ] Victor: Finally, to our illustrious mayor, laura collins. Oh, my dear, dear laura. If you’re watching this, it means you’ve won. You are the sole survivor of the great game we began all those decades ago. So I leave you… to live the rest of your life in peace with my respect and admiration, knowing that you were indeed a worthy adversary. Congratulations.

[ Computer beeps ] That concludes the reading of victor cassadine’s last will and testament. I leave you to your grief.

[ Coughs ] Thank you for everything, mr. Brown, and thank you again for coming to the apartment. I appreciate that a lot.

[ Sighs ] I’ll get the door for you. Bye-bye. So… so, spencer, what’s in the envelope? Oh, this? Yeah. This is a, uh… private family matter, and you’re no longer — spencer, I’d like to know what’s in it, too. Okay.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] Well, it’s in russian. So, anybody? I think anna can speak russian. Anna. What?Can you read russian? Uh, yeah, a little. Why? Okay. Let me see. Oh, I-I don’t know. It’s like a deed to a property. Uh, right here — right here’s the address. See? I mean, I-I can’t — sorry, I — sorry I can’t be of much more help. Thank you, anna. Uh, could i get you something? I mean, I think we could all use a stiff drink at this point. I’m sorry, no, I — I have to get going, really. So, what do you think this, um, is about? This truth that you’ve inherited? Oh, I don’t know. It’s just a mind game, really, isn’t it? Victor’s attempt to get me to obsess about something, drive me to distraction? Whatever. Oh. That old song. I know it well. I’m not worried about it. Still, I don’t think any of us should take a gift from victor at face value, right? Yes, we know better. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Excuse me. Thank you. Thank you for coming. Oh, thank you, laura. Yeah. Bye. Take it easy, now. Yes. Okay, so why would victor leave nikolas property? Look, mom has to defend herself against the insider trading charges. And now that you’ve left dex hanging out to dry, she can. Look, joss, nothing is official. We don’t even know if the justice department is even going to make her an offer. Well, why does she have to wait? She can bring the offer to them. She could save herself and drew. Once, you know, you give her the smoking gun. Oh, come on, joss, you don’t mean — yes, I do mean the recording that dex risked his life to make. The one that makes sure sonny goes to prison for the rest of his life.

I’d like to set the date far enough away to give willow a chance to recover, just in case she wants to go. I know it’s a long shot. Whatever you want, we will do. Uh, that’s — I’ll be right back. Yeah? Oh. Hi. Anna, good to see you. Yeah. Nice to see you. You, too. I know you just got back from answering questions about greenland. We — we need to catch up. Yeah, I would like that. I’m sorry. I just — I have to do this. Oh. Oh, okay. You — you risked your life to save my aunt so she could save my daughter. And for that, I will be grateful to you forever. It — it was nothing. That’s — anna, it was everything. I had my reasons for not wanting to use that footage against sonny. Mm-hmm, and how do those reasons compare to our mother going to prison? Something that you have the power to stop. Give the video to mom and tell her to take it to the feds. Guys, look who I found. Tj: I was just coming to find you. I have an update about willow. Well, is the transplant finished? I looked up the address. It’s in chechnya.

[ Sighs ] Well, the cassadines are originally from russia, so maybe it’s an old home of theirs?

[ Sighs ] Is the will reading over? We just finished. Okay. What is this doing here? This is ace’s favorite blanket. Why — why doesn’t he have it? Where is he? He’s asleep, esme. You put him down without his blankie? God, I can’t leave him alone for a second. Can you believe her? You know, she just got ace back, and then she had to leave him again for work. Uh, it’s just hard on a mother. Anyway, victor said that nikolas had helped him. And we know that nikolas gave him shelter, and then victor returned that favor. Well, I got wyndemere in the divorce, so maybe victor is using this as a replacement? In chechnya? Well, it would guarantee I wouldn’t visit. I don’t know. He said, “when the going gets tough, you need a home away from home.” What are you thinking? I’m wondering if this is where nikolas has gone to hide. We’re still waiting. I hope it’s okay that — that I’m here. I can leave if you want. No, no, you — you should stay. I’m sorry. I should have — I should have called you. It’s okay. I was with curtis when you called. I know. I moved my things back in tonight. So have you two worked things out? One day at a time. Miss robinson. Here you are. Thank you. I guess it’s now or never.

It says that curtis is my biological father. Hey, you know what? Um, it’s okay, baby. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. I wanted to know the truth. And now I do. But, um, I want to make one thing clear. I care about you, curtis. I do. And I know we’re gonna need to figure out where we go from here. Whatever our relationship is, whatever — wherever it goes from here… …I just need you to know that I’m not looking for a replacement father. And I hope that you can accept that. Stella, you raised him to be loving and — and trusting and to have faith in his opinions and to hold himself and others to high standards. But you know what else you did? You raised him to be forgiving. As upset as he was with portia, he still decided to move back in here so he could work on his marriage. And it was her secret that you were holding. You were also holding my secret. Now, if he could forgive me and portia, he definitely can forgive you. You really think so? Oh, shoot, girl, I know so. Thank you for admitting that you need a friend. I need a friend. And I’m glad for friends. It’s mutual. And I promise that I’ll follow your lead regarding your illness. And I hope that you’ll just let me be a part of it while you’re going through it. Deal. Deal.

[ Chuckles ] Awesome. Thank you. And also thank you for stepping in to handle esmegate.

[ Scoffs ] It’s nice to feel useful. You miss it. Of course I do. Oh. I was expecting a little pushback, but go on. I-I really enjoyed volunteering here. Yeah, it was exciting and — and gave me some purpose. I missed it. And…you. Can I make an observation? Has my objection ever stopped you?

[ Chuckles ] I know you wanted this job, and you didn’t take it because you didn’t want people to know you were sick. Because if they did, they would think you wouldn’t be able to handle it. Tell me if I’m wrong. If victor had nikolas safely tucked away in chechnya, why mention it here? But if nikolas was aware of the place already, maybe he went there without victor knowing. Ace is sleeping soundly, with his blanket. If you’ll excuse me, grandmother. Esme, sit down. Um, no, thank you. I’ve been sitting all day, and it wasn’t exactly a very good day to begin with, so… okay. Whatever it is, please just tell me. We might know where nikolas is. W-where? Is he in port charles? No. No, no, not in port charles. But if this information is what I think it is, then it’s possible that nikolas is holed up in some remote part of chechnya. Or not. Laura, there’s no proof at all that he’s there. But it’s the best lead we’ve got. I mean, maybe we can find him and finally bring him home. Yes, willow’s bone marrow transplant is complete. Oh.

[ Laughs ] Thank god. So, uh — so what are the next steps? So, willow will remain in the hospital to give the donated bone marrow cells time to create new cells in her body. Now, that process is called engraftment, and it can take some time. How long? Every patient is unique. Sometimes as little as two weeks. On the outside, maybe six or more. Now, once engraftment has occurred, willow can go home, but we’ll still want to track her recovery in case complications arise. What kind of complications? Willow’s body is essentially rebuilding its immune system, so she’ll be highly susceptible to infection. We want to monitor that. Another possible major complication is graft-versus-host disease, which is when the patient’s body rejects the donated cells. Wow. That’s — that’s a lot to take in. Try not to worry. Willow is getting excellent care, and we’re optimistic that she’ll make a full recovery. Okay. How is willow? Receiving her bone marrow transplant thanks — thanks to you. I’m happy to hear that. You okay? Probably not. Agent anna devane. Anna: Yes. Can I help you? You…are under arrest.

I understand how you feel, laura. And even though things ended badly between us, I want nikolas back with his family. But you can’t go on some wild goose chase to chechnya. It’s dangerous. I’ve been worse places. You know that nikolas has managed to vanish more than once before. He would hide someplace where nobody would think to look, not on some old family property, right? I just don’t want you to set yourself up to be disappointed or shocked. Well, I appreciate that, ava, but, uh, I can’t just sit around here wondering, you know? I have to see for myself. If there’s even a chance that I can find nikolas, I have to take it. The doves I was gonna give to trina. Uncle victor saved them for me. But why? It’s true. I was afraid to take you up on the editorial board position. I didn’t want anyone to find out I was sick. Well, I didn’t tell anyone, and I’m not gonna tell anyone, so we’re over that hurdle. And…

[ Sighs ] …I wasn’t sure I was up to the job. Are you kidding me? You just proved to me and to the entire staff that you are more than capable of — of getting in the thick of things. And more importantly, you proved it to yourself. So… is that position on the board still open? It’s funny you should ask, because as luck would have it, I never got around to filling it. You know curtis means everything to me. I do. Thank you for being there for my sons when I couldn’t be. And I want to thank you for stepping up… when I wasn’t strong enough to face curtis myself. That’s what a family does. We help each other out. Yeah. When we’re at our best. And when we’re at our worst. That’s when we need the most help, right? Yeah. What I need right now is some of your gumbo. Ooh.

[ Laughs ] ‘Cause I’m hungry and it smells good. You ain’t said nothing there! Let’s partake. Let’S… why don’t you say it, stella? Come on. Oh, dear lord, thank you for our family. I understand. And I want you to know the last thing I would ever try to do is take your father’s place. I care about you a lot, trina, okay? So from here on out, I’ll just take your lead. I appreciate that. You could, um, do worse, having two dads. Especially one as good of a man as curtis. So, um, I’m — I’m just gonna leave you guys to — to work this out, okay?

[ Crying ] Okay, wait…

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Crying ] Tj, thank you so much. I’m just happy to finally deliver some good news. Uh, can I — can I see her? Of course. And if you need anything, let me know. Thank you. Thank you. Did you hear that? Yeah. Full recovery.

[ Laughs ] We have to be, you know, still careful, but — we will. We will. We’re gonna follow all the guidelines. And at the end of it, willow is gonna be okay. So whatever’s going on between you guys, just end it, okay? Because nothing’s more important than being here for each other as a family. You’re absolutely right, mom. We’re — we’re gonna do what’s best for the family. Right, michael? Anna: What is this about? I can’t say more until we’re in a secure location. Well, I have a right to know why I’m being arrested. Or I’m not going with you until I find out. I’m sure you’ve clocked the agents in position in this room. Yeah. I expect there’s a lot more of them stationed around the hotel to prevent any escape. And all of this is for me? I’m flattered. It would be best if you came voluntarily. But if not, we can do this the hard way. Anna, you want me to call diane for you? No. Thanks, I’m good. Well, I look forward to finding out whatever the truth is. You have the right to remain silent — I know my rights. Then by all means. .

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Gregory accepts the job on the editorial board of The Invader because he misses working with Alexis at the paper. Gregory also tells Alexis he needs a friend to help him go through his ALS with him.

Victor leaves Nikolas some property in Chechnya and leaves the deed to the property with Spencer until Nikolas returns home. Laura thinks Nikolas may be in Chechnya and decides to go search for him.

Trina gets the DNA test results which say Curtis is her biological father. Trina tells Curtis she is not looking for a replacement father and Curtis agrees to let Trina decide where their relationship will go.

TJ tells Michael that Willow’s bone marrow transplant is complete and she will need to stay in the hospital two to six weeks until the transplanted bone marrow starts making healthy cells. TJ tells Michael that they have to monitor Willow to make sure she doesn’t get an infection or reject the transplant. TJ tells Michael if everything goes well Willow will make a full recovery.

Josslyn tells Michael to give the video evidence that he has on Sonny to Carly to give to the Justice Department.

Anna gets arrested by the WSB and she doesn’t know the reason why she is being arrested.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, May 30, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I hope that you’re okay with me picking you up a little bit early from daycare at the invader. Yeah, i know. You probably miss your mom, but today’s her first day on the job, and she has to stay a little bit late. You understand? You get this. I think what’s most important for you to remember, though, is that this is your home and as long as i need to remind you that our guests will be arriving soon. Yeah. Oh for uncle victor’s will. Reading? Yes. Well, i guess that means that we should probably put ace down, huh? We should. I think that you don’t need to hear anything about uncle victor being abducted and then dragged on to the haunted stars. Enough to last you a lifetime. I think so, too. Fortunately you’re not going to remember any of that, right. How oh.

[ Chuckles ] Come on. Okay. What do you think? More cayenne? Oh, my goodness. It’s perfect. Don’t touch it. Mmm! Where’d you learn to make gumbo that good? Mmm! Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. See, that’s one of the benefits of being a musician in new orleans. Now, the locals say, you go on and give them the blues, they gonna give you cooking lessons. Okay.

[ Both laugh ] Mmm. Hey. Hey. Hmm? Man. That was a happy day, wasn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] It was until it wasn’T. Aww. I’m still waiting for my happy ending. Hey.

[ Door opens, keys jingle ]

[ Door closes ] Carly, it’s me. I, um… I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and I wish I could be with you right now. But I know the best thing for me to do is to stick to our plan to find some way to pressure ned to get the government to drop the charges against us. I know that. I’m on it.

[ Sighs ] I’ll check in with you soon, okay? And please let me know if there’s any updates on willow. Okay. Bye.

[ Sam chuckles ] Dad!

[ Chuckling ] Hi! Oh, man. Hi. Sam: You know your daughter. Once I told her there was a sleepover at daddy’s, there was no stopping her. Mm. Are you sure it’s a good night? Of course it is. Right, dad? Every night that I’m with you is a good night, and I will never take one for granted. Never. Yeah. Diane. I was just thinking about you. Really? So, you think that the feds have been monitoring you and those close to you and saw carly mess up and pointed the sec in her direction in order to try and pressure her to flip on you? Find out how and why the feds got involved. Sonny — anything you can come up with, just let me — I have pretty much exhausted all of my sources. What about the D.A.? I was just thinking about you, as well. That’s not fair. The feds can’t use carly against her own husband. Ex-husband. Th-that’s even worse. She’s not protected by spousal privilege now. I am sure that the feds think that carly’s got all sorts of incriminating information about sonny. And — and they would be right, by the way.

[ Sighs ] There’s got to be a way to keep sonny from taking the fall. Oh, olivia. I hope you’re right. Michael, how’s willow doing? Uh, she just started the procedure. The bone marrow transplant’s going to work. And willow’s gonna be with us for a very long time. We were outside her room a few minutes ago, and she was being really brave. You know, willow’s gonna need a lot of support. And I think we should put everything aside and — and stick together for willow’s sake. Can we all agree on that? If only we were still this happy. I need a consultation, dr. Robinson. Oh, come on. Okay what do you think? Okay. Oh my goodness. It’s perfect. Don’t touch it. Mhm. Where did you learn to make gumbo that good? Hm mhm. Mm hm. See, that’s one of the benefits of being a musician in new orleans is now the locals say you only give them the blues. They going to give you cooking

Of course we can put everything aside. ‘Cause what matters right now is willow. Speaking of which, I don’t think I can just stand here. I’m gonna go see how the procedure is progressing.

[ Sighs ] So, any word on willow is gonna happen soon, you think?

[ Cellphone chimes ] I don’t know. Probably not. Uh, mom, trina just texted me. She’s downstairs. Okay. Go, go. I’ll text you if anything happens. Okay. Okay. They could not get away from me soon enough. Diane: It’s very ironic that you and i run into each other. If the, uh, rumors are true and it’s sonny that the government really wants, then carly is just the means to that end. Now I feel terrible for arguing with carly about this. I mean, if we hadn’t, we maybe could have put our heads together and figured a way out of this whole insider trading mess. Yeah. I-it must be painful knowing that your friend and ex-business partner thinks you’re fooling yourself about your husband. Yeah, well, maybe I overshared with you a little bit about that. Carly understands that my loyalty is to ned. She just — she can’t figure it out. She’s — she’s convinced that he’s the one that blew the whistle on her and drew. Well, carly’s always convinced of carly’s point of view, as if there’s never a possibility for another. I’m sorry. I don’T… I know that you guys are friends, and I respect that. I do. I do. And I agree with you, despite their divorce. And despite that rock on your finger. Yeah. Carly is a proud woman. She cares about her kids. She — she does. She cares about sonny. She’s never gonna send him to prison. But on the other hand, I do believe that someone’s gonna go down for this. And if it’s not sonny — it won’t be sonny. So, that means it’s either carly or drew, and you’re really, really good friends with both of them. Do you think that there’s a chance that one of them will turn against the other to save themselves? Alright. What do you got there? It’s my workbook from school. Ooh. Oh, I think that’s her subtle way of saying, “I hope daddy helps me with my homework.”

[ Chuckles ] Can you believe there’s only a few weeks left before summer vacation? By the way, I heard the metro court pool is opening soon, so we can get in there and we can start working on your swimming strokes, okay? “Working on –” no, no, no. She already swims like a seal. And I think she gets it from you. Hmm. I’m a mermaid, not a seal. I’m so sorry. That’s right. Yeah. Don’t — don’t forget.

[ Chuckles ] Yes. And on that note, mermaids love music, right? This was… this was your brother oscar’S. Wow. Oscar sure did love music, didn’t he? Yeah. And, scout… I think that oscar would have loved for you to have that. What do you think about that, scout? I love you, daddy. Aww. I love you, too. I’m gonna take this upstairs. Oh, could you put it in the guest room, please? You’re right on time, curtis. To celebrate your homecoming, I-I whipped up my world-famous gumbo ya-ya.

[ Chuckles ] I love it, dad. When do we eat? Oh, not we — you. I’m just the cook. This a meal for two. Welcome home. Hey. Any news? Any news? They just started the transplant. It’s a lot like a blood transfusion, so willow is gonna get dr. Obrecht’s bone marrow, and that takes as long as it takes. We just have to wait and pray that the new marrow starts producing healthy cells. I’m sorry. My little problem hardly seems to matter when willow’s life is at stake. Oh, stop it. Of course it matters. I mean, your life could change with these dna results. I’m not gonna let it. Marcus is always gonna be my dad, and curtis is always gonna be curtis, a man that I’ve grown to love and respect. And what about your mom? My mom is always gonna be my mom, even if I never trust her the same way again. I thought you guys patched things up.

[ Sighs ] Have you ever tried to fix a flat tire with a patch? It’s not a permanent fix. Yeah. And, uh, when’s the last time you changed a tire? Okay. Never. Mm-hmm. I’ve never had to change a tire. But I could if I had to. I’m sure you could. After everything you did in greenland with spencer, you guys can do anything. You can, too. Which is why we make the best roommates. I know, I know, but we only have two more days in the dorm, remember? I know. But now I need a place to stay for the summer. Any suggestions? You don’t want to move back home? How’s trina? Grandmother, were you eavesdropping on me? I didn’t have to. I could tell by the smile on your face who it was. That could have been, uh, molly or alexis. You know, I smile when other people call me, too. Not the same smile.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me. Ava, alexis, please come in. Hi. Thanks. Hi, laura. Thank you. I’ve been dreading this ordeal since I got my invitation. Hello, nephew. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Expecting to inherit something, ava? No, no, no. I don’t care about any bequests. It’s just that, after the hell that that man put me through, I can’t hear often enough that victor cassadine is truly and most sincerely dead.

[ Clears throat ] Oh, dear. I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there. Please come in. I don’t think that we’ve met. I’m laura collins. That’s mayor laura collins. And you are? Jb brown, esquire. Brown, brown, & whitlow. Victor cassadine’s attorney and executor of his estate. You may have seen my letterhead on the invitation we sent regarding this will reading. So, you can go ahead and go, and I’ll — I’ll just stay here until I get word about willow. I can stay.

[ Sighs ] Have you heard from the sec? Not so far. Haven’t heard from the justice department, either. I think you’re gonna hear from them real soon.

Thanks, spencer. Uh, mr. Brown, thank you so much for being willing to do the reading here at my apartment. It saved all of us a trip to your office. Happy to accommodate. The late mr. Cassadine didn’t stipulate where he wanted his will read, only the parties he wanted in attendance. Mm.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me. Mm. I know, I know. Hey, martin! Forgive me, baby sister. I’m sorry I’m late. It’s fine. Had a minor crisis at the… well, look at this.

[ Chuckles ] Jb. I should have known you’d be here. Huh. You two know each other? Know him? This man is a legend in his own time. Graduate of princeton, oxford,

and yale law school. That’s victor’s lawyer, alright. Only the very best for the absolute worst. Martin. Hello. What are you doing here? Well, seeing as how my client, valentin cassadine, couldn’t make it, he’s asked me to stand proxy in his stead. Are you anna’s proxy, too? No. No. Anna’s on her way. She may be running late. I’m afraid my schedule’s rather tight. I don’t have time to wait for ms. Devane’s late arrival. Uh, well, I can certainly fill anna in. Everyone, why don’t we make ourselves comfortable so that we can get started? Well? Shall we begin?

[ Locks disengage ]

[ Sighs ] I’m just so comfortable living in the dorms. I don’t know why we can’t live there in the summer. Really? Come on. Would it be that bad to move back in with your mom? I don’t know. Things are a little better with my mom, and I don’t know if I’m ready to be part of a family, especially with the dna results hanging over our heads. Well, if you don’t want to go home, I have another option. How’s trina? Good. S-she’s good. I mean, the spring semester is ending soon, and so far, she hasn’t made any plans to come home, but, um… well, maybe when the dna results come in. Yeah. I don’t know about that.

[ Sighs ] Depending on the results, it might be harder for trina to think of this as her home. Well, um… I came home, didn’t I? I guess you heard the news. Of course. Um, I’m sorry you got it secondhand. I wanted to be the one to give it to you in person. I don’t understand. Why was it up to you to tell me? Well, my complicated life just became a little less complicated. Um… w-what are you talking about? Holly’s left town. Uh…what are you talking about? Um… no, I-I don’t believe that carly and drew would ever turn on each other. I mean, d-drew just risked everything to go bring your aunt liesl back to save willow’s life, and the whole time he was gone, carly could not stand the suspense of knowing if he was safe or not. No, no. Those two are completely in love. Yeah, but if the rumors are true — and maybe the rumors are just that — they’re rumors. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Diane: I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do this time.

[ Sighs ] We can’t be sure that the feds are gonna take my case from the sec and offer me a deal if I give evidence against you. Not that I would take it if they did. Well, I appreciate that, but like I told you before, I’m not gonna let donna grow up with a mother behind bars. I think we’re worrying about nothing. Like I said, no one from the justice department has approached me. Yet. They haven’t approached you yet. Alright, look, I, uh — I had diane work robert scorpio. He has contacts in D.C., And it’s pretty well known he hates my guts. So, if the feds are gonna make an offer, he’s gonna know about it. That puts diane in an awkward position. You know what? For what I pay diane, she can be in an awkward position, especially when it comes to you. You’re way too important. Thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you for what?

Willow? The transplant’s still in progress, but so far, so good. Okay. But again, what were you thanking sonny for? Um… come on. You have so much on your plate right now. You don’t have to worry about your parents. So, in other words, there is something to worry about? Look, there’s something that I want to talk to you about. And I-I wanted you to hear it in person so you don’t hear it from anybody else. Hear what? Nina and I just got engaged to be married. You and robert are friends, right? Yeah, but I would never — impose on that friendship. Yeah, I totally get it. Totally. But robert is the D.A., And if anyone knows what the U.S. Attorney is doing, it’s — it’s robert. But why would he tell me? Because, olivia, your — your husband’s reputation, not to mention your marriage, are suffering because of these rumors of backdoor deals swirling around. You know, no one knows what’s really true. I think you would be doing everyone a service if you would… go over there, find out what’s going on. Clear the air. Never mind what I was talking about. Why on earth would holly leave town? Her son’s in trouble, so she’s gone to the rescue. Oh. Well, good for her. I’m assuming when all that’s over, she will come back to port charles. Yeah, but I don’t think I’m a factor in that decision. I’m sorry, robert. Don’t be. Ah, good. You two are, uh, talking shop. So you won’t mind telling me if it’s true. If what’s true, liv? Um, I can take a little powder room break if you guys want to talk in private — not necessary. Diane, I believe you are already involved in this. Involved in what? The deal that would make carly give up sonny.

[ Harmonica playing ]

[ Chuckles ] Aww. That is so good. Good. Right? You know, honey, it’s such a nice day out. Why don’t you go practice for the birds? Do you think they’ll sing along with me? I think there’s only one way to find out. Aww.

[ Birds chirping ] You know, I think she’s probably gonna sleep with that harmonica under her pillow. Mm. Well, it’s her harmonica now, so that’s — that’s up to her. It’s funny, isn’t it, how precious the little things can be? You’re not gonna lose her. I don’t know. I mean, if those insider trading charges stick, then… then what? I mean, isn’t there any way to fix this? Well, that depends on the whistleblower. I mean, ned’s got the clout. Ned’s got the contacts to make this whole thing go away. But he’s not gonna do that. The less you know, the better. Are you — are you kidding me? If you want to dig up leverage on ned, that’s what I do. It’s in my wheelhouse. All you have to do is ask. You did come back home.

[ Chuckles ] And I’m beyond grateful. I just hope that you’re back for good. The ashford/robinson party, right this way, please.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, my goodness. You don’t think that… maybe trina thinks of this as her home after all. I know! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. You can move in with me. There’s plenty of room. Shouldn’t we ask your mom first? Why? She’ll love the idea. Are you sure, joss? What about spencer? What about him? I was thinking maybe the worst is over and I have nothing to worry about with this will reading, and then I remembered what a monster victor was. Well, go ahead and worry. I’m going to enjoy this. Mm. Everyone, it’s time to let my client speak for himself.

[ Computer beeps ]

Hello, everyone. And welcome to the reading of my will.

If you’re watching this video, congratulations. You survived. And sadly, my attempt to make the world a better place has failed. His warped view of the world. The shame is that you’re going to have to carry on for the rest of your lives in an overpopulated, under-resourced planet. But hopefully my bequests will help provide a little comfort to you as civilization continues to crumble all around you. Ava, my dear, until my nephew nikolas returns — if ever — to rekindle your romance, I bequeath to you a rendering of your first true love.

[ Computer beeps ]

[ Light laughter ]

Ava: Oh! Eh. Maybe I can donate it and get a tax write-off. [ Laughs ]

[ Computer beeps ]

Alexis, my dear niece, I’ll never forget the kindness that you extended to me, inviting me into your home for that thanksgiving. This matryoshka doll dates back to the romanovs. Inside are ever-smaller versions of itself, each one representing your daughters. This is actually nice. And to one daughter in particular, samantha, I bequeath this deck of very rare tarot cards. Who knows? Maybe one day she’ll use them to make herself lucky in love [Chuckles] For once. And there it is. Victor the monster. I know you and spencer aren’t as close as you used to be. Hey, he is always welcome to come by and see you. He can even bring ace, just as long as esme is not a part of the equation. And what about dex? What about him? Oh, come on, joss. Dex and spencer hate each other, and you know it. Surprise!

[ Chuckles ] I take it tj didn’t let anyone know I was back in town. Tj does work extremely long hours at G.H., So — I-I know. I… and I know he has a lot on his mind now, so… I took it upon myself to — oh. Is this a bad time? Really, I’m — okay. I’ll just text, and I’ll contact you guys later. Stella, stella, you’re not going anywhere. Is she, curtis? Aunt stella’s always welcome. Am I really? I wouldn’t blame either of you if — curtis is absolutely right, stella. You are always welcome here. Then why are we standing around like strangers? Stella, girl, you look great! Come on here and give me a hug. Come on, now.

[ Laughs ] I’m glad to see you two are together, in spite of me. Olivia, where did you hear that there is a deal on the table regarding carly? I heard that carly can get out of these insider trading charges if she gives up sonny. Is there any truth to that, district attorney? Now, look, you two are not playing by the rules here. I care because, “a,” sonny is dante’s father, “b,” carly is my best friend, and, “c,” my husband is suspected of being the one that blew the whistle on drew and carly. And, “d,” diane is sonny’s attorney, so I assume that she is very interested in this, too. So, why don’t you stop stalling and just answer the question? Okay. Let me make it easy for you. If you stay silent, that’s all the confirmation we will need. What I can say is, um…

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] You got your answer? Michael: It’s no surprise that you and nina would eventually take the next step. But our agreement still applies. It’s always gonna be willow’s decision whether she wants nina in her life or your children’s life. The — my engagement doesn’t change that. Glad to hear it. Alright, well, I got to go. I got to make a call. Um… look after your mother. Always do. You knew? I-I did. I happened to be at the metro court last night when nina couldn’t wait to, uh, announce that they were toasting their engagement. And then sonny stopped by the house today so he could tell donna. And that’s why you were thanking him for being so up-front about it? Or, um, is it something else?

victor: And now to other family members. To my darling granddaughter charlotte, I bequeath this necklace and pendant engraved with the cassadine crest in the hopes that it will remind you of who you are and who you will one day become. As for your father, the rotten apple of my eye, valentin cassadine, to you, my son, and to all of those who have betrayed me, I make this bequest. In this satchel, you will find a rare piece of antiquity. It was unearthed on cassadine island in greece. It’s the last surviving piece of a once-majestic statue of the sun god, apollo.

[ Laughter ]

Whenever you look at it, I do hope you remember me.

[ Light laughter ] Hey, sonny. Uh, hi. How is she? The transplant is still in progress. Everything seems to be going well.

How are you holding up? Well, um, I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m not worried ’cause obviously I am. I’m just trying to stay positive and believe everything is gonna get better. Hey, sailor. Buy a girl a drink? Hey, the drinks are on you.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Well, I deserve that. Just so you know, though, I was only doing my job. Corinthos still paying your retainer? He is entitled to legal representation, as well. Or — or have they totally dropped the sixth amendment? Come on. Why do you always got to be so right? Because I am always right. Actually, I’m not. Take that back. For instance, I thought you and holly were meant for each other. So did I. Come on, trina. When we move out of the dorms, move in with me, at least just short term.

[ Sighs ] And what about the fact that our boyfriends can’t stand each other? Let’s not worry about them. So, dex didn’t tell you? Tell me what? At the gym the other day, spencer took a swing at dex. What?! I saw dex that day. He was fine. You saw him, too. Because dex blocked the punch and landed one of his own. Spencer’s lip is cut. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] You don’t seem overcome with concern. Okay. To be fair, spencer punched dex first, remember? In kelly’s right before christmas? And dex didn’t even fight back. Spencer probably thought that he wouldn’t or couldn’t, but dex knows how to defend himself, and it’s about time spencer realized that. I would love to think that spencer learned his lesson, but most likely, he’ll keep antagonizing dex. He just can’t seem to help himself. Okay, well, trust me, dex has a lot more to worry about than getting along with spencer. What does that mean? I — you know, he’s really busy. And working for sonny isn’t exactly a low-pressure job. Uh, I have to get back to my family. Okay. I love you. And I-I hope you get those test results soon. And I hope that willow comes through with flying colors. Thank you. Me too. See ya.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It was a beautiful wedding, wasn’t it? It was. Yeah. It absolutely was. And, um, laura — she did a phenomenal job filling in for you, stella. I’m sure she did. I…only wish… you’re not the only one who wished things had been done differently. Yeah. Hey, what kind of homecoming is this, huh? What kind of — you know what I’m gonna do? Forget the table for two. I’m setting two more plates. There’s plenty of gumbo to go around.

[ Chuckles ] Well, aunt stella, might as well settle in. When he sets his mind, you got two choices — either give up or give in. I did not come all this way just to give up. And neither should the two of you. Like I said to tj, love is always worth fighting for. I don’t want to add to your worries today of all days. Let’s just wait and make sure that the bone marrow transplant worked successfully — h-hold on a second. Y-you’re actually worrying me more trying to dodge. Just tell me — why are you so grateful to sonny? Okay, hold on. You came in at the tail end of that conversation. So fill me in on the rest. There’s a rumor that the justice department is gonna offer me a deal. They will forget about the insider trading charges if I give them evidence against your father.

Oh, darn. I have to go. Crisis. Too bad. Here. Enjoy. Good luck, everyone. See ya. I think I’ve done my part for my client… bye-bye, alexis. …So, uh, I’ve had enough. Unless, of course, my sister needs me to stay. Oh, no, not at all. I am just fine. I’ll walk you out. Well, all that’s left is you, kid. Mr. Brown: Mayor collins?

[ Door closes ] Yes, yes. Please.

[ Computer beeps ] Victor: As for you, spencer, oh, we’ve had many discussions about safeguarding your family. I may not be there in person to explain this to you, but I trust you’ll know what to do with my bequest. Dinner is ready.

[ Cellphone rings ] Mm-hmm. Y’all better come on. Hello, trina. Curtis. I hope I’m not interrupting if you’re at the club. No, no, no. I’m at home here with your mom. Is everything okay? Okay. Bye. Curtis? What is it?

[ Chuckles ] It’s trina. She’s at the hospital. What? W-what do you mean? Is — is she okay? What happened? She’s fine. She’s fine. The dna results are in. What ultimately happened with holly? Life happened. What was it you said to her? You said, um… if we couldn’t make it work for all those years, why do we think we can make it work now? I’m sorry, robert. I really am. Next time you want to pump me for information, have your office call my office and let’s put it on the books. Drew: I just wanted to thank you for offering to dig up dirt on ned. That means a lot, but… I’m gonna really need you to stay out of this one. Because… what? …If I do go to prison, if I do, scout is gonna need one of us to stick around.

[ Chuckling ] Hey! Look who was giving a concert out in the garden. There she is. Hi. Baby, I’m gonna leave. I love you, sweet dreams, and have so much fun. I’ll see you in the morning, okay? See you in the morning. Okay. Bye. Bye. Thank you. Bye. See ya. You know what? I think that there is a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in the kitchen with your name on it! Oh, man! What do you think? There she goes. Look at that. Hey, I thought you had a meeting. I did. Lucky for you. Because that little girl is gonna need her daddy. Sam and I were just talking about that. Yeah, well, if you want to stick around for scout, I got some information you need. Did you tell michael about our engagement? Yeah. Um… he wasn’t thrilled, but he wasn’t hostile. And now that it looks like there’s a future for both of us, maybe we can have hope that willow will recover and find room in her heart for you. At this point, it’s only a rumor. Sonny has diane looking into it to see if there’s any truth to it. Well, if there is… will you take it? You know better. Mom, I — [ Sighs ] I’ve watched you protect sonny my whole life. Now maybe — maybe you should think about protecting yourself instead. Michael — if — if this government deal is legit and all you have to do is give them sonny and you’ll go free, then… what — what are you waiting for? Mom, take the deal.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Trina calls Curtis and asks him to come to the hospital because she just got a text message telling her the DNA test results are ready.

Nina persuades Olivia to ask Robert if the Justice Department will give Carly a deal to give them Sonny. Robert gives Diane and Olivia the information and then Olivia has a talk with Drew.

Victor’s family gathers at Laura’s apartment to watch a video where Victor gives each member of his family personal possessions of his, so they will remember him. Michael and Josslyn ask Carly to save herself and give up Sonny if the Justice Department offers her a deal.

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GH Transcript Friday, May 26, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


alright, pancakes again tomorrow. Um, yeah, there’s plenty in the freezer. Okay. She also said she’d like to save some for willow. That’s a great kid we got. Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. I-I have to take this. Hey. Hey. Any word from the hospital? No. W-we’re about to head over there. You know, I really want to be there when willow has her procedure. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Um… well, I’m sending good thoughts, okay? You’re not gonna come? I thought I should stick around here and see if I can dig up any dirt on tracy, of course, to leverage ned to use his influence on the sec. So we’re going ahead with plan a, huh? Absolutely. There is a way out of this, and we’re gonna find it.

[ Sighs ] I know. The patient’s name is willow corinthos. Oh, wait. I am family. Nina reeves. I’M… I’m her mother. No. Um, wait. I — it’s just my daughter was scheduled to do a bone-marrow transplant, and I-I just want to know how she’s —

[ Knock on door ] I know you can’t t– I-I-I’ll call you back. Thanks. For nothing. Oh. Diane. Come in. Thank you, nina. And thank you. You’re a lawyer. Oh, that’s right. I am. Is — is there any way I can sue the hospital so I can get information on my daughter? I never — almost never give out free advice, but in this instance, I will make an exception for the good of everyone involved. And that is? If you would like to find out about your daughter, ask her. Now, if you would please tell sonny that I am here, because he’s expecting me. He’s not here. He had to share some news with carly. Oh, that’s right! That’s right! May I? I hear congratulations are in order.

