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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip and Rex talked about Victor’s will. They talked about Maggie throwing Vivian out. Philip said he couldn’t stand Vivian. Rex said Xander refused to stay away from the baby. Philip said he understood why Sarah wanted to keep the baby away from Xander. He wondered if she still had feelings for Xander. Rex said she only felt disgust for Xander. He said unless Susan came back from the dead, Sarah would never let Xander be in her or the baby’s life. Rex said Chloe overhearing them talking complicated things, but he wasn’t blaming her. He asked if Chloe overheard Philip say he loved her. Philip said she took it well. He said she told him her feelings for him came back when she saw him again. Rex said he always thought he and Chloe were meant to be together. Philip agreed with him. Philip said he lost his way and never wanted to do it again. Rex wondered what that meant for him and Chloe. Philip said he was going to let her decide who she was going to be with. When Philip left, Kate showed up to talk about Rex’s relationship with Sarah. Rex said he didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He got a text from Xander saying he wanted to talk. He left to find Xander. EJ met with Bronson at the DiMera mansion. He said he had a new job for Bronson. He said he wanted him to kill Ava since the last person didn’t do it. Bronson said he would do it but he needed to know where she was. EJ said he had people working on finding her. He had something else for him to do. He wanted him to kill Xander for helping Ava kill his mother. Bronson asked if it was smart since the Salem PD suspected him of sending the hitwoman after Ava. EJ wasn’t worried about that. He said they were going to frame Rex since he hated Xander. He said he had no feelings for Rex either way so he was expendable. Bronson agreed to do the job.

Chloe talked to her mother on the phone when Xander came home. She wondered where he was. He said he slept at the office so he could figure things out. He said he planned to sue Sarah for custody. He wanted her to be by his side. He apologized to her for not being able to go to New York right now. He said he loved her and wanted to marry her. She told him she didn’t want to marry him anymore. She told him she still had feelings for Philip. She said she loved him but they were in love with other people. She said they were using their relationship to hide from it. He told her he didn’t want to be with Sarah. Chloe said he was just angry now but when he calmed down he would change his mind. She said she was going to spend one more night in the room before she moved out. She gave him back the ring. They kissed before she went in her room. She packed her bags and told him goodbye. Bronson showed up dressed as a worker from the gas company. He told Xander there was a gas leak reported. He asked if he could come in and check it. Xander let him come in and check it. Bronson pulled out a gun when someone knocked on the door. It was Rex. Xander wanted to know what Rex wanted. Chloe and Philip met each other. She told him she wanted to tell him in person that she was leaving Salem. Ava asked Susan to send a psychic message to anyone who could get them out. Susan got an image of Edmund holding a gun on Rafe and Tripp. Ava panicked and asked Harris to do something to save her son. Harris tried to break the chains holding him. Susan wanted Ava to pray with her that the chains would open. The chains ended up breaking. Edmund put a gun to Rafe and Tripp. He said if he let them search his house, they would find his guests. Tripp asked who his guests were. Edmund said Ava and Harris were his guests. Edmund was shocked to find out Tripp was Ava’s son. Rafe tried to stop him from shooting Tripp. Edmund said he would shoot him too. Harris showed up and stopped Edmund from shooting them. Harris and Edmund fought over the gun. Harris got the gun from Edmund. Rafe asked Harris for the gun. Harris gave it to him. Harris took Tripp to free Ava.

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