[ Gasps ] For the jeweler! Mwah! Now, that’s a greeting. Well, I’m always so happy to see you. That’s a lie. Thank you, though, for making time in your very busy schedule. Well, you made it sound important. What is it — business or personal? It’s personal. Holly. I’ve been trying to reach her, and she’s gone radio silent. And given our last conversation, I’m just a little bit concerned that something’s happened. Something has happened and it’s all my fault. Well, that’s gratitude for you. After everything I went through to get you and chase back together again? Oh, that explains the serenade on the terrace! Congratulations, honey. I’m very happy for you. I’m glad chase finally came to his senses and let you out of the doghouse. If only we could all be that lucky. Ned, this is not the time or the place. Oh, come on, olivia. You can’t still think dad was the one who blew the whistle on carly and drew. Of course he did. And he deserves a medal. No, I don’t! Because I didn’t! Brook lynn believes me. Why can’t my own wife? I would like to believe you, ned. I really, really would. I’d love to believe you, too, ned. Just give me one good reason. So, how’s the sec situation with you and drew going on? We’re not going down without a fight. My offer still stands. If you want to turn me in to the feds, you can. Just let me know what you’re gonna do beforehand. Thank you, but it’s too big of a risk, sonny. Let me be the judge of that. Really? Yeah. If the situation were reversed, would you give me up to them? What do you think? Mom, w– what’s he doing here? It’s not going to hurt. You promise? The donating was the hard part. The transplant itself isn’t that different from a blood transfusion. So all you need to do is sit back and relax, okay?

[ Knock on window ] Hi, mommy!

[ Telephone ringing ]

Who is this? And how did you get my number?

Michael: What can I say? Your fan club misses you.

Not half as much as I miss them. I love you, mommy!

You, too, sweetheart.

You keep asking how I coulddo this to you and carly when willow is so sick. And the answer is simple. I couldn’T. And I didn’t! And I want to believe you, ned. I really do — if you hadn’t threatened to do just that. He’s right! You said that you were gonna do this. I said I might consider it, which was an empty threat! But even if I had considered it, I didn’t follow through with it! Okay, okay! That’s enough! Get back to your corners! Shame on you! And shame on you for focusing on elq and the sec and that whole mess! None of that matters compared to what willow is facing today. Exactly. Thank you, brook lynn, for reminding this family what is really important. Why can’t you come together instead of pulling each other apart? Is this really what it’s come to? That brook lynn is the voice of reason? Believe me, nobody’s more surprised than me. There she is. And you, tracy, being the voice of family unity? Hm. I always advocate for family unity. Didn’t you withhold medication when edward was having a heart attack? She sure did. Famously. If there was one person that could absolutely attest to my devotion to the well-being and the happiness and the harmony of this family, it would be my granddaughter.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! I get it! Tracy got you and chase back together, and now she wants you to feel like you owe her something, huh? Mnh-mnh! It’s not always quid pro quo. There are such things as altruism and self-sacrifice. Mm. Mother, are you feeling well? Oh, trust me, ned. She’s feeling just fine. Now, let me ask, tracy. How exactly does doing right by your granddaughter’s heart become a sacrifice? What — what exactly did you give up? Or, by some chance, did you stand to gain something? Olivia, of course I am grateful for my grandmother helping me and chase get back together. Oh, sweetheart, you are more than welcome. But like my dad said, in this house, kindness usually comes at a price. Whatever the price was, I hope you can afford it. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m back at work. Wait. What work? Oh, I didn’t tell you? I’m back at deception. What about your music? Well, you know I can’t sing anymore. Yes, but I thought you were putting a list of artists together to manage. Things were going well, right? Why give that up? Diane: You know what, nina? Maybe I should just wait in the lobby until sonny gets back. W-wait, wait. Diane. Um… you know, now that sonny and I are engaged, I was hoping that… his friends can be my friends. You might just have to settle for “cordial.” Okay, well, in the spirit of cordiality, maybe we can get past our differences and try to get along. Our differences? You mean like the time I shredded you on the stand and got a judge to deny you visitation to see your grandson? Well, you were doing your job. It wasn’t personal. No. No, it wasn’T. The least I can do is admire your skill. As I admire yours.

[ Chuckles ] You know, diane, I don’t think you’re as cynical as you want the whole world to believe. You got me. You’re absolutely right. In fact, what you see standing before you is the warm and fuzzy me. Alright. How about I try this? Okay. Let me throw something out there. Mm-hmm. As one woman speaking to another… I’m gonna be charging sonny for this conversation. This isn’t legal advice. This is just a get-to-know-you thing. Mm. Now I’m charging him double. Oh. [ Laughs ] I love my job at crimson, right? But it wasn’t until I was in nixon falls that I realized that the magazine shouldn’t be my whole life. Have you considered a puppy? I have a family, a small one. I have a daughter and two grandchildren who are in my thoughts. Is there someone in yours, diane? Is there anyone special in your life? If not, why? Sonny stopped by to talk to donna, and she insisted her daddy make her pancakes. Oh. Well, did he tell you that I stopped by his office? He did. He did not tell me why. Well, that’s because it was a private matter between josslyn and me. Oh, well, I asked him for a favor, and he said no, so… well, I told you to tell your friend to come to me. But you know what? We don’t need to rehash this. This — I got to go. So can you do me a favor? Tell michael and willow that I’m praying for them. I will. I thought that there was a schedule for visitations. There is, but some things need to be said face-to-face. Like what? Like sonny and nina are engaged. Are you coming home?

I’m gonna do my best. Hey, tj, look, is there anything I can do to make things easier for willow? Looks like you’re already doing it. I mean, seeing all of you, it’s the best medicine she can get. Looks like it’s a party. Hi. How’s the guest of honor?

Just happy to see everybody. Hey, why don’t I keep the kids entertained so you can have more time with willow? What do you say, wiley? Hm? Do you want to have some playtime with aunt sasha? Let me ask amelia. Okay.

[ Whispering ] She says yeah! Then let’s do it! Ooh! Sounds like fun. Can I join? The more the merrier. Alright. Come on, buddy. Your mommy and daddy need to talk. Hi, sweetie. Hey.

Thanks for bringing them. Well, you know, I didn’t have much of a choice. Wiley insisted. I’m so scared.

Yeah, me, too.

One thing, though, that I do know… about you and me. Look, we didn’t make it this far, we didn’t go to hell and back, you know, through the chemo, bringing amelia into this world and the isolation… this, uh, being apart from you like this, it’s been — it’s been murder. For me, too. We didn’t go through all of this just to lose each other now. I wish I could kiss you right now. Just one last time. You will. You will. But you know what? This — [ Sighs ] It’s not gonna be the last time. All this? It’s just the beginning. So, we need to get to the hospital. Willow’s procedure is starting soon, and I want to be there for michael. Well, I don’t know if michael wants to see me right now. Why? What’s going on? We had a fight. And sonny and nina? So — so what? He wants to officially make her a member of the family she set out to destroy? Okay, first of all, this family is just fine. And sonny and nina being engaged? Whatever. It’s kind of a relief. How can you say that? Because sonny’s committed to nina. I’m committed to drew. Oh, so what? No harm, no foul? No, there was a lot of harm and a lot of foul. But, you know, it’s just like a clean break, josslyn. Well, I just wonder why he didn’t tell me that when I was alone with him in his office. Why would he? He knows how you feel about nina. You’re right. I haven’t made that a secret. The secret here is why you went to see sonny in the first place. I told you. I was asking him for a favor. For dex. Yes, I went to see him about dex. Why? Did you want sonny to give him a raise? No. I want sonny to fire him. So holly just left town without so much as a farewell? Well, at least we didn’t have to fake an escape — the towering inferno, third-degree burns, and hospitalizations. This time it was just… goodbye. It never is just goodbye with you two, though, is it? We decided that, uh, you can’t recapture the past no matter how much you might want to. And this time, when we said our farewells, we really meant them. I’m sorry. Did she tell you about ethan? Yeah. I know all the trouble he’s in. Did she tell you that she was willing to go back to the bureau just to pay off his debts? Apparently, she decided on a shortcut. Did she? A deal with the devil. Selina wu. I said there were alternatives. I offered to help. She doesn’t want me involved. Well, she’s protecting you. Which proves that she really does still care about you.

[ Chuckles ] Caring was never an issue. What is the issue? Is her name diane? I am so sorry, nina. There seems to be some confusion, which I’m going to dispel you of. You and i are not friends. And as such, questions into my personal life, my relationships are unwelcome. I know you’re going through a tough time, um, wanting to see willow and not being able to do so, so, believe me, I do feel for you. I get it. I’ve never been able to make friends very easily. And just so you know, I’d be with willow right now. I’d be at the hospital room if I didn’t love sonny so much because I didn’t want to run into carly or michael, have another clash. Because I don’T… I don’t want to make sonny’s life more complicated than I already have. Well, I admire that restraint. And just so you know, I actually do hope you make him happy. I do. Hm.

[ Door opens ] Hi! Hey. Everything okay? Yeah. Congratulations, sonny. Yeah. Thank you. Hey. How did it go with — with carly and donna? We were just making — making pancakes and things like that. Yeah. Thank you for coming. Absolutely. Yeah. Now, I think you and i should talk in private. I was gonna tell nina anyway. Okay. Uh… there’s talk going around town, but I’m sure you already know that. Looks like the doj may make carly an offer. What do you — what kind of offer? Are they pressuring carly to turn on drew? No. They’re pressuring carly to turn on me. It’s no secret how you feel about music, brook lynn. You must have had a really compelling reason to give it up and go back to work at deception. Well, after all the craziness with linc, I was craving a little more stability, you know, less drama. But you really enjoyed being a manager, and you were damn good at it. I realized I-I want to write music, not manage artists. And working back at deception allows me the freedom to do that. Well, you’ve got romance. You’ve got freedom. You’ve got creativity. It’s almost like you have your own fairy godmother. You could say that. Don’t you wish you had one, tracy? You could just make a wish, and you could go straight back to amsterdam. I could also buy a plane ticket. Together: Don’t let us stop you. Wow! If I didn’t know better, I would say that my loving family can’t wait to get rid of me. Oh! Come on, tracy. They don’t feel that way. Do you?

Hate to disappointmy loved ones, I have no intention of leaving any time soon. Don’t all cheer at once. Well, I, for one, am glad you’re here, grandmother. And not just because you helped me and chase get back together. I’d say I did a little more than just “help.” And you have. Repeatedly. And you’re always available to me when I need you, even just to tell me “no.” When have I ever denied you anything? This is officially too much.

[ Chuckling ] And on that happy note, I gotta go. Big meeting at the metro court. What? No words of reassurance for your mother-in-law? Oh, I have plenty of words for you, tracy. Let me reassure you of that. See ya. Olivia. Ned: Wait. Olivia! I really do have a big meeting with nina at the metro court. I wasn’t just using an excuse to get away from your mother. Okay, but we need to talk about drew and carly and the fact that I am not the one who turned them in. Now, how? How can I convince you? As it happens, I ran into carly at the metro court last night. It was pretty tense. I can imagine. She’s demanding to know why I don’t kick you to the curb. Maybe because I’m your husband? Yeah, and she’s my best friend. That’s not nothing. And as much as I want to believe you, ned, the thing that I can’t get out of my mind — you flat-out accused carly and drew of insider trading, and the next thing anybody knows, somebody blows the whistle! Yes! Somebody! But not me! And to t hink that I feltsorry for — for carly. She had to worry about michael and willow while she’s going through all this, and now she’s gonna throw you under the bus to save herself? She won’T. How do you know that? I-I really think you and I need to discuss this in private. No. I want — I want her to hear. This is not the first time that the feds have — have come after me, you know, using somebody who’s close to me. Okay. I know that she said that she wouldn’t do it. But what else, sonny? What else is she gonna say while you’re making pancakes for your daughter that you share with her? I mean, she had to have been tempted. I told her she should do it. The feds come after me, I’m prepared. But she made it clear she’s not doing it. Yeah, but what if the feds come to her and make her choose between her children… and you? Hey, uh, sasha. Um, willow’s asking for you. Oh. Excuse me. I should go check in on the preparations. You good here? Oh, yeah. Melanie’s on her way to bring the kids home, so… I’m good. Thanks. See you in a minute. Well, wiley, let me let you in on a little secret. See, the key is, draw outside the lines. Does dex want out or do you want dex out? Dex wants out. Then dex can tell sonny himself. Yeah, that’s what sonny said. That sounds like sonny. What did dex say when he found out? I mean, he wasn’t happy about it at first, but, you know — but he knows your heart’s in the right place. Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. Is this what’s going on between you and michael? Michael just doesn’t approve of my relationship with him. Overprotective big brother. Yes. Something like that. Yeah. But if he needs us, then that’s all that matters. He does need us. So let’s go.

[ Telephone rings ]

You rang? I did. I thought if anyone could understand, it would be you. I remember when you were in isolation. I remember, too. I hated it. But I made it through, and so will you. It’s just… ever since they put me in here, I’ve felt like a soldier in a foxhole. That just means that you’re a fighter. Which we already knew. It got me thinking. I hear those stories about soldiers who, with their last dying breath, call out for their mothers. I suppose that happens. If worse comes to worst… who do I call out for? The mother who raised me and turned out to be a fraud and a murderer? Or the mother who gave birth to me and couldn’t stand me until she found out we were related? Who do I turn to? She found it. The feeling of finding the psoriasis treatment axon you don’t need to answer that. I’m just…being silly. Sasha: Worrying about which mother you’ll call out for during your final moments is not silly. It’s just something you won’t know until it happens. And it’s not going to. We don’t know that. We know that we’re in the homestretch. So don’t think about dying. Think about living. Think about michael and wiley and amelia. Think about all the people who love you so much, willow, and who need you. Today is just like any other day in your life, except you have been given a great gift. You call this a gift? Yes, because you know how precious life is and how quickly it can disappear. So you can be the soldier who lives to fight for every breath, for every second, and win. No wonder you were such a hit on tv. You can sell anything. Even hope. Hey. Did we miss the kids? Yeah, melanie just took them home. Wiley left me the crayons so that I wouldn’t miss mommy. Aww. I love him. And I love you. So much. Love you, too. Hey, joss. Hi. Everything’s okay, right? Yeah, everything’s fine. All that matters is that willow gets better. Right? Right. Carly is not giving me up. I’m sure you know best. I have to go to the metro court and meet with olivia, okay? I love you. Will you just let me know how you are? Let me know how willow is if you hear anything. I will keep you posted. Okay. Thank you. Willow’s in good hands. So am I.

[ Door closes ] Alright, diane. Go ahead. Tell me what you know that I don’T. Robert: Diane is a friend. She’s a “friend”? You come to my hou– you come barging into my house when I am so jetlagged and exhausted, demanding that we talk. You bite valentin’s head off. All because I think, in a word, you’re lovelorn.

[ Stammers ] A moment of weakness. No, you were flummoxed by the mere fact that two bright, beautiful women could be interested in you. I w-wasn’t flummoxed. I mean… you were torn, conflicted, confused. I don’t know. But whatever. I think… that maybe holly did you a favor by bowing out. Because while it might be disappointing not to have two women vying for your affections, on the bright side, you do still have one. I am doing my best to stand by you. I know how much elq means to you, and I know how hurt you were when you felt pushed aside. I sided with valentin because it was the right thing to do for elq.

[ Sighs ] Yes, I lashed out when I thought the company, our family legacy, was being threatened by a hostile takeover. But I am not a snitch. And I’m gonna prove it to you. What are you gonna do? Show you once and for all that I am the man you married, a man deserving of your love and your trust. Just promise me that you’re not gonna do anything stupid, okay? I gotta go. That’s touching. But if you ask me, you are wasting your time. I get the impression that you are, um, less than thrilled having your grandmother back. I love my grandmother, and I owe her big-time. For helping you and chase get back together. Oh, where’d you hear about that? Well, you know, after the 10th or 11th time it was said, I finally picked up on it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, she can be very generous. But? But my grandmother’s generosity usually comes at a price. My asthma felt anything but normal. You have nothingto be ashamed of you have nothing to be ashamed of for “dropping a dime” on carly. Even if drew goes down with her? That’s what he gets for slumming. Hm! Mother, you are all heart. But you’re forgetting one thing. I didn’t do it. In other words, with tracy, there is no such thing as something for nothing. Don’t get me wrong, okay? My grandmother loves her family. But, uh, these visits of hers usually end in yelling, tears, and broken ming vases. You know? If my grandmother’s smiling, it means somebody’s paid. Like you, for instance? Sorry. Am I, uh, late or are you early? Well, let’s just say we’re both here exactly at the right moment. I’ll take it. Uh, that’s quite a rock.

[ Chuckles ] This? Yeah, I guess I see why you and sonny were in such a good mood last night, huh? We’re engaged.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations. I wish you every happiness. Thank you, olivia. And just in case you were wondering, sonny already told the news to carly and donna. And? And they all made pancakes together. So carly’s taking it in stride. Apparently. I’m sure she’ll tell you how she really feels, given how close you two are. Yeah. Not anymore. Carly can’t understand why i haven’t kicked ned to the curb for what he did to her and drew. And what did ned say? Ned swears up and down he didn’t report them to the sec. And do you believe him? I’d really like to. But I keep asking myself, if ned didn’t do it, who did? Well, it’s just a rumor as of now, but as you said yourself, this is not the first time that the feds have come after you using someone close to you. And who’s closer to you than carly? Do the rumors say who gave up carly and drew? No. The insider-trading tip was anonymous. But there’s a strong suspicion that it was ned quartermaine. That’s what carly says, but why would ned do that to carly and drew a year after the fact? Now that the feds are involved, I think carly and drew are just a means to an end. So you think that the feds have been monitoring you and those close to you and saw carly mess up and pointed the sec in her direction in order to try and pressure her to flip on you? In which case that would mean there was no insider tip and this whole thing has just been an excuse to get the investigation rolling. That means that the sec is doing the justice department a favor. Maybe, but I’m not gonna let ned off the hook just yet because I know he’s more than capable of stabbing drew and carly in the back.

[ Sighs ] Can you do me a favor? Find out how and why the feds got involved. Sonny — anything you can come up with, just let me — I have pretty much exhausted all of my sources. What about the D.A.? Robert scorpio? Yeah. Why would the district attorney of port charles have any information as to the government’s investigation of you? Well, it’s no secret that robert has strong ties to D.C. Through the bureau. Well, what makes you think he would tell me? Because you’re the best.

[ Chuckles ] And you ha– you have a way of — of being persuasive.

[ Chuckles ] I have to go. Alright. To see carly? Confidential.

[ Clears throat ] I could not possibly tell you. And as for robert scorpio, I will think about it. Alright. Well, diane… don’t think too long. Bring the car around. Now. Tj: More of your fan club.

[ Laughter ]

Michael: Hey. Hi. Somebody wants to talk to you. Hey. We just wanted to tell you how much we love you.

[ Monitor beeping ] I think you’re the best sister-in-law ever.

[ Laughter ] Right back at you, joss. I’m sorry, everyone, but I mean it this time, okay? Okay. Okay. We understand. Hey. I, uh — I had this whole speech planned and all these things I was gonna say, but none of that really matters right now. I just… willow, all that matters is that you know… how much I love you. I love you, too. Whew. [ Chuckles ] I’m ready.

Look. A-as far as I know, diane’s not even interested anymore, beyond, of course, our sparring in — in court. But… why don’t you ask her? I’m going to take my cue. For what it’s worth, olivia, I’m really sorry that you have cause to doubt ned. Yeah. Me too. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but poor carly and drew to be put in this position. What position, nina? Oh, y-you haven’t heard? You know what? It’s just rumors. I shouldn’t say anything. But y– okay. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And knowledge is power. So why don’t you just tell me what the rumors are and I can decide for myself if I believe them or not? Okay. Alright. And like I just said, it’s just talk. But it seems like the government might use carly and drew’s legal problems to… to get to sonny. So, mother, are you home to stay? Would that be a problem? Of course not. But you know what they say about idle hands. Oh. Don’t worry. I know how to stay busy. That’s what I’m afraid of. What makes you think I owe tracy anything? Maybe because you were trying so hard to sell everybody on the joys of being back at deception? I love my job! I-it’s steady and it plays to my strengths. You’re doing it again. I know what music means to you, brook lynn, writing it and — and managing artists, so if anyone or anything is making you choose between — tracy: You’ll have to excuse me, drew. I need to borrow my granddaughter. Willow may look fragile right now, but she is tough as nails. Yeah. Look, uh, thank you so much for coming. I’m only a phone call away. Bye. Sasha’s right. I mean, after everything willow’s gone through, she’s unstoppable. You and willow love each other like crazy. And now with wiley and amelia, it’s stronger. Stronger than ever. Don’t forget that. Okay?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ready? Can’t wait. Like I said before, my friend, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the bone marrow do its thing. If all goes well, you’ll have nothing but healthy cells in your body and a whole new lease on life. My baby sister is pretty, but she’s really small. She’ll grow, buddy. Soon, before you know it, she’ll be sitting up, and then she’s gonna start crawling. Your little sister will need you to help her. Help her crawl? Sure, you can — you can show her how it’s done so she has someone to copy. I can do that.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH Short Recap Friday, May 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Ned is determined to prove to his family that he didn’t tip off the SEC about Drew and Carly.

Drew senses that Tracey forced Brook Lynn to work at Deception and he wants to find out what Tracey is planning to do, so he can use Tracey to pressure Ned to get him and Carly out of this SEC problem.

Sonny asks Diane to ask Robert to find out who gave the anonymous tip to the SEC.

Willow undergoes her bone marrow transplant and her friends and family wait anxiously to know if the transplant worked.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, May 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Molly (temporarily being played by Holiday Marie Kriegel) leans on her sisters and Alexis, as, she deals with the news that her severe endometriosis may leave her unable to conceive a child. Aunt Stella helps TJ understand how Molly feels tight now. Stella advises TJ to be patient with Molly because they will get through this together.

Jordan talks to Anna about kissing Curtis and Jordan wonders if she should bow out and let Curtis fix his marriage or go after Curtis. Curtis tells Portia that he wants to move back home but sleep in the guest room so they can work on their marriage.

Carly tells Sonny the two options Diane gave her to keep her out of jail. Sonny tells Carly to turn him in to the State Department, but she says she will not turn him or Drew in to save herself..

Nina tells Ava that she plans to make Drew think Carly plans to turn him in to save herself so Drew will turn Carly in and send her to jail. Ava warns Nina that the plan is risky and if people find out she tipped off the SEC she will lose Sonny and Willow. Nina tells Ava that the plan is worth the risk if it gets Carly out of the way. Nina thinks their if Carly is in jail she won’t be able to interfere and stop her from building a relationship with Willow.

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GH Transcript Thursday, May 25, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne



daddy! Hey, girl. You just wake up? What have you been doing? What do you think?

[ Laughs ] Uh, watching cartoons? Yeah. You like that, huh?

[ Laughs ] Do you wanna have breakfast with me and mommy? Well, that depends on what’s on the menu. You know. Something from a box? Well, why don’t you get dressed, make the bed, and we’ll think of something else. How’s that? Go. Go, go.

[ Laughs ] Oh, you know what? I should have — I should have asked you first if that’s all right. It’s fine. It’s fine. So, I have news. Let me guess — you’re getting married. Oh, you heard? I saw. I was at the metro court last night. I guess congratulations are in order. Ava, oh, my god. I have no choice. I just — I have one option. It’s time for the gloves to come off. What? What the hell does that mean? It means I-I can’t continue to let carly come between me and my family. Right, which is why you stupidly and impulsively sicced the sec on her, which could definitely backfire and tank not only your relationship with sonny but any potential relationship with your daughter. I know, I know, I know. I just — I have to make sure that these charges against carly, they stick and she goes away for a good long time. Hey, molly. It’s me again. Uh, look, I won’t keep blowing up your phone. I just — I can’t remember if I said “I’m sorry” in that last message, but I am. And I love you. Just call me back, okay? Or, even better, come home.

[ Knock on door ] Aunt stella. This is a surprise. And judging by your face, not a welcome one. No, no, just the opposite. You… you’re exactly who I need.

The role of molly lansing-davis is temporarily being played by holiday mia kriegel. Hey, hey. Oh, honey, honey. Molly, what’s wrong? Everything’s falling apart. You know I am always happy to see you. Maybe. But something’s weighing on you. I can tell. What is it? You are giving me way too much credit. No, I’m not. I’m actually not giving you enough credit, jordan. Portia, stop.

[ Sighs ] I’m not the person you think I am. Well. [ Scoffs ] That’s dramatic. I just mean… I don’t deserve all this praise… especially considering what I’ve done. Why? What have you done?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hi.

Molly, what did the doctors say? Wait. Doctors? What are you talking about? You said that everything was fine. Everything will be fine, right? This is not life-threatening. It’s going to be fine. Molly, what’s wrong? I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis. So the biopsy confirmed it. How bad is it? It’s not good. I mean, it’s not gonna kill me or anything, but it’s where the tissue from the uterus grows outside the uterus. Yeah, I’ve heard of endometriosis. It’s really painful. Isn’t it? It can be. Comes and goes. Ohh. Molly, I’m so sorry. Yeah, me too. Me three. Well, w-what can we do for you? That’s just it. There’s — there’s nothing to do. The doctors can give you something for the pain, right? Yeah. The pain is manageable. It’s — it’s the rest. Tj and I may never be able to have a baby. Molly and I have — we’ve been trying to get pregnant. Oh, tj, that’s wonderful! But I’m guessing you’re having a hard time. We just learned that… medical challenges means it might not happen for us. So… baby, I’m so sorry. I can see you’re heartbroken. Oh, and I imagine molly is, too. And I didn’t help. I was just thanking jordan for all that she did for trina. But, of course, she is too humble to accept it. Um, I do appreciate you running interference while we were on the island. And while I was safe in port charles, you were the one in harm’s way. Well, I thank you both.

[ Laughs ] It’s, you know, because of your teamwork. That’s why trina’s home. Dr. Robinson, I had a question about the patient in 1004. Oh, of course. Of course. Excuse me. What did I walk in on? What do you mean? You looked like you were about to say something to portia. About our kiss? I considered it. Jordan, promise me you won’t do that. Why? Because you’re still not sure what it meant? Or because you’ve decided it didn’t matter? Hey. Curtis. Hi. Hi, anna. Hi, jordan. I should get going. Whoa. Air’s a bit charged in here. You need me? That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to figure out. I’ve bee n assured by martinthat no one is going to find out that I was behind the anonymous tip. I’M…protected. Well, from the government finding out, maybe, but, I mean, people in port charles, you know, they can put two and two together. No, I get that. I get that. That’s why I need carly gone. Don’t you see? Without carly looming over everything, I have a clear path to be with sonny and to try to forge a relationship with my daughter. Oh, you’re dreaming big. Why not? Why not? Don’t I get to be happy, ava? To be with the man that I love and try to get to know my daughter? Why does carly get the storybook ending while the rest of us are left with nothing? I know nina’s not your first choice.

[ Scoffs ] Good thing it’s not my choice, then. It’s your life, sonny, and you got to live it. Yeah. That’s the plan. Yep. So why’d you come by? Just to fill me in? Well — no, I wanted to tell donna, but I don’t know if you want me to do it by myself or you want to do it together. Well, what’s the rush? I mean, did you and nina set a date? No, nothing like that. It’s just that, uh, avery saw nina’s engagement ring. Oh. Yeah. Well, we all know how much avery likes to spread the good news, right? Yeah, she likes to spread the news. But I’m gonna tell all my kids, obviously. But I would not tell donna without talking to you first. No. I get it. I understand. It’s up to you. I’ll just follow your lead. I think you already folded that one. What? The towel. I’m just really distracted right now. Do you want to tell me why?

you just missed diane.She was here discussing the sec’s case against me. Yeah, I asked josslyn about that. Where’d you see josslyn? Listen. Um… does diane have a-a good defense teed up? Well, unfortunately, the case against me is very strong, so even a lawyer as skilled as diane has an uphill battle ahead. Carly, there’s a chance that the sec was pointed at you to get to me. We’ve both been blindsided. We went from this vague idea of wanting to start a family in — in the future to… realizing we wanted a child now… to finding out we can’T. At least not the old-fashioned way. This is a delicate subject matter, that’s for sure. Even for partners like you and molly who have been together forever. Yeah, I feel like I keep sticking my foot in my mouth. Oh, yeah. So…here’s the thing. Yes, this is happening to both of you, but right now molly can’t see that. This is agony for her, tj. That sensible woman you’re used to, she’s there, still, but, baby, it’s gonna take her a while to find her way. So what can I do? Nothing but pray. Molly: Because of the severity of my condition, the likelihood of conceiving is incredibly low. But not impossible, right? I mean, they never actually say that, but it was strongly implied. I’m so sorry. Sweetie, tell us what we can do. Well, us?

[ Laughs ] Nothing. Right, molls? You’re the one who always has everything figured out. -Not this time. -Well, I’m sure the doctor gave you other options that you and tj can have a family, right? Alexis: Honey. Honey. Like adoption, ivf, surrogacy… honey. …Is another — you — not a good time to discuss this. It’s molly we’re talking about. Please. She identifies a problem, and then, boom, she comes in with a solution. Kristina, w-would you just stop?! Wha– wait, wait, wait. Molly, I — molly. Co–

[ Scoffs ] What’d I say? You want to talk about it? I don’t want to keep you from whatever you came here to do. Well, sure. That’s okay. I’ve already finished with my phlebotomy, and… I have a little time before I have my next debrief with the wsb. How are you feeling, by the way? You were still recuperating in the hospital when you charged off to greenland. I feel like a million bucks. But you don’t look so good after that — whatever that thing was with curtis.

[ Groans ] You know, I’ve — I’ve really tried to move on, to get over curtis and put the whole marriage in the rearview. How’s that working for you? Well, I guess what they say is accurate — “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.” Why is everybody talking in riddles today? What do you mean? Well, I was talking to jordan, and she alluded to having done something wrong, and I asked her what it was, and she didn’t want to say. Yeah, well, you know how by-the-book jordan is — or at least tries to be. You know, she bent a lot of professional rules to help trina. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe. You gonna leave me hanging, too? No. I, uh… I want to talk about you and me.

go. I’ll go.

[ Door opens and closes ] Go ahead. What? Come on. Tell me what I did wrong, since you’ve become so skilled at it. Krissy. I’m sorry. You were really excited about your project, and I — completely rained on my parade?

[ Clears throat ] Yes. You did make

some decent points. I know, but still it was the wrong time and the wrong place, and I think I actually learned something from mom — that sometimes encouragement is better than a fix. Which is exactly the mistake I just made with molly.

[ Groans ] She meant well. Her execution left a little to be desired. That’s all. I know. Krissy isn’t the problem. So talk to me. I’m just feeling really overwhelmed right now in the most unfamiliar way, and I hate it. Because you feel out of control. Because I feel like a failure. This is one of those situations where that’s all you can do. No action to take. Certainly no one to blame. I feel like molly’s blaming herself. Right now she is. Right now she’s up, she’s down. She’s all over the place. She’s ur a dream. I know you are, too, baby. I’m not trying to minimize that, but…

[ Inhales deeply ] But as a woman… it’s different. Oh. Yes. So the best advice I can give you is to know that. Know that molly is going through something really difficult that you can’t fully understand. But you can love her. And please keep reminding her of that. Just be there, tj. That I can do. You remember when I came to you for advice last summer? Yeah. You asked me if I would ever come clean to an ex if I knew something that would impact his relationship. So I’m assuming that whatever it is that’s going on between curtis and portia, that that information came out? You suggested I question my motivation for revealing the truth. Right. And? Yes, I wanted to protect curtis, but that wasn’t the only reason. So ultimately I didn’t tell him. Oh, but someone did. Is that why things are tense between the two of you? He’s angry with you that you stayed silent? Oh, curtis is far from angry. And now there’s a new secret weighing on my conscience. Do you have time to talk? Curtis, you’re my husband. If I don’t have time, I’m gonna make time. It’s just, um, that my experience in greenland got me to thinking. I was so scared that I was never gonna see you again. Yeah, same here. Portia… I don’t want to leave anything between us unsaid. Carly may be on her way to prison for insider trading. I’d hardly call that a storybook ending. Oh, come on, ava. You know, a couple of months in club fed, that would just be a blip. Carly needs to do some serious time. And let’s not forget — she’s going to prison for something that she actually did. Mm-hmm. And she will be conveniently out of your way. Yeah, finally. I mean, she won’t be swooping in every time I’m trying to have a conversation with willow. Look, nina, I don’t — I don’t have an issue with — with carly going away. My issue is with you blowing up your life to make that happen. Sonny: I have business dealings with a group of people who have very powerful enemies in government, I think, and they’ve targeted me, like, at least once that I know of. Now I think they’re coming after you to get to me. How would that work? The sec only started investigating you after I started working with these people. Well, that explains the timing. I mean, why months after the failed merger the sec started asking me questions? Somebody’s playing the long game. They’re threatening you so you’ll flip on me. Once I’m out of the picture, it compromises the people that I’m working with. Okay. I get it. I get it. Except for ned. I mean, sonny, sometimes the simplest solution is the truth. Ned threatened to turn drew and me in to the sec, and he did it. Well, at some point, the justice system is going to figure out that you being in trouble is the easiest way to get to me. Well, diane says that’s already happening. Based on what? Unconfirmed intel here in the da’s office. We’re talking on a — on a federal level, right? U.S. Attorney. Ahh… they cut a deal if I turn state’s evidence against you. Do it, carly. Do it. What? Do it. Do it. Yes. I’m going to — look, just — I can get through this. I’ll be in court. I’ll fight the charges. No. You don’t know that. You can’t control the narrative, sonny. I have diane. She’s fantastic. She’ll get me through it. No! I appreciate your nobility, but no. This has nothing to do with being noble. Yes, it’s noble. I appreciate that you’re trying to step up for me, especially given our recent history. But no. It’s still — but it’s still gonna be a no, right? Yes, it’s a no. It’s a hard no.

You’re not thinking this clearly, carly. It’s all I’ve been thinking about, sonny. I’m willing to roll the dice. I’m not! What am i supposed to do, just let the mother of my children go to prison? It’s not like I’m going to pentonville. I mean, even if I go down for insider trading, what? It’ll be a minimum-security situation for a couple years? It won’t be fun. I’ll hate it. I’ll hate being away from my kids. But what the hell? I’ve been through worse. Okay? So it’s either/or. Unless diane pulls a rabbit out of her hat, you’re gonna have to either turn me in to the feds or do time, carly. There’s another option. What is that? Turn on drew. Ava: Are you really willing to risk the possible consequences just to get revenge? Ava, my friend, have you not been listening to what I’ve been saying? It’s not about revenge. I mean, okay, so maybe when it first all started, it was about revenge, but it’s not anymore. It’s about — because it’s such a mess — me just trying to hold on to my relationship and trying to build a foundation with my daughter. Unless you don’t want that for me. Stop it. Of course I do. You know I do. I’m on your side. Okay. Thank you. It’s just I have made some very hasty and regrettable decisions as of late — decisions that have had real ramifications — and I just want to be sure that you’re considering what yours might be. I know. I know. If — if the end result is for my daughter to not turn to carly but, god willing, turn to me, then any ramifications are worth it. I feel terrible. Well, don’T. You were just trying to encourage her. I get it. And I’m sure molly will, too. Sam, I’ve never seen her like that. I know, but fertility issues are… a whole different beast. It’s like being dropped down into the most barren, inhospitable place, and then you’re thinking it’s your fault you’re there. I forget sometimes that you struggled to get pregnant. Yeah, that’s something I’ll never forget. But — okay, but this is crazy. I mean, she can’t possibly blame herself… but she does. I mean, you’re right, she shouldn’t, but she does. Her body is betraying her, and it’s the worst, most isolating feeling ever. So our rational, level-headed molly isn’t gonna be so rational and level-headed about this. It’s just not possible. Molly, this is not your fault. I know that, intellectually. But feeling it is another thing, huh? W-what if I’d gone to the doctor sooner? What if I had taken charge of my health the same way I’ve taken charge of everything else in my life? I mean, maybe this — this — this wouldn’t be happening. Maybes aren’t going to help anything right now. Because the truth is, you just will never know. So the important thing is to try to just stay in the here and now. Well, I despise the here and now. I know. How’s tj handling it? Oh, god. Just another area where I screwed up. Honey, there is no sure way to navigate this thing. Tj’s worried about me. He’s surprised I suffered in silence for so long, which is when I obviously got super defensive, and that’s when I came here. Darling, this is raw, right? This is going to take some time. You need to give it some time. And I know that you and tj together will figure it out. You know something strange? A few months ago, this was something I wasn’t even sure I wanted. To be pregnant? Sure, we had talked about having kids, but it was down on the list. So why am i so devastated? So what can I do for you? You can distract me.

[ Chuckles ] What brought you back to town? Family, of course. How’s curtis? You haven’t been to see him yet? No. You — you were my first stop. Getting the lay of the land, I see. Am I that obvious? Only to me. I just felt so badly about the conversation I had with trina the night of the wedding. The whole reason I skipped the ceremony was so that I wouldn’t complicate things, and then [Scoffs] I end up complicating them anyway. It’s not your fault, auntie. The truth was bound to come out. Sorry that I ran off at the worst possible time. First all the upheaval with the family and then the craziness with trina being kidnapped? Inadvertently, but, yeah. Well, once I read what happened on that ship, I had to come back. Well, thank god everyone’s in one piece, except for victor cassadine. Yeah. Good riddance. So did the ordeal bring everyone closer together or…? Trina’s back at home. Things seem to be thawing between her and portia. What about curtis and portia? That’s another story. Oh, my god. You guys kissed?

[ Sighs ] And it would have gone even further if I hadn’t stopped it. Wow. What do you think this means? That’s the problem. I don’t know. And even worse, I don’t think curtis does, either. We’ve been in limbo for a while now, and, uh, I don’t want it to go on any longer. Okay. What does that mean? That you’ve decided to forgive me? Or are you saying that you’re officially ending things?

Sounds like your mind is made up. It is. Okay. Well, then, what’s the plan? How are you gonna make things worse for carly than you’ve already made them? Well, I’m still — I’m still kind of figuring it out. And you’re gonna think I’m callous. Doubtfully. Okay. Um, well, from what I understand, diane is only carly’s attorney. Okay, so then drew has separate representation? Right. Right. And so it’s going to be tough to present a united front when you’re being advised by different attorneys. So I think that’s fertile ground for miscommunication, mistrust to grow. Oh, you — oh, you — you want to break up drew and carly? Yeah, well, it’s bigger than that. It’s — I want drew to believe that carly will turn on him so he turns on her first. Look, you’re definitely the biggest get, but a ceo from a big company and a quartermaine? I mean, drew has a target on his back, too. Too bad you won’t consider it. No, not for a second. I mean, come on, sonny. Look. I’m guilty. That’s never mattered before. I did it. I received insider information and I acted on it, despite michael and drew telling me not to. Probably because they told you not to. I’m not gonna let someone else pay for my mistakes. I’m not gonna do it. Okay, so where does that — where does that leave you? Because, when it comes to prison, I don’t care what level of security, it’s not an option. I hate that I made molly feel worse. But you didn’t mean to. Yeah. Maybe not consciously, but if I’m being honest, I think I was still licking my wounds from our previous conversation. You know, molly would never do something like this. She would never try to execute a half-baked plan like this. And I’m envious of that. Well, we’re envious of how big you dream. Really? Really. Molly and I wish our imaginations stretched as far. Well, we’re envious of how strong you are. I mean, by far the most resilient davis sister. Oh, I don’t know about that.

[ Laughs ] Come on. It’s true. We’ve all had our moments. No. At least you and molly aren’t the only ones keeping mom up at night. Well, I can assure you, as a mother, you worry about all your kids all the time. It’s part of the job. What if molly never gets to do that job? Then we’re gonna have her back, like we always do. If I could take the pain away from you, I would. But unfortunately, I can’T. I am your mother. But I was a lawyer. And that’s relevant how? As your mother, I can console you. But as a co-chair, I can help you game this out. So you tell me, who do you need more right now? So mommy it is. So do you think curtis and portia are over? I’m not sure. All I know is he still hasn’t moved back home. Oh. I was afraid of that. Curtis has always placed a high premium on transparency. That’s basically why he and my mom got divorced. Speaking of jordan, was curtis upset to find out she knew about trina? He was hurt. But he understood it wasn’t my mom’s secret to tell. Huh. Sounds like curtis is on better terms with his ex-wife than his current one. Curtis was so insistent I not tell portia about our kiss. It’s like [Sighs] I’ve gone from being his ex-wife to being his dirty little secret. Oh, wow. I can see how that would sting. But I — my instinct is telling me that this whole situation is very confusing for everyone involved and that curtis is trying to navigate it without hurting anyone. It’s impossible, anna. Whether he decides to give our relationship another chance or chooses to go back with portia, one of us is gonna get hurt, deeply. I know I made a monumental mistake. I can’t — no, no, no. I won’t accept the end of our marriage. Portia — no. Marcus recently told me that I need to fight for what I want. And what I want is you. I want us. I want what we built together. Please don’t throw it away. I don’t intend to. You don’t? There’s a lot to sort through. I can’t guarantee there’s a way forward for us, but… we’ll never know unless we try. Really? Really. So what does that look like? Dating? Therapy? Well, let’s, uh… let’s start with me moving back home.

Molly. Molly. Molly, molly. Listen. I’m sorry. What I should have said is, I love you and I’m here for you for anything you need. -We all are. -Always. Thank you. And I’m sorry for being so on edge. Do not apologize. What you’re going through is real and heavy, and you get to feel all the feelings. Some more pleasant than others. Well, we’re in your corner. Yeah. Davis girls unite. Come on. Yes. I pray that tj and i have a family, but whatever happens, I’m so grateful for the family that I already have. Hm! I am so happy you’re back. Yeah, well, here’s hoping your uncle feels the same way. Of course he will. Well, I’m not so sure. But I do know this — whether it’s you and molly, curtis and portia, or this family that needs mending, love is always worth fighting for. Coming back home? Unless you have any objections. Objections? No. I’ve been hoping and praying for this. Then I’ll move my things in right away. I’ll be staying in the guest room. If that’s what you think is best. I do. But if that’s not enough for you… it’s plenty. I just want you back home, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. This isn’t about pride for me. It’s not gonna happen overnight. I can be patient. Because I know it’s just the first step to us becoming a family again. Jordan: Thank you for listening. Oh, god, yeah. Of course. Any time. I hope I didn’t make you late for your meeting. My “meeting”? Oh, my goodness. You make it sound so civil, so mutual, as if I have a choice in the matter. Hm. Are you worried? Well… I’ve skated this line with the wsb before, and I’m thinking that, um, an association that’s gone on this long isn’t so easily broken. So I’m realizing. What do you think you’re gonna do? Well, I have two choices, right? I can either bow out… or I can go after what I want. But — [Sighs] Do I even have the right to do that… if it means destroying the life of another woman? I think you have your work cut out for you there, nina. And do you really see a stand-up guy like drew cain flipping on his girlfriend, sending her to prison, no matter how much she deserves it, no matter how guilty she is? I can, under the right circumstances. Okay. Which are? Which are —

[ Sighs ] Okay. First, we need drew to know that he didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, we don’t even know if he was the one who gave carly the information about the merger. It could have been michael. I bet drew didn’t even want her to invest in aurora. But carly probably did what carly always does — she barged in, she went after what she wants. She doesn’t think about anyone else’s feelings. Stop it. Stop. Ava. Getting off track here now. Now, look, I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I’m really not. I’m just questioning how realistic it is to expect drew to give up carly. It’s not unrealistic to think that carly would give him up. I mean, if it was sonny or jason, I would say absolutely not, but with drew, there’s — there’s room for doubt. Their relationship is relatively new. Maybe, threatened with serious prison time, yeah, maybe carly would would give him up, but it’s not certain. Well, you know what? It doesn’t matter. That part doesn’t matter, if carly would turn drew in. What matters here — the only thing that matters is drew believes that she would. Okay. Alright. What we need, we need drew to get this information from someone he trusts, that carly is planning to turn state’s evidence against him. Neither of us fits that description. No. But I can think of someone who does. Drew has a plan. Is it a good one? It’s a long shot, and I still may lose everything.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Wow! Look at your outfit! I love it. You look sharp!

[ Laughs ] Can we make pancakes? Yeah, we can, if you’re serious, because I need your help. Yeah. Those chocolate chips are not going to make it in on their own. You can count on me!

[ Laughs ] I know we can. I know we can. Because you’re such a big girl. And because of that, your daddy and I need to talk to you about some changes that are coming. Fun changes? Uh, everything’s going to work out, I promise. Yeah. What daddy said.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, May 24, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Hey. Hey. Please tell me you have coffee. Oh, of course I have coffee.Bless you. What, did you have a rough night? Rough morning. I forgot to set my alarm. And then the line at kelly’s was out the door. Well, why didn’t you just text me and tell me you’re gonna be a few minutes late? Never. As you know, punctuality is my trademark. One of many. Mm. Better? Much.

[ Laughs ] Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty, catch me up. What’s been going on? Well, nina and sonny are getting married.

[ Coughs ] All righty. Here we go. Cappuccino for you. Espresso for me. Mmm. What do you think people did before they had espresso machines? Lived a sad, unfulfilled life.

[ Both chuckle ] I agree with you. Mmm. So? So it’s delicious. No, no, no. I was talking about the ring. You still a fan? Considering I’m obsessed with it, I’d say so. ‘Cause we can change it. I can get you a different one. Are you kidding? No, sonny, it’s perfect. The setting is perfect. The stone is perfect. The coffee is perfect. You’re… perfect. But even better, you’re all mine. Here goes nothing.

[ Knock on door ] Coming. You’re early. How unlike you. Wait, is that your not-so-subtle way of saying that I’m — I’m usually late? Hello, my daughter. Hello, mother. Um, so I-I came a little bit early because I wanted to talk to you before krissy got here. Oh, okay, good. Um, also, so you don’t lecture me, I reached out to gregory. There you go. Oh. Well, that’s good. Did he respond? Well, I just reached out. I just sent it a minute ago. Okay, um, well, I didn’t actually come here to talk to you about gregory. I, um… I wanted to talk to you about my sister. I’m worried about molly, too. Wait. Not that sister. What’s going on with molly? Morning. Hey. Sorry if I woke you. I was trying to be quiet. Like you were last night? I didn’t even hear you come home. Well, it was late. You must be tired. Why don’t — why don’t you take the day off? Can you please not do that? Do what? Treat me like I’m about to break. Okay. I’m sorry. Look, there’s no reason for me to take the day off, okay? I’m not sick. God knows I’m not pregnant, and I never will be. I still loved you that much. So before we go any further, I need to know where you are, what you feel, what you want. Are you on the rebound? Or are you and portia really over? And if so… do we get a second chance? Jordan. I need to speak with you.

Well, I knew something was up at the wedding. Michael and willow’s? Yeah. Molly just, um — I don’t know, she seemed a little off to me, and I-I asked tj if everything was okay, and he said that she was fine, but he was glad that she had her sisters. Anyway, two sec agents showed up and questioned carly, so the conversation got derailed. And I-I now feel really terrible because I didn’t follow up. I don’t want you to feel terrible. I think molly will tell you about it when she feels the time is right for her. And I got to tell you, I think the time is soon. Okay. Now, how worried should I be? You shouldn’t worry. This is not life-threatening. She’ll be fine. Okay. What about kristina? The foundation that sonny is helping her set up? Yeah, the shelter. I know. Yeah, I-I think it’s an amazing idea. And it can do a lot for the lgbtq+ community. However, I don’t feel like kristina is grasping the reality of what she’s getting herself into. I just — I feel like she needs guidance. Who doesn’t?

[ Knock on door ] Okay. Yeah. It’s my middle girl. Hello. Hi, middle girl. Hi. How are you, darling? Mom, sam. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m about to change port charles forever. You want to see? It’s still too soon to say we can’t have children. I didn’t say we can’t have children. I said I can’t get pregnant. Not too soon to say that. I just meant that we can still create and raise a family together, molly. And it might not look how we thought it would, but when have we ever been conventional? Okay, look, is — is it okay if we just, like, don’t talk about our options right now? I know that we need to figure it out, and we will, okay? But I’m just feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I get it. I get it. We have all the time in the world to deal with what comes next. Honestly, I’m more focused on you right now. Endometriosis is a serious condition, and dr. Navarro says you have a serious case. Lucky me. Which means you’ve been suffering from symptoms all this time. And I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me? Hey. Drew. Sorry, man. I thought you knew I was here. Oh, man. I was over here in my zone. Yeah, you were. You okay, though? All good. Yeah. Okay, good. Good. Are we good? What? Why wouldn’t we be? Uh, I heard that you and carly have been seeing each other for a while now, and if memory serves me correctly, I said some not-so-nice things about her lies to nina and willow. D-don’t you even sweat it. I didn’t even tell you about me and carly ’cause we had to keep it a secret. There’s tons of information that you didn’t know, man. Plus, you were just telling the truth. I like that I can count on you for that. If anyone knows their own mind, it’s you. Let’s talk somewhere in private. I don’t need privacy for this. I just want to say thank you. What? If not for you, trina — she wouldn’t have made it back to port charles. I know she wouldn’T. Well, it — it was a team effort. And you were a major, major part of that team. You put your career in jeopardy to hold off the wsb. And I just want you to know that I… I’ll forever be grateful. I wish this could last forever. That’s the plan, right? Till death do us part. No, I mean the part that it’s just us, you know, last night’s dinner and the coffee this morning. Pretty soon, the whole world is gonna know that we are engaged. I think they already know. Do you think that we shouldn’t have done that? Done what? You know, just celebrated so publicly last night. We got nothing to hide. Yeah, I agree with you, sonny. I do. It’s just we have to face it that not everyone’s gonna be as happy we’re getting married as we are. And how are you feeling about the nina situation? Well, I’m not exactly thrilled about it. No, I can imagine you wouldn’t be. Well, look, my — my heart’s not being ripped out of my chest or anything. Sonny and I are divorced. We both moved on. I’m even happy that he’s happy. It’s just… you — you wish that happiness was literally with anyone else. It’s nina. That woman devastated my family. And now she’s positioned to be even closer to them. I-I — it’s appalling to me. It is. But, you know, there’s no stopping sonny once he’s made up his mind, so I just got to figure out a way to live with it. Sonny is a difficult man.

[ Scoffs ] You think? And I know this because he is a difficult client, but a relationship with him, that’s got to be an endurance event. You don’t think nina can handle it, do you? I think if she wants to, she’d better start her conditioning now. But I’m not optimistic. You know what? I don’t have the energy or the desire to unpack nina, so… fair enough. Let’s get down to business, shall we? Yes. My case with the sec. Go. You have options. You’re not gonna like them.

It’s not like it was excruciating. But you were in pain. How often? Was it constant?

[ Sighs ] No. But, I mean, it was often enough. I guess it — it varied depending on where I was in my cycle. Was, um… did it hurt when we had sex? Tj. Did it?

[ Sighs ] Sometimes. Not all the time. Why didn’t you say anything? Because I-I didn’t want it to hurt. Everything else about it, the being close to you, cuddling with you, having you hold me in your arms, I love those things, tj. I didn’t want to ruin it by saying, “oh, you know what? I’m feeling a little crampy tonight. I don’t really want to.” Now I feel like a monster. I-I feel — no. My partner’s been in pain, and I didn’t even know. Because I didn’t let you know. Why would you hide something like that from me? I wasn’t hiding it, tj. I was dealing with it. Okay, so, I have a call with the contractor in a little while, but I wanted to show you guys first. Then you’ve already hired an architect? I don’t even need one. Krissy. Sam, all I’m doing is knocking down a couple walls. Which requires a permit. The contractor is gonna figure all that out. This is my chance to really make a difference. A-and I know I’ve said that before, but it’s real this time. And it would mean the world to have your support, especially yours. As far as I’m concerned, last night was perfect. I don’t give — I don’t care what people think. W-who cares, right? Well, I agree with you. But unfortunately, we don’t live in a vacuum.

[ Knock on door ] We don’t? Look at you, being all jokey. I’m just happy. What can I say? Yeah. So am I. Deliriously. Okay, listen, that’s ava dropping off avery, right? Mm-hmm. I don’t — I don’t want avery to know until I tell ava first. Right. My lips are sealed. All right. Hi, daddy! Hey, sweetheart. How you doing? Heya, sonny. Hi. Oh, nina. Avery was so excited you were gonna be here today. And I’m super, super excited. Okay. I’ve been thinking about this. Playground, park, carousel. Yeah. Which one? All of them. What about me? All right. Do you think we should let your dad join us? What’s that? Uh, w-what’s what? The big sparkly ring. Mommy, you used to wear one just like that. So what’s this with the sec? They question you? Thanks to ned quartermaine, carly and I are being charged with insider trading. Ned turned you in? Well, he didn’t come out and admit it, of course, but, I mean, I don’t know who else it could be. Thank you. Do they have a case? Oh, they got a strong case. Sec’s coming at us hard for whatever reason, and it doesn’t seem like they’re interested in a deal, either. At least — at least not with both of us. Thanks, man. Both of you, meaning you and carly? Yeah. Of course my aunt tracy had the brilliant suggestion that I should throw carly under the bus. Oh, damn. That’s cold. Yeah. Obviously not an option, but… hey. Keep this between us? Of course. I need something to, um, disarm ned. Do you know what I mean? He’s got this reach and he’s got power. He — he could strong-arm the sec and make this whole thing go away. Well, I doubt he’ll do it willingly, seeing as he’s the one who sounded the alarm. I mean, his own family. It’s messed up. I know. It’s killing me seeing carly go through this. She doesn’t deserve any of this. So I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that I protect her. Before we get into strategy, I want you to walk me through your actions as if I’ve never heard it before. Okay. I knew that michael and drew were planning to merge elq and aurora. Arguably a sacrifice for drew. Yeah. I mean, drew liked having his company independent of elq. I mean, the only reason he agreed to the merger was to help his family. And since michael’s my son and drew, at the time, was just a friend, I just wanted to help them. So you bought stock in aurora before the merger? Yes. Aurora is the smaller company, so the more it’s worth, the more equal the merger would be. The irony is, drew told me not to do it. Invest in aurora? Yeah. And michael did, too. Well, fortunately, michael is not a part of this because he owns no stock in aurora, so we’re gonna leave him out of it. So drew cautioned you not to buy the shares, and you… didn’t listen. Yeah. I know. And now drew is caught up in my mistake. I — I didn’t mean for it to be insider trading. I was really just trying to help. Look, I get it. And here’s the thing. The sec probably gets it, too. Problem is, they don’t care. You knew before the public that there was a merger plan, and you acted on it. That makes me guilty? You and drew both.

riods, okay? Cramping and bloating and tenderness. Yes, this was more severe, but it wasn’t completely foreign. I thought it was just what happens as you get older. So I took an ibuprofen and I got on with life. Did that even help? I don’t know. Not much. Molly. Look, I’m sorry, okay? I’m not asking you to apologize. I just — I just want to understand. Did you ever think to get it checked out? No, I just told you I thought it was normal. Being in pain all the time is not normal. It wasn’t all the time! I’m just — you’re so — you’re not — you’re not casual about your health. You’re not. Okay, what else do you want me to say? It was a part of my life, and I got used to it, tj. But why? If you’re not feeling well, you go to the doctor, right? Obviously, something was wrong. Not to me. And you know what? The last thing I need is for you to keep piling on right now, because I’m already feeling guilty enough. For what? Because I ignored my symptoms. I didn’t get examined. And you know what? If I had just — if I had just gotten diagnosed earlier and started treatment sooner — but it’s too late for that and it’s all my fault. So, this is the common space, a place to hang out, have fun, support each other. And I just — I want the kids to — to feel safe, you know, like when they walk through those doors, they just — they know that they are gonna be fine and everything’s gonna be okay. Sounds wonderful. And — and the office will be here with the staff, and they’ll be nearby. And I want to hire young people, you know? Less like administrators and more like their peers. It’s gonna be bright and airy and open and really colorful. It just — it sounds like a major renovation. Well, no, it’s not that major, actually. It’s — it’s honestly mostly cosmetic. You’re knocking down walls and stuff. Isn’t that gonna increase your property taxes? Maybe. But, uh, you know, it’s gonna be so worth it in the long run. But have you even started fundraising yet? No, ’cause I-I needed to have something to show before I started asking people for money. Mom? Mm. Come — I trust her. I mean, if she thinks it’s worth it, it’s worth it. Oh! And this is our logo. How beautiful is this? Do you love it? I love it. Oh, what now? Nothing. I just — I think it’s a little premature to hire a graphic designer. How am I supposed to have a website if I don’t have a logo? An online presence is very important. Yeah, absolutely. But so is hiring an accountant and registering as a nonprofit. Sam, what is your deal? Do you just not believe in this project? Or is it me you don’t believe in?

[ Grunting ] You see, I think — I think tracy is ned’s achilles’ heel. You know what I’m saying? If I could just scrounge up some dirt on her — hey, look, man, if you need a man, you got one. You’ve always been there for me. No, no. No, no, no, no, no. I’m not dragging anybody else into this mess. No way. Plus, you got enough on your plate, right? Any — any developments on the trina front? She took the dna test, so the results will be coming soon. Okay, good. I think if the positions were reversed, I might not be handling this as cool and as collected as you right now. Well, I’ve been living here, you know. Yeah. This helps me take my mind off of things. I bet. I bet. Okay. Okay. You and portia. You guys been, you know, discussing next steps? Man, we’re all in a holding pattern, just waiting to see what’s what. All right. The reason I’m asking is, after greenland, I just kind of thought you guys were on the same page with everything. About bringing trina home, yeah. But everything else… drew, after my time in greenland, brother, it just had me reevaluating a whole lot of things. Such as? If I should have ended my marriage… to jordan. You really have gone above and beyond. When we needed oz haggerty’s testimony, you bought us time. I don’t know what you’re talking about. And neither do you. I-I-I — yes, right. I know. I know. It’s just that, um, ever since trina came home, it has become clear to me that you have been looking out for my family. And I never gave you credit for it. So this is me saying thank you. Portia, it’s — and I truly am sorry that I am just realizing it now.

[ Chuckles ] I just, you know — I just hope you can accept my apology. So, you know I love nina very much. I took a chance and asked her to marry me. Did you say yes? I did. So what do you think about that? Can I be the flower girl? I think that can be arranged. You’ve already been practicing, right? This is the best news ever. Oh, really? Oh, you have no idea how happy that makes me. Avery, I can hardly wait to be a part of your family. Me neither. Can I go on my tablet? Yes, you can. It’s by your bedside. And not for long. Avery: Okay! So, ava. You’ve been very quiet. Aren’t you gonna say congratulations? Here are the people responsible — the person who gave out the insider information. Drew. And the person who acted on said information.

[ Sighs ] Me. Ultimately, you are both culpable. Now, from a legal standpoint, not a moral or emotional one, drew has the option to say carly acted without his knowledge. He was not even a participant. That — that he was not the one who gave you the insider information. So in other words, lie. Likewise, you have the option to say that drew came to you, asked you to purchase stock in aurora, that he gave you no private information, that you were just following instructions. That’s literally the opposite of what happened. I’m just saying this is how you could strike a deal with the feds. You had no private information, no private knowledge. You were just doing a favor for a friend. No. Drew wouldn’t do that to me, and I would never do that to him. In that case, um… there is another alternative.

I was speaking with a friend of mine in the da’s office. Trusted source. Carly: Okay. She had an interesting tidbit to share. What’s that? I think we can all agree that the sec is least interested in you. Yes? Yeah, drew is definitely the more high-profile get for sure. Well, in terms of high profile, a corporate ceo pales in comparison to sonny corinthos. Diane. You know who’s right across the hall from the sec? The justice department. No. Carly, you know where all the bodies are buried. So if you decide to give them sonny, you could write your ticket to freedom. No. Even though he’s marrying a woman you can’t stand? He could be marrying hannibal lecter for all I care. I’m never giving up sonny. Ever. Just want to make sure that you understood the parameters. Let’s just focus on my other options, okay? You have none.

[ Sighs ] We were planning to tell you first, and then we didn’t want to spring it on avery like that. But, you know, things happen. Yeah. Yeah. For better or worse, nothing gets by our daughter these days. No kidding.

[ Chuckles ] Well… c-congrats. Thank you. When — when did you pop the question? Last night. Does carly know. No, not yet. Oh, well… you might want to get on that. ‘Cause I know avery, and she’s gonna tell the — the mailman and donna and the barista at charlie’s and anybody and everybody who will listen. So… yeah, you’re probably right. I’m — I’m gonna head over there right now. Oh. All right. Right now? Okay. Well, good luck. You all right to stay with avery? Oh, no. I’ll hang around. We can — we can talk wedding plans. I’d love that. All right. Um, I’ll be back soon. I’ll be here.

[ Chuckles ] Bye. He’s gone. So? So you want to tell me what you really think? Well, of course I believe in you, kristina. Yeah? It doesn’t sound like it. No, your — your — your compassion, your — your vision, your creativity, all of it. I want to see, more than anything, you get this shelter up and running, but it’s gonna be difficult, krissy. There’s gonna be a lot of hoops to jump through. And I just feel like you’re not getting that right now. Difficult how? Okay. Well, for starters, you’re gonna be housing a lot of at-risk teenagers, many who have been emotionally traumatized, possibly exploited. And you’re gonna need professionals to help you with that. So instead of picking out colors for paint, I would hire a psychiatrist as a consultant. I know. I’m — I’m — I’m getting there. Wow. It’s like your priorities are all in the wrong order. Mom, why aren’t you chiming in here? Uh… I’m — I’m — I’m trusting that you know what you’re getting into. Thank you, mom. Yeah. We’ve heard this before, kristina. You have all of these great ideas and — and this vision. And then… then what? What? Just say it. Say what. And then it — and then it doesn’t work out the way you want it to. And it’s not because I don’t believe in you. It’s because you never follow through. Baby. Hey, you need to listen to me, okay? I don’t blame you at all. Okay, but you were just upset that I didn’t go see a doctor. Because you were in pain. I was upset because you were in pain. And I hate that. Not because I think you’re at fault. God, I just feel so guilty. Why? I feel like I’ve let you down. Molly, no. It’s true. I mean, I was supposed to carry your baby. Stop. And now I can’T. You’re not supposed to do anything. Nothing is expected from you. That’s not true. Baby, we are in this together. You say that, and I know that you really believe it. But it’s different when you’re a woman, tj. I so wanted to be able to give you this gift. To do this — this thing that other women do every single day. And they have been for centuries. And to know that I can’T… we can’T. Except there’s nothing wrong with you, okay? It’s me. I just — I think I need some time to come to terms with that. What can I do? Honestly, nothing. I-I got to get to work. Molly. Um, I’ll see you later. Don’t leave. Molly! I must be losing it, man, because I could have sworn you said jordan. I did. We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately. And recently she admitted she still has feelings for me. So, drew, now I’m asking myself, did I give up on our marriage too quickly? That’s a big question. Damn right it is. Okay. Look, I-I can certainly understand why you’d be drawn back to jordan, but have you talked to portia? About jordan? No. No, about you guys. Before you start reevaluating your relationship with your ex, don’t you think you should — you should know the status of your own marriage? You really have nothing to apologize for. Yeah, I kind of do. You gave me great advice. You told me to tell curtis the truth about trina. And if I’d have listened to you, if I’d have just done it sooner… but what did I do? I accused you of trying to break us up. It’s so ironic. The what-if game never does anyone any good. In all honesty, I should have never interfered. I’m glad you did. I mean, it’s far messier than I ever could have imagined, but at least the truth is out. Maybe I should ask you what I should do next. What do you mean? If you were me, how would you save my marriage?

Look, drew, portia is the one that lied to me. I don’t owe her anything. I agree. I agree. But you just said that you’re afraid that you ended things too quickly with your ex. Isn’t it possible that you’re about to make the same mistake with portia? Look, man, I just can’t get past it. Every time I’m in the same room as her, all I can think about is the dishonesty. But have you really given her a chance? I mean, really. How much time have you two spent together? Not much. And look, you — you know I’m gonna stand by you no matter what. But unless you can say for certain that you don’t love portia anymore — look, look, drew, drew. It doesn’t matter, man. Love or no love, it doesn’t change what she did. No. But it does affect your capacity to forgive. I’m sorry. Sorry. I’m going to retract that question. Ugh. I’ve been so worried about trina. I haven’t even gotten an ounce of sleep. I’m just… anyway, thank you so much for this talk. Really. Portia. Wait. I can’t offer advice on curtis. But I can say this about trina because I’ve been there. Focus on forgiving yourself. Mothers are human. We make mistakes, too. In time, trina will see that. I was expecting this from mom, but not from you, sam. This is new. Stop. Stop. I want you to be successful. No, you don’T. You just want to suck the joy out of everything that I’m excited about. Stop, stop, stop. No, stop. Please, stop. That’s not true, honey.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Have you even been listening? Yes. Sam and I are both supportive of you, right? Yes, absolutely. Great. I mean, if anyone can get the shelter going, you can. Now, I have to take the call with the contractor, and it’s actually perfect timing since I’m completely off my game now. So thank you, sam. This is kristina. That went well. Don’t you think you came down a little hard on her? No, I don’t, mom. She’s an adult. She has to understand what she’s actually getting into. I… I agree. Really? You could have fooled me. What am I supposed to do? Last time I factored in on her career, she didn’t speak to me for a month. Well, now she’s not gonna speak to me for a month. She — she probably hates me more now. She’s always gonna hate me more. And just give her a second. Once she relaxes, she’ll — she’ll value the advice that you gave her. You know, as annoying as it was, I’m actually proud of you. You were able to bite your tongue. I’m proud of me. I did bite my tongue. I’m trying. I’m getting better. I also know that I can’t predict the future. So if that’s the case, why not just have faith? You are in a very poor position, my friend. Because the fact of the matter is, technically, yes, you are guilty of insider trading, and the two paths that could get you out of it — are non-starters, diane. Which leaves you holding the bag. For my own actions. Look, do I want you to do everything in your power to fight these charges? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, it’s my mess. If I have to pay for it, I will. Understood. Thank you for the coffee. Any time. I already told you, nina. I’m — I’m happy for you. Once more, this time with feeling. What do you want from me? For starters, the truth. Do you? Okay. The truth is, your relationship has been a ticking time bomb since you turned carly in to the sec. Why shouldn’t carly pay? Because she’s carly. You know, I don’t know. I don’t know how else to tell you this, but carly and sonny have been through everything — the good, the bad, the ugly — for well over 20 years. And you’ve been in your relationship for, what, like two? Well, that shouldn’t matter. But it does. And I’m telling you, if sonny finds out that you turned carly in, it is over. Forever.

Molly, it’s me. I don’t like how our conversation ended and… I just wanted to say I’m sorry. For all of it. Most of all… I’m so sorry you felt alone in this. Just know that I love you. And I’m here. Always. Your support for kristina obviously means so much. So maybe with this extra boost of confidence, she might be able to pull this off. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Don’t tell your sister I said that. Never. I’m sorry, man. This is — this is such a tough spot. I-I wish I could help. You already have. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I really do. You’re giving me way too much credit. No, no, no, I’m not. I haven’t given you enough credit, jordan. Portia, stop. I’m not the person you think I am. There’s really no easy way out of this, nina. Either you come clean and accept that you and sonny are over, and who knows, maybe the two of you can find your way back to each other in a few years. Or you just keep digging the hole you’ve been digging and pray you get to china. You’re right. You’re right. Because of my stupid, impulsive decision, I have laid the seeds to lose both sonny and willow. Sorry it’s come to this. Yeah, so am I. You know, I-I-I don’t have any more options. I only have one choice. It’s time for the gloves to come off.

[ Knock on door ] Come in.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Drew asks Curtis to help him get information on Tracey to help him pressure Ned to tell the SEC to drop the investigation against him and Carly. Curtis tells Drew he has been thinking that he ended his marriage to Jordan too quickly. Drew advises Curtis to talk to Portia first to see if they can save their marriage. Jordan feels guilty about kissing Curtis when Portia thanks her for helping bring Trina home.

Kristina (now played by Kate Jones ex-Abigail Days). argues with Sam because Sam thinks Kristina hasn’t thought about how much work it takes to open a youth shelter.

Molly blames herself for not going to the doctor sooner to get treatment for her endometriosis. TJ tells her that they are in this together, but Molly is heartbroken that she can’t give TJ the gift of a child.

Avery notices the huge ring on Nina’s finger, so Sonny and Nina tell Avery they are engaged. Ava tells Nina that if Sonny finds out she tipped off the SEC, she will lose Sonny forever. Nina tells Ava that it’s time the gloves come off . She has to do something before Sonny finds out the truth.

Diane tells Carly that the only way she can save herself from SEC is to give up Drew to the SEC or to give up Sonny to the State Department. Carly tells Diane she will not do either of those things, and she will trust her to do her job and face whatever happens to her. Sonny arrives at Carly’s house to tell her that he and Nina are engaged.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, May 23, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Breathing heavily ] Hey, it’s good to see you. I heard things got pretty rough in greenland. Rough? Well, that is one way to put my uncle trying to kill billions of people, yes. Thank god you were able to stop it. You know, joss was really worried about you. I should assume so. We’ve been friends our whole lives. I’m glad you made it back in one piece. Y-you can stop sucking up now because there’s no one around to hear it. Can you just cut the attitude for like five seconds? I bet that you’d like that, wouldn’t you? But, no, not when I know that every single word that comes out of your mouth is a lie. My uncle sonny, he might trust you, but I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, dex. To me, you’re always going to be a backstabbing traitor. You look like you got the weight of the world on your shoulders. I don’t think your friend tracy likes me very much. Hm. Well, you know, tracy’s not real good at pulling her punches. She’s also very protective of her family. And if you got a problem with one of them, you… probably got a problem with her. Oh, I got that. Loud and clear. She called me judgmental and said I act like brook lynn isn’t good enough for me. Well, that’s a little harsh. Yeah, I thought so, too. But do you think that’s how brook lynn feels? “I’m drowning… in my tears…” “…trying to face…” “…all my fears.” Kill me now. Ned: Yes, george, I am aware that tips to the sec are anonymous. But come on, someone must know who told them about drew and carly’s alleged insider trading. Okay, thanks. I appreciate you looking into it. Let me know if you find out anything. Thanks. What was that about? Trying to prove my innocence. So far, you’re the only one who, uh, knows that I am not responsible for turning in drew and carly. Everything okay? Yeah. I’m just working on my new song. Oh, let me take a look. Wow. This looks, uh… dark. I’m guessing things aren’t any better with chase. Things aren’t anything with chase. He broke up with me, and now that he’s back at the pcpd, there’s no reason for us to ever see each other again. Hi. Yes, I’m calling to check on a patient. Willow corinthos. Oh, I-I’m her mother-in-law, carly spencer. Oh, that’s great. Alright. Thank you. Yes. It’s so good to hear. Okay, bye. You’re never gonna be out in the cold because you’re always gonna be a part of my life. I love you, and I know that you mean it, but we both know that this is gonna be a fraught subject for — for us. I mean, think of the strain on our relationship when I told you that I wanted to stay away from your business. It’s the same thing. I’m not gonna let it happen. That’s — I’m just not gonna let it — it’s out of your control. There’s nothing you can do about it because family comes first. Just… I’m just gonna have to learn to live with being on the outside. You’re not gonna be on the outside. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life proving that to you. That’s easy to say now. Now and forever. Forever. Forever… …if you… if you marry me. Did you just… say what I think you said? I just asked you if… you can make me the happiest man on earth… and marry me. What do you say?

Dex, hi. Hey, trina. It’s really good to see you. I was just telling spencer how worried joss was. She barely slept while you two were missing. And I was just telling dex how he doesn’t need to tell us how joss feels about anything. Well, if it had been joss on that boat, I would have been scared out of my mind. So I am glad that you were there for her. Wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. I’m gonna go hit the shower. I’m, uh, glad you’re both home safe. Thank you. That’s nice to hear, isn’t it, spencer? Please.

[ Sighs ] You do know you were being a jerk to dex. I don’t like the guy. Why should I pretend that I do? Fine. You don’t like him, but he is dating joss, and she is crazy about him. It’d be better for everyone if you two could just get along. He slid in on joss while she was still dating cam? Absolutely not. Besides, it doesn’t matter. They’re never gonna last. And what makes you say that? Because josslyn has decided that she hates my uncle sonny and everything that he stands for. So dating his employee? That’s a nonstarter, trina. It was nice of dad to defend me to tracy, but… thing is… she might be right. I’ve treated brook lynn unfairly. You had a valid reason to be angry with brook lynn. I mean, she could have ruined your reinstatement to the pcpd. What she did was wrong, but the only reason it happened is because she wanted to keep working with me. And she seems genuinely sorry for doing it. Well, remorse is a step in the right direction. She showed up to my hearing to speak on my behalf. I mean, that took a lot of guts. And seeing her there kind of reminded me how much I miss her.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. Am I just being stubborn and punishing us both by not forgiving her? You’re the only one that can answer that, bro. Wait, really? You’re picking now to stop being my know-it-all big brother who just loves to tell me what to do?

[ Chuckles ] I think the question is… can you really forgive brook lynn? And by that, I mean, can you really forgive her and put all of this behind you for good? I think so. Okay, well, then I think you owe it to both of you to find out for sure. Think about it. What if you get back together and she does the same thing again? You got to be really honest with yourself. Can you accept brook lynn exactly as she is? I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Because of nina and the whole co-owner thing? No. I decided a long time ago not to live my life based on what that woman does. Besides, I’m on my way out. God, carly, you must hate me. Hate you? No. Your husband? He’s a different story. Never see chase again? Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic? I’m just stating the facts. I haven’t seen chase since michael and willow’s wedding. And there we only said 10 words to each other, and even those were awkward. Do you think that might have something to do with the fact that you’ve been hiding from him? I wasn’t hiding. Just had to get chase away from granny before sh– before what? With granny, who knows? Oh, mother isn’t exactly a model of tact. Tracy: Nonsense. I am an absolute delight wherever I am. Good evening, mother. Wow. Aren’t the two of you the faces of gloom? What’s wrong now? I still haven’t found out who reported drew and carly to the sec. Oh, that’s right. ‘Cause it wasn’t you. It wasn’T. I’m not lying! Uh-huh. And you are known for your honesty and transparency. Well, dad, one way to prove it wasn’t you would be to find the person who would want to hurt carly and drew. Besides me. Actually, who would want to hurt carly or drew? You’re repeating yourself. No. What I mean is, here we are assuming that it’s someone who wants to hurt the both of them. I mean, what if it’s someone who only wants to hurt one of them? What do you mean? Look. Check it out. These are carly’s enemies, and these are drew’s enemies. If you’re drawing to scale, carly’s circle needs to be a lot bigger. And these are the few people who knew about carly purchasing aurora stock. I mean, it could be somebody who’s only after carly or someone who’s only after drew or someone who’s after both of them. A venn diagram of revenge. How fun!

[ Cellphone rings ] I need to take this. Excuse me.

[ Sighs ] I’m very glad you’re helping your father. It’s a much better use of your time than mooning after harrison chase, that ingrate. How can chase be ungrateful when he doesn’t even know what I did for him? We had a deal. You said that you would stay away from chase if I went back to work at deception, which I have done. Oops. W-what does that mean, grandmother? What have you done? Sonny… I’m sorry. I can’t marry you. You’re saying no? I have to. No. This whole thing is all wrong. Okay, I-I admit this isn’t exactly the way I planned to ask you to marry me. Uh. See? You didn’t plan on proposing to me. You’re just trying to make me feel better. You don’t think it would make us both feel better if you said yes? Sonny, I love you for doing this, but… I don’t want a pity proposal. Pity? I-I feel a lot about you, but pity is not one. Oh. Okay, then. What do you call this? Love. It’s timing. I just got done telling you that I’m afraid that your family is gonna come between us, and you immediately ask me to marry you?

[ Sighs ] It is very kind of you. No, this is not about kindness. Kindness is me making your favorite pasta dish for dinner. I’m asking you to marry me. Yeah, I didn’t pick the right setting and I should have, you know, had a big speech and… but I didn’t think, you know, you would need a candlelit dinner and champagne to agree to marry me. No, I don’t need that. I don’t need that. I-I just need to know that you really want me to be your wife. Okay. Be honest with me. Have you ever thought of proposing to me before tonight? As a matter of fact… yes. Now do you believe me?

You have a ring? Yeah. Been carrying it around for days. But I just didn’t know what the right time was because of willow and you were worried, I was worried, so I never felt like it was the right time. And I guess it’s not the right time now, so… I mean, it’s really… f-for me? Yeah. I had it made especially for you. But if you don’t want it… no, it’s — it’s — who wouldn’t want it? It’S…beautiful. So are you. You really want to marry me? Absolutely. You want to rethink your answer?

[ Chuckles ] Fancy seeing you here. Hate to disappoint you, but joss really cares about dex. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. I just don’t understand what joss sees in him. Because they’re complete opposites. That relationship is going nowhere. Well, sometimes complete opposites make the best couple, spencer. You can’t put logic around love. The heart wants what it wants. Yes, it does. Spencer! Hi! Hey. Oh, my god. You’re back! I’m so happy to see you. I was so worried about you. So I heard. So, should I say I’m sorry about your uncle? Sorry for what? That he turned out to be a psychopath? No. I’m just embarrassed that I trusted him for as long as I did. Hey, it’s not your fault. You wanted to believe the best about him. When you came in here, you were upset. Is — is everything all right with willow? Um, yeah. Yeah, she’s fine. She’s doing the best she can. She’s going through chemo and prep for the bone marrow transplant tomorrow. Michael and i got in a fight. You and michael? About what? Nothing. I shouldn’t have said anything. Um, may be too soon for me to get back into the gym… right now.

[ Chuckles ] I should probably give it some time and not overdo it while I’m still recovering from my acts of heroism. So I’ll see you later? Definitely. Okay. Spill. What could possibly make you mad enough to argue with michael while willow’s fighting for her life? I made sure that detective chase knows he is not good enough for you. I made it perfectly clear I did not like him looking down his nose at my granddaughter. Oh, my gosh. What did he say? Not a lot, actually. His father, however, jeremy — gregory. Whatever, felt the need to insert himself into our conversation and defend chase. Right. As if things weren’t mortifying enough. I did get my point across, however. Grandmother, why? I did just as you asked. You had no right to go talk to chase. Oh, relax. He’s a big boy. He can handle it. Well, that’s not the point. He shouldn’t have to. I’m the one who messed up. I’m the one who was slow to send my letter to the ccrb. You more than made up for it by having me grease the wheels and a few palms to get him reinstated. Why couldn’t you just stay out of it like you promised? What’s done is done. And why do you want to be with someone who is always judging you? You are better off without him, as far as I’m concerned.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I guess that’s the big question. Am I willing to accept brook lynn for who she is? Or do I want her to be someone she isn’t? I’ve learn the hard way. Sometimes two people can want to be together and they try their best, but… they’re just too different to make it work. I mean, this whole conversation could be pointless. Who knows if brook lynn would take me back, considering how I’ve treated her? Well, you know, tracy’s my friend, but she’s not always the most reliable narrator. You know what I mean? What’s your gut telling you? That I need to fix this. Okay, then. Good luck with all that. And you’re gonna help me? What? I’m sorry, carly. You have to believe me, I had no idea ned was even thinking about going to the sec. I believe you. I know you would have told me had you known. I would never let you get blindsided like that. Especially at michael and willow’s wedding.

[ Scoffs ] I can’t believe that ned would stoop so low. I’M…listen. I-I know it doesn’t help, but I am absolutely furious with him. We have done nothing but fight ever since I found out. I’m sure. Is he staying here? Because I don’t want to run into him. Why would he be staying here? Where else would he go if you kicked him out? You did kick him out, didn’t you?

On edge, but it’s not like you and michael to fight, especially during what you’re all going through. I know. Okay? The timing wasn’t great, but I can’t help it. He’s being unfair. About what? He’s just a condescending ass who thinks he knows everything. Okay. You’re really mad. What did he do? He just refuses to accept the fact that what me and dex have is real. He tells me, “oh, oh, you’re in college. Dex is just a phase. There’s plenty of other guys.” He acts like I’ll just forget about dex the second he leaves town. Leaves town? Is dex going somewhere? Just who I wanted to see.

[ Door opens ] I was very clear with ned that I thought tipping off the sec was unconscionable. But you didn’t throw him out? No, I didn’T. I could go to prison… because of your husband. Okay. Carly, you — you did buy the aurora stock because you had privileged information about a possible merger with elq. You’re not entirely innocent in all this. I was helping my son, olivia. I get it, and I know that we would both do anything to help our children. And I told ned that I thought his behavior was disgusting. But?

[ Exhales sharply ] But I have worked too hard on my marriage to throw it away just because ned told the truth. Something happen while I was gone? Why do you ask? Mother, what did you do? Why does everyone in the house think the worst of me? Well, fool us once. If you must know, I helped your daughter get a little self-esteem — something you should have done a long time ago. Brook lynn’s self-esteem is fine.

[ Music playing in distance ] So I ask you again. What did you do to her? What did I do for her? She is lucky to have someone on her side. Do you guys hear that? Barely. That’s my song. Finn, what are you doing? Tried to go it alone but my soul gets weary with miles to go before I sleep we are strong, you and me just like a train got to make a fire to get the steam

[ Chuckles softly ] I know we’re gonna make it we were born to be together I’m sorry, sonny. I can’t marry you. I don’T… I don’t want to risk causing you any more trouble in your life. I’ve already cost you so much. Not as much as you’ve given me. I love you, nina, and I love everything about you. I love the passion that you have for your life. I love that you… you let me be just who I am. Yeah, y-you don’t try to change me. Yeah, because you’re perfect. Yeah, because… you’ve helped me get there. From the second I met you… I didn’t know who I was. It didn’t matter… …because I know what I felt. And I still do. You see things in me that other people don’t see. You know, I can be sonny. I don’t have to be the boss or the person who has to have his guards up. And when I was at the worst of my times… you were there. You stood up for me. No matter how much I pushed you away. So when you start talking about your family and they were slipping away, I didn’t feel pity. I felt recognition… ’cause I feel the same way. Sonny. We are similar. We are s– we make mistakes… but we ask for forgiveness. And I know how hard that was for you, but I know why you did it. Because you were brave… and you’re a fighter. And I want you to allow me to fight alongside with you. Will you be my partner for life? ‘Cause I can’t imagine… …my life without you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Nina reeves… …will you marry me?

Okay, and one more. -I think we got it. -Yeah, let’s focus on the rv. -Rv? Okay, everybody, look at the rv and smile. This is what you want for your family portrait? Good point. We bundled the boat with our home and auto first. -Hey, team, get on in here. -Team? Oh. Fun. Now everyone say “24/7 financial protection with progressive”! 24/7 financial protection with progressive! Okay. Let’s get some singles of me on the bike. Honey. Yeah.

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[ Scoffs ] You know, cameron seems like a good guy… he is. …But joss makes her own choices about who she’s with. Yes, you’re right. All I’m saying is that the three of us have a history with one another. And you’ve been here for…three months? A year, actually. My point is that I know josslyn better than you ever will. Is that so? Yeah. Yeah, it is. What’s josslyn’s favorite movie of all time? It’s “children of the corn.” What snack did she used to sneak into the kitchen late at night to grab? Chocolate chips dipped in peanut butter. And then when she was 10 years old, she sprained her wrist because she fell off of whiskey. Whiskey? One of the cassadine horses. We have those. Yeah, she hurt herself really bad while we were taking a ride on spoon island. Well, clearly she made a full recovery. My point is, I know these things because josslyn and i go way back. Yeah, so you’ve said. But all your examples prove is that you knew her as a kid. You don’t seem to have a clue who josslyn is now. Dex isn’t going anywhere. Then who cares what michael thinks? You and dex know how you feel about each other. So there’s nothing michael can do to break you two up, right? Okay, look, I get it. I get it. I know how hard it is when people close to you act like you’re too young to know what you want. No one approved of spencer and me in the beginning. Some people still don’T. But what matters is that we know we’re supposed to be together. When has ned ever told the truth? I just… I just mean drew gave you privileged information, and you acted on it. I lost money, olivia. And — and the sec would have never looked at us if ned wouldn’t have pointed them to us. And this was after he sided with valentin and killed the merger! Those are all business decisions. That has nothing to do with me. Oh, I get it. So if it doesn’t personally affect you, you’re just gonna turn a blind eye to whatever ned does? It is not my job to police ned’s business tactics, and I’m not gonna ruin my marriage over it. Got it. Got it. Carly? No. No, I… we shouldn’t talk about this. I got to get back to work. I know we’re gonna make it we were born to be together isn’t really complicated all I want is forever all I want is forever all I want is forever I think you guys can take it from here. I can’t believe you got roped into that ridiculous display. It’s so very embarrassing. But what — what can I say? He’s — he’s family.

[ Chuckles ] Amen. What are you doing here? Trying to get back the best thing that ever happened to me. How did I get so lucky? Sonny corinthos, you are the best man that I have ever known. You’re kind. You’re brave. You’re strong. And no matter what the obstacle is in front of you, you never give up on getting what you want. No, I don’T. And you want me? Now you’re getting it. I want to believe you, sonny. I just can’t stop thinking that… one day you’re gonna realize that I’m more trouble than I’m worth. Listen to me. That’s not gonna happen. You know why? I know exactly who you are. And my eyes are wide open. I’m not going anywhere. Are you sure? Yeah. I-I’ve never been more sure in my life. And you know what? A lot of people have decided that I’m not worth it. Well, they’re wrong because you’re worth everything. You are my rock.

[ Chuckles ] If it hadn’t been for you these past few months, sonny, finding out that willow’s my daughter, seeing her get so sick, I would have fallen apart if you weren’t there for me. And I love you so, so much for that. More than I can say. Can you say is that A…? Yes! Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you! I’ll marry you. I can’t wait to marry you.

You don’t know what the hellyou’re talking about. You act like I don’t want joss to hang out with you guys anymore, like I’m trying to steal her away from you. As if you could. She may be sleeping with you right now, but she will get tired of this little walk on the wild side. Watch yourself. Admit it, dex. You have no future with this girl. Joss is smart and motivated, and she’s going places. She wants to be a doctor. You, on the other hand, are muscle for hire that works for her ex-stepfather, who she hates, by the way. There’s no way that you’ll be happy together. Here’s what I know about joss. She makes up her own mind, and she deserves a lot better than an entitled punk like you. Close your eyes. Okay. Open them. Looking good! Oh, my god, it’s amazing! It is nice, isn’t it? It’s absolutely beautiful. The ring of my dreams given to me by the man of my dreams. Alright. Sonny, oh, my god. We’re getting married. We’re getting married! We’re getting married. Oh, get used to it ’cause I’m gonna say it like a million times. I’m — I’m never gonna get tired of you saying it. So what do we do now? Well, I’m thinking there’s a candlelit dinner and a champagne with our names on it. Champagne. Yeah. You sure? Well, uh, since you agreed to marry me, I think, uh… that qualifies as a special occasion. Let’s go! Yeah! Okay, hear me out. I know that I have a lot to make up for, but — shh. It looks like, uh, your little plan failed. Did it, though? Okay. Uh, hang on. There’s something I want to tell you. Can’t we just talk later? No, ’cause you need to hear this now. I miss you, brook lynn. I miss talking to you. I miss hearing you laugh and you teasing me and bossing me around and choosing my wardrobe.

[ Laughs ] I’m serious! My life is so much duller without you in it. I’m back on the force, and I should be thrilled. But after every shift, if it goes well, i want to talk to you. And if it doesn’t go well, I want to talk to you even more. I’ve been so unfair to you. No. I’m the one who needs to apologize. I know how much being a detective means to you, and I still held off on writing that letter. I selfishly wanted to keep you singing so that we could spend more time together. I knew it was wrong and I did it anyway and I am so, so sorry. I’m sorry, too. I’m really trying to be a better person. I want to be better for you. Well, I think that’s perfect… because I think we’re pretty great together. So what do you say? Can you forgive me? Hey, trish. I’ll be working at the front desk if you need me. Okay. Sure. Thanks.

[ Giggles ]

[ Clears throat ] Oh, uh, don’t mind us. We’re — we’re just having fun here.

[ Laughs ] Are you getting out any time soon? Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. Okay. Sorry, olivia.

[ Laughs ] Have a nice night. What’s wrong with her? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I don’t want to think about anyone else right now. Tonight, you and me are the only two people in the entire world.

[ Indistinct conversation ] Well, this is a surprise. Josslyn: Oh, hi. A nice one, I hope. Always. Are you ready to go to dinner? Yeah, I’d love to. Okay. Uh, dex, did you happen to see spencer in there? Uh, yeah, I think he’s still in the locker room. Okay. Did he, um — did he say anything to you? Nothing important. You ready to go? Yeah, absolutely. See ya later. Good to see you. You guys have fun.

[ Sighs ] Are you saying you wanted this to happen? Obviously. But your brother needed a little incentive, so my talk was designed to provoke him into doing something exactly like that. Hmm, I’m not sure if you’re telling the truth or… you’re just trying to save face. Look, I-I’ve been married a few times. More than a few. Mm-hmm. Thank you. And if there’s one thing I learned… never underestimate the power of reverse psychology on a man.

[ Laughs ] Word of advice, finn, never second-guess my mother. Chase, there’s nothing to forgive. Yes, there is. I was being stubborn, standing on some stupid principle, even though it was making us both miserable. Well, I’m not holding a grudge. Good. Because the last thing I want is for you to feel bad about yourself. Chase. Yeah? Shut up and kiss me. What happened to you? Don’t worry about it. I’m fine. Did dex hit you? He acted like everything was fine when he came out. We just got into it a little. Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe he did that. I’m texting joss. No, don’T. I-I threw the first punch. But dex didn’t look hurt. Yeah, he — he blocked it, and then he got in a lucky hit, and then he just walked away. So you’re saying you started the fight, he defended himself, and then stopped it from going any further? I guess. Oh, come on, spencer! Joss is my best friend, and — and dex means a lot to her. Why can’t you two just get along? It’s not my fault. Oh, so it’s all on dex? Yes! I have tried to be nice to the guy, but it’s just impossible.

[ Cork pops, nina and sonny laugh ] Thank you, trish. Every celebration needs a little champagne. Well, what are we celebrating? We’re engaged.

[ Gasps ]

[ Laughs ]

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Chase’s talk with Tracey makes him realize that he has been judgmental and stubborn when it comes to forgiving Brook Lynn. Chase decides to forgive Brook Lynn and goes to the Quartermaine mansion to serenade her with one of her songs while Finn plays the guitar to accompany him. Chase tells Brook Lynn how much he misses her and apologizes for being so stubborn.

Tracey smiles as she tells Ned and Finn that the reverse phycology she used on Chase worked to get Chase and Brook Lynn back together.

Ned tries to find out who gave the anonymous tip to the SEC so he can prove his innocence. Spencer and Dex come to blows inside the steam room at the gym after Spencer tells Dex his relationship with Joss won’t last because he and Joss are from two different worlds. Dex dodges a punch by Spencer and then Dex punches Spencer before he leaves the steam room.

Sonny proposes to Nina and after a long talk Nina says yes to Sonny’s marriage proposal.

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GH Transcript Monday, May 22, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


not that I’m complaining, but why did you bring me here? Yeah. Well, all will be revealed. Here. Have a seat right here. Okay. Okay. Thank you. There we go. You’re welcome. So, yeah. Why…here? Why here? Well… I thought we really deserved some time together to enjoy each other. And the metro court is just so close to G.H., And if michael and willow need us, we can be there in a minute. But I also realize that you used to be co-owner here, so if being here hurts more than it helps, then… being with you, here or anywhere, is just perfect. Hey, dad. Finn. Thanks for making time to meet up with me. I know it was last minute. Oh, of course. You said you had news that couldn’t wait. But it’s going to have to wait just another minute. Wait. Did tracy quartermaine actually come back to port charles and just not tell me? She did. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. How are you, finn? I’m happy to see you. And likewise. I’m — I’m really sorry that I haven’t been in touch. I’ve been caught up in family drama. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. That sounds made up, but you know what? I’m gonna let it slide this time.

[ Chuckles ] Finn? Oh. Oh, care to introduce us? Yes. No, of course. Professor gregory chase, my father. My very good friend, tracy quartermaine. Nice to meet you, tracy. Likewise, professor chase. Oh, no, please, gregory. Oh. Would you like to join us? Under other circumstances, I would be delighted, but I’m actually meeting somebody. Oh. And there he is now. Don’t worry, I was just leaving. Please don’T. I came here to find you. Why? I want to know why you’re still keeping things from me.

[ Sighs ] Gladys, so nice to see you.

[ Chuckles ] So this is about your little iou? So I’m guessing you talked to dex. Yeah, I did. Last night. He asked me to meet him on the hospital roof. I thought he was being romantic, but when I got up there, he was waiting for me, and he pulled me in so close, and he told me that we had to say goodbye. Because of you. That was quite a welcome. Yeah. You okay? What? Something happen? Sonny, I-I-I need to tell you something. I… I-I’ve been thinking about willow, and, um… you know, she — she wants me to make peace with carly. But, you know, that’s — that’s just one thing I’m never gonna be able to give her.

I don’t feel like hanging around hearing any more false accusations, so please excuse me. I hear you came to the home & heart studio while I was promoting the deceptor. Ah, that. Yes. Uh, well, what can I say? Big fan of skincare. Can’t you tell by my baby-soft face? Maxie told me you had a different reason for being there. What does she know? I-I don’t remember seeing her at the studio. She knows what lucy told her. Which was…? That you were gonna take off all your clothes for me.

[ Scoffs ] Finn: Hey. Chase: Hey. Just when did the two of you start socializing? Since I was apprised of chase’s association with my granddaughter. I know a lot about chase, and chase knows nothing about me, so I thought I’d rectify that with a little one-on-one experience. Shall we? I will be in touch about a game of backgammon soon.

[ Whispers ] Good luck. She seems nice. Does she? To you, for always knowing what I need before I do. Thank you for always making me feel better. I feel exactly the same way. Thank you for being in my life.

[ Glasses clink ] Well, to us. To us.

[ Laughs ] Real world incoming. Carly, drew. I’m so surprised to see you both out and about. Well, you know, the sec hasn’t hauled us off to prison just yet, tracy, despite ned’s best efforts. I’m sure justice will prevail. Have a nice night. Is she always like that? Pretty much.Pretty much. Good to know. Oh, can you tell willow I say hi and that I’m sending good thoughts her way? Of course. Thanks. She has such a sunny disposition, you know? Tracy spreads joy wherever she goes. Doesn’t she? Mm. Hey, you want to get out of here? No. Changing locations won’t help. As much as I’d like to, we can’t ignore the trouble we’re in… or what it means for us. Dex did not actually say, “we have to say goodbye because of michael.” He told me he was leaving, and when I asked him why, he told me that your deal was off. I literally could not believe what I was hearing. He continued to explain, and then I got it. You changed your mind? I know that you’re upset. Upset? Michael, I’m furious! You hired dex to work for sonny to get evidence against him, and now that dex has risked his life to give you what you want, you don’t want it anymore? I know I put dex in a tough spot. Tough spot? You put him in an impossible spot. The understanding was he was gonna get that evidence, you’d give that evidence to the fbi, and then sonny would go to prison! The job would be over, and dex would have the rest of his life carefree of retaliation. But if you don’t give that evidence to the fbi, then sonny doesn’t go to prison, does he? And dex is trapped. Josslyn, dex understood that there were significant risks that came with this job. Not the risk of you backing out last minute. Now that dex has worked in sonny’s organization for more than six months, now that he knows too much about sonny for sonny to ever let him quit, there’s no way out of it for him. Yes, there is. You just told me that he’s leaving. No, he’s not. He — he agreed to stay. Because of you? Partly. Joss? Yes. Yeah, okay? He’s staying because of me. How could you do that to him? Sonny: I know it’s an uphill battle for you, honoring what willow wants, but all you can do is try. Well, that’s the thing, sonny. I have tried. I’ve gone to carly like, twice, and I’ve owned up to my actions, and I apologized. I even asked her to try and help me make amends with willow. And carly said no? Well, a simple “no” isn’t good enough for carly. See, when I, uh, ran into her at G.H., I apologized for blaming her for getting in between willow and me, and then aunt liesl and drew, they arrived, so she wasn’t able to respond. And then, last night, she called me and she said, “why don’t you come over?” And I assumed it was just to finish our conversation… right. …And I took it as a positive sign, right? But it’s just that carly, she just wanted me to beg a little bit more before she shot me down. She refuses to help me, sonny. And she says the same thing all the time. She says, “I’m gonna respect willow’s decision, whether it’s for you or against you.” But did she say she’s gonna work against you? I’m just asking. Well, she might as — she might as well have. I get it. Nobody gets it more than me. I understand why willow is upset with me. I do. I make mistakes all the time. I continue to make mistakes. One of the mistakes is suing michael and willow for visitation rights with wiley. You know, I could have handled that better. But this is the thing — as long as carly supports willow’s decision to keep me out of her life, willow will never reconsider. I hate that you’re going through this. I love that you’re on my side. It means the world to me, especially when it feels like no one else is.

Guilty as charged. I — I did threaten to streak on that telecast. Why would you do that? I had heard that you were being trolled on social media. Um, they were suggesting that you were gonna have another breakdown, and, uh, I couldn’t stand for that. So I booked it down to the studio, and when I got there, the producer and the production assistant were playing the sounds of babies crying into your earpiece. Um… so I started to strip.

[ Chuckles ] But then I saw that you didn’t need me stepping in. You could handle it yourself. I also did have some words with that host, haven, too. What did you tell her? Let’s just say that it’s safe for you to go back on that channel without ever being messed with again. I can’t believe you did all this for me. Last time I saw you, I told you I couldn’t trust you. No one’s ever trusted me. Story of my life. I’m ready to take care of my debt. Selina: You have the money you owe me? I have something even better — information. Regarding…? Okay, um…

[ Whispers ] Sonny’s biggest bruiser was handing cash to one of sonny’s other guys. You saw one of sonny’s employees receive payment?

[ Stammers ] It was more than just a week’s salary. It was a big, thick envelope. How sonny pays his employees is none of my concern. N– wh– I’m telling you, there was something special about this. Something had to have happened for sonny to be spreading the wealth around like that. That may be useful. Yeah. Useful enough to cover my debt? I’ll knock five grand off. But I’m afraid you still owe me 80k. I don’t have that kind of money. This is upsetting, very upsetting.

[ Scoffs ] So what’s this news you have for me?

[ Sighs ] I got plane tickets for all of us to go to disney world. It’ll be the perfect family vacation — you, me, chase, and violet. She’s never been. She talks about it constantly. She wants to visit cinderella’s castle and fly on dumbo. And, oh, she says she needs to have a conversation with all the disney princesses. Of course she does. So, come on, we’ll tell her that it’s for her birthday. It’ll be the trip of a lifetime. Thank you for the invitation, but I am curious — what did you want to talk to me about? I mean, I’m a detective and I’m stumped.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you’re not much of a detective, are you? Let me spell it out for you. Do you know how diane said that we would be pitted against each other? Mm-hmm. Well, I was talking to my mom last night — and she told you to take the deal? No. But she didn’t tell you not to. It doesn’t matter, because I would never do that. Look, we’re going to be getting a lot of pressure, okay? On both of us. Tracy suggested something similar to me. That’s because tracy is a compulsive schemer, and she expects everyone to respond the way she would.

[ Softly ] Carly. Maybe you should reconsider. Maybe you should testify against me. The only way that dex can stay in port charles is if he continues to work for sonny. Yes, and that’s because sonny’s not going to prison where he belongs, and that’s because of you. Right. Yes. I hired dex with the understanding that he would get close to sonny, gather evidence against him, then turn that evidence over to me, then I would handle it from there. ‘Cause, dex, he was supposed to be already out of it at this point, and he still could be. I gave him a lot of money. From what I understand, so did sonny. All dex has to do is get on a bus or a ferry to canada and buy himself a new identity. And he might not even have to do that, because sonny wasn’t arrested, so he’s not going to be looking for an informant. He could take off, and I doubt sonny would do much to find him. Okay. Okay. This is pointless, alright? I already told you that he’s not going anywhere. Right, because you want him to stay. Despite the risks. Despite the fact that if sonny finds out, he could have dex killed, and that’s gonna be on me. Oh. Oh, exactly, michael. You just don’t want dex on your conscience. It’s easier to throw money at him and pay him to go away. You don’t even see him as a real person. You don’t give a damn what he wants or how he feels. But do you do. Yeah. Nina, I’m — I’m on your side. I know what it means to you to have a daughter. I know, you know, the chance to be a mother, especially when you thought that that was stolen from you… I want you and willow to move forward. Shouldn’t we do it together as a family? Actually, uh, michael came to me. He wants peace. That’s great. But that peace comes on one condition.

Don’t mention it. I didn’t even see you there. Why didn’t you say hello? Uh… you know, you handled it like a pro. You recovered on your own. You didn’t need me stepping in. Were you ever going to tell me? Probably not. Why not? Honestly, I didn’t know how you were going to react. Like you said, we didn’t exactly leave things on the friendliest of terms last time. I’m sorry. I judged you too quickly. You were defending your mother-in-law, which I could almost respect, if gladys hadn’t framed me for stealing that bracelet. Finn: It’s really great. Violet will love disney world. When were you thinking? Next week. Next week? I don’t think there’s any way we can get time off on such short notice. Why not? For one thing, violet’s in school.

[ Scoffs ] It’s the end of the school year. She won’t miss anything we can’t teach her. I have patients. I can’t request time off on such short notice. And chase just got his badge back. Don’t you both have family leave coming? Come on, I already bought the tickets. Business class for all of us. No, dad, that’s — that’s great. I just, uh — I just don’t think we can do that. Why does it have to be now? Ms. Quartermaine, I don’t know what brook lynn has told you. She doesn’t have to tell me anything. It’s all over her face. She moved heaven and earth for you, and you repaid her by breaking her heart. It’s more complicated than that. What it is, detective, is you looking down from your high horse and judging her when you really should be thanking your lucky stars she ever gave you the time of day. So quit stalling. Either forgive her and skip off into the sunset or cut her loose. Personally, I think she’d be much better off if you took your charms and found someone who meets your lofty moral standards and leave her to find someone who is actually worthy of the air she breathes. I can’t believe that you would suggest I throw you under the bus. I can’t believe that you would think I would do something like that. Carly. I know that that’s not your style, but this — this is not good. This is a bad situation. We got to consider all of the options. I can’t see you go to prison. I can’t see you go to prison, okay? I’m not gonna save myself at your expense. Well, turning on you is obviously a non-starter as well. Great. Then we’re on the same page. I will always protect you. Always. You know, there might not be a way out of this. Diane said the sec has a really good case against us. Yeah, well, I did tell you about a potential merger with elq, and you did buy stock in aurora. Yeah, well, you were just trying to take your family’s business back from valentin, and I was just trying to help you and michael. I know that. I know that. You know that. But the sec, they don’t care. [ Sighs ] I mean, josslyn, she’s old enough to handle anything thrown at her. And michael, he has a family of his own. But I can’t stand the thought of being away from donna and avery. I mean, it’s bad enough that they were away from their dad all those months. How do I look at them and tell them that I have to go away? Look, we’re gonna find a way out of this. We’re gonna beat this. What about you? You were away from your family for two years. How do we beat this without turning on each other? The only way to do that is to go after the person that ratted us out. Michael’s still angry, but willow pushed him to talk to me. Willow’s quite the peacemaker. But peace is never simple. What was michael’s condition? Um… willow gets to decide if she wants a relationship with you and what that relationship looks like. He’s not going to pressure one way or the other. He’s just going to let her decide. So he’s doing the same thing that carly’s doing — reinforcing willow’s animosity towards me with his silence. Nina, I want you to have a relationship with willow. I told michael I can’t control what you do. He was clear on that. But I’m not going to pressure willow either. So you have to stay neutral so you don’t lose your son again. You understand, don’t you? Sonny… what makes you think that you can trust michael? You have feelings for dex, and it’s pretty obvious that he has feelings for you, too. I mean, how could he not? Before he met you, he had no one. No family, no home, no significant ties. He was literally a hired gun, and that’s what I wanted. I wanted somebody who was willing to risk their life for money. And now, josslyn, he is risking his life for you. You’re the only one who can stop this. You’re the only one who can send him away. Well, I won’T. You know he’d be better off. I don’t know what would happen to dex if he left here, michael, and neither do you. What I do know is I’m not gonna lie to him. I’m not gonna tell him that I want him to go when I don’T. It’s dex’s life. He can make his own decisions. The only way to save this is for you to do what you were supposed to do in the first place and turn sonny in.

Why go now? Because memories are all we have, and I want to make as many as possible while I have the chance. What does that mean?

[ Tracy and chase arguing ] Just that violet’s growing up so fast and there’s still so much to teach her and experiences I want to have with her. I want to make sure I do all that before I wake up one day and realize it’s too late. Okay. I had feelings for her too! Am I being impulsive? Hell, yes. But I don’t want to miss out on anything. I know. I-I get that.

[ Arguing continuing ] What’s the matter? Well, I — …and just wants to love and be loved. Looks like chase is about to meet his maker.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Tracy: Boo-hoo! You look just fine! Hey, dad, this is the — it’s the hospital. I need to take this, okay? I’ll be right back. Excuse me. Hamilton finn. …Have another innocent waiting in the wings. Chase: With all due respect, ms. Quartermaine — what do you know about respect?

[ Sighs ] If you will allow me a moment — oh, you have had all the time in the world to figure out how to worship the ground brook lynn walks on. Now you want more time? No. Sorry. Time’s up. Is there a problem here? I’m sorry, joss. I can’t use that evidence against sonny. Why not? I told willow I wouldn’T. Why would you involve willow in this? You don’t want to lie to dex. I don’t want to lie to willow. So after our wedding, when willow told me that she wanted me to co-exist with sonny, I showed her the pikeman evidence and I told her my plan to turn sonny in. Look, I get it. Willow wants everybody to get along, but she can’t see all of the damage that sonny’s done? The lives he’s wrecked and the danger surrounding him? I mean, have you — have you talked to her about morgan? Yes, I talked to her about morgan. I talked to her about you and all my siblings and how much I love you all. And she helped me realize that by turning sonny in, I’d be blowing my family apart, and the ones who’d be suffering the most would be avery and donna. Because you know what? Sonny is their father, and they love him. And if I were to send him to prison, which side are they supposed to choose? Will they keep loving me? Will they keep loving him? And which big sister would they count on, you or kristina, when neither one of you can stand to be in the same room together without giving each other death glares. Okay, okay. I get it. It’s one big, emotional, complicated mess. But there had to have been a better solution than hanging dex out to dry. You think michael’s lying? Well, sonny, it’s — it’s worth entertaining the idea that he might be stringing you along. He came to you only because willow pushed him to, and you — you know that he would do anything for willow. And now he gets to determine your placement in the family contingent on you agreeing to his agenda, which means staying silent while willow keeps me out of her life. Now, I’m — I’m not — I’m not saying that you should refuse his terms. I’m not. I’m just asking you to consider that michael might not hold up his end of the deal. Well, things have been difficult with me and michael for awhile, but, I-I… I believe that when he came to me, he was sincere and he’s gonna do what he says. Yeah, and I know that you will do anything to reconnect with — with your family. But you have to understand this — that excludes me. Hey, ned got us into this mess. Ned is gonna get us out of it. How is he gonna do that? I mean, even if he takes back his accusations, it’s still in the sec’s hands. Y-yeah, but he was at the helm of elq for decades. He’s built contacts. He’s got influence. Michael ran elq for the past 10 years. What kind of influence does ned have? Well, I’m just saying that he’s had plenty of time to build government contacts, right? He’s got lots of favors owed to him, so if he still knows what strings to pull, he could probably get the sec off our backs. Why would ned do that? We just got to find the right leverage to use against him. That could get us out of this. The question is… what do we use?

I’m sorry that gladys accused you of stealing that bracelet at the nurses’ ball. Before that, you and i were becoming friends. Yeah. I remember. We, uh, bonded over biscotti. Well, I’m not really one to turn down good friends, and after what you did for me at home & heart, I would say that you qualify. Meh, nah. No, it doesn’t take much to get me streakin’.

[ Laughs ] Good to know. Look, I’m sorry that things got so complicated between us. If you’re willing, I would like to try to get back to being friends. That’d be great, but I just don’t see how that’s possible. Selina, I told you, I can get the money, but I can’t take it all out of my daughter-in-law’s account in one transaction. It’ll raise red flags. I have to pay you in installments. I’m leaving for singapore to visit my mother. Oh, how sweet. She’s okay, I hope? I had hoped to get this matter resolved before I leave. Please. Please. This is the best I can do. Sometimes all we can ask for is our best. You do that, gladys, and I will give you until I get back to gather the funds.

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you. But I’d be a bad businesswoman if I didn’t charge you any interest. 20% a week seems fair, considering the time and attention I’ve paid to this matter. But that’ll take me even longer to get the money out of sasha’s account. I’m confident you’ll manage. Wh– you don’t understand. I think sasha is planning to terminate the guardianship. Not my concern. I do not care how you get the money. I expect to be paid in full when I return. Zhou. Why would my conversation have anything to do with you? Because I’m the father of the young man you’re reading the riot act to. Dad…I got this. Well, your son has been treating my granddaughter like dirt, and I won’t take it any longer. Quartermaine — brook lynn must be your granddaughter. Oh, congratulations. Your genius grant is on its way. All due respect, you seem to be missing some facts. The fact is that if my granddaughter weren’t so blinded by… all that, she would stop moping and realize he should be down on his knees begging her to take him back. You don’t know the first thing about my son, so let me educate you. My son is kind. He’s generous. He puts others ahead of himself, always. He’s dedicated his life to public service. I’m proud of the man he is. Dad, that’s not necessary. No, it is. Now, chase can make mistakes, like all humans do, but he learns from them and he strives to do better. Well, as far as I’m concerned, he hasn’t learned a thing. And for all his so-called virtues, he lacks the capacity for forgiveness. Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. Fortunately, I’ve taught my sons not to value the opinions of snobs. Okay, we can go the direct route. We can find something incriminating and use it against ned. I’m sure there’s something out there. I just don’t know how recent it is, and I don’t want to hurt olivia. Mm. I’d really like to avoid doing that. Yeah, so would I. Okay, the indirect route — someone who’s done something dirty who ned would want to protect. I can think of two people. Brook lynn. I mean, she’s always in some kind of trouble. Yeah, I really don’t want to blackmail brook lynn. Yeah, I don’t, either. I really love her. That leaves tracy. I’m happy for you. I truly am so happy for you. Your estrangement from michael has been eating you up inside. He’s your son. He means the world to you. You’re not angry? No. If anyone knows the position you’re in, I-it’s me. I would never begrudge you the opportunity of healing things with your family. Why are you so good to me? Because I love you, crazy love you. And all I want is for you to be happy. And part of me is so glad that you get this chance. What about the other part? Well… I feel like my chance of having my own family is slipping away. I feel bad for dex. I do. But he is a grown man. No one forced him to take this job. Yeah, but you offered him certain conditions that made this seem acceptable, and then you changed them. He still has an out. He could leave and have a better life, but — but he’s throwing it all away because of you. I don’t regret what happened between me and dex. And whether you like it or not, what happens to him affects me, too. Man, I’ve lost count of how many times I told dex to stay away from you. Well, honestly, michael, you don’t have any control over dex’s personal life or mine. What do you want me to say? I’m sorry? I am. I’m sorry. More than you can know. Sorry? Sorry? Sorry doesn’t change anything. When you bailed on this deal and when you let sonny go, you not only upended dex’s life, but you upended mine, too. You — you say that now, but, josslyn, come on. You are still in college. You have your whole future ahead of you. You’re gonna be a doctor. I mean, w-what kind of relationship do you think you can have with dex long-term?

I don’t think you’d be here talking about our friendship if you really thought that I stole that bracelet. Do you still believe I’m responsible? Stealing a bracelet doesn’t make sense from the man who stepped up for me with home & heart. Maybe you were set up, but not by gladys. Okay, look, I-I get why you believe in gladys, after all that she’s done for you, but, sasha, your mother-in-law framed me. Sh– well, look, I — at least you don’t believe that I’m a thief, okay? And thank you. But someday, I hope you know that I’m the one who’s telling the truth to you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] One money transfer down.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, sash. What’s up? I have something important to tell you. I set up a meeting with my doctor to discuss getting the guardianship lifted.

[ Sighs ] I’m surprised you showed her so much grace. Grace has nothing to do with it. By the time we return from singapore, gladys will either have the money or not. And if she doesn’t, perhaps she’ll be forced to do something drastic like run away. And perhaps her cousin sonny will have to do me a favor in order to clear her debt.

[ Chuckles ]

Lai bah.

Hao de. I have no love for tracy. She’s done horrible things and never had to pay. Framing alexis for drunk driving comes to mind. And many more things than that. Yeah. I mean, luke died over a year ago. Why is she coming back to port charles now? What has she been up to? No good, knowing tracy. Exactly. Okay, so we find something on tracy. We take it to ned, and we ask him… would he rather us pay or save his mom? Maybe we don’t want to know the answer to that question. Well, I think we got to find out. I mean, we got nothing else to lose. Except our freedom. Okay. Let’s get tracy. Wow. “Snob”? Is that all you’ve got? I can come up with other names, but being a gentleman…

[ Laughs ] Is that what they’re calling it these days? May I — may I speak with you for a second? Excuse me, gentlemen. Hey, what’s going on over here? Your father and I are having a difference of opinion about your brother. Okay. I thought this was a friendly meeting. Finn, you know that I hold you in highest regard. Well… but your brother? Well, let’s just say that I may be the only person in port charles that is not a member of his fan club. Okay, okay, understood. Listen, but I know that brook lynn and chase, they had their problems, but, really, isn’t that for them to figure out? You may be content to sit on the sidelines, but that’s not how I operate when a member of my family is slighted. If brook lynn does not see who chase is really soon, I promise, I will open her eyes for her. Dad, I had control of the situation. You didn’t have to butt in. I know. I’m — I’m sorry. I overstepped. No, it’s — it’s fine. I appreciate you defending me and… although I’m not used to seeing smoke coming out of your ears.

[ Chuckles ] Well, when you were growing up, I always stood up for you. Yeah, but your style was always diplomatic. What’s gotten into you? The woman was out for blood. I-I don’t care how old you are, when someone is attacking you, I’m gonna protect you as long as I’m able. Dex’s work with sonny was gonna end. He was gonna get out, and then we might have a chance to answer all those questions about our future. But now he’s stuck, thanks to you. Right or wrong, this is where we are. And you hate what sonny does, so you’re kidding yourself if you think that you can make things work with dex. I mean, isn’t the kinder thing just to let him go? No, I’m not letting him go. I’ll find a way out for both of us.

[ Door closes ] You’re not losing your family. Aren’t I? I need to be really, really careful on how I pursue a relationship with willow, if I pursue one at all. I don’t want to drive another wedge between you and your son. Meanwhile, you’re gonna get closer to your family, all of whom have made it very clear that there’s no place for me, so… birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, milestone celebrations, I won’t be invited. I mean, it already happened with michael and willow’s wedding. You were invited. I-I wasn’T. You’re not gonna be out in the cold, ’cause you’re always gonna be in my life.

[ Chuckles ] I love you for saying that, but we both know that it’s gonna be a fraught subject for us. Remember the strain on our relationship when I said that I wanted to stay away from your business? It’s gonna be the same thing. I’m not gonna let it. I’m not gonna let it. It’s out of your control. You can’t do anything about it. Family comes first. I’m just gonna have to learn to live being on the outside. You’re not gonna be on the outside. You know why? Because I’m gonna prove that to you for the rest of my life if I have to.

[ Chuckles ] I’m not joking. Okay, well, that’s easy to say now. Now and forever. Forever? Forever. If you marry me.

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GH Transcript Friday, May 19, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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I am so sorry you’re hurting. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that curtis ashford is strong enough to weather whatever comes his way. And he won’t have to go through it alone. You have so many people who love you, and they’ll be right by your side, no matter what.

[Dramatic music]

Portia, you cannot go off half-cocked, gunning for spencer. It is going to backfire on you.

I have tried to look the other way, especially so i wouldn’t alienate trina. But all the while, spencer keeps becoming more and more a part of her life and alienating her from me.

But you’re seeing progress. Why blow it now?

Why aren’t you with me on this? I don’t get it.

When trina was rescued from the haunted star, I told you to back off. Right? But you’re doing the exact opposite. You’re doubling down.

Maybe that’s because trina came back even closer to spencer than she was before.

Which we anticipated, given what they went through. Right? Ok, are there valid concerns about spencer being in trina’s life? Hell yes. You know, I’m starting to wonder, portia, if you’re laser focused on trina and spencer because you don’t want to be focused on you, your husband, and the state of your marriage.

Look, I’m not asking for a team to salvage the haunted star like the titanic. I’m just saying the necklace was on the boat when it went down, right? So why can’t we just cut through the red tape–

because let me tell you something. The wsb is all about the red tape. Now, we’ve been down this road before. I told you, we gotta establish that that necklace belongs to you, which means you have to sign an affidavit that says you’re leopold taub’s son.

More red tape. Is that absolutely necessary?

Yeah, I know. It’s like saying genghis khan is your father. But the wsb is not going to give you money just because you say so, so you’d need to suck it up for $35 million and say that you’re the taub you were born to be.

[Tense music]

Are those the new ads for the deceptor?


It is amazing what good lighting can do.

The woman in these ads doesn’t need any help to look beautiful. And also, you looked beautiful on the home & heart shopping channel.

You saw that? I’m not going to lie, it was white-knuckle time in front of those cameras, especially when I heard the sound of a baby crying in my earpiece.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it when lucy told me that someone deliberately tried to sabotage you.

Don’t underestimate how low some people will sink to get what they want.

I never have, and I never will.

Thanks for the heads up, mom. And don’t worry, I’m honoring willow’s wishes. Nina won’t get anywhere near her. All right, love you, too. [Deep breath] Dante.

Hey, I couldn’t help but overhearing, and you could tell me to mind my own business, but is that what willow wants or is that what you want for her?

[Knock on door]

You have a visitor.

Thanks, frank. This is a surprise. Is everything good with your mom, willow?

They’re fine. They’re fine. This is about something else.

Ok, go on.

You know how you always used to tell me that you’d do anything for me?

No matter how you treat me, that always stands.

Good, because I’m about to take you up on that offer.

[Dramatic music]

You in some kind of trouble?

No. It’s not about me.

Then what’s it about?

Dex. I want you to fire him.

Hey, frank. Boss in there? I need to speak with him.

Take a number. Family first.

You’re right. It is none of your business.

That’s not the first time I’ve heard that today. I was just interviewing a perp in the er. He said the same thing. Listen, I was in the building. I thought I’d stop in and check in on you guys, but I’ll take my nosy butt out of here.

Oh, dante, wait. Look, I don’t tell willow what to do. If she wants to make room for nina, that’s her call. I won’t stand in her way. It’s just with everything that she’s dealing with right now, the last thing she wants is nina intruding. You know?

Well, I hope for your sake and your kid’s sake that that changes. I mean, you had sonny at your wedding. Anything could happen, right?

I am gathering that something else is brewing besides deception’s ad campaign. Would it have to do with carly or willow?

Ah! No psychic channeling, please. You are not here to give me a reading or to listen to my sob stories. You are here so we can talk about the crimson’s spread for your new product, the deceptor, which I tried and it’s great. Where’s maxie, by the way? Isn’t she joining us?

Of course. Maxie knows deception has a lot riding on this ad campaign.

As taub’s heir, we have to stake a legal claim. Now, I know you don’t like your father, but $35 million will buy you a lot of sports cars and a lot of therapy. Hey, come on. Come on. Are you listening to me?

Hey, just give me a minute. Will you?

These kids have no priorities.

Hello, there. Good to see you.

Thank you. You too. Cody, I’d like to introduce you to my grandson, james. James, this is a friend of the family, cody bell.

You can call me cody. How you doing, james?

Nice to meet you.

Thanks. You, too. So we got an ice cream sundae here, so is there a celebration?

Yes. We just came from james’s moving up ceremony.

Congrats, dude. That’s awesome. You got any big plans for the summer?

James is going to this great summer camp. Guess where cody works.


I work at stables. You like horses? Did I say something wrong?

James is a little afraid of horses, which might be a problem at his camp.

Ah. Maybe we can do something about that.

Worrying to death about trina going missing, that’s the only thing that’s been keeping my mind from replaying every wrong move that I made with curtis. I can’t stop thinking about hearing the hurt that was in his voice and seeing the distrust and the betrayal in his eyes when he looked at me. You don’t know how hard I’ve prayed for forgiveness and just wishing that I could go back in time and tell you and curtis the truth from the very start.

Have you told curtis that?

I’ve tried. But he won’t stick around long enough to listen, much less to have a conversation with me. And jordan, of all people, jordan told me. She warned me more than once that lies is what drove a wedge between them. So how can I really even blame curtis for being mad for being deceived all over again?

You know, curtis, if he loves you, he’ll forgive you. But you have to forgive yourself. You got to let the past go. You got to stop feeling guilty and stop tiptoeing around curtis. Tell him you love him before it’s too late.

[Dramatic music]

Come on, let’s get out of here.

I’m tempted. You don’t know how much. But this isn’t the first time we felt that old spark.

Well, maybe we should do something about it.

Before this goes any further, if it goes any further, we need to know why.

You know what, james? You’re–you’re friends with leo, right?


So am I. You know something else that you and I have in common is I went to camp, too. You looking forward to going?

I don’t know. I hate mosquitoes.

That’s something else we have in common. But take it from me, man, camp is worth a couple of bug bites.


Well, when I was your age, my summers were really lonely until I went to camp. And then I met my best friend ever, dante falconeri. We had a blast.

You know dante? He’s my godfather.

You don’t say. Yeah, he’s my oldest friend, meaning I’ve known him the longest, not that he’s old. I mean–yeah. I taught dante how to ride horses and he taught me how to paddle a canoe.

At camp?

Mm-hmm. Yeah. That’s when we first became friends. I bet when you go to camp, you’re going to meet a kid that you’re going to be friends with forever, too. And you might even learn how to paddle a canoe.

Do you like sundaes?

Uh, who doesn’t like sundaes? Of course. Oh.

I’m kind of scared of canoes, too, and bats.

No, bats are awesome. They eat mosquitoes. Let’s get it.

I think the text color of the headline would pop more in white. But other than that, everything looks great. What do you think?

I’m sorry. You’re talking to me. You said, color, white, and yes, I can see that.

Maxie’s not here, but itseems like neither are you. Nina, we can reschedule.

No, no, no. I really apologize. I just can’t seem to get my mind off of willow. She’s alone in that isolation room. She doesn’t have the ability to hold her own children.

Or be held by her own mother?

Stop. You stop getting into my head. Ok?

Nina, I understand in my own way, ok? You can talk to me.

I know. I know I can. It’s just if carly and michael have it their way, I’m never going to get close to willow. And I’m trying really hard not to dwell on that. I just–bottom line is I want this transplant to give willow her life back, whether I’m in it or not.

You know what? I am going to talk to carly and michael on your behalf.

Thank you. I really appreciate the offer, but no, I wouldn’t put you in that position. Ok? You have enough to handle already.

Actually, I am feeling very confident lately. Despite that attempt to get me to melt down on television, I held it together and i came away stronger than ever.

Yes, you did.

And I have made up my mind. I am going to petition the court to end gladys’s guardianship. I’m taking charge of my life again.

Tell him his cousin gladys is waiting.

He’s in a meeting. Door’s closed. Even the president and the pope would have to wait. Boss gave me this for you. Said you earned it.

Let me know what you come up with. Yeah. Sorry for the interruption, let’s get back to dex. Why do you want me to kick him to the curb?

Because I want him to be free to make his own choices and to live his own life.

If that’s what dex wants, then he should respect me enough to ask me that to my face, instead of sending you.

No, he doesn’t even know I’m here. I’m the one asking.

Yeah, but you knew that he was on my payroll when you met him. So why are you coming now? What has changed?

Can I have a cupcake?

These are for later.

Can cody come home with us and have one?

Well, cody and I have a little legal business. He’s got to sign an affidavit.

He’s right. Sorry, pal.

An affidavit?

Yeah, it’s just a little nothing at all, no big deal.

I need a legal document to establish my family background. It is nothing, but he’s right. We got to get back to work.

Can’t you stay?

Maybe just for a few minutes. You like brownies?

I love them.

All right. Well, cupcakes later, brownies now. You want to help me pick some out? Let’s go.

That’s great news. You’re taking charge of your finances and your life again. I am so proud of you.

I’m honored you’re proud of me, nina. You’re still a very important person in my life.

It’s ironic, isn’t it. I once thought that you were the daughter that I always wanted, and that turned out not to be the case. But I’m actually closer to you than I am my own biological child.

Well, willow doesn’t know what she’s missing. And for her sake, I hope that changes soon.

I think you’re a little biased.

Yes, I am. I mean, you could have just turned your back on me after you found out I misled you.

I kind of did.

Yeah, but after a while, you forgave me. So if I was the daughter you always wanted, you’re the mother i always wished I had.

I’m glad willow could at least wave at us before she fell asleep.

Yeah, me too. Glimpses of her awake and alert are rare occurrences these days.

You ok?

I just got to keep telling myself that it’s going to be over soon. She’s going to make a full recovery. Home stretch, you know?

I believe that. And don’t feel like you can’t reach out for support if you need to. I know we don’t agree on some things, but I got you. You know that, right?

Yeah, no, I do. And thanks. And about sonny, we’re actually in a better place. Yeah, as long as he doesn’t try lobbying for nina.

Well, he’s going to do that, michael. He loves her.

I can’t tell nina how to deal with her own daughter any more than I want anybody to tell me how to deal with mine. I got to give her that courtesy.

Ok. Well, then can you just maybe not advocate for her? Stop her from pressuring me and willow?

You feel pressure?

Not openly. You’re too smart for that. We both know you’re very good at getting what you want.

I agree to let nina and willow figure out their relationship on their own. Can you do the same?

I can live with that. At the end of the day, I’m counting on sonny to choose his family over nina.

I don’t know about that. That’s a long shot.

Maybe, maybe not.

Nothing’s changed. I fell for dex, despite the fact that he works for you, and I own that.

You are your mother’s daughter, direct, honest to a fault.

Well, I thought you valued honesty.

All right, you know what? I’ve come to an understanding with your brother, michael. Do you think we can also?

I’m game. You can start by letting dex go.

If dex wants that, then he knows where to find me.

Nice work, if you can get it, huh? What’d you do, place a bet for sonny? Ponies? Something else?

I only bet on sure things. Sonny’s one of them.

Cousin sonny, this is your lucky day.

What are you doing here?

Why would it be too late for curtis and me? Marcus, do you know something?

No, I don’t know anything. I just know from experience that things can get out of hand, they could go too far, you can’t turn back.

So what you’re saying is that curtis and I may have reached some sort of turning point?

Portia, the guy dropped everything, risked his neck to bring trina back home. A lot of it was because of trina, but a lot of it was because of you. Now it’s your turn. You need to decide what you want and then you need to fight for it, and I’m talking about the kind of fight, the tenacity, the focus you have for you when you’re fighting for your patients.

But what about fighting for our daughter? Am I supposed to let trina just fend for herself against spencer cassadine? We both know how that ends.

Portia, you cannot send trina to her room any more than you can make her forgive and forget what you have done to her by turning her life upside down. She’s not your little girl anymore.

She might still be yours, though.

She’s always going to be mine, no matter what the tests say. Look, nobody can tell trina how to run her life. I know how stubborn you are. And no matter how hard this is to let this go, portia, you’ve got to let trina live her life. Then maybe you can concentrate on living yours.

We have always had strong feelings, which is why we got together in the first place. Those feelings, I’ve always had them. Maybe I always will.

Well, you had other feelings about me, too. Remember? Ones you couldn’t get past, involving mistrust and betrayal? That’s why we split up and why you moved on to portia. And the two of you rekindled your relationship and fell in love.

But that was before–

let me finish. You and portia were happy. I saw that. You bought a house together and made it a home for trina and your father. You exchanged heartfelt vows and got married in front of your friends and family. You had the fairytale ending.

But we didn’t, and you know why. And here we are.

Yeah. Yes. Here we are. But is this a last grasp for something that’s ended, something we should let be over? Or will these feelings always be here, just… waiting for us to rekindle them?

Not here.

See you later, frank.

What do you want, gladys?

I have a proposal that’s in our mutual interest.

Is that right?

Yeah. As you know, I am in charge of sasha’s day-to-day decision making, including investments.

That’s for the time being because what I– I heard that her last tv appearance, she was doing ok, holding her own.

Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Thankfully, she didn’t fall to pieces, like the last time. But sasha isn’t ready to handle her finances.

So she should keep trusting you?


I knew you’d understand.

Yeah, right.

As it turns out, I have a knack for finances, which is why I’m letting you in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity. Take it from me, it can’t miss.

Thank you so much for meeting me.

Sure. So tell me, what is so important you had me run out of nina’s office, where we were supposed to have a meeting with deception?

Oh, that–that can wait. I have something to tell you, and I think you’ll want to know.

I think that kid’s going to have a hell of a stomachache.

My nathan never got the chance for time with his son.

And I’m sorry about that. Nathan, he would have made a hell of a father. But james, he’s got a lot of people that care about him. I mean, even cody. I mean, he’s not family, but maybe they’ll have more of these outings.

Where did this new and unexpected fondness for cody come from? What’s this legal action all about?

I thought we weren’t speaking anymore.

We’re speaking now.

Ok, then hear this. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

If living my own life means ignoring all the big, flashing warning signs when I see trina and spencer together, you can forget that. Mm-mm, I won’t let this go.

I’m not asking you to let this go. I’m just asking you to be smart about how you approach our daughter. Look, she’s got you, me, curtis, marshall, jordan, all these people that care about her.

What do you mean, jordan?

Portia, you think it was a coincidence that jordan was stuck in the elevator long enough for you to talk to that bartender and convince him to testify on trina’s behalf?

Wait a second. Wait, you’re telling me that jordan did that deliberately. Did she tell you that?

She didn’t have to. We’ve been partners long enough. I know her. Look, the point is jordan also cares about trina, which means you can stop using trina as an excuse and maybe you can start putting your energy into working on your marriage.

It never ended for me. Even when things were at their worst, I was still ready to fight for us. But you walked away from me, right into portia’s arms. Listen, I’m not blaming you or portia. I’ve come to terms with my part in things and I’m trying to be more mindful going forward. But did I ever stop caring, stop feeling, stop loving you? Never.

Jordan, look.

I truly wanted you and portia to be happy. I told her she needed to tell you the truth so she wouldn’t make the same mistakes I did.

I always said you were a class act.

Well, I wouldn’t give me too much credit. You know why I didn’t come to your wedding? In part, I was sitting it out because I knew what portia was keeping from you. But mainly, it was because I couldn’t bear to hear you pledge your love to someone else. I still loved you that much. So before we go any further, I need to know where you are, what you feel, what you want. Are you on the rebound? Or are you and portia really over? And if so, do we get a second chance?

Ok. It’s just us now. What went down in sonny’s office?

I told sonny that i want him to cut you loose.

[Dramatic music]

You asked sonny to fire me?

It was the only way I knew how to get you out of sonny’s world.

Unbelievable. What did he say? No, don’t bother. Sonny said if I wanted out, it was up to me to ask him myself.

You know him well.

Damn it. Why did you get involved in this?

Maybe because he’ll kill you if he finds out you’ve been working against him.

I knew the risks when I took the job, joss. I don’t need you constantly trying to rescue me.

Are you sure? Because so far my track record is awesome.

You know I appreciate that. And I appreciate you. We’re supposed to be in this together.

Exactly. So no going around, risking your neck without telling me.

But that’s not realistic. I can’t run it by you every time sonny asks me to do something. And I especially don’t want you going to him on my behalf asking him to fire me when I don’t even know about it.

I want you free and clear of sonny. Ok? I’m sorry, but I thought that’s what you wanted, too.

You know I do.

Ok, gladys, we’re going to have to wrap this up because I got someplace I need to be, some important thing I need to do.

Oh don’t worry. I’ll make it quick.


It’s about deception, the company. The thing that sasha was hyping on the home & heart shopping channel, that was just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole new line in the works, maybe even a whole new division. But new products need new investing.

I’m sure lucy and maxie have all the financing taken care of.

Yeah, yeah, well, sure. But there’s always room for more. Sonny, this is a golden opportunity. You get in now and you will make bank when deception brings this line to markets.

Gladys. What’s in it for you?

Oh, I was thinking a finder’s fee, you know, for–


[Laughs] How big of a finder’s fee?

Well, I hadn’t decided on the percentage. I’m still circling around and doing some calculating.

Ok, hold it. Hold it right there. Sounds like a winner, but it’s a no for me because my portfolio is fine. And you know that trouble that carly’s into, the insider trading thing? It pretty much falls under the same umbrella. And you don’t want to open yourself up to that, now, do you? You can thank me later because I do everything to protect my family. Right?


All right. Do me a favor, frank. Get my cousin a big box of biscotti.

Oh, man, apparently my perp just remembered he had a partner. So I got to go back down to the er.

Oh. Well, I’m glad you stopped by.

I am, too. Hey, you sounded kind of cryptic before I got on my call there. Everything cool with you and sonny?

Well, let’s just say that sonny and I have found one point of agreement.

Involving willow or nina?

Why don’t you save those detective skills for the perp downstairs?

All right, take it easy. All right? You tell willow that we’re thinking of her. Me, sam, the kids, we love her.

Will do.

And don’t make sonny choose between you and nina. All right?

Say hi to sam.

Thought I’d give it my best shot. You know?


I’ll see you.

See you.

Cody was in the studio the day of the deceptor pitch?

According to lucy, cody figured out that they were messing with you and he threatened to streak in front of the camera.


Yeah. And I believe it because, well, he did it at the nurses’ ball.

Do you think he’s still at kelly’s with james and liesl?

When I spoke with liesl, he was still there, checking up on james.

Please excuse me, maxie. There’s something I need to take care of.

I would love to say that I have all the answers. But the truth is life’s up in the air.

Meaning the dna test?

That’s a big part of it. I’d be lying if I said I know how I will react if I find out that I’m trina’s biological father, or if I’m not.

Well, that’s understandable. What about the other parts?

I guess after what i experienced in greenland, you know, the victor cassadine madness, coming out of an intense experience like that, I don’t know, it shook things up for me. What am I doing with my life? I’ve made this place a success and I’m proud of that. But then I wonder, is this all there is? Because I’m feeling like it’s not enough.

Sounds like you’re restless again, maybe wondering where your heart lies.

I don’t know. Jordan, I care about you way too much to make promises that I’m not sure I can deliver.

Why couldn’t I have been a little more honest with you and you a little less honest with me?

We are who we are. Can you give me some time so I can figure out the rest?

So we understand each other?

Well, I could use some reminding. I got it. We’re in this together.

We have to trust each other.

Yes. I will trust you when you have to act alone sometimes.


And you have to trust me. Do you?

Of course, but what–

great. I’ll see you later.

Joss, where are you going?

Trust me.

Take the time you need. Once you unravel the knots in your marriage and deal with the results of the dna test, you know where to find me.

You take care, jordan.

I’m glad you stopped by.

I felt like I did all the talking. Any of it stick?

I heard what you had to say and I appreciate it. But I can’t be the only one to make our marriage work. Curtis has to want it, too. He knows how desperately I want things to work out. So in the meantime, I’m not going to take my eyes off of the other love of my life. Marcus, I’m not going to let trina become another casualty of the cassadines. I want to make sure that trina sees exactly who spencer cassadine really is.

Here’s your biscotti, miss corbin.

Thanks. Say, frank, I saw you hand dex that big, fat envelope earlier. What was that about, some big deal he and sonny pulled off?

You know better than to ask that, miss corbin, being family and all.

[Suspenseful music]

Nina. It’s gladys corbin. I know what I owe you, but I might have something more valuable than money.

Hey. Can we talk somewhere a little more private?

Sure. What do you want to talk about?

You and dex.

So listen, think about it. Ok? Because we got to get that thing signed asap.

Yeah, no, you got it. James, listen, I’m going to talk to your grandma or your mom, and we’re going to figure out when you can come to the stables with me and leo. Cool?

Ok. Bye, cody.

Bye, bud.

Let’s go, liebchen.

Come on. There you go. All right. Listen, I got my car. Can I give you a lift?

Where are you parked?

In the lot. Well, things are looking up.


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GH cast animated GIF


GH Short Recap Friday, May 19, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Curtis and Jordan kiss again and almost go somewhere to make love but, they stop themselves from going too far. Jordan tells Curtis she loves him but he needs to make sure he wants to be with her before they go any further. Curtis says he needs to think about what he wants to do with his life.

Josslyn asks Sonny to fire Dex so he can be free to live his life. Sonny tells Joseph that if Dex wants to quit he can ask to quit himself. Josslyn tells Dex what she asked Sonny and they argue because Dex tells Joseph she can’t keep rescuing him. Dex and Josslynn promise to trust each other in their relationship. Josslyn goes to talk to Michael about Dex hoping that he will help her get Dex away from Sonny’s business.

Taggert once again tells Portia not to interfere with Spencer and Trina and instead focus on fixing her marriage. Portia thinks that she can do both things because she has no intention of letting Spencer put Trina in more danger.

Cody is hesitant to sign an affidavit claiming to be the son of Leopold Taub to sue the WSB for the value of the ice princess necklace which was lost when the Haunted Star exploded.

Maxie tells Sasha Cody threatened to streak on live tv if the Home and Heart Channel didn’t take the crying baby sound effect out of Sasha us earpiece.

Gladys tells Sonny that he should buy stock in Deception because it will be going up soon, but Sonny doesn’t want to get in trouble for insider trading.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, May 18, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Alexis, Sam, and Spencer also get an invitation to Victor’s will reading and they wonder what Victor has in mind for them even in death.

Esme starts her first day of work at The Invader. Curtis, Trina, and Taggert take the DNA test and later talks to Jordan and wonders if he did the right thing taking the DNA test. Jordan tells him that he did the right thing and then Curtis gives Jordan a kiss.

Portia tells Taggert she is going to stay out of Trina’s life.

Holly tells Robert she needs to help Ethan pay the money he owes to some very rich powerful people so that those people won’t kill him. Robert tells Holly that even though they love each other they don’t have a future together because she will always keep secrets from him. Holly realizes Robert is right and she gives him a kiss goodbye.

TJ and Molly are devastated when Dr. Navarro tells them that Molly’s endometriosis is severe and it is unlikely she will be able to conceive a child.

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GH Transcript Thursday, May 18, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


I have to admit, um what happened on the haunted star. And even though i love my independence, knowing that someone will be there to catch me, it means the world to me.

That’s what happens when you become a parent.

[Dramatic music]

Spencer cassadine?


Just need your signature.

Have a nice day.

What is it?

Let’s find out. This is an invitation to the reading of my uncle victor’s will.

What do you think he left you?

More trouble.

Tj, hi. It’s your mom. I feel like I’ve spoken to your voice mail more than you lately. Anyway, I was just thinking of you, hoping that maybe you, molly, and I can grab dinner soon? Anyway, let me know. Text if you must, but a phone call would be most welcome. I love you.

You–you want something, water, candy?

You know what I want, for you to relax because I’m already nervous enough for both of us.

I’m–I’m relaxed. I’m–I’m very– I’m very relaxed.

You’re such a liar.

[Scoffs] What, you– you kicking me out?

God, no. I–I need you here. My mind is racing. No matter what i try to think about, I just keep coming back to the same question. What if I can’t get pregnant?

Baby, it’s too soon to go there. We need more information, ok?

I know. But I can’t help it. I’m terrified.

And down this hallway is where the senior offices are. Hi. This is a surprise.

Oh, so is this. What’s going on?

Robert, lovely surprise.

Nice try, holly. But it’s not gonna work. You’re up to something.

What exactly do you think I’m up to?

Conspiring with selina wu.

Sring ridge. You asked me about maggie fitzgerald. You said she was my former nanny. But you said that you were a private detective. Did–did you lie to me? Do you really work at “the invader”? Were you just trying to use me to get the scoop that ryan chamberlain was my father?

No, no, no, no, I– I am a private investigator. And that’s my mother.

Y-your mother. But–


Isn’t your last name mccall?

It is.

But you’re a cassadine too.

Long story. Maybe some other time.

Oh, no, no, no. I get it. You tried to manipulate me just like every other cassadine. And you’re really supposed to make me believe that you don’t have some ulterior motive for giving me this job?

What are you getting involved in here? You know what selina wu does for a business. What’s next, drop in on sonny corinthos?

Oh, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yeah, I know you. And you love to play fast and loose with the law.

For goodness’ sake, robert.

Excuse me. Who let you in? We’re closed.

N’neka, is it? Robert scorpio, district attorney. I’m here on official business.

Which is now over.

I–you don’t get off that easy.

You’re right. Maybe you do need to be filled in. Can we discuss this somewhere more private?

As we suspected, your biopsy reveals that you have endometriosis. And unfortunately, it’s severe. You hadn’t complained of pain previously.

[Cries] I mean, there’s–there’s been some cramping, more severe lately. But warm baths helped. And an occasional missed period, like right now. But I’m not pregnant?

I’m sorry. Ir regularity in your cycleis common with endometriosis. Any additional symptoms? That’s good. Per your request, we conducted a fertility test.

I know you told me to wait six months before I try and have a baby.

And you insisted you didn’t want to wait.

No, I mean, I– I need all of the information before I make any decisions about treatment. And I don’t want to delay trying to get pregnant. What’d the fertility test say?

I’m sorry. It’s not good news.


Will trina ever be free from this horrible family?

Well, victor’s dead now, so there’s nothing he can do to harm trina.

Yeah, well, in the meantime, spencer and trina are closer than ever.

I know that you’re wary of spencer. But I witnessed firsthand how he stepped up for trina in greenland.

Your uncle victor tried to control you. And when he realized he couldn’t, he turned against you. Nothing in this will is going to be good for you.

Probably not, which is exactly why i should deal with it now instead of putting it off till later. If uncle victor had succeeded, there would be no need for this will.

Right. He planned on ushering in the new age.

Yeah, this–this is worst-case scenario. This is a–this is a contingency plan in case of disaster. In order for this will to mean anything, uncle victor would have had to assume that he was, a, dead, and, b, that his plan had failed.

So why let him have the last word?

Because if this will is uncle victor’s last shot at revenge, if it sets something in motion, I’m gonna need to be the one to stop it.

Spencer didn’t even care about himself. He was only concerned about trina. He put himself in the line of fire to protect her.

And so did you. And I am grateful to you for bringing trina back home. Thank you.

I care about trina too.

I know you do. And she cares about you. I could see the look in her eye when she looked at you. I mean, I think you have a permanent place in her heart.


Oh, how is my baby girl?

When I woke up this morning, you were gone.

We were up so late last night celebrating your return that your father crashed in the guest room.

[Sighs] You wanted to gocamping in the living room, like we did when I was little. Sorry for being a party pooper and asking to sleep in my own bed.

Oh, no, it makes total sense after you were gone so long, but we did do the fireplace s’mores, which is the next best thing.


Ms. Robinson, mr. Ashford, mr. Taggert, the lab’s ready for you. Who’s first?

[Dramatic music]

Esme works here now?

Meet our new receptionist.

[Scoffs] No, I–I’m out. I should have gone with my first instinct. I can’t believe I keep getting fooled by you people.

You must be so awkward. Esme. I’m sure you must be very scared. And now that you’ve lost your memory, you must be so confused. But my nephew nikolas has disappeared. Nikolas, the father of your son. So my only motivation is to keep the rest of my family intact. Now, whether you like it or not, your son is a cassadine. And through your son, you are now extended family. Esme, I have offered you a job so that you can financially support your son. Isn’t that something any mother would be grateful for?

Fine. I will try.


For now.

That’s all. You can go down the hall to hr, complete your paperwork. And when you’re done, you can start immediately.

What’s going on?

The results of the imaging and hormone testing indicate it’s likely that you will not be able to conceive. I’m so sorry, molly.

Wait, wait, many women with endometriosis are still able to get pregnant. Why can’t molly?

In some cases, the diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean infertility. Unfortunately, molly’s case is different.

Because my condition is severe?

There’s still a lot of uncertainty around how the condition affects some women compared to others. Your diagnosis is severe based on where the endometrial tissue occurs in the body and how far it’s spread and how much tissue’s in those areas, which certainly contribute to infertility. But the condition can also affect fertility on a microscopic level. Endometriosis can change the hormonal environment around the eggs, as well as alter the quality of the eggs. And the reasons aren’t well understood.

So that’s it? I’ll never be able to have children?


I’ll go first.

This way, please.

Trina, honey, are you doing ok?

Yeah, I want to do the test.

It’s ok to be nervous.

It’s totally understandable.

I really want to do it. I really want to take the test and put an end to all the secrets. But what if we find out that curtis is my biological father? How do things not change?

No test is gonna tell me how I feel about my girl. You are and you always will be my–my little girl.

I hope so.

You can count on it. Now, bring it here.

I do need money. But it’s not for me. It’s for ethan.

What, is he in trouble already?

He stole from the wrong people.


It’s a long list– oligarchs, dictators, a hedge fund billionaire or two. Ethan only kept a little bit of it. And the rest of it, most of it, he gave away.

Yeah, worthy causes, I’m sure.

I can give you the contact information of the orphanages that he supports if you don’t believe me.

I believe you. And I believe him. Yeah, he’s got a larcenous soul, but… he’s not greedy. He likes the rush. So did luke. So do you.

These are people with obscene amounts of money. And they’re willing to spend it to see ethan dead. That’s why he’s gone back to australia to try and hustle enough money to pay them back.

Yeah, well, that’s a whole bunch of problems in itself, isn’t it?

Hence why I need a large influx of cash.

Why didn’t you come to me? I care about ethan. And I sure as hell care about you.

If this was as simple as asking a friend for a loan, I wouldn’t have spoken to selina wu. I even inquired about working for the wsb. But that wouldn’t have paid off fast enough. The only way to get these people off ethan’s back is to compensate them. And I have to do that before they find him.

[Scoffs] Why didn’t you bring this to me earlier? I–I still could have helped you.

Isn’t it obvious?

Not to me. I mean, you and I, we help each other. That’s what we do.

But I’ve got you in so much trouble already. And I don’t want that for the man I love.

I am gonna check in with my uncle’s attorneys and try to get more information about the will reading.

You know he did that so we could be alone.

Is that ok with you?

I’m happy you’re here, mom. I know this is hard on you too.

The hardest part is that I had to put you in this position in the first place. But I’m really proud of your courage, you know. I wish I was as brave as you are in the very beginning. When I found out I was pregnant, I should have told curtis and marcus that I was not sure who the father was. And you never would have had to make this decision.


[Sighs] I’m sorry.

I know we haven’t unpacked everything.

[Dramatic music] And I’m still angry that you chose to not be honest with me. I’m not as mad as I was anymore.

It means the world to me to hear you say that.


Come here.



Are you ok? Where’s ace?

Oh, he’s with your grandmother. I hated leaving him, but I had no choice.

What are you doing here? Why are you at the hospital?

Oh, I’m here to drug test for my new job.

You’ve never worked a day in your life. Who would offer you a job?

Your aunt alexis.

I fully expected that look.

Do I have to remind you what happened the last time you invited a snake into your life?

My eyes are wide open as to who esme is or isn’T. She’s not snowing me. I really am doing this for the family.


Because when i went to the lawyers, esme was halfway out the door with that baby. She was gonna take ace and leave with nowhere to go and not a penny to her name because that’s how much she doesn’t trust laura and spencer or anybody else.

Well, victor did try to steal her son.

You know why I’m doing this.

I know, mom. I know what you’re doing. You–you get her a job at the paper to keep her in port charles. And this keeps her in close proximity to you, which gives an extra set of eyes. I get it.

Exactly. Laura asked me privately to help her keep esme here so that she and spencer wouldn’t be separated from ace.

Ok, well, that’s lovely for them. But you’re the one who has to work with her. So what happens when this noble gesture comes back to bite you?

Duly noted. Now, why don’t you tell me why you’re here?

[Knock at door] Come in.

Alexis davis?

Yes, what can I do for you?

Just need a signature.

Oh, all right. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Thank you. Looks like I got invited to the party too.

You know about this?

You got one too? So did laura and so did anna.

Oh, victor hated both of them.

Hated me too. Never very fond of me for rejecting his call for family solidarity.

Ok, so anyone victor disliked or outright hated was invited to the reading of his will? That doesn’t bode well, does it?

No, it doesn’T.

Robert, I– I love you, not just in the past but in the present. I’M…in love with you.


Let me finish. We’ve been through so much since I returned last year– victor taking ethan, staging the fire in the cabin, greenland. And I just didn’t have time to dwell on my feelings. But now that victor has been dealt with, I realize that… I’m still hugely in love with you. I want to– I want to be with you. I want to devote myself to you and us. But first, I have to help my son. And if–if that takes me to shady places, then so be it. But I refuse to pull you in. We played fast and loose enough with scotty. But I will not drag you down. You are the da.

Yeah, and I take those duties seriously. But there are things that are more important in life– ethan, like you.

I can’t keep asking you to cross the line for me. I don’t want to keep asking you that. I love you too much. I can handle this on my own.

But you don’t have to. It’s you and I. It’s us. You don’t have to do it on your own. And you shouldn’t have to.

Is this your choice?

Question: Where does this end?


Hey, boss.

Hey, n’neka. How’s everything looking for tonight?

Well, the sound system was glitching when I tested it. But the technician is already on his way.

Ok, thanks. Would you meet the delivery driver out back? I’ll take care of the paperwork.


Ok, thank you.

I realize this is a lot to process. But there are options.

But conceiving a child isn’t one of them.

It’s not impossible to get pregnant. As I said, we still don’t fully understand the condition or how it affects fertility.

But the possibilities are slim.

Well, let’s–let’s not– let’s not call it a day yet, molls. There–there are still– there’s plenty of treatments.

Tj’s right, molly. I’m happy to discuss all treatments available for your condition, as well as alternatives to help you have a child. I’ll give the two of you time to talk. But please don’t– don’t lose hope. We’ll find the best option for you.

Thank you.

this is a pattern with you. You get involved in all these below-board things with questionable payouts and varying degrees of nobility.

[Scoffs] I mean… if, as you say, you love me but you don’t want to drag me in with you, I don’t get what kind of a relationship that is.

I don’t know. I just know that I love you.

And love is certainly part of the equation. But if–if this is your– your life and your life says you’ve got to keep things from me, how–how does that work? I mean, maybe we– we’re not compatible. Maybe there’s not meant to be a me and you. All I know is… I’ll always be there for you.

[Dramatic music]

You don’t have to say it. After all these years of trying to make us work, maybe I’ve missed my chance.

Is this official business?


I just wanted to see that you were all right. Is that a problem?

Of course not. Thanks.

Are you ok? Something bothering you?

I’m–I’m good.

Ok, curtis. It’s me. What’s up?

Jordan, did I make a mistake going through with that dna test?


To determine if you or taggert is trina’s biological father?

I might be upending a perfectly happy family.

You’re working for my aunt?

Oh, believe me, it was not my first choice.

When did this happen?

She was visiting your grandmother, and I was about to leave with ace.

Leave and go where?

I hadn’t decided yet. But your grandmother ran down the list of reasons as to why it was a bad idea. And I said that I wanted to be independent, which I do. And that is when your aunt offered me a job. I just came from hr.

What’s going on?

Esme got a job at “the invader.”

As a receptionist.

So, what, she just offered you a job out of the blue?

She didn’t do it out of the kindness of her heart. She did have an agenda, just like every other member of your family, but I can play the game too. And if I am going to build a life with ace far away from here, then I will need money.

Esme, wherever you go with my little brother, I will be right behind you.

I won’t let you take ace away from me.

That’s not what I mean. You can leave port charles. You can go to the ends of the earth. And I will be right there to buy a home next to you.

As long as I am with ace, i really don’t care what you do.

What is my aunt alexis thinking?

Spencer… this is a good thing.

Whatever victor had in mind, I’m not up for.

I’ll give him your regrets.

Yeah, regrets with regrets.

Well, let’s be grateful for the fact that spencer and that baby are back safe, victor’s stopped, and nobody else was harmed.

I am. I am grateful for that. And I do have to tell you that the story you put in “the invader” was pretty amazing.

I had help.

From whom?


Wait, the last time we talked, you said that you never thought you would see gregory again.

Yeah, well, he’s full of surprises. As soon as you left, he showed up.

Did you work things out?

Has a–a doctor tried to help you with your cramps?


What do you mean no?

There’s nothing they can do. I have als.

I thought so.

You thought so? What does that mean?

Gregory told me what it is that he’s been dealing with.

Ok. Well, that’s good, isn’t it?

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All these years of false starts and missed chances, I always thought that one day, it would be our moment.

Never is.

Now I see that. Never is.

[Dramatic music] And it never will be.

I will always love you. Nothing’s ever gonna change that.

[Cries] But you’ll always be you. And I’ll always be me. And I so wish that you were wrong. But you’re not. Love can’t fix this.


What now?

I don’t– I still have to help my son one way or another.

How you gonna do that?

Oh. Don’t ask questions that you don’t want the answer to. But I will take care of it. You don’t have to worry about me.

Too late.

Did you and gregory get into another fight?

No, we didn’T. In fact, after he told me what was wrong with him, I thought that he would be more accepting of my help. And from what he told me, he could use the help.

Ok, I’m assuming he probably swore you to secrecy.

He asked me not to tell anyone.

Ok, so I’m not gonna pry. It’s just that this must be pretty hard on you.

What’s really hard is I don’t know if this radio silence means that he’s in some kind of trouble, because apparently, I’m the only one that knows about this. So if that’s true and he doesn’t tell me, how can I help him?

Well, did you reach out to him?

I am not comfortable doing that.

Why not?

Because he asked– he insisted– that I respect his privacy.

Ok, well, you can respect his privacy without ignoring him.

If I recall, you were the one who told me to trust him. And if he needs me, he’ll reach out.

And he did. I mean, didn’t that change everything?

If esme can afford it, she’ll disappear with my brother.

Or the job can be a reason why she stays. The longer esme stays in port charles, the more time you have to convince her that your brother needs you. You and your grandmother will show her how important it is for ace to have a support system.

But what about you? The more involved esme is with my family, the more you’re exposed.

[Sighs] Don’t worry about me. I’ve gotten used to having esme around. And she’ll always be part of your family, job or no job. It’s part of the deal when you have a family.

Have I told you lately how amazing you are?

[Laughs] About 1,000 times.


But you can tell me again.

What’s wrong?

Oh, just history repeating itself. But this time–this time, I’m ready for it.

How are you responsible for what happens to trina’s family? Did you push for the dna test?

No, that was trina’s choice. She wanted that.

Then why are you blaming yourself?

[Sighs] Because I am the complicating factor. Everything was perfect between trina and the parents that raised her. They had the perfect stable dynamic for over 20 years, and then here I come, complicating things.

Well…[Sighs] Their so-called stable dynamic was already complicated– and not because of you. Portia made her choice. And…[Sighs] Right or wrong, it was what she needed to do at the time. But with the revelation that she doesn’t know who trina’s biological father is, that dynamic was bound to change.

But it doesn’t have to. Taggert is always going to love trina as his daughter, and she’s always gonna love him as her dad. So wouldn’t the best likely outcome be to–for those results to show that he is in fact her biological father? Because if that’s the case, then trina can go back on living her happy life.

Spoken like a true father.

Honestly, I just want what’s best for trina. But selfishly, I want those results to show that I am her father. Jordan, I want that so bad it hurts. And the only thing that would hurt worse is finding out that– is finding out that I’m not her father.

I’m sorry.

Hey, for what?

I feel silly.

Baby, you just had a bomb dropped on you, ok? Of course you’re upset.

Yeah, but I mean, I’m a logical person. My brain completely understands that we can still have a child. And we will–we will love that child whether I carry it or not.

We will.


But your brain is not your heart. And your heart is broken.

[Cries] I feel like I just got hit by a baseball bat.

[Cries] I mean, I came in here expecting the worst. But then when dr. Navarro actually said the words, that it’s unlikely I’ll get pregnant…

unlikely is not impossible, baby.

I told myself that it didn’t matter either way. You know, I’m not a very traditional person. And if we have a baby by nontraditional means, no one would be surprised.


But… I think it took finding out how unlikely it would be for me to realize just how badly i wanted to be pregnant, just how badly i wanted to carry your baby.

[Cries] I’m sorry.

I don’t know how difficult this is. I cannot imagine what you are going through.


But we are here together. I am with you. We are in this together.


Explain to me how I can insert myself into his life and then let him reach out to me at the same time.

I’m not telling you to press him to talk. I’m just saying that you can reach out to him without being intrusive. You can just call him, mom. Send a text or a voice mail letting him know that you’re his friend and you’re there for him if he needs your help.

You mean act like a normal grown-up? How did you get to be so normal and so wise?

[Chuckles] Come on. What is normal anyway?


It’s in my dna.

Oh. Yeah.


Dr. Navarro downloaded a bunch of information on endometriosis for us to look at whenever you’re ready.

Is it ok if I’m not ready yet?

More than ok.


As dr. Navarro said, baby, you need to process.

Hey, we both do. You don’t have to just make this about me.

I know. I’m thinking positive here. And we can and we still will grow our family.

[Dramatic music]

Just not in the way that we thought we would.

I should go.

Right now?

Why prolong this? I wish we could stay together and shut out the rest of the world, but we can’T. Letting go of you is gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.


it’s what we both need. I truly want you to be happy. And I think that the best is yet to come for you.

[Sighs] Goodbye, robert.

Take care of yourself.

I always do.

Goodbye, holly.

Ready for the dna test?

[Sighs] The lab tech hasn’t returned.

Well, she’s probably waiting for you. May I walk you to the lab?

You may.

[Sighs] I am just as upset as you are about this. But no good is gonna come from you continually warning her about spencer.

This is beyond talking, marcus. It’s time for action.

What are you saying?

I’m saying I’m not gonna stand by and watch him take our daughter down. I’m gonna make sure that spencer is out of trina’s life for good.

I am so sorry you’re hurting. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that curtis ashford is strong enough to weather whatever comes his way.


And he won’t have to go through it alone. You have so many people who love you. And they’ll be right by your side no matter what.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH cast animated GIF


GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Portia asks Ava to help persuade Trina to stay away from Spencer. Ava advises Portia not to interfere in Tina’s relationship with Spencer because if she interferes in Trina’s relationship with Spencer she will lose Trina. Portia disagrees because she thinks Spencer will lead her into more danger. Portia doesn’t know what she is going to do to keep Trina away from Spencer but she is determined to keep Spencer and Trina away from each other.

Mrs. Wu tells Curtis that she can make his DNA test with Trina turn out any way he wants it to turn out. Curtis tells Mrs. Wu not to tamper with the DNA test and then he goes to the hospital and asks what safeguards they have to make sure nobody tampers with the DNA test.

Esme accepts a job offer to work for Alexis at the Invader.

Mac tells Robert he won’t allow him to mess up his surveillance operation of Mrs. Wu at the Savoy. Robert goes to the Savoy to ask Mrs. Wu what she has on Holly. Mrs. Wu tells him that he should ask Holly. Holly asks Anna to put in a good word for her with the WSB because she needs the job to pay off the money that her son Ethan owes to some rich and powerful people. Anna, Ava, and Laura get an invitation to the reading of Victor Cassadine’s will.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, May 17, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne



[Soft dramatic music]

“My darling anna, back to work at elq. “But every day I wake up beside you is heaven. Love, valentin.” Mm.

[Knocking on door]

[Chuckles] Sorry about not calling first. I hope I’m not interrupting.

Uh, would it stop you anyway? It hasn’t before. [Chuckles]

No, probably not. Um, I really need your help.

How could i refuse you anything after what you did to bring victor down?

I hope that you mean that because I need a job.

Do you know how much I live for this?

Coffee and croissants?

Quality time with my husband. Mac? Mac, what happened to the romantic man that I married?

I’m sorry. I’ve left about a half a dozen messages for my brother, and robert hasn’t even bothered to text me back.

Well, robert’s had his hands full lately.

With what? Diane, would you mind joining us for a moment?

Of course. What’s it about?

My brother.

I’m expecting something from judge taylor’s office.


[Mumbles] No, there’s nothing here marked da scorpio.

Well, then I would expect a degree of initiative at this point, and you can go track it down. It’s important!

Hey, robert. Uh, what’s going on?

I put in for a warrant. It should be here by now.

Oh, well, maybe I can look into that for you. What’s the warrant for?

I’m pursuing a violation of the rico act.

Oh, racketeering, huh?

Well, I prefer to call it enterprise corruption.

Am I familiar with the location of the alleged operation?

You can hardly miss it. Got a big sign above the door which says “the savoy.”

[Cell phone chimes]

Welcome home, stranger. When’s the ticker tape parade in your honor?

The savoy’s closed, and all I want to do this morning is go over last night’s receipts.

So back to normal, is it? I can’t blame you, after what you’ve been through. The invader painted quite the vivid picture. But look at the bright side. You may be rewarded for your heroism, and I don’t mean a key to the city.

Then, what do you mean?

From what I understand, your reward might be a brave and beautiful daughter.

Oh, excuse me? Excuse me. Um, I’ve been wanting to take a dna test for an hour and 15 minutes.

I’m sorry for your wait. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

That’s what you said half an hour ago.

I’m sure that you can find a way to expedite the process. Trina is far too fine a person to mention this, but her mother actually works here at this hospital, dr. Portia robinson.

Look, I’m not looking for any special favors.

But we will take them, if you have them.

Let me see what I can do.

Thank you.

I don’t need you fighting my battles.

I thought that we agreed that we would fight for each other, back on the “haunted star”?

Good morning, portia. I came as soon as I could. You said that you wanted to talk about trina. Is she ok?

Yes. No, no, no, she’s fine.

Oh, good. I was so relieved that she came through that nightmare in greenland without so much as a scratch.

Yes. Yeah, by some miracle. And that’s why I asked you to meet me here today. I plan on keeping my daughter safe and sound.

Well, I’m all for that. How can I help?

That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

Alexis, please come in. Thank you so much for coming over.

No problem.

I could use all the help I could get right now.

I understand. I brought this for ace.


I assume he might be a bit tired after the adventure in greenland?

Oh, no, he’s doing absolutely fine. It’s his mom who’s turning out to be quite a handful.

You don’t say.


Has her memory come back yet?

Uh, no, no. It’s not about that, not at all.


Come on, sit with me. You know, it’s just that… kevin and I have done everything we can to make her feel at home here, you know? And to be honest, I think that spencer has done the same thing. But it’s just– esme?

[Chuckles] Look who stopped by. It’s, uh, ace’s aunt alexis.

Uh, I’m sorry. This is a bad time. Ace and I were just leaving.

Where are you going?

I mean, does it matter? Anywhere but here.

[Dramatic music]

Esme, I -that’s it? -Yeah.

Living in an apartment with four adults and a baby doesn’t afford you much privacy. But you can’t just take off to parts unknown.

Yeah, well, why not? I mean, I have my baby. He’s all that matters to me. Plus the charges that were pending against me have been dropped, so what’s to stop me?

Ok, well to start with, where are you going? And how are you going to get there? Because you don’t have a car. And then, how will you pay for all of it?

I have a trust fund.

Which you don’t have access to. You remember that, right?

Right, because my trustees pulled the plug because of all of the things that people said, that I was a terrible person and so on. But I mean, they can’t keep my money from me forever, can they?

Well, it’s complicated.

But, why? I mean, I’m not the same person who did all of those bad things. So, I mean, they have to give me what’s mine, right?

[Sighs] Yes, esme. But in the meantime, you have to think about your baby, you know? You have to put his needs first. Can you do that?

We were fighting for our lives on the “haunted star.” Now, I’m just trying to take a dna test and make it to my afternoon classes, which I don’t know why it’s taking so long. All I gotta do is swab my cheek, and compare the dna with the dna test results with curtis and my dad. It’s not that big of a deal.

I think if curtis turns out to be your real dad, then yes, it is a big deal.

Correction. If that’s the case, curtis would be my biological father. No matter what that dna test result says, marcus taggert will always be my dad.

Look, I get it. You’re still facing the possibility that you could be curtis ashford’s daughter.

Where did you get the idea that trina and I have–

could be related by blood? It’s not exactly a state secret, especially if one knows people who know people at the gh lab.

Right, your nephew used to work there.

Did he? I have to say, trina robinson is a lovely young woman, also very brave, given everything she’s been through– being arrested, going on trial only to be acquitted. Not to mention the latest adventure you shared on the high seas. To learn that you’re her biological father would be a very happy ending to that story. Or perhaps you don’t want.

Trina thinks of you as such a wonderful mentor.

Well, I’d like to think we’re friends as well.

Mm-hmm. And that’s why I asked you to meet me here this morning. I want to see if maybe you could help me out with trina.

The two of you haven’t patched things up yet, huh?

Well, when she got back from greenland, I got a nice big hug.

[Laughs] And it was wonderful. But, um, after the initial reunion, things are still strained, I would say, between us. So she’s not really likely to listen to me or my input. And I am concerned at some of the choices that trina is making, and I think she’s gonna get into trouble.

Oh, well, I would love to help if I can. What–what choices are you referring to?

The one she made to be with spencer cassadine.

Mac, I’m sorry, but I don’t really keep tabs on robert. Outside of the courtroom, I don’t know what he does.

Well, would you tell me if you spoke with him this morning? I understand you two have been texting a lot with each other lately.

Um–oh! Oh, you mean about, like, a pending case?

Well, yes, of course. What else would I mean?

Why is the da’s office interested in curtis’s nightclub? It’s a legit operation.

I’m not accusing curtis of anything, except maybe a questionable choice of friends, one of them being selina wu.

So selina and curtis are in business together?

Our last venture proved fruitful to us both, did it not?

It certainly did.

Robert. Does the chief know about this?

Where’s my warrant?

I’m sorry, sir. The warrant’s not ready yet.

What kind of job are you looking for then, holly?

I’m thinking of getting back into the spy game. I was hoping you could put in a good word for me with the wsb.

What? That’s what got you involved with victor in the first place. Robert nearly lost his mind with grief, searching for you from here to monte carlo to wherever.

Happily, victor is dead.

Yes, but you and I both know that there are other people out there like him. Why would you want to put yourself through that? Not to mention, robert.

The last thing I want would be to hurt robert.

So stay out, stay safe. Really, I can assure you that the rush of espionage is not worth the downside.

I don’t want the job for the rush.

Well then, what?

I need the money.

Proper tea.


Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Yeah, I– I need money to help my son.

Oh, no. What, ethan’s in trouble again already?

Yeah. Yeah, my son has a bit of a robin hood complex.

He steals from the rich to give to the poor, actually.

Minus, as he puts it, a small commission.

Oh, I see. [Laughs]

Trouble is, some of the rich that he’s robbed aren’t very happy. They either want their money back, or they want him killed. So he’s gone back to australia. He knows the players there, the deep pockets. My son is as good with cards as anybody I’ve ever seen. He’s much better than me, and he’s better than his father. But if he makes enough to pay back the people who want to kill him–

he risks creating another loser who would want revenge.

If I don’t settle his debts, my beautiful son is a dead man walking.

Mac, this is really none of our business.

We’re talking about my brother.

Mac, let’s just say that robert has some issues he needs to work out.

What kind of issues?

If you want answers to those questions, you’re gonna have to ask your brother. Excuse me.

Ok, there is more to this story, and I’m gonna get some answers.

No, no, no. Mac, diane is right.

About what?

You need to talk to your brother. Ask robert what is going on.

Ace is my whole world. I mean, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. But I also need my freedom and my independence. And living in a place where people are constantly looking at me sideways and waiting for me to commit a crime– I mean, it’s suffocating.

All right, I can certainly appreciate that. But your life is going to get better, esme. I promise you that. You just have to be a little patient.

I have been patient. Look, I admit that you and kevin have been very generous to let me and ace live here for free. But that also means that spencer is constantly looking down at me, and making me second guess every decision that I make about my son. And when do I get to live my life on my own terms?

Esme, perhaps there’s a way to make that happen. That is, if you truly mean what you say.

To be perfectly clear, I don’t think that spencer is gonna follow in his great uncle’s footsteps. I don’t think he’s interested in world domination. To me, it seems like he follows in the footsteps of his father. Just like nikolas, spencer is entitled. He’s reckless. And what’s most concerning to me is the content of his– his character. Just like his father. I mean, what kind of man sleeps with his son’s girlfriend? A cassadine–someone who is entitled, spoiled, oblivious to consequences. And that’s why I’m so afraid for trina.

For what it’s worth, if nikolas didn’t come back to town for the birth of his own son, I don’t think he’s coming back at all. And so his influence over spencer is done.

It’s too late. He’s already had, what, 18, 19 years of bad parenting? The mold is set. The damage is done. Spencer is who he is, and he’s a danger to trina. She–

[Sighs] She throws all common sense out the window, which she never used to do. And she jumped on that damn boat and almost died. And I need your help to make trina see reason.

I understand what you’re saying, portia, I really do. And believe me, I have my own regrets about becoming involved with the cassadine family. But I love trina, and so I have to be honest with you. I think you’d be smarter to not move against spencer.

What the hell are you implying?

I’m not trying to suggest you wouldn’t be proud to call trina your daughter. The way I see it, it’s not who she is that is the issue. It is the strings that bind her to her mother that might be problematic, and do you really need that complication in your life right now?

Why don’t you just spit it out, selina? What are you driving at?

As I explained, I have access to the labs at gh. I can make that dna test result go any way you want.

Why would I tamper with dna test results? Because that’s just compounding one lie with another. Trina is a wonderful young woman that I love very much already.

All true. But you used to be a risk taker, a man who lived on the edge and liked it. Perhaps you felt that kind of rush again while playing the hero in greenland.


I’m sure the wsb was impressed you could do something that they couldn’T. And maybe you’d like more. And having a daughter might get in the way of that.

[Phone buzzing] That’s true, isn’t it? Then, why let anything or anyone tie you down?

Excuse me, the hostess told me you’re ava jerome. I have a delivery for you.

Oh. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Thank you. Um, sorry.

I guess I’m just a little surprised. I’m surprised that you don’t want to support keeping trina away from spencer. I–I guess I just figured you of all people would understand what a wrecking ball that family is.

Yeah, well, I agree that the cassadine family can be bad news. And I–I don’t blame you for being concerned about trina’s decision to stick with spencer.

But you won’t help me make trina see the light of day?

[Scoffs] I’ve seen a different side of him. He’s changing and maturing. He took a very principled stand when it came to his baby brother. I understand why trina feels the way she does, and that’s why I can’t help you. If I have any advice at all, it would be for you to leave it alone, and let trina make her own decisions about her life.

I hope that curtis will always be in my life, no matter what the test results show.

Yeah. I wish I could say the same about esme.

I have to say, though, after dr. Gatlin-holt checked out ace and gave him the thumbs up, watching you walk out with laura and esme and ace, you kind of looked like A…

we were a family. Trust me, we’re not. I would give anything for esme to let go, and relinquish the responsibility of raising my brother to me.

I don’t know. Despite everything esme has done to me, I can’t help but feel for her. She doesn’t remember how she used to be or how she acted. And if you think about it, ace is all she’s got.

[Dramatic music]

Trina robinson, you’re a genius.

Thank you. What did I say?

Right now, ace is all esme has. She needs to open her eyes and expand her horizons, broaden her worldview. As long as she is solely focused on ace, she’s never gonna give him up.

Ok. That’s a good idea, but how?

Right, yeah. That’s the hard part, because somehow, we’re going to need to get her to come to that conclusion on her own.

I meant every single word of what I said. I want to stand on my own two feet, and I want to make my own choices. And I want to live where and how I want to live.

All right. What if I can make that happen?

You can help me get my hands on my trust fund?

I don’t think that’s what alexis means.

No, that isn’t what alexis means. I’m not offering you a free ride. I’m offering you a chance to earn that independence you crave.

And how would you do that, exactly?

I have an opening for a receptionist at the invader.

A job answering the phone.

I’m sorry, do you have a college degree or any work experience at all?


[Quietly] Not really.

Then, this seems like a very appropriate job for you to start. Unless, of course, all that talk about you standing on your own is just talk.

Look, this isn’t a fishing expedition. As the da, it’s my job to investigate any hint of criminal conspiracy.

All due respect, I thought we as cops did the investigating, and you guys did the prosecuting.

Let me give you a refresher course in the chain of command. I sit on top of it.

And the judge, who has to sign off on your warrant?

I’ll light a fire under that damn judge right now. I’m sick of waiting.

Come on, felicia, we’ve always been honest with each other. What do you know that I don’t?

[Cell phone ringing] What’s up, dante?

Uh, mac, hey. Calling you about your brother.

What about my brother? Thanks for calling, dante. Bye.

What is it?

That’s what I need to find out.

You’re not the only one who cares about ethan and would want to help him. Robert still regards him as the son he never had. I’m sure he would help in a heartbeat.

Oh, I–I know he would. But if I involved him in ethan’s not quite legal activities– I mean, he’s a respected district attorney. The scandal could bring him down, and I would never do that to him.

Robert still means that much to you, huh?

Yeah. From the moment I first realized that I loved robert, I always have and I always will.


So tell him about ethan, and then let him make the decision whether he gets involved or not.

Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. There are things that I don’t want robert to know, for his protection. And if I’m honest, for my own. It’s like what diane miller said.

Oh, wait. Sorry, you spoke to diane about robert?

Yeah. She asked me why I thought that things would work out between robert and me this time, when they never have before.

She has a point. But she also has a horse in the race.

Yeah, I’m keenly aware.

So what, you’re gonna drop out of the race, and let her win?

I barely know diane, but I get the impression that we’re alike in one way. We are both too proud and self-reliant to stoop to pulling out each other’s hair over a man, even if that man is robert scorpio.



But my point is, is that the last thing that I would want to do is hurt robert by damaging his reputation. And if I end up having to take another path to get the money I need for my son–

is there another path?

Well, there’s always another path. Sometimes, I’ve taken it and lived to regret it.

Yes. I remember.

So will you contact the bureau and help me get my foot in the door before it’s too late?

Well, holly, I have to be straight with you. You know, my influence over there is limited. They’ve replaced frisco because he refused to give the order for the airstrike over the island. And, um, I just got back from a thorough debriefing in london. And the new director is, uh– well, suffice to say he’s not really enamored with me or anyone associated with frisco.

Oh, I–I see.

But I still know some people.


I mean, I can make some calls. And I think I would be careful about taking that other path, if I was you.

Can you believe it? The judge won’t sign off on the war– warrant.

[Chuckles] Let me guess. Detective falconeri calls our baby brother, who makes a beeline for the station.

Detective falconeri was doing his job. It’s time to talk.

[Soft dramatic music]

You can forget about the warrant. The savoy is off limits.

Like hell, it is. Look, we both know that wu was a regular customer in there. And I have reason to believe that holly’s now got herself–

so holly’s in trouble again, and you’re her knight in shining armor riding to the rescue.

Mac, you know what she’s like. She’s her own worst enemy. Now, if I can just simply intervene–

intervene, and you’re gonna screw up all the surveillance that I put in place to get the goods on selina wu.

Why wasn’t i informed of this?

I’m telling you now. Stay out of it.

May I?


mac is really worried about his brother.

Well, I’m sorry about that, felicia. But I actually have to get through these notes before I head on over to court.

Don’t try so hard, diane. I know you care about robert.

Absolutely, I do. There’s a professional respect, yes.

Robert and i go way back, and holly is a very good friend of mine.

I’m–I’m more than aware you were with holly last night when she arrived at my table to have a frank discussion of present circumstances. And if I didn’t say it then, I want to thank you and alexis for allowing holly and i to have that conversation in private.

I’m not sure you fully understand the present circumstances. It’s time you did.

Trina loves you. She’s gonna come around. But I’ve also seen the way that she looks at spencer. I’ve heard the way she talks about him. She–she was already smitten before everything that happened in greenland. And I’m telling you, painting spencer in a bad light is just gonna make it more difficult for you to heal your relationship with trina.

I’m her mother. If I see her in a situation that’s bad for her, what–


I’m–I’m really just trying to give you the benefit of my regret. Portia, please don’t push your daughter away. Do better than I did.

Fortunately, my grandmother has a way with esme, so she can encourage her and help her begin to search for things that might fulfill her other than ace, and…

[Sighs] I really am self-absorbed. I’m sitting here going on and on about my problems, when you’re waiting to take a test that could literally change your whole life.

Look, firstly, I was happy for the distraction. And secondly, if you have problems, I wanna hear about them.

Well, I want to hear about your problems.


So I guess we’re stuck together?

Looks like.

Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Neither would I.

[Soft music]

Selina, if you’re offering to fix the dna test results, there must be something in it for you.

When did you become so cynical?

Why don’t you just admit it? You don’t give a damn if I’m trina’s father or if I’m not. You just like having something over me.

What else do I need? I already have our little game in the back room, payback for putting your father’s arrest record into your hands. Whether you like it or not, the two of us are joined at the hip.

For now. But hear me clearly. Do not do me any favors by doctoring those results. Oh. This is your tab from last night.

[Ominous music]

Did you put alexis up to this? Is this your way to keep me in town, by chaining me to a desk so I can never leave?

[Scoffs] You know, esme, some people might see it as an opportunity. I know I did when I was asked to answer phones for elq when I was your age.

[Baby crying over monitor]

Um, I should go check on ace. Just..

[Crying continues]

[Sighs] You know, it’s–it’s a great opportunity for her. She can put down roots. She can create a home for herself and for her son, with her son’s family’s assistance, of course.

So why do you look so worried?

I am worried, but not about esme. I’m actually worried about you.

Esme may not currently be able to remember all the terrible things that she’s done, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she won’t revert to her old behavior.

I’m very well aware of that, which is why I was worried about her living here with you.

But what choice did I have, you know? She holds the fate of my grandchild in her hands.

I know that. I know that, which is why I think this was–

uh, alexis. Um, I thought about your offer.

There’s no rush. You could take your time.

Yeah, you don’t have to decide now.

Except I have decided. I’ll take it.

Excuse me, I’m having some tests done today. And my question is, how is the lab security system? I mean, how absolutely certain are you that no one can tamper with the dna test results? And what safeguards do you have in place?

Why all the questions?

Curtis, is something wrong?

Well, you know. You know I ask a lot of questions. I just want to make sure the results are gonna be accurate.

Thanks for your concern, but I haven’t even been tested yet.

It won’t be long now. And it will be accurate.

Sorry, I stuck my nose in.

It’s ok. You have a nice nose.

I wonder if it runs in the family.

I hope you don’t think I’m telling you how to parent because I’m not. I’m just–I’m hoping that you can learn from my mistakes.

I appreciate hearing your perspective. But I can’t stand by. I can’t lose trina.

So what are you doing to do?

I don’t know.

Robert and holly have 30 plus years of history, but that doesn’t mean that he’s ready to upend his life for her now. Whatever’s going on with you and robert, I know it–

there is nothing going on with me and robert, except a court date, which I have to keep.

You are the ultimate professional, diane. But I know the signs. You care about robert.

And holly sutton is the love of his life. End of story.

I have no interest in compromising the pcpd’s surveillance of wu.

Then, stay the hell out of it.

I can’t do that. Hey, where’s my warrant?

Tell the da he can wait till hell freezes over.

Ok, why don’t we just sit down and discuss this?

Screw the warrant.

[Dramatic music]

[Knocking on door]

Anna devane?

Uh, yes?

Just need a signature.

Oh, sure. Thank you. Mm-hmm, thank you.

Good, then I’ll tell her to expect you.

[Knocking on door] The starting salary is what it is, but you do get health care benefits and day care.

Wait, does that mean that ace can come to work with me? I won’t have to leave him with spencer and laura? Oh, my god, thank you. Thank you so much.

[Tender music]


Mom, um, we’re just waiting to get our dna tests.

Trina, just remember whatever happens, you’re not alone.

I’ll make sure of that.

Then, we’re all in agreement. Trina comes first. Always.

[Dramatic music]

Oh, right.



I can’t wait to tell ace mommy’s got her first job. This is our first step on our path to independence. Thank you.

Looks like I got myself a receptionist.


What’s that?

Uh, I don’t know. It was just delivered by messenger.

A messenger? That’s old school.

[Phone ringing]

It is, isn’t it? Oh, excuse me. Hi, anna.

Hey, laura. Did you by any chance just get an envelope delivered to you by messenger?

Yes, just this very moment. How’d you know?

Because I got one, too. It’s an invitation to the reading of victor’s will.

Robert and holly are my friends. I just want them to be happy.

Well then, felicia, there’s nothing left to say, is there?

Just this. Seeing robert with you and knowing his very complicated history with holly, I’m not so sure where their happiness lies.

Da scorpio. If you’re looking for curtis, he just left.

Actually, I’m looking for you.

Oh, really? What can I do for you?

What is the hold that you have over holly sutton?

I suggest you ask the lady herself.

[Ominous music]

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Holly and Diane have an honest talk about their feelings for Robert. Diane tells Holly she won’t compete with her for Robert, and Holly tells Diane she doesn’t want her to be hurt when Robert lets her go. Robert asks Anna to help him decide between Diane and Holly so Anna tells him the pros and cons of both women but he still can’t decide what he should do.

Mrs. Wu wants to make another deal with Holly because the last deal they made was beneficial to both of them. Robert sees Holly and Mrs. Wu talking and wonders why the two of them are talking to each other.

Sasha gives a great presentation of the Deceptor because Cody forces the Home and Heart Channel to turn off the sound effect of the crying baby they piped into Sasha’s earpiece or he will take off his clothes and streak across the set.

When Lucy finds out what home and Heart did to Sasha she threatens to sue the network. The network gives her products five more appearances in prime time. Cody threatens to make trouble for the network if they pull a stunt like that on Sasha again.

Mrs. Wu wants Gladys to pay her the money she owes her or spy on Sonny’s organization. Gladys has twenty-four hours to repay the money she owes Mrs. Wu. Gladys overhears Sasha tell Brook Lynn she doesn’t think she needs a legal guardian anymore.

Nina apologizes to Carly because she blamed her for causing the distance between her and Willow. Nina also tells Carly she is grateful to Carly for being a mother figure to Willow. Carly tells Nina she won’t stand in the way if Willow wants a relationship with her. Nina gets upset that Carly won’t advocate for her with Willow, and force Willow to have a relationship with her.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, May 16, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


[Baby crying]


Sasha? Are you all right?

Well, you haven’t been in front of the cameras for quite a while. Looks like someone’s got a little bit of the jitters.

[Baby crying]

Crank the baby crying in sasha’s headset up to eight.

Got it.

[Dramatic music]

Come on, sasha. Hang in there. Hang in there.

Sasha, you don’t look so good.

What was I thinking? What do you mean?

Look, I get why you want to go on the rescue mission.

Oh, good, because as far as motives go, stopping a genocidal maniac is self-explanatory to me.

It’s one thing to go up against victor. It’s another thing to take on a virus which has an 80% kill rate.

I know. But there are worse odds. And you and I have faced those.

Were you thinking about your daughter? Were you thinking about noah? Were you thinking about emma? How about even me? I mean, you’re gonna run off and die with this guy. Shouldn’t you be putting your family first?

Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that i have prioritized anyone or anything above my family. Don’t do that. You would have done the exact same thing.

We’re not talking about me.

Ok, but you know that I’m right. You would do anything. You would risk everything for the woman that you love.

First I got to choose the woman.

Sorry I’m late. Really I am. I have work, and I can tell you all about it, but I know you don’t want to hear about it. What’s the occasion?

I know I did the right thing, but I need you to tell me that I did the right thing and I didn’t make A…

there she is.

Fool out of myself.

I’m so lookingforward to a drink.


You want to tell me what’s going on?

Not really.

Where’s your handsome husband? I thought he was joining us.

He was, right up until he got called into the station on a case.

Ugh, that’s the trouble with law enforcement. Always on duty. He should become a criminal. They have very flexible schedules. Apparently.

Oh, well, I’ll suggest it when he retires.

Much though I’d like to celebrate with mac, I’m actually quite pleased that it’s just you and me. A girls’ night.

Yeah, honestly, me too. Now, I know what you’ve been up to, but what’s next? Are you back in port charles for good?

Uh, that’s the idea, if I’m wanted.

How am I supposed to get that much money together so quickly? It’s impossible.

There might be another way for you to repay your debt.

Venmo? Crypto? I mean, will you take a check? I can write you a check.

No. Let’s step away, shall we, and talk about this somewhere more private.

[Tense music]

[Knock at door]

Come in. Thanks for coming.

Thank yo u for calling meand asking me. We were interrupted at the hospital, and there’s still so much more I have to say.

I’m listening.

[Dramatic music]

No. No, thank you.

Ok. Well?

Well, like I was telling you at the hospital, I’ve been doing some soul searching, carly. And I realized that I have been acting from a place of fear and that fear has led me to make some poor decisions. I hurt people, most of all willow. And in that fear and jealousy, I blamed you for the distance between me and willow, and that was wrong. But I think it’s easier for me to hate you than accept the consequences of my own actions. I know it’s late. I understand that now. I’m so sorry.

Is that it?

I don’t have the money now, but I can get it.

Who’s that, your steno?

I was under the impression that you’re sasha’s guardian.

That’s true.

And as her guardian, you have complete control over sasha’s finances.

Right, but it’s a lot of money to move all at once. Sasha might have questions. But I suppose it’s not impossible. I just need to be subtle about it.

I understand your quandary. Availing yourself of sasha’s money to pay off your growing debts could put you in an awkward position, with sasha certainly, but legally as well. But like I said, there are other ways for you to make good. After all, money isn’t everything.

[Baby crying]

There’s a problem, I think, with my earpiece.

A problem? What kind of problem? I don’t hear anything in mine. What are you hearing, exactly?

Something is up with sasha.

Ok, maybe maxie pushed her too soon into this. You know, really, maybe she’s not ready.

No, that’s not it. Look, something’s wrong with her earpiece.

The deceptor is a portable home spa device for the woman on the go.

Louder, I want that baby wailing in her ear.


You know what, forget the wailing. Just cut the sound, or I’m gonna start streaking.

You what?

Cut the sound now, or I’m gonna start streaking. By the way, it’s huge, the fcc fine, so cut the sound now.

[Dramatic music]

It’s easy to use and–

and just look at deceptor’s design. I mean, so much thought went into that.

Now, flora, I’m sure our viewers would really rather hear all about it from the face of deception herself. Go ahead, sasha. All eyes are on you.

What do you mean by that? Choose the woman?

You’re tired. It’s late. And I’ve kind of overstayed my welcome.

Well, you did that when you rang the bell. You can’t– this is so typical of you. You come barging in here, pick a fight with me just because you have something else on your mind. So what is it?

Holly has indicated that she wants to have a relationship with me.

Ok. Good. I know you care about her. What’s the problem?

The problem is… another woman.

Does this mean ethan’s safe?

Not really. But australia is familiar territory. He has to replenish his funds if he is going to–

pay back the people he stole from.

Make restitution.

Oh, is that what they’re calling it these days?

It’s not entirely his fault. He’s young. And both his parents have been known on occasion to avail themselves of things that aren’t necessarily theirs.

Case in point.

I may have given robert a slight ultimatum.

How slight?

I told him not to call me until he had decided between holly and me.

Shall we relocate?


I just thought this might be a little awkward.

Well, it’s only awkward if we make it so. And actually,if robert’s fond of diane, then I should take advantage of this opportunity to get to know her a little bit.

It’s early days for robert and me, but I’m not going to waste my time if he is in love with holly.

May we join you?

Hi. Yes.

First of all, haven, flora, and especially the viewers at home, I am so sorry. My earpiece was making this horrible noise. You want to know what it sounded like, haven? You know what, it’s not important. Once again, viewers, thank you so much for staying tuned in. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Well, don’t keep us in suspense, sasha. Tell us all about the deceptor.

The deceptor is a revolutionary new product. It’s the home spa device for the woman on the go.

Ooh. And how does it work? I’m dying to know. Right, haven?

Right, right.

It’s really simple. Would you like to be my model, flora?

Oh, I would love to.

I think you’re going to love the results.

[Soft music]

Of course, join us.

Actually, alexis, would you and felicia mind if I had a moment alone with ms. Sutton?

No, not at all.

Why don’t we order the second round?

Great idea. You know what I like.


I have everything I need right here.

Well, all right. Ok. You can have my seat. Help yourself.

You think they need a referee?

Ms. Sutton–

please, holly.

Holly, of course. Now, you and I don’t know each other very well, but you strike me as a woman who is direct and to the point.

Guilty as charged.

So let’s lay our cards on the table, shall we?

They’re both brilliant, funny, amusing. While holly is electrifying, diane, well, there’s an ease about her. I can talk shop. Hell, I can talk anything.

And there’s little to no chance that you’d have to prosecute her in the next few months, whereas holly–

yeah. Well, you said that, not me.

Just ’cause you’re thinking it.

Mm. Yeah, well, I– what should I do here?

I don’t know. Maybe witness protection or something.

Come on. You’re being picky.

I don’t know what you want me to say. I mean, you’ve always managed to make your own decisions in the past.

Yeah, but this one’s kind of got me a bit twisted.

[Soft music] Diane has stated in no uncertain terms she will not compete for my attention.

Good for her.

And holly–

yes, I’m sure that she has no problem with competition.

[Sighs] Every time I see her face, it’s like I’m– like I’m home. Diane, she challenges me.

And holly doesn’t?

Well, yeah, she does, but it’s– it’s like, well–look, I come to you because you’re always honest with me, sometimes when I don’t want you to be. But what do I do here?

Well, that’s all we have time for tonight, so I would like to thank my special guests, flora gardens–

oh, always a pleasure, haven.

And the face of deception herself, sasha gilmore. So until next time, happy homes and warm hearts.

[Upbeat music]

And we’re out.

Well, that went great, sasha.

It did. I’m sorry to disappoint you. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers. I did it!

You sure did. You were amazing.

You did do it. You did do it. You did do it. You were so amazing, really. But you got to tell us what happened at the beginning of the segment.

Someone was piping a sound effect into my earpiece, a crying baby.

Oh, they did not. No, no.

I knew you did something to that poor girl’s earpiece, but a crying baby?

I did no such thing.

Oh, don’t you lie to my face, haven. Of all the rotten, lowdown, despicable things to do to a woman who lost a baby. I mean I thought the tweets were bad enough, but, I mean, to try to push poor sasha over the edge on live tv–

there was obviously a screw-up. I will find the culprit.

Oh. I think we’re looking at the culprit. And you know what else I think? Maybe I don’t want to be the number one seller on a show where these kind of mistakes happen. I quit!

Flora, wait. Those baby sneakers are not going to sell themselves.

Look, I’m ok. Yes, I had a second when I thought history was repeating itself, I was imagining it.

It’s horrible. It must have been terrifying.

It was. But then I can’t explain it, but I knew that the sound coming through my earpiece was real. It wasn’t a hallucination. It wasn’t liam. I knew that I was being manipulated and that I could keep going.

Ms. Gilmore, I’m really sorry. There’s just one more caller, and they are insisting on talking to you about the deceptor. Can we patch her through?

Oh, wow, wow, wow. You know, you must be as morally bankrupt and deranged as your boss to think that sasha would trust you, or this show, or anybody here anymore.

Lucy, it’s ok. I can handle it. Patch it through.

Hey. No stunts. Do you hear me? No, ok.

It’s not a stunt.

You swear no stunts?

Yes, yes. Ok. Yeah. Ok. You’re live.

This is sasha.

– Sasha?

Sasha gilmore?

It’s me. What can I do for you?

– You’re back. I’d heard your baby had died and then your husband died. Such a tragedy for a young person like yourself.

Yes. It was a tragedy. But thanks to the support of my family and friends, I am doing much better.

– Isn’t that a miracle?

It is. And you know what else is a miracle? A new device we call the deceptor.

I know better than to think that you would accept my apology.

If you were me, would you accept your apology?

You know what I would do, carly? I would at least acknowledge it.

You want acknowledgment, a blue ribbon for self-awareness? You talk about what you want from willow, but you don’t talk about what you want for willow. Now, me, I want willow to be safe, happy, and healthy. Can you say the same?

and willow pulls through, I want my daughter to have a happy, long, healthy life. That’s all I want, and… even if I’m not part of it.

I almost believe you.

But if there is a way that I can be part of it, if there’s a way that I can repair our relationship, I’m just telling you that i am willing to do anything.

Nina, you just don’t get it, do you? You just don’t get it.

Get what?

The more you push, the more you drive people away. And what do you mean, repair your relationship? What relationship? What is there to repair?

You’re right. When I first met willow, when she was charlotte’s teacher, I made her life miserable, I did. And I should not have done that, even if she wasn’t my daughter. But when I found out that she was mine, I tried and I’m trying to heal our relationship. But of course, that’s after I scorched the earth ten times over. And we all know that. And that’s why…

[Soft music] In hindsight, I’m relieved that she had you, carly, because willow needed a mother, and I couldn’t be that for her.

But you could. And you did. And for that, I am truly thankful.

You don’t waste any time. I like that.

Who wants to go first?

May I?


I apologize for kissing robert in his office. Obviously, we had no idea you were there.

And by that, I shall infer that you know. All right. Robert and I had been on exactly one date. And I don’t ask for exclusivity until well into the second. As such, my relationship with robert, whatever it may be, is still in the nascent stage, so there’s no apology necessary.

Well, still, it wasn’t appropriate.

Well, that’s between you and robert. Here’s where I stand on things. And I have told this to robert as well. I will not compete with another woman for a man’s attention.

Fair enough. And you should know that i have strong feelings for robert.

And you have told robert of these feelings?

Why hold back? I mean, robert and I have been dancing around each other for 30 years.

And you believethat robert has these feelings for you as well. That’s what you’re trying to say, isn’t it?

Robert and holly are two of my oldest friends. I just want what’s best for them.

Yeah, I want what’s best for diane.

Of course you do, but you know, with holly, she knows what she wants or what’s next.

You sound like you don’T. That doesn’t sound like you.

Well, I’m not exactly lost and aimless.

Oh, I am. Trust me. It’s not fun.

Well, actually, I’m looking for a new project, something I can get excited about, kind of like with you and “the invader.” I mean, you’re on a mission to serve the community and make real positive change.

That was the plan from the start.

Not now?

Well, it’s still the plan. It’ll always be the plan. If I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, “the invader” actually isn’t what I wanted it to be.

You were just amazing. You know, you seized the day. You beat them at their own game. I’m so, so, so happy.

Good news, ladies. The deceptor is flying off the shelves.

Of course it is because it’s a wonderful product. But also, you know, pain sells. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Listen, you wimpy little weasel, you and haven, and “home and heart,” you’re going to make this right. You hear me? You are going to make this right!

Well, well, well, cody bell. What are you, a big fan of the “home and heart” shopping channel?

How else could I add to my porcelain cat collection?

You didn’t see those inflammatory tweets that the show had people post?

I do not understand. What are these tweets you speak of?

I saw you talking to that pa. You got her to stop that sound effect.

If you say so.

Right. Well, anyway, we’re gonna go celebrate at the savoy. You in?

I want to pull out haven’s hair. If I had any idea this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have put you through it ever. But you did…

I got a thing. Next time.

Your loss.

But hey, make sure sasha has fun. She deserves it.

[Soft music]

You have options. There are things I value more than money.

Such as?

Assets, of which you have many.

Not really. I mean, I guess I could finally unload my house back in bridgeport.

I’m referring to your connections.

Connections? You think I have connections?

Don’t sell yourself short. You may hold knowledge of certain business dealings, certain arrangements that could prove useful to me and my organization.

Business dealings? Oh, you want the skinny on what goes on at deception because I can– wait. Are you talking about my cousin sonny?

I can’t tell you what to do.

Well, tell me what not to do. That’s the next best thing.

Um, I don’t know. I mean a new person is always very exciting, whereas an old love is kind of comforting.

Holly and I certainly know each other inside and out.

Yes, you do.

On the other hand, diane takes the law very seriously, and you do also.

And holly looks upon it at best a challenge, at worse an obstacle.

It’s very exciting though, isn’t it?

I’m back to square one.

Ok. I mean, I can totally understand why you don’t know how to make this decision because you never thought that you would ever be in a position like this, right?

No, I didn’T. But for what it’s worth, I’m not surprised. You’re quite the catch. You do have your moments, you know, rare as they are.

Oh, I got to go. I got–

are they just quite–

tell what’s-his-face goodbye.

You mean good night.

Yeah, that too.


[Soft music]

I thought he’d never leave.

My god.

Robert and I fell in love decades ago. And those feelings never went away, certainly not for me, and I don’t think for robert either. But to answer your question, in typical robert scorpio fashion, he has neither confirmed nor denied.

Well, good to know that’s his mo.

Exactly. And I wanted you to know this because– and I realize this is going to sound patronizing.

But you’re gonna say it anyway.

I don’t want you to get hurt.

[Laughs] Well, thank you for your concern, but, really, I’ll be fine. As I said to robert, I have no intention on going to war over a man, especially one who, at this stage, is still just a friend.

And you should remain friends. I would be completely comfortable with that.

Would you? Well, that’s good to know. That’s very generous. So let’s say I bow out, and you and robert pick up right where you left off.

The ideal situation for me.

Yes. So here’s what i don’t understand. What makes you so confident that your relationship will work out this time?

The news that I want to report is just a fraction of the news that needs to be reported. And there’s administrative and economic issues. Well, “t he invader” may not beexactly what you envisioned when you started there, but I mean, it’s become a respected publication. And that’s because of your leadership.

Thank you. I really do appreciate that perspective.

Am I wrong?

I think you’re very kind. I spend most of my time finding advertisers, managing investors, managing staff. And to be perfectly honest, it’s a little disappointing that my dream for “the invader” just really hasn’t entirely come true.

Yet. But if anybody can make it happen, alexis, it’s you.

N’neka, your best bubbly, ok? We’re celebrating.

Ok, I promise. I promise you I was very, very polite when I cornered the “home and heart” producer. I just said russell, russell, russell, I mean, intentional infliction of emotional distress, et cetera, et cetera, lawsuit, lawsuit. Guess what. We ended up with five more spots for deception– primetime.

That’s amazing, lucy.

Of course, comes with one condition, mine, not theirs.

Ok. What is it?

I want you to be deceptor’s spokeswoman.

Ok. I’ll help with willow.

Oh, my god. Thank you so much. That’s more than I even dared to hope. Of course, we don’t want to do anything to make willow feel uncomfortable, right? So I was thinking that maybe you could set up a phone call.


Then if that goes well, carly, we could maybe–

ok, stop, please. I want to be really clear here. I will help you with willow by supporting whatever decision she makes for her family. If she decides to let you in, I promise you I will not stand in the way. But if willow decides she wants nothing to do with you, I won’t advocate for you.

[Soft music]

I should have known that you weren’t going to help.

I don’t know anything about sonny’s business.

But you’re close.

No, not really. Sonny doesn’t like me that much.

Even so, you might know more about his business than you realize.

I’m telling you I don’T. Trust me. That’s asking for trouble that neither of us wants.

I don’t understand why you seem so bothered by the suggestion. After all, it’s one way for you to settle your ever-increasing debt.

I can get the money. I just need a few more days.

You have until tomorrow. Noon.

That’s not enough time.

I grow tired of making allowances for someone who won’t take a gift when offered.

Oh, listen. I am so thankful for your patience. Really.

Perhaps I’ve been too patient. Noon tomorrow. And if you can’t pay, perhaps sasha will.

[Tense music]

Thank you both for being so supportive.

Never doubted you for a second.

I did. I mean–sorry. If I’m being honest, I did actually have some doubts. I was fearing the worst, but then–I don’t know. You just pulled it together, and you became this magnificent creature that I knew you could be.

Well, thank you regardless. Honestly. I don’t know what I would have done if you two weren’t there.

Well, that’s very nice of you to say, but I think you would have made it. I mean, even when you got distracted, you weren’t falling apart.

Mm-mm, you got right back on your feet, and you just did it. There was no stopping you.

Right. I mean, you kept your focus. You kept the segment going. And you really stuck that landing like a boss.

You know what, you’re right. I feel more like myself than I have in a really long time.

Ok, that’s good, really. Just don’t rush it too much. I mean, if you want to, then you know me, I say go for it, pedal to the metal. But just pace yourself.

Maybe it’s the rush talking, but now I’m wondering, maybe it’s time that I get back in the driver’s seat. What do you think, brook lynn?

I think you know when you know. But from where I’m standing, absolutely.

Ah, yummy. Perfect timing. Please, ladies.

Oh, my god. It can’t be that late. I told maxie that I was going to stop by her place and bring her some soup. Anyway, thank you so much for the chat. I mean, you’ve really given me a lot to think about.

Same here.

I cannot believe that I came here groveling and begging for your forgiveness and help. I never should have listened to drew.

Drew? What the hell did drew say?

He said that I should come here and acknowledge my mistakes and be honest. But you, carly, you don’t listen.

Nina, no one can save your relationship with willow but you.

But I’m standing here asking you how.

Then stop. Stop. Stop pushing through every boundary that willow sets a million miles an hour and have some patience, patience for a young girl battling cancer. I mean, all you do is put your needs ahead of willow’s time and time again.

You’re such a hypocrite.

Maybe I am. But maybe I’m not. But we both know right now I’m right. I’m right about you. And I’m right about willow. You want to be her mother, you’re going to have to do it on her terms.

That is an annoyingly good question.

I know.

Ok, so the reason that things between me and robert are going to work out this time is that, this time, there are no obstacles.

What about the fact that he’s a district attorney and you lead, shall we say, a very colorful life?

So there’s one obstacle.

Doesn’t it concern you that,despite the rich tapestry that is your history with robert, at present, the two of you currently reside in completely different worlds?

I’m not going to apologize for the way I live my life.

No one’s asking you to apologize, holly. Quite the contrary. I think you should write a book about your escapades. But has the universe really been working overtime to keep you and robert apart, or is it more likely that things have not worked out because they can’t and probably never will?

Deceptor sales are off the charts.

Oh, even without a total meltdown. Well done, us.

Oh, my god. Haven de havilland.

This is a closed set.

No, I know. I almost just ran across it during the broadcast, naked.

Oh, you did what?


That’s how i got your pa to cut off that cute sound effect you were using to gaslight sasha.

Ok, show’s over pal, so why don’t you move–

you know how many bones are in this hand? You want to find out?

What do you want?

Nothing. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever threaten my friend sasha again with a stunt like that, your sales figures will be the least of your problems.

[Tense music]

Honey, are you threatening me?

Why yes, ma’am, I am. And you don’t want to see me make good on any of my threats.

N’neka. Is ms. Wu still in the club?

She is. Do you want me to tell her you’re looking for her?

No, no. Thank you.

It’s been a really long time since I allowed myself to trust my instincts. Now that’s all going to change. I think it’s time to let gladys off the hook and end the guardianship. I’m ready to take the reins again.

Hear, hear.

[Glass clink]

I’ll give you this much, carly. You didn’t drive the wedge between me and willow. But once you saw it was there, you didn’t hesitate to take advantage.

If by take advantage, you mean care for the young woman who my son is in love with, the young woman that you abused relentlessly, yeah, ok, I took advantage of her.

And to think I felt guilty about–

guilty about what?

About blaming you forthe estrangement from willow when it’s clear that you will do everything in your power to keep us apart.

Nina, you can lash out at me all you want. It doesn’t make what I said any less true.

Good luck with the sec, carly.

[Tense music]

I don’t think I’ve spoken out of turn, have I?

Not at all. I appreciate your frankness.

Well, then what’s left to say except, you’re welcome? And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to call it a night.

Not on my account.

Oh, no, no, no. I have to be in court tomorrow morning. Who knows, maybe one day I will get to defend you.

I would trust my freedom to no one else.

Nor should you.

How’d it go?

Not half bad. I actually think I kind of like her.

Oh, that’s nice. Why don’t you sleep on it? See how you feel in the morning.

Listen, I’m not too proud to admit that holly sutton has some very interesting qualities. I almost feel sorry for robert having to decide between us.



So what did he want?

He’s having a really hard time making a decision. And he wanted me to make it for him.

Did you?

No. I didn’t, not this time.

We ll, while you were solvingyour ex’s life problems, your current, which is me.

Oh, yes. I remember him.

Was putting the finishing touches on dinner. And not to brag–

as if.

But it’s the greatest amatriciana ever made. Even I’m impressed.

[Gasps] And you’re not one to be impressed.

Are you hungry?

I could eat.

[Soft music]

Ms. Sutton. I’m so glad to see youback in port charles.

I’m glad to be back, especially since there was a moment where I didn’t think I’d be back here, or anywhere else for that matter, ever again.

Since you’re here safe and sound, I wonder if you’d be open to doing a little more business. Our last venture proved fruitful to us both, did it not?

It certainly did.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH Transcript Monday, May 15, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I have to say goodbye.

[Tense music]

Goodbye? Why would you say–

I am so sorry, joss.

Hey, why are you making it sound like you’re leaving?

I am.


Oh, sasha, is this is your first time wearing a baby carrier?

Well, you put it on like an old pro.

Miss gilmore?

Please, call me sasha.

I’m julie.

Nice to meet you, julie.

We actually met before. I–I was here when–

oh. Fun times, huh? I’m sorry for not remembering your name.

Don’t be silly. There was a lot going on.

[Chuckles] Here. Come on.

That is one way of putting it.

How are you doing?

I’m okay, really.

That’s good to hear. Well, welcome back to home & heart. And here’s a production schedule.

Thank you. I was hoping to see the display for the deceptor, make sure everything is in order. Is it cool if I go on set?

No, it is not cool. If you think I’m gonna work with someone as unstable as you, you really are crazy.

[Dramatic music]

N’neka, let me have another martini.

[Dance music playing]

And another round for you too?

Oh, I’m done with seltzer. I’ve been dying for a real drink all night.

Okay. What can I get you?

Scotch, straight up.


Had to stay sharp up until now, for all the good it did me.



[Clapping] That was an epic crash and burn in there.

Go away.

You’re on the hook for a lot of cash, gladys. What–what’s the game plan? Got another garage you’re gonna secretly sell, or…

you cheated.

I didn’t need to cheat. Let’s face it, gladys. You are a lousy poker player whose luck ran out a long time ago.


[Keys jingling]

[Object clattering]

[Dramatic music]

Did something happen with willow?

She’s, uh, she’s hanging in there, handling the chemo as well as can be expected.

Well, that’s good. What brings you by?

Look, I need things to change before it’s too late.


[Dramatic music]

[Suspenseful music]

Don’t shoot.

Why not? You’re an intruder.

[Tense music]

One that cooks.





I’m glad I ran into you.

You are?

Yeah. You–you rescued aunt liesl, and because of that, willow now has a fighting chance. I’m really grateful. Thank you.

Well, you’re welcome. I’m–I’m so thrilled that this is happening for willow, and all that’s left to do now is pray.

Yeah. I’m on it.


Is everything okay, or–

you mean since the sec dragged me out of here?

Yeah, that.

Thank you.

[Indistinct chatter]

Do you want to say hello?

I better not. Ever since I arrested cody at the nurses’ ball, things have been tense between us.

Imagine that.

Excuse me.

Mr. Baldwin.

Oh, goody, it’s you.

[Chuckles] It’s good to see you too, scotty.

Just keep your grubby, sticky fingers away from my wallet.

All right, I did not steal that damn bracelet, okay? I was set up.

By who?

Well, you agree to represent me, I’ll tell you.

I am so worried about maxie. She sounded just awful on the phone.

Well, at least she took your advice and got someone to fill in for her. Who was it, anyway?

Hmm, maxie didn’t say.

This was not our agreement. Where is maxie jones?

Maxie is sick. She asked me to fill in. I explained all of this to your producer, russell.

Well, no one informed me.

Trust me, haven. Your audience is going to love the deceptor, and I’m more than capable of co-hosting the segment.

Oh, hello, miss de havilland, you are looking at the face of deception.

So? Will someone get me russell, now?


Thanks for the assist.

Oh, anytime.

Wait. What are you doing here? You don’t work for deception anymore.

Maxie didn’t tell you? I’m back.

What are you talking about? Where are you going?

I don’t know. I’m so sorry, joss, but I can’t stay in port charles. I can’T.

Of course you can.

No, not anymore.

The video of sonny during the pikeman deal, that’s footage of him breaking the law. You gave that to michael, right?

Yes, but–

okay. Then it’s only a matter of time. Because willow’s gonna get the transplant, and she’ll be fine. Then michael’s gonna give the video to the feds. And then sonny is gonna be arrested.

But that’s just it. Michael’s not turning sonny in.

[Scoffs] What?

Sonny’s not going to prison.

Since when?

Since michael backed out of our deal.

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for throwing the sec off of drew’s trail. It bought him time to find liesl and bring her back home. So willow and I are forever grateful for that.

Well, I’m just glad it all worked out and willow’s gonna get the bone marrow transplant.

Yeah, that’s why I’m– that’s why I’m here. Willow. She–she asked me to call off the war between us.

It was never my war.

And to honor your place in the lives of people I love.

Well, you think you can do that, michael?

For willow and for my family, yes.

Wait a minute, brook lynn. I’m confused. Last week, you said you needed to be freed up to follow your passion.

Well, I realized that was a mistake. I love this company. And there’s no reason why I can’t have it all, right? Music and deception– I’ll make the time.

Wow. That’s awesome. Welcome back.

Thank you.

Hey. Hi. Wow, it’s so sweet of you to come support sasha here today.

Oh, that’s what teammates do.

Teammates? What, did you join some sort of sports team or something together?

Oh, no, the deception team.

I’m not following.

Brook lynn is back at deception. She already spoke to maxie.

That’s right.

Really? No, because I just spoke to maxie not two minutes ago. She did not mention anything about it.

Oh, you know what? She just must have not realized it in her feverish state. Anyway, today is not about me. It is about you and your big comeback.

Okay, you.

[Sighs] Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure you’re ready for all of this?

The last time sasha gilmore was on this show, it was a disaster. And she thought a doll was her dead baby.

That was almost a year ago. Maxie’s assured me sasha’s stronger now. And besides, if she did freak out on camera, would that really be so bad?

Is that an actual question?

Our ratings were at an all-time high after sasha’s breakdown last july. It reminded our viewers that anything can happen on live tv.

You know, our ratings have been a little sluggish lately.


Maybe we could make this work to our advantage.

Scott, listen–

don’T. You want me to represent you.

Yeah. It should be an easy gig, considering I’m innocent.

Says you. But unfortunately, you can’t afford me.

I got 10k in my pocket that says otherwise.

Well, that’s pocket money. Uh, so no.

Okay, fine. 20k.

I’m not interested.

I knew it.


That you had an ulterior motive, not only when you said that you would come tonight, but you picked the savoy as well.

[Sighs] I love holly. And of course I want to celebrate her safe return. What better place to do it at?

Mm-hmm. Chief scorpio, why are we really here?

Oh, two of my favorite people.

Since when?

Mind if I join you?

What can we do for you, scott?

Well, for starters, why is holly sutton running around chloroforming people when she should be in a burn unit in europe?

I’m sorry this is happening to you.

Yeah. Look, I’m told this is an ongoing investigation. And beyond that, I’m– I’m just not comfortable discussing it with you.

Yeah, understood.

Okay. So you, um, you here to see willow?

Oh, don’t worry. I’m not gonna go into her room, you know? The last thing I want to do is to upset willow or michael. I just feel better being close by, you know?

[Somber music] Hey, drew, have you ever wanted to go back in time for a redo?

Once or twice, yeah.

There’s a lot of things that I would change. I love my daughter.

I believe that.

And all I want is for this transplant to be a success so she can go back to her family.

A family that you would love to be a part of.


Willow made me see that by rejecting you, I was forcing my siblings to choose.

Donna and avery, you mean?

And krissy too, to an extent. And dante’s the only one who can truly navigate this. It’s not fair to the rest of my siblings. Sure, I can tell them to have a separate relationship with you and not factor me in, but those are just words.

What about wiley and baby amelia? You feel the same way when it comes to them?

My kids should be able to know and spend time with their grandfather and their aunts and uncles who love you. And that’s–that’s more important than my anger. So for the good of my family, yeah. I want peace.

Michael backed out?

[Sighs] Out of all the ways this could have gone down, michael pulling the plug is probably the last one I expected.

Me too.

How could he do this to you? How could he do this, period?

He did it for you.

What does that mean?

For all of you. Michael doesn’t want sonny going away to cause a permanent rift in the family because you know it would have.

Of course, it would have. And that sucks. But I thought we all agreed that it was worth it. What is happening? This is so wrong.

It doesn’t matter.

How can you say that?

Because right, wrong, whatever, michael isn’t gonna change his mind.

I can’t believe this.

This is the situation, and these are my options. I have to go.

Then I’m going with you.

No, you’re not.

Hunting cabin was staged.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why did holly steal the ice princess necklace in the first place?

Because victor ordered her to.

He needed it to find mikkos’ bunker in greenland.

Those cassadines, they like to keep things interesting, don’t they?

I’ll say.

Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. If holly survived this fake explosion, did the necklace as well?

Yeah. We wanted victor to think that it was destroyed while holly tried to figure out where he was holding ethan.

So where’s the necklace now?

We don’t know, scott. It was lost when the wsb sank the haunted star.

Well, that necklace is worth about 35 million clams, wouldn’t you say?

It’s worth nothing now, seeing how it’s gone.

This is way too far

[Indistinct chatter]

She’s on her way.


[Tense music] Is it done?

Everyone on our production staff is on social media, talking up sasha’s appearance tonight and speculating what could possibly go wrong.

Oh, that’ll get them watching.

[Laughs] And when they watch, they buy.



I know that the last time I was here, I almost tanked the company.

[Sighs] Look, I am worried about you, not the company right now, okay? I think it’s so brave of you to step up and take maxie’s place. But if you’re not ready, you do not have to do this. I mean, come on. I could do this segment in my sleep.

Thank you, lucy, truly. Your support means everything to me. But I am the face of deception, and I am a partner in the business, and I really want to pull my weight.

Well, how does it feel to be back here?

It was a little overwhelming at first. But I’m okay now. I keep telling myself that this is an entirely different situation. I was self-medicating back then. I was deep in my grief for liam. And then to be asked to model a baby carrier–

out of nowhere, by the way.

I wasn’t prepared.

Oh, come on. No one–no one– would have been prepared. You weren’t expected to be prepared for that. What they did was absolutely awful. But look at you now. Look how far you’ve come. It’s so good. And I’m so proud of you.

And if anyone tries to interrupt your segment tonight, I will tackle them before they even reach the set.

[Laughs] I would love to see that.

[Tense music]


Sasha? What on earth are you doing here?

The cards weren’t in your favor tonight.

I–well–I thought I had a strong enough hand. But then that damn cody bell with his flush.

Mr. Bell had luck on his side.

[Scoffs] Either that or he’s a big, fat cheater.

No one cheats selina wu.

Right. [Chuckles] Of course. Mm, I guess I should be getting home.

Not until we discuss how you plan to cover the money you borrowed.

Change of plans, my friend. I will represent you.

I thought you said $20,000 wasn’t enough.

Ah, that’s chump change compared to what we’re gonna get. N’neka, another martini.

Oh, my goodness. What is going on in my kitchen? That smells amazing.

I am making you my amatriciana sauce. It’s simmering. I’ve also just recently uncorked a very posh bottle of chianti.


And I’d like to let it breathe.

Oh, would you?

But something tells me you could use a glass.

Yes. Just fill it to the brim, please.

How was the briefing?

[Groans] It went on forever. I mean, seriously, I just–ugh. I feel like somewhere in the metaverse, I’m still answering questions. They wanted to know everything about greenland and your father and the pathogen. And I’m very tired. I just want to drink wine, eat pasta, and fall asleep in your arms.

That’s all you want to do, is it?

Depends how good your pasta is.


[Doorbell rings] Oh, just ignore them, and they’ll go away. Oh, my lord. Do you know–

[Doorbell rings] There are only two people that ring my doorbell like that. One is obrecht. And the other is– hello, robert.

Word of advice. Next time you want to pretend you’re not home, don’t leave the lights on.

[Dramatic music]

Obviously, the idea of running away with you sounds amazing. But I have no one, joss.

You have me.

No. You know what I mean. I don’t have any friends or family to fall back on. I don’t even have the military anymore. It’s just me and my skill set. But you, you have this incredible family that not only loves you but needs you. I got to meet two more of them today. And wiley and amelia are the sweetest. Wiley hero-worships you.

[Somber music]

I think he was more impressed by you.

No, I’m just some guy that used to be a soldier. But you, you’re his aunt joss, who’s gonna be a doctor, by the way. You love being pre-med.

I do, but–

no buts. I cannot possibly be to you what you are to me.

And it would be incredibly selfish of me to say yes, run away with me so that you end up needing me as much as I need you.

I do need you, though.

You like me, and you want me.

But you have so much else going on in your life. And that’s a good thing. If you came with me, it would be exciting at first– new identities, new lives.

Hey, we can make it work.

For a while, till one day, you wake up next to me, and you realize that you don’t want to be a waitress named trixie.

Well, I would never pick the name trixie.

You’d realize that you miss your friends, you miss your family, that you miss your life. And that would be my fault.

you lost what you came in with, then dipped into my bank for $85,000.

I–I–I– I’m good for it.

I should hope so.

Can we discuss a payment plan?

You know the rules. When players borrow from the house, payment is due at the end of the night.

I–I understand, but I don’t have that kind of money at my fingertips.

Sasha gilmore does. And don’t you control your daughter-in-law’s finances?

I’m so sorry. I had no idea I’d be seeing you here tonight.

Well, the feeling is very, very, very mutual.

Is one of your products being featured?

A new line of baby bath salts called change your moody. The little ones just love it, and so do their momm–

it’s okay. It’s okay. You can talk about motherhood and babies in front of me. I am so sorry for my behavior last time.

No, no. Don’t you dare apologize. I feel terrible about what happened to you and about the role I played, however unwittingly, in it all, which begs the question, why, of all people, would I be asked to participate tonight?

Because someone is trying to push sasha over the edge.

[Tense music]

Okay. So leopold’s necklace was not destroyed in that explosion?

No. Due to the wsb’s itchy trigger finger, the jewels went to the bottom of the ocean.

So I’m back to where I started.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Because the necklace is part of dominique’s estate, meaning that you and serena are owed a portion of that money.

Well, yeah, I agree with you 100%. But regardless of how the necklace was lost, it’s still gone.

Well, the wsb is the reason why your big payoff and serena’s went the way of the titanic.

Wait, so you’re saying–

yeah. We sue the wsb.

Nina, I know you think that carly is the reason that you don’t have a relationship with willow.

Well, I actually just spoke to carly about this.

Right–three-plus years of treating willow like dirt because you dislike her– obviously, that’s the reason. And I know that everything changed once you found out you’re mother and daughter. But everything didn’t change for willow.

No, I get it, and I’ve given willow more than good reason to be untrusting of me. But drew, for the first time, my daughter asked something of me.

Really? What’s that?

She wants me to stop fighting with carly, and I want to give it to her. But I don’t know how to do it. If we–if we could just start fresh–

nina, you’ve got to accept that’s– that’s just not an option.

Peace is what I’ve always wanted, but I appreciate you meeting me halfway.

Yeah, well, give willow credit.

No. It takes strength from you too. I mean, you know, I shouldn’t be surprised that you stepped up for the greater good. I mean, that’s why you gave her avery back at the end, because you didn’t want to tear the family apart.

So we have an understanding?

When it comes to you, your sisters, and your kids, yeah. What about when it comes to nina?

[Somber music]

Please talk to me.

I don’t know what to say.

Anything. Whatever you’re feeling.

Well, I feel conflicted.


I mean, am I ready to– to give up all of my life to be with you? Am I ready to say that?

I’d be worried if you were.

But I like you…a lot.

I like you too.

I like what we have. And I want to figure out where it could go. I don’t want this to be over, and I don’t want you to leave. But I really don’t want you to die. And I really don’t want you to spend the rest of your life in prison.

Both of which are now possibilities if I stay in port charles.

So yeah, I understand, conceptually.

You’re ready to go, and you probably should. But, um, the thought of losing you… hurts my heart, and it makes me very scared and anxious.

I don’t want to lose you either.


[Dance music playing]

Looks like scott’s gonna be cody’s lawyer.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

For all his faults, scott’s a decent defense attorney.

Does that mean you want cody to beat the charges?

[Phone ringing]

It’s the department.

I’ll give holly your regrets.

Chief scorpio.

I won’t steal from sasha.

Didn’t you already cross that line when you sold me your son’s garage?

Exactly–sold. I didn’t give it away.

You and I both know I hardly paid market price.

I can’t do that to her again.

Then it would appear you and I have a problem.

The only thing we can prove is that the necklace belonged to taub. There’s no evidence that he gave it to dominique outright.

Yeah, but either way, the money is yours and your sister, serena, that you’re gonna share with her, right?

Yeah. No, absolutely. Where do we start?

Okay. Come by my office tomorrow, and I’ll have an affidavit for you to sign, testifying that you are taub and dominique’s son.

[Tense music]



“Face of deception returns to h&h–meltdown part two? Stay tuned, #home&heart.” Home & heart is implying that sasha’s gonna have a meltdown tonight on the air to get people to watch.

That is despicable. I refuse to be part of a disgusting sales grab.

[Laughs] Oh, haven and her producers better buckle up, ’cause I’m about to lift off.

Lucy. Lucy, don’T. Let it go.

Sasha, you can’t be okay with this.


The more people watching, the better for the deceptor debut. It’s free publicity.

But it’s exploiting your mental health. Okay, you know what? Haven is obviously trying to rattle you. Why else would I be here, you know? I say we just call the whole thing off.

No. Haven is betting against me. Time to show her she’s making a huge mistake.

Nina’s part of my life, and she’s not going anywhere.

I understand that. I even respect that. But I need you to respect the fact that it’s up to willow to decide what kind of relationship, if any, she wants to have with nina.

That’s fair.

Can you–can you get her to back off, help her to understand that willow, you know, she’s fighting for her life?

Nobody knows that better than nina.

I know. I’m just–I’m asking you to stop her from pressuring willow.

I can’t tell nina how to deal with her own daughter any more than I want anybody to tell me how to deal with mine. I got to give her that courtesy.

Okay. Well, then, can you promise me not to advocate for nina, not to pressure willow or me?

You feel pressured?

Not openly. You’re too smart for that. We both know you’re very good at getting what you want.

I agree to let nina and willow figure out their relationship on their own. Can you do the same?

I can live with that.

Okay. I should get back to gh.

Hey, listen. If… willow needs anything, and I mean anything, I’m here.

Okay. Thank you.

I’ll see you at the hospital tomorrow. And I just want you to know that we’re gonna keep our distance. But we don’t want to be kept from our family.

Are you saying that carly will never forgive me?

No, I’m saying that you can’t erase the past or wish it away. A quick fix just doesn’t exist in this case. And to assume it does sabotages the future that you say that you want.

Drew, listen, I do want it.

Okay. All right. Great. So are you willing to work for it?

Whatever it takes.

So you gotta be honest, nina. You gotta be honest with yourself– I mean really honest. And with everybody else, you have to acknowledge your mistakes. And then maybe, maybe willow will find a place for you in her life.


[Somber music]


Stay, and we’ll figure something out.

Even if it means I continue working for sonny?

Yeah, for now. Together, we’ll come up with a solution, okay? Just don’t give up on us.



I cannot imagine never seeing you again. I’ll stay.

We’ll think of something, I promise.

All right. Is an affidavit really necessary?

Yes, it’s just very important that we establish that you’re leopold taub’s son. Do you understand?

No, no, no. This is horrible.

Felicia, what’s wrong?

Sasha is on home & heart tonight, and they’re promoting it by suggesting she’s going to have another breakdown.

Okay, I have to go.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute, you. You’re still on board, right?

Yeah, sure. Yeah, I’ll call you tomorrow.

[Sighs] How am I supposed to get that much money together so quickly? It’s impossible.

There might be another way for you to repay your debt.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Tense music]

Hey, you– you sure about this? We can bail at any time.

I am sure.

All right. They’re coming.

Everything set?

We’re a go.

Great. Flora, darling, what a lovely surprise.

Is it, though?

Whatever do you mean?

You know exactly what I mean, you little how–

live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Action.

[Soft music]

Welcome back to home & heart, everyone. I’m your host, haven de havilland. And tonight, I have two very special guests, flora gardens and sasha gilmore.

Thank you for having me, haven. Your viewers are in for a treat.

Oh, I hope so.

Robert, I just got off a long flight. I am very tired. It would be great if you weren’t here.


Or you could just help yourself to a glass of wine, I suppose.

[Wine pouring]

Oh, valentin, I see you made it out in one piece.

Yeah, thanks to the lovely anna.

Yeah, I heard– heard all about the heroics. Ah. Dashing into the chamber of death to save your sorry carcass again.

Yeah, we–we take turns. Sometimes she saves me. Sometimes I save her. Sometimes we get trapped together. We like to mix it up.

Next time, try doing it by yourself, and leave her out of it.

I chose to go on the rescue mission, robert. I chose to do that.

Much fun as this is, I’m gonna go put the pasta on.

I like mine al dente.

I have no idea why I would need to know that.

You need to stop. Because I know what you’re going to say.

Good. Then let’s say it together. Anna devane, what were you thinking?

Michael, I’m gonna light a candle for willow.

Okay. Willow will appreciate that. And I do too. See you tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow.

[Somber music]

So, sasha, this is your first television appearance since last year.

It is.

How are you holding up?

I am fantastic. And I am thrilled to introduce deception’s newest product, the deceptor.

Ooh. I’m still using my deception products, and I just love them.

I am so happy to hear that.

But it must have been a very trying year for you.

And now meet the deceptor wand.

Ooh! What does it do?

I am so happy you asked. The deceptor will help any woman of any age look her absolute best.

Oh. Well, we could all use that, am I right, ladies?



[Tense music]

[Baby crying]

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GH Transcript Friday, May 12, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne



Hey. Hey, finally. Let’s get this party started.

Thank you.

Trina and your aunt are home safe and sound, which means willow has her donor. So what should we drink to first? Hm. You don’t look like you’re in the mood to celebrate anything. What’s wrong?

I have to say, not having to hide our relationship–

makes the whole sec investigation worth it?

I wouldn’t say that.


But it is the one silver lining.

Don’t mind me.


Welcome home.

Thank you. I’m so happy to be here. You have no idea.

Actually seeing you, it’s like confirmation that everyone’s going to be ok; willow, trina, spencer. Thank you so much.

[Tense music]

Nina and I have never had a relationship, not a good one, anyway. Us being estranged doesn’t affect anyone. There’s no collateral damage. But with you and sonny, it affects everyone you love. And I truly believe that keeping our family whole is more important than bringing sonny to justice.

You, and all your lies, your disloyalty, violence, crimes, eventually that will be forgotten, like you never even existed.

I love you. You’re my son. I’m always gonna love you.

Yeah, so you keep saying.

But I’m not gonna forget this. And if you want me to forgive, you’re gonna have to beg.

Your guest is here.

Let him in. Hail the conquering hero.

Hello, sonny. Uh, you can just call. You don’t have to send your staff.

Yeah, I don’t mean to inconvenience you, but there are some matters that we have to discuss and no one’s leaving this room until we do that.

[Dramatic music]

Have you talked to trina? Have you seen her?

No. She’s with her mom and dad. I mean, she texted me that she and spencer are alive and back in port charles. Thank you. I mean, you rescued my best friends.

Are you kidding me? It was a huge team effort. Spencer and trina were pretty heroic themselves.

I am just so grateful that you were able to get dr. Obrecht back in time to save willow. I mean, seriously, you are a hero.

Ok, let’s not get carried away here, people.

Josslyn’s right. Although you didn’t get the hero’s welcome you deserve.

Wait, why? What happened?

Ava, I really appreciate you coming out with me tonight.


Well, maybe you should go see trina. I know how worried you were.

Trina is–she’s safe. She’s with her parents, and we should celebrate. At the very least, we should raise a glass to your aunt liesl. She survived being kidnapped by victor cassadine again and she made it home in time to save willow’s life. I mean, she did, didn’t she?

Yes. My aunt liesl had the procedure to donate her bone marrow and willow is going to get that transplant as soon as she completes her chemotherapy.

Ok, well, that’s wonderful. So why so glum?

This morning, willow– she offered a way for me to make peace.

Another reason to celebrate.

It would be, except I already screwed it up.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

[Knock on door]

[Phone ringing]

[Breathes heavily] Hello, aunt liesl.

I’m sorry I kept you waiting, but I was abducted by a homicidal madman.

Don’t let it happen again.

Don’t worry, it won’T.

I’m just glad you’re all right.

I too am quite pleased by my survival.

[Chuckles] It was a great relief to donate my bone marrow today.

So it’s done?


Are you ok? Did it hurt?

I had the easy part. I was under anesthesia. And aside from some mild soreness, I feel absolutely fine.

I don’t know what to say. Thank you doesn’t even… begin to cover it. I’ll be able to watch my children grow up…

[Sobs] Grow old with michael. I’ll be alive, all thanks to you.

I did what I had to. After all, you’re my family.

[Tender music]

Hey, dex. Look, um, thank you for helping josslyn bring wiley and amelia to see willow at the hospital. It meant a lot to the both of us.

I was happy to help. How is willow doing?

She’s tough. She’s determined to pull through for her family. But true to form, she’s more concerned with others than herself, which is, uh, why I called you here.

I think I know what you’re gonna say. I’ll admit, I thought you’d want to wait until your wife was better to turn sonny in.

[Dramatic music] Is there another problem?

I spoke to anna. She told me how you got trina, spencer, and liesl home.

Well, he was my father. It was kind of on me to stop him.

Whatever the reasons, nina got her aunt back and now willow is gonna get her bone marrow transplant that I hope saves her life.

I’m just glad that liesl made it back in time.

You know what? You stepped up. I’m not gonna forget that.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Now, can we talk about how your associates nearly got me and my people killed?

Ok, so that there’s no mistake, I would never get in the way of your operation, much less do anything to harm your people.

Let me explain the new developments in the pikeman deal, which you facilitated. It seems like you left out a few important details.

With respect, I told you everything that I know. I’m just a middleman. They’re not gonna give me the specifics.

Ok, well, you went on the run right after this, so let me fill you in.

Fine. I’m listening.

I was preparing my first shipment and a sniper tried to take me out. Fortunately, he missed.

[Dramatic music] When we were discussing this deal, you said something about there’s gonna be significant risks. Was that code? Did you or did you not know that I could have a target on my back?

I truly am grateful for everything you’re doing and have done. It’s just–

you don’t really know me, certainly not well. And I understand your fear that accepting me into your life also means accepting nina, whom you think you do know well. But I want you to know that I have no agenda. Regardless of how you feel about me, I– I consider you family. I have lost almost all of my relatives. When that happens, we tend to latch on to whatever family we have left. Sometimes we even put too much pressure on those relationships.

If that’s a hint for me to be more receptive to nina–

there’ll be a time and place for you to consider what role, if any, you want nina to have in your life. It doesn’t matter right now. The important thing is that you heal so that someday you may have the opportunity to make that decision and a lifetime of other happier ones.

I can’t make any promises about nina. Right now, I’m just praying I come out the other side of this.

You will.

You sound so certain. Why?

Because I’m aware of the tribulations you’ve endured in your life. Tell me, does it annoy you when people assume you’re fragile? Or do you use it to your advantage and get them to underestimate you?

I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it that way.

No matter. I see you for the strong woman you are. Even in this weakened state, it’s obvious. You are a survivor. I know… because it’s in your blood.

My daughter asked me for a favor, which she’s never done before. So I think that’s a step forward.

Sounds promising. What’s the favor?

Unfortunately, it’s something I can’t give her.

Well, what is it? What does she want?

She wants me to drop my vendetta against carly.

Oh, that’s all?

[Chuckles] I mean, I fail to see the problem here, nina. I know how much you hate carly, but compared to having a relationship with your daughter– listen to me. Do it. Do this for willow. Lay down your arms.

Ava, it’s too late. I made sure of that when I ratted out drew and carly to the sec.

Yeah, then diane showed up and she kind of shut the whole thing down, at least for now.

I cannot believe they dragged you out of there after you risked your life to rescue victor’s hostages.

Ok, the important thing is, is that we haven’t been charged with anything yet. This is an ongoing investigation.

That’s right, and diane is on her way here now to discuss the case.

Ok, well, if diane’s on it, then I’m not gonna worry too much.

I do need you to know that while the sec is conducting this investigation, our assets and accounts have been frozen.

Ok, well, do you need me to get money out of my trust fund?

No. No, no, I just want you to be aware. I don’t want you worrying about me because diane is working on it and we’re gonna figure it all out. Ok?

Well, how long do they think this is gonna take?

There’s really no way to tell, unfortunately.

[Phone ringing] Oh. These are the lawyers from aurora. I got to take this.

Oh, go. Go, go.

This is drew.

It’s really great to see you two together, out in the open. And I can tell that you’re so happy, despite everything.

Yeah, we are. But speaking of a secret relationship being out in the open, you showing up here with dex, you want to talk about that?


I’ve decided I am not using the pikeman evidence against sonny.

Did you find something else to use against him?

No. I’m not turning him in at all.

Why not?

Because willow helped me realize that by sending sonny to prison, I’ll just be tearing my family apart.

But you said you were willing to accept that.

Yes, for myself, but not for my siblings. Yes, josslyn, she wants to see sonny face justice. But kristina, she’d never forgive me. And my younger siblings, donna and avery that we stuck in the middle, it’s not fair for them to have to choose between kristina and josslyn or me and my father.

You’re the boss. You have the right to change your mind. But I was hired to do a job, a job I have risked my life for a year now getting done. I have been shot, hung from a meat hook, beaten, and threatened with torture. I’ve had to spend every day with the knowledge that if sonny finds out I’m working against him, I’m dead.

Then I came to work for you. I decided it was worth it. I’ve since come to understand sonny better, but that doesn’t change anything for me. My options are limited here.

I know, look, dex, I know I put you in a tough spot and for that I am sorry. But look, for my family’s sake, I can’t turn sonny in.

Great. Really happy for all of you. One question, michael. Where does that leave me? Because the way I see it, I only have two options here. Either I keep working for sonny indefinitely or I put him away.

There is one more option. You disappear.

Look, pikeman has a lot of enemies, the kind of people that are gonna want to keep pikeman’s merchandise out of their own enemy’s hands. Ok? Now, I didn’t know you were going to be targeted. I can’t say I’m entirely surprised.

The pikeman… rep gets cagey every time I try to ask him about any information.

That’s gonna be the case with any pikeman employee. It’s all need to know, sonny.

The sniper was a ghost. But here’s the thing. He wasn’t a mob hitman. He was a black ops from the espionage world, your world.

I’m not gonna get anyone to pikeman to confirm or deny that. But listen, I have good news.

What’s that?

I spoke to my source at pikeman. They’re very happy with the way the shipment went down. They want to work with you again.

Tell them I’m not interested.

Hey, hi. You’re back.


And in one piece, I might add.

I am unharmed. I should be going.

Oh, wait, wait. Did you hear that I moved heaven and earth to try and find you? And I got chloroformed for my trouble.

Yes, I heard.

Yeah, I’m sorry. I almost got you blown up. But liesl, I had to do something.

On the bright side, your misguided efforts to save me rather effectively blew up victor.

Good riddance to him.

Yes. As I said, I should go.

Wait, wait, hang on a second. You know, listen, liesl, I know that we’ve had a lot of problems before victor grabbed you and we got a lot of stuff to work out. But, you know, I– I think about every morning when I wake up and I think about you before I go to sleep, except the trouble is I don’t sleep anymore. So I was wondering if you feel the same way. I mean, not that you don’t sleep, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. But maybe we might be able to get things back on track? I mean, is there any way that things might work out with us?

Dex was a big help getting the kids here to see willow. And there’s no real reason that we have to hide our relationship anymore now that sonny knows.

But you could’ve told me.

Hello, you two. Am I interrupting a mother-daughter catch-up?


I can come back.

No, no. No, nothing we can’t talk about later.


And we will. Thank you so much for coming here. You know, I didn’t want to stray too far from willow.

Of course, I understand.

Well, I’ll leave you two to it. I know you have a lot to talk about. Diane, now that I know you’re the one helping out, I’m sure it will all be ok.

I appreciate the vote of confidence. Have a great meeting.



Bye. Where’s drew?

Oh, he went to take a call. Thank you so much for getting him released.

Yeah. It was a little too easy. That said–

diane, thank you so much for coming. Sorry to interrupt there. So let’s hear it. What are carly and i looking at?

Well, unfortunately, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I hate that I turned in carly and drew to the sec. You know, I just–I let my jealousy get the better of me, for carly becoming more like a mother to willow. And now I did something that I can’t take back.

When willow asked you to make peace with carly, did you tell her it was too late?

Not exactly. I lied a little bit and i told her that I wouldn’t get into it with carly anymore.

Technically, that’s not a lie, though, because you tipped off the sec before you promised willow, right?

Well, I don’t think that’s gonna matter to willow. That I took revenge on carly before she asked me not to. That loophole is not gonna work for me here.

Yeah. Knowing carly, she will weasel her way out of it somehow, hopefully after she suffers a little bit. And either way, you’ve bought yourself some time here to find a way out of this.

That doesn’t change what I did to drew. That man, he went to greenland, he faced off victor cassadine to bring aunt liesl back so willow could get a bone marrow transplant. Almost as soon as he brought aunt liesl to gh, he was intercepted by the sec.

Ooh, that is not ideal.

No, I was there. It was horrible.

Yeah, it sounds like it. But you know, there’s nothing you can do. What’s done is done. You can’t change it now.

Maybe so, maybe not.

Nina, what are you thinking?

I need to mitigate the damage here. So the only thing I can do, ava, is tell willow the truth.

I have been working to get carly’s private bank accounts unfrozen.


Unfortunately, the judge has ruled that they will remain frozen for the duration of the investigation.

Ok, well, I’m sure I can arrange a loan from quartermaine assets.

No, no. No, no, I strongly advise against that. Drew, while the sec is investigating whether or not you used your very close relationship with carly to divulge business secrets, how is it gonna look if you loan her money?

Diane’s right. You know, I don’t want you getting in any more trouble.

Well, then what are you gonna for money?

I have some liquid assets to keep me afloat. And besides, diane is gonna get our names cleared. It’s gonna be ok.

Uh… yeah, about that, unfortunately–

no, no, no, you’ve been saying that word a lot today.

I know. I’m sorry. However, I cannot represent both of you.

[Dramatic music]


I have just been through a harrowing experience with victor.

Yeah, I know. That’s why–

please, let–let me finish.

Ok. Anything you want, my schnitzel.

I dreamed of you calling me that. I will confess that in the moments my survival was in question… I did think about you. You have my heart, scott.

Listen, you have mine as well. So with that, we could probably get through anything.

If only it were that simple. But my heart does not belong to you alone. You share that space with my children, who are no longer with me. Nathan and britta.

I know that I hurt you, and I will do everything in my power to make it up to you.

Sadly, you cannot. I was a captive on the haunted star, the very vessel where my britta breathed her last breath. When the airstrike destroyed it, I thought, it’s gone, the place where my britta had the best night of her life and I my worst. I didn’t know what to think, how to feel. But then I heard that you were instrumental, however inadvertently, in its destruction. And it felt like… a gift.

A gift? Well, maybe I did do something right.

You’ve done many things right. But as much as I love you, scott, it’s just hard for me to even look at you right now. All I can see is elizabeth and how you sided with her. And while I understand you see her as a daughter, I must side with a memory of mine. That is our truth,

meine liebe, and unfortunately, it does not set us free.

Look, dex, I’ll give you all the money you need to start somewhere new, okay? Somewhere sonny can’t touch you. It’s the least that I owe you.

That isn’t what I agreed to. The deal was I would get evidence for you to put sonny away forever and then I would get out of his business.

You did everything that I asked you to do. You gained sonny’s trust, you braved the brutality of his world. And I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done. And I realize, me changing the terms like this, it comes at a great risk to you.

But you’re not gonna change your mind, are you?

No. No, I’m not.

Then I am screwed.

Dex, dex, you knew that this job could go wrong a million different ways. You signed up for that, too.

No, I signed on for a job with exactly two possible outcomes; either sonny goes to prison or he catches on to me and I end up dead. And since option one is off the table now, the only one left is me not breathing.

Listen, there’s a way for you to escape with your life. If you let me help you get away, sonny, I’ll protect you from him.

If I disappear, I have to give up my life. And I’ve gotten very attached to– to this city.

You’ve grown attached to the city or attached to josslyn?

Josslyn. I’m so happy to see you.

I’m surprised you’re even awake. How are you feeling?

Well, if I’m being completely honest, this chemo is taking a lot out of me.

I bet.

But it’ll all be worth it, provided liesl’s donation takes.

It will. Is there anything that I can do for you? Anything at all?

Yes. Tell me what’s going on. What’s happening in the outside world?

Oh, right, um…

this doesn’t have to be anything major. Just tell me something small and personal. Like, how are you studying for your finals? Are you a flashcards or an outline student?

[Chuckles] Ok. You have lowered the bar. We can do better than that. Um… I’m sort of seeing someone.

Right. Well, michael and carly sort of hinted that you were, but they didn’t give me any details. I was very annoyed that they respected your privacy like that. So tell me, is he anyone that I know?

The cargo was a lot riskier than we discussed.

What was the cargo?

Oh, just one of the most powerful plastic explosives in the world. Did you know that?

I knew that they dealt explosives. I didn’t expect them to ask you to traffic it, not on your first job with them, anyway.

I’m not in the market of arming terrorists.

No, you’re not arming terrorists. Their main client is the us military. They make limited, covert exports to small countries who need to defend themselves against larger, better equipped hostile forces.

Meaning that there are other countries who have vested interest in making sure that pikeman doesn’t move their merchandise.

Yeah, that’s right.


And that would go to extremes to eliminate anyone facilitating the movement of said merchandise.

There is no way I’m gonna sit back and be pikeman’s collateral damage.

So you want me to tell them no deal?


Nina, I love you, but that is a terrible idea.

It’s the only thing that I can think of. I mean, this whole thing is horrible. They froze drew and carly’s assets.


Is that funny? It’s not funny. It’s not–

I mean, it’s not funny when it comes to drew. But carly, considering she lost her shirt in the very deal she’s being investigated for, she’s lucky she has any assets left to freeze. It’s funny, and it’s delicious.

You know willow’s not gonna see it that way. They are in a lot of trouble. They’re gonna face serious prison time. And if there’s any way of salvaging this, building any kind of relationship with my daughter, I’m just gonna have to come clean. I’m gonna have to apologize to willow for all the pain that I put her and her family through.

Nina, let me remind you something. None of the current or former members of the corinthos family are forgiving people. That includes willow. If you come clean, she will be furious with you.

Yeah, but what if she finds out from someone else later?

Then she’ll be furious later. If you admit what you did, carly will be out for your blood, not to mention michael and drew and the whole quartermaine clan. And of course, there’s sonny.

What about sonny?

Carly is the mother of his children. Do you really think he’s gonna be fine with you turning her over to the feds?

No, but he loves me.

Yes, he does right now. But if he finds out that you threw carly to the wolves, I promise you, that will change.

I know, I know there’s gonna be consequences. Shouldn’t I face them?

When you dropped the dime on carly and drew, were you lying?


No, you weren’T. Exactly. They committed an actual crime. All you did was report it. If they didn’t want to go to prison for insider trading, then maybe they shouldn’t have done it. Nina, all you will get for your honesty are lifelong and very powerful enemies. You will lose willow forever. You will lose sonny forever. Do you really want to throw away everything that makes you happy?

Just tell me this. Are you happy?

Yeah, I am.


[Tender music] Thank you for sharing at least that much with me.

I’ll share everything with you eventually, ok? I promise.

I’ll hold you to that. And thank you so much for being here. It means the world.

Well, it’s not just me. It’s michael and my mom and drew. We’re all here and we’re gonna be here for you every step of the way, ok? All of us.

The love and support from the whole family has kept me going through all of this, the way everyone’s coming together.

We love you.

I love all of you, too. And… as nervous as I am about the transplant, I’m also feeling hopeful for all of our futures again. Bye.


I feel the same way.

I want you to deliver a message for me. I might be open to another deal, one that would facilitate another shipment, the way it was before, not under these circumstances. Pikeman needs to get their affairs in order, figure out who came after me. Then… we can move forward, but not until then.

I will convey that message, and I’ll get back to you.

You bring up some good points.

Mm-hmm. That you obviously hadn’t considered.

So where do I go now? I mean, do I just go forward with this huge secret hanging over me and everyone I love?


What if I get caught?

How? Is anyone besides me aware that you knew carly and drew were romantically involved at the time of the merger?

Well, martin grey.

Attorney-client privilege. He can’t say anything.

He’s the one who informed the sec about the insider trading and he assured me that there’s no way to trace that tip back to me.

Well, great. I’m not gonna say anything. So good news, nina. You’ve already gotten away with it. You’re the last person anybody would suspect.

Why would you say that? My animosity towards carly isn’t a secret.

No one’s animosity towards carly is a secret. Aurora’s assets were frozen, too, right? And aurora owns crimson, so why would you undermine your own business?

Oh. That’s true.

Nina, you’ve gotten away with murder. Don’t tell anybody where to find the body.

Drew, I was only too happy to step in and get you released. But moving forward, it would not be in your best interest to have the same representation as carly.

I don’t understand. Won’t it help if we have the same strategy?

No, because the sec is gonna pit the two of you against each other. If this goes to trial, you will be separate defendants, so you should have separate attorneys fighting your respective charges.

Well, then you should represent carly.

No. You are the ceo of aurora. You engineered the merger. You should have the better representation.

The qs have a shark tank full of lawyers that I can use. I mean, you should have somebody that knows you implicitly, somebody that’s represented you and your family for years.

But– diane, what do you think?

I think he’s a very smart man that makes a very compelling argument.

Ok, that’s what we’ll do.

Good. I’m glad that’s settled. Carly, I will be in touch. In the meantime, the two of you look great together.

[Dramatic music]


Now what?


Is that scott?

Oh, he’s got that lost puppy dog look.

He’s ok. Hey, scott.


Are you all right?

What’s up?

Oh, hiya, girls.

Oh, what happened? Are you ok?

Well, I tried to mend some fences with liesl, but, uh, we’re finished.

No, she’s just been through a lot.

No, I know. I thought she might, you know, come to my waiting arms, but no such luck.

Just give her some time.

Yeah, yeah, the woman obviously loves you.

What do you mean, obviously?

Well, if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be so mad at you. What did she say exactly?

Well, she said that our truth does not set us free, which translates to me that even if you love somebody, if you mess with their family, there is no coming back.

Ok. So how do you think the sec is gonna pit us against each other?

Look, if they want to play dirty, let them. We can handle whatever they throw at us.

That’s right.

The way I see it, we can take on the world as long as we’re together.

[Dramatic music]


All right, girls, I’m not good company. I’m gonna go have some martinis.


So what are we doing here? Are we celebrating? Or are you planning to ruin your relationship with willow?

All right, you’re right. You’re right. I can’t tell willow that I turned in carly and drew to the sec.

Exactly. Trust me. Nothing good will come of clearing your conscience.

At least not this time.

Almost never. Ok, to– to seeing reason. Everything is going your way. Liesl is gonna save willow’s life. Carly and drew will– they’ll face the consequences of their actions. Best thing for you to do is keep your mouth shut and your eyes forward.

And hope for the best.


Hi. Why did you need to see me? Hey, what’s going on?

I have to say goodbye.

[Knock on door]

Come in.

You have another visitor.

I’m not expecting anyone.

You’ll want to see this one.

Send him in.

[Dramatic music]

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GH Short Recap Friday, May 12, 2023

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Liesl officially breaks up with Scott because she can’t forgive him for defending Elizabeth when she helped Nikolas keep Esme hostage.

Michael decides not to give the video Dex gave him to the police and send Sonny to jail. Dex must leave town, so he meets with Josslyn to say goodbye to her.

Sonny meets with Valentin to ask him to tell the Pikeman Group he will move guns for them but not move explosives. Sonny also tells Valentin to tell Pikeman that if they want to do another deal with him they must find out who tried to kill him.

Ava persuades Nina not to tell Willow that she turned Carly and Drew into the SEC.

Michael goes to Sonny’s office to make peace with Sonny because he promised Willow he would do it.

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Curtis gets an offer from the WSB to work for them whenever they need him, but he turns down the job offer. However, the WSB gives him a phone number to call if he changes his mind.

Cody and Gladys persuade Mrs. Wu to let them both back into her poker game. Sasha decides to go back to the Home and Heart shopping Channel to sell Deception’s latest product the Deceptor.

Tracey blackmails Brook Lynn into going back to work at Deception so she can tell her about all the new products Deception is planning to sell. Brook Lynn doesn’t want to do it but Tracey will tell Chase Brook Lynn called her and asked for help to get him reinstated at the police department.

